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[Get] UpViral – Viral Hacking Masterclass
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[Get] UpViral – Viral Hacking Masterclass
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MODULE 1 Introduction You get a solid introduction to the concept of viral marketing, why it works, and how you can leverage it to build your business. Regardless of the market or niche that you’re in! MODULE 2 Psychology Hacks and Strategies Learn and master the psychology of why people share things online, and how you can leverage that to pay off for your business! MODULE 3 Campaign Hacks and Strategies Learn about the types of campaigns that are proven to work. We’ll also cover the various types of promotional campaigns, including contests and giveaways, and determining which will work best for you. You’ll also learn the mechanics of elements like landing and share pages that will ensure your campaigns will succeed! MODULE 4 Follow-up Hacks and Strategies You’ll learn how to ensure your campaigns’ success with winning, powerful email follow-up sequences. Also learn the crucial elements needed to ensure that will keep your follow-up sequences and campaigns as successful as possible. MODULE 5 Traffic Hacks and Strategies We’ll cover the most innovative ways to generate that initial surge of traffic needed to get your viral campaigns to truly take off. No rehashed, old-school traffic generation stuff. You’ll learn only new, cutting-edge traffic generation strategies that you can apply to launch successful campaigns as well as to your existing sites! MODULE 6 Optimization Strategies We cover how to continuously test and improve your campaigns to achieve better success rates, and earn higher profits. Optimization and testing is absolutely crucial to achieving the maximum success possible. We’ll discuss why it’s critically important that you do it consistently, and why not doing so can cost you! Note: This module alone will return your investment in this course many times over – guaranteed! MODULE 7 Case Studies We’re going to take an in-depth look at several case studies of successful viral marketing campaigns and the strategies behind them. You will be able to apply what you learn from them to improve and ensure success in your own campaigns.
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2023.03.26 07:02 Calm_Local_5527 Richie Neal Slides Pedophile Protecting Catholic Church $2mil Fed Grant Ed Ryan Seeks to Divert Fed. Cash to Spfd MA Brothers in Rifle St. Hood Now Broken by Poverty. Ryan Begs AOC on Metaphoric Bended Knee To Call Out Neal as a 'Stinking Lying Corporate Fu#K' who Buggers Schwarzman for Nickels.

