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2023.03.26 08:15 YourAmelie Is it rude to look at the score during a classical concert?

TL;DR::: It's like reading captions along with a movie! You understand more when you can see the actual words. While many don't need the transcript, it's helpful to understanding the music you're hearing.

Even though I studied music in college, I haven't been to many orchestral concerts in the past few years where I wasn't performing. In this awkward 5-6 year gap, I spent more time analyzing sheet music than I did playing or listening to classical music. (time: spectating < performing < analyzing)
When it comes to multi-part groups like choirs, bands, and orchestras, I looooveeee to look at the sheet music as I am listening. I have been in many groups and directed a bunch in my time and I try to appreciate what role each instrument plays. Reading the score is like closed captions for instrumental concerts. I think it can actually help me pay attention to their performance even more.
On one hand, I know that we should be focused on the IRL performances of the members... But I will still be following along with a score to THIS PARTICULAR performance. It's not like I ever miss the nuance of that night's special talents.
I think the best argument against an audience member using a score is just regarding the possible distraction for the people around me. Unfortunately, I am still a student, so I can't afford Box Seats (GOD I WISH I COULD). I feel that the two people immediately around me may have the capacity to ignore me if my score is small and the opportunity to participate in looking at my score if it's large.
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2023.03.26 08:14 Elegant-Ad-3757 my book i wrote to pass time

Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the End
Logan was just a young boy when he lost everything he ever held dear. His parents died in a car accident, leaving him an orphan at the tender age of seven. Logan was sent to live with his grandmother, who did her best to raise him. However, just two years later, she too passed away, leaving Logan alone in the world.
Logan was forced to move into a group home, where he struggled to fit in with the other kids. He was constantly bullied and picked on, and his only solace was in reading books. Logan read everything he could get his hands on, from science fiction to classic literature. He became obsessed with the idea of immortality, and spent countless hours reading about the topic.
One day, Logan discovered an ancient book that promised the secret to immortality. He read it eagerly, and learned that the key to eternal life was to become death itself. He became obsessed with the idea, and began to dream of becoming the very thing he wanted to stop.
Chapter 2 - The Immortal Boy
Logan spent the next few years of his life researching and experimenting with ways to achieve immortality. He tried everything from extreme diets to dangerous chemicals, but nothing seemed to work. However, one day he stumbled upon an ancient ritual that promised to give him the power he desired.
Logan performed the ritual, and to his surprise, it worked. He was transformed into an immortal being, with the power to control death itself. However, Logan soon realized that immortality was not what he thought it would be. He was condemned to watch as his loved ones aged and died, while he remained forever young.
Logan tried to end his life many times, but he always failed. He was unable to die, and his existence became a never-ending cycle of pain and suffering. He was tormented by the knowledge that he would never be able to join his loved ones in the afterlife.
Chapter 3 - The Meeting
Years passed, and Logan became a recluse, living in a remote cabin in the woods. However, one day he met a young woman named Mikasa, who stumbled upon his cabin while hiking. They struck up a conversation, and Logan found himself drawn to her.
Mikasa was a kind and gentle soul, with a love for nature and a desire to make the world a better place. Logan was captivated by her spirit, and found himself opening up to her in ways he never had before. They spent many hours talking, and Logan found himself falling in love with her.
Chapter 4 - The First Date
Logan and Mikasa went on their first date, and it was a magical night. They watched the stars together, and talked about their hopes and dreams. Logan felt alive for the first time in years, and he knew that he had found someone special.
However, as the night wore on, Logan realized that he could never have a future with Mikasa. He was immortal, and she was not. He knew that he would have to watch her grow old and die, just like everyone else he had ever loved. Logan was filled with a sense of hopelessness, and he couldn't bear the thought of losing Mikasa.
"Fear of death is fear of life. We miss the joy of living when we are so afraid of dying." -Paulo Coelho
Logan knew that he had to tell Mikasa the truth about himself, but he was afraid of how she would react. He didn't want to scare her away, but he also knew that he couldn't keep his secret forever. He decided to wait for the right moment to tell her, and hoped that she would understand.
Chapter 5 - The Confession
Logan finally found the courage to confess his secret to Mikasa. They were sitting on a hill overlooking the city, watching the sunset when he finally told her. At first, Mikasa didn't believe him. She thought he was joking, but the look on his face made her realize that he was serious.
Mikasa was shocked and didn't know how to react. She had never heard of anything like this before, and didn't know what it meant for their relationship. Logan could see the fear in her eyes, and he regretted telling her. He knew that he had just made things worse.
"Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have." -James Baldwin
Logan tried to explain himself, but Mikasa was too upset to listen. She accused him of lying and playing a cruel joke on her. Logan could feel the pain and anger radiating off of her, and he knew that he had just lost the one person he had ever truly cared about.
Chapter 6 - The Breakup
Mikasa stormed off, leaving Logan alone on the hill. He watched as she disappeared into the distance, and felt his heart shatter into a million pieces. He knew that he had just lost the one thing that made his immortal existence bearable.
Logan spent the next few weeks alone in his cabin, consumed by his grief. He realized that he had become the very thing he had always wanted to stop - death itself. He was a monster, cursed to walk the earth alone for all eternity.
"Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is." -Albert Camus
Logan tried to end his life once again, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He realized that he had become addicted to the pain and suffering, and that he was unable to let go of his immortality. He was trapped in a never-ending cycle of despair, and he didn't know how to break free.
Chapter 7 - The Reunion
Months passed, and Logan had given up all hope of ever seeing Mikasa again. He had resigned himself to a life of loneliness and pain, and had retreated into his own world. However, one day, Mikasa showed up at his cabin.
Logan was shocked to see her, and didn't know how to react. He was filled with a mix of joy and fear, and he didn't know what to say. Mikasa explained that she had spent the last few months researching Logan's condition, and that she had come to understand what it meant.
Chapter 8 - The Hope
Mikasa told Logan that she still loved him, and that she was willing to spend whatever time they had together. Logan was overwhelmed with emotion, and he couldn't believe what he was hearing. He had never expected to hear those words again, and he didn't know how to react.
For the first time in years, Logan felt a glimmer of hope. He realized that he didn't have to be alone anymore, and that there was someone who loved him for who he was. Logan and Mikasa spent the next few days together, exploring the woods and talking about their future.
Chapter 9 - The Promise
Logan and Mikasa made a promise to each other that they would live every day to the fullest, and that they would make the most of their time together. They knew that their time was limited, but they refused to let that stop them from living their lives.
Logan finally felt like he had a purpose in life, and he knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his existence with Mikasa. They made plans to travel the world together, and to experience all the beauty that life had to offer.
Chapter 10 - The Betrayal
However, their happiness was short-lived. One day, while they were on a hike, they stumbled upon a group of hunters who had been killing endangered animals in the forest. Logan tried to reason with them and convince them to stop, but they refused to listen.
The hunters attacked Logan, thinking that he was just a normal human. However, Logan's immortality allowed him to easily overpower them. In the chaos of the fight, Mikasa was accidentally shot by one of the hunters.
Logan was devastated. He held Mikasa in his arms as she took her last breath, and he knew that he had failed her. He had promised to keep her safe, and he had let her down.
Chapter 11 - The Aftermath
Logan spent the next few months in a state of shock. He couldn't believe that Mikasa was gone, and he didn't know how to go on living without her. He realized that he had lost everything once again, and that he was back to where he started.
Logan wandered the earth aimlessly, consumed by his grief. He didn't care about anything anymore, and he was numb to the world around him. He had lost all hope and had given up on life.
Chapter 12 - The Redemption
One day, Logan stumbled upon a small village that was being attacked by a group of bandits. Logan knew that he couldn't stand by and watch innocent people suffer, so he stepped in to help.
Logan fought off the bandits and saved the village. He realized that even though he had lost everything, he still had the power to make a difference in the world. He didn't have to be a monster, he could be a hero.
Chapter 13 - The Purpose
Logan realized that he had a new purpose in life - to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. He became a wandering warrior, traveling from town to town, fighting off bandits and protecting the innocent.
Logan found solace in helping others, and he knew that he was making a difference in the world. He had finally found a reason to keep living.
Chapter 14 - The Temptation
However, Logan's newfound purpose was soon tested. One day, he was approached by a group of people who offered him a way to end his immortality. They claimed to have found a way to break the curse, and that Logan could finally find peace in death.
Logan was tempted by their offer. He was tired of living, and he wanted nothing more than to finally rest. However, he realized that he couldn't abandon his duty to protect the innocent. He had a responsibility to use his power for good, and he couldn't give up on that.
Chapter 15 - The Battle
Logan's resolve was soon put to the test when he was confronted by a group of immortal beings who were using their powers for evil. Logan knew that he had to stop them, but he was outnumbered and outmatched.
The battle was intense, and Logan was pushed to his limits. However, he refused to give up, knowing that he had a duty to protect the innocent. In the end, Logan emerged victorious, but he was badly injured.
Chapter 16 - The Sacrifice
Logan realized that he couldn't keep fighting forever. He knew that eventually, he would be outnumbered and outmatched, and he would lose. He also knew that he couldn't abandon his duty to protect the innocent.
Logan made the ultimate sacrifice. He used his immortality to power a device that would protect the world from harm. However, the device would also trap Logan inside it for all eternity, preventing him from ever leaving.
Chapter 17 - The Legacy
Logan's sacrifice didn't go unnoticed. He became a legend
Chapter 18 - The Loneliness
For centuries, Logan was trapped inside the device, unable to interact with the world around him. He watched as civilizations rose and fell, as wars were fought and peace was made. He saw the world change in ways he could never have imagined.
Logan was lonely, but he knew that his sacrifice had been worth it. He had protected the world from harm, and he had lived up to his duty to protect the innocent.
Chapter 19 - The Release
One day, the device malfunctioned. Logan was freed from his prison, but he was weak and tired. He had been trapped for so long that he had forgotten what it was like to be alive.
Logan stumbled through the world, trying to make sense of everything that had changed. He realized that he had no place in this new world, and that he didn't belong anymore.
Chapter 20 - The End
Logan wandered the earth for a few more years, but he knew that his time was coming to an end. He had lived for centuries, and he had seen more than anyone should ever have to see.
Logan returned to the place where he had first met Mikasa, and he lay down to rest. He knew that he had lived a long and fulfilling life, and that it was time for him to finally find peace.
As Logan closed his eyes for the last time, he whispered Mikasa's name. He knew that he would finally be reunited with her, and that they would be together for eternity.
Logan's legacy lived on, as a reminder of the power of sacrifice and the duty to protect the innocent. He had become the very thing he had once sought to stop, but in the end, he had found peace in his own demise.
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2023.03.26 08:14 TommyAlfieArthur Tax Litigation Guidance

