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2023.03.26 07:30 a7kilr I don’t really use soundcloud much anymore as I just use Spotify and YouTube but I have a lot of X saved stuff on there but I was just curious if anyone here listened to OhTrapStar? He had some good songs this one was my favourite, found out he passed away last year as well.

I don’t really use soundcloud much anymore as I just use Spotify and YouTube but I have a lot of X saved stuff on there but I was just curious if anyone here listened to OhTrapStar? He had some good songs this one was my favourite, found out he passed away last year as well. submitted by a7kilr to XXXTENTACION [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 07:29 2222wwww1 Hot egyptian woman and dirty talk to watch full movie press

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2023.03.26 07:29 __pearlph0bic What Exactly is Love?

I met him a little more than 6 months ago. Back then, we were just co-workers at our local pool and did not think much of each other. After we began texting on social media, I started to have a little crush on him. I did not take it seriously, I thought he was just for fun and that I would probably move on from him quickly. But, then, we proceeded to text almost every single day.
One night, we met up at a high school football game and everything changed there. Most of the people behind us on the bleachers were getting high on some drugs, and that made me really uncomfortable. He noticed that I was not used to this sort of environment (I do online school), so he suggested that we leave the bleachers and walk around the outside of the field together. As we walked together, side-by-side, I was beginning to feel safety in his presence, physically and emotionally. The way in which he talked to me in a gentle manner, and how he listened to everything I said with intent made me realize that he is different. It was after that night that I asked myself what love is. I thought that, maybe, I am not feeling love, but just a really really strong crush. How could I actually love someone at my young age?
Months passed and my feelings for him became more intense. He was always on my mind, I was constantly wondering what he was doing, I wanted to make sure that he is alright, not texting him for even one day felt unnatural, and I craved him to be near me at all times. The crazy part about all of this is that we never even kissed or did anything intimate like that. The most we ever did was hold hands.
I admire his independence and bravery, and this may sound silly but he reminds me of a prince. He treated me like his princess at all times. I have never thought these things about any other guy before.
The whole time we had been talking, he knew about my strict parents and how I could probably never tell them about him, but he never showed that he was hurt by that fact. He just told me multiple times that I am the most beautiful thing that ever came into his life, and that any time he gets to see me or be near me is "worth it". He had insisted on buying me gifts for Christmas and Valentine's Day (my birthday) even when I told him that his presence is enough for me. One time, I had bought food for myself and he gave me some of his money to make up for the price, and this shocked me. He has always been so good to me, even while he knew that I could not do as many things for him.
Some events have happened that are making it difficult for us to continue our relationship, and it is not because his behavior toward me changed or anything like that. It is because I cannot tell my parents about him - they do not have a good view of teen relationships at all. I had to end things because I know he deserves much better than what I can offer. He has never hurt me. In fact, he has fought with his parents many times because of how strongly he feels for me. He never gave up on me. When I told him we have to stop talking, he told me he will still love me with a full heart, which made me sob. I know I am a coward for not fighting for our relationship like he has done, but I cannot afford to lose my parents' trust. I had to end it because he is the most beautiful, pure-hearted, caring person I have ever met, and just the thought of hurting him with all my annoying complications makes me feel beyond guilty.
I always believed that loving someone meant that everything is happy and perfect and dreamy. But I think my perception was flawed.
I have never loved someone so strongly as I love him, but I had to let him go for his and my sake.
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2023.03.26 07:06 handsomeprincess Chicago Recommendation - A really fun night out!

I'm sure Chicago has been reviewed a thousand times but my opinion is the only one that matters, so:
So, caveat: I paid what I'm guessing is probably significantly more than what the normal Chicago ticket not from the last few months goes for. Counter-caveat, I would have paid that much to watch Jinkx Monsoon read from a phone book (and we had some killer seats). So while we paid a lot, we did in fact get what we paid for, separate of any quality or contents of the show itself. We probably also would have never thought to go if we weren't big Jinxk fans.
I think if I had gone to see it without any context at all on what it was, I would have been confused. If i had gone to see it when the movie first came out if I was a big fan of the movie, I would have been confused and disappointed. With us going to see it knowing we were already going to get our money's worth with a specific performer anyway, knowing the plot but being aware it wasn't really like the movie, and knowing it was a pretty stripped down minimalist production versus the usual broadway bombastic, we had pretty tempered expectations.
If you meet it on its own terms for what it is, this show is so much fun.
I was a little unsure with the opening number with how stripped down the stage is (sort of reminded me of my own college musical endeavors with a club that had no money), but as it kept going the minimalism really grew on me and showed how deliberate it really was. The dancing and movement was crisp and complicated enough to keep my attention (thanks Fosse) and almost served as a "set" in itself. I think they did a lot of cool things with simple pieces (ladders, ramps, etc) and there's a few very clever bits of lighting design that set the scenes well. Everyone is also wearing sexy black costumes and they are very, very, very pleasant people to look at while wearing sexy black costumes. I think I fell a little in love with one of the ensemble members.
Given the movie, I didn't realize the show was pretty much a full-on comedy, but it was really, really funny when played as campy and farcical as it was. Lots of great physical humor and gags, everyone had great comedic timing. The few moments of levity are well placed and well executed. Jinkx was of course fantastic, but honestly I felt like everyone else kept up on her level. She didn't feel like she was "saving" the show by being a standout stunt cast, she felt like she fit right in. I wasn't sure what to think of Roxie's actress at first, but like everything else, by about the third number in she really grew on me. It also felt like a very interactive show, as if we the audience were part of the story - many times we were directly spoken to, encouraged to clap and cheer, etc. I know I've seen some reviews that called it tired, but there was a ton of energy in the house tonight - maybe it's because of Jinkx bringing more people in, but you could feel the actors feeding off of it and then the audience feeding off of that back. The audience loves me, and I love them, and they love me for loving them and I love them for loving me, etc. I suspect this show doesn't feel nearly as fun or good to perform to a half-empty house.
So, came in with low expectations, was a little unsure at first as I wrapped my head around their intentions, and by the second or third number in I was having a great time. If you're expecting something with the production values and more serious tone of the movie, it's not going to be what you're looking for - they really do their own thing at all times and deliver many songs, lines, scenes etc quite differently. If you're expecting something with a coherent narrative and haven't really seen the movie, maybe look it up or something before you go if you want to follow it. It also might not be the right show to shell out hundred dollar and up tickets out on unless you really are feeling it (or love the stunt performer). But if you've got a free night, a good deal at TKTS and want to check out a fun KandeEbb/Fosse showcase with some great vaudeville-style comedy, it's worth your time. Honestly, if we were in town, didn't have another show lined up and the tickets were reasonable, I'd absolutely go again.
So! Fun! I think it's alive again! Great with Jinkx, is surely great without Jinkx, and I'm glad everyone seemed to be having a blast on stage. Also to the blonde girl in the ensemble who had the first spoken lines in the show: you're gorgeous, call me.
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2023.03.26 07:04 rtgfdssw How Can Watch Scream 6 Online Free for Reddit?