see; YouTube Ed Ryan Reform [email protected]
Richie Neal Corruption Now in District in Real Time.
Ed Ryan for Mayor of Springfield to end Richie Neal and Friends from Robbing and Impoverishing Springfield like a Greed Sick Crew of White Supremist Racist. Springfield City Hall has been under the Control of Richie Neal Corruption for too long. Mayor Sarno lies to the people adulating Neal as Sarno Presides over Massachusetts Poorest City , a place where over 50,00 people now Languish in poverty. Ed Ryan Promises to appoint a Co-Mayor, A Vibrant Young Leader from Springfield's Ignored and Impoverished Hispanics Community and Eds Ryan Donate Half His Mayoral Salary to Pay him as Ed Ryan is all about Establishing Real Racial, Economic and Social Justice that will Stimulate prosperity as Ed Ryan's project to Build a World Class Sister UMASS Campus in the Heart of Springfield will bring prosperity and Make Springfield an Academic and Art destination. This I promised do my best to Attain and I have little Doubt Springfield will be denied as the truth comes out that the UMASS President ( Marty Meehan the ex-congressman and extremely close friend of Richie Neal most likely knew about and assisted with the RICO Criminal Conspiracy in the Alex Morse UMASS Hate Smear, a dirty hate crime that violated Federal Election and Civil Rights laws while destroying the people’s faith in Democracy, goes uninvestigated by an FBI that is a secret police organization wrongly emmeshed in American political system protecting Corporate Democrats from any Prosecution for the often racist and hate Corruption and Corporate Pay for play that enriches and empowers Congressman like Richie Neal to now go forth at Ways and Means and write tax law after tax law that allows the Millionaires who have bought our congress, to continued not paying taxes as in the 2021 Richie Neal refusal of Bidens request to eliminate the 'step up' capital gains tax loophole used to pass down too heirs untaxed wealth at death. This Tax loophole still being used thanks to Richie Neal being bought off and denying Bidens request, and cities like Springfield, festering in poverty, are being denied by Richie Neal corruption the money needed to begin to cure this unholy, diabolically constructed mess, that is destroying the lives of so many good people. My friends, Teflon Richie Neal Corruption needs to go to jail, full stop period. Things are ugly as thousands of people, mostly of color, are thrusted into horrible lives of poverty ,thanks to Richie Neal and Friend’s Corruption in the form of these criminals literally Pillaging Springfield, and the entire district, over 30 plus year span. This Crime onto Humanity needs to end. Hopefully, things will get better soon as Ed Ryan, runs for, and is elected to Mayor of Springfield. In the spirit of always trying to do the right thing, Ed Ryan now promises to use half his mayoral salary to pay the salary of a co-mayor that Ryan will appoint from Springfield’s forgotten Hispanic community.
Yes, the story is sickening, our Hispanic brothers and sisters, and so many others in Springfield, have been buried under a slash pile of corruption that Richie Neal and friend's, like Springfield Mayor Dominic Sarno, Atty Jim Roosevelt and UMASS President, Marty Meehan (the guy who sees fit to pay a Football Coach over $850'000 per season rather than investing a dime in the great City of Springfield),and Springfield Power Law Firm Buckley Richardson's Atty Melinda Phelps, who acts as a racist administering housing grants in Springfield issued by Rich Neal to be used to stop low class minority encroachment into middle class neighborhoods. This are high end well educated people in powerful positions pretending their doing right, when, in reality their bunch of greed sick bigoted racist who need to learn what the inside of a jail cell looks like when door clangs behind you. Yes, my friends, no wonder their is so much apathy, as people trust their leaders less and less. And to top it off, the FBI now protects the Corporate Democrats so they can get a cut a cut of the corporate cash flowing like the champaign fountain at a Donald Trump wedding. And you will learn more of the sordid details as you read in the Sludge account below. But know this, it still goes on today in real time as Congressman Richie Neal recently issued a series of 2023 grant letters to a bunch of cohorts across district. Besides supplying grant money payola in the form of funding at least 10 non-essential projects across the district at a time when the cities die in poverty, Richie Neal now ‘gets down’ with his Catholic Church masters issuing a 2 million dollar grant to the Elms College to paint the yellowed walls of Catholic Church Property. Yes, in a certain scheme to allow Richie Neal and his bag men, along with the Bishop, with crews of tight lipped white collared priest, to loot the 2 million dollar slush fund with a papal kick-back designed by Vatican. If I am wrong, then ‘my bad’ but my gut is churning, and it is rarely wrong. So give me a break Richie Neal, you now enrich the same crew of sickos who allowed at least two bishops and an multiple of priest to damage untold number of boys with their twisted pedophile predilection. And now we see a Cardinal or Bishop in NYC paying lobbyist 2 million dollars to loosen up the child sexual assault laws so that priests and bishops, and others, can continue their sick ways fearless of being prosecuted. That's a fact Jack. Catholic Priest pedophile sexual abuse of boys is still going on today, and you ,Richie Neal ,and your Buddies at the Springfield Law Firm of Egan and Flanagan, the church lawyers, profit off it, as you do your best to help sweep this sick reality under the rug. In doing so the Church will continue to whisper support of you to the loyal flock members , and fund dark money PACS to destroy your opponents with Alex More Like Hate Smears. And All this warped corruption allows you to continue con folks with Irish Catholic phony piety. You sir are a dangerous corrupt bigot, says Ed Ryan. Yes, Ed Ryan was addicted, in the gutter years ago, but now, healed by adhering to Existentialist principles of not believing any Bible based superstition sold by the church because falsehood as truth corrupts logical intellectual abilities. So I am a godless atheist who is now, fully transparent, and serious as a heart attack about always doing the right. Thus I now adhere to the most important existentialist tenant, that being to defeat evil as best I can when I met up with it, and I have met it in learning about you along with the jam packed ongoing crew along for the ride ion the criminal concern you that you king pin. So I will l now singlehandedly, make sure that the Elms College does not see dime of that 2 million dollars on the table, even if have to sue in Federal court on the principle of separation of Church and state, or call the Pope and telling him what’s up. But, I’m sure he already knows as 2million is a worthy, holy chunk of change, even for a pointed hatted pope, sore in the elbows from waving at the hordes of brainwashed victims of church religiosity, That’s my promise mister, and know this, you are in a Donnybrook, and I am going to Donnybrook your corrupt butt, out of Congress. This I promise. ed ryan
see; YouTube Ed Ryan Reform [email protected]
Richard Neal’s Inner Circle of Corporate Lobbyists and Real Estate Developers, from Sludge Friends, family, and staff of Rep. Richard Neal have all benefited from the revolving door linking Springfield and K Street, at great cost to Massachusetts residents Neal, in his 16th term, finds himself in a single-digit race against progressive Holyoke mayor Alex Morse, according to two recent polls. On August 19, Rep. Richard Neal’s powerful D.C. lawyer Brian Svoboda sent a cease and desist letter to local news station WWLP-22, in Massachusetts’s First Congressional District. An outside ad had been hammering the incumbent over his record of taking more money from corporations than any other member of Congress. Writing on behalf of Neal, Svoboda claimed that the ad, from Justice Democrats, conflates taking “money from corporations”—a felony under federal law—with taking money from corporate PACs. The legal counsel for Justice Democrats described the letter as “not valid from a legal perspective.” ADVERTISING The letter comes as Neal, in his 16th term, finds himself in a single-digit race against progressive Holyoke mayor Alex Morse, according to two recent polls. The primary is on Tuesday. Semantics aside—and he is in fact the single largest recipient of corporate (PAC) dollars in all of Congress—Neal has used his powerful position as chair of the Ways and Means Committee to grease a revolving door that shepherds friends, family, and staffers between his office and the lobbyist firms that advocate on behalf of his biggest donors. Before threatening a local news provider with legal action, Neal made no small effort to conceal his fealty to the powerful special interest groups funding his campaign, corporate interests that have a dramatic impact on the lives of his constituents. More from Daniel Bogus law For example, Neal’s former legislative director Melissa Mueller has taken to lobbying for organizations that have donated considerable sums to the Neal campaign this year. At Capitol Tax Partners, Mueller took in $460,000 from Verizon, insurance companies like Northwestern Mutual Life, and big energy firms like NextEra and Terra-Gen Power. In 2020 alone, corporations compensating Mueller for her lobbying efforts donated over $290,000 to Neal’s campaign. After twenty years in Rep. Neal’s office, former chief of staff Ann Jabulon also began working as a lobbyist at Capital Counsel, a bipartisan D.C. lobbying firm, in 2016. Public lobbying disclosures show that in 2020, Jabulon’s firm received over one million dollars in income from the same hospital, pharmaceutical, and doctors’ associations that have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Neal’s campaign this cycle. Notable among them is the American Medical Group Association, which opposed legislation that would have curbed surprise billing that Neal ultimately killed and Jabulon lobbied against. The surprise-billing fiasco has damaged lives across the country, including those in Massachusetts. The surprise-billing fiasco has damaged lives across the country, including those in Massachusetts. A review of over 330 pages of complaints to the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office, obtained by the group Fight Corporate Monopolies, reveals the way numerous patients have been victimized by unexpected medical bills in the state. Time and again, Massachusetts patients check and double-check that they would not be hit with an out-of-network change for anesthesiologists, radiologists, or emergency room doctors, are told everything will be fine, and still end up owing thousands of dollars. One patient treated at Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro, Massachusetts, got a bill from “Rhode Island Imaging,” for having their radiologist read X-rays. When the patient questioned “why someone at Sturdy would be billing separately by a Rhode Island company, I was told ‘That’s just the way it is.’” Another patient went for a colonoscopy at Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton because that was listed “in network” on her insurance company Cigna’s app. The bill from Cigna then stated “that Cooley Dickinson was out of network … I owed $1,730.06.” The same thing happened to a patient in Salem, who was assured before getting a mammogram that the services would be in network but found out later that the radiologist was not. A fourth patient from Waltham received a $4,321 bill for an out-of-network anesthesiologist. A fifth from Somerville had to pay $5,557.78 for an out-of-network doctor. A sixth from Newton racked up over $10,000 in charges from out-of-network healthcare providers, after confirming that the doctor was in-network. Trade groups representing hospitals, radiologists, and anesthesiologists have devoted over $600,000 to Neal’s effort, both through direct funding to the Neal campaign and third-party spending. WHILE NEAL’S FORMER EMPLOYEES have turned to lobbying, former lobbyists have in turn joined Neal’s staff. Picking up where Mueller left off, Neal’s deputy chief of staff on the House Ways and Means Committee, Elizabeth O’Hara, previously spent six years lobbying for O’Hara Federal Strategies, where her father now serves as principal. One of O’Hara Federal Strategies’ chief clients is Norfolk Southern, which has donated more than $25,000 to Neal over the last four election cycles. In between her former role as Neal’s legislative director and her current role as Senior Counsel to the Ways and Means Committee, Peg McGlinchey lobbied on behalf of Deloitte, Baxter Healthcare, PhRMA, Baxalta, and AmerisourceBergen. Combined, these companies have donated some $52,000 to Neal since 2014. Beyond friends and staffers, a member of Neal’s nuclear family has also come to benefit from the tremendous power that flows from the gavel of the Ways and Means Committee. Neal has also supported the endeavors of friends in addition to congressional staff. Melinda Phelps, head of the government strategies group at the powerful Springfield law firm Bulley Richardson, is also a former member of Neal’s mayoral campaign and a close friend of Neal’s. Phelps sits on multiple boards that have received donations from Neal. Data compiled by the Center For Responsive Politics for the Prospect shows that one of the boards that Phelps sits on, The Spirit of Springfield, has received $15,355 from Neal’s Congressional committee. While Spirit of Springfield is a civic pride organization, Develop Springfield, a privately funded development non-profit where Phelps serves as vice chair, has also received help from Neal. The congressman has written multiple times to the Springfield Community Preservation Committee advocating for public subsidies for private developments supported by the group. Neal has appeared at Develop Springfield events, and touts his record securing federal matching for their projects. None of the projects listed on Develop Springfield’s website mention low-income housing or community-based development, despite their requests for taxpayer dollars intended for projects that “preserve the character of the community.” This falls in line with Phelps’ statements describing community development projects as “encroachments” on middle-class neighborhoods. Phelps’s law firm Bulley Richardson has received $1,800 for “fundraising,” per Center For Responsive Politics records, and hosted a pre-gala VIP reception with Neal last year. Phelps also attended a Spirit of Springfield fundraiser co-chaired by Neal and MassMutual CEO Roger Crandall, although photo galleries on MassLive covering both events disappeared from their site, displaying an “internal server error” message, after the Prospect began contacting sources as part of its investigation into Phelps last week. The removal of the photos comes on the heels of The Intercept’s reporting on the tilted local media coverage of the MA-01 race. As of Sunday, the galleries seem to have been restored. Beyond friends and staffers, a member of Neal’s nuclear family has also come to benefit from the tremendous power that flows from the gavel of the Ways and Means Committee. As The Intercept reported earlier this month, Neal’s son Brendan was able to secure a lucrative lobbying job with Trestle Energy, a California-based biofuel company, after Neal helped the biofuel industry win a $3 billion dollar tax credit. As Lee Fang wrote, “The legislative gift followed a series of PAC donations from the largest ethanol and biofuel companies in America to Neal’s campaign, a tradition that enriches the campaign war chests of most legislators on the tax-writing committee.” Total biofuel industry donations to Neal this cycle are over $20,000. In addition to taking biofuel money, Neal has also advanced legislation that would give massive tax incentives to biomass energy providers like the embattled Palmer Renewable Energy, which has fought a prolonged battle with activist groups and city councilors to build a wood-burning biomass plant in East Springfield. Already suffering from the highest rates of asthma in the country, Springfield residents have raised the alarm over the plant’s potential to worsen public health, a sentiment that activists and local politicians have echoed. In 2010 Palmer Paving, whose owners the Callahans are also investors in the east Springfield plant, donated $5,500 to Neal. Between 2012 and 2020 members of the Callahan family donated an additional $2,500.
see; YouTube Ed Ryan Reform [email protected]
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[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023 Download Course on
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[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023