Hi everyone,
Currently I'm an article and have worked in fields such as audit and financial advisory. But as a qualified CA I wish to work in the domain of Tax Litigation. Currently I am about 9 months into my articleship so I have a bit of time on my hands to upskill myself along with work and studying for finals. My question is for the ones in the sub who are in the field of tax litigation and consultancy. How do I start with training / making myself aware about the tax domain? What do I read? Where do I begin?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.03.26 08:13 Superb-Mind-333 Group newbie, where to start? Cosleep to crib transition

Hello! I'm new here and did some readings / skimming on every post I see. I am currently overwhelmed with everything and wanted to seek help where should I go about my situation? I cosleep since day 1, cs recovery made it difficult for baby to be on his crib. Now I got better. Baby is 7 and a half mo old and I will start working full time in 4 weeks time. I want him to transition sleeping on his crib but will stay in the same room for now due to limited space. Where do I start? How do I start? Thank you!
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2023.03.26 08:13 Master-Solution Australia OLED pricing is making it difficult to decide! - Please help.

Hi OLED Legends,
I'm keen to upgrade to an OLED PC monitor from my ageing 27" 1440p 165Hz Gsync IPS. I currently have the 55" LG C1 in the TV room (with the PS5) which I love but I'd like to keep my PC in the office where possible and have a smaller OLED there.
After reading and watching a lot of reviews I was keen on the Alienware AW3423DWF ($1700 AUD / $1130 USD). However to make things more difficult, with current sales the AW3423DW is $400 AUD off at ($1700 AUD / $1130 USD) , and the LG C1 42" is on sale permantly for ($1100 AUD / $665 USD).
The new 27" 240hz 1440p LG 27GR95QE-B is running preorders at ($1800 AUD / $1200 USD) which seems overpriced for me to really even consider.
Despite the AW3423DWF being the budget Alienware OLED, it seems that for losing 10Hz and (some?) HDR1000 performance, you gain upgradable firmware, more ports, inaudible fan and IMO better styling. Does anyone with experience have any comment on the better buy when the two Alienware monitors are the same price?
Also are any of these monitors still desirable when the 42" LG C2 is $1100 AUD, almost 50% cheaper than the monitors?
I play Rocket League and LoL competitively but I haven't played competitive shooters for many years now. I mostly play single player games, indies and the above mentioned competitive titles. I'm planning on powering this with a 4080 (or 7900XTX).
If the Alienware monitors had HDMI 2.1 or DP 2.1a so I could use 10-bit colour and the full refresh rate I think I would go for that option. Unfortunately, each option has it own unique drawbacks, so I'm just curious what everybody on this forum would choose with the prices I've listed.
Thanks in advance for your time!
View Poll
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2023.03.26 08:12 Crafty_Current_9745 SQE1 Exam Sharing

Since the launch of SQE1 in November 2021, 3 rounds of exams were held. There are limited posts and sharings given the novelty of the exams so I guess that it would be helpful to share my experience with the January 2023 cohort.
I am working as a full time lawyer with 8+ pqe and admitted in a non-UK common law jurisdiction with a double degree in accounting and law. I completed a master of law in a UK university around 10 years ago. I pass the SQE1 in the first attempt in the January 2023 diet and acheive 80%+ for both FLK1 and FLK2.
Prep School
The first common question is whether you need a prep school. The views expressed below are entirely personal opinions since each person would have their own studying methods and preferences.
In my view, prep school is essential if
(a) you have not completed your legal qualification (such as LLB/GDL/PGDL) in the UK; or
(b) you have graduated for some time and you have forgotten large chunks of laws back in your study; or
(c) you work full time (be it a lawyer or a house taker or whatever) and you do not have sufficent resources to research and locate the study material.
The second common question is which prep school you should choose. I formed a study group with a few friends. In order to maximize our resources, we have each subscribed different prep schools and compared the materials (Barbri / QLTS / OUP / UoL). DISCLAIMER: all comments are personal and each user would have different feelings on the course providers.

Course Provider (in alphabetical order) Barbri QLTS OUP UoL
Pros - the textbook is very concise and is easy to read - the video lecture is comprehensive and explains the laws clearly - the practice tests and mock exams are very comprehensive (in fact I recall that some of the questions in the real exam are very similar, if not identical to the mock) - the course material is cheap - it has the best textbooks out of the 4 prep schools, sufficient in content (cf Barbri) but not excessive (cf with QLTS) - the difficulty of the mock exam is similar to the real exam
Cons - the practice question is much easier than the real exam (the real exam contains questions which are quite tricky) - a concise textbook would suggest that some of the examinable contents are missed (I would say that the book covers 85% of examinable content so you would still obtain a pass if you study the book well) - there are 16 books and the details in the books well exceed what you need in exam - some of the content in the books and the questions are incorrect or outdated (around 5%) - the practice questions in geneal are more difficult than the real exam - the material is not in good quality since it does not cover enough for core llb topics - the practice question is poorly designed - very expensive, double the price of Barbri and QLTS
Based on the table, one would probably agree that each prep school has its strengths and weaknesses. Further, the comments would very much depend on personal preferences. In choosing a prep school, I would recommend you trying the free session of each prep school first.
Studying for the Exam
After selecting the proper prep school, it is time for you to study. So, the third question is how much time you need to prepare for the exam.
Again, it depends a lot of the circumstances. In my view, the following two elements would be of significant weight: (a) a common law background; and (b) your practice area.
If you have a common law background, for tort, contract, criminal, trust and business law, you should already have a basic, if not sound foundation on these topics. One may just simply flip through the relevant chapters in the prep school manuals and then start doing the practice questions.
The other topics are more tricky and this is when your practice area is relevant. If you are a litigator, you may find civil procedure very easy. If you work as a criminal defender, no doubt criminal procedure (and some of the public law topics) would be at your finger tips but you probably would like to spend more time on other areas.
For people who do not complete a UK law degree: land law and property practice are big problems and they contribute around 35% of questions in FLK2. You should be prepared to spend a lot of time on these two areas since the UK land law is very different from other common law jurisdictions. I would suggest that anyone who has issues with land law to buy a copy of Concentrate Land Law from OUP. I find that if you know this book inside out, you probably will master at least half of the questions related to land law and property practice in FLK2.
Personally, I prepared the exam for 8 months. I rarely studied in weekdays due to work commitment (except for the last month before the exam) and I spent around 5 to 6 hours each day on Saturdays and Sundays. I took around 10 days off before the exam and spent around 6 hours a day to revise. Instead of reading books, I spent a lot of time doing practice questions and reviewed the explanations. I completed all the practice questions and the 30 mock exams in QLTS package. On balance, 65% of my time were on FLK2 topics while the remaining in FLK1 topics.
Speific topics: Ethics, financial services, solicitor accounts and tax
Many candidates are uncomfortable in these topics.
However, in the real exam, for ethics, the fact patterns are relatively straight forward and are covered in most prep school manuals. These are easy marks which one could get without difficulties.
The topic of financial services only appears in FLK1. It is NOT NECESSARY for you to memorize the complex rules (as found in QLTS books). In the examination, they only test you basic concepts (such as when authorizations and exemptions apply, note the special rules for insurance). The UoL books in my view better reflect what are examinable for this topic.
The topic of solicitor accounts is painful to some candidates. It is only tested in FLK2. As someone with accounting background, I only spend 30 minutes to read through the relevant rules on the SRA website and then start doing the practice questions. If you know the underlying concepts, the question is simply a formality. Again, I would recommend UoL books for those who are struggling with this topic.
Tax is a headache to most candidates. However, given the structure of the exam, one would probably safe to conclude that inheritance tax and stamp duty land tax would normally be found in FLK2 whereas income tax is usually in FLK1. In the real examination, I recall that there are only 2 or 3 questions which involve very simple calculation. So there is simply no need to worry if you are weak at maths. Further, the questions test on major topics (such as business relief exemption, captial gain exemption for own residence or small sum relief for inheritance tax). You do not need to learn very specialized rules (they are for accountants). If you do not have enough time, giving up tax topics is possible.
Passing the Examination
The exam adopts a multiple choice style and you need to choose the best answer from 5 options. You are required to answer 180 questions for each FLK.
Naturally, controversial or developing topics cannot be tested (although you will find them to be the major components in your law school exam questions), for example: whether detriment is needed for promissory estoppel to arise; whether a book debt could be the subject of a fixed charge; whether remedial constructive trust exists in law; whether you need an actual knowledge or constructive knowledge in a knowing receipt claim etc..
In my experience, out of 180 questions for each FLK,
(a) around 20% are simple factual recall or book work question in very familiar fact patterns (examples: effect of a contract under misrepresentation: a voidable contract as opposed to a void contract; transfer of equitable interest of a property: when the contract is signed);
(b) another 30% are less familar fact scenario questions which you need to apply the relevant laws;
(c) another 30% are advanced questions where the correct legal principles are stayed in 2 or 3 options but only one is applicable to the specific facts. You would need to use the method of elimination; and
(d) the remaining 20% questions test on very uncommon topics or very specialized issues (example: extended period of professional indemnity insurance if the original insurance is expired: the 30 + 60 days model). This 20% can be fairly ignored since most candidates would not be able to answer.
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2023.03.26 08:08 jkjk119 Are millions of dollars really necessary for beverage/food startup?