Still Now Here Option’s to Downloading or watching Scream 6 Scream VI streaming the full movie online for free. Do you like Action movies? If so, then you’ll love New Action Movie: Inside. This movie is one of the best in its genre. Scream 6 Scream VI will be available to watch online on Netflix's very soon!

Watch Now➤ ►

Is Scream 6 Scream VIon Netflix?

Scream 6 Scream VI is not available to watch on Netflix. If you're interested in other Movies and shows, one can access the vast library of titles within Netflix under various subscription costs depending on the plan you choose: $9.99 per month for the basic plan, $15.99 monthly for the standard plan, and $19.99 a month for the premium plan.

Is Scream 6 Scream VI on Hulu?

They're not on Hulu, either! But prices for this streaming service currently start at $6.99 per month, or $69.99 for the whole year. For the ad-fre eversion, it's $12.99 per month, $64.99 per month for Hulu + Live TV, or $70.99 for the ad-free Hulu + Live TV.

Is Scream 6 Scream VIon Disney Plus?

No sign of Scream 6 Scream VIon Disney +,which is proof that the House of Mouse doesn't have its hands on every franchise! Home tothe likes of 'Star Wars', 'Marvel', 'Pixar', National Geographic', ESPN, STAR and so much more, Disney+ is available at the annual membership fee of $79.99, or the monthly cost of$7.99. If you're a fan of even one of these brands, then signing up to Disney+ is definitely worth it, and there aren't any ads, either.

Is Scream 6 Scream VIon HBO Max?

Sorry, Scream 6 Scream VIis not available on HBO Max. There is a lot of content from HBO Max for $14.99 a month, such a subscription is ad-free and it allows you to access all the titles in the library of HBO Max. The streaming platform announced an ad-supported version that costs a lot less at the price of $9.99 per month.

Is Scream 6 Scream VIon Amazon Video?

Unfortunately, Scream 6 Scream VIis not available to stream for free on Amazon Prime Video. However, you can choose others hows and Movies to watch from there as it has a wide variety of shows and Movies that you can choose from for $14.99 a month.

Is Scream 6 Scream VIon Peacock?

Scream 6 Scream VIis not available to watch on Peacock at the time of writing. Peacock offers a subscription costing$4.99 a month or $49.99 per year for a premium account. As their namesake, the streaming platform is free with content out in the open, however, limited.

Is Scream 6 Scream VIon Paramount Plus?

Scream 6 Scream VIis not on Paramount Plus. Paramount Plus has two subscription options: the basic version ad-supported Paramount+ Essential service costs$4.99 per month, and an ad-free premium plan for $9.99 per month. costs$4.99 per month, and an ad-free premium plan for $9.99 per month (INSAALLAH)
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2023.03.26 07:02 Nicknamex732 38 [m4f] Philadelphia/USA I need a seeing eye human, or how: I became discontent with two eye’d normies.

Hi, so I am a huge goofball, and I have one eye, never drove a car, retired at 21, last job I worked was back in 2008. Live with my brother, my only family. It’s complicated and I typically over share and scare people off. What I can say, as an Italian male it’s confusing to not have a family or much of a support structure. I am happy I am older and not gonna waste my prime years on people who are fair weather friends. I have a past, my family resembles the Gallagers from Shameless. If you need a mental picture. I’ve been to therapy. I would continue to go if it was affordable, it’s sadly not. Overtly hostile people and me don't mix, I love sarcasm, but I find people who obnoxiously edgy, as pretty basic and cringe. Another way of saying it, is I don't get offended easily, other than people trying way to hard to offend me. I know the difference.
Aside from that, I am a typical dude, I love music, especially metalcore/death core, and everything else, very eclectic with music and movies, I literally own over 1000 movies so if the WiFi goes out, I ain’t afraid. I been watching the Saw movies, I liked Spiral too.
I play video games too, not as much as I use to and I am not competitive at all really in them. I mainly like action rpgs and shooters like Bioshock and Borderlands.
I have 2 dogs, they are a full pit and pit/German Shepard, I joke I am getting dragged by atleast 120 lbs when I walk them together. Also have to carry violet down stairs since she won’t go down them herself.
I enjoy cooking and twerking to Kesha when I do dishes. And I absolutely hate them! Dishes are my worst enemy.
I have combat related ptsd and so anxiety is normal. I cope well, smoke weed and stay mostly to myself but am extroverted for people who I like. Very good at communicating, maybe to much so, cause I am an INFP type personality and I would say that’s accurate. Picture a straight theater nerd who grew up on Adult Swim, Comedy Central, and MTV.
I’d love to meet a fellow Italian from New Jersey or originally from. Busting my balls is a requirement, if you want to get to know me. Tell me a good joke about NJ or extra points if can make a good one eyed joke. Not interested in marriage, or having kids, not opposed if you have kids and your life figured out and want a healthy long term relationship. Looking for a traditional woman. Not some militant feminist. I’m 420 friendly, don’t drink often or much.
I don’t ghost people and am patient and not clingy. Or so jealous. You can raid my phone whenever you want. I use my socials for memes and bands I follow. Twitter just to observe, YouTube is my addiction. I blame Nik Nocturnal, my picture is on my profile. Not really interested in long distance relationships either, they never work out.
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2023.03.26 07:00 BevoBot [3/26/2023] Sunday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread

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  3. TIL that Channel 5 was the only major UK television channel not to broadcast Queen Elizabeth II's funeral - they aired The Emoji Movie instead
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  5. Book ban lawmaker “very sad” that a parent is using his law to ban the “sex-ridden” Bible. The parent said that if lesser books have been banned, then the Bible, which discusses infanticide, rape, and bestiality, is not appropriate for kids.
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  3. Texas Men’s Swimming and Diving finishes 3rd in the NCAA Championships.
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2023.03.26 06:57 Movik-hd #Euphoria season 3 - release date of all episodes in Russia

#Euphoria season 3 - release date of all episodes in Russia


Do you want to be aware
of all the new movies and watch them in high quality
as soon as they come out, for free?
# SUBSCRIBE to our #cinema community!
Visit the website / and watch absolutely for free!!!

#euphory3seasondateingexternal links
#TV series
Euphoria from the release date of season 3
One of the most sensational projects continues. Bosses have already hinted when the 3rd season of the TV series "Euphoria" will be released, which means it's time to discuss the details of the tape and figure out why it has become so popular and has almost doubled ratings.

Along with the popularity, the number of fans who would like to know the release date of season 3 of "Euphoria", which will take place, according to our forecast – at the end of 2023!

What is the reason for the growth of ratings
Euphoria is an American drama about a girl who, after rehabilitation at the center, returns to the familiar world – home. The meeting with her family does not happen as expected by Ru, so she quickly forgets about long-term treatment and returns to banned substances again. Everything changes when Jules appears in the city – a young girl with an equally difficult fate and her own form of addiction.
The first season of Euphoria was released in 2019, but initially did not make a splash. The audience reacted coldly to the picture, mostly only criticizing the frankness of some scenes and the general "slippery" of the plot. But when the release date of the second part took place, the situation changed dramatically – according to the creators, the audience of fresh episodes doubled. Well, since the ratings of the series are growing, which means it's time to extend "Euphoria" for season 3, the release date of which will take place at the end of 2023. The bosses have not yet told what the third chapter will be – at the time of the extension, not all episodes of the second part were shown yet, therefore it was premature to talk about new adventures.

It is curious that the plot of Euphoria is not an original story at all, but an adaptation of an Israeli project released in 2012-2013. The original was less successful, but it's not about the plot, but the weak advertising campaign and the low prevalence of the tape outside the country of production. American Euphoria has distinguished itself with thoughtful advertising – social networks are full of reviews, and parodies are regularly filmed on entertainment platforms.
Surprisingly, not the last place in the popularity of Euphoria is occupied by makeup. Yes, yes – many girls admit that they started watching the series after they saw the makeup of the main and secondary heroines on the network.
Who is behind the success
Since the picture was extended, you will find the release date of the episodes of season 3 of Euphoria in our schedule, and here we will tell you who is behind the successful tape. First of all, it is, of course, the cast.

The titular role was played by Zendaya, who has been gaining popularity at an incredible rate for a long time. Her colleagues on the site were Maude Apatow, Hunter Schaefer, Jacob Elordi and others. The script for Euphoria was written by Sam Levinson. He also directed, sharing a chair with Jennifer Morrison, Augustine Frizzell and Pippa Bianco. Well, the star makeup artist was Doniella Davy – she creates incredible makeup girls, and also shares inspiring examples on her Instagram.
After such joyful news, the euphoria continues. We are waiting for the release date of season 3 to see again the frankness of the creators, the amazing play of the actors and the beautiful makeup from Doniella.
Season 3 episode Release Schedule
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2023.03.26 06:52 Movik-hd #The Chicks (TV series, 2022) - release date of all episodes

#The Chicks (TV series, 2022) - release date of all episodes


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#thetelkiserial2022datesexternal links
#TV series
"The Chicks" – plot and release date (Episode 8 Has already been released)
In 2008, Sergey Minaev released his bestseller, and now, in 2022, we are discussing its film adaptation. We already know when the TV series "The Chicks" will be released, who will star in it and what storyline will form the basis. Do you want to know too? Then welcome!

At the moment, the showrunners have already decided on the exact release date of "The Chicks", so we know that the premiere of new episodes on Sea TV should be expected on February 24, 2022! Go to the schedule⇓

Permissiveness and karma
Initially, The Heifers is a novel by the writer Sergey Minaev. He showed his creation to the world in 2008 – then his work was published, which quickly became a bestseller. It is known that the movie bosses decided not to deviate too much from the main plot, but actualized controversial points.
The Chicks is a story about the modern world with all its advantages and disadvantages. There are electronic cigarettes, messengers and social networks, and in general – universal digitalization. Andrey Mirkin is at the center of the events. He works as the head of a PR agency and shows great promise. In addition to managing the company, he likes to write for a glamorous publication, and at his leisure – to cheat with credit cards. I must say that the success of the main character of The Heifer is the merit of the beautiful half of humanity, who helped him to arrange his life and get the necessary benefits. Mirkin enjoys incredible popularity among women – charisma and charm – well, how can you resist here. A man has a lot of women behind him and even more people with broken destinies. But who cares now, right?

For more information about the fate of the titular character, look for the TV series "The Chicks", the release date of which will take place in the second half of 2022. The information that the tape is being prepared for release appeared at the end of 2021 - then the bosses announced the end of filming, published a synopsis and named the full list of participants in the process.
According to the assurances of the creators of the show, the release date will raise important issues of the modern world, in which money has come to the fore, and human feelings have ceased to be worth something. The task of the authors is to show what happens when the boomerang still catches up with you and it's time to be responsible for the deeds. If you want to learn from the mistakes of others, watch the new product, and you will find the release date of the new episodes of "The Chicks" in our schedule.

Creators and cast
The director of The Heifer was Maria Agranovich. All the actors and the rest of the crew noted that it was very easy to work with her. She has a keen sense of the performers, as well as the characters they embody. The title role was given to Milos Bikovic, and his colleagues were Lyubov Aksenova, Paulina Andreeva, Oksana Akinshina and others. The composition was chosen by the stars – all the famous faces of modern cinema on the same platform.
Now that you have read all the important information, you can, like fans of the famous bestseller "The Chicks", wait for the release date of the new series on Sea TV, and with them those who do not belong to this category.
New series release schedule
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2023.03.26 06:49 PopBooper 26 [M4F] #NJ NYC USA. Dominant in search of building a relationship

Hey there, my name is Kevin and I’m 27 years old. I’m a Korean who’s I’m 5"10 and 190 pounds. I am strictly looking for a mono relationship.
I'm studying right now to take a test to get into nursing. Right now I work as a full time pharmacy tech. When I have time for myself, I either watch videos(I watch basically all genre of shows and movies. Marvel, 1899, Stranger Things, kdrama, Disney and the list goes on), play games(Play on PC, if you'd like to play then shoot me a message. I play OW2, LoL, WoW, Apex Legends), go outside for a walk, or hang out with my friends. Cooking is a big thing for me so you know that oppa will cook you a lot of good food. Right now I am working on getting skinnier so I am doing some work outs and it's working. I am a physical and gifting type of lover. I like to hold hands, hold my partner in my arms, give forehead kisses, nuzzle my nose against my partners, give kisses, hugs, spanks when they're bent over. Giving gifts to my partner too when I feel she deserves it.
For me, a key for a healthy relationship is when both partners are able to communicate. I'd like for us to be able to speak up if anything is bothering us. My submissive should know that I will give them my attention when ever I can. As my submissive, you aren't just my submissive, you are my partner, my bestfriend, my lover. As we grow together whether it be close or long distance, we will be able to meet with each other at times and even more later on. I've been into BDSM for a good 7-8 years and DDLG for about 3 years. Intimacy is a beautiful part of a relationship in my opinion which is why I like to balance out between being non-sexual and sexual in the relationship. As we grow a stronger bond together and a genuine relationship, we'll be able to explore more of the kink and life style together. We'll be able to see what works and what don't, making our relationship more spicier along the way. When we aren't doing anything sexual, we'd be doing: watching movies and shows, cooking together, sleeping on the same call together and eventually on the same bed together. Again, you aren't just my submissive, you are my partner, my lover and my best friend.
As a long distance, I'd like to communicate at least everyday with texting. With videos calls, we can use discord and watch videos together every other day. I expect us to have at least one or two video sessions a week where I command what you do over the video call. This is only when my submissive is ready to of course, this will never be rushed like any part of the relationship.
As a Dominant, I am strict but can be soft at times. I am experienced in this lifestyle and open minded. I am goofy (Strict when needed), loving, patient caring, understanding, reliable, loyal and will be there for my partner through the highs and lows. Making my submissive comfortable and feel safe is my top priority. My goal is to guide my submissive to be shaped to what I see fit. I carry a love for my submissive for who they are and for what they will become with my guidance because they are my prized possession, someone that I helped create. I will never force or ask my submissive to submit to me, that is given to me when I deserve it. When discipline is needed, it will be used to put my submissive in her place. When I say to get on all fours, I expect you to go down on all fours and I shall do what I see fit. I will reward you for doing so, saying, "What a good little slut(or kitten you are based on if your limit is degrading) you are" and giving you pleasure. After a long day at work, when I say to get on your knees and suck my cock, I expect you to go on your knees on command and pleasure my cock. Of course as a reward for doing so I'd eat out your pussy, making you cum for me. When I say to hold your cum in, I expect you to try your hardest to hold it in. And when I compound my cock into your pussy, giving you no mercy, I will reward you for being a good cum dumpster by slamming my cock in as deep as possible before making you take every last drop of cum inside as I slowly pull out(Only if you're into creampie of course). Aftercare will always be given since it is essential.
What you can expect from me:
What am I looking for?:
If you made it this far and do end up messaging me, tell me about yourself.
Tell me the secret word: Apple
Your age, location, what you look like (I don’t mind trading pictures), interests, hobbies, what you look for in a Dominant
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2023.03.26 06:47 RepresentingSG SG2 servers is unplayable and is gonna become a wasteland

