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2012.09.25 02:55 Kvothe24 Green Dawn Global Takeover

Your mission is to strategically place army men throughout your hometown or any remote region you come upon during your journeys. Use caution. This is a covert operation and discretion is advised. A misplaced soldier could be discovered and go MIA. Once your troops are at their post, report their positions here. An insignia should be left on the underside of the base of your soldier. A calling card that will let the world know that we mean business.

2023.03.26 08:35 som1sumwr How much do emotional mistakes cost you on average every month?

Over the years after trading i realised most common mistakes i made while trading were :
  1. Hope - Not using SL (Unless its part of your strategy, i consider this a mistake) - Sometimes I would see a opportunity and instantly without doing deeper analysis i would jump into trade and without using proper risk management. I would hope that even if price is going into drawdown, it will return to profit later. Eventually i would close thr trade once it hits my "too high drawdown point ".
  2. Greed - Using too high lot size instinctively taken trade in an attempt to either win back losses or to teach a overly ambitious profit target or to flip an account with no consideration to a prior risk management plan you may have thought of.
  3. Fomo - Jumping in a trade too late after price has already passed most appropriate point at which you would have taken trade usually according to your strategy. This usually results in either lower RRR or if you took higher risk, then it sometimes results in closing trade during pullbacks periods.
  4. Revenge trade - Using higher lot size than your normal risk allows to take revenge against market lol to get back ur losses. Usually this is similar to an instinctive trade period take in opposite direction to original trade's direction (which lost) thinking the price will continue in the direction. But often this is disastrous.
Very experienced and possibly stoic personality people probably minimise such mistakes already. Regardless, how much does it usually cost you monthly on an average?
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2023.03.26 08:34 Informal_Constant479 Split Sizing Customizations for Wedding Dress

I’m petite, especially in the torso and would very much benefit from a petite dress, but also larger skirt size and smaller top. As we’ve found either the top is waaaaaaay too big and skirt is perfect or flipped when trying on samples.
Meaning, I know that a lot of standard dresses are going to cost a fortune to alter. I’m wondering if anyone has experience doing split sizing and petite sizing for designer wedding dresses.
My favorite designer Alexandra Grecco offers this, and I’m wondering if it helped with alterations? As it would be worth the price tag for me if so.
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2023.03.26 08:34 Beneficial_Career_85 Is it just me or does this size of box feel really stiff and high quality compared to others?

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2023.03.26 08:34 PathoftheWolf Does Sobek have a softer side?

I'm still new to kemetism, I sorta fell into it a few months back when I was in a low point and just desperately cried out for help. Djehuty answered and was basically like, "Alright, yeah you're a mess, but wallowing won't make anything better. Come with me, let's work on some stuff."
Since then, I dove into a relationship with Djehuty, and it's going amazing.
I backslid somewhat recently, and when I got back into my meditations, it took me by surprise to see Sobek standing beside Djehuty. He didn't say anything, but Djehuty was really insistent that I acknowledge him and introduce myself to him. I was hesitant at first. I know starting a relationship with a new deity is a commitment, and I don't particularly feel ready for another one when I still backslide occasionally with the one I've got. But Djehuty wouldn't let me proceed in the meditation until I introduced myself and let Sobek sort of look me over.
Since then, I've read about Sobek and tried some meditations and visualizations with him. But what I'm seeing doesn't match at all with what I've read about others' experiences with him.
Others say he's vocal, but he's not with me (but then, I still struggle to hear Djehuty sometimes. Still new, still practicing, still healing from some stuff, etc). Djehuty compensates by making his intent known, but with Sobek, I don't get much. He's very quiet. And very stoic. It's tough to figure out what he wants.
I've also read that Sobek tends to carry anger, and most of his interactions have an aspect that can be frightening. I don't mind that, but I really haven't seen much of it. The most I get is he'll occasionally snap at me (he shows up most often as a full crocodile for me, sometimes normal size, and occasionally large enough that I can stand up and he can walk right over me without me being able to touch him). But even that doesn't feel aggressive or dangerous, or even like a correction or a warning. It more just feels like part of how he communicates, though I don't know what he's trying to say.
It took me a couple of tries to figure out that he wants me to follow him in the visualizations, but I don't know the end goal yet. He takes me a little farther each time. Still doesn't say much, still is very patient and gentle. The one time I saw him as a man, there was a moment he seemed downright playful, which isn't a word I've heard anyone use to describe him.
Tl;dr: I don't know what to make of how gentle and quiet he is, when that appears to be wildly out of character for him. It's confusing to the point of being distracting. Has anyone else seen a quieter side of Sobek?
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2023.03.26 08:33 Noy2222 A Little Help From My Friends

