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True Crime Ohio

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True Crime discussion for Ohio

2014.05.20 22:30 coreygrandy Pokémon Lumiose City Lottery Exchange

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2019.03.31 05:53 GlibIsMe Takarakuji de 40 oku Atatta ndakedo Isekai ni Ijuu Suru

After winning a 4 Billion Yen lottery, I quit my company job. But I ended up in a different world doing some serious volunteering, saving a poor village with contemporary Japanese materials and technology from the home center. What would happen if I bring modern home electrical appliances over there from Japan? And it seems I would fall in love with a beautiful girl in the village.

2023.03.26 07:47 InsaneCookies21 Should there be a watch party at G1C tomorrow night, just in case the drought ends with a Warriors win?

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2023.03.26 07:46 Vividfeathere Portalcraft Academy Card Review- Bearminator edition

So, new expansion, and Portal is currently the class that appeals to me most, so here we go-

Also, for those who dont recall, Bearminator currently is in rotation and has this nifty effect that while in play, any time a Machina Follower (or natura, but those dont exist in Rotation) attacks, recover 1pp. Keep this in mind.


Gun Collector- 3/5:1pp for Rally, puts Gretina back in deck. Triggers Resonance if you run Cassim and/or Rosa.

Sumo Mechanic- 3.5/5: 2pp ward and heal, it also puts an Assembly droid into your hand. The machina cards rely on this, and with the Gioffre/Bearminator combo, this becomes 0 cost, draw 1, deal 1 damage, gain 1 rally. probably the worst of the new Machina cards, but still pretty useful.

Focused Beam- 2/5: Not the hugest fan of this one. My first thoughts go to Rebel against Fate, and Merciless Voiding, and I dont think this is as good as either. sure, it can go 3 for 1 at 4pp, but only gives 1 artifact name for artifacts, or 2 rally (not machina counts), and at 4pp it's a bit too costly

Ancient Relic- 1/5: Far too expensive. I'd rather use Gullias to buff my board than this, and it costs way too much. You could run this with Alice, sure, but that seems too meme for my tastes.


Hoverbiker- 5/5: Early game droid generator, late game 5-7 damage storm for 3pp. It can be used late to finish people off alongside Gretina and possibly others like Lyelth's Marionnette and Bearminator. Speaking of Bearminator, friendly reminder that this card costs 1 with Bearminator in play and Reporter is active. Otherwise, she only recovers 1pp. Overall fantastic card IMO.

Gioffre, Dilligent Engineer- 5/5: Fantastic draw engine, and fantastic early game Machina count raiser. however, what makes me excited is the combo with Bearminator and Reporter. With Reporter active, all of your stockpiled Assembly droids draw a card when played and recover 1pp, like Machina Rune back in ROG. This removes the resource issue of playing a bunch of 1 costs, and removes the cost issue- as long as you can trade them all in! speaking of, This guy recovers his cost on his own with Bearminator and Reporter in play, as he trades, then his droid trades, and congratulations, you got a free Mechanized Lifeform. Oh, also, Gullian Howl now is 0pp draw 2 with Gullias since he is two 0pp Machina Spells. so many fun strategies you can do with this card.

Puppet Waltz- 3.5/5: It's a 2pp rally 2, or 4pp rally 4. It's also 4 damage to the board at the earliest. the enhance does make it worse with Flower doll, and that it requires the enhance to support Orchis. However, I do think it could be good in puppet rally.


Robotics Reporter- 5/5: Bearminator's best friend. the ability to give any Machina follower 1pp refund using that combo is so good for generating rally, and helping Gretina and Lyelth get stronger. So strong that the lack of a reliable tutor does hurt her massively. Oh, also, she does 1/4 of Gretina's condition on evolve on her own. She's a wonderful keystone to the deck.

Robotic Arm Rescuer- 4.5/5: Generates a massive amount of droids you can stockpile to use with Gioffre and/or Bearminator. The droids generated are also able to attack on their own without Reporter, which does make it easier without her effect. the only problem is the droids have 3 attack, so they can kill the enemy board before you've played all your droids. However, you can generate so many droids using this, very good card. Oh, also, it can be decent as an "Oh crap" protection tool with Heal, Ward, and multiple bodies.


Lyelth, Immaculate Idol- 5/5: The new backbone of any Rally deck, Machina or otherwise. Works with Cassim, puts Gretina back in the deck, and gives a whopping 6/6 storm bane ward for 1pp. one of the biggest problems of Rally in the past was lacking burst, and this can add a lot of burst. There's also how even at 10 destroyed the puppet is basically a 1pp Simael, so with future buffs and multiple copies, it can give some pretty good damage and board. Even with the destroy effect, the ward protects your other units and board. Overall, I love this card, and think it has a lot of potential.

Gretina, Champion Fighter-4.5/5: The Machina Rally payoff other than Lyelth. She has multlpe cards to throw her back into the deck, especially with Lyelth and Cassim. after 10 destroyed, she brings 1 more onto the board to fuel the next one's AOE effect, and 6 damage to the face for 0 can be comboed with a lot of cards to hit surprise lethals, like Lyelth, Hoverbiker, Gullias, or just generates a great board with Kyrzael on 7. She can also be summoned off Gullias for more Storm. Only reason she's not full 5/5 is that she's kinda unimpactful as the win condition, but the consistentcy and free damage she represents can help find Lethals.

Good expansion IMO, and with Bearminator making you able to do a lot more with Machina followers, and any Droid generators become way more powerful with both Bearminator, Reporter, and Gioffre. The only problem i've noticed is lack of consistency and draw- it can be difficult to draw the cards you need on time. But, the expansion hasnt dropped yet, so who can say what will happen?
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2023.03.26 07:46 FarmerPineapple What is the best way to make this competition fair? Or is it already fair and I’m biased?

Clarifying info** I work in a specific department in a grocery store chain, we are having a competition with all the other same departments of the other grocery stores. The competition is to sell the “most” of a certain product that is on sale right now, but I feel like my store is getting hoed out of winning the prize due to how the company is scoring the competition.
The rules of the competition** We are keeping track of how many 1 packs and 3 packs of this product we are selling, but just that number does not determine the winner. The actual competition numbers we are comparing is: the percentage of money made from these products in a day in ratio to our entire departments sales of that day. *The products cost $3.99 for singles and $11.97 for triple packs. For example if we sold 80 singles and 40 triples we made $798, and if our department as a whole sold $15,000 of product, we sold %5.32 of the competition product
**My problem with the competition We have some stores in some small locations, so if they sell let’s say $500 of competition product, but only rack in $5,500 of department sales, they’re at %11 compared to our %5.32 so they would win the competition. I do understand that if those small stores don’t have as many customers as the big ones then this is a way to give them a fighting chance, but there’s 2 more factors to consider: the smaller stores don’t have as many product options in the department at any given time compared to the bigger ones. For example I have twice the available product options to choose from at my store compared to a smaller one, so getting people to buy the competition product is in a way somewhat harder. The second factor is instacart. Instacart is when people shop for other people and they have certain list of items to buy, it’s a service so people only get exactly what their customer wants them to buy, I don’t have the option to convince those customers to buy our competition product. The big stores have a lot of these insta cart shoppers.
So I’m basically wondering if you guys think this is the fairest way for this competition to work or is there some algorithm or something including total department product options, total department $ sales, total competition products sold, and total competition product $ sales that might make it more fair? We can’t track department specific instacart sales but the store as a whole might be able to track instacart sales and there might be a way to average that with our departments average or something. I can find out if we track instacart sales as a whole if anyone thinks that data is necessary.
To anyone willing to take the time to do some maths thanks a ton
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2023.03.26 07:46 AbsoluteThreat TTG [semi-anarchy]

Year 2 is now over ,
TheThreatGamesSMP ( the-smp ) would be the minigame that takes place before year 3.
The winner of the TTGSMP would receive the following rewards:
1) Golden Card - the golden card would grant the winner the ability to revive any one player , including themselves ONCE during year 3 and year 4 , without the need of a revive vote or a wildcard. 2) One Question - the winner would be given a chance to ask one question regarding year 3 , they could ask for a hint , game info , number of games , genre , strategy to win , etc.
3) The Role - the role of the strongest player and the strongest faction would be replaced with "strongest player in ttgsmp" and given to the winner. Phase 2 of the SMP Ruby Card - The player that kills the winner within a certain time period (when announced) would receive the ruby card , which grants the user to eliminate any player including themselves once during year 3 and 4 , they can use the same during a revive vote cast. if used before a revive vote cast the player can still be a part of the revival vote.
smp discord -
youtube -
server dummy ip -
note - the smp would play a vital role during year 3 and year 4 , you may participate accordingly.
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2023.03.26 07:45 Slow_Pie7852 Partner Gaming Too Much on Paternity Leave

My partner and I have a 3-month old. After he started paternity leave, he has been gaming a lot more, several hours in the day and through the night. For example, gaming until after 4am and sleeping in until 12-2 pm. I’ve been telling him how this behavior bothers me and that it means I’m not only covering the night shift but also part of the day on my own and could use more support during the day but he gets annoyed when I bring it up and says I’m nagging him.
I don’t have a problem with him gaming but the amount of time he spends doing it. I’ve asked him several times already to come up with an action plan to set a number of gaming hours for the weekdays and weekends and commit to it but he says he hasn’t thought it through whenever I bring it up. What should I do?
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2023.03.26 07:45 KiyuaHiawog My idea for an aquatic themed Zenith equivalent for the ranger class. Plus more weapons for its recipe.