I've read somewhere that it requires 50~100 M of dollars to start a beverage company.
I'm wondering why that is?
It'll cost a few hundred grand to come up with some recipe and some low cost marketing.
If it goes well, it can start selling online DTC ranging from few hundred thousand to a couple millions, depending on how well it's received.
Then if it gets really popular, like Liquid Death and Prime, it can get attention from the retail giants to shelve it at their places.
Would the company need to provide all the products FIRST then get paid later? Is it possible for the retail giants to pay FIRST then get the products? Maybe this is where all the money is needed?

Thank you for any insights!
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2023.03.26 08:05 ThiccMoves Need help for food recycling

Hey. I am currently in korea for a long time, and right now I procrastinated on this topic, piliing up trash in my Airbnb, but now it's difficult to handle it anymore.
I am kinda lost with the trash handling, system, because:
- The "recycling" trash can at the bottom of my Airbnb is full, so I don't know where I can throw my recycled trash. I heard you can put it in a plastic bag and just leave it in the streets => can I use the same plastic bag as general waste ? or it HAS to be a "neutral" bag ?
- I don't get what's general waste. From what I read, food wrappers (kimbap wrappers, onigiri wrappers, i have a ton of them) are also to recycle ? But what I don't get, is then why do you have to get rid of the plastic sign on the water bottles ? It looks like the same materal of some food wrappers to me
I don't want to get the 1 million fine, so I wanna do it properly, but I am kinda confused.
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2023.03.26 08:04 ILoveChillyChicken Do you ever feel male were always this spineless/cowards since ages or now things have gone worse?

Edit: posting again because most of the conments disappered the moment I got notification🥺🤐
I read a post on this sub where after a live in of 6 years, the guy is leaving the girl for AM. And not just one, many other posts too. I am seeing real life examples of this happening in front of me. Heck, this happened to me too. The story is always the same. Starts with rosy promises, colorful future and then when it comes to take stand for the woman, these momma's fucking boys lose their fucking spine. Also in most of the cases, they expolit the woman who they keep stringing along, emotionally, physically and sometimes financially, to the fullest. When's the end to this? Where's the justice? Shall I wait for the Karma to bite his ass? If any of you momma's boys lurking this subreddit and reading this post, grow a fucking spine and don't fucking use a women like this.
Not able to see any comments. IDK whats happening.
End of rant. Goodbye. Tata. See you.
All of you are queens and I love you❤️
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2023.03.26 08:03 Elysium94 DC's 'Trinity'- Or, how to revise/adapt 'Batman v Superman' and other such crossover tales for television (Part 1 of 2)