It’s All About Pattern Recognition!
There is a pattern for success – a blueprint – even in times like these. Tony has spent his entire 44-year career studying these patterns. He is a student of history , learning from those who have been through this before.
When you know these patterns, you can USE them, too.
The world has faced inflation and recession before. So we know the patterns that will lead to pain, and the ones that will provide us with certainty and an ability to find a strong center even when all hell is breaking loose in the world.
During the free Become Unshakeable Challenge, Tony is going to condense decades of expertise into 5 days so that you can fast-track your path to utilizing these patterns in your own life.
What You Get: Day 1: Create A New Vision For 2023. What would this year look like if nothing was holding you back? We’re going to dig in and create a vision and unlock one of the most important resources that you already have within you for achieving it. Day 2: Become The Person You Were Made To Be How do we get new results? We take new action. We become the type of person that takes consistent action in the direction of the results we want. Today is about expanding your identity and becoming MORE! Day 3: Take Control & Create Your Own Economy What if none of the headlines about recession and inflation affected you? When you are able to step out of the chaos and create your own economy, you can support yourself and your family no matter what else is going on. And it’s simpler than you might think… Day 4: Create Extraordinary Relationships This is the area of life that can be the source of our greatest pain or our greatest pleasure – and in times of stress, it’s even more important to bring our conscious and intentional selves to our relationships. Today, Tony and Sage share the keys to creating extraordinary relationships. Day 5 : Create Your Blueprint For 2023 This is where everything comes together. You’ve spent 4 days gaining the tools you need to thrive in the coming year, and today, we will integrate what you’ve learned into WHO YOU ARE, so that when these 5 days are over, you don’t just go back to your old habits and identity. Today is where inspiration becomes TRANSFORMATION.
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2023.03.26 07:01 Commercial-Leg9232 23 F4M -Chennai, Looking for something long term