Title: "A Little Help From My Friends"
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Family
Tagline: "Tiny teen, big adventures, and friends who are larger than life!"
Overview: "A Little Help From My Friends" is a lighthearted and whimsical TV show that follows the extraordinary adventures of 16-year-old Alex, who finds themselves shrunken to the size of a doll due to a mysterious scientific accident. While the world might seem intimidating and colossal from this new perspective, Alex quickly discovers that they're not alone in this pint-sized predicament. With the support of their quirky and loyal group of friends, Alex sets out on a hilarious and heartwarming journey to find a way to return to their normal size.
Main Characters:
Alex (Protagonist): An average teenager with a sense of curiosity and a passion for science. When a science experiment goes awry, Alex is shrunken to a tiny size, leading to a series of incredible adventures. Despite their size, Alex is determined and resourceful, facing each challenge with bravery and a sense of humor. Jordan: Alex's best friend and confidant. Jordan is witty, compassionate, and always ready to lend a helping hand. They are the first to discover Alex's predicament and become the mastermind behind many of the inventive solutions to Alex's problems. Mia: A tech-savvy and clever friend who uses her knowledge of gadgets and gizmos to assist Alex in navigating their miniature world. Mia is the go-to person for creating ingenious devices to help Alex overcome obstacles. Chris: The athletic and adventurous friend who's always up for a challenge. Chris provides the muscle and coordination needed for daring rescue missions and acts as the protector of the group.
Key Themes:
Friendship: The show emphasizes the importance of friendship, loyalty, and teamwork as Alex and their friends come together to solve problems and face challenges. Adventure: Each episode is filled with action-packed and imaginative adventures as Alex and their friends explore the world from a unique and tiny perspective. Humor: The show is infused with humor, from slapstick comedy to witty dialogue, as the characters navigate the absurdity and hilarity of their situations. Personal Growth: As the series progresses, Alex learns valuable lessons about resilience, adaptability, and self-acceptance. Being shrunken teaches Alex to see the world from a different angle and to appreciate the things they once took for granted.
Episode Structure: Each episode of "A Little Help From My Friends" features a new challenge or obstacle that Alex and their friends must overcome. The episodes are self-contained but contribute to the overarching plot of Alex's journey to return to normal size. Through creative problem-solving, teamwork, and a dash of humor, the friends tackle each situation head-on, all while learning valuable life lessons along the way.
Target Audience: The show is aimed at a family audience and is suitable for viewers of all ages. With its blend of humor, adventure, and heartfelt moments, "A Little Help From My Friends" is sure to capture the imaginations of both children and adults alike.
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2023.03.26 08:33 AutoModerator [Get] Steven Dux – Traders Edge 2023

[Get] Steven Dux – Traders Edge 2023
Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/steven-dux-traders-edge-2023/

[Get] Steven Dux – Traders Edge 2023
First, they listen to outdated YouTube advice designed to steer them in the wrong direction.
Second, people spend far too much time looking for a winning product rather than learning how to market to customers’ emotions properly.
Third, newcomers frequently focus on the least important factors, such as building the store, rather than learning how to market and scale appropriately.
Traders Edge 2023 may not have coined the names for some of his strategies, but he has certainly added his spin to everything he employs. Discover his distinct twists and how he profits from them.
You Will Also Learn How Dux Manages Risk

