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BoH5e is dead, the UnearthedArcana Curated List is its effective, and vastly more up-to-date, replacement:

2012.04.06 13:08 spambat For those who cannot see very far!

A subreddit about near sightedness! It's your place to complain, share and ask questions.

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MushroomGrowers is a supportive community of amateurs and professionals from around the world collaborating on mushroom cultivation.

2023.06.10 07:17 Pupcake3000 I finally have a consistent method that has allowed communication between the UAPs that surround the skies near me at night.

Just about every night I will go out for a period of time to see if the UAPs are still engaging near me. One thing I've noticed is that I've been having an increase in day time sightings equal to the ones at night. The most common UAP are the star like UAP that zig zag or stop, and the spheres which I believe are always in the skies just not always on an easy visible spectrum. The last 3 nights I have been trying to listen to certain music and sounds in the ear that has the varying frequency change. As soon as I did that and used my strobe flashlight, I in return will have some of the stars brighten as much as a supernova would. It is not a visual hallucination or atmosphere related effect. There also has been a consistent strange background noise during these times, it sounds almost like whale songs. They will react and do these actions only when I combine my side and try to do it in a pattern. These UAPs or whomever is operating them are highly intelligent and I imagine I'm on the dolphin side compared to their higher level of cognitive function. I believe their communication isnt linear like our language. I believe it is a vast combination of stimuli as well as communication that is based off their functioning outside of a linear time life. Just thought I would share and am curious if anyone has had anything similiar happen to them or if you have tried communicating physically outside ever. Btw, if what I'm feeling is correct, their will be a large simultaneous event where they will be seen in a way that will be undeniable to the masses. There is importance for there not to be any undercutting their existence.
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2023.06.10 07:17 Lower-Reward-1462 34 / PC / Central Time -- Really miss having a friend to game with

I dream of one day having a good close friend that I play video games with everyday. I've slowly lost all my gaming friends through the years and I seriously miss it. I don't really know how to go about finding a friend to play with. I've tried playing with random people in Last Epoch, for example, but it's just not working out. I don't want to play some random game that is boring alone, like, say, New World, just to look for a friend. It sounds a bit much.
So I'm looking for people here, though it doesn't seem to be working that well either. People keep ghosting me with no explanation why. But who knows, maybe one day the perfect person will come along and read this. And it only takes one person, right?
Gaming alone is not nearly as fun. I don't really care what game we play, as long as we're having fun. That said, here's some games I like:
I just got Age of Wonders 4 and have been playing it a lot in my free time. I have never played an AoW game before. I also just got Darkest Dungeon 2. I've also got back into Pathfinder: Wrath of the Rigtheous. But those latter two are single-player games, and AoW4 doesn't seem like a game I'd want to play multiplayer anyway.
Just before that, I had gotten back into Last Epoch, with the 0.9 patch that released not long ago, and now multiplayer is a thing! I mostly played my offline necromancer by myself, but let's make new toons together and play together! (Or we can use our old toons if you already have one.)
I also like Old World some, but have never played it with another person. Maybe we could, if you want?
Aside from that, I used to play Hearthstone a lot. But not anymore. I would love to find a new TCG/CCG type game to play. Not Marvel SNAP or Legends of Runeterra.
Would also like to find someone to play Slay the Spire with too where we watch each other. I'm not sure about the co-op mod as I hear it sucks, but maybe. I've played it a lot and have beat Ascension 20 and then some with the Silent, been getting into the Defect some but don't play the other 2 classes at all. Would love to have someone to play this game with or show them the ropes.
And I play some other obscure titles like Thea 2. Would be nice to find somebody to play that with.
I would really love to find someone to introduce a new game to me in a genre I like. TCG, MMO, ARPG mainly. Really, I'm just looking for a friend to play with that is fun and we get along. That's all that really matters. Sucks playing alone every night.
MMORPG's I have played and enjoyed include Elder Scrolls Online, ArcheAge, Bless Unleashed, New World, and Wakfu. I would love to get back into one of those with someone! I'm NOT interested in playing FFXIV, WoW, GW2, or Lost Ark! Don't ask! If you know of any other good MMO's, though, let me know and maybe we can play it together. Though I could definitely have fun playing one of those MMO's I've played before if I was playing with the right person.
ARPG's I have played and liked in the past include Path of Exile, Last Epoch, Diablo 3, Undecember, and Grim Dawn. I think I might be permanently done with playing PoE alone, but would like to try playing it with someone else, especially someone knew who I could teach everything to. Diablo 4 looks lame.
A little about me: I'm 34 years old, live in the US in central time zone, and live alone with my 2 cats. I'm looking for friends to game with because I don't really have many. I'm online every night and usually gaming! I'm super friendly and talkative and looking for the same, and someone who has time to talk and to play. I'm also LGBTQ+ friendly in case that needs to be said. Also looking for people who have a sense of humor. I don't care about your age as long as we get along. Voice chat is mandatory (sorry!).
I pretty much game 24/7 when I'm not working or sleeping. I sleep odd hours but I will be online for the rest of the night and into the morning! You can add me on Discord: MeltedWater (Yes, no #whatever anymore, I guess it changed, if it don't work try MeltedWater#9972 but should work WITHOUT the numbers.) (Please don't message me here on Reddit, the messages aren't going through for some reason.)
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2023.06.10 07:16 wanderingmisfit0731 Traded one addiction for another

As the title states I have traded one addiction for another and I'm really struggling. I'm getting older and it's getting more difficult to lose weight. Up until about 5/6 years ago I never really worried about the number on the scale. My relationship with food was always very toxic due to an abusive upbringing. Many many times I would end up in tears because I wanted to put food in my stomach but my brain would not let me. There was never any good reason to eat for pleasure, food intake was purely for survival. I have also struggled with substance abuse since I was between 18&20 until recently, I am not completely clean and sober but I am stable and I have gained back everything I once lost. I havent been this content and happy in years. Lately I have been struggling with my weight, I really need to lose at least 30/40 pounds. I have never been this heavy and it is starting to affect my mental health. I sometimes eat in one day what in the past would've lasted me a week. I eat purely for pleasure, I enjoy food, it really sucks. My weight is also affecting my physical health. I know if I got into shape my body would t ache like it does recently, I wouldn't get winded as easily, I would have more energy and my self confidence would improve. Not to mention my kids are all still young and I am no where near ready to leave them. Ugh what I would give for an eating disorder again. I don't know how or where to find the motivation to do something about the number on the scale.
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2023.06.10 07:15 jabb1111 Launch Control {Delete If Re-post}

Hey guys, i only saw one post about this nearly a month ago, sorry if a repost, but has anybody noticed and/or come up with a fix for launch control not existing anymore? Im on Xbox One X. I dont use it a ton, but i just happened to notice it is straight up gone for me.
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2023.06.10 07:15 MaeBorrowski Is there any Yakuza 2 retranslation ongoing similar to Yakuza Restored?

I wanna plan out how I'll tackle this series and started out with 0, which is fun enough to already make me excited for the next game. Now, I know most would recommend me to follow up with Kiwami 1 and 2, since they are largely faithful remakes with some caveats here and there and are also made as an extension to 0 hence more 'canon' now.. but I am gonna be fr, the ogs look better to me. I can't explain it, they just do, have much more personality and weirdly enough, detail to them. As such I was ready to thrust into the Restored version since it's obviously superior but, there's Yakuza 2 now, and no way I am playing a PS4 game, the a PS2 game, and again a PS4 game which is made to be a remake of the previous PS2 game and a gateway from the first PS4 game so I can jump into a PS4 game and work up PS5. Fuck, what the fuck have I written there?
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2023.06.10 07:15 kabuto_mushi Have you ever tried writing a letter?

Just a simple question, though from my perspective, this would be specifically a HL person writing to their LL partner.
I know it sounds basic and overly simplistic, almost childish or cowardly... but looking around, there are a number of talented writers here who put their thoughts and feelings into words with vivid detail. My therapist recommended it to me as a last ditch technique when other forms of communication have deteriorated or outright failed. It's certainly a way to remove oneself from the emotion of the situation, and really get the jist of what you mean down in black and white.
Personally, I was thinking of trying it soon. I'm nearing (another) breaking point, caught in that awful cycle of patiently waiting for something to change, never getting to have sex, and then collapsing into a tearful "discussion" when it becomes too heavy to bear, like a supernova. I'm not sure if it will actually do anything, but it makes my brain feel better to have exhausted a potential solution.
Has anyone here tried it? How were the results?
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2023.06.10 07:15 RedBlizzar [20M] need a new long term friend?