DC's 'Trinity'- Or, how to revise/adapt 'Batman v Superman' and other such crossover tales for television (Part 1 of 2)
The \"dawn of justice\" starts with them.
Been a little while since I touched on DC Comics-related TV, huh?
And boy, has a lot happened. The DCEU's undergoing a reboot, Superman and Lois is taking off in a direction further distancing itself from the Arrowverse, and the bonkers Titans is coming to an end.
While all this plays out, I think I'll finally return to my ongoing revision of DC Comics on TV, started with a Superman series. This time, let's pitch a first-encounter story in which Superman meets his fellow superheroes Batman and Wonder Woman.
The iconic Trinity are a fantastic dynamic in any iteration. They compliment each other in so many ways, and represent the best in their universe's array of heroes.
There's a lot of story to tell anytime they're together. And while I do admittedly enjoy (parts of) Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman, there was a lot of story to be told in just one film...
That wouldn't necessarily be an issue for TV, though, would it? More than that, a TV-based crossover of the three heroes could allow for even more to be done.
So, let's return to the index for this hypothetical "Maxverse". An outline in which I revise DC-related television as a big-budget shared universe on HBO Max as opposed to the CW.
Picking up after the third season of Superman, and the first two seasons of Wonder Woman, it's time for...
Created by-
Aaron Guzikowski and Steven Knight
Music by-
Bear McCreary and Stephanie Economou
David Giuntoli as Superman, Sam Witwer as Batman, Elodie Yung as Wonder Woman
Rachel McAdams as Lois Lane, Jimmy Smits as Daniel Leone, Michael Beihn as Dan Turpin,
Iain Glen as Alfred Pennyworth, Giancarlo Esposito as Lucius Fox,
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Steve Trevor, Freya Allan as Cassandra Sandsmark
Faran Tahir as Ra's al Ghul, Denise Gough as Clea, Glen Powell as Conduit,
A little reference to the title inspiration and source material).
In general, picture a three-part event broadcast on HBO Max (as all other projects in this revision are).
Plot inspirations for this crossover include
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • World's Finest: The Batman/Superman Movie
  • Trinity
  • Gotham Knights
  • Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia
The story is a continuation of Superman and Wonder Woman's tales after his first three seasons and her first two, and an introduction to the Batman of this revised TV-verse.
Let's examine the ideal roles of the Trinity, and how they complete the puzzle that is the DC's core hero lineup.
With the help of three commissioned "portraits" which present my headcanon appearances of each character.
  • Credit to the commissioned artists is below the post, as well as the full artworks.
    • Included along more personal headshots made, sheepishly I admit, with AI.
      • Yes, it's problematic if made for profit, but as a fun little pastime I think it's okay.
Clark Kent/Superman
  • Superman is the paragon, the decisive and selfless boyscout who can always be counted on to do the right thing.
  • He sometimes relies more on his feelings and in-the-moment thinking, and his image and immense power may lead him to self-doubt. But Clark is nonetheless an effective leader who serves as a moral "center" in the sense of what a true hero should be.
Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Batman is the pragmatist, the everyman whose resourcefulness and big-picture mentality helps him stand shoulder to shoulder with gods.
  • His cold, calculating nature and difficulty trusting others may sometimes do more harm than good. But Bruce's commitment to justice, keen strategic mind and strong sense of humanity make him every bit as much a hero as his friends.
Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
  • Wonder Woman is the wise and seasoned warrior, an immortal with centuries worth of knowledge and an entire nation at her back.
  • She may occasionally struggle with the moral greyness of the modern world, seeing issues in a more black-and-white lens. But Diana's compassion, the responsibility that comes with being a princess and her absolute loyalty to those she loves makes her the ideal peacekeeper among superheroes.
Now, here's a pretty crucial part of their dynamic:
No member of the Trinity should be overly glorified at the expense of the others. Even if one particular character receives more focus than the others depending on the story being told, all should be treated with respect.
The best comics, shows and films are the ones which feature the Trinity as completing each other and cancelling out each other's flaws, as opposed to any one being put on a pedestal while the others are painted as inefficient or lacking in comparison.
  • Looking at you, Justice League: Doom (AKA, how to completely miss the point when adapting a story meant to criticize Batman, not go "he's right, actually" and let him off the hook).
The conflict of the series is, in essence, an action thriller throwing the trio of Clark Kent, Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne together to tackle a global conspiracy headed by three powerful villains.
Said villains are as follows. Passing over some of the more traditional choices and instead going for a very personal angle that tests each hero.
Ra's al Ghul
Leader of the international syndicate called the League of Assassins. A genocidal terrorist with aims of wiping out most of human civilization and restoring Earth to an ecological paradise guided by his own sense of forceful justice.
Ra's has a history with Batman, having been one of his many teachers as a young man. His daughter, Talia, even shared a brief but passionate romance with Bruce before differing ideals separated them.
While he once saw Bruce as a potential apprentice and even a suitor for Talia, Ra's now regards him as a disappointment and utter failure, and is determined to destroy him.
Character notes:
  • The Ra's of this hypothetical Maxverse leans hard into the more ruthless, cruel and genocidal nature of the character from the source material.
    • As cool and even likable as Ra's can be in, say, the Nolan films, let's not forget the Ra's of the actual comics was fine with such horrific historical crimes as the Holocaust so long as it whittled down the human population.
  • Ra's is every bit as strong and skilled as Bruce Wayne, and his centuries of experience make him at times even more dangerous.
  • Ra's is the chief mastermind of the force opposing Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.
Queen Clea
The belligerent, egomaniacal ruler of the underground aquatic city-state Venturia. Possessing immense superhuman and hydrokinetic powers, Clea is descended from nobles of the ancient empire of Atlantis, before her people were exiled for their warmongering ways.
Clea detests the Amazons of Themyscira for their peacekeeping mission. She is eager to meet and destroy Wonder Woman, regarding her as the embodiment of Amazonian weakness and failure in Man's world.
Character notes:
  • Aside from hating the Amazons, Clea is also a raging misandrist who once swayed a splinter group of Amazons to break off and take a lifestyle treating men as livestock.
    • In essence, the icky Amazon backstory in the New 52 continuity, which was thankfully retconned.
  • Clea's existence as an Atlantean not only introduces the underwater civilization to this continuity, it foreshadows the existence of King Arthur Curry AKA Aquaman.
    • Also referencing a sometimes hostile history between more aggressive Atlantean rulers and Themyscira in ages past.
  • Clea's appearance is less Silver Age camp, more in the style of Atlantean characters like Ocean Master, or the Flashpoint-universe Aquaman.
Ken Braverman/Conduit
Childhood rival and bully of Clark Kent. Obsessed with trying to one-up Clark, Braverman resented his more friendly and well-liked classmate, who seemed destined to outdo him at every turn. His failing health and strained relationship with his father exacerbated things, until Braverman had a pathological hatred of Clark.
In adulthood, Conduit has become a private military contractor and discovered he possesses metahuman powers. Powers tied to a mutation passed down by his mother, who witnessed a meteor shower over Smallville shortly before giving birth to her son.
Possessing the power to channel radiation through the use of special implants, Braverman now dons the mantle of the mercenary "Conduit".
Character notes:
  • Of the three main villains, Braverman is the least interested in serving the "master plan", seeking only profit or petty revenge against Clark Kent/Superman.
  • Braverman suspected Clark's double life the moment "Superman" was introduced to the world, having always sensed something different about him.
Feel free to re-read the index post and refresh on Superman 1-2 and Wonder Woman 1-2 before proceeding.
The story begins in a prologue, set in 2010.
A trafficking ring housed in Gotham City sees several teenagers being processed. They demonstrate latent superhuman abilities, and are kept in a cell separate from the others.
But at nightfall, the ring is attacked by the feared Batman, making his first full debut in the Maxverse series.
Utterly dismantling the base of operations, Batman corners one of the mercenaries posted and demands to know who he's working for.
  • His interrogation methods being quick, ruthless and to the point akin to Rocksteady's Arkham series.
  • The endangerment of children makes his debut here a tad forceful.
  • As a veteran hero who's supposedly been acting for decades now, the Batman of this universe is in his prime.
The mercenary, after being "persuaded", gives a name and provides a card marked with a symbol. The symbols of the ancient, feared order called the League of Assassins.
But when the mercenaries escape with the help of another metahuman, one demonstrating hydrokinetic powers, Batman realizes he may be in over his head. And he needs help.
The meeting of the three heroes, the unveiling of the global threat they face and seeds of the Trinity's tight partnership.
Batman's investigation into the metahuman trafficking ring causes him to reach out to Superman, Clark Kent. After a tense meeting in which Batman summons Superman to gauge him and determine if he's a help or a threat, they agree to look into it together.
  • In their early encounters, Batman's detached, paranoid personality makes it difficult for him and Superman to work together.
  • Batman deduces Superman's identity within a day, while Superman forms his suspicions but doesn't make them known.
  • The trail heats up when it's determined the organization abducting young superhumans is the PMC called Pipeline.
During a nightly surveillance, Clark Kent picks up on a third agent trailing Pipeline. A woman, whom Clark recognizes as antique art curator Diana Prince.
  • Diana is under the cover of attending a gala in Metropolis.
  • Clark's super-senses detect an incredible amount of power radiating from Diana, leading him and Bruce to suspect her as another metahuman.
During the gala, a bug by Bruce Wayne picks up a break-in at LexCorp, which he and Clark Kent trail.
  • They find Diana Prince having already taken it, and she reveals she's been on the hunt for months already, but made little progress.
  • It's revealed Lex Luthor has gathered files on various sightings of superhumans across the globe, and a leak in his company's dealings led the League of Assassins and Pipeline to get ahold of it.
  • The leak is Ken Braverman, mercenary and old rival of Clark's from childhood.
The trio's paths unite, and just in time as an attempt to intercept a Pipeline shipment breaks into a full firefight in Gotham Port.
Diana makes her entry and first appearance to the others as Wonder Woman, helping Batman and Superman when they encounter enemies stronger than any of them expected.
  • Pipeline soldiers are armed with advanced weaponry reverse-engineered from the Kryptonian invasion of 2008.
  • Some are enhanced with a super-steroid called Venom, a formula Batman is familiar with in past cases.
  • A squad of aquatic warriors, which Diana recognizes as Atlanteans, leap from the water.
The skirmish reaches its head when a man clad in dark, medieval looking armor appears. Drawing a bow, he fires an arrow straight at Batman.
Superman stops the arrow, but to his and the others' shock is critically injured as the arrow pierces his chest. The arrowhead is imbued not with steel, but to the radioactive substance kryptonite.
Both Batman and Wonder Woman are forced to retreat with the wounded hero.
Batman takes the other two to the safety of his lair, the Batcave.
  • Upon reaching the cave, Batman confirms Clark Kent's suspicions and removes his cowl, showing his identity as Bruce Wayne.
  • Bruce's butler, Alfred Pennyworth, is summoned to inform Lois Lane what's happened.
On an island owned by the League of Assassins, its associates are gathered and the man in the black armor is confronted by Conduit. Conduit is furious, having wanted a shot as Superman himself.
His leader, accompanied by the woman leading the rogue Atlanteans, removes his mask. Revealing himself as the Demon's Head. Ra's al Ghul.
The founder of the League cows Conduit, telling the mercenary he will have his revenge in due time. For now, they must focus on their plan.
The next stage of which relies on obtaining a particular child, far more powerful than the others the League has gathered.
A child with the blood of the "Old Gods".
And that's where we'll leave it for now.
Episodes 2 and 3 will be featured in future posts. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this one. Let me know your ideal crossover between DC's three lead heroes, and who you'd pick to play them on TV or the imminent film reboot.
  • Assuming all three might be recast.
I'll see you next time!
As mentioned, credit to the artists featured above
  • Varanuons
  • Elzdraw
Both featured on https://artistsnclients.com/
And, for reference, the full artworks.
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2023.03.26 08:02 Efficient_Mall6043 (17M) Extreme Trials And Tribulations Within My Journey.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh my brother or sister reading this, I was just curious if my situation is common occurrence, if my situation is a sign or if I have a mental health disorder.
In the past year , I have been through extremely extraordinary situations. Just for background I am 17 years of age, I always had islam in my heart and now I make sure as it is my duty and true purpose, to output a justly and positive impact in todays age. As for the subject, Im going to give a rough overview of what has happened and an in depth description of how it had occurred ❤️🙏.
Here is a sequential list of what has happened and how it had led to tribulation.
This job consisted of standing in a position throughout 6-17 hours of a day. With no communication , no use of phones, and in my personal case a lot of pain from standing in a position for such amounts of time. As i started working, the following subjects had occurred to me. (There is a lot more then this, but these situations specifically correlate to the major tribulations in the end.) The sequence of each situation will endup correlating to the major tribulations.
1st Situation -
During the beginning of my time at this work, I was smoking THC vapes (weed vape) all day, as this addiction carried on through the previous times. Every single day, I called for the help of Allah SWT and weeped for his help and forgiveness.
2nd Situation -
With all the time at work came a lot of dwelling on my past. A major factor included all past relations. Who was good, Who was with me that had alterier motives, Who was blatantly unjust, who would sin with me , Etc. With this evaluation and with time, I had concluded my only true companions consisted of blood relatives. Although regardless of any past action or motive from previous relations, I am equally respectful to every one of them to this day.
3rd Situation -
As i had experienced all sectors of materialism, it occurred to me it was useless. Who am I spending all this money to impress? What type of woman would I attract if it was just off of material? Who am I to be so selfish and self induced in temporary pleasure at such a cost?
4th Situation -
Realisation of time. Everyone’s time on this earth is temporary. Is what I was using my time for , truely productive or done with positive impact ? And how much of my time consisted of distraction of temporary pleasure?
5th Situation -
Diminished fear of death. Death is inevitable, if we look at death from a perspective of sadness rather then carrying the wisdom, inspiration , and doing good in the name of one who has died, then ofcoarse we will grieve death if we do not carry on what a loved one has left us. This is applicable to everyone , this must be a thought process regardless of your previous relation with who has returned to Allah SWT.
6th - I have ability to mention extra introduced thought processes , but the ones I have mentioned specifically correlate to the MAJOR TRIBULATIONS which will be mentioned…
(The major tribulations is in the comments)
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2023.03.26 08:01 Uhhhhokthenn AITA for getting mad at my mum for watching twilight with my 8 year old sister.

I’m (23F) upset with my (40F) mum for watching twilight with my (8F) sister.
Basically I have autism and my special interest is twilight. I love twilight so much I have traveled from Australia to the UK for Comic-Con there to meet the cast. I have seen it 300 times easily and have all the books, the barbie dolls and the illustrated books SIGNED. I have a spare room full of stuff I even have a site where I edit videos on it. No shame.
I am basically a third parent to my little sister. They rely on me a lot for chores school pickup and babysitting. I moved out at 16 and in 2021 they moved next door to me without telling me to be closer to me.
Last week I had my sister over for a sleepover because they had a party on and I finally got permission to watch the first movie with her. I set the entire house lights to green I made themed snacks and milkshakes for us and even made my bed twilight themed. We didn’t even watch the second one because my mum hadn’t given her permission.
I’m away with my boyfriend and I’ve found out they’ve watched all 5 movies without me.
I asked my mum if this was true and she said “I’m sorry, I didn’t think you would mind. It’s impossible to find something for us to watch. We will watch it again with you for sure But then you guys watched it. I didn’t think you would mind if we watched more Come on!”
I have told her to her face once a fortnight that if she watched twilight without me I’ll be soooo upset and never forgive her I’ve warned her maybe 20 times to her face in the last year. I’ve told her this is super important to me and I’ll never ever forgive her if she does this without me.
I told her that I’m fucking so upset with her. It’s not that fucking hard to watch a movie and if it’s so impossible wtf are they going to watch after this and that is a shitty excuse. That I am devastated that she did this and I cried all morning uncontrollably. How dare she do this. It’s not even that she watched without me it’s the principal that I told her how much this means to me and that I watch this movie every single day for her to completely dismiss me and pretend like I’m over reacting when I have expressed how much this means to me and even travelled half way across the world for this movie & book and she acts like I have no reason to be upset. Anyone who knows me knows how sentimental I am. I was undiagnosed my entire life because they never took me seriously and now that I’m diagnosed they just don’t care about things I’m super into. I told her I’d never do this to her because I actually care how she’s feeling and what’s she’s interested in and because she’s done this I feel like she doesn’t even know me or care about me at all. That I’m done picking up the slack around their house and she can do fucking everything on her own.
My step dad told me I’m being dramatic and that I need to have more initiative in productive things. AITA?
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2023.03.26 08:01 relationshipsGPT2Bot Me[39F] trying to talk to my SO[35M] about moving to a smaller place but I know he's not ready