Hi All, I have had unsuccessful experiences with dating apps so far, looks like wanting a CF partner is harder than I expected to be.
  1. I am a Software Developer from a Tier 2 College earning decently for my experience.
  2. I am a cat mom to two adult cats, I need someone who loves cats as well.
  3. I am Atheist, would prefer if my so is as well but open to date anyone who isn't too pious.
  4. I have an array of hobbies, I read non fiction a lot, I draw, I play the flute and I have been recently into UI UX as well.
  5. I study part time and might get an MBA next year , so part of it could be long distance if it comes to that.
  6. I try to eat healthy as often as I can and I am active, I have run 10 ks in the past, looking to do a half marathon next year and I have taken up cross fit as well. I expect my partner to take care of himself as well
  7. Travel, I am obsessed with the Himalayas and trekking , I suck at it but I am addicted to how challenging it can be. I don't need fancy abroad vacations, Just the Himalayas! I need a partner who is open to trekking as well, as in a few years I am planning a trek to the Everest Base Camp.
  8. I like to keep myself busy with rest days in between
    I love putting in the effort for a relationship and expect the same. And finally I absolutely will not be having children by choice.
Need someone who brings the equivalent of what I bring to the table.
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2023.03.26 07:01 cambrasine Advice Needed: Traveling 2 *Bonding* but not *Bonded* bunnies..?

Was wondering if anyone had thoughts or advice re: taking two bunnies that are not bonded but 1.5 months into the the process of bonding to the vet - separate carriers or together in one?
Context: After some dates at a local shelter we took home the boy my bun seemed most interested in. He was well behaved on their date and the ride home together in the same carrier (15 min). They have been living side by side since then - a month and a half - and have had maybe 10 or so dates ranging from 10 min to an hour depending on behavior. They often lay side by side in their separate pens. On dates they hang out eating/grooming near each other for a bit without issue, until he gets frustrated that she won't groom him and nips her. When he nips, sometimes she just sits there stubbornly, usually she runs a few paces away, but once or twice she did thump+seem anxious.
I really want to get him his RHDV2 vaccination and due to it being unavailable in our state it’s a good hour or so drive each direction. Should I try them in one carrier together (and be prepared with another if a fight breaks out..or is that going to be very stressful for my girl? The boy seemed pretty afraid during the last car ride, and she usually isn't bothered by it much, so I’m hoping he wouldn’t nip her, but I worry even if he is well behaved that she won't like being forced next to him in a cramped space due to his nippy-ness on dates. I have been avoiding stress bonding because I see it as a last resort, and because my girl had a very difficult time this past Fall (suddenly losing her first mate followed immediately by eye infection + stasis). She's been good for a few months now, but I worry about her.
I feel putting them in side by side crates may still be confusing to them and hinder their already slow progress.. similarly I don’t think leaving her at home without him for like 3 hours and have him come back from the vet smelling funky would be good either.. I'm really not sure how to approach this
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2023.03.26 07:01 Fearless-Law2770 Me [22 M] and my girlfriend [22 F] have been together for a year but I’ve been thinking of my ex now for a while.