Hey everyone
Here is a little about me,
My name is Marcus i am 20 and I come from the United Kingdom(Scotland) I lime to think I'm a open book and can speak about anything! I love speaking about people and different things! I have quite a large array of hobbies some of my favourites are; Video games! 📹 Space, I love the mystery of it 🎇 Socialising, I love getting to know and meet new people! Driving the country and Highlands are some of my favourite to explore Travelling, I love an adventure Just ask and I'll be happy to share more hobbies!
I'm quite happy to share pictures of myself once we have spoken for awhile just let me know!
Tell me something interesting or a fun fact!
Anyone can message me I don't discriminate please just send me a message!
I hope we can speak soon!
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2023.06.10 07:14 unoriginal-loser Just a little vent, advice is also welcome.

I have Hammy and Harold. They are the same age pretty much, 1 year old. Both are neutered. They were with the same foster before i got them. I've had them since April. It's been a learning process on how to have their stuff set up in my apartment.
They currently have 3 litter boxes. 1 covered one that's kinda big, 2 smaller ones in a litter box enclosure thats basically a coffee table with openings on the ends. Harold has no problem with any litter box. Does it have litter in it? Yeah? He'll use it. Hammy though. It has to be clean, the right size, the right amount of litter. He thankfully has not went outside any of the boxes on purpose. He'll turn mid poop and it might fall outside the box sometimes so I think larger litter boxes would be better. He peed in the smaller boxes but didnt cover it, and left little wet litter foot prints around. Then he wouldn't let me clean his foot. I'll get a 2nd of the larger covered box. I guess I'm gonna clean the enclosure and use it as a TV stand and put pillows and stuff in there for them.
They have windows to hang out in, the window sill is wide enough that they can lay in there and sleep. They can watch birds and squirrels and stuff. They have a cat tower that they kind of stopped using as much. They used to both sleep in different levels of it. They have a large variety of toys - springs, mice, balls, bell balls, cat nip toys, laser pointer, and other random things like a robe belt and stuffed toys. They have cardboard and rope scratchers, lots of boxes, comfy places to sleep. They can go up on the cabinets in the kitchen too. If I have the curtain open they can watch birds from up there. They don't seem super interested in the toys most of the time either.
I feed them probably a little more than they actually need, I can't leave food out all the time because Harold will just eat all of it and Hammy will get just what he eats in the first sitting.
They seem different after a maintenance person had to come in my apartment, they didn't hide from him they just followed him around until I shut them in the bedroom so they wouldn't be in his way. Whenever they hear someone in the hall outside my apartment they seem startled until the noise stops. Any noise in the hall echos a lot.
TLDR - I feel like I'm a bad cat parent but I'm doing my best :( I love them so much.
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2023.06.10 07:14 Springrose-tac I am awful at my minimum wage job, should I get better or leave?

I have had a minimum wage job as a housekeeper at a hotel for 6 months. I am 21 and am in university to be a high school teacher. This is not my first job, my first job was working in a fast food restaurant as the drive through server for two and a half years. I left that job for the hotel because I kept losing my shifts to high school students who are cheaper labor.
I was very good at the fast food job, the managers liked me and I got compliments from customers on my service and positivity almost every shift (Although I got a lot less towards the end because I was getting bored of the job and it must have shown). I also get very good grades and am on my university's version of the honors role. I say all this because I know I'm capable and have evidence for it, so I'm not sure why I can't get this job right.
I SUCK at this house keeping job. Nearly every shift the manager texts me saying something I missed in one of the rooms. I miss things that are things you are required to do in every room. I have the most trouble with the toilets, I don't scrub them hard enough or long enough and don't check them once I'm done, so tiny pieces of literal crap remain. Sometimes I forget to wipe the underneath of the toilet seat. My manger told me today I don't mop properly, that he sees hair on the bathroom floors I do. I forget to check the mini fridge half the time, so it goes unstocked and with whatever the previous guests left in there. Those are my common problems but I have also had a lot of one off complaints from my manger.
Today my manger lectured me for 15 minutes about the mistakes I make an how I should know better after being here for 6 months and he's correct. In all honesty, I have NO idea why he keeps putting me on shift. I would have fired me by now if I were him. He told me it takes him an hour to check my rooms when it takes him 15 minutes maximum to do the other cleaner's rooms. He has told this to me many times. I asked him if I am the employee who makes he most mistakes and he dogged the answer saying "most people here make mistakes" or something to that effect. He always says to me he doesn't want to get angry at me, but I think the fact he tries to be nice about it makes it worse for me.
I have tried to get better. I know what I have to do to not make these mistakes, so every time he gives me a lecture I'll work well for a week and then go back to my careless ways. I've tried going slower (which is not a sustainable option because there is an expectation to do x amount of rooms in x amount of time). I made a checklist once in my notes app and after I had done every room I would go and tick off everything on the checklist. That worked very well, but I got too cocky and thought "I don't need this list anymore" and in about two weeks went back to my old ways. It seems every time I have the drive to get better, it lasts two weeks maximum and I go back to my old forgetful, careless ways. And also, every time I get a lecture, it makes me feel AWFUL about myself and can ruin the rest of my day.
There are two huge benefits of this job to me that are making me want to stay:
  1. I am by myself all day and use this time to listen to AI readings of my uni readings. I'm quite time poor and would do worse in uni if I couldn't find time to listen to my readings instead of normally reading
  2. It is right in-between my house and my boyfriend's house. My boyfriends is a 35 minute drive from my house and I'd say I spend nearly half the week at his. The location of this job is extremely convenient for me
I have a six week break from uni until I go back. How could I change my mindset to stick to doing my job correctly? Or should I spend this break searching for a new job that my forgetful and careless personality won't be as much of a problem in? Which is the better option?
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2023.06.10 07:13 Laz_Zack Knight: Overview and Job combos

Knight is one of the hardest hitters in the game, with a focus on high damage with Swords and use of White Magicks for support, a relatively straightforward class that is already really powerful on it's own. Working on adding the "Available Licenses" section again, since I've been having a hard time posting new posts due to the character limit on Reddit.


Other Jobs:


Knight is an interesting job in that it starts using a one-handed swords and shields before switching to Greatswords as their primary weapon class (though one-handed swords like the Simha, Durandal and Karkata are still great if you want to use shields), in a way it starts more defensively like Foebreaker then it shifts to a more offensive approach like Uhlan, both kinds of Swords only use Strength, so you don't have to worry about a secondary stat like other weapons, Knights have good HP (higher than Uhlan's but lower than Foebreaker), a decent amount of Battle Lores, access to both physical damage augments (Focus and Adrenaline) and Last Stand, all 3 Shield Block augments to improve their evasion while wearing a shield, making them a decent Tank though Foebreaker and Shikari are arguably better at that role (Both have better HP, Foebreaker has a bigger focus on one-handed weapons with shields and Shikari has the Main Gauche, together with a good shield and the Jade Collar they are nigh unhittable unless the enemy ignores evasion.), some powerful foes ignore evasion late game, but Shields are still pretty good since some of them are able to decrease the damage or absorb certain elements and also give permanent Shell to fights that use a lot of status attacks (specially useful for fights that spam instant-death attacks as there is no way to make your characters completely immune to them), they are a pretty slow job with only one Swiftness that is also really far away from the start of their board, and while one-handed swords have fast CT speed (the same one as Hammers being only a little behing Axes), Greatswords are on the slower end, they have pretty decent utility if you unlock their White Magicks and a also have a few situational but useful Technicks though I will discuss these more in the "Utility" and "Espers" section.

