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2023.03.26 06:51 AKTalal Tcl c735 hgig mode not turning on.

I connected my xbox one s to my tcl and when i set it up, everything was working properly. 1440p 120hz refresh rate. I could even calibrate the hdr for games in the options. But after moving my xbox somewhere else and then reconnecting it, the tv tells me to enable hdr on the console, and xbox tells me my tv isnt hdr compatible. So a small detail is that when i first connected my xbox the tv didnt recognize it as an xbox. Or as a console. Ans at that time i lt was working properly. But after reconnecting it, tv recognized the xbox as a game console and even displayed the name as xbox one. The game master option on the tv also became available. But now xbox says hdr not supported , and tv tells me to enable hdr on the console. TLDR: I could enable the hgig mode from the gamebar but now i cant and tells me to turn hdr on on my xbox when it is already on.
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2023.03.26 06:50 BandaWithBakchodi Opinion on recent metro

So apparently yesterday Modi inaugurated a "new" metro line, which is from KR Puram to Whitefield, but there is no station from Baiyappanahalli to KR Puram, so basically this is a whole "new" metro line, which connects nowhere to nowhere, is this a huge way to get publicity for BJP ahead of elections??
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2023.03.26 06:50 NappingIsLife00 32M Looking for a cozy night chat

Be wonderful to make a friend and connect over our interests, venting, daily lives and silly or serious conversations. I enjoy reading, cooking, music, sports, board games, video games, late night drives, baseball, football, soccer and hiking. Hopefully we can connect and make our lives a little happier :)
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2023.03.26 06:50 IAmHunker How do I connect my Kali Vm to the CTF?

Hello I am new to VM’s and Try hack me and want to connect them together, are there any tutorials or step by step processes to show me how to do it?
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2023.03.26 06:49 glenlassan Nier Automata, Camus, Absurdism, and the sisyphean cycle of living a life without ultimate meaning. *All of the spoilers alert*

I made a prior attempt to express how Nier Automata directly expresses a worldview that is based on Albert Camus' philosophy of Absurdism. Honestly, though it wasn't my best work. So I'm gonna take another push on that boulder, and see how things go this time. For those interested, you can read my first pass on this topic here.
Nier Automata, is a game about cycles. Brutal, futile, painful hopeless and pointless cycles at that. Each and every character in the game, be they machine or android, is trapped in one kind of cycle or another.
The agents of YORHA as a whole, for example are constantly in a cycle of death and rebirth, trying to win an unwinnable war against the machines, all in the name of their dead Gods, humanity. Why do they repeat this endless cycle of violence on the behalf of dead gods? Because they would rather pretend that their life has a meaning, or purpose, because they find the idea that a life without at least the illusion of meaning, the illusion of purpose so painful, that it makes more sense for them to literally gaslight themselves into having no way of knowing that their human gods are dead, than it does to admit to that truth and move on with their lives without being able to serve the beings that created them.
Specific YORHA androids, of course are cursed to repeat their own personal tragedies ad nauseum. Like the male android who is constantly being reformatted by his lover, so that she can better serve whatever her particular needs are at any given moment.
The machines of course are not immune to this either. Each of the specific sub-factions of machines are literally, intentionally designed to create the same flawed reproductions of human society, each doomed to fail in the exact same manner as the one that came before it, with individual recreations of individual machines likewise doomed to make the exact same mistakes, and face the exact same doom as their previous incarnations.
These endless cycles of pointless, and futile death and rebirth? They are allusions to the Greek myth of Sisyphus, as told by Albert Camus in his series of essays of the same name.
In Greek myth, Sisyphus was a mortal cursed by the gods after his death, to spend the rest of eternity rolling a boulder up the hill, only to have it roll back down again the next day. Always laboring. Always toiling. Never accomplishing anything of any substance.
Generally, when people are told about this, the reaction is "Well that sounds like hell. What an awful punishment!" Camus however, viewed it differently. He argued that in a universe where we cannot count on a god, or gods, or a political goal to give our lives meaning, and we likewise cannot expect the universe to validate our human need for meaning, life can (and should) be enjoyed for it's own sake, without a need for a goal, or justification. In short, life is enough, and life does not need a reason. As such, Camus claimed that Sisyphus must be happy. For he exists. He toils. He can enjoy his labors. That his work is pointless, and never ending is besides the point. Just existing is enough.
ON a side note, the cheerful, optimistic nihilism of Sisyphus as depicted in "hