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2023.03.26 08:06 MitchBlatt An Anxious Asia Arms for a War It Hopes to Prevent. Doubts about both China and the United States are driving an arms race in the Indo-Pacific with echoes of World War II and new levels of risk.

An Anxious Asia Arms for a War It Hopes to Prevent. Doubts about both China and the United States are driving an arms race in the Indo-Pacific with echoes of World War II and new levels of risk. submitted by MitchBlatt to foreignpolicy [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 08:05 Sea-Remote7636 It's a girl

I found out I'm having a girl. I have a son who I love more than anything, and i have a step daughter who has put me through the ringer lol. I have always been a boy mom and everyone always expected this baby to be a boy. I was happy either way and still am. I have been... grieving? I guess? I kind of wanted to travel back in time and have my baby boy again. I didnt expect to feel this.. loss? I know it's crazy. I'm sure it will be fine. I'm sure the second she hits my arms I will go crazy with love and happiness but I found out its a girl this week and I'm just processing.
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2023.03.26 08:04 deepStrip34 Can confirm, I went and tested out my plunger and compared it to what I think her name is. I plan on keeping this one in the memory bank for when I have to deal with an irritating person and have no consequences of being fired, or of my wife giving me “the look”

Can confirm, I went and tested out my plunger and compared it to what I think her name is. I plan on keeping this one in the memory bank for when I have to deal with an irritating person and have no consequences of being fired, or of my wife giving me “the look” submitted by deepStrip34 to rareinsults [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 08:04 concretesealingsbus Transform Your Home with the Best Floor Paint in Christchurch

Looking to transform your home with a fresh coat of floor paint in Christchurch? Look no further! We provide the best quality and variety of floor paints to suit your needs.
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2023.03.26 08:03 Elysium94 DC's 'Trinity'- Or, how to revise/adapt 'Batman v Superman' and other such crossover tales for television (Part 1 of 2)

Processing img 4yvh6y0qiepa1...
Been a little while since I touched on DC Comics-related TV, huh?
And boy, has a lot happened. The DCEU's undergoing a reboot, Superman and Lois is taking off in a direction further distancing itself from the Arrowverse, and the bonkers Titans is coming to an end.
While all this plays out, I think I'll finally return to my ongoing revision of DC Comics on TV, started with a Superman series. This time, let's pitch a first-encounter story in which Superman meets his fellow superheroes Batman and Wonder Woman.
The iconic Trinity are a fantastic dynamic in any iteration. They compliment each other in so many ways, and represent the best in their universe's array of heroes.
There's a lot of story to tell anytime they're together. And while I do admittedly enjoy (parts of) Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman, there was a lot of story to be told in just one film...
That wouldn't necessarily be an issue for TV, though, would it? More than that, a TV-based crossover of the three heroes could allow for even more to be done.
So, let's return to the index for this hypothetical "Maxverse". An outline in which I revise DC-related television as a big-budget shared universe on HBO Max as opposed to the CW.
Picking up after the third season of Superman, and the first two seasons of Wonder Woman, it's time for...
Created by-
Aaron Guzikowski and Steven Knight
Music by-
Bear McCreary and Stephanie Economou
David Giuntoli as Superman, Sam Witwer as Batman, Elodie Yung as Wonder Woman
Rachel McAdams as Lois Lane, Jimmy Smits as Daniel Leone, Michael Beihn as Dan Turpin,
Iain Glen as Alfred Pennyworth, Giancarlo Esposito as Lucius Fox,
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Steve Trevor, Freya Allan as Cassandra Sandsmark
Faran Tahir as Ra's al Ghul, Denise Gough as Clea, Glen Powell as Conduit,
A little reference to the title inspiration and source material).
In general, picture a three-part event broadcast on HBO Max (as all other projects in this revision are).
Plot inspirations for this crossover include
The story is a continuation of Superman and Wonder Woman's tales after his first three seasons and her first two, and an introduction to the Batman of this revised TV-verse.
Let's examine the ideal roles of the Trinity, and how they complete the puzzle that is the DC's core hero lineup.
With the help of three commissioned "portraits" which present my headcanon appearances of each character.
Clark Kent/Superman
Bruce Wayne/Batman
Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
Now, here's a pretty crucial part of their dynamic:
No member of the Trinity should be overly glorified at the expense of the others. Even if one particular character receives more focus than the others depending on the story being told, all should be treated with respect.
The best comics, shows and films are the ones which feature the Trinity as completing each other and cancelling out each other's flaws, as opposed to any one being put on a pedestal while the others are painted as inefficient or lacking in comparison.
The conflict of the series is, in essence, an action thriller throwing the trio of Clark Kent, Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne together to tackle a global conspiracy headed by three powerful villains.
Said villains are as follows. Passing over some of the more traditional choices and instead going for a very personal angle that tests each hero.
Ra's al Ghul
Leader of the international syndicate called the League of Assassins. A genocidal terrorist with aims of wiping out most of human civilization and restoring Earth to an ecological paradise guided by his own sense of forceful justice.
Ra's has a history with Batman, having been one of his many teachers as a young man. His daughter, Talia, even shared a brief but passionate romance with Bruce before differing ideals separated them.
While he once saw Bruce as a potential apprentice and even a suitor for Talia, Ra's now regards him as a disappointment and utter failure, and is determined to destroy him.
Character notes:
Queen Clea
The belligerent, egomaniacal ruler of the underground aquatic city-state Venturia. Possessing immense superhuman and hydrokinetic powers, Clea is descended from nobles of the ancient empire of Atlantis, before her people were exiled for their warmongering ways.
Clea detests the Amazons of Themyscira for their peacekeeping mission. She is eager to meet and destroy Wonder Woman, regarding her as the embodiment of Amazonian weakness and failure in Man's world.
Character notes:
Ken Braverman/Conduit
Childhood rival and bully of Clark Kent. Obsessed with trying to one-up Clark, Braverman resented his more friendly and well-liked classmate, who seemed destined to outdo him at every turn. His failing health and strained relationship with his father exacerbated things, until Braverman had a pathological hatred of Clark.
In adulthood, Conduit has become a private military contractor and discovered he possesses metahuman powers. Powers tied to a mutation passed down by his mother, who witnessed a meteor shower over Smallville shortly before giving birth to her son.
Possessing the power to channel radiation through the use of special implants, Braverman now dons the mantle of the mercenary "Conduit".
Character notes:
Feel free to re-read the index post and refresh on Superman 1-2 and Wonder Woman 1-2 before proceeding.
The story begins in a prologue, set in 2010.
A trafficking ring housed in Gotham City sees several teenagers being processed. They demonstrate latent superhuman abilities, and are kept in a cell separate from the others.
But at nightfall, the ring is attacked by the feared Batman, making his first full debut in the Maxverse series.
Utterly dismantling the base of operations, Batman corners one of the mercenaries posted and demands to know who he's working for.
The mercenary, after being "persuaded", gives a name and provides a card marked with a symbol. The symbols of the ancient, feared order called the League of Assassins.
But when the mercenaries escape with the help of another metahuman, one demonstrating hydrokinetic powers, Batman realizes he may be in over his head. And he needs help.
The meeting of the three heroes, the unveiling of the global threat they face and seeds of the Trinity's tight partnership.
Batman's investigation into the metahuman trafficking ring causes him to reach out to Superman, Clark Kent. After a tense meeting in which Batman summons Superman to gauge him and determine if he's a help or a threat, they agree to look into it together.
During a nightly surveillance, Clark Kent picks up on a third agent trailing Pipeline. A woman, whom Clark recognizes as antique art curator Diana Prince.
During the gala, a bug by Bruce Wayne picks up a break-in at LexCorp, which he and Clark Kent trail.
The trio's paths unite, and just in time as an attempt to intercept a Pipeline shipment breaks into a full firefight in Gotham Port.
Diana makes her entry and first appearance to the others as Wonder Woman, helping Batman and Superman when they encounter enemies stronger than any of them expected.
The skirmish reaches its head when a man clad in dark, medieval looking armor appears. Drawing a bow, he fires an arrow straight at Batman.
Superman stops the arrow, but to his and the others' shock is critically injured as the arrow pierces his chest. The arrowhead is imbued not with steel, but to the radioactive substance kryptonite.
Both Batman and Wonder Woman are forced to retreat with the wounded hero.
Batman takes the other two to the safety of his lair, the Batcave.
On an island owned by the League of Assassins, its associates are gathered and the man in the black armor is confronted by Conduit. Conduit is furious, having wanted a shot as Superman himself.
His leader, accompanied by the woman leading the rogue Atlanteans, removes his mask. Revealing himself as the Demon's Head. Ra's al Ghul.
The founder of the League cows Conduit, telling the mercenary he will have his revenge in due time. For now, they must focus on their plan.
The next stage of which relies on obtaining a particular child, far more powerful than the others the League has gathered.
A child with the blood of the "Old Gods".
And that's where we'll leave it for now.
Episodes 2 and 3 will be featured in future posts. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this one. Let me know your ideal crossover between DC's three lead heroes, and who you'd pick to play them on TV or the imminent film reboot.
I'll see you next time!
Also, credit to the artists featured above
Both featured on
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2023.03.26 08:02 ninjagoldfishgc Thick thighs/butt - the bane of my post weight loss existence

So, it’s been a few years since I initially dropped the weight. I’ve kept it off relatively speaking - my goal is to grow lean body mass which, so my weight has been as predictable as crypto. I’ve been doing well though.
However, my butt and thighs…JUST WONT GO AWAY. I carry my weight there, so I have a pretty nice looking chest/shoulders and arms. But it is ruined by the fact that my lower half makes me look like a discount Kardashian.
When I was 78kg after my initial 42kg loss, it was there. When I was 120kg it was there (but bigger). Now, I’m about 95kg (bulk phase) and my god it won’t go away. No matter what I do. This is more of a vent post but if you have advice on how to dress or literally anything, let me know! The big booty comments are getting real old. FYI, I’m a guy, so having a big booty is not real fun.
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2023.03.26 08:01 patrick_schliesing Bacteria Infections Prep - I read the Medical wiki

I have a long history with bacteria infections that are usually treated by prescription antibiotics. Whether oral or ointments,they run their course after a couple weeks of treatment and are gone by maybe day 14.
What concerns me in a preppers situation is how to get a hold of these for my personal care, as I know for a fact that before treatment I'm super compromised in ability to fight against other things.
Case in point, I had a scratch on my arm recently. I got into a hot tub probably loaded with bacteria and sure as hell, that night my arm scratch was burning and itchy followed by an infection the next day.
How can I keep antibiotics on hand for when SHTF and get a hold of them without going to my doc?
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2023.03.26 08:01 Myth-And-Kaz [TOMT][GIF][IDFK LOL] i found this gif on discord and i use it often i wanna know where its from

so i found this lucina gif a while back on discord and i use it a lot and ive always been curious about its origins. since i cant add an image file ill just describe it. its lucina over a blue background and shes bobbing her head to the music? ig and she claps at the end. roy is sitting with what i presume to be his arm hanging on his leg while sitting down and what i also presume is marth sitting on something out of frame. also at the bottom it looks like takumi (from fates). it looks to be from a friday night funkin mod? dont know if im correct on that. ive scoured the internet and looked everywhere for this gif origins and cannot find anything. any help would be greatly appriciated. also the gif in question
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2023.03.26 08:01 KirkHammettJigsaw Firestorm 113 Results!

Firestorm 113 Results!
The Firiest of Storms.

Punish and Crush Round One: The Shamrock and Scot Connection vs. Death Is The Diagnosis
This first round Punish and Crush match was meant to happen last week, but it got postponed to tonight’s show, so we got a sick opener for y’all! Death is the Diagnosis, the team of Dr. Logan Wright and Kaze Tanaka of The Ark, take on the underdog squad of the diametrically-opposed Paddy Murphy and Michael Kalamity. Whoever wins gets a semi-finals berth, so this is a very important contest. After a hard-fought battle, the team moving on is…DEATH IS THE DIAGNOSIS! Logan and Kaze refuse to sink, but Paddy and Michael show great promise early on in their careers!
Death is the Diagnosis (9) def. The Shamrock and Scot Connection (3)

Punish and Crush Round One: Tequila Inc vs. Murder Airlines
Our next Punish and Crush matchup is between last year’s finalists, the storied team of Sebastian King and Corey Youngblood, taking on the odd couple pairing of The RISE’s John LaGuardia and the unaffiliated fiancee killer, Victor Williams. When this first round matchup is all said and done, the team walking out victorious is…MURDER AIRLINES! THE UNDERDOGS GET THE JOB DONE AGAINST THE ODDS-ON FAVOURITES TO WIN THE WHOLE THING!
Murder Airlines def. Tequila Inc (F)

Punish and Crush Round One: C.A.N. T.H.E.Y. C.O.E.X.I.S.T. vs. The Underground Hometown
It’s a battle between two odd couple teams, as well as a PROSPECT vs. PROSPECT matchup, as Cactus Mike and Kentaro Sakamoto (not writing that fucking acronym again lmao) take on The Underground Hometown, Jay Castle and Travis Broski. It’s a close one, because the shared history between Craneo and Jay comes into effect, but when the dust settles, the acronym team is the one with their arms raised!
C.A.N. T.H.E.Y. C.O.E.X.I.S.T. def. The Underground Hometown (F)

FBE Intercontinental Championship Eliminator: Joshua Epps vs. JOHN
In our main event of the evening, these two rivals step into the ring once again, but this time, it’s for very high stakes. The winner of this match will punch their ticket to a shot at Travis Crowley’s Intercontinental Championship! The DeadStar watched this one closely, as JOHN The Pervert and Josh The Cool Guy went to war for a chance at a chance at glory. When the dust settled, only one man could say that they had Mr. Friday Night in their sights…and that man WAS JOHN! The RISE continues to roll, and now their leader is going for gold!
JOHN (8) def. Joshua Epps (3)

Alright folks, we're trying to have a particularly strong card next week, so if you want to be on it, hit me up and we'll figure something out. Before I let you all go, though, here's the updated Punish and Crush Bracket!
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2023.03.26 07:59 ItsCalledNightcore I begin to type my post

“Furries lack the inherent queer solitarity of furries as their nonconformist identity is a primarily capitalist spectacle”. Armed officers burst into the building, my body is shredded by gunfire.
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2023.03.26 07:59 Doggy1091 Surprise presents from girlfriend

Surprise presents from girlfriend submitted by Doggy1091 to TankPorn [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 07:59 ThrowRA1205012501205 I (M22) think my friend's (M21) girlfriend (F21) has feelings for me

To call her my friends girlfriend at this point is reductive, I spend more time with her than I do with him but I still met her through him. She's said things like:"That's why we [girls] like big guys, they make us feel safe" her BF is a smaller dude."I invite all the cuties over to watch Supernatural, it's my go to move" she invited me over to watch that. She also will get jealous of other girls, even mutual friends. When we had a small party at someones house while her BF was working she got clingy when another girl sat to us, like physically holding onto me arm. She did the same thing when a few girls got excited to see me in a parking lot, she pulled me away from saying hi to them.There's been other more physical signs too, like she once didn't wear panties in a dress. I didn't stare but it was hard not to notice when she kept moving her legs. And when her BF arrived she was a lot more still. Also I was sitting in their room once, and she mentioned that she needed to put a bra on before we went somewhere. And she just started taking off her shirt, I like ran out of the room becuase she didn't warn me. She'll also play with my hair and hold my hand, but she'll do that in front of him. I'm like, very close to certain she likes me but I don't want to embarrass myself. And since nothing really physical has happened I feel like I don't have anything to say to him
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2023.03.26 07:57 MammothGullible Feeling alone, people “listen”, but is anyone understanding?

I lay here not knowing when I will fall asleep, yet I’m exhausted. I suppose this is more of a rant than anything. Upon telling others the struggles of keeping a daily job and adult living, I am meet with certain push back. Mind you, people think they are offering sound advice. “Just ask for more work”, or “You should want to help”. And, “You need to be more positive.”
I get it, perspective matters. I’ve tried and tried again to tell people I struggle on a different level that most do when it comes to communication with others. I might as well be talking to the vacuum of space. I’m well aware that I need to work on myself, but why is it that when I say I’m not the only one in need of working on myself, I get conflict? I feel as if everything is my fault. I say things sometimes that come off worse than I mean, or struggle to get a point across.
I truly feel alone. I don’t think others understand the pain it causes me to work and try to live like a normal adult. My boss tore me apart during our last meeting and I ended up scratching myself with a key at my desk on my arm. I’ve cried so many times, albeit drunken tears, and I feel like disappearing. I try my honest hardest, and that isn’t good enough. That is a harsh truth to handle.
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2023.03.26 07:55 autotldr Russia to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 5%. (I'm a bot)
MOSCOW: Russia has struck a deal with neighbouring Belarus to station tactical nuclear weapons on its territory, Tass news agency quoted President Vladimir Putin as saying on Saturday.
Such a move would not violate nuclear nonproliferation agreements, Putin said, adding that the United States had stationed nuclear weapons on the territory of European allies.
Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has long raised the issue of stationing tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, which borders Poland, Putin said.
"We agreed with Lukashenko that we would place tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus without violating the nonproliferation regime," Tass quoted Putin as saying.
Russia will have completed the construction of a storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus by July 1, Putin said, adding that Russia would not actually be transferring control of the arms to Minsk.
Russia has already stationed 10 aircraft in Belarus capable of carrying tactical nuclear weapons, he said.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: nuclear#1 weapons#2 Putin#3 tactical#4 Belarus#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.26 07:54 Eezyville ChatGPT and coding tests

So there are many of us out here looking for work and many more concerned about ai taking our jobs as ChatGPT learns to code. Maybe mathematicians felt the same way about the calculator, maybe drafters felt that way about AutoCAD, who knows? But what I do know is these professions still exists in different forms and the things that was thought to replace them just made them better at their job..
So let's do the same. Use ChatGPT to answer these coding screening questions these companies throw at you to weed you out. Right now most of software engineering is figuring out the answer to a problem whether it's a design problem, business problem, or algorithm to implement. Today you use Google and StackOverflow to solve the issue. Tomorrow you use ChatGPT and Bing.
Let's all just use AI to do most of the work in searching for a job. If it's gonna replace us anyway then we should be replaced on our terms. This is now an arms race. The only logical next step is to build an AI persona to interview for you and answer all the questions. Design them to be a white or Asian man to get the highest salary or maybe a woman to fill a quota. Then you scale up! How many can you manage? Grab some of your "Entry level can't find a job" friends and start an agency of AI personas that CAN get a job because they know all the answers.
I originally was gonna ask if anyone was using CharGPT to answer those coding questions that's so popular but I got distracted.
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2023.03.26 07:54 VagabundSketch rule

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2023.03.26 07:53 nanaangel77 model bodies are not fit or healthy

Not that it's new news but as someone who is taking modelling seriously atm, I want to explain that the way I workout is completely the opposite of healthily balanced. For example, I over-diet and over-cardio quite a bit while avoiding strength training my arms, legs, abs because I can't have the muscles there thicken. I'm lucky in the aspect that I haven't trained abs in a decade but because of my genetics, they always are toned and show well.
You won't gain muscle in a caloric deficit or even at maintenance calories but I've seen girls over the years who repeatedly work a part of their body consistently, build muscle there. That coupled with the way the body naturally thickens as you age is a primary reason for why I avoid strength training almost every body part. I pretty much only do hot yoga, pilates, full body circuit workouts and long walks. The only time I use weights is for my butt.
When I'm walking along the beach and see people who's physiques would classify them as "out of shape" or maybe even unattractive looking but are running/jogging and exercising healthily, it's a stark contrast to my physique which appears very fit, attractive and ideal but in reality, I'm almost certain my cardiovascular system is a lot worse, as is my overall strength and I'm sure bone health too. So while I do long walks and have in some senses a lot of imbalance in my fitness but look fit, there are people who look totally the opposite but are fully balanced in their fitness.
All this to say that it's totally different to eat and exercise for health, fitness and longevity vs the appearance of so. And again, the way I workout and diet is to enhance my natural shape. There are some models who need to put on a bit more muscle and therefore need to lift and others who cannot do sprints without building muscle too fast and negatively affecting their physique.
It's pretty crazy when you think about someone who looks fit but can't do a pushup vs someone who looks unfit but can outrun and outlift a "fit" [looking] person.
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2023.03.26 07:53 CyperFlicker 5.7/5.8 bros, what is your bw/bf% and for how long have you been training?

I (5.7) started working out a year ago, but since I was 74kg and overweight I spent most of last year either cutting or in maintenance. I am 63kg now and I still need to lose couple kilos to reach 12/13bf% but I am worried this weight might be too low.
I am not cutting to skeleton mode, I have a basic level of strength (can do: 8 pull ups, a single one arm push up, pistol squat, 12 dips, dragon flags...etc) so I have some muscle (some is the key word here, I am hoping to start my first bulk after losing the remaining weight).
Anyway I just wanted to get an idea for normal body weight ranges for our height.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.26 07:53 Horror-Safety-1878 Is there any way I can make sure that this is just anxiety and not something worse? Should i check my bp and oxygen or something

Woke up 30 mins after falling asleep with my legs and arms shaking, short of breath, overall hot feeling, and bad impending doom feeling. How can I make sure that it’s just anxiety not something worse happening or about to happen
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2023.03.26 07:53 AutoModerator [Get] Demand curve – Growth Training Self-Serve

[Get] Demand curve – Growth Training Self-Serve
Get the course here:
[Get] Demand curve – Growth Training Self-Serve
Demand curve – Growth Training Self-Serve
There’s a brand new strategy to develop your startup. Our Startup Growth Program combines a world-class curriculum, arms-on mentorship, and step-by-step development playbooks. We’ve created probably the most environment friendly, least dangerous manner for founders and groups to get traction and scale. We’ve helped develop a few of the largest startups: “The Demand Curve workforce is aware of paid acquisition, conversion, touchdown pages, and much more very nicely. For those who’re lagging behind in your development expertise, allow them to educate you what you’re lacking.” Alex Kracov
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2023.03.26 07:50 NewsBestLive They do the right thing, that they get used to the land - Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about the trenches of Russians in Crimea

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2023.03.26 07:49 Rakathu Human pit fighters with spear and fighting dog.

Human pit fighters with spear and fighting dog.
Mix of Wargames Atlantic parts, mantic arms, and 3d printed shields
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