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2023.03.26 07:02 SnooHobbies4453 Advice on how to advertise?

I just turned 18 a little more than a month ago, but I'm still in high school and I live with my parents. I'm pretty new at selling on Etsy, and I have not made any sales on my Etsy shop since I started it earlier this year. I produce my products through a print-on-demand service connected to my shop because I don't have room for a "warehouse" and it's a lot easier and works better with my schedule. I've always been a bit weary of advertising my shop as I don't want to seem pushy or money hungry. However, I'm almost $300 in credit card debt due to online transactions that took more money than I intended it to. My dad says I need to find a way to pay it because it can't stay that way and it is connected to him as well.
What are ways I can advertise without sounding like someone who just wants to take other peoples money?
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2023.03.26 07:02 AutoModerator [Share Course] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree

[Share Course] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree
Download Course link: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/dan-koe-digital-economics-masters-degree/
[Share Course] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree
Size: 26.38 GB Delivery: MEGA
Delivery Time : Instantly


What You Get

Phase 0) Digital Economics 101

The Digital Economics 101 module will open 1 week prior to the cohort start date.This is an onboarding module that will get you up to speed so we can get straight into the material.This will be required to finish before the start date.

  • Gain a deep understanding of all of the pieces in the digital economy.
  • Learn about the future of media and code — the front-end and backend of the internet — so you can focus your efforts.
  • Understand digital leverage, distribution, no-code tools, and digital assets so you can take part in the mental & financial wealth transfer.

Phase 1) Creating A Meaningful Niche

Every day I hear people going on and on about trying to find their niche.I also hear people talking about how they don’t know how to combine what they love talking about with what will sell.You already have the answer. You just don’t have the clarity.

  • Develop a long-term strategy to create your own niche — meaning you don’t have to worry about your “competition” playing status games.
  • Discover your life’s work, curiosities, and obsessions. I see too many people that are uncertain about this for years.
  • Cultivate and turn your vision, goals, and values into a brand that attracts an audience you love interacting with (and that will buy from you, and only you).

Phase 2) Content Strategy

There is one thing that separates those who make it in the digital economy and those who don’t.It’s the quality, articulation, and perceived originality of their content.The content you post has to make sense to the people you attract.Everyone has a different voice and tone that they resonate with. That they are congruent with and trust.It has to change their thought patterns or behavior — that’s what makes you memorable.That’s what separates you from the sea of people posting surface-level copy-cat style posts.Example and putting my money where my mouth is:

  • Become an expert-level speaker or writer on the topics you care about.
  • Never run out of content ideas for your posts or promotions (without using content templates — that’s how you stay a commodity).
  • Create posts, blogs, tweets, images, and videos that resonate with other’s on a deep level. People will actually ask you how you got so good at what you do.
  • Separate yourself from the ocean of B-tier creators that struggle to sell their products, services, andhave their ideas stick in the head of their audience.
  • Implement our Epistemic Research Method — which is just a fancy way of saying scientific research method… but it’s for researching your mind to craft brilliant content and product ideas.

Phase 3) Crafting Your Offer

Most people are sitting on a goldmine of skills, experience, and knowledge (that they can use to help people 1-2 steps behind them).That is what people pay for.Considering 95% of the market are beginners… if you are good at something, you can help them get to your level (no matter how “basic” you think the information is).Do you not watch basic content all day anyway? People don’t want new information, they want to be reminded of what works.

  • Use our Minimum Viable Offer strategy to start monetizing immediately (and have something to improve over time, rather than procrastinating until it’s perfect).
  • Have a strategy for reducing the time you spend working over time (as you build leverage and improve your offer).
  • Know how to create your own customers from the audience you are building, instead of “finding” the right customer for your offer.
  • Take the guesswork out of building coaching, consulting, or digital product offers.

Phase 4) Marketing Strategy

You aren’t making money because you aren’t promoting yourself or your offer.That is literally the only way to make money. Have something desirable and consistently put it in front of peoples’ faces.In Phase 4, I will show you how to systemize, automate, and be consistent with simple promotions.You will be able to make money without having the chance of forgetting to do it (or letting fear of failure get in the way).

  • Learn to sell on social media, in your writing, and across different platforms.
  • Have consistent sales coming in while focusing on your meaningful message (no need to sound salesy all the time).
  • Learn advanced automation strategies that you can implement at your own pace, especially once you validate your offer.