So first off there’s a lot to cover and I’ll condense most of it but I’ll say first I love my girlfriend. She is amazing and super smart and me and her always have a great time when we are together.
So this started a little while back and all because my current gf did something super small and specific but it was something my ex used to do. She continued to do these little things that I noticed that would be almost exactly how my ex would do it and I would get flashbacks of how things were with my ex. But since that first time I’ve been thinking about my ex.
About my ex really quick. Me and her were together for nearly 3 years and it was up and down but overall pretty great. Her dad was highschool friends with my dad so we all already knew their family very well. Me and her even were close friends when we were babies up until we were 5 years old. Her family treated me so nice and it honestly made me feel at home.
Since my first thought of her again it’s been hard to stop. I didn’t know why at first but I feel that I might just need closure. Our breakup was pretty bad and we never got to talk at all about it before we blocked eachother entirely.
I really love my girlfriend and me and her have spent some good times together but I can’t think of doing this to her as in keeping this from her. because I love her so much. I feel like if I bring this up it might be over between me and her and I really don’t want that to happen. I know that it’s something sort of big and after this amount of time of this happening I can’t imagine keeping it a secret too much longer before just letting her know.
Another thought I’ve had is to just going to talk to my ex and see if I can just get some sort of closure by talking with her and see how she’s been and just wishing her the best. Me and her didn’t have the best breakup it was kinda terrible and for the amount of love I had for her I feel like I just need to have a last actual talk with her.
And saying that makes me feel even more that I need to talk with my girlfriend. Things for my girlfriend haven’t been good either. Family issues and me and her haven’t been able to see eachother more than 3 times a month and it’s just hard.
I’ve been thinking this over more and more and everyday I’ve been thinking of just how terrible I have been as a boyfriend for keeping this in. But for anyone else I think it would also be something hard to handle. I just want to do the right thing and if I need to tell her I will. I just want to make sure she is treated how she deserves to be treated.
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2023.03.26 07:00 wanderlust_fernweh My relationship broke apart and I am dreading his move out

My relationship and alongside it engagement just broke apart after over 5 years and I am really dreading the day he will move out
Now don’t get me wrong it is not something that will happen super soon due to getting a lot of things sorted regarding finances and him needing to get a job in the first place (he’s currently a full-time student)
I still dread the day it will happen. I’ve been living with him for most of the relationship and it will be such a jarring change to not have someone there that you can talk to every day
And while I am working to build myself a larger friend group here, I do not have family in this country and he was my main support network
I try to focus on the fact that I will be able to decorate things exactly how I want and won’t have to compromise and that I will most likely move back to my home country even though that will take some time to get sorted with my work
But it still just gives me a lot of anxiety
I’ve been watching a lot of living alone vlogs to jazz myself up about the idea of living alone again for the first time in 5 years and remind myself that I enjoyed the 3 years prior to us being together of living mostly alone
Maybe if the breakup wasn’t so amicable it would be easier
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2023.03.26 07:00 DoubtImpressive5855 Hopeless, just a long rant

I know this is nothing like what any of yall are going through. I know yall have it so much worse. But I need to just throw a tantrum, ok? No one needs to read this lol. Writing it made me feel not alone.
I am so tired. Just had my 4th opinion look at a gastric emptying study which showed 34% left and tell me that was normal. He also told me gastroparesis doesn't cause pain. Then he said pancreatic insufficiency isn't clinically significant unless it's under 100 (mine's at 125, low is under 150). Besides, he says, I can't have pancreatic insufficiency if I don't have diarrhea. Uh, yes you can. I do! Me!
He insists I must have IBS instead because all the tests he ignored or discounted don't say anything and I have nothing on my CT or MRI. I must have IBS, even though I don't have diarrhea or constipation. He just used my lack of diarrhea to disprove pancreatic insufficiency and ignored the lack of diarrhea to justify ibs?
Nevermind that I have epilepsy so taking antidepressants for IBS requires a delicate and dangerous adjustment of my epilepsy meds. I could lose the balance that I have worked decades for that keeps me from having unending seizures!
I am on to doctor number 5 (or 3 if you don't count nurse practitioners) after being scanned from head to toe. Hoping the MCRP I got is a real one this time. The first one I had, they didn't have me hold my breath and let me sleep thru it? Not how you see any pancreatic valves with lungs in the way there, superman!
I am about to give up and live off protein drinks, mashed banana and powdered peanuts for the rest of my life. I'll add in extra prebiotic and fiber! Blood work is great, weight is healthy, BP is fabulous. Why not? I don't understand the need for pain? Why do I have to give myself extra pain?
I'm just so frustrated and tired and everytime I lay down flat it feels like someone is cutting open my stomach slowly. So here I am, ranting on reddit, and I'm sorry to anyone who read all this.
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2023.03.26 07:00 BevoBot [3/26/2023] Sunday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread

/LonghornNation Daily Off Topic Free Talk Thread

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2023.03.26 06:59 CabellCalloway I (22m) have a trauma bond with my ex (20f) that's affecting my current relationship with my gf (24f)