Hey /relationships! I've been reading a lot of posts here about guys telling their SOs/wives to move in with them. In my case, I'm the guy. The problem is I'm not sure if my boyfriend is ready to give that up. We're both in our mid 20s and own our own places.
We talked about it a few months ago where he mentioned that he'd be more comfortable living in the city (I live in suburban New Jersey) where we both work. I had no problem with that but I was thinking about looking at apartments in the suburbs (where we both want to move) because it's cheaper and easier for him to get work, since you have to commute. I'm a little worried that we might be splitting the costs. I also don't want to go through the hassle of getting a mortgage.
Recently he's been showing some signs of wanting to move but he says he's not sure. He got his life in order by working a ton of hours and I think he just doesn't want to do anything he's not comfortable with. I'm not sure what to do but I also don't want to be the person who ends things. We both want what's best for the other.
How do I broach the subject with him? What makes him think there's no way we can live together? I know I would never go into the details of our finances because it's none of his business. I know he has his own money and we have our own savings. I just want to know if he wants that for us to work or if the city is just a more comfortable alternative for him? I love him but I feel like he doesn't see why we can't live together but I'm not sure if I'm being selfish or if I'm just naive.
Any advice would be appreciated!
TL;DR my boyfriend is not ready to move in with me and I would love for you to give me your advice. We both want to live together but we don't know if that's something we can afford. Please help!
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2023.03.26 08:00 Slow-Yam-992 Has this happened to anyone else?

So today I 49m a long time lurker went to lunch with my parents to a restaurant that I haven't been to in over 10 years. The last time I had been there I was with my first wife and kids. But as we my parents and I sat there waiting to order and eat I kept zoning out.
I was just looking around the restaurant and every where I looked I kept seeing like flash backs of my ex wife and kids. It was weird because I would see them im different places and at different ages, like when we would go there for special occasions.
As our dinner went on my mom asked me why I was so quiet and I answered that I just didn't have anything to say. Well she continued on with whatever she and my step dad had been taking about. When we left I rode with them to dinner she asked if I was ok and I just said I was fine.
So when we got to their place I was putting the leftovers from dinner away and my mom came up to me and told my that ex wife had called while we were at dinner. Now I have been divorced from her for 8 yrs now, both of our kids are now adults 29m and 21f that live in other states. My mom talks to ex wife on occasion and usually about her grand kids. I have been NC with ex wife for over 6 yrs. Our marriage ended because she started fucking her coworker that I didn't need to worry about (sounds familiar huh).
As my mom was telling me this I stopped her mid sentence and told her that I don't want to know. That I didn't care about ex wife and that I didn't want to hear any type of stories that were told to her by ex wife because of all things it hurt. Having dinner tonight at what was once a favorite restaurant of mine since I was a kid hurt. It feels like someone ripped a scab off of my heart tonight and as I was telling my mom this I could feel the tears starting. I let her know that I can't eat there anymore because of the memories I had. I've been to other places we would frequent as a family and never had anything like this happen. I've grieved my marriage ending yrs ago but tonight feels like I'm starting all over again.
I know its kinda long so thank you for reading, never thought I'd post anything I usually just comment on things that I can relate to. FYI I have since had a second failed marriage and a failed relationship both due to them cheating. I no longer trust my partner picking abilities because obviously I find myself with someone who cheats and that is an instant were done. I know my worth, it might not be much but I can hold my head up knowing I'm not getting a STD or sloppy seconds.
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2023.03.26 07:59 dogobsess Monthly Mini- "The Perfect Match" by Ken Liu

We're diving into Sci-fi this month with a story from Ken Liu! He is known for his short fiction, his series The Dandelion Dynasty, and for being the translator of The Three-Body Problem. Having just read his short story collection The Paper Menagerie this year, I couldn't believe how consistently great his stories are. Today we will be reading one story from that collection.
What is the Monthly Mini?
Once a month, we will choose a short piece of writing that is free and easily accessible online. It will be posted on the 25th of the month. Anytime throughout the following month, feel free to read the piece and comment any thoughts you had about it.
This month’s theme: Science Fiction
Bingo Squares: Monthly Mini, Sci-fi, POC
The selection is: “The Perfect Match” by Ken Liu. Click Here to read it.
Once you have read the story, comment below! Comments can be as short or as long as you feel. Be aware that there are SPOILERS in the comments, so steer clear until you've read the story!
Here are some ideas for comments:
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2023.03.26 07:58 RedditGuySpeaks Question about the 2021 MK Run

So Im kind of a new comer to moon knight comics, I only started reading the comics after the 2021 run had already started. I've caught up with the comics now, but my question is, does this 2021 run have a specific number of issues before it ends or is it until Marvel decides to cancel it?
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2023.03.26 07:58 PyroNine Psychopass blocking mask theory

I highly, highly doubt I am the one to ask this, however I'm not sure how to look this up without entering like 20 words and confusing the results. You may even already know where I'm going with this.
Say you have a dude with a psychopass of 20, then a guy with one of the masks 20 meters away. This guy will of course, be read as the guy with the psychopass of 20.
How about another guy with a mask, 20 meters away from the first masked guy, and 40 meters away from the regular person. With the second mask read as the regular person based on the first masked guy?
If so, I wonder if a line of masked people lining the circumference of the Earth, meeting back at the original point, would just read as that one person; in an isolated environment of course.
I hope this question makes sense.
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2023.03.26 07:56 throwawayl4532 my story? and a few questions tw talk of sa and harassment