Bonus) The Creator Command Center

The Creator Command Center is a Notion template that houses all of the systems.This is how you will manage your brand, content, offer creation, marketing strategy, and systemized promotions for consistent sales.

Bonus) Live Product Build & Launch

In the first Digital Economics Cohort, I built out my course The 2 Hour Writer.I have videos showing how I build it with the strategies in phase 3 and 4.There is a bonus module that shows how I had an $85,000 launch that resulted in my first $100K month.I did this to prove the strategies inside Digital Economics work if you stick to the plan.And, this past Black Friday, I blew my that monthly high out of the water in 4 days.That’s the power of these strategies if you stay consistent with your life’s work.
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2023.03.26 07:01 ye_iswa Easy way to import a vocab list...?

Im trying to make a spreadsheet of simple/common nouns, verbs, etc for an ESL (English as a Second Language) Class.
There's *GOT* to be a better way than manually entering them in one by one!
PLS help!
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2023.03.26 07:01 AutoModerator Challenge 7 of 27 - Colour

There are so many possibilities with this challenge, colour me excited to see the cards this week!
Remember, all cards are welcome be they homemade (any skill level), store-bought (with or without your own personalization), or cards you have received from other users.
Please make sure to share a picture of your card(s) as well!
You may post your card(s) in this thread at any time, however, if you wish to be matched with other participants for exchange you need to have posted before April 9. If you want to be matched, please note where you are sending from and to (ex: From UK to WW or US to US). Please remember that you can only exchange a maximum of 3 cards a week - but feel free to post more just to share!
If you want to know more about card challenges or see the future themes for this year, this post is the place for you:
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2023.03.26 07:01 AutoModerator Daily Discussion and Game Recommendations Thread (March 26, 2023)

Welcome to /boardgames's Daily Discussion and Game Recommendations
This is a place where you can ask any and all questions relating to the board gaming world including but not limited to:

Asking for Recommendations

You're much more likely to get good and personalized recommendations if you take the time to format a well-written ask. We highly recommend using this template as a guide. Here is a version with additional explanations in case the template isn't enough.

Bold Your Games

Help people identify your game suggestions easily by making the names bold.

Additional Resources

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2023.03.26 07:00 AbjectMovie688 Are there job sites online you can apply to as a Filipino and once you get hired, they sponsor you?

I had a colleague years ago she was a graphic designer and then she applied online lang for a singapore job and she got it and flew just a few months after. I remember that she was just randonly applying online and suddenly got the job while she was still in the PH
Sadly i dont have her contact anymore so i cant ask where she applied.
Was she just lying or did she just go through an agency etc? Cause i wanna try my luck and apply. Since may job naman ako now and wala naman mawawala with me applying.
Preferably on countries that speak english. But singapore would be ok also since my colleague got there easily (at least thats what she said na easy lang)
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2023.03.26 07:00 AutoModerator Weekly Louisville Classifieds and Promotions Thread

Welcome to the weekly /Louisville Classifieds and Promotions thread.
Please use this thread for any classifieds posts or promotions.
Classifieds can be, but are not limited to:
Cross posting from Craigslist, /LouisvilleClassifieds, and other classified-type sites
Roommate needed/wanted
Sublet/vacancy available notices
Residential and/or commercial real estate for rent or sale
Services offered for sale or trade (legal transactions only)
Property/Vehicles/Goods offered for sale
Property/Vehicles/Goods wanted to buy
Garage/Yard sale announcements
Public Notices (not an acceptable forum for any legal requirements)
Event announcements and promotions
Self-promotion (artist, musician, etc.)
Self-promotion (businesses)
Job seekers
Employers seeking to fill jobs
If you think you have something that is time sensitive or an otherwise compelling reason to post a classified in the main sub, message the mods. Mods will evaluate things on a case by case basis.
Scams are a huge problem with classified ads, especially job postings. Take every possible precaution when arranging a transaction, especially ones conducted exclusively or largely over the internet. Be aware that the potential for someone trying to scam you is very high.
Here are some tips on avoiding job scams from the FTC
The Better Business Bureau offers some advice on avoiding scams in general and provides Scam Tracker as a resource to report scams locally.
This post is replaced every week on Sunday morning, so be sure to check for new posts or repost unsold items and unclaimed offers each week.
As usual, please keep the reddiquette and the rules in mind.
Message the mods with any questions.
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2023.03.26 07:00 sharewithme Word of The Hour: burden