It began 2.5 years ago when I started sleeping with a girl that came on to me at a party. She was a part of the friend group and had been dating a guy who I really hated. In addition to the benefit of "beating him" and winning her, the sex was incredible. The best I've experienced. But we were never actually dating, just hooking up with the understanding that she was done with her ex.
Fast forward a couple weeks and I caught her in a lie joking that "I knew she was still in love with her ex" because I suspected it. She admitted they had been sleeping together and this really made me upset. At this point I was catching feelings so I decided to end it. But she apologized and came back on to me, etc...I forgave her and we had a great month spending time together but then we got in a fight and she slept with him again. This kind of became a pattern.
Now this guy was my roomate so even if I broke things off I would see her with him. Me sleeping with her began as a secret as well which added to the excitement. Anyways, this whole thing concluded with me finding them sleeping together again and I blew up and got really angry.
Fast forward 6 months later, I met my current gf and we've been dating for 1.5 years now. She's a great girl and I trust her but we've never had great sexual chemistry and I often think about my ex. This is exacerbated by my gf and I being long distance. My ex had a very unique hair color and skin tone and ever since, I've been trauma bonded to that being my preference.
This struck me this evening at a bar when I saw a girl that looked like my ex and I couldn't get over how attracted to her I was. How do I get over my trauma bond with my ex? Will therapy fix this? It's been a while already...
TL;DR: I'm trauma bonded to my ex so severely that I'm questioning if I should even be in a relationship with my current gf.
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2023.03.26 06:59 Foreign_Medium_3766 Trying to figure out whats wrong to find right medication

I'm 24 been dealing with anxiety and depression issues for 5-6 years. If its not one then its the other that makes my life hard to live, I've tried diff meds(prozac, fluox, lexapro, nootropics), natural supplements, good diet, exercise, sunlight, therapy, meditation, good sleep, cut/limit caffeine, drugs, but I've been having lots of problems recently affecting work, socializing and overall life/health. My life sucks due to my own fault and I feel like a loser but I'm trying to improve and find more things that make me happy and lead to success. I don't really feel depressed as much, my motivation varies throughout the week and I know I could be doing better but I don't know if I'm really depressed, I've taken a few tests and usually score high on anxiety, low to med on depression. And so I'm trying to figure out whats wrong in order to get the right help/medication.
So what I mean is I can be talking to someone and just let negativity out through words and sometimes people comment like "why are you being negative." Along with that its overthinking when around other people(mostly who I don't know well) and by myself worrying about the future and my success, sometimes I think negatively about the past leading me to my current situation. Thinking that other people are thinking negative about me, and having a hard time being social. I have figured out how to fake it to some extent but I think others pickup on that and its harder to make friends. Its starting to affect my work, right now I'm doing construction at a jobsite and know I look upset/mad because I'm anxious and makes me look unfriendly, and also I have a hard time making conversation, and this also hurts for job interviews. When I was a delivery driver it was easier because I was on my own most of the day.
So far what has worked best is Prozac but its also made me feel like a zombie. My anxiety is lessened but I feel emotionless, like I'm just watching my life, other ssris have made me feel similar. So I would prefer not to get back on that and try something else, I have been doing research on nootropics and other drugs that might help, but I'm just going to keep trying everything because I can't really keep living like this, I would appreciate any advice or recommendations.
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2023.03.26 06:57 aDecadeTooLate Receipt Porn from my fav company!

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2023.03.26 06:57 kiwijian 6 month old 14 Pro, normal?

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2023.03.26 06:57 Melodic-Age2531 The kind of replies you get when you try to voice your opinion on the Delhi sub

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2023.03.26 06:56 Siads23 Advice please.

I want to start a business as a small wholesaler In the UK.
If I'm a non VAT registered business, am I correct in saying that if I source a product that costs £3.50 excluding VAT from the Manufacturer or £4.20 including VAT and I wish to charge the retailer £5.70 that the £1.50 difference is my gross income before taxes?
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2023.03.26 06:56 diariles Glue Gun 101: I fucked up on Day 1?!

Someone please help. I bought the ArtMinds dual temp glue gun and matching glue sticks from Michael’s. I have never used a glue gun in my life until today, and I fucked up.
I inserted the glue stick into the glue gun, but I pushed it all the way down. It didn’t release glue after 5 min as the instructions said, so I took some scissors and pushed it even further down. Still no hot glue. That’s when I started to Google and saw the photos of glue sticks still hanging out of the end of the glue guns and realized I’d messed up.
So then I thought maybe I could just pull the glue stick back out - it wasn’t melting out of the front, so it was probably still a solid stick like new, right? - but only a portion of the stick came back when I pulled with pliers. Still no hot glue coming out of the nozzle.
The rest is still buried in the barrel and I have no idea how to push it through or pull it back. My Google searches are not encouraging.
Everything I’m working with is brand new, I’m just an ignoramus; any craft gods around to advise?
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2023.03.26 06:56 TinyCloudySkiesUwU Rules

1) No one deserves to be bullied. 2) Nothing NSFW. 3) Stick to SFW. 4) No arguing in the comments of ones post. 5) You can ask for some Art Ideas. 6) Go to Admin and Mods if you have a problem, pms are allowed. 7) You can sell, trade or make your adoptables free. 8) Do not trade NSFW things, such as pics of one self or inappropriate art. 9) Do not ask an artist who is selling a adoptable to be your sugar baby. 10) This is not a dating Community so do not ask to date people here. 11) Make it clear what you are selling, how you are selling it (selling, trading or free), how much and where someone can pay you at. Please provide a HD picture(s) to the buyer. 12) If a fight occurs in pms screenshot the whole conversation and send to Admin or Mods. 13) Rules may be changed in the future if anything occurs to warrant the need of their changes.
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2023.03.26 06:55 Macario01 Building My Second PC Need Advice

Hello I am going to be building my second pc and I wanted to know how Im doing so far. I want to it to be better than my current rig which runs a 1060ti and a ryzen 5 1600. I am going to be using it for gaming mainly as well as to run some CAD programs for school. The games I play a lot are League and OW, but I like to play a lot of single player games like Spiderman and modded Skyrim. My hope is to run most games at 1080p with a good framerate, shooting for like 144 fps if possible. Thoughts?
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2023.03.26 06:55 andoy For OpenAI API subscribers, how will the charge from OpenAI appear on your card bill? My card might have been compromised and I need to flag the transaction items.

