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2021.06.24 23:21 GuidancePatient9690 Ps5WalmartHelp

This subreddit is for those people who wanna stay updated with their Walmart orders! I see some subreddits deleting peoples post just because they are talking about their shipping and having questions on a big thread! I’m creating this so anyone can ask anything! Any questions are open to any and everyone! I’m one of those people that is anxiously checking their Walmart status, bank account, email, fedex app. So I’m creating this to establish a community where everyone can be on the same page!

2014.04.17 20:15 KevinWeisert Aviation Maintenance: Est. 1903


2023.03.26 07:42 hingedelk22 Why is my computer using so much CPU and RAM while there is only two tabs open.

Why is my computer using so much CPU and RAM while there is only two tabs open.
It also makes a lot of noise to keep itself cool from only two tabs which is really annoying.What should i do?
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2023.03.26 07:41 thisisridiculiculous What were some of the things that were most useful or comfortable to you while you were recovering from your BR surgery?

My sister is having surgery and I want to get her some things that will help her recovery. I found some really soft pajamas made for women who've had BR (the top has pockets for the drains/ it opens in the front). I'm also getting her a breast surgery pillow that fits over her breasts and provides a place to rest the arms away from the breasts.
Anything else that worked for you? Or something you wish you had?
Thank you for any suggestions!
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2023.03.26 07:40 Swaagstein What happend to letting people join your party with out invites?

I really miss the option of squad privacy that let my friends join my squad without having to beg me 10 times for an invite!
We all had squad set to open, but since the nighthaven update you can only set it to “invite only”.
Why is this? I would like to know the reason behind such a downgrading feature.
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2023.03.26 07:40 Guilty_Telephone_295 WIBTA If I accept a new job to get space from my girlfriend?

I (f28) have been dating (f31) for maybe a year now. I have a lot of travel opportunities through my work and travel often because I have nothing holding me back. I don't have family ties, I have no desire to start a family, I don't have pets. I don't like dating and I try my best to avoid the dating pool as often as possible. It's not that I don't like commitment, I don't like having deep relationships and having to leave them after a year or so. My girlfriend is very accepting of this. We first met when I transferred from a different state, not necessarily love at first sight, but there was a connection. I'm going to be very blunt, she's been around the block a couple times. I don't care, she's picked up a lot of different talents from the wonderful people she's opened up to (figuratively and literally). I have no room to talk, but I digress.
The other day we went to a cafe that I used to visit a lot when I first moved. It's a family owned spot and the mothedaughter duo are great. When I first moved here, I didn't have anything of entertainment, so I re-entered my hoe phase. Back to now, my girlfriend tells me she used to date the daughter. I'm surprised because I've slept with her a few times. She seemed surprised and told me she learned all her baking recipes from this girl. This seemed to open a subject I didn't know I didn't want, but she told me ALL about the different things she's learned from different partners.
It was cute at first, now it's annoying because now I feel like I got biography descriptions of every person she's slept with, a lot of which are people I know personally. She's told me all the ways she was fondled and how she's played with them, along with very vivid descriptions of different peoples parts. Almost like a sign, I got a call about a sister company that needs help and is willing to pay 1.5x what I make now until the project is finished, but the position is in LA. The money doesn't matter, I just feel like I can't look at my girlfriend and not think about the people she's been with, especially since she's told me explicit details about the normal things she's learned and the sexual things she's learned, things she's done to me, things I've enjoyed just to know it was second-hand from someone else. I feel disgusting and I can't even look at her or myself without feeling gross. She thinks our relationship has just blossomed onto a new level because she's confided to me that there are so many things she's been wanting to try, but wasn't sure I was up to them. I sat her down and calmly discussed the other job, she seems excited for me and offered to come since she works for the same company and a temporary transfer wouldn't be impossible. I also took this time to ask her not to tell me about the people she's slept with, unless it's a truly funny story, because I felt uncomfortable about her stories. I can tell this sort of soured her mood and she said maybe I should go by myself.
WIBTA if I accept a new job?
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2023.03.26 07:39 ladecks564 LA Decks - Best Deck Builder