English: burden
  1. the capacity of a vessel, or the weight of cargo that she will carry
  2. the proportion of ore and flux to fuel, in the charge of a blast furnace
  3. the tops or heads of stream-work which lie over the stream of tin
Join our new subreddit for language learners @ /LearnANewLanguage
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2023.03.26 07:00 BevoBot [3/26/2023] Sunday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread

/LonghornNation Daily Off Topic Free Talk Thread

Today: 3/26/2023
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Your go-to place to talk about whatever you want. From the dumb shit aggies do on a near daily basis, to the latest whatever happening wherever. What ya got?

Recent Longhorn Tweets

  1. @Hcard7 Did you know @PUCancerInst has +40 drugs in development? I’m excited to help them #HammerDownCancer during Wednesda… https://t.co/qMt4N1J2PU
  2. @CoachSark RT @TexasFootball: Welcome back to the Forty Acres, Kyle Shanahan! 🤘 https://t.co/REJTrzVWV1
  3. @TexasFootball Longhorn fam 🤘 https://t.co/4Z7b3aw422
  4. @_delconte RT @UT_Bianco: In 4⃣5⃣ seasons leading the @TexasMSD program, Eddie Reese has led the Longhorns to a top-3 finish🏆 at the NCAA Championship…

Trending on Reddit

  1. Someone didn't properly tighten their lugs...
  2. I teamed up with a fellow redditor to try and capture the most ridiculously detailed image of the entire sun we could. The result was a whopping 140 megapixels, and features a solar "tornado" over 14 Earths tall. This is a crop from the full image, make sure you zoom in!
  3. TIL that Channel 5 was the only major UK television channel not to broadcast Queen Elizabeth II's funeral - they aired The Emoji Movie instead
  4. My new gaming space. Now I can get destroyed by 12 year olds who have slept with my mum in comfort.
  5. Book ban lawmaker “very sad” that a parent is using his law to ban the “sex-ridden” Bible. The parent said that if lesser books have been banned, then the Bible, which discusses infanticide, rape, and bestiality, is not appropriate for kids.
  1. The Twelfth Annual /CollegeBasketball Bracket Challenge
  2. What every SEC stadium will look like in 100 years (according to AI)
  3. 2023 4* DB Antione Jackson flips from Miami to ECU
  4. 247 Sports- Conference realignment: Fresno State University president reportedly confirms Big 12 interest in Bulldogs
  5. How every five-star recruit in the 2020 class has graded so far in their college football career College Football PFF
  6. 2024 4* CB Jeremiah Newcombe commits to Oklahoma
  1. [3/25/2023] Saturday’s Off Topic Free Talk Thread
  2. [3/25/2023] Saturday's Sports Talk Thread
  3. Texas Men’s Swimming and Diving finishes 3rd in the NCAA Championships.
  4. USA Volleyball has awarded Texas’ Jerritt Elliott with the All-Time Great Coach Award.
  5. Places to watch the Miami game around campus that won’t be a madhouse?
  6. [Post Game Thread] 🏀 (2) Texas defeats (3) Xavier, 83-71, to advance to the Elite Eight
  7. Rodney Terry’s Specs
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2023.03.26 06:59 McGuirkTTV [H] $50,000+ Crypto: (BTC/USDC/ETH/USDT and more), [W] Skins / Knives / Gloves / Playskins Paying up to 96% Buff / tf2 keys b/o at $1.45

I am currently looking to buy almost any skin mainly including Knives, Gloves, Blue Gems, Play Skins, and any interesting crafts.
I am paying up to 96% buff163 prices with any form of crypto that you desire.
Mostly interested in skins that are $100+
Please add me on STEAM to chat about any deals. If I am awake I will almost accept your add within a few minutes.
[B/O] - tf2 keys $1.45
Trade Offer - https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=17529954&token=Y2K97BH7
My Steam Profile - https://steamcommunity.com/id/mcg96/
Csgofloat where you can view my items for sale and where I have 100+ rep - https://csgofloat.com/stall/76561197977795682
My CSGOREP profile where I have started doing deals off sites - https://csgo-rep.com/profile/76561197977795682
buff store - https://buff.163.com/shop/U1102852398?store_game=csgo#tab=selling&game=csgo
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2023.03.26 06:59 AutoModerator [Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery

[Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery
Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/copy-paste-agency-iman-gadzhi/
[Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery
You’ve stumbled across this page for a reason.
It’s not because you’ve heard of this crazy new business model called ‘SMMA’ and it’s not because you’re struggling to sign your first client.
It’s because you’re exasperated. You’re frustrated. And you know you can do better. You’re stuck in a pair of “golden handcuffs”: running a mildly-successful agency but beholden to your clients, your staff, and your phone.
You’ve broken the one inviolable rule of running an agency and not kept a full pipeline.
You know that you can reach the upper echelon of agency owners making six-and-seven figures, whilst working less than six-and-seven hours a week. You just don’t know how… My name’s Iman Gadzhi and since 2017, I’ve run IAG Media. In this time, I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, enjoyed six-figure months and made my clients millions.
I’ve also lost multiple clients in a row, been over-worked and chained to the agency that I started to give me freedom.
All the while, I’ve refined, tweaked and optimized my agency whilst also creating GrowYourAgency.com – the world’s largest education company for agency owners.
But in early 2020, I realised there was a problem. For every beginner agency owner desperate to sign their first client, there were three experienced agency owners desperate for guidance, systems and processes, and a solution to their broken agency model.
It’s why I created Copy Paste Agency…
…not so I can show you how to sign a client or perform basic outreach.
So you could take, copy and paste the exact methods I use in my own agency into your agency. Copy Paste Agency students learn:
How I continue to run a multiple-six-figure agency from home with a skeleton staff and minimal expenses.
How to command higher retainers… and retain those clients for longer.
How to automate, delegate, and optimize every area of your agency from lead generation and sales to service delivery and client communication.
Plus get access to the latest tools and software used by my own agency, IAG Media such as reporting templates.
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2023.03.26 06:59 adamsark Campaign Idea: After School Delving (Requesting critiques)

Plot Hook: Four to Six teenagers stumble into a set of MacGuffins, called Dungeon Amulets! With it, they figure out they can teleport to Dungeon World, a nearly apocalyptic world infested with Dungeons (ala Dungeon Cores). Using their newfound powers granted by the amulets, they decide to form a group of adventurers. The Teens will have to deal with life on earth while hiding their magical powers, like nosy parents, keeping up their grades, and finding a date for the prom, while on Dungeon World, they'll have to protect the kingdom they started off in, deal with paranoid townsfolk, an endless sea of monsters, and powerful elite minions of the Dungeon King!
Character Creation: Each PC starts off with 150 CP, with a 50-point disadvantage limit and the usual five-quirk limit. Attributes & Secondary Characteristics don't count towards the disadvantage limit. All PCs have a Dungeon Amulet worth zero points (see below). PCs are semi-restricted to the Dungeon Delver's Cheat Sheet, though any appropriate Mundane traits and skills for TL 8 teenagers are available for purchase as well, on a case-by-case basis. Pyramid related classes and abilities are also on a case-by-case basis, as well as the other Dungeon Fantasy splatbooks.
All PCs have Social Stigma (Minor) [-5], and Duty (Attend School: FR-12, {-10}; Nonhazardous, {5}) [-5]. They require some combination of Patron (Parents), Independent Income, and Claim to Hospitality (Boarding School or Parent's House: One Location, {1}; Cosmic (No Reciprocation), +100%) [2]. Wealth is split between worlds, each worth half the usual value of the trait. Everyone can speak English at native fluency (or less, at your own detriment), and Common is a Close Dialect. Everyone has a Native Culture of Western / North American.
The campaign assumes the Teens have had the amulets for a few weeks or months. Alternative, starting the campaign at the start of the Plot Hook requires Dead Broke (Dungeon World, x0.5; Starting Wealth Only, -60%) [-5] and no supernatural traits other than Potential Advantages bought at FULL COST.

Side notes:
- Dungeon World is TL 3+1^, and due to divergent physics & materials, most TL 4 to TL 8 technology from Earth either doesn't work (well or never), or spontaneously implodes if transported to Dungeon World. Firearms exist in Dungeon World, but they don't use black powder or a similar material, along the lines of Pyramid 3/36's Demolisher and Musketeer.

- The Teenagers are all from Generic Town, "North America". They can be friends, but are at minimum acquaintances. They're aged between 15 to 18, and attend either the town's public high school, or a the boarding school built on the outskirts of the town. The actual time of Earth can be anywhere between 1985 and 2015 or so, with High Tech: Electricity and Electronics in effect.