11 year veteran here.
There are only 2 player base now and every new player or player that's trying to improve and learn the game has to quit.
  1. Every low elo game is being played by diamond smurfs. Literally every game. They don't like losing , using alot fo enegry or straight up can't compete at the highest level. They prefer bullying because they are toxic. Wins and dopamine is why they even play the game . So in order for them to get this bully = wins = dopamine. They have to play at lower ranks Iron bronze silver gold or maybe even platnium. Bullying every new / real player who's rank is where he belongs preventing the ability for anyone to learn and improve in the game.
  2. It's called " Singapore server" not India server or china server or indonesia server. It's Singapore servers. Singapore league of legends is as impressive as korea. It use to be that way when it was only played by Singaporeans and malaysians until garena decided to merge all SEA servers into 1. Handicapping the Singaporeans from becoming one of the worlds best league of legends countries to represent and win worlds.Remeber SGS remember CHAWY . Remeber SGS was the only team to compete with TPA at the highest level of league comprising of Singaporean players only. League in Singapore use to be HYPER COMPETETIVE. The reason why league has become unpopular in Singapore and players have no drive and simply play like a robot to grind LP is because of the merge and allowing players elsewhere to play here and ruin games for everybody by trolling, being toxic, simply leaving games, account boosting/ smurf bullying. The entire server rigth now is literally all about bullying.This is the first time in my entire 11 years of playing this game where despite having to play against like i said point 1." diamond players all of em in rotation playing in low elo to bully, win and get the dopamine preventing new players/ players that want to improve from even playing your game" am sitting in bronze 2. What is going on. My skill as a player is improving largely but my rank is not going up but down. Every game im playing against enemies that know how to " attack move" , know how to dodge perfectly, rotate with the team perfectly, perfect jg paths and timing, lane ownage and they do all this against new players who don't know anything. that are true to their rank and learning slowly. I am that guy that carries low elo against new players because im experienced but im true to my rank. Not these opponents and because of that for the first time.
Im going to stop playing league because of these 2 major issues. You have made the game unplayable for me. So imagine how it would be for newer players. if i can't play , carry and win games giving new player on my team a good time and happy , providing tips and advice against 5 diamond account smurfs or boosters. What do yout hink will happen to new players. its a slaughter house and theres alot of foreigners doing that.It use to be only locals but its has reached a point where you can't fix it anymore. The games broken. It's done. SG2 league of legends only playable mode now might be aram and i say might ebcause all these bullies might soonr ealsie nobody want to play ranked anymore and so everyone plays arams. Just fyi i played on other servers. NA, EU, OCEanic and you now what? I would destroy my opponents in bronze silver and gold because they are true to their ranks.Its real elsewhere. in SG2 its just you vs diamond masters challenegr smurfs or account boosters that enjoy bullying. bullying makes them happy and doapmine etc in bronze silver gold plat etc and not fair competetion. It might even be in iron right now.Thats how bad the server is.
Warning : the only game mode playable is arams and once these diamond bullies and trolling foreigners realise that nobody is playing ranked anymore and theres nobody to bully. They will start playing arams and so everyone will officially quit league in SG2 servers. it will becoem a wasteland and you will have to shut down. unless if the addicts still keep playing but i doubt they will at this current state of the server. Yes arams slowly being invaded by these " diamodn bullies" and " foreign players troll , Dc int etc".
I quit. The server is infected and its killing itself like a cancer virus and i don't think it's possible to fix it.
My best bet is to move to oceanic or japan. Yes i have good ping in oceanic and japan. I have friends in oceanic also. I thinks its time to make the change. When a country falls like the seen in avatar the mother tree dies. To survive we have to flee into the water lands. I apologise if any of you oceanic players feel that we are bringing our land problems to you but we will be accustom to your tribe and lean your ways. Understanding the way of water.
It's literally like the avatar movie. Sky people come and attack turning the land into a wasteland and everyone ahd to flee into the mountains(arams). Sky people know we are there and attack us . We won for awhile but we know we are gonna lose and have to flee. Flee to the water lands to meet the peopel of the sea ( japan/ oceanic servers). learn their customs, speak their language and ways of water.
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2023.03.26 06:44 Movik-hd Chucky season

#Chucky season 2 - release date of new episodes


Do you want to be aware
of all the new movies and watch them in high quality
as soon as they come out, for free?
# SUBSCRIBE to our #cinema community!
Visit the website / and watch absolutely for free!!!

#Chak'i2seasondatavyhodanovyh seriesrussia
#TV series
Chucky will get a Season 2 release date (Episode 8 has already been released)
Some adventures just can't end quickly. This happened with a recently presented horror project, whose fans are already asking when the 2nd season of the series about the killer doll nicknamed Chucky will be released. We have something to tell you about this, so join us, otherwise you will miss all the fun.

But first, we will try to find out the release date of season 2 of the series "Chucky", which has not yet been named, but we assume that the premiere of new episodes should be expected on October 6, 2022! Go to the schedule⇓

To be continued..
He will continue to kill
"Chucky" is a serial version of a popular story about a killer doll, which has been repeatedly presented to the public in the form of full—length films. But this time, fans of the creepy toy had a chance to find out who Chucky was and why he began to kill by moving into the doll.
The events in the series begin corny – the main character, a young schoolboy Jake Wheeler buys a strange doll at a garage sale. At home, he discovers that the doll can talk, and without batteries. But Chucky's talkativeness is far from the only difficulty. More dangerous is his desire to kill even for the smallest offenses. From now on, here he decides who will live and who will die.
After a couple of episodes, the boy loses his father and a classmate. But this is just the beginning – Chucky intends to kill, and at the same time tell how it happened that he became a dangerous, ruthless and sophisticated criminal.