  • Using Different share size variation
  • What is the max stop for a different pattern
  • How Dux knows when to stop trading a particular pattern
  • And so much more…
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2023.03.26 08:33 MOVEOVERSCRUB "Delivering while intoxicated"

Was on a delivery and got a call from customer support claiming that the previous customer apparently reported me for driving drunk. I can 100% say that I wasn't drinking and keep in mind that the previous delivery it was "leave on door" so I didn't have any interaction with said customer. The delivery I was on at the time seemed suspicious, from the name and what I actually picked up. They had ordered a cup size of banana peppers from papa John's. I thought it was weird, and so did the cashier, but I was like, "Oh well. I was 2 minutes away from delivering, and they asked me to stop immediately and pull over and had me identify name,birth, and how much I had made for the week. Then they canceled the order on their side(still got paid for it). After that, they told me that in situations when I customer reports a driver as intoxicated, they send a deputy and perform a breathalyzer test In which to I said okay that's fine by me and then I was told that depending on the manager says they would either allow me to continue or stop completely. Anyways, they let me on my way and said they were gonna call back the customer and call me back as well if needed. Just trying to see if someone else has had something similar happen to them before.
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2023.03.26 08:31 jerkthief Frame for Vinyl Poster

Did anyone frame this poster yet?
What size of a Frame do you all use/recommend? And out of curiosity... does anyone know if it's possible to get the listening party poster anywhere? I love it so much but I couldn't attend any listening party, sadly
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2023.03.26 08:31 Sanchuniathon Selling my cruiser :/

Looking at selling the old Land Cruiser for my parents. Nobody has the time or money to get her back to growling along. Hoping to get advice on if it is still worth something.
It is a 1985 diesel manual Bj60 here in Canada. Head gasket went a few years back and she burns oil and often struggles with starting. Some pesky kids smashed the plastic indicator lights and the rust is getting pretty bad. You can see through some of the door and floor from inside. The muffler is rusted through. 435k kms. I’m certain I could give it some TLC (see what I did there?) and could have it running in a day or two.
Maybe worth a bit of money? Or straight to the recycler😫. This Landcruiser has my heart and this will kill me to part with but better to find it a future other than becoming an iron rich hill in a field.
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2023.03.26 08:30 AutoModerator [Get] Steven Dux – Traders Edge 2023!

Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/steven-dux-traders-edge-2023/
[Get] Steven Dux – Traders Edge 2023 First, they listen to outdated YouTube advice designed to steer them in the wrong direction. Second, people spend far too much time looking for a winning product rather than learning how to market to customers’ emotions properly. Third, newcomers frequently focus on the least important factors, such as building the store, rather than learning how to market and scale appropriately. Traders Edge 2023may not have coined the names for some of his strategies, but he has certainly added his spin to everything he employs. Discover his distinct twists and how he profits from them. You Will Also Learn How Dux Manages Risk
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2023.03.26 08:29 Adam-best Electrical Hip Muscle Stimulator

Want to feel confident again in your favorite dress? Ever feel like no matter how hard you train, your booty just doesn't seem to show results? The Electrical Hip Muscle Stimulator solves this problem for you instantly!

This allows you to train your booty and lower bodyeffectively from the comfort of your own home. It uses electrical muscle stimulation to promote muscle movement, scientifically proven to tighten your musclesto help achieve that perfect figure.



Package Includes:

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2023.03.26 08:28 Max7W Irreplaceable tiles in my apartment are cracking under the weight of my flat mate, what can I do besides kick her out?