The class may initially seem similar to Foebreaker but while Hammers & Axes have high attack power they have an element of Luck to them and also need a secondary stat, one-handed Swords have less attack power but hit for more consistent damage and have a variety of elemental (Flamentongue, Icebrand and Excalibur gives them Fire, Ice and Holy) and status weapons (Ancient Sword, Deathbringer, Blood Sword, Karkata and Ragnarok gives them Petrify, Instant-death, Sap, Confuse and Immobilize), so it is a bit of trade-off, Karkata is the highlight of one-handed swords being able to stun lock enemies that aren't immune to confuse really easily while also having really high ATK, Greatswords have amazing single-target damage, being one the most powerful weapons in the game, both kinds of swords don't combo too often though weapons like Simha, Excalibur and the Tournesol have a pretty decent combo rate (a lot lower than high-level Katanas, Ninja Swords, Poles and even Hammers) so they can benefit from staying on low HP (it increases combo rate) and having the Genji Gloves equipped, there aren't that many amazing swords you can get really early (ignoring Karkata from Trial Mode) outside the Defender and the Durandal which can be grinded for a really low chance from some strong mobs, the Bastard Sword and Deathbringer can also be acquired quite early if you go out of your way to hunt them, but they aren't as strong as the other swords I mentioned (though Deathbringer does have an instant-death effect tied to it), the highlight of Knight's kit is definitely the Excalibur, a holy-elemental Greatsword that is already a really strong weapon by itself but a lot of enemies late-game are either undead or weak to Holy which really elevates the weapon to one of the best in the game, beating even the Knight's ultimate weapon, the Tournesol against holy-weak enemies (it doesn't help that the Tournesol is a hassle to get, easily one of the most, if not the most, grindy Bazzar weapon).

Utility: A lot of Knight's utility are tied to Esper unlocks, which makes their ability to do party support entirely reliant on your Esper choices, in this section I'll focus on what they have by default, and I'll speak more about their other skills in the "Espers" section, I already covered their elemental and status effects coverage, so I will focus on their Technicks, Souleater is situational but can do good damage with high ATK weapons, and it is also useful for fights that seal the Attack command, First Aid is only useful in the very early game since it heals a pittance, and it falls off really quickly, Infuse is great for getting a character to low HP to increase combos or activate low HP augments like Adrenaline, Revive is situational, but it can potentially be a lifesaver if you need your healer to be revived on a healthy state ASAP, it is a bit of a crutch ability that is more useful when playing blind but loses its value on replays, Sight Unseeing can be a decent way to get enemies to low HP, so you can Poach them for loot, Knight lacks Item Lores and Magicks without Espers, and they also can't hit flyers outside of throwing items or using innate weapons and magicks from certain characters.

Espers: Compared to other classes Knight has a lot of decent unlocks, with only a few duds here and there, confusingly enough they can't unlock Magic Lores of any kind while other physical classes with much more limited magical options tend to have unlockable Magic Lores or have a few of them on their board, which means they can't power up their magic outside the innate low-level Mystic Armor of a certain character, Magick Gloves, Leather Gorget, accessories that raise a little bit of magic or Faith from Hashmal, Potion Lore 1 from Belias is basically free since the Esper's only other notable unlock is Libra from Bushi and other classes (and a certain character) have Libra innately, Mateus gives Knight White Magicks 6 & 7, giving them Curaga, which is a potent single-target heal that can also be used to damage Undead enemies, it allows Knight to self-heal or heal other party members in a pinch though they lack the magic to make the spell super powerful it is still ok, Regen cures Sap and can also be used to keep your character topped off for full HP augments like Focus, Cleanse cures Disease one of the most dangerous statuses in the game, Esuna cures most statuses effects except Slow, Stop, Oil, Disease, Doom, KO, X-Zone and Stone (though it cures Petrify the "countdown" to Stone status), Mateus is an Esper that is acquired pretty early in the game, so you have a lot of time to put those skills to use, Potion Lore 2 from Shemhazai is not bad, but the Esper is really competed, a single Battle Lore from Cúchulainn is pretty meaningless and the Esper is probably one of the most competed in the whole game, +350 HP from Exodus isn't super necessary as the Esper has more interesting unlocks elsewhere and Knight doesn't really struggle for HP since Heavy Armor has great physical defense, Chaos and Zodiark are odd since it just leads you to the same unlocks as the ones that Knight gets from one of their Quickenings, I suppose it is there in case you got the earlier Quickenings and didn't wait to unlock the one that appears later in their board, both are more useful elsewhere though, Telekinesis from Ultima is decent (the extra Battle Lore here is more of a bonus) it gives them a way to hit flyers and also deal with fights that seal the Attack command though Ultima is gotten quite late, and it is also a pretty competed Esper, lastly Hashmal gives them White Magicks 8 & 9, Faith is a magic damage and healing buff, allowing them to make better use of their own healing magicks or increase the damage and healing of the dedicated casters of the party, Bravery buffs their already great physical damage and also lets them buff other physical damage dealers in the party, Curaja is the best healing spell in the game, even without great magic it heals for a decent amount, is AoE and can also be used to damage Undead enemies, Confuse is more of a bonus though as Karkata is better than both it and Charm, confuse is better as an on-hit effect, the problem is that Hashmal comes in so late that you don't have much content left to use all of these abilities on.

What it needs and what it can offer: Knight is already pretty complete by itself, the most obvious drawback is how slow they are compared to other classes, while the difference between two and three swiftness is pretty minimal, that isn't the case with only one swiftness, it doesn't help that their only swiftness is really far away from the start of the board, so they will be noticeably slower for a while even when compared to Red Battlemage that also has only one swiftness but can get it easier than Knight, the other thing they really need is magic to make use of it's White Magicks secondaries, they have access to Excalibur a holy-elemental weapon, so they have good synergy with classes that have access to Mystic Armor due to the White Robes boosting the damage of the Holy element, better item support and unobtrusive utility also never hurts, lastly another sore spot is that they lack a way to hit flyers or good options to deal with physical pailings.

Knight provides similar things to Foebreaker, access to Heavy Armor (which includes the Genji Set for the Genji Gloves), a good amount of HP and Battle Lores, augments like Adrenaline, Focus and Last Stand, all Shields, Shield Block augments, White Magicks and Potion Lores for extra support options if you unlock them and a few situational Technicks.

The combos:

Archer: A pretty straightforward upgrade for both parties, Archer gets marginally better HP but more importantly the early Heavy Armor, Battle Lores and Adrenaline it wants, while also getting 1000 Needles for free since Knight has Infuse, extra White Magicks from Knight (if you unlock them) expands their already good support kit, but their item healing will probably overshadow your magic options until you get to Hashmal (See "Esper" section) specially since you'll lack the Magic Lores to make the most out of Archer and Knight's Magicks (Faith helps though Hashmal comes in really late), lastly Archer gets a few extra Technicks which includes Sight Unseeing for easy Poaching (see "Utility" section).
Knight gets all three swiftness, all Item Lores (except Ether Lores) for amazing item support and also the ability to inflict all status effects with a Remedy with the Nihopalaoa accessory (or boost the efficacy of items further with a Pheasant Netsuke), Bows are good weapons to hit flyers or stay at range and also come with a variety of different elemental and status arrows for more coverage, Cura and Raise expands Knight's White Magick tool-kit further, they also get access to all of Archer's Technicks which includes Shades of Black for a way to hit flyers without equipment switching (1000 Needles and Gil Toss can also hit flyers), do AoE damage or deal with physical pailings, Gil Toss does a lot of damage if you have the money to spare, is non-elemental and is AoE, Steal is pretty good on tanks to attract the attention of enemies (for other Archer Technicks see the "Utility" section in the Archer post), lastly they gain access to Light Armor, it is a bit of a lackluster armor type as it only really excels in increasing HP at the cost of your other offensive stats, there are some useful ones like the Brave Suit that is good for any melee attacker, and the ones that reduce elemental damage can also be quite useful, with the right shield or accessory you can become completely immune to certain elements, overall a pretty good upgrade for both parties.

Black Mage: One of the few combos where it feels like Black Mage coexists with the other party relatively well, there are some interesting synergies here though if you want your Black Mage to be a pure caster this is probably not the best combo for that, Black Mage gets a lot of extra HP, access to Last Stand and Shields for better survivability, some extra Technicks from Knight (see "Utility" and "Esper" section), potentially some Potion Lores for better item support and two good weapon-types if they need to be physical for whatever reason, Knight gets All Black Magicks and Green Magicks, the former gives them a way to hit flyers, deal with pailings (non-elemental spells are great for pailings specially), do AoE damage, and great elemental and status coverage, Green Magicks gives Knight a lot of extra utility and a way to self-cast Decoy, Bubble and Reverse for tanking (high magic also means Decoy and Reverse stick more often), the obvious benefit from the combo is that the Magic Lores, Mystic Armor and Magic Augments from Black Mage do wonders to power up Knight's White Magicks if you unlock them, making Curaga and Curaja specially really powerful for both healing and damaging undead enemies (Curaja is also AoE), Hashmal allows for self-casting Faith for better spell damage though that comes in late in the game (for more detail on the White Magicks see the "Esper" section), you get Hand-bombs 3 and Makara from Mateus and Hashmal respectively as a bonus, giving you another way to hit flyers and access to all the status and elemental ammo from hand-bombs for even more coverage (Foebreaker post has more info on Hand-Bombs since it is one of their main weapons), the White Robes from Black Mage gives Knight a way to boost Excalibur damage to ridiculous levels though very few bosses can Tank a boosted Excalibur, so it feels like overkill (you can heal yourself or a party member with Excalibur if you have a White Mask or a Sage's Ring since they absorb Holy), you get a few extra Technicks from Black Mage (see "Utility" and "Esper" section on the Black Mage post), if you give the combo to a character with innate Steal you get Poach for free which can be useful due to Knight having Sight Unseeing (see "Utility" section), lastly Knight gets three Ether Lores and two Remedy Lores for better item support.
The obvious disadvantage from this combo is that you put two really powerful classes on the same character which can take away the focus from either Black Mage or Knight depending on how you run the combo, Black Mage also doesn't really need the Genji Set though there is only one class that really misses the set and there are other options for that.