Dungeon Amulet {0}
Traits: Alternate Form (Dungeon World Body: Non-Reciprocal Damage, +50%; Once On, Stays On, +50%; Reciprocal Rest, +30%; Absorptive Change (Extra-Heavy Encumbrance), +25%; Link, +10%; Unique, -25%; Can be Stolen (DX Quick Contest), -30%; Immediate Preparation Required (1 Minute), -30%) [27]; Jumper (Worlds: Improved, +10%; Link (Alternate Form), +10%; Beneficial Effect (Anchored), +5%; Limited Access (Earth & Dungeon World), -20%; Unique, -25%; Can be Stolen (DX Quick Contest), -30%; Immediate Preparation Required (1 Minute), -30%) [20]; Unusual Background (Has Supernatural Powers: Unknown, {30}; Rare, {5}; Link?, +10%; Unique, -25%; Can be Stolen (DX Quick Contest), -30%) [20]; Enemy (The Dungeon's Bosses: One Powerful Individual, {-20}; Unknown, {-5}; FR-6, x0.5; Hunter, x1; Accessibility (Only while in Dungeon World), -10%) [-11]; Secret (Has Otherworldly Powers: Imprisonment or Exile, {-20}) [-20]; Enemy (The Dungeon's Monsters: Medium Group of Weak Individuals, {-20}; FR-12, x2; Hunter, x1; Accessibility (Only while in Dungeon World), -10%) [-36]

Description: You have a Dungeon Amulet, one of a half-dozen or so mystical artifacts that allows you to transport yourself into Dungeon World. In Dungeon World, you gain another body, which rests and heals independently of your actual body. On top of that, this allows your bodies to use the and develop the supernatural abilities you gain in Dungeon World in both worlds! Unfortunately, if anyone on Earth ever discovered this, it might cause... issues. Worse, the amulet attracts the attention of Dungeon Monsters when you're on Dungeon World, drawing them to you!

- Mechanically, You Jump between worlds by concentrating for 70 seconds, then rolling vs IQ (or World Jump once you develop the Skill). On a success, you're transported to Dungeon World or back to Earth, and appear in your Dungeon Form and Human Form respectively. On a failure, you don't go anywhere, though a Critical Failure succeeds, but drops you into a dangerous situation. Regardless of success, you're docked 1 FP in your current form. You appear at the last place you were in either world, though time passes at the same rate between worlds.

- Your Dungeon Form can either be Human, Halfling, or Goblin without any issues, but a PC could dedicate extra points at character creation to get a more expensive Dungeon Form. Your alternate forms heal and rest when not in use. Should you lose the Amulet, you'll be locked into your current form.

- If you're in your Dungeon World form, any gear on your person is kept with that form, except up to BL Equipment you designate to bring with you while concentrating. If you're in Human Form, you can carry up to BL equipment into Dungeon World, but high TL equipment might not work... or explode!
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2023.03.26 06:59 Hashim_3004 Goju Ryu/traditional (solely self defence) Okinawan karate in London?

The title says it all. London is the epicentre for martial arts in the uk(and Europe for that matter) albeit the downfall of that is the large number of dojos. I was wondering if anyone had any Experience with any Goju Ryu dojos in London and could provide me with some recommendations for one that focusses solely on self defence/has a modern, more applied take on the martial art.
Any traditional Okinawan karate recommendations are welcome please.
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2023.03.26 06:58 SickoCoffee New SCP Idea