10880 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
Business email
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Welcome to LA Decks! Specializing in Backyard Beautification & Deck Building Since 1995. We pride ourselves on being the #1 Deck Contractor in Los Angeles, California, for over 25 years. We consistently deliver customized decks and backyard solutions that impress and delight commercial and residential outdoor living spaces. LA Decks is a full-service, family-owned deck contractor that has transformed many mundane backyards into dream outdoor living spaces in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Our deck services include deck design, deck construction, hillside decks, pool remodeling, backyard remodeling, cable railings, pergolas, and more. Contact us today to learn about our deck-building expertise or get a free custom quote!
Deck builder, Deck builder near me, Deck builder in Los Angeles, CA
Monday to Friday Open 24 hours, Saturday 10 am–7 pm, Sunday 9 am–7 pm
Social Link
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2023.03.26 07:39 ImaginationSea3679 The Rose Regrows It’s Petals(The Nature of Humanity/A.R.B.A.O.N. Oneshot); Talen POV

Me: remembers the existence of “A Rose By Any Other Name” after reading that “The Nature of Humanity” is a longer and more detailed remaster of that fic.
Me: Remembers what happens in that story
Me afterward: Remembers that I wrote “Beauty Restored” in response to a similar tragedy
Me: “I did it once, and I’ll fucking do it again!
Anyway, this fic will restore Rose from “The Nature of Himanity/A Rose By Any Other Name”.
Please go check out the original(talking about ARBAON). As fucking depressing as it is, it’s a pretty good read, and the ending is also just happy enough to be worth it.
Also, while The Nature of Humanity isn’t finished yet, it is a remaster of ARBAON, so unless u/BiasMushroom makes the remaster less trauma inducing(which it doesn’t seem like he will, though a part of me still hopes that he does), we will be treating the fics as having the same basic events and endings.
This is Talen’s POV
You can see Rose’s POV right here.
I hope you enjoy.
Memory Transcription Subject: Talen, Prime News Reporter
Life these days was good.
I had a lovely adoptive human daughter named Rose. She has recently been taking time to bond with Elva and her human partner, and has also been making friends with our neighbors. She was also allowed to bring her pet Rabbit, Van Helsing, over here to stay.
Even when it shouldn’t, humanity’s fascination with small adorable animals will never cease to amaze me.
Everything has been going well since Rose’s recovery.

Her recovery from Prey disease.
I still have nightmares of that horrible, horrible day.
The day that I came home to red bloodstains all over my floor. The day that I found a beautiful emerald eye smushed under my paw. The day I was forced to see the the torn visage of an innocent girl that I had wronged. The day that my worries about Rose’s mental health came true in the absolute worst way any creature in any galaxy could possibly imagine.
The fact that she did all of that because of a misjudgment on my part would never cease to absolutely destroy me.
I hated that day.
More than that, I hated myself.
I hated myself for not welcoming her as a new daughter sooner.
I hated myself for breaking my promise to her.
I hated myself more for allowing her to inflict such absolutely horrible things upon herself.
I hated myself even more for making her feel like doing such things to herself was the only option.
Being perfectly honest, I was surprised that I wasn’t tempted to inflict similar atrocities on myself for making her do all of this to herself.
I pushed through the pain. I had to be there for her. I would not let the same thing happen to anyone else.
That was why I made that report on prey disease.
Since then, I have been trying to encourage a policy that any human that shows even a hint of the first stage of prey disease must be immediately taken to the nearest hospital immediately, and be given as much positive interaction as they could possibly provide.
Humanity was a race of kindness and compassion. They require kindness and compassion in ample amounts if they are to function properly.
That is the true nature of humanity.
She did get replacements for her eyes and teeth, but looking at her never felt the same. Her eyes always felt like they were missing some quality, and her teeth almost seemed a little too straight. I have lost memory of what they looked like before that horrible day, as the image of her bleeding, eyeless, toothless face burned away any presence of such memories.
I wonder if I would notice anything different.