Bushi: A well-known combo, and an effective one, both classes complement each other really well and the big disadvantages of the combo is that you still don't have a way to hit flyers or deal with pailings that doesn't involve RNG and that you are putting a bunch of really great weapons on the same character (Simha, Karkata, Excalibur, Tournesol, Masamune and Khumba all on the same place) which can be seen as a detriment specially on a 12-job setting, they also both have access to the Genji Set and Blood Sword\Karkata, Knight gets pretty much most of the things it wants, they get more HP from Bushi but more importantly all three swiftness, two Remedy Lores for better item support, they get all the Magic Lores, Magic Augments and Mystic Armor they need to make the most out of their White Magicks, making Curaga and Curaja really powerful for healing and damaging undead, Bravery and Faith are also useful for Bushi to improve Katana and Shades of Black damage though Hashmal comes in quite late (for more detail on the White Magicks see "Esper" section), access to the White Robes means Excalibur does absurd amounts of damage, though there aren't that many enemies that can tank enough hits from a boosted Excalibur for it to not feel like complete overkill (you can heal yourself or a party member with Excalibur if you have a White Mask or a Sage's Ring since they absorb Holy), Blood Sword is near the beginning of Knights board, so if you unlock it you can get Karkata quite early due to Bushi also having access to those swords via an Esper, Knight also gets a decent amount of extra Technicks, you get Potion Lore 1 and Libra with Belias which is neat (you'll already have Libra if you give the combo to a character with innate Libra though), Libra is useful for seeing traps and enemy stats, other ones includes Shades of Black for hitting flyers (1000 Needles and Gil Toss can also hit flyers), do AoE damage and deal with pailings, Gil Toss is good non-elemental AoE damage and for fights that block the Attack command (for other Bushi Technicks, see the "Utility" and "Esper" section of the Bushi post).
Bushi gets a lot of things out of the combo too, Magicks to actually use their high magic on (if you unlock them), early Heavy Armor, so they don't have to rely on innate licenses, wait until Genji or Zodiark, extra Battle Lores, Adrenaline, Focus, and potentially some Potion Lores for better item support, all Shields and Shield Block augments to use with Khumba while also getting Blood Sword and Karkata without the use of an Esper, Souleater for free for fights that block the Attack command or to use with high ATK weapons, potentially Telekinesis and an extra Battle Lore with Ultima for another way to hit flyers (or deal with Attack command block) which also gives you Stamp as a bonus though the Esper is pretty competed and also comes in late (for other Technicks see "Utility" and "Esper" section).

Foebreaker: The three melee Heavy Armor jobs don't really pair all that well with each other, too much overlap, both parties don't really get meaningfully improved, and they feel awful on 12-job setting where other classes will really miss the benefits that the melee jobs could give, Knight gets a bit more HP and some extra Battle Lores, but they have to wait until Ultima and Hashmal for better speed, you get double benefit from both Espers due to Knight also having unlocks on these Espers (Swiftness and White Magicks with Hashaml, Battle Lore, Telekinesis and Swiftness with Ultima), but both Espers come in quite late and Ultima in particular is pretty competed, Belias does give both Horology and Potion Lore 1 which is kind of neat I guess, Knight potentially gets extra Magic Lores from Foebreaker to slightly improve their White Magicks if you unlock them, but they are behind rather competed Espers and one of them only unlocks one Magic Lore, similar situation with Shades of Black from Foebreaker which is behind Cúchulainn, another really competed Esper, so no way to hit flyers without changing equipment, do AoE damage or deal with pailings, though they get to hit flyers with Hand-Bombs which also gives them some elemental and status coverage with their ammunition (spoke more about Hand-Bombs in the Foebreaker post), Breaks are situational but gives them extra utility and Expose does improve Sword damage and can be gotten quite early, no Mystic Armor (outside innate licenses) for improving their White Magicks or using the White Robes with Excalibur, no Light Armor for permanent buffs or elemental mitigation.
Foebreaker potentially gets some White Magicks and Potion Lores for extra utility and few extra Technicks (see "Utility" and "Esper" section), but not much more, there is a bit of a dynamic here between Swords and Hammers & Axes, one is more consistent and has better status and elemental coverage, and one hits harder but has an element of luck and also needs a secondary stat, so it is a bit interesting, but it is better to have those weapons on different combos than on the same character, there is way too much overlap here, same Heavy Armor licenses (which includes overlap in the Genji Set for Genji gloves), similar HP and Battle Lores, same Shield and Shield Block augments, same augments (Last Stand, Adrenaline and Focus) which wouldn't be as big of a deal if they actually benefited each other in some other way (per example Archer and Shikari also have some overlap in augments, but they also benefit\get benefited from Knight and Foebreaker in more meaningful ways), once Greatswords kick-in Foebreaker doesn't improve them outside of Expose, the benefits from the combo are very minimal, niche or come-in really late, it can be fine if you are into reference builds since it reminiscent of FFI Warrior, but not great if you want something more practical.

Machinist: Similar to ArcheKnight it is a pretty straightforward upgrade to both parties, Guns don't use stats so all you really need to make the most out of them is Focus and Adrenaline, while Machinist doesn't benefit from Heavy Armor (or Genji and Battle Lore) but they can still use the Maximilian for a marginal increase in CT speed, they also get slightly more HP from Knight, access to their Technicks which includes Sight Unseeing to be used with Machinists Poach (See "Utility" and "Esper" section for more info on Knight's Technicks) and Infuse to get to low HP for Adrenaline, White Magicks from Knight to expand their support options though they lack a lot of Magic to make good use of them, being able to self-cast Bravery and Faith is good for Gun damage and if you unlock Green and Time Magicks from Machinist though Hashmal spells come in late and a lot of the Time Magicks don't need magic, only thing missing is Black Robes for Dark Shot though there are few combos that can have both Dark Shot and Adrenaline+Focus, so it is a compromise you have to make when doing combos with Machinist, lastly with all the Shields and Shield Block augments you can evasion Tank with Measures (Measures have high evasion) and even self-cast Decoy with Exodus, though since they lack offensive Magicks you won't be able to do damage unless you want to use Gil Toss, and since Measures have buffs tied to them if you attack with them, you can end up buffing the boss.
Knight gets all three swiftness, some odd Magic Lores for a minimal improvement to their Magicks if you unlock them, Measures for some extra buffing potential, amazing item support with all Item Lores except two Phoenix Lores and two Ether Lores (which allows you to inflict all status effects with a Remedy with the Nihopalaoa accessory or boost the efficacy of items further with a Pheasant Netsuke), Guns are a great option for hitting flyers or staying at range (specially since they ignore stats and defense) and also have a good variety of elemental and status ammunition for more coverage, with Exodus they get a bit of extra HP together with Green Magicks (allows to self-cast Decoy for tanking or improve wyrmfire shot and Flametongue damage with Oil, though both of these spells will have a hard time sticking without the Indingo Pendant due to the lack of Magic Lores and Flametongue also probably fell off already by the time you get to Exodus), with Famfrit you get access to Time Magicks for self-casting Haste and extra status and buff coverage, but the Esper comes in really late, for how Light Armor benefits Knight see the Archer section, lastly they get access to all of Machinist's Technicks, which includes Gil Toss for another way to hit flyers that doesn't require switching equipment, and also a good option for AoE and damage if you have the money to spare, Libra for seeing traps and enemy stats, Steal to attract the attention of enemies if you plan to tank with this character, and Traveler, a powerful Technick if you know how to use it, only thing the combo lacks is a way to deal with pailings, White Robes for Excalibur and Magic for Knight's White Magicks and Machinist's Green Magicks\Time Magicks.

Monk: An interesting combo, the amount of White Magicks you can potentially get is absurd, almost all the White Magicks spells, though the Esper investment is heavy if you want to get all of them, and also you won't really have the magic to make the healing spells in particular super powerful though a good portion of the spells here don't rely on magic (For Knight's spells see the "Esper" section), Monk gets the Heavy Armor it wants which includes the Genji Gloves to increase the already high combo rate of Poles (Infuse from Knight also lets them get to low HP for better combos and activate Adrenaline easier), Poles cover some elements Swords don't, can hit flyer and also hit for magick resist, so you can switch your weapons depending on which kind of defense the enemy has more, they get Souleater and Sight Unseeing for free from Knight and also some extra Technicks (see "Utility" for more info), Curaja and Bravery overlap but that means you get to use those spells much earlier since Monk only needs a quickening for them, the overlap also means you get the Hashmal spells much earlier which means you get access to Faith (which helps with the lack of Magic from the pairing) and Confuse a lot easier, so you get to put these spells to more use instead of having to wait until the endgame, all the Battle Lores from Monk also gives you Telekinesis from Ultima for free due to bypassing Esper locks for another way to hit flyers or deal with fights that block the attack command.
Knight gets all the Battle Lores and HP from Monk which really ups their damage as Monk has a lot more HP and Battle Lores than other jobs, their two Potion Lores easier (three with Shemhazai though that is a competed Esper) and two Phoenix Lores for better item support, potentially most of the White Magicks spells depending on your Esper investments which includes extra support spells for Utility (Protectga and Shellga, AoE Protect and Shell), a powerful revive via Arise, Dispelga to dispel buffs from enemies and certain debuffs from allies which is also AoE, Esunaga for AoE Esuna, Renew for a full heal though Curaja with Faith is probably enough and Renew can risk giving the boss a full heal if they have a mechanic where they cast reflect on your party, Holy is a lackluster spell so consider it more of bonus, and Cura and Raise from Hashmal is not worth by the time you get to the Esper unless you really don't have better unlocks, all of Monks Technicks which includes Expose for better Sword and Pole damage, Shades of Black for a way to hit flyers that doesn't require equipment switching, deal with pailings and do AoE damage, Libra to see traps and enemy stats and Traveler, a powerful Technick if you know how to use and also a few others, for how Light Armor benefits Knight see the Archer section, the obvious drawback is that in a 12-job setting not only can other jobs can miss out on what Monk and Knight provides, you also put a bunch of powerful weapons on the same character, you also have to wait until Ultima for the last two swiftness, so the character will be slow until you can unlock the Esper, no White Robes for Excalibur though that isn't a huge deal.

Red Battlemage: Both jobs compliment each other well, but Red Battlemage pairs decently with most things due to being a jack-of-all-trades, while Maces only need magic for damage, they still benefit from Focus and Adrenaline from Knight, they cover some elements and statuses that Knight doesn't have for more coverage, Red Battlemages can really struggle for MP with all the spells they cast and lack of easier access to their third Channeling augment, so they appreciated being able to recover more MP via Headsman and Inquisitor, Red Battlemage gets more HP, Last Stand and Shield Blocks augments for better survivability, though their shield licenses overlap and Red Battlemage also doesn't need Genji, they get easier access to their Greatswords due to Knight having them innately though it feels more like Knight overwrites this part them really making their Greatswords better, due to them already having Curaga and Regen they get Esuna and Cleanse for free without an Esper due to bypassing Esper Locks, Knight can also give them Faith for better spell and healing, Bravery for better Mace damage and Curaja to give them the endgame healing spells they lack, though Hashmal comes late in the game, you get Steal as a bonus though it would be more of use earlier, a single extra Battle Lore from Cúchulainn since that Esper normally goes to Red Battlemage, and lastly they potentially get some Potion Lores from Knight for better item support though their healing Magicks will probably overshadow that and all of Knights Technicks (see "Utility" and "Esper" section for that).
Knight gets a good variety spells to use, some healing spells, utility spells (which includes Green Magicks for tanking which I spoke about in the Black Mage section) and a good variety of elemental and status spells, with a Demon shield or Black Mask you can heal your character or other party members with dark spells, all the Magic Lores, Mystic Armor and Magic Augments help improve Curaja from Hashmal, a single Ether Lore for marginally better item support (and one or two extra Technicks), the spells are helpful to hit flyers, for AoE or to deal with pailings (Drain is non-elemental which is good for pailings and can also hit flyers), White Robes means you can boost the damage of Excalibur for absurd levels (you can heal yourself or a party member with Excalibur if you have a White Mask or a Sage's Ring since they absorb Holy), though that feels like overkill for a lot of the game, the combo is also really slow since both Knight and Red Battlemage only gets one swiftness, it doesn't help that they can't self-cast Haste since Red Battlemage lacks it, still overall it still is a good general improvement for both sides.

Shikari: A decent improvement to both parties, Shikari gets the Heavy Armor, Battle Lores, the Shields and shield block it is missing, though they don't benefit from Genji Gloves since Germinas Boots is better, Daggers and Ninja Swords cover some elements and status effects that Knight doesn't have, so you have some better coverage, you get an extra Battle Lore since Shikari has Telekinesis, and it bypasses Ultima's Esper Lock and you can potentially get Shades of Black from Adrammelech if the Esper is not needed elsewhere, useful for dealing with flyers, doing AoE damage or dealing with pailings, Mateus gives you Gil Toss with the Knight's White Magicks (see the "Esper" section for that), Gil Toss can hit flyers, do good damage, and is also a decent option for AoE and for fights that Block the Attack Command if you have the money to spare, if you unlock guns from Shemhazai you get to use them with Focus and Adrenaline, and they also give access to all the ammo for even more elemental and status coverage, Hashmal gives the Bonecrusher as a Bonus and Bravery and Faith for better Dagger, Ninja Sword and Shades of Black damage though that comes in really late, the odd Magic Lores from Shikari help improve Knight's healing spells though not by a huge margin, and lastly access to all of Knight Technicks (see "Utility" and "Esper" section for that).
Knight gets slightly better HP, three swiftness, great item support with all Potion and Remedy Lores which can be improved with Ultima with two Phoenix Lores (you can inflict all status effects with a Remedy with the Nihopalaoa accessory or boost the efficacy of items further with a Pheasant Netsuke), they get access to Telekinesis easier and can also use Guns for flyers if you unlock them though the Technick and Guns are only available later in the game so unless you unlock Shades of Black they still won't be able to hit flyers easily for a while (you can also use 1000 Needles and Gil Toss for that), they get a few other Technicks and Light Armor (see Archer section for how Light Armor helps Knight), overall a pretty good combo.

Time Battlemage: Pairing two Heavy Armor jobs may seem counterintuitive, but Time Battlemage is a bit of an odd job and has enough differences for it to be a decent utility upgrade for other jobs, while they lack a huge amount of Magic Lores and Mystic Armor their Magic Lores and Magic Augments still help improves Knight's White Magick better than the odd Magic Lore from other classes, it helps that they can get Cura and Raise from Adrammelech to expand Knight's White Magicks kit, Hashmal gives them their last Channeling augment together with the Hashmal spells (See "Espers" section, Faith is useful for healing spells and for sticking status effects) though that comes in late, they get their one-handed Swords for free though similar to Red Battlemages Greatswords it feels more like Knight simply overwrites them, Time Magicks are good but unobtrusive and situational enough that they don't interupt Knight's role a physical damage dealer too often, it is easy to have your character self-cast Haste and Berserk and just watch them go to town when you don't need to use status effects (you'll need the Indigo Pendant to make status effects hit more consistently), though Knight's high HP helps with the damage from the Balance spell, Crossbows are a decent way to deal with flyers and also gives you extra status coverage, though Crossbows miss often compared to other ranged weapons, Drain lets you deal with pailings and also gives you another option to deal with flyers (and the other Green Magicks benefits I discusses in the Black Mage section), Sight Unseeing is useful to use with Poach (see "Utility" section), and if you unlock Shear and Addle you have some extra utility options, you also get a few other Technicks, lastly Knight gets three swiftness and better item support with two Ether Lores (Three with Zalera) and two Remedy Lores.
Time Battlemage gets a more realiable weapon, better HP for more survivability, all of Knight's Technicks and potentially more White Magicks and some Potions Lore for better item support (see "Utility" and "Esper" section), overall a pretty great combo specially if you aren't too focused on getting the White Robes for Excalibur.

Uhlan: A lot of the combos problems are similar to FoebreakeKnight, so I'll focus on the new things, slightly better HP for Uhlan, Uhlan doesn't really benefit from Genji Gloves, they can make Spears combo more often, but Spears have really low combo rates, the few odd Magic Lores from Uhlan kind of help improve Knight's healing spells (if you unlock them), specially since you get a few more with Mateus as a bonus, though it isn't a huge improvement, you can potentially get Breaks, but they are behind some really competed Espers, Bravery and Faith from Hashmal are useful for improving Spear damage and Uhlan spells (specially the Chaos' spells) though Hashmal comes in late, Spears are a good way to deal with flyers and also cover some elements and status effects the Knight doesn't have, they overlap in Holy-elemental weapons though Gugnir is good for fire damage, but it is gotten late, Shades of Black is good for AoE, dealing with flyers without switching equipment and pailings, Uhlan's Black Magicks are a less luck reliant option for that though you are limited by their spell selection (Aeroga is really powerful and Bio is non-elemental something to look forward to if you plan on using Chaos here), Sight Unseeing with Poach and Uhlan gets Knight Technicks (see "Utility" and "Esper" section), Knight gets two swiftness, good item support with two out of three Item Lores of all Item Lores except Ether Lores, this combo can potentially get a decent amount of both White and Black Magicks, so it gives the character some versatility, you also get Telekinesis for free due to bypassing Esper locks giving another option to deal with flyers and deal with fights that block the attack command, it feels better than FoebreakeKnight and Uhlan/Foebreaker but not by a huge margin.

White Mage: Feels fitting for a Paladin build, but there are other things going for it too, White Mage ends up completely overwriting Knight's White Magicks (just as Knight kind of overwrites White Mage's Greatswords), that can be seen as a drawback if you wanted to spread out those abilities, but it can also be seen as a benefit since it means less Esper assignments to worry about, White Mage appreciates Last Stand, the better HP, shields and shield block augments for better survivability as they are a rather squishy job, a great weapon-type with good amount of Battle Lores and physical augments to do damage and regen their MP via Inquisitor and Headsman is also great as they really struggle for MP without a Sage's Ring, potentially some Potion Lores from Knight though their White Magicks overshadow that, they also overlap in hitting the Holy-element with the Holy spells which is gotten late and is also lackluster, and the Holy Rod which is great rod for doing holy-damage, lastly they get access to all of Knight Technicks (see "Utility" and "Esper" section) which gives them Souleater for free to do good damage with high ATK weapons and deal with fights that block the attack command.
Knight gets all White Magick which explains itself for utility, but it gives them earlier and easier access to Bravery for better sword damage and Green Magicks for tanking (see Black Mage section for how Green Magicks help tanking), two swiftness and two Ether Lores for better item support, Rods aren't great outside the Holy Rod, but they can be used to hit flyers, and you can also use Drain for flyers and to deal with pailings, some extra Technicks which includes Libra to see traps and enemy stats, White Robes for boosted Excalibur is accounted for, though there aren't that many enemies that can tank hits from a boosted Excalibur (you can heal yourself or a party member with Excalibur if you have a White Mask or a Sage's Ring since they absorb Holy), the obvious drawback is the overlap in White Magicks if you were more interested in improving Knight's Magicks them completely overwriting them.
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2023.06.10 07:13 Otherwise_Fan_5561 Help Identifying This Vintage Vase?

Help Identifying This Vintage Vase?
I recently purchased this very large green vase from an auction for only $20, the auction house claimed this to be genuine Mid-Century Modern, I love it regardless, but am very curious to find out if this truly is a vintage MCM vase. If anyone could help me confirm this, that would be greatly appreciated. I don't know the brand or artist if this is handmade, it does have metal wrapped around it and stands about 18.5" tall. Thank you for your help, I really do appreciate it.
My apologies if this isn't the right place to post this, I wasn't sure, if it's not, can anyone please point me in the right direction? Thank you.
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2023.06.10 07:12 Glittering-Sloth Friday Nights

Hey A,
I wonder if you think about me on Fridays as much as I think about you.
Fridays used to be our days. I’d struggle to get through the week but would always look forward to the day where I could finally see you.
I miss getting food with you and watching some trashy reality show. I miss taking an edible and watching SpongeBob and laughing at how stupid it was. I miss kissing you and cuddling you. Back then, you couldn’t last 5 minutes without wanting to cuddle me and be near me. What happened since then and now? Now you’re completely ok with the possibility of never being near me again.
I miss falling asleep next to you to the sound of you breathing and your rain noises. I’d scratch your back while you slept. Waking up to you always felt like the most beautiful dream. Now I wake up on Saturday mornings alone. Now it’s a nightmare.
I wonder what you fill your time with on Fridays. I wonder when you’ll start missing our Fridays as much as I do.
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2023.06.10 07:12 Scary_Ticket8662 Does my employer actually have any legal right to enforce the "occupancy agreement" between us?


I am a property manager for a large self-storage company. My property is located in Missouri. In the self-storage industry, it's very commonplace for property managers to reside in housing located on the property premises. In the case of this company, I do not have to pay any rent or utilities whatsoever, save for my own ISP. I have signed a Property Manager Apartment Occupancy License Agreement with my district manager back when I first became the property manager a couple years ago. I have recently been offered a job where my income has been more than doubled the minimum wage I am paid while currently employed here. Making minimum wage while having two dependents has left me in a position where saving money to move out immediately would never be a viable option (many veteran employees call the apartments a "trap" because of this).

Verbatim, the occupancy agreement states, "If your employment is terminated, or we otherwise terminate this Agreement, you and any Other Residents no longer have the right to live in the apartment. Therefore, you agree, and will cause all Other Residents, your family, guests, visitors, invitees or any other party within your or their control (collectively, 'Occupants'), to vacate the Apartment within three (3) days' written notice (twenty-four hours' notice if you are terminated for cause) of termination of this Agreement to you, except as otherwise required by law or stated in the notice of termination."

I was concerned that myself and my family would be SOL with only three days to find somewhere else to live, but then I remembered that the previous property manager before me had thirty days to vacate the apartment after their final day with the company. I reached out to my district manager to speak with them about this. In the meantime, I spoke with two tenured coworkers who are legitimately two of only three people in this entire district I trust; one [CW1] who has been here five years and the other [CW2] for over a decade. Both coworkers had brought up several times when past resident property managers had either been fired or resigned from their position, yet remained living in the apartment for extended periods of time. For example, one had retired, but was permitted to reside in their space for three additional months. More recently, and one that I can confirm myself, another PM had been fired but refused to vacate their apartment, and it took the company two months to evict them. CW1 brought up how the previous district manager, before they left, had told CW1 and other property managers at the time that the occupancy agreement is basically all BS and that the company hardly has any power to enforce the writing. CW2 couldn't recall the previous district manager mentioning the first part, but CW2 did share insight on the company's power. CW2 says that the company has to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees and has to go through the court system in order to obtain the necessary power to evict a resident property manager, in the end costing the company more money than it was worth.

After learning about some anecdotal and some non-anecdotal evidence of the looseness surrounding the three day notice, I was finally able to speak with my district manager. I mentioned I would need enough time to obtain at least two paystubs from my new employer so that I have the money needed to move and proof of income for rent. My district manager had referred to the three day notice that is in the occupancy agreement, then mentioned some sort of grace period of five to seven days after (which isn't written anywhere in this agreement), and then stated we would be charged for every day we are still residing in the apartment. I don't want to be a pain to my district manager or to the company, so I humored them and offered to work a day out of the week in order to remain employed and in the apartment for a short period of time. My district manager stated I have to work a minimum of 35 hours to reside in an apartment, but if I can work two days out of the week, then they may be able to approve that. (The employee handbook, which is separate from the occupancy agreement and isn't at all stated in that documentation, states verbatim, "Resident Managers must average 35 hours per week to remain eligible for an apartment (where applicable).")