My idea for an aquatic themed Zenith equivalent for the ranger class. Plus more weapons for its recipe.
I noticed that there are a number of aquatic themed ranged weapons in the game. Then I realized that Apex is both a synonym for Zenith and refers to an animal with no natural predators. Thus, the wordplay and theming working perfectly together in my mind, I was forced to create this post
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2023.03.26 07:44 Dogs4Lyf92 What is the point in living if you’re working to live?

Trigger Warning
Pay-check to pay-check, barely even that.
I’m 29, only in the last year March 22 diagnosed with ADHD, medicated, and uh oh, Autism attacks. It’s so much more misunderstood than ADHD and irritates me so much when all people say is “oh well their problem!” When people don’t believe in it or that I am diagnosed with both. None of my family understand, believe me or that it exists and won’t listen to me. They won’t even watch a 2 minute TikTok for me.
One of my sisters has a 14 year old nephew with ADHD, ASD and learning difficulties. She hasn’t said a word to me, she hardly speaks to me or my other sister at all. Despite clearly seeking validation that someone believes me and is there for me.
My other sister is a nurse and she is even more horrible calling me selfish and cutting me out of her life and her 5 year old nephews, when I’m just asking for some support or even acknowledgment, messages from my whole family go ignored from when I told them I was diagnosed with ASD every time I’ve tried to talk to them since and dismissed in person.
My parents know I’m suicidal, they saw a post on Facebook I thought was a closed group yet they don’t make any effort to learn or understand how debilitating and life ruining it has been for me. I haven’t blamed them to their faces but I could’ve been someone so much better if they got me help. They said they always knew something was “wrong” with me.
There’s records of my mum taking me for severe panic attacks that started around 7 and I can see on my online records she just stopped taking me to the hospital and the doctors just assumed they stopped so we didn’t turn up, they got much worse. And so many things I think back on and realise it was ADHD/ASD.
I don’t want nor know how to keep friends. I only have my partner of 10 years I live with but I am so sick of not being able to afford anything enjoyable. Just work, sleep, work. I’m severely burnt out. The NHS mental health “specials”knows this and all she did was blame me for for not taking my ADHD medication 3 times a day. - Dexam 10mg AM - Elvanse 70mg PM - Dexam 10mg - EVE
This is for long days I don’t do those regularly nor do I want to take them at home sat with nothing to do. I’ve no hobbies nor could I keep hyper fixated on them. I told her I don’t need to most days and if I do. My insomnia will be an even worse vicious cycle! Still no help of any description “keep a mood diary” I HAVE TRIED SO MANY TIMES I HAVE ADHD!!! And I can tell you it now. Rock bottom.
There’s no support here I lost the postcode lottery. GPs are mostly useless. Especially with mental health. You get sertraline! You get sertraline! You all get sertraline! Eh no I had to tell the GP about Serotonin Syndrome risk with me ADHD meds!
Your know the story history of anxiety, depression, bouncing from workplace to workplace, bullying though out life even at work, chronic insomnia, eating disorders, SH, S Ideation (not acted on yet but I’m getting more and more reasons to do so). One thing stopping me was for my families sake. Now what? My partner didn’t sign up for this. He so lovely but also doesn’t make an effort to understand me. I’ve expressed feeling suicidal so many times he thinks I’m just being factious.
Even with the ADHD meds it doesn’t help my executive functioning or worst symptoms much at all.
The Autism I find much worse, I had an awful diagnostic clinic arrange for me who gave me zero feedback no follow up. Just an incorrect report TWICE I gave up on trying to get it corrected the third time. And told me any follow up/explanation of my report or questions would be £350 a session! Which reminds me I also can’t even afford bankruptcy.
I know there a really no advice to give I just need to vent for those whom might understand. Thanks.
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2023.03.26 07:44 CFP-ForAllMyBrothers Yeah, things have been weird and fake for a while now. WTF is going on, front page Youtube in incognito.