There is still something to tell in this story, so the bosses decided to extend the TV series "Chucky" for season 2. The release date of the new series has not yet been announced, but we assume that it will take place in the fall of 2022. The decision did not come as a surprise – the show has good ratings and was able to attract both fans of the original series of films and new viewers. The latter became possible thanks to the plot, which, although it refers us to past projects, is self-sufficient and will be understandable even to the viewer who just "passed by".
The news that the release date of the sequel will be, the creators reported with the involvement of the main character. Chucky asked fans to be on guard and look around, because already in 2022 he will return to the screens, and who knows who the doll will choose as a victim this time.
Probably, there is no need to remind you that you will find the release dates of the new episodes of season 2 about the bloodthirsty "Chucky" at the end of the article, but it will not be superfluous to remind the names of key performers and creators.

The key roles in the first part were played by Zachary Arthur, Bjergvin Arnarson, Alivia Alin Lind. 4 actors had the honor to embody Chucky – they portray him in different periods of the narrative. As a child, he looks like David Colsmith, as a teenager, like Tyler Barish, and in the turbulent 80s, like Fiona Dourif. The main actor embodying the character was Brad Dourif. They will probably all return to their roles in new episodes.
We will find out the exact information as we approach the premiere, but in the meantime we are waiting for Chucky to name the release date of season 2 and enjoy the already released episodes. And be careful – he is very cunning and inventive.
Season 2 episode Release Schedule
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2023.03.26 06:42 Movik-hd Fantasy Island

#Fantasy Island season 2 - release date of new episodes in Russia


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#ostrovfantaziy2seasondatavyhodanovyh seriesrussia
#TV series
Fantasy Island and the release date of season 2 (episode 9 Has already been leaked)
Pack your bags – soon we will go on an exciting adventure together with the characters of your favorite show. We tell you what we have heard about the premiere of the 2nd season of the series "Fantasy Island" and share the latest information about the premiere date and upcoming episodes.

While everyone is waiting for the release date of the 2nd season of Fantasy Island, the directors of the series decided to prepare a small surprise in the form of a Christmas episode, which will be shown on December 23, 2021. The premiere of season 2 is worth waiting for January 3, 2023. Go to the schedule⇓

Don't be afraid to dream!
"Fantasy Island" is a relaunch of a popular project that was released from 1977 to 1984, as well as its continuation. Events unfold on an island where even the wildest desires come true.
People come to the mystical resort for a variety of purposes. Someone wants to improve their health, someone dreams of establishing a family life, and someone needs to master superpowers. The island knows what a person really wants and fulfills cherished dreams, but the reality is not always cloudless. And regardless of their desires, one thing is invariable – all the guests will turn their lives around.

The first season of the show was released in August 2021, and in November the creators extended the series "Fantasy Island" for season 2, the release date of which should be expected in early 2023. Despite the hype around the show and the imminent renewal, the show received rather mediocre ratings on Russian review aggregators – slightly above average. But the picture found an audience, because sometimes you want to escape from a noisy metropolis and dream.
But the extension of the show and the approximate release date are not all the news that the creators of the project have prepared. It turned out that in addition to the continuation, they also prepared a special episode. It is known that as part of the special issue, a businesswoman, played by Lindsey Kraft, dreaming of a perfect Christmas, will be troublesome to Roark. It is confirmed that Eddie Cahill and Mackenzie Estin will appear in the series. The premiere is scheduled for December 21 – such a Christmas gift from the organizers.
Production of the painting
The information that the show is being prepared for release at all was reported to FOX in December 2020. Then it was announced that the movie bosses would shoot a modern adaptation of the show popular at the end of the 20th century.

They quickly came to negotiations on the second chapter – already in September 2021, that is, even before the denouement of the first part, the creators began to confer on the continuation, and in early November it was agreed.
The key roles in the first part were played by Roselyn Sanchez and Ciara Barnes. Also among the actors was John Gabriel Rodriquez, who in the sequel will move from the status of a recurring actor to the main cast.
What events will happen in the new releases, and who else will visit fantasy island, you will find out after the release date of season 2, but the premiere will have to wait. But, in the free time, you can dream, and who knows, maybe your dreams will become reality after the start of the show.
Season 2 episode Release Schedule
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2023.03.26 06:16 4mesesintento John wick movies get dumber and dumber each time

remember when he had to take time to heal after a big fall and a gunshot. then in john wick 2 he was surviving car crashes like they were nothing (showing some minor damage) then in the third one he survived falling from a building
and now in john wick 4 its like he is made out of rubber. i know these movies have always been fantasy-like but jesus christ they really butchered them. There is no moment in this movie at all that i fear for him or his ability to tank literally being hit by a car 5 times within 10 minutes
but well a freaking CGI dog also tanked a full speed car for some reason in the movie so i shouldnt be surprised
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2023.03.26 06:11 BallOnMyBall I got Caught - My Sinkpisser Revelation - A Memoir

Salutations to all of my fellow sinkpissers, I've just recently found this sub. What a time we live in, to find common folk with such superioristic although peculiar like-minded thoughts & actions.
I'll preface by saying I am & most likely will remain a proud sinkpisser until the end of my days. As I'm aware how abnormal this act may be, I take the utmost importance in sanitary & etiquette through practice (as all should do). This is not only out of respect & cleanliness for my own bathroom facilities, but others as well.
With that out of the way, I'll start by saying I started my serendipitous sink-pissing lifestyle by complete accident in March of 2020. Peak pandemic period had me working remotely with access to close bathrooms & comfortability. I live a very active lifestyle and exercise heavily after work. I'm also a proud HydroHomies citizen, so I quite frequently urinate. Pair this with the above new environment results in some experimentation to cut down on water usage & boost efficiency during my busy work day.
Afraid of bending societal norms, even in my own home I was a bit apprehensive in the act initially. However, an unexpected Kidney Stone would forever change my life. Due to genetics & not a poor diet, it was only a matter of time before I passed one. Not only was this the worst pain imaginable in my life so far, It lead to an epiphany. To negate as much pain possible while pissing and to see the little bugger actually pass I tried pissing in the sink during this period.
After days of sink-pissing in immense pain, I passed the stone & gained a forever changing act of convenience. Since then, I've continued the process. Recently however, my antics have resulted in the most unfortunate act. Getting caught.
As mentioned in my preface, I take utmost importance in etiquette in Sinkpissing. Public & non-owned homes are absolutely no exception of this. My only rule is I will not sinkpiss in public facilities that are public, i.e. no lock. Sinkpissing in a public restroom is just asking to get caught, and most importantly; one could be exposed. While I'm sure I can pull it off at times, there is too much risk. This is a no go for me.
Fortunately, I was not caught by a stranger in public. But by none other than my In-Laws and their family. While this is incredibly embarrassing, I'd much rather this happen around them than our new group of friends house as we've just started getting comfortable with them after a nationwide move.
How did this happen exactly? Well, I followed all my protocols per usual. This time however I decided to use the common area restroom as my go-to basement, while obscured, was occupied. I chanced it as my fluid intake had left my bladder full throughout the long trip there.
Although hydrated, my piss was quite yellow which is odd. During the process, the sink decided to NOT drain. Without a plunger in sight, and her family members waiting for their turn I panicked. I tried cupping my hands to drain, blowing, adding water to dilute it down but alas nothing worked. This sink was rather small with no overflow, so lots of piss and very little room left for water. I added some soap for suds, and decided to chin up and take the shame like any honorable person would do.
This was a mistake. I tried explaining to my SOs younger sister to not enter until I get a snake/plunger, but she insisted. The sight of her face, taking in my overly pungent, most foul smelling coffee paired with sudsy dehydrated yellow piss will never leave my mind. She rightfully proceeds to freak out and tell everyone that the sink was clogged with piss. While she didn't throw me under the bus immediately, It was heavily implied I was the one responsible, especially as I was soon carrying a plunger & cleaning supplies.
Not much was said about the event during the rest of our gathering, but boy was it awkward. I had to explain to my SO why I clogged her parents sink with piss & embarrassed us in front of her relatives. I told her the truth. She was never aware of my process as I only use our spare bathroom to Sinkpiss, out of respect & cleanliness of her. After a long conversation, she was a bit weirded out but mostly upset about doing it around her family. We eventually just dropped it, but for a few days things were tense. This happened last Christmas. Things are still awkward to me, but fortunately will never come up again.
I have continued my Sinkpissing lifestyle, but I ensure to take precautions such as testing sink drainage beforehand.
Learn from my mistake, please. I will forever be known as a sinkpisser around my in-laws. Luckily, they are cool and learned to laugh it off with only my dignity at expense.
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2023.03.26 06:10 theagnostick [TOMT][Movie]WWII movie with a scene depicting an exaggerated view D-day that shows a landing craft full of men as they approach the coast. One of the soldiers vomits and a superior pulls a gun and shoots him without a second thought.