At this point, I'd like to bring up a couple more verbatim sections in the occupancy agreement. I brought up to my district manager how the previous resident property manager before me was permitted to reside in their apartment for thirty days after their resignation. My district manager referred to this as an exception. In the occupancy agreement, it states, "No waiver. If we fail to insist upon strict compliance with the terms of this Agreement, that does not mean we cannot insist upon strict compliance at a different time."

In reference to my district manager mentioning charges for every day in the apartment, "You and us agree that in the event any Occupant breaches this Agreement and refuses to vacate the Apartment ... it would be impractical or extremely difficult to determine or quantify the actual amount of such damages. You agree to pay us the sum of $100 per day in liquidated damages, plus interest accruing at the highest legal rate, for each day that any Occupant remains in the apartment in violation of the terms of this Agreement. You and us agree that this amount is reasonable ... The payment of such liquidated damages is not rent and does not make you or any Other Resident a tenant." I brought up the recently fired resident property manager. My district manager claims that they were charged a four digit fee. As resident property managers, we have accounts and a "unit number" attached to these accounts for clerical reasons, I assume. These accounts are how storage lessees are charged rent. After checking the fired property manager's account, they had no charges applied.

I find these decisions confusing because, "This Agreement is the entire agreement between you and the Company relating to this subject matter and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements on this subject. No oral representations by us or our agents at any time, will change this Agreement." This is completely contradictory to the questionable discretion that has been exercised regarding other resident property managers in the past.

Finally, the biggest thing that I would like to point out calls back to the last line regarding liquidated damages. One of the very first lines on this occupancy agreement states, "You understand that you are not a tenant and we are not your landlord, and that your employment can be terminated at any time, for any reason."

With all of this in mind, does it seem like they could take swift action to remove me from the apartment when I resign? Can they actually charge me for days I have stayed in the apartment beyond my resignation date? I'm not trying to gain some edge to take advantage of free housing for months on end. I literally just need like a month max to make the money needed for security deposits and first month's rent for a new residence. My district manager knows how much we are paid. I just don't understand why the last resident property manager was made an exception, and so many others seemingly were (which defeats the purpose of exceptions), yet my situation has to be somewhat by the books.
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2023.06.10 07:11 dchelix rCFP is not "going dark" to protest Reddit's recent API pricing changes.

You are the core of this community. One thing that has made it possible to moderate this community with so few mods is the fact everyone is so courteous and professional. Everyone here is wonderful and we don't need to do much actual moderating. Users are responsible for their own behavior and contributing to the overall vibes of the subreddit.
As you've probably heard, Reddit announced changes to their API usage pricing. Basically Reddit has been a highway with billboards (free to use with ads), but there's always been alternate roads built by 3rd parties that've been "free" or without ads. Essentially, reddit is now charging a lot more to the guys building these alternative roads who want to access Reddit's data. In a nutshell, you can access Reddit via Reddit's app or third party apps. Third party apps are going to have to start paying a lot more to continue to operate, and a lot of people don't like this because they think Reddit is being greedy and charging too much to a few large third party app companies.
We polled everyone here for one day, with a lot of responses, and it turns out an overwhelming majority of you are not using third party apps to access reddit, which is what this change affects for the most part.
I believe Reddit can do whatever the heck they want. They're a private company after all. If changing their API policies ultimately reduces the number of users accessing the platform because third party apps have to shutdown, that's on Reddit. It's not on me to make that decision for our users. If you personally want to protest, then stop using reddit, but don't rely on mods to do it for you. If you disagree with what reddit is doing, take it upon yourself as a user to protest Reddit and stop using it all together.
The vast majority of aubreddits who are protesting these changes will be back online in no time. Those that won't get back online are just hurting their users and community, and we won't do that here. Again, if you want to protest, you have to do that yourself. What makea protest affective, is when large numbers of individuals make up their own mind and act. I don't think it's fair for me to make that decision for everyone here though.
Edit: I do apologize for the brevity and if there are any typos. I wanted to get this out ASAP but only had my phone with me to type on.
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2023.06.10 07:11 ReinhardtEichenvalde If Climate Change Destroys Humanity, What do you Think will happen to the Reincarnation Cycle?

This got me curious. There is a pretty large chance that humans could go extinct at the end of the century. What do you guys think would happen to the reincarnation cycle in that case?
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2023.06.10 07:11 thatgymdude Is this normal for a Lululemon Store?

Hello Everyone,
After my wife persuaded me to upgrade my workout clothes to the same brand she wears (she is a gigantic fan of Lululemon and pretty much all her clothes are that minus a few dresses, I decided to check out the brand for the mens stuff as an upgrade to my Under Armor gear.
Long story short, I ended up spending around nearly $2500 to overhaul my wardrobe for daily and gym stuff. When I got home, I discovered that they left ALL the ink tags on the clothing (over 15 items). Not kidding, everything that was on a hangar still had the ink tag. Its a solid 45 minute drive from my house to the store.
I felt like they did that deliberately so I went back and made them return everything and ignored the manager calling my phone after driving back. My wife was shocked and said she never gets a problem in the place, is this a common thing for this brand? It uttely put me off the brand and I am looking at other places, but I wanted to know from fans of the brand on here if this a normal thing or not.
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2023.06.10 07:10 zxj4k3xz [WTS] Price drop! Vero Impulse

Bit of a user. Carried a bit and cut some cardboard and tape. Some snail trails on the scales and clip. Grind near the tip is off center, not sure if that was factory or my sharpening. Sharpened it to a mirror polish on my KME, I believe at 25DPS, and it's damn sharp. Action is phenomenal and lock up is tight. Anodize done by a previous owner. It's a fantastic knife, just a bit big for me to EDC.
Looking for $250 $225.
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2023.06.10 07:10 Neat-Platypus1398 Instacart banned me from 7+ stores for doing as they asked

Sorry, kinda long! So basically my IC card would stop working after my 2nd to 3rd Ralph's order and would reset the next day. If i activated a new card it would work again for only 3 or 4 Ralph's orders (not batches) a day. I had reported this issue once when it happened and even the pin the agent told me didnt work and i'd end up paying with my debit and get a reimbursment. I complained many times to an agent, every couple of days or so and of course they claimed they "put a note on my account" and whatever else they say but it still kept happening 1 to 2 times a day. There were even times when they would deny my reimbursement and it took weeks/months to finally get it. More on this later. So April 25th I'm waiting at like 4pm Ralph's for a quick mini batch that usually pops up every 15 min or less and waited for an hour. Nothing, on a Monday. Only needed 1 more for a promo and was super annoyed. Next day I'm waiting at 6am in front of Ralph's for an hour and see literally no batches while I see the only other shopper walk in. About 20 min later another shopper I know pulls into the lot and says they took a batch that was sitting on the screen for a while. Strange because I never saw it. This happens a few more times with other shoppers for about 2 hours. Went and tried Vons for an hour. Nothing while I see a shopper get an order leave come back and gets another order. There are 7 stores that I know of that I stopped seeing batches for on April 25th. Ralph's vons, Walmart, cvs, Albertsons, stater bros and total wine. All stores near the area I shop. After a week i told an agent i havent seen 1 batch from each of these stores when i used to see a lot of them daily because they were bad orders and would sit and they gaslighted me saying my account is fine and I will recieve batches soon and didn't bother to make a ticket. Asked another agent and they said they did. Checked back in a few days and still nothing. I asked them on Twitter to look into it and they said IT still doesn't have an answer. This goes on for SIX WEEKS, meanwhile I'm losing around $500 a week! So finally week 6 I ask and the guy says I am banned because the store requested it. Seeing how i only really shop at the ralphs and know everyone there says this makes no sense and tell him so and he says there's nothing he could do and he would have the appropriate department resend the email he says was sent feb 10th (then why was I shopping till apr26??). Me, being the lazy bum I am and never delete emails have every email around then and there was no email and sent him a SS of all my emails that day. I get it a day later and it says that I am banned at those retailers because I used my own debit card when theirs would not authorize no matter what I did. Every email sent about it says "only use your card if you have a problem with it" and never issued any sort of warning. I had gotten at least 5 new cards but my issue meant I needed a new card literally every day if they didn't want me to use it. I replied to the email from trust and safety and he hasn't responded for 4 days now. Twitter help says their decision is final. This is so damn ridiculous I can't even believe it's happening. If anyone knows or has an idea I could really use it, this is so unfair, ive lost thousands of dollars for doing what they told me to do😓
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2023.06.10 07:09 anant9410 Any 2/3bhk for Cancer Patients' Family Near Tukdoji Square?