I (24 M) posted on AITA about this and was deemed the asshole so asking here to find out what I can do better.
My flat mate Anna (30 F) gained a lot of weight recently and since then the tiles in my apartment have been breaking. I had a tiler come and have a look at it and after looking for a cause for a long time he told me that Anna’s weight is causing them to crack.
Initially I wanted her to move out over this because the tiles were handmade by my grandma and are irreplaceable since I inherited her apartment due to her passing away. But I can see that this is unfair to Anna since she can’t change this right now and apparently I underestimated the difficulties that come with finding an apartment at such a size.
I do not want to remove the tiles either or have another floor, they are very special to me, as is the whole apartment. My grandma is indigenous and has been deported from her tribe and put a lot of effort into customising and decorating her apartment to resemble her home and incorporate our culture and heritage. I had a hard time growing up and my grandma always kept me safe and even when I experienced a lot of discrimination and abuse, her home reminded me of that resilience to be true to your background and it made me feel safe and at peace to know that in your own space you can be yourself. Also my grandparents took care of me a lot and I stayed at their place more than at my parent’s cause they couldn’t take care of me.
I hope you understand how much this apartment means to me and I wouldn’t want to share it ideally but the place where we live (not USA) has a housing crisis and economy is kind of tough so I allowed two friends (Anna and another guy) to live with me to just split the bills cause I don’t need such a big apartment just to myself.
Here’s what I’ve tried so far to solve the issue: 1. I asked Anna to pay more to make up for the damages so I can have the tiles fixed, as this is rather expensive and again I don’t want to replace them. She doesn’t want that cause she doesn’t want to invest money in an apartment that isn’t owned by her. 2. I have offered to help her find a new place to live and given her contacts and made viewing appointments for her but she can’t walk stairs well and can’t walk far from the public transport so options are very limited. She also said that once she shows up to viewings they disregard her over her weight. 3. I have told her to get her weight under control and that she can stay if she does. I can see how this has been rude and I wasn’t aware of how hard it is to lose weight when having an eating disorder like she does. So I’ve looked into therapy for that and found an inpatient treatment that would last two months and it would be covered by her insurance as a preventative measure for serious health issues in the future. She doesn’t want to go to such a treatment though cause she’s worried about the consequences it may have for her career.
So that’s all the ideas I’ve had to find a solution but nothing seemed to be working for finding a compromise. I obviously don’t want to make her homeless but I am also not fine with her damaging my grandma’s apartment since it’s so sentimental to me. I’m also not rich even though I own the apartment cause I am paying off student loans and not renting for profit since they are my friends. Also the apartment needs a lot of work, it’s poorly insulated which is why the bills are so high but I can’t afford to have that fixed yet so fixing the tiles or changing the flooring is out of the question.
Btw I’m not living in USA and since the tiles are handmade and the apartment is historic they may be more fragile than normal tiles but they never broke before and only break in rooms Anna uses and only since she gained weight.
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2023.03.26 08:28 alwaysmetara [Sell/Swap] [US] More items added! Most items $5 or less, lots of freebies!

Paypal G&S only, I pay the fee! Shipping starts at $5 and increases based on weight. I'll hold things for 2 hours if multiple people are interested. It's fine if you change your mind, just let me know! :)
I have a cat but he doesn't go near my makeup/skincare. I'm happy to sanitize any used products, let me know if you'd like me to do that.
I tried to price things to sell quickly (most things 50-80% off retail price) but I'm always open to offers especially if you bundle!
One item marked 'fwp' for free with every $5 purchased! Additional ones would be $1.
Eyeshadow palettes
Single Pans
Lashes- all brand new
Other Eye Products
Brand New lip products
Lightly used lip products
Brand new face products:
Lightly Used Face products:
Nail Polish, used once
FREE just pay shipping
Masks and Peels:
Brand New Misc Skincare
Makeup Bags
verification - Choose one free for every purchase over $20 (before shipping)
ISO: (prefer to swap) Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay (open to any size), Maison Margiela Autumn Vibes (travel or full size), First Aid Beauty KP Scrub, Better Not Younger Hair Mask, Ouai Mask for Thick Hair
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2023.03.26 08:28 gloomybearfan ironic

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2023.03.26 08:27 Environmental-Idea89 I'm Canadian what pre should I get?