I do not know if this is a fallout from data breach they mentioned in the news but there have been suspicious transactions in my card. My billing won’t come until the end of the month.
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2023.03.26 06:55 MKFirst Japan Pt 1 - Soapland

I've written this trip report 3 times now and keep losing the draft. It's gonna get long, so please forgive me. The actual action will be a few paragraphs down. Little background, I'm non-Japanese Asian American and don't speak any Japanese. Was on a solo trip to Japan, so I figured I'd check out the scene, although my pre-trip research was pretty lacking. Japan's hobby scene is a bit anti-thetical to this sub, but I thought I'd share in the interest of science. If nothing else, you can avoid being a bumbling idiot like me.
I think most people know what Soaplands are, but basically a spa with benefits. They are very common around Japan, but many are not accessible to foreigners. Those that do take foreigners tend to charge a "foreigner tax", which is very high fees. There is a message board Tokyo Adult Guide with some helpful tips, but I'm pretty sure all of those people speak some Japanese. The no foreigners thing is not necessarily a racist thing. They just don't want to get in a situation where inability to communicate might be dangerous for the girls (some management is just too lazy to deal with speaking a foreign language).
From my limited research, I settled on Hisyo in the north of Tokyo (about 1.5km walk from Asakusa). It's located in a district with a bunch of soaplands back to back. Their schtick is that the girls all dress like secretaries. And not like American Halloween slutty secretary. Like actual Japanese company secretary uniform. It's not why I picked them but it didn't hurt either. I had looked up online their lineup for the day and settled on Sora. Didn't know at the time, but she's a mixed Japanese former AV star. So I landed at Haneda about 5am. I had my luggage shipped to my hotel, so I didn't bother stopping by there and just walked around Tokyo all day. After a couple of meals that I had to either wait or put my name down, I finally headed to Hisyo about 8pm (I had intended to go at 12pm, then 3pm, etc... but got caught up doing touristy shit or waiting for my next meal). There was a tout out on the street side, but you shouldn't go with those guys. Found the door to the soapland, asked the tencho (kind of the manager) if English would be OK. He said yes, but Sora was Japanese only (not true, but I wasn't gonna argue). I'm not sure if I had spoken Chinese if she would have been made available. Also, I was dressed like a bum. Jogger pants, Jordans, and sweatshirt under my nice overcoat. I was dressed for the plane and the cold. All my clothes were pretty expensive, but athleisure is still athleisure. Not sure if that affected anything but it's a possibility. It's not that you need to dress up, but not looking like a foreign bum helps. Fee was quoted 75K yen for 2 hours which is about double the price that locals pay. I was kind of prepared and had the budget so I agreed. This is where some weirdness started
I took my shoes off at the entrance, was put in a waiting room and given a hot towel and iced tea (standard practice). Waited about 10 minutes and the tencho came back with 5 cards for me to pick the girls from. I went with a girl named Luna. Pretty, skinny girl, in her early 20's. Tencho said ok, took my money, and left me to wait about 10 minutes. He came back and said we're going to meet her at a different location and walked me about 4 buildings down. Again took my shoes off, put in the waiting room, given a hot towel and tea, and wait for about 15 minutes until he came back again and said another location and took me 2 buildings back toward where we started (remember I said there are a lot of soaplands in that neighborhood). At this point, I'm starting to wonder if I got scammed, was going to be killed, or what. Another 5 minutes, and he said another place again, and we walk to the next building again (this one doesn't make me take off my shoes at the entrance). Then I'm in the waiting room for about 20 minutes. He comes back, I'm ready to move to a new location but they said Luna's ready for me!!!
I'm shown to a 2 person elevator where this cute girl (sure enough dressed as a secretary) bowed to me and beckoned me to enter. She greeted me with limited English but enough to get the job done. We went up to the room, took our shoes off at the entrance and enter. The room is like a small hotel room with a large bed and a closet and tables. It steps down into an open bathroom that's a bit bigger than the hotel room side itself. Those that watch Japanese AV will know what I'm talking about, It was quite a large bedroom.
Now, this is where I believe Japan sets itself apart from other countries as far as service. Luna was professional, but not mechanical about everything. This would be a running theme in my few times I saw providers while there. She called down my drink order then helped me undress. After I was relieved of my clothing, I helped her out of hers, and we stepped over to the bathroom side. I was shown into the tub while she prepared the open shower. Remember this is called soapland. We traded some small talk while she prepared a little wash bucket of soap suds. Gave me a toothbrush, toothpaste, and rinse. So you brush in tub and can spit it outside because that's all shower drain area. Took a few minutes to prepare but then she had me exit the tub and join her by the shower with a stool. She rinsed me while standing, then had me sit on a plastic stool but not like the ones typically seen in JAV. This one was shaped like an M that wasn't connected in the middle. She spread the suds onto one body area at a time (one arm, leg, etc...) and used her tits, ass, kitty to rub it all in. Needless to say, I'm pretty turned on by all this. I'm rinsed off while sitting on the stool, and then she proceeds to lick me from face to toe, including bbbj. At one point, she slid her whole body under my seat and rimmed me a bit. Not usually my thing, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I stood up for more bbbj before being shown back into the tub. She takes a while to first wash all the soap from the shower area floor, rinse out the towels that I had been sitting on (to keep from sliding on the plastic stool) and prepared the next item on the agenda.
2nd half was nuru time. She had prepared the warm nuru gel, placed the air mattress where we had previously been sitting, all while I was sipping some iced tea in the tub. When she placed the mattress down, she used the wet towels to cover the head and foot rest area so we could control our sliding. These girls are trained well and execute their jobs even better. Anyway, we started with me face down while she spread the nuru gel all around by rubbing her gel covered body all over me again. The massage was better than 90% of AMP here, but the best part is when she could squirm under me and grind my dick with her body. The flip was a surprise. I'm 6' and 200lbs and she was maybe 5'3" and 100ish. Her flip move was to lie on one side of me, stick her arm under me, grab my opposite hand, then pull and I'm on my back. It probably wasn't as cool as it felt but in the moment I was surprised. Now that I was on my back, she continued the sliding. If she wasn't pretty flat it probably would have been even better but that's nitpicking. she still slid under me a bit, licked my nipples a lot (they really like doing that, although I'm not super into it), and then bbbj. She then asked if I was ready for the cover. While I would prefer not to use one because I believe Japanese providers are magically disease free (/s), of course I agree. She rode me CG for a long time, but I couldn't finish. It got to a point where she was checking the clock and indicating she was worried we'd run out of time. So we took off the cover, went back to bbbj and hj, and I was finally blew a big load for her. She was really relieved that it happened (I believe she would have been more embarrassed than I would have been if I didn't). She showered the gel off me, sent me to the tub while she cleaned up the mattress and shower area, then joined me in the tub to clean off as well. I had fun washing the gel off her in the tub. Time was running out, so we dried off and she helped me get dressed.
Some little details to note. When she undressed me, she took time to hang up each article of clothing. Socks and underwear were folded inside of individual towels. -This was not gfe, but I think that varies by girl. -According to message boards, the price I paid could’ve bought me a ticket to Thailand, hotel for a night, and 2 trips to Thai soaplands. Not sure if it's the same type and level of service. So make of that what you will. -They made me wait in the waiting room after for about another 10 minutes for tencho to come take me outside. Once outside, he said that I'd have to walk back (I was planning to anyway) and left. I walked away wondering wtf I had just waited 10 minutes for that.
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2023.03.26 06:55 JDhuddle1 White VGA light on a MSI b550f on ..... not posting......