It was getting late.
By the time I wake up next morning, I will have wrestled my guilt enough to function properly myself.
In the morning, I thanked the gods for making my nightmares less visceral the night before. I really needed the sleep. Now I could properly get to-
“WHAT?!” I heard Rose scream from down the hall.
My parenting instincts immediately went into overdrive as I ran towards her door. I wasn’t going to let anything hurt her.
I opened the door in a panic. “ROSE! ARE YOU-!”
I immediately froze at what I saw.
On the floor before me were all of Rose’s tooth implants and both of her cybernetic eyes.
No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no…
No not again…
Not now…
Not after all of the progress we’ve made…
I looked up at Rose’s face, desperately hoping beyond all hope that this was all just a nightmare, and that I would wake up any minute now.
I was surprised by what I saw.
There were no empty bleeding sockets of gouged eyes. There were no crooked gum wounds caused by the violent removal of teeth. There were no bald patches in her red mane.
Her face was… normal.
I should be questioning what the spehking hell was going on, but my mind instead reeled back to that day.
The day I viewed the destruction of her natural beauty.
A single question ran through my mind as I looked her in her eyes. Her true eyes.
‘What if history repeats itself, right here, right now?’
I immediately lunged at her, pulling her into a hug and sobbing into her shoulder, desperately begging for her to not rend herself apart again. Desperately wanting her to know that I still loved her no matter what. I could barely keep track of my own whimpering words.
She returned my embrace, saying kind words that my frazzled mind couldn’t comprehend in that instant.
I looked up at her face. Her beautiful emerald green eyes had a lively glint in them, a glint that could not be replicated by technology. A glint of beautiful kindness that only human eyes could possess.
I felt pure joy course through my body at the realization that the consequences of my horrible mistake had finally been undone.
“Do you want to make some cake? To celebrate?” I asked with tears freely flowing down my face.
She let her own tears flow as she smiled with those perfectly flawed teeth of hers.
“That sounds like a wonderful idea.”
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2023.03.26 07:39 ImaginationSea3679 The Rose Regrows It’s Petals(The Nature of Humanity/A.R.B.A.O.N. Oneshot); Rose POV

Me: remembers the existence of “A Rose By Any Other Name” after reading that “The Nature of Humanity” is a longer and more detailed remaster of that fic.
Me: Remembers what happens in that story
Me afterward: Remembers that I wrote “Beauty Restored” in response to a similar tragedy
Me: “I did it once, and I’ll fucking do it again!
Anyway, this fic will restore Rose from “The Nature of Humanity/A Rose By Any Other Name”.
Please go check out the original(referring to ARBAON). As fucking depressing as it is, it’s a pretty good read, and the ending is also just happy enough to be worth it.
Also, while The Nature of Humanity isn’t finished yet, it is a remaster of ARBAON, so unless u/BiasMushroom makes the remaster less trauma inducing(which it doesn’t seem like he will, though a part of me still hopes that he does), we will be treating the fics as having the same basic events and endings.
This is Rose’s POV
Here is Talen’s POV
I hope you enjoy.
Memory Transcription Subject: Rose McDermott, Exchange and Foster Program Participant
I loved my current life. It’s been several months since dad officially adopted me, and I’d say that I’ve been adjusting pretty well. I new friends, I’ve been bonding with my new sister, and I even got the opportunity to get Van Helsing here!
I remember how ecstatic everyone was when I showed him around.
Everything was good.

That didn’t necessarily mean everything was happy.
I still have nightmares of that day.
The day I tried to literally rip myself to shreds. The day I spent hours pulling out my teeth one at a time. The day I painstakingly gouged my eyes out despite the protests from my brain. The day I ripped my hair out by the roots in a pained frenzy. The day I wanted to kill myself for something that I technically wasn’t even responsible for.
The fact that I had the strength and drive to do such a thing to myself still terrifies me to this day.
I hate that day. I hated that day now more than I hated myself back then.
I did get new eyes and teeth, and I admit that the eyes are pretty fun, but I never did feel the same way after that. I could still sometimes feel the soreness of jaw caused by the screws connecting my teeth to it. I also feel occasional soreness in my eye sockets from my cybernetics rubbing against them.
Being completely honest, I miss my old parts.
And I could tell that Dad felt similarly.
He always tried to hide it, but he absolutely hates himself for what happened. I don’t blame him for thinking that way.
I figured it out when I brought it up one time and tried to apologize for doing this to myself, only for him to vehemently insist that he should be the one at fault for that whole thing.
He probably meant to say something along the lines of “it’s okay”, but he let his mask slip.
A part of me wished that I could take it all back, if only to not see him like that again.