Don't mind the number I added it so that I could write it and make it flow (this link is for those who want the raw document - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HFvigNhtzxLT8xgc4Fb2WStN1ZDvugP9YW7Q-XZglG4/edit?usp=sharing)
Object ID: SCP-7941
Codename: “Pawsight”
Object Class: Euclid
Containment Location: SITE-653
Dr. Addilyn Z. Ludwig, Anomalous Animals & Cognitohazard Research.
SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP-7941 is to be contained within a standard feline containment unit that meets the following specifications:
The containment unit must be cleaned daily by Class-D personnel and any waste produced by SCP-7941 must be disposed of using standard biological waste procedures.
Access to SCP-7941's containment unit is restricted to Level 3 personnel or higher, who must undergo a psychological evaluation before and after interacting with SCP-7941. Any personnel who experience hallucinations or other unusual mental phenomena must be immediately removed from SCP-7941's vicinity and given medical attention as needed.
SCP-7941 must be fed twice daily with high-quality cat food and provided with toys for mental stimulation. Any communication with SCP-7941 must be done through a secure voice-transmission system, with a minimum of two personnel present to monitor the conversation and ensure compliance with Foundation protocol.
Additionally, the following measures must be taken:
It is important to note that these procedures are subject to revision as new information about SCP-7941 is discovered.
DESCRIPTION: SCP-7941 is a male Siamese feline possessing a functional ocular organ located on its forehead. The eye conveys visual data to SCP-7941's neural pathways, thereby enabling it to perceive the environment in a manner that is atypical of typical feline physiology. When an individual approaches SCP-7941, they experience vivid hallucinations of potential future scenarios. The intensity and specificity of these hallucinations are proportional to the subject's proximity to SCP-7941.
SCP-7941 can communicate fluently in English or any other language spoken by the person interacting with it. SCP-7941 professes to possess knowledge of future events and offers predictions, although the accuracy of these predictions remains undetermined.
The hallucinations engendered by SCP-7941 are ostensibly unpredictable and seemingly devoid of any perceivable pattern or logic. While some of these scenarios may manifest into reality, most are implausible or impossible. It is postulated that only one of the visions presented by SCP-7941 is accurate, yet its validation cannot be ascertained until its manifestation.
The Foundation was notified of the SCP after a retired couple in [REDACTED], USA tried to sell the cat online. The owners assert that SCP-7941 belonged to their deceased granddaughter who was afflicted with an uncommon genetic pathology. Within 24 hours the Foundation initiated containment operations and Agent Samuels was sent to the home in order to contain the object.
SCP-7941's conduct has occasionally deviated from normative parameters, notably with instances of speaking in an unidentified language and exhibiting aggressive tendencies towards personnel. Further research is required to delineate the reasons for these behaviours and the potential risks they pose to containment.
ADDENDUM.1: Incident 7941.A
Following Incident 7941.A, it has been observed that SCP-7941's abilities have become increasingly erratic and unpredictable. On ██/██/20██, SCP-7941 initiated a containment breach by teleporting out of its containment unit and into the site's cafeteria.
In light of this incident, new special breach procedures have been implemented for SCP-7941:
  1. SCP-7941 must be monitored at all times by at least two armed guards equipped with tranquilliser guns.
  2. The locking mechanism on the containment unit must be secured with an additional biometric scanner that can only be accessed by Dr. Addilyn.
  3. In the event of another breach, a remote sedation system has been installed in and around the facility, allowing for immediate sedation.
  4. A GPS tracker must be attached to SCP-7941 at all times to monitor its location and movements. The tracker must be checked regularly to ensure it is functioning properly.
These additional measures are to be implemented immediately and are not subject to revision without approval from at least two Level 4 personnel.
Research into SCP-7941's abilities and potential risks to containment is ongoing, and any new information or observations must be immediately reported to Dr. Addilyn Z. Ludwig.
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2023.03.26 06:58 Working_Armadillo276 This happened

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2023.03.26 06:57 seotrainee347 Why you don't go for sales positions on Craigslist

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2023.03.26 06:55 MKFirst Japan Pt 1 - Soapland