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2023.03.26 07:43 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper Courses List (Complete Bundle)

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2023.03.26 07:42 goosegead11 Always assuming the worst

Does anyone else’s mother in law absolutely always assume the worst about them?
I feel that no matter what I do I cannot win or even feel comfortable.
My mil recently had a private meeting with my husband and insisted that I was an uncomfortable person to be around, and that I was a ticking time bomb.
I have bent over backwards to try to get this woman to like me. I’ve made her dinner, bonded with her over news events, taken her out to museums- many things trying to enjoy time spent with her and it all seems to equal nothing. I do not know what more I can do.
I have wanted an excellent relationship with my in laws since before I was even engaged. It is important to me for my mental health.
I think I’m beginning to realize it may not be “me” but that’s a hard pill to swallow too- why wouldn’t she like me? I’m generally very likable, I think. I have multiple friends I’ve had for many years and I truly make an effort to put work into those relationships.
I wanted so badly to love my mother in law and have a great relationship with her. It’s feeling like that just won’t happen, and that’s hard. How do I go forward for the next years knowing she doesn’t like what makes me, me?
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2023.03.26 07:42 Leading-Okra-2457 Why is AASI called South Indian? They came from SEA and were probably present more in numbers in North India. Right?

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2023.03.26 07:40 laurajdogmom Special Prizes announced

Special prizes have been posted to the JSA website. They are:
Kanto-sho (Fighting Spirit prize): Kinbozan, Midorifuji (conditional--he must win today against Shodai)
Gino-sho (Technique prize): Daieisho, Kiribayama (second in a row for him)
No Shukun-sho (outstanding performance prize) was awarded.
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2023.03.26 07:40 Sorin61 Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Immuno-modulation by Ganoderma lucidum [11 - 2005]

Ganoderma lucidum (Leyss. ex Fr.) Karst. (Lingzhi or Reishi) has been used for a long time in China to prevent and treat various human diseases. G. lucidum polysaccharides extracted from G. lucidum are one of efficacious ingredient groups of G. lucidum. A number of reports have demonstrated that G. lucidum polysaccharides modulate immune function both in vivo and in vitro.
The immuno-modulating effects of G. lucidum polysaccharides were extensive, including promoting the function of antigen-presenting cells, mononuclear phygocyte system, humoral immunity, and cellular immunity.
Cellular and molecular mechanisms, possible receptors involved, and triggered signaling cascades have also been studied in vitro. However, whole animal experiments are still needed to further establish the mechanism of the immunomodulating effects by G. lucidum.
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2023.03.26 07:39 BRING_DA_BAGGG Bro… Biggest win ever. I’m in profit overall gambling now. How insane is that?

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2023.03.26 07:39 Sufficiently-lame To whoever needs help bringing creativity back in their lives

To whoever needs help bringing creativity back in their lives
I personally felt that I used to be more creative in whatever I did before, i don't think this will lead to drastic changes in anyway, but help us to focus better when we need to.
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2023.03.26 07:38 AtomicLuna I think I might be having vestibular migraines

I’ve been dizzy but not lightheaded, more like I’m on a boat that is swaying for over a month now. Some of my other symptoms include tinnitus, ear pressure similar to altitude changing and some days severe sinus pressure. I don’t have any congestion though.
The second day I started feeling this way I went to urgent care and they ran a bunch of tests to determine if I was dehydrated or having a stroke or heart attack. Everything came back fine, she said I had a tiny amount of fluid in one of my ears but that shouldn’t be causing the bad vertigo I was having. She recommended I follow up with my primary doctor.
A week later I saw my primary doctor who thought I was having bppv so he sent me to a physical therapist and I did two sessions that didn’t help at all. I started having ear pain like an ear ache and the sinus pressure was getting worse so I made an appointment with an ENT and audiologist.
Before I had that appointment with the ent/audio people the sinus pressure (in my forehead above my nose and below my eyes) was killing me so I called my primary doctor and they recommended Flonase and Allegra. Omg that helped so much I almost cancelled the ent appointment thinking I was cured but when I stopped the Flonase and the Allegra the sinus pressure and severe vertigo and ringing in my ears came back.
So I went to the ent/audio people and my hearing and ear pressure are fine. My blood pressure was a little high but I think that was due to stress from being so desperate for answers. The ent thinks I’m having migraines and I have an appointment for an mri coming up as well as a prescription for five days of prednisone.
Some of the triggers I have are from coffee, tiredness, crazy textures, video games, working in front of a computer monitor and when my office chair swivels. It’s so bad I’m even dreaming about being dizzy. I can still drive and do stuff as long as I’m taking Flonase and Allegra. It’s the weirdest thing.
Does this sound like it could be vestibular migraines?
Edit: I should also mention I have hypothyroidism but that’s managed well and my tsh numbers are within normal ranges. I do also have a history of migraines. I can update more when I have the results of my mri but that’s not for another 5 days.
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