Well, that was a depressing train of thought.
It’s getting late. Maybe I should sleep on it.
In the morning something felt… off.
For some reason, my mouth and eye sockets felt weirder than usual, and there was a noticeable ache throughout my skull. Maybe my wisdom teeth growing in actually managed to move my implants around.
I stood up and prepared to get my day started when I felt something sharp under my foot. I jumped slightly and looked down.
I was horrified by what I saw.
My implanted teeth and cybernetic eyes were in the floor, the screws of the teeth still covered in blood, and the eyeballs both shining with mucus.
“WHAT?!” I shouted out loud.
I’m seeing this, and I didn’t slur the ‘T’ in the word “what”.
It was then that I realized it.
It wasn’t my mouth and eye sockets that were feeling sore…
It was my teeth and eyeballs that were sore.
I don’t have any words. I don’t know what to say. I don’t even know what to think!
My attention was pulled away from the floor when I heard the door open, with Dad coming inside with worry on his face.
“ROSE! ARE YOU-!“ he froze as he saw what was on the floor.
For five whole minutes he just… stood there… staring.
He then looked up at me, right in the eyes, with some sort of expression on his face.
He suddenly leapt onto me, pulling me into the biggest hug he could muster. I could feel tears soak into my shirt as he whimpered something through chocking sobs. I couldn’t make all of it out, but I did pick up a few things.
“…please don’t…beautiful eyes…not again…”
He was afraid of that day repeating itself.
I pulled returned his hug with my own embrace. “It’s okay Dad. This isn’t the same as before. You know that.” I tried to comfort him. He lifted his head to look at me in the eyes. He stared long and hard as an expression of pure joy formed on his face.
“Do you want to make some cake? To celebrate?” He asked with tears in his eyes.
I allowed myself to smile as some tears of my own leaked out.
“That sounds like a wonderful idea.”
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2023.03.26 07:39 PsychoMelon28 “Is she wrong for this?”

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2023.03.26 07:39 Distinct_Secretary18 I 21M am having an off and on relationship with my 20F ex gf and need advice on how to handle it.

I M21 had dated my now ex F20 for just around 2 and 1/2 years. Our relationship hit a rough patch during December 2022, and my ex decided to end things for the time being. After about a week, she apologized for breaking up and we quickly got back together with both of us committing to make changes to help better our relationship. All went well for about 2 more months until we both slowly started to revert back to our old ways. This time, I did the break up as I felt that I was more committed to the changes than her self. Since this point, we have been talking still along with hooking up regularly. While we were doing this, I quickly realized that I still deeply loved her and I was willing to but asides some minor issues in order to be with her. She agreed to take it slow this time and we started to go on dates again to ease back into how things were. My issue is, she started to text/Snapchat multiple dudes constantly which led to her starting to hang out with some of them with her friends. I wouldn’t have had a problem with this since she is single but now it has became an issue where she is talking to them more than me. While doing this, she claims that she wants to get back together and says that she needs more time to think clearly. I have not been communicating with other women during this time as I thought both of us were taking a serious commitment to get back together. Today I just found out that one of those guys is taking her to a concert 3 hours away next weekend. She claims that he’s just a friend and there’s no romantic motive behind it but I am struggling to believe that. Despite this, I know for a fact that I’m the only dude she’s hooking up with. I am just confused on how to handle this situation, as she promises me that she loves me and wants to get back together. Yet, she is hanging with other men and it feels like she’s playing the field while leading me on. What should I do in this situation? Should I start to keep my options open or am I getting played? Any advice is welcome.
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2023.03.26 07:38 throwaway2345567erf Help me find her?