I'm Canadian what pre should I get?
I only get pre from Popeyes and supplement king so if you have any suggestions do tell, money isn't an issue and I'm just looking for relatively heavy stim
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2023.03.26 08:27 enterten [iOS] Infinity Tank Battle ($9.99 to Free)

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2023.03.26 08:26 skulldude360 I’m looking for the sessions glass bong. Are there any shops in Rochester that have it?

I want to see it in person because all the pictures I’ve been seeing are making it hard to tell the actual size of it
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2023.03.26 08:25 Berkinsahin I went from A to B with an airship (automatif drive not me). It took 49 minutes. If you know how fast the airship goes, you can estimate the map size. It is huge indeed...

I went from A to B with an airship (automatif drive not me). It took 49 minutes. If you know how fast the airship goes, you can estimate the map size. It is huge indeed... submitted by Berkinsahin to ElderScrolls [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 08:25 deadsea29 Open BETA Experience from a Low-End System User

TLDR: Long loading times, extreme lag, frequent disconnections; could be problems caused by the BETA situation of the game, could be signs of the need to upgrade; but my system can definitely run it with the lowest settings; maybe some optimization needed. Also, I had fun!
My Device:
Acer VX15
Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz
8GB of RAM
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050ti

Other games I can run on this device:
Elden Ring (medium settings, 30-50 fps), Diablo 3 high settings, 60+fps) , Fallout 76 (high settings 40-60fps), Destiny 2 (high settings 60-100fps), God of War (low settings, 30-40fps), Red Dead Redemption 2 (low settings, 30-40fps); I could mention more, but I think you get the picture.

Diablo 4 Open BETA Experience
I downloaded the BETA in the late morning of March 25, 2023 took about an hour to finish, and immediately connected. This was around 10:30-11am Philippine Time (PHT), meaning it's night in the other side of the world so I managed to connect--no queue times, just immediate login. There was severe lag once I got to the choose your character option, so I twiddled with the settings and set everything to low. I managed to create a character, chose a preset appearance, then a generated name.
My character is a LEFT-HANDED Necromancer named Vasco. I started the game, and what followed was a slideshow of the opening cinematic that I couldn't skip because it kept saying "The cinematic will skip once the game has finished loading" (or words to that effect; I am writing mostly from memory now). I patiently watched that "slideshow" until I was thrust into Sanctuary with, AND I KID YOU NOT, 60fps!!! I even turned on the in-game FPS counter and it's even clocking at 71fps!
This joy was short-lived, however, because as soon as I tried to move, the FPS dropped between 2-10 unplayable montage. Somewhere along those frames, I managed to kill some wargs, and while standing still among those corpses, I summoned my skeleton minions. When I'm standing still, FPS was perfect; but as soon as I try to move or attack or interact, there's a heavy lagfest and fps drop. But I pushed through. I killed more mobs, and got to the first town. That's where I got disconnected for the first time. I tried logging back in, but here, I experienced an atrocious 30-minute loading screen. And once the game loaded, I was greeted with the message that I got disconnected. So back to the character menu, start game, no queue time or anything, then 30-minute loading screen, game disconnects. On my third try, I managed to play, got the quest from those villagers in the town, then managed to reach my first dungeon. That trip to the dungeon was a pain. I was having an average of 10-21 fps which drops to 1 or even 0 once there's a mob. Which meant it's most of my companions who did all of the work. I even gained levels and some beginner gear, which was nice. Opening inventory window and the skill tree is a pain too.
Surprisingly, the loading screen when I entered the dungeon (Icehowl Ruins?) took less than a minute. Probably because of the size of the dungeon or what? But it was in this dungeon that I experienced 60fps even while killing mobs. FPS still drops to 10 or 20, but the dungeon made me realize that my system CAN handle the game and it's probably the BETA at fault.
Right after the dungeon and the whole shebang in the plot that followed, I got disconnected when entering the big town (Kevedash? Kevash?). When I restarted, I went through the settings, lowered down the resolution scale, and even tried that option where it will give you lower image quality) but the loading screen, especially that first one, is sooooo atrocious. One even lasted 45 minutes before I decided to force close the game. However, I find that just lowering the resolution scale (and ignoring the other settings (I forget their names, but one involves temporal thingy and the other will give you lower image quality in exchange for better performance) equate to relatively shorter (5-10mins) loading screens. So I just set my resolution scale to 70% and managed to play for a few more minutes but by then it was getting dark and the other side of the world is starting to wake up so the lag I experienced was very bad. I couldn't move, couldn't click anything. I called it a day.
Today, I managed to play again, but the experience hasn't changed much. Standing still gives me 60fps when I'm out in the world, moving and doing anything drops the FPS, sometimes to 0. I did manage to do a side quest (where you'll have to collect tithes?), an event (protect the caravan from the ambush) and was continuing the main quest to go to the mines. In the mines, I managed to get to up to 70fps even with mobs and spamming corpse explosion. I actually felt immersed, and even found myself muttering shut up whenever the companions would endlessly talk of dead ends. Also, I agree with what the majority were saying: Necromancers are OP af, but I love it. It's fun seeing mobs die from the corpses of their fellow demons. I felt like Adrian Veidt using corpses of others to justify my savior-complex rampage. lmao.
So overall, I think my system can run the game. I personally can stand the long loading screens and pop-ups, but what I can't stand is the lagfest and severe fps drop that happens when I try to move or do anything. It could also be argued that it's because my laptop has an HDD, but there's just no way I can upgrade that to an SSD. I could try and upgrade my RAM, but with the prices and high inflation rates happening in our country right now, combined with high cost of living severely disproportionate with income, any upgrades or switching to a better system won't happen anytime soon. Good thing I didn't pre-order!
Also, I've seen posts in this subreddit about some work-arounds like increasing the page file size, etc. I haven't done those to be honest.
If it plays better on 16gb, they should just set that as minimum. If it plays better on SSD than HDD, then they should just list SSD as the only way to play, not a preference. Just my opinion.
I keep myself positive that a lot of the troubles I've had where just effects of everything being on "BETA". I just hope that when Diablo IV launches, it'll have a "starter" edition like in D3, so that I can see if it will run on my system before buying. If not, well, I guess I'd keep playing Diablo 3 or any other game that my system can still run.
Will I play more of the BETA? It's Sunday here now, and got stuff for work that I need to prepare for, so no. But minus the technical issues and hardware limitations, from what I managed to play, I did have fun.
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2023.03.26 08:25 iTru_Spin Why do I enjoy punching homeless people?