I NEED to know if this is a real or a false memory, but I vividly remember seeing a WWII movie as a kid that depicted D-day. Like I said in the title, the scene that has always stuck with me showed one of those open landing crafts full of soldiers as they approached the beaches, very similar in style to Saving Private Ryan, except in this film when the soldier vomits from seasickness, a superior or other soldier standing behind him pulls a sidearm and shoots the man in the head killing him.
Part of me feels like it’s a false memory of seeing Saving Private Ryan as a kid as that shows men vomiting while in the landing craft, but the memory is so vivid and different from SPR that I’m certain it was an actual film. I would have rented it or seen it on one of the Dish Network movie channels, and would have been in the mid-to-late 90’s. The film was definitely of that era so it would have been released anywhere between the late 80’s to late 90’s.
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2023.03.26 06:05 bubblebabe123 F23 ~ Looking for some friends!

A bit about me: I’m from boring ole Wisconsin. Land of the beer and cheeses! I have a husband and 2 pups whom I call my family! (Hence why I’m looking for friends only) I just recently quit my HR job to become a real estate agent. If you’re looking for a house, maybe I could refer someone or be your agent if you’re located in Wisconsin! I’m an EXTREMELY picky eater! I’ll probably be the pickiest person you’ll ever meet! I love movies, my favorites are Marvel, Harry Potter, or Christmas rom coms, please don’t hate me!! I enjoy talking about real estate, finance, dogs, giving advice or listening to rants. I’m not really a gamer or into anime but definitely have no negative feelings on it. I wish I had cooler, more interesting things to say but my mind is going blank right now.
If you’re interested, please feel free to reach out! Generally looking for an age range of 20-30 and I tend to get along with men better but I’m open to anything! Bonus points if you’re clever in your first message to me!
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2023.03.26 06:00 cwtheking The March of Industry (4/?)