Can't believe it's come to this but hey, here goes....
I M(29) work in the upperhill area as a lawyer. I routinely park in an open car yard because my employer does not provide free parking on the premises. Said car yard is also used by employees in various offices in the same area. I'm not a morning person, so(to my embarassment) I tend to always get to work late or barely on time. Last Friday, I arrived at the yard just as another car also sped in. I had always seen this car as they seem to always park in the same spot and ofcourse arrive before me so I have never known who drives the car. Anyway, I watched the most beautiful lady I have seen in my life step out of the car. She grabbed a laptop bag and her handbag from the back seat and noticed me staring. This is the shocking part....I am so used to pretty Nairobi women either sneering or ignoring men completley when they stare at them but she warmly smiled, said Hi! and left the car yard. I was so shocked so I tried to walk behind her, thinking we may work in the same building and I may have a chance to speak with her outside the lift. She however branched up the road and disappeared somewhere near Nairobi Hospital(Doctor's plaza). This may seem crazy but I had this strange gut feeling since I met her. Like I am meant to speak to her (I know, sounds crazy). I can't even get the scent of her perfume out of my head and I do not know her. I tried asking the owner of the yard her name and he told me her first name and even where she works(apparently opposite the hospital). He also agreed with me that she is definitely just as beautiful as I also thought, joking that she may be from Rwanda as her looks definitely do not seem to be typically Kenyan. Anyway, that said...from my desctiption of her...does anybody know how I can meet her or contact her? For context she drives a light coloured harrier, is on the taller side so about 5"8 and has big almond shaped eyes. I won't reveal her name but it is one of the more common names for girls right now. The yard guy told me she also works as a lawyer! If you know her, please reach out as I'd love to just meet this lady! I know it sounds strange but I have this weird feeling that she may be the one 🫣 If it helps, she was in a pink trenchcoat...I really don't remember what else she had on but also had long curly hair.
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2023.03.26 07:38 ComprehensiveMud8877 Need advice about my wedding plan.

My fiancé wants an open bar but I want something lighter like wine and beer. It’s would cut cost a lot if this is the case. I also didn’t mind doing cash bars too. I also don’t want anyone to get hammered at our wedding. But this is the number one thing my fiancé wants for our wedding. Any advice?
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2023.03.26 07:38 tazmanic So what is the process to buy Turkish annual subscription Disney+ from another country?

To summarize:
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2023.03.26 07:38 bughousenut If you have a bad feeling about a pitbull situation - pay attention

This is a long story of pitbull related events. I'll try to keep as succinct as I can.
A skiing accident when I was much younger had destroyed one of my knees, I was waiting until I was old enough to have a total knee, meaning I relied on the other knee to take the load. I was walking my dog on a leash in a local park and saw a man with a young kid, a boxer, and a juvenile pitbull. Both of his dogs were off leash. The pit zeros in on us and comes charging.
Just before it reached us my dog hid behind me and the pit slams into my good knee from behind (classic clipping in football terms) and I go down. The guy catches up with us with my dog trying to escape and his damn pit jumping all over us. He just snarls as he walks by me lying the mud to demand why I haven't stood up yet. I tell him it's because I can't. He just goes to his car. A very nice woman comes over and helps me up. I report this event to the county animal control - I had significant medical bills with copays for extensive rehab - the quadriceps tendon in my good knee had been partially torn.
Several years later I had the skiing accident knee replaced, did not go as well as I had hoped. And the knee injured by the linebacker pit now needed to be replaced after that body slam. I was on the surgeon's schedule but a cancellation opened up a slot in a few days so I was going to take it. But my usual dog boarding place was full so they referred me to another place. Fine, I go to check it out on Friday because the surgery is for Monday.
I get there and finally locate the referral dog boarder. It's in a former office suite. The front door is a dutch door and the top is open. Hanging over the top is a pit snarl barking at us. My happy, friendly, life is a party golden retriever just stops. The owner tells me her pit is fine, that the bark is nothing. I ask her to put it away. And my dog doesn't even want to step over the threshold into the office. I take note and continue to ask her questions - like where do you keep the dogs, including at night.
She points at what looks like used to be a conference room, there is a baby gate and she puts her pit behind it but now there are five pits and a malemute hanging back. Her dog is hard barking, still the snarl-bark. She suggests I take my dog behind the gate to get introduced. My dog is refusing to move and I just tell her I don't think I am comfortable leaving my dog there and walk out.
She follows me down the hallway and asks if I am leaving because of the pitbulls and I tell her hell yes, that's why. She starts the nutter talk of not all pitbulls are bad and I just need to give them a chance.
Now I am irritated. I tell her I am having a total knee replacement because of a pitbull plus other bad encounters and that I would never leave my dog around them. She starts to recite all of the squares in pitbull bingo and I tell her to get away from me.
I cancelled that surgery and kept my original date. I wound up having to board my dog at the veterinarian but I knew she was safe and they loved her. It wasn't ideal but at least I knew my dog was safe.
A year goes by and then there is this news story:
Same place I walked out of - this nutter's pitbull killed a client dog. If you or your dog have a bad feeling about a situation - leave ASAP and the hell with hurt feelings, it's more important to be safe.
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2023.03.26 07:38 BorpaFan 21 [M4F] Sweet and friendly guy looking for a long term connection Canada/Anywhere