Hello, beautiful people from Nagpur!
Can someone suggest or help with a flat/house near 'RASTRA SANT TUKDOJI REGIONAL CANCER HOSPITAL'?
One of my friends' mom is recently diagnosed with cancer and her treatment is ongoing at RCG Nagpur. Her family members need a home/flat on rent for about 2 months near the hospital- if anyone has any leads or could help, please comment or DM me.
They are not looking for something expensive or extravagant, anything decent where they could stay during the treatment would do.
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2023.06.10 07:09 ardweebno [ FOR SALE ] AccuPower IQ338XL and Zanflare C4 Li-Ion battery chargers

[ FOR SALE ] AccuPower IQ338XL and Zanflare C4 Li-Ion battery chargers
In the process of packing up to move and noticed I still have two 18650 battery chargetesters that I can no longer use. One is an AccuPower IQ338XL and the other is the Zanflare C4. Jehu (jag35) uses both of these in his large-scale testing rigs and they have served me well for testing 18650 cells.

$35 /each + shipping, or $75 for both and I'll cover the shipping in the continental US.

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2023.06.10 07:08 diveshraj731 BoyFriend Control Vashikaran Specialist Baba Ji +91 7737015003

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How does vashikaran work?+91 7737015003

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वशीकरण हमारे प्राचीन वैदिक ज्योतिष विज्ञान का हिस्सा है। यह कुछ शक्तिशाली और प्रभावी मंत्रों का एक संग्रह है जो किसी की शारीरिक और भावनात्मक स्थिति को हासिल करने के लिए लागू किया जाता है। वशीकरण सम्मोहन की कला है और प्रेम समस्याओं को सुलझाने में बहुत मददगार है। BoyFriend Control Vashikaran Specialist Baba Ji
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प्रेम समस्या समाधान के लिए सकारात्मक जादू मंत्र +91 7737015003

समय-समय पर प्यार का इजहार करना आपके प्यार को वापस पाने का एक प्रयास है क्योंकि वह आपके दिल में एकमात्र व्यक्ति है। अपने प्यार का इजहार करना कभी भी बहुत देर से या बहुत जल्दी नहीं होता है, यह हमेशा प्यार और संघनन की भावना के साथ आता है, और यह केवल उन शब्दों को कहने की बात नहीं है जो आपके जीवन साथी को स्वर्ग में आत्माओं से मिलकर खुश करते हैं। प्यार का इजहार करना कोई बड़ी बात नहीं है जो आपके जीवनसाथी के लिए यह सोचती है कि जो दो आत्मीय साथियों से मिलें और एक खुशहाल परिवार बनाएं। BoyFriend Control Vashikaran Specialist Baba Ji
सकारात्मक प्रेम वशीकरण विशेषज्ञ वह है जो ज्योतिषीय तकनीकों और जैविक शक्तियों को पूरी तरह से जानता है जो अपना जीवन बनाते हैं, और स्टार के व्यापक तत्व, जैसे ग्रहों और ग्रहों की स्थिति। विभिन्न लक्षणों वाले लोगों को प्रभावित करता है। और कुछ मंत्र नकारात्मकता की नकारात्मक ऊर्जा से बचने के तरीके के रूप में बनाए जाते हैं जो आपका मार्गदर्शन करेंगे। संभवत: कुछ भी उस व्यक्ति द्वारा किया जाता है जिसके बारे में भावनाएं होती हैं। हालाँकि, जब आप जानते हैं कि वहाँ कोई है जो आपको बहुत पसंद नहीं करता है; डिब्बे और अफवाहें प्रभाव डाल सकती हैं। BoyFriend Control Vashikaran Specialist Baba Ji

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बहुत से लोग मानते हैं कि जादुई मंत्र या शक्तिशाली भय हैं जो किसी व्यक्ति को अपनी इच्छाओं और इच्छाओं के अनुसार व्यवहार करने और सोचने पर मजबूर कर सकते हैं। लेकिन यह हमेशा सच है कि इस दुनिया में किसी व्यक्ति विशेष को कोई झटका नहीं दे सकता। हम सभी जानते हैं कि एक मजबूत बुद्धिमान व्यक्ति को शामिल करना मुश्किल है। जब एक पेशेवर मनोवैज्ञानिक किसी व्यक्ति के विचारों को नियंत्रित नहीं कर सकता है, BoyFriend Control Vashikaran Specialist Baba Ji
जो एक निश्चित अवधि के लिए उनके सामने है, एक अनपढ़ तकनीक जो किसी व्यक्ति के विचारों को नियंत्रित कर सकती है? यह कुछ ही है और कमजोर दिमाग के साथ खेलता है। कमजोर और कमजोर दिमाग वाले लोगों को लग सकता है कि उनके साथ छेड़छाड़ की गई है, लेकिन वशीकरण के माध्यम से किसी व्यक्ति के दैनिक जीवन को प्रभावित करना संभव नहीं है।

भारत में वशीकरण विशेषज्ञ ज्योतिषी

ज्योतिष और वशीकरण के क्षेत्र में एक जाना-माना नाम है। उन्होंने एक व्यक्ति की समस्याओं को समझने और उनके लिए चीजों को बेहतर बनाने के बाद ही उनके लिए बहुत कुछ अच्छा बनाया है। भारत में वशीकरण विशेषज्ञ ज्योतिषी हमेशा एक व्यक्ति को यह समझाते हैं कि किसी व्यक्ति के लिए समग्र चीजें कैसे बेहतर हो सकती हैं। उनकी सेवाएं हमेशा बहुत प्रभावी होती हैं। कोई भी व्यक्ति जो चाहता है कि वे चीजें उनके लिए अच्छी हों, वह बस मुफ्त वशीकरण समाधान ले सकता है। Love Problem Solution By Vashikaran Baba Ji +91 7737015003
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2023.06.10 07:08 nihilismismyname [A4GM][5e][[Online][Play by Post][1 on 1][5e][Homebrew][CST][17+][Long-Term] An Infernal Invasion!

"Fear the old blood; you've no idea the curse you have brought upon us," the old man said, his pale frame rested against the body of a large woman staring down at him. Her entire form was obfuscated by the thick, plated armor covering her body. The woman lets out a low growl as she plants a hand on his shoulder, and pushes him off of her blade. She stares down at the body, her expression behind her helmet remaining stern, unbroken, and unrelenting...
"You must be unrelenting," One of her... Mentors, of sorts, had told her all those years ago. His large muscular frame was imposing against the smaller, pale girl beneath him. Her arms and legs had white scales along them, and she had a tail not unlike a dragon's. On her back were two wings of matching color.
Her breathing was ragged and heavy, and in her arms was a battle axe she held limply. She had been much younger at the time, but was still quite large for her age. Still, her mentor had dwarfed her.
"This isn't fair!" She groaned. The axe was easily two sizes too large for her, and the energy required to wield it was clearly starting to take its toll on her.
"Life isn't fair, child. Do you think your enemy will give you a break if you get tired? Again," He responded, his voice as stern and uncaring as ever.
In a gust of flame, her mentor was gone, and she alone once more. Arms sore and shaking, she stands tall but tired against the red sand beneath her. She can barely lift the axe, leaving the blade to rest on the ground, as a portcullis across from her slowly opens.
Behind it, a chain devil stood. Its frame was lithe and strong despite the evidence of hunger being written across its body. It is quick to action upon the wall between them having been lifted, and begins to spin a hook at the end of one of its chains as it approaches. The woman shakily hefts her axe, resting it on her shoulder as she meets its gaze with one of her own-- one of equal parts determination and fear.
Hello all! My name is Nihilism, but you can just call me Nihil. My post is a bit long, so I'll be posting a condensed version here, with a more in-depth version here!
The basic concept I am looking for is a game wherein you and I would collaboratively make the world in which we tell the story of a Doom or Berserk style Demon Slayer; someone on a rage-fueled, heavy metal demon killing spree. The excerpt you read above is meant to show off the character I intend to play, alongside show as a sample of my writing style!
If all of this interests you, feel free to DM me! Before you do, though, here are some things to know about me:
With all that said, if you’d like to write a story of demons, devils, aberrations, and a woman’s righteous, hate-fuelled war against them with me, DM me on Reddit! Be sure to include the word “Detritus” in your message and, if you’d like, your favorite joke! That way I know you actually read the post (or at least skimmed it well enough to notice this)! If you don’t do this, I may not respond, as I will give your message less priority than those that use the passcode!
Can't wait to see who responds~!
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