Coulson finally talks with someone from this world. This ones a bit longer sorry for the delay I hit a bit of writers block. This ones more goal and talking orientated so I hope that helps vary things up. Anyway writing this so far has been a lot of fun hope everyone enjoys and yes I wanna do more to tie this into the main James storyline but I'm super not comfortable with doing that without full communication with pepper so for now I'm keep this far away. and as always the more feedback the better.
It had been 2 weeks since the spring was discovered. In that time the base was improved and more gear set up. A pump was set up at the spring filling tanks near the base, the portal was put on an automatic timer to drain the tanks and so far it was working perfectly. Coulson spent most of his time now wandering the area and finding stuff to send back to R&D for study. Foreman had been surprisingly helpful in explaining the current situation in the world along with relaying any new info the government had gotten.
Near the base he had also set up a 20 ft. tower that helped extend the radio range from the tear and cameras on it helped secure the base and record events. Apparently at one point it even recorded dragons flying by of all different colors from yellow to pink and even a black one with a furry neck.
His suit even got some upgrades, most notably a new covering that went under the motors and hydraulics like his clothes but completely covered him and even came with a spacesuit- like helmet. Foreman had said it would help against heat and cold but would also work as CBRN gear if it came down to it. None of that was important right now today was important because he had a special call. It had been over 2 weeks now since Coulson was able to contact his daughter. He knew she was safe after all that was the big insurance the company had to keep Coulson doing what they wanted. Finally today was the day that they would allow them to get into contact with each other. It made sense for them as they needed his morale to be high for his next mission. Foreman cut on the comms “Morning Enforcer todays the day and we have someone just about to leave for school who wants to talk to you. You have a few minutes for the connection so be quick.” After a few seconds he heard breathing then the voice of a young girl. “Hey papa you there?” A smile grew on Coulson's face half in relief to finally hear his daughter again. “I'm here sweetie it's good to hear from you, they said you're heading to school?” He heard her fumble around with the phone before responding. “Yea I have a new nanny now her name is Katie she's nice, she's driving me there. When can you come home?” Healing her said that hurt but he didn't want to lie. “I, I don't know if I'm going to be back home soon, it may be a while.” He winced a bit waiting for the response. “Alright, can we watch a movie when you're back?” He smiled again, giggling. “Of course.” There was a beep signaling the time was almost up. “Sweetie, I gotta go be safe and do what the people in suits tell you to do ok?” “Okay Papa bye.” The comm went silent as the communication was cut. It was good to know she was safe at least. As if to ruin the moment of course Foreman cut in. “Enforcer your job today is more or less unknown, I've given you what information we have on the world the past week. You are due for an expedition to find another point where we can gather resources to send through the portal. This mission is more or less up to you as we will lose contact but do not return empty handed. Good luck Enforcer Foreman out.” Coulson had gotten the news that this was due to happen soon and he estimated it was today. Well guess the giant is never satisfied and the M.I.C. wouldn't be with just the water. The sad truth is that Coulson had absolutely no clue what to mine or what this world even had. He needed local help, luckily he knew just the place to go, when setting up the tower he noticed a nearby village built into the side of a nearby mountain. With no other idea of where to begin he set off hiking towards the village on a 2 day trip.
The trip was mostly uneventful, Coulson had brought spare hydrogen cells and plenty of food or water so he never had to stop for long except for sleep. The most worrying thing was he still did not have a dedicated weapon and while the baton worked for nonlethal encounters and would probably do well against a standard human it proved ineffective against larger creatures.
Eventually he arrived and in the distance he saw a small town, each building was higher then next as it winded up the side of the mountain's various holes dug into the side down into mines. Rock was used heavily throughout the towns construction being a part of every building, a few buildings had smoke rise from them presumably being smelters or blacksmiths. Around the side was a small wall leading to a gate in the front.
As he approached he decided it would be best just in case to put his helmet on while heading towards the gate making sure he had no weapons showing. At the front 2 men sat and chatted, both wearing armor one was a dwarf with orange hair and the other a human with short black hair as they laughed and joked before noticing Coulson. “Hold there stranger, what kind of armor is that?” The human spoke holding a spear and gesturing to Coulson’s suit. “Some kind of Arbalestier maybe?” The dwarf held a surprisingly large warhammer of sorts and spoke back to the human guard.” “I'm just a miner from a camp up north. I came here to trade that's all.” Coulson shifted a bit, These guys didn't seem to be too hard of a fight if it came to it but that would be wasteful and dangerous considering he had no clue how strong they really were. Besides he had never been in a REAL fight in ages back on earth he just did fake muggings or assassinations there was never really any brawling. The human guard seems to lower his spear a bit signaling Coulson to step closer. “You said you're a miner? What kind of mining suit is that then?” That was a fair point and Coulson did not have an easy answer ready. He had to come up with something quickly.
“I'm an Arbalest. I help mine sometimes.” Man he hoped that made sense he had NO clue what an Arbalest was but if his suit looked like one hopefully this would pass. The guard sighed and looked at the dwarf before looking back. “Alright fine but do anything funny and we will see how that suit sells.” They both moved over, opening the gate and guiding him in. “Over there is the tavern, behind that's the mine and the inn is part of the tavern.” Coulson looked around at the mining town. It was not exactly small but he estimated a population of a few hundred. The best place to start was probably the tavern, at least according to his information on fantasy books, which was frankly all he had to go off of in this situation. “Thank you, I'll try not to cause a ruckus.” The two guards turned back to their guarding spots as Coulson went inside the tavern.
Inside was right out of a D&D game with an elf behind the bar filling a tankard, a duo of off duty guards chatting and telling jokes, in the back a table of four dwarves and across from them three orcs.
The room went a bit quiet as everyone stopped eyeing Coulson. The guards did not seem to care about going back to drinking and joking. The orcs eyed before going back to chatting as the dwarves laughed one of them halloring Coulson over. “What the hell kind of armor is that boy? What are you trying to protect yourself from, rain!?”
The dwarves laughed heartily before Coulson interjected. “Not so wrong, I take it you're the gruff miners of this town?” “Aye that we are boy, what's your business in town?” One of the dwarves in the back said leaning over his drink. “Just a fellow miner trying to see what's good for mining in the area. I'm… new to the mining business.” That wasn't entirely true but he hoped it would yield the results he was looking for.
“Well if you mean in these mines not much I'm afraid. You're looking at the deep mining expedition crew and we haven't found squat, news is there gonna close up the mine soon apparently.” There was opportunity here but if this town is out of mining deposits it could mean the ones in the area are not that big.
There was movement from behind him as one of the orcs spoke up “If you lazy damn dwarfs would get off your drunk asses and find some damn ore we wouldn't have to close the mine!” Another of the dwarves was quick to respond. “There isn't any damn ore down there green skin” Suddenly a table was shoved as an orc stood up and moved to the dwarves table grabbing the one that called him a greenskins chair and throwing him out of it. “The hell did you just call me shorty.” This was getting ruff and he knew when a fight was brewing. “Hey come on guys, let's just calm down.” That, was not the correct line of words to use in this situation and now he was being tossed into a bar. “Shut up ya damn coward.” Alright screw it time for the fun approach. Coulson grabbed the orc's shoulder with his left hand and shoved the baton into his back, immediately the orc's muscles clenched as he fell to the ground. Huh more bark than bite apparently. He savored the win just to feel a fist knock him onto the floor from the other ogre. “Fuck that hurt. Anyway can we-?” He was cut off as the Orc put a boot on his chest one of the dwarves coming to help but quickly getting punches falling to the wall the wind knocked out of him. Coulson grunted and grabbed the Orcs leg, the hydraulics activating as he shoved his leg up and back causing him to fall backwards. Just as he tried to pull his head up to get back up Coulson lifted his exosuit reinforced leg up over his head slamming it down, knocking him out. “Everyone okay?” Coulson asked, shaking himself off and getting up. “Aye lad were alright.” Coulson moved up checking on the Orc. “Oh good, just a concussion he will be fine.” Coulson sat back down on the bar nursing his wounds.
“Thanks for your help lad OY barmaid get our new friend here a drink. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Urist, over there is Thikud, Sibrek, and our friend currently napping against the wall that tried to help fight is Dodok.” Coulson smiled, meeting his new friends as his drink arrived, drinking it happily as it tasted like anything else but purified water. “Damn that's not half bad. Anyway it's a pleasure to meet you by the way. What did you guys mine?” “Elemental obsidian lad lifeblood of magic practically. Damn shame no ones got liquid elemental obsidian huh.?” Sibrek spoke up. “Oy not that shit again Urist that liquid shit is all just a myth ant no nobody find it yet everyone says its to deep for miners to live.”
“I don't follow what's liquid elemental obsidian?” Coulson looked around at the dwarves as he sipped his drink. “It's more of a theory,” Urist said. “Apparently due to its properties if you go down deep enough to the point where it's pretty much unlivable and thus un-mineable, the pressure and heat means elemental obsidian is found at a liquid state. But since it's so far down no ones found it yet, let alone mined.” Coulsons eyes almost glew as he hatched a plan, if he could hire these dwarves to help mine and run the mining gear it would save him a ton of effort. “My equipment is from a different country. I could probably use it to see if it exists, and if it does work out a way to mine it if you wanna work for me.” Some of the dwarves laughed but Urist looked at him trying to see if he was joking. “You're serious aren't ya? Well damn you beat those orcs for us and we are about to be out of a job anyway. Screw it, I'm in.” The other dwarfs cheered in agreement and not long after Coulson and the 4 dwarves left the town on a trip home.
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2023.03.26 05:56 1poiu7 Bhool Bhulaiyaa (Full Movie) Akshay Kumar Vidya Balan Shiney A Paresh R Priyadarshan Bhushan K

Bhool Bhulaiyaa (Full Movie) Akshay Kumar Vidya Balan Shiney A Paresh R Priyadarshan Bhushan K submitted by 1poiu7 to Ojkhho [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 05:51 cwcobblestone "A Maid's Diary," Chapter 2