I've written this trip report 3 times now and keep losing the draft. It's gonna get long, so please forgive me. The actual action will be a few paragraphs down. Little background, I'm non-Japanese Asian American and don't speak any Japanese. Was on a solo trip to Japan, so I figured I'd check out the scene, although my pre-trip research was pretty lacking. Japan's hobby scene is a bit anti-thetical to this sub, but I thought I'd share in the interest of science. If nothing else, you can avoid being a bumbling idiot like me.
I think most people know what Soaplands are, but basically a spa with benefits. They are very common around Japan, but many are not accessible to foreigners. Those that do take foreigners tend to charge a "foreigner tax", which is very high fees. There is a message board Tokyo Adult Guide with some helpful tips, but I'm pretty sure all of those people speak some Japanese. The no foreigners thing is not necessarily a racist thing. They just don't want to get in a situation where inability to communicate might be dangerous for the girls (some management is just too lazy to deal with speaking a foreign language).
From my limited research, I settled on Hisyo in the north of Tokyo (about 1.5km walk from Asakusa). It's located in a district with a bunch of soaplands back to back. Their schtick is that the girls all dress like secretaries. And not like American Halloween slutty secretary. Like actual Japanese company secretary uniform. It's not why I picked them but it didn't hurt either. I had looked up online their lineup for the day and settled on Sora. Didn't know at the time, but she's a mixed Japanese former AV star. So I landed at Haneda about 5am. I had my luggage shipped to my hotel, so I didn't bother stopping by there and just walked around Tokyo all day. After a couple of meals that I had to either wait or put my name down, I finally headed to Hisyo about 8pm (I had intended to go at 12pm, then 3pm, etc... but got caught up doing touristy shit or waiting for my next meal). There was a tout out on the street side, but you shouldn't go with those guys. Found the door to the soapland, asked the tencho (kind of the manager) if English would be OK. He said yes, but Sora was Japanese only (not true, but I wasn't gonna argue). I'm not sure if I had spoken Chinese if she would have been made available. Also, I was dressed like a bum. Jogger pants, Jordans, and sweatshirt under my nice overcoat. I was dressed for the plane and the cold. All my clothes were pretty expensive, but athleisure is still athleisure. Not sure if that affected anything but it's a possibility. It's not that you need to dress up, but not looking like a foreign bum helps. Fee was quoted 75K yen for 2 hours which is about double the price that locals pay. I was kind of prepared and had the budget so I agreed. This is where some weirdness started
I took my shoes off at the entrance, was put in a waiting room and given a hot towel and iced tea (standard practice). Waited about 10 minutes and the tencho came back with 5 cards for me to pick the girls from. I went with a girl named Luna. Pretty, skinny girl, in her early 20's. Tencho said ok, took my money, and left me to wait about 10 minutes. He came back and said we're going to meet her at a different location and walked me about 4 buildings down. Again took my shoes off, put in the waiting room, given a hot towel and tea, and wait for about 15 minutes until he came back again and said another location and took me 2 buildings back toward where we started (remember I said there are a lot of soaplands in that neighborhood). At this point, I'm starting to wonder if I got scammed, was going to be killed, or what. Another 5 minutes, and he said another place again, and we walk to the next building again (this one doesn't make me take off my shoes at the entrance). Then I'm in the waiting room for about 20 minutes. He comes back, I'm ready to move to a new location but they said Luna's ready for me!!!
I'm shown to a 2 person elevator where this cute girl (sure enough dressed as a secretary) bowed to me and beckoned me to enter. She greeted me with limited English but enough to get the job done. We went up to the room, took our shoes off at the entrance and enter. The room is like a small hotel room with a large bed and a closet and tables. It steps down into an open bathroom that's a bit bigger than the hotel room side itself. Those that watch Japanese AV will know what I'm talking about, It was quite a large bedroom.
Now, this is where I believe Japan sets itself apart from other countries as far as service. Luna was professional, but not mechanical about everything. This would be a running theme in my few times I saw providers while there. She called down my drink order then helped me undress. After I was relieved of my clothing, I helped her out of hers, and we stepped over to the bathroom side. I was shown into the tub while she prepared the open shower. Remember this is called soapland. We traded some small talk while she prepared a little wash bucket of soap suds. Gave me a toothbrush, toothpaste, and rinse. So you brush in tub and can spit it outside because that's all shower drain area. Took a few minutes to prepare but then she had me exit the tub and join her by the shower with a stool. She rinsed me while standing, then had me sit on a plastic stool but not like the ones typically seen in JAV. This one was shaped like an M that wasn't connected in the middle. She spread the suds onto one body area at a time (one arm, leg, etc...) and used her tits, ass, kitty to rub it all in. Needless to say, I'm pretty turned on by all this. I'm rinsed off while sitting on the stool, and then she proceeds to lick me from face to toe, including bbbj. At one point, she slid her whole body under my seat and rimmed me a bit. Not usually my thing, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I stood up for more bbbj before being shown back into the tub. She takes a while to first wash all the soap from the shower area floor, rinse out the towels that I had been sitting on (to keep from sliding on the plastic stool) and prepared the next item on the agenda.
2nd half was nuru time. She had prepared the warm nuru gel, placed the air mattress where we had previously been sitting, all while I was sipping some iced tea in the tub. When she placed the mattress down, she used the wet towels to cover the head and foot rest area so we could control our sliding. These girls are trained well and execute their jobs even better. Anyway, we started with me face down while she spread the nuru gel all around by rubbing her gel covered body all over me again. The massage was better than 90% of AMP here, but the best part is when she could squirm under me and grind my dick with her body. The flip was a surprise. I'm 6' and 200lbs and she was maybe 5'3" and 100ish. Her flip move was to lie on one side of me, stick her arm under me, grab my opposite hand, then pull and I'm on my back. It probably wasn't as cool as it felt but in the moment I was surprised. Now that I was on my back, she continued the sliding. If she wasn't pretty flat it probably would have been even better but that's nitpicking. she still slid under me a bit, licked my nipples a lot (they really like doing that, although I'm not super into it), and then bbbj. She then asked if I was ready for the cover. While I would prefer not to use one because I believe Japanese providers are magically disease free (/s), of course I agree. She rode me CG for a long time, but I couldn't finish. It got to a point where she was checking the clock and indicating she was worried we'd run out of time. So we took off the cover, went back to bbbj and hj, and I was finally blew a big load for her. She was really relieved that it happened (I believe she would have been more embarrassed than I would have been if I didn't). She showered the gel off me, sent me to the tub while she cleaned up the mattress and shower area, then joined me in the tub to clean off as well. I had fun washing the gel off her in the tub. Time was running out, so we dried off and she helped me get dressed.
Some little details to note. When she undressed me, she took time to hang up each article of clothing. Socks and underwear were folded inside of individual towels. -This was not gfe, but I think that varies by girl. -According to message boards, the price I paid could’ve bought me a ticket to Thailand, hotel for a night, and 2 trips to Thai soaplands. Not sure if it's the same type and level of service. So make of that what you will. -They made me wait in the waiting room after for about another 10 minutes for tencho to come take me outside. Once outside, he said that I'd have to walk back (I was planning to anyway) and left. I walked away wondering wtf I had just waited 10 minutes for that.
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2023.03.26 06:54 Neat-Earth-7439 HELP! I’m a noob. Bought pre built in December. 12700F / 3070 / ASRock 660M-C / 700w PSU…. Everything was working great. Decided that today I’d upgrade the GPU. Went out and bought a 4070 TI. Installed correctly. No boot. GPU and board light up. Computer runs. No display. Help!