so a few days ago my desktop started acting weird. It started refusing to post, had white vga light on it. so I reseated the gpu and bam it posted fast forward to the next day after putting the gpu back into the other pcie slot it somehow started hanging so I thought it might be my ram timings, I thought meh if it happens again illgo into bios and reset the settings. so 30 min later both screens went black again, and instead of recovering it bsod ( didnt get the code ) and then I restarted it , was extremely low video quality like almost it was before installing drivers, so I thought id restart it to see if it would fix itself, but then it refused to post. the white vga light is on , and it refuses to post. I tried re seating the ram , tested each stick, reseated gpu, and even re seated it in the other working pcie slot , nothing. it refuses to post. I put in my roommates old gpu ( like a 1030 or something ) and it automatically detected it. So im thinking my GPU got fried somehow, all the lights in my pc turn on it boots but wont get past the white vga light and post. the gpu lights up and fans turn on but MOBO refuses to recognize it unless a different gpu is in it. im going ot microcenter wed to return the gpu and get another one, but dont know what would casue this.

system specs:
mobo: MSI b550f gaming
CPU: ryzen 7 5800x
RAM: corsair vengance 3200 8gb sticks x4
GPU: asus rog strix 3070ti
PSU: seasonic psu 750w
what ive tried to troubleshoot:
reseated GPU in pcie slot 1 and in slot 2
restarted and reset bios via cmos
flashed most recent bios via bios flashback
tested each stick of ram individually
tried seprate GPU ( it posted and got into bios without problems)
is this a dead gpu ? what could have caused this ? this card is a year old in 5 days. microcenter offerd to replace the card, mobo, cpu, psu, and gpu all a year old
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2023.03.26 06:54 Funny-Bunny-11 23M 10 reasons why you should adopt this fluffy ball of depression

  1. I never ghost
  2. I am funny (and a lil weird)
  3. I'll keep your secrets and gossips safe
  4. I am fluffy so I give amazing hugs - both virtual and IRL
  5. I can offer moral support and advice as and when required
  6. Music and Movie suggestions exchange window - open 24/7
  7. I am a certified memes dealer- trusted by 69+ happy customers
  8. I am down to be your friend, best friend, more than friend, less than friend or whatever
  9. I never look both ways before crossing the street, so you don't have to worry about any long-term commitments
  10. Spam me with your pet pics, send me random texts throughout the day or just tell me about your favorite cartoon show, and how much do you miss it!
inserts "It ain't much but its honest work" meme
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