Hey, if you're reading this that means my post title was able to grab your attention, I'm hoping I can keep it through the rest of my post too.
I'm a 21 year old guy from Canada, what I'm looking for is someone that I can really get along and vibe with, and potentially, if things end up working out, a longer term connection or relationship. I may live in Canada but planes exist so distance really doesn't matter to me, as long as you're willing to meet up at some point in the future when its financially possible and our schedules are open, I'm fine with being long distance.
A little about me I'm definitely more of reserved and non-confrontational person, I have some pretty bad anxiety and it can make social interactions a little difficult especially at first, but trust me, with time I can really warm up to someone and become A LOT more open and sociable, I probably wont be super comfortable instantly sending pics or anything of myself so its fine if you aren't either, I would like to know what whoever I'm talking to looks like though eventually and I'm sure you would too. When it comes to my interests, stuff constantly comes and goes but the things that seemed to stick are music (especially punk), watching movies, tv shows, anime etc., spending time with friends, video games and more recently I've been trying to pick up the guitar (still VERY new but its been fun so far) and have also started getting into watching true crime stuff on youtube, I'm very open to always trying new things though. I really love animals, I have a cat and she's the most precious thing in the world to me, you don't need to be a cat person but if you are its a huge plus. I'm currently in-between jobs just so you know (hopefully not for long though)
A little about my appearance I'll be honest, I'm definitely not the most conventionally attractive person, I'm 5'7 and a little chubby (I'm actively working at fixing that one though), I have brown hair, my face also isn't exactly what would be considered peak attractiveness. If any of this turns you away from my post, that's completely understandable, everyone has their own preferences and there's nothing wrong with that, if not though then please read on.
What I'm looking for in you It's important to me that you're in general a kind person, since I'm a more reserved/sensitive person if you're the kind of person who likes to "Wear the pants" in the relationship I think we would get along very well, that definitely isn't a dealbreaker though. I would love if we shared some interests but its also definitely not a dealbreaker, it's also really nice to know you have your own interests too, I've always been someone to get super fascinated by my partners interests and I love hearing people rant to me about their interests, even if its something I have no personal interest in or know nothing about, I just find it really admirable to see someone passionate about something whatever it is. Besides that though, I'm not super picky, as long as you're a kind person, I'm a fan of tons of different personality types.
What I'm looking for in your appearance Nothing in particular really, I've always been the kind of person to get attracted to someones personality rather than how they look, it really doesn't matter to me at all
I'm not sure what else to say so I think I'll end my post here, if I held your attention this far and you're at all interested, feel free to message me telling me a little bit about yourself, also if there's anything else you want to know about me, feel free to ask, I'll do my best to get back to you ASAP!
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2023.03.26 07:38 Grouchy-Friend4235 As a teacher is it ok to mention + demo my product if it helps the students?