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2023.03.26 06:54 Yuribellion [For Hire] Subtitles / closed captions for $0.50 per video minute

I will create subtitle / CC files (i.e. SRT, SBV) for $0.50 per video minute!
I manually create subtitle files, and I make sure all words and names are spelled correctly, punctuations are correct, lines are broken as properly as possible, each subtitle does not exceed two lines, and each subtitle is timed correctly.
Here are a few samples of my work as proof: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jKl4HLHCWlCEIwbDpmrXQJmqF-mz9v80K5qfOKdT9bI/edit?usp=sharing
I primarily make SRT files for YouTube videos, but I can also work with other formats, so long as I can download the video you want me to work on. The program I use is Subtitle Edit.
I am open to making revisions of my work and following your custom guidelines if you have any.
Looking forward to working with you!
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2023.03.26 06:54 SchoolSome43 What a great experience!! We needed an appraisal for the courts regarding a loved ones estate in Fargo, and then we needed a sale.

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2023.03.26 06:53 redhar1 BenQ EW3270U 4K 32 inch Monitor

Condition of the item - Used for 12 Months. Excellent condition, everything working as expected.
Date of purchase - 4 March, 2022. 2 Year India Warranty period remaining.
Picture of the invoice - https://imgur.com/a/u4pRjCf
Location of sale - Bangalore, Karnataka
Product Image - https://imgur.com/a/95WtIds
Reason for selling - Buying an OLED monitor
Expected Price - 25K (slight scope of negotiation)
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2023.03.26 06:53 backsouth ATL 4/28 for sale

I am attempting to sell one ticket to Eras Tour in ATL on 4/28. I am not trying to price gouge I’m just trying to get back what I paid. I have posted it on StubHub as of right now.
4/28 Section 117, Row 31, Seat 3
Asking 1,350 on StubHub. Will drop to 1,250 if done elsewhere (PayPal G&S). I can provide screen recordings. The other ticket in that area rn is listed for 2,750.
I have to be honest I have a PayPal account but haven’t used it since 2009 but it’s all up to date and ready to go!
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