“A Maid’s Diary,” Chapter 2
by c.w. cobblestone

Dear Diary,
I just finished a 17-hour shift and I ache all over, while my mind is an absolute jumble. I’m finding out the hard way that being a maid for a sadistic family is painful both inside and out.
My calves are throbbing and I’ve got blisters all over the bottoms of my feet thanks to those damned heels. My face is still sore from Mike’s slap. I can’t get the sound of my stepdaughters’ laughter out of my head. And Jen came up with a cruel new rule that’s going to make my life miserable from now on.
Today was only my second full day on the job and I already feel like it’s getting to be too much.
Fuck, am I wiped out! Sunday may be a day of rest for other people, but not for poor little Buffy. I was kept busy from sunup to sundown, and treated like shit the entire time. This is my new normal, and I keep asking myself how I ended up in this particular ring of the Inferno. Every day it gets worse. They keep heaping new hardships on me and inventing ridiculous new rules for me to follow.
My wife’s latest mandate was imposed this evening after she ventured into the kitchen while I was relaxing at the table. I’d been on my feet for more than 13 hours without a break, and since I’d just refilled drinks, and everyone in the family was set, I thought it would be okay if I took a load off for just a few minutes before continuing my chores.
Jen didn’t see it that way. Her lip curled up when she saw me sitting there.
“Nice and comfortable, are we, Buffy?” She crossed her arms. “You want me to serve you a drink or something?”
I jumped to my feet. “Oh, no, Ma’am … I … I’m sorry, Ma’am. I … I was just taking a quick break.”
“A break, huh?” Her eyes hardened. “We’ll see what Mike says about this.”
I clasped my hands. “Oh, please, Ma’am—”
“Enough, sissy, I don’t want to hear it. Let’s go.” She turned and headed toward the living room. I followed with a quivering lip.
My wife rejoined her lover on the couch and rested her head on his shoulder. “You won’t believe this shit, baby — I just caught Buffy sitting on his sissy little ass,” she tattled.
“Say, what!?”
“Yep. He was sitting there chilling like he had nothing better to do. Not a care in the world.”
Mike raised an eyebrow. “Did anyone give you permission to sit while you’re supposed to be working, sissy?”
I gulped. “Um, I … I … I …”
“Did you not start your new job as our maid just yesterday, Buffy?”
“Um, yes, sir, I did. But … please, I didn’t—”
Before I could get another word out, Mike sprung to his feet and unleashed a wicked backhand that sent me tumbling to the carpet with a loud yelp.
The girls ran out of their room.
“Ooh, what happened?” Olivia asked when she saw me rolling around on the floor.
“Buffy thought he could sit around daydreaming all day, so your dad slapped the shit out of him,” Jen told her daughters with a sneer.
Olivia guffawed. “OMG, I love it!”
Kelsey shook her head. “What a loser.”
“Stand up, Buffy.” Mike snapped his fingers.
With tears flowing, I managed to climb to my feet.
The master of the house frowned. “You brought that on yourself, Buffy. When you screw up around here, you get punished. Understand?”
“Y-yes, sir.”
“I’m not playing around, Buffy. You can expect worse than that if you piss me off. Now, then — what do you have to say for yourself?”
I sniffled. “I … I’m so sorry. I didn’t think—”
He held up his hand. “There’s your problem right there, dumbass. Don’t think. Just do what you’re told and you’ll get along fine.”
Jen nodded. “I think there should be a new rule: When the maid’s on the clock, no breaks. No sitting down. Period.”
Olivia giggled. “OMG, can you imagine having to stand up in those shoes all day? Poor little maidbitch.”
Kelsey shrugged. “He’s a loser, who cares?”
Mike plopped back on the couch and pulled my wife in close. “If that’s what you want, babe, then I guess that’s the new rule. You hear that, Buffy? From now on, no sitting down until your workday is done and everyone’s in bed. Got it?”
“Y-yes, sir.”
Olivia pointed at me. “Ah-ha, Buffy’s gotta stand all day in high heels. That’s messed up. Does it make you sad, Buffy? You can tell the truth.”
“Um, no, Miss Olivia, I’m happy to do whatever Ma’am wants,” I lied.
Kelsey scoffed. “Bullcrap. Nobody would want to stand up in those things all day long. My feet hurt just thinking about it.”
“Oh, the little sissy will be alright.” Mike chuckled and turned to me. “You can rest when you’re dead, huh, Buffy?”
“Uh, yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”
He frowned. “What the hell are you thanking me for?”
I licked my lips. “Um … I don’t know, sir. I just … I don’t know. I’m sorry.”
Kelsey looked me up and down. “Buffy’s such a loser, huh, Dad?”
Mike chuckled. “I knew that the first time I saw him.” He scowled at me. “Okay, sissy, back to work.”
“Bring me another iced tea first, maidbitch,” Olivia ordered.
I hurried to obey my snobbish 16-year-old stepdaughter. And then … that was that.
The girls went back to their video game, Jen and Mike restarted their Netflix movie, and my masters probably thought no more about the matter. Meanwhile, I’m permanently stuck having to follow this ludicrous, unfair rule, and will work long hours on heels with zero breaks — all because my wife wanted to show off in front of Mike and their daughters.
Jen’s really starting to scare me. Right after Mike slapped me earlier, I happened to glance up at her from my spot on the floor, and the glazed, lustful look in her eyes hurt more than the backhand itself. Not only was she enjoying my punishment — she was sexually aroused by it. My wife was always a bitch but this is different. This is flat-out demonic.
The devil’s got hold of the girls, too. While they were always snooty to me, they’ve become downright abusive. Kelsey must’ve called me a loser more than a dozen times today, while Olivia prefers “maidbitch,” such as when she calls out, “hey, maidbitch, I need a refill.”
They’re doing it to impress Mike. This is all his fault. His Satanic specter has infiltrated this household and cast a spell over everyone, conjuring up their dark spirits from deep within the ugliest recesses of their souls.
I hate to admit it, but I’ve fallen hopelessly under his power, as well. I keep thinking of Rasputin the Monk, the master manipulator who was able to insinuate himself into the inner circles of Russian royalty by captivating Tsarina Alexandra with his hypnotic personality. It’s the same thing with Mike. By brainwashing Jen and the girls, he’s taken over my house. Taken over me.
And I can’t do a damn thing about it. Intellectually, I know Mike is an immoral prick who gets a thrill out of humiliating me, turning my family against me and ruining my life. I realize that I should try to get rid of him by any means necessary. But I can’t say no to the bastard; the very prospect scares me to death. Like Rasputin, Mike cuts an imposing physical figure (in stark contrast to my diminutive, feminine frame), and he’d snap me in two without breaking a sweat. But the hold he has over me is mostly mental. Psychological. Emotional. And, damn it, spiritual. I’m a lost, broken soul, courtesy of the evil Michael Jameson.
It all starts with Jen. I’m still madly in love with her, despite how mean she is to me. I’ve always been a fool for her, from the first time she waited on my table at the Cracker Barrel. That seems so long ago. I can’t imagine Jen waiting on anyone now, let alone her lowly maid. That’s all I am to her these days. Before Mike came along I was a weak-kneed, henpecked cuckold husband — but at least I was still a husband.
Now? As far as she’s concerned, I’m a bug on the windshield. Dogshit on her shoe. A joke to be laughed at and made fun of. Someone to be exploited. A feminized loser, to use Kelsey’s favorite word. Or, as Olivia would say, a maidbitch.
It’s all Mike’s doing. How I despise that dirty, rotten motherfucker.
But I hate myself even more because I’m standing passively by and letting him do all this to me.
Well, I guess I should stop whining and try to get some sleep. I’ve got a big day ahead of me tomorrow. Although I told everyone at the bank last week that I’d be dressing as a woman, it’ll be another thing altogether to actually go to work in a dress and heels. I know I’m in for an embarrassing day.
I’d better get used to it.
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