Why do I enjoy punching homeless people?
it's not for the reason you'd expect.
I don't get off on the violence.
I get off on the feeling of control.
You see, when I was a small child, I never felt like I was in control, so now that I'm a big strong man I like to use my
In order to feel like I'm more in control.
Thats why I punch homeless people.
It's not the punching, it's the fact that I'm the puncher.
That's what really makes me explode. -Lightning mcqueen
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2023.03.26 08:24 pyschedelic98 Far cry 3 dialogue audio problem how to fix this 2 files it’s irritating someone help please

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2023.03.26 08:23 Seymour2012 [NA][Static][MC]5/8 Static LF3 DPS for UWU + 6.4 Tier

Our static is looking to continue prog on and clear UWU (and other Ultimates) while we wait for the new raid tier to drop in 6.4.
Our current comp is:
Tanks: GNB + DRK
Healers: WHM + SGE
Currently we're looking for 3 DPS: 2 Melee and 1 Caster who are interested in both the 6.4 raid tier, as well as Ultimate progging in the interim.
Our raid schedule is** 7-11 PM EST Tues/Weds/Thurs** with a break halfway through, with more as required or requested.
While the majority of the group's current UWU prog point is Mariokart on Titan, we're happy to accept folks fresh progging; ideally we're looking to get some more prog in and clear, and start prog on other Ultimates before 6.4 drops, at which point we'll move on to focusing on clearing (and reclearing) 6.4.
Please feel free to reach out to me on Discord at Kryzt#9650.
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