I am the owner of a software company in the AI field. I also teach an AI specialisation course as a continued education topic at two universities. The students include young to mid-career professionals who want to learn new skills, often to base their practical experience on a theoretical foundation.
Students often ask questions from their work environment and I am happy to work with them, in-class, to find answers or at least point directions when it is outside my realm.
Some of these questions relate to the very field of my company and the software we offer, and I feel that the software may be helpful for some students (it is, in its core, open source, so there is no immediate monetary benefit to us).
So far I have refrained from talking in-class about our product & the benefits it can bring in practice, except for briefly mentioning my company in the intro. Instead when asked about specific technologies, I would mention only competing software and companies. I felt this would be the "right thing" to do, for objectivity, and in an attempt not to become tied up in a conflict of interest, while still sharing my expertise and hopefully help students find answers.
However sometimes I think our product could actually be a better fit than a competitor's, for specific reasons that is bc it was created to solve the very problem a student seeks to solve, and it feels kind of wrong not to come forward with this insight.
Would it be right to point out my product, and if so how, to what extent?
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2023.03.26 07:38 ComprehensiveMud8877 Need advice for upcoming wedding plan.

My fiancé wants an open bar but I want something lighter like wine and beer. It’s would cut cost a lot if this is the case. I also didn’t mind doing cash bars too. I also don’t want anyone to get hammered at our wedding. But this is the number one thing my fiancé wants for our wedding. Any advice?
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2023.03.26 07:37 Lolasdone Trismus?

So I had a deep cleaning and then three days later a couple of fillings a few days after the fillings my mouth was sore but I figured it was just from back to back dental. A couple more days later my jaw hurt on the upper left side where my dentist injected the numbing agent. I took ibuprofen as it was the weekend and figured it would be better in the morning. Later that night I realized I couldn’t open my mouth fully, then the next day the same thing. I can open it about the width of my finger and my fingers are small. I called on Monday the 13th to let them know what was going on and they told me to take ibuprofen and Tylenol as well as to use a heating pad. I‘ve been doing all of this and yesterday I saw my dentist again and he said this could be an uncommon side effect of the dental or something else. He also said to give it another three weeks and at that time we’d discuss possible Botox or muscle relaxers. He told me to use popsicle sticks to try and get my mouth to open more.
I’m just looking for advice or information …my pain is pretty bad right now, why didn’t he just prescribe the muscle relaxers if they can possibly help? I did call the office after I got home and left a message asking if they’d just prescribe something because the pain is too much and Tylenol and ibuprofen aren’t cutting it. Thanks for reading this far…any advice is appreciated like how long can this lost or any exercises aside from the popsicle sticks (which I did but not sure if it’s correct since my dentist didn’t explain really how to do it).
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2023.03.26 07:37 Xindlepete Way of the Galecaller: a monk subclass for mobile skirmishers, forced movement tactics, and copyright-free Airbenders!

While this is far from my first homebrew, this is the first homebrew I ever bothered to put through the Homebrewery treatment and share publicly. Most of the features are a palette-swap from the Sun Soul monk, as I'm sure will be immediately apparent. In playtesting, the features I originally had at 3rd and 6th level (Rushing Gale and Pealing Thunder Strike) were pretty lackluster on their own, so I added additional minor features at those levels to pad things out a bit (Wind Walker and Reach of the North Wind, respectively).
Absolutely open to any and all critiques. I've loved helping others edit and balance their 'brews, and look forward to getting some feedback on my own for a change!
Homebrewery Link
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2023.03.26 07:37 AmberrVA [FOR HIRE] Virtual Assistant for $5 per hour

Hi! My name is Amber. I'm a freelance virtual assistant with executive-level expertise. I'm a self-motivated and disciplined individual who enjoys continuous learning. I'm well-prepared to take on difficult tasks and can operate alone or in groups, under pressure, and with little supervision.
I specialize in the following:
If you're looking for a virtual assistant to help you grow your business, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via Reddit chat or Discord: AmberVA#0891 or Email: [email protected]. I'm also open to any other virtual assistant job that's not on the list.
Let's work together and make your business dreams come true!
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2023.03.26 07:36 Hong-Hong-Hang-Hang Sensual indulgences motivated by revenge