i’ve been sa’ed at least once before, i went through a very tough time where i talked to older men online and went on a “date” with one, he parked his car somewhere and undid his pants while i kinda froze, he started jerking off in front of me before touching my boobs and ripping my shirt a bit to try n see them, then he stuck his hand down my pants and touched me for a minute and asked if i wanted in on the fun, i just kinda shock my head and he did stop touching me but seemed annoyed, then asked if i could at least help him. i just swallowed hard and didn’t say anything, he eventually just took my hand and jerked himself off with it until he came. then stopped, asked if i wanted a ride home, i nodded, he drove me to a shoppers near my house where he had picked me up bc i didn’t want him to know where i lived. he kissed me goodbye, thanked me for the date, and gave me a 20 dollar bill. then i got out, went into the shoppers, bought ice cream, went home, ate it while curled up in a blanket and cried a bit, but i didn’t know rlly why i was crying. he didn’t live in my town so i’m lucky for that, i was 15. that summer i went back to a lot of the things i did when i was 12 and 13, lots of drinking but didn’t do the drugs which i did back then.
the other harassment or maybe assualt(?) happened when i was 12, i was drinking a lot and walking around the park near my house, ended up in a car with a few guys who gave me more alcohol, we went back to their place and drank some more, i was half asleep half like comatose honestly on their couch and i couldn’t move but could hear them laughing, one of the guys unzipped my sweater and touched my boobs a bit through my bra before putting his hand on my thigh and feeling up and down it, eventually one of the other guys told him to quit it and he zipped my sweater and they all left me alone for the rest of the night but i remember that guy remarking “ima jerk off to this later, she’s so limp it’s hot” anyways my question is their kinda a name for this? sa feels wrong but so does harassment so idk.
anyways there’s a few of there stories but thank you for reading this far if you have.
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2023.03.26 07:56 Tempest196 SPOILER for those who haven't seen John Wick Chapter 4

Upon seeing JW4 the first time and reading the recent Hollywood Reported article with Chad Stahelski, I was convinced that John died on the church steps. I was met with several arguments refuting what seemed conclusive. To be fair, I went in for a second and third viewing just in case I missed any fine details. Low and behold, I did!

To be sure, I think the proof of John surviving is in given on three occasions. 1.) The Marquis says, "There are three types of men in life - Those who have something to live for, those who have something to die for, and those who have something to kill for. John has none of these things, while Caine has all three." 2.) When John tells Winston what he wants on his headstone. He says "John - Loving Husband". His stone instead says - John Wick "Loving Husband". This tells us that 'John Wick' is dead but not simply John. And 3.) Before Caine shoots John, they say something like "Those who cling to death get life, and those who cling to life get death."
Since the beginning, John has been on the edge of death because of the loss of his wife. As we saw in chapter 1, he's contemplating suicide by attempting to drive his car head-on into a bulldozer. Avenging his dog and all that went with it acted as a distraction from the outcome of a self-inflicted death. John has been clinging to death, so he will live. Caine on the other hand is clinging to the life of his daughter, yet will die for killing Shimazu.
That being said, I’m 100% convinced John is still alive. Unfortunately, I cannot say I'm satisfied with their execution of chapter 4's plot and its placement in the continuity. To me it felt like they skipped over what should've been a more definitive chapter 4 and gave us chapter 5 in its place. Unless they release an extended cut on blu-ray, we'll probably never know. Apart from that, the film stands as a testamentary peak of the action film genre and a monument of cinematic artistry. Where they decide take the franchise from here? Your guess is as good as mine. I just hope the wait isn't too long.
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2023.03.26 07:56 throwawayl4532 part of my story and also a few questions, tw talk of sa and harassment

i’ve been sa’ed at least once before, i went through a very tough time where i talked to older men online and went on a “date” with one, he parked his car somewhere and undid his pants while i kinda froze, he started jerking off in front of me before touching my boobs and ripping my shirt a bit to try n see them, then he stuck his hand down my pants and touched me for a minute and asked if i wanted in on the fun, i just kinda shock my head and he did stop touching me but seemed annoyed, then asked if i could at least help him. i just swallowed hard and didn’t say anything, he eventually just took my hand and jerked himself off with it until he came. then stopped, asked if i wanted a ride home, i nodded, he drove me to a shoppers near my house where he had picked me up bc i didn’t want him to know where i lived. he kissed me goodbye, thanked me for the date, and gave me a 20 dollar bill. then i got out, went into the shoppers, bought ice cream, went home, ate it while curled up in a blanket and cried a bit, but i didn’t know rlly why i was crying. he didn’t live in my town so i’m lucky for that, i was 15. that summer i went back to a lot of the things i did when i was 12 and 13, lots of drinking but didn’t do the drugs which i did back then.
the other harassment or maybe assualt(?) happened when i was 12, i was drinking a lot and walking around the park near my house, ended up in a car with a few guys who gave me more alcohol, we went back to their place and drank some more, i was half asleep half like comatose honestly on their couch and i couldn’t move but could hear them laughing, one of the guys unzipped my sweater and touched my boobs a bit through my bra before putting his hand on my thigh and feeling up and down it, eventually one of the other guys told him to quit it and he zipped my sweater and they all left me alone for the rest of the night but i remember that guy remarking “ima jerk off to this later, she’s so limp it’s hot” anyways my question is their kinda a name for this? sa feels wrong but so does harassment so idk.
anyways there’s a few of there stories but thank you for reading this far if you have.
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2023.03.26 07:55 meropath Plant Newbie, have a lot of questions!

im just going to list em out, please answer whatever you can lol its gonna be a lot
  1. I have a small bathroom with no windows, just a light in the middle, what can live here aside from snake plants? (dont suggest grow lights already been down that route)
  2. what actually is indirect light?? how does that work, do I need a mirror to reflect light?
  3. If I stick a pothos in the corner of my shower in the aforementioned no-natural-light small bathroom with one ceiling light, and water it veeery occasionally, will it do ok?
  4. monstera cant do much in low light/lightless rooms right?
  5. are there any good online sites for houseplants? (that hopefully wont break the bank)
  6. do you guys buy secondhand house plants? if so, from where?
  7. in the case that shower plants dont work out, what can I stick in my shower for pops of green that wont mold like eucalyptus or need to be replaced more than really once a month-ish? they would receive some water but most likely just a spray here and there
  8. I bought a small monstera 6.5-inch pot right now. How tf do I keep it alive?? ive read that misting is no good, is that true?, currently I have it sitting in what I think it direct light (in front of a window), ive seen some guttation on the leaves, can that cause those fungal spots? do I need to wipe em off like every hour or can they just kind of chill, and last but not least how often do I water it??
  9. what are all the different pothos variations and why are there so any and which is the easiest to keep alive
Thank you for your consideration and help! pretty please do not scold me for being dumb I know a lot of this is easily googleable but it feels like every site says something different, I prefer talking to humans :)
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2023.03.26 07:54 LoveMangaBuddy Read Owari no Seraph - Chapter 124 - MangaPuma

Set in the near future, in a world where humans have to fend against vampires. Having lost everything during one such attack, Hyakuya Yuuichirou aims to join a specialized military squad for the sake of revenge, even as more unnatural things begin to occur... ... Read Owari no Seraph - Chapter 124 - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/owari-no-seraph/chapter-124
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