Is there a name for the phenomenon where: someone engages in certain sensual indulgences, not so much because of a craving or desire for them, but where the primary motivation is revenge. I figure that this affects us Aspies more than average, given the human interaction element. I've given my own name for this concept -- "revengsuality", a portmanteau of revenge + sensuality.
The type of indulgence involved in revengsuality may vary, but let's use the desire for chocolate as an example. Someone has a person with authority over them who absolutely forbids them to eat chocolate, or perhaps other kinds of sweets as well. (The authority figure is not necessarily a parent; I'm thinking more likely an older sibling or an S.O.) This person might also threaten and/or bully our individual to one extent or another. Since they really have no way to fight back, there is one way they can get their revenge: eating chocolate when they are not around. It serves double-duty; they get to something they enjoy, while getting back at their tormenter to boot.
The problem is when it goes way beyond eating chocolate to satisfy a sugar fix. It runs into scarfing down sweets whenever they're available, hungry or not (when the feeling of revenge surpasses that of hunger). Or even if the chocolate is of lousy quality or heavily bloomed (since the rush of getting revenge is "sweet" enough). Thus leading to potential health and addiction problems down the road, especially if these actions continue for years after the authority figure has backed down or is otherwise out of the picture.
The effect of "revengsuality" can be highly exacerbated when the authority figure not only forbids them from engaging in a certain type of sensuality, but is caught practicing it themselves in secret -- or in more extreme cases, does so openly, perhaps with some form of the "That's DIFFERENT" coupon, or a mere "what's your point?" reply if they're in no position to challenge them. It can also be intensified when the person in authority sometimes justifies, handwaves, defends, or even celebrates other people who indulge in the same action that's forbidden to him or her.
Anyone familiar with this concept?
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2023.03.26 07:36 Tatum_storm Counseling

Has anyone done counseling/couples therapy after your LO gets released? Or do you plan to do it? I want to do it just to be proactive and make the relationship as strong as it can be, but are there therapists out there that are equipped for this kinda thing? I don’t wanna go to just anyone whose never dealt with prison/prison relationships etc. My man is on board with it and sees the benefit of it so I’m pretty happy about that. I’m just nervous because I don’t like opening up to people. But my damn this prison wife life is stressing me tf out. And I have years left sooo I know it’s gonna do alot more damage to me..and my babe.
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2023.03.26 07:36 ZenAddams Ziggy the Emaciated Ball Python: UPDATE #2

Hey everyone! I've had a number of people messaging me and commenting asking how our boy Ziggy is doing and so far it's going well! Last night we attempted to feed him since he was enjoying her new terrarium setup and was quite active. At first he had no interest in the fuzzy, but after some advice from other users I decided to leave his mouse directly under his heat lamp area on top a rock hide I got for him to see if he decided to check it out. Lo and behold within the hour I was checking the tank humidity levels before bed and he'd eaten it! Since eating he's just been hanging out in the plants on the warm side and so far has seemed all good! No regurgitation thus far or any signs of stress from him after eating, so fingers crossed it continues like this!
Everyone's tips have been so helpful and they gave me such good things to keep an eye out for and questions to ask the vet to make sure he gets the best care, so thank you all again. The only thing I'm having trouble with at this moment is keeping the humidity levels in the tank up, so if anyone has any tips for that, it'd be a great help.
The substrate I'm using is forest floor, and I have a shallow dish with Sphagnum moss and a little water in it to keep the moss hydrated. So far it hasn't tried out at all, but the humidity is tanking within hours. I'll go in and spray it down and have added water to corners away from his hides, and It temporarily will go up to 75%-80% humidity but it never keeps for more than a couple of hours. The warm sides Temps maintain between 88-91 degrees and the cold side maintains between 80-83 degrees usually, but have noticed it dips sometimes to lowest of occasionally. I don't keep the AC in my apartment blasting or anything because I also get cold really easily so it's honestly never set below 73 degrees in my house. I'm currently using a CHE and a heat mat in the tank, and the screen top is covered in aluminum foil tape with the exception of some small openings on the corners for ventilation. Any tips to keep up the humidity and the temperature if it's too low at all would be greatly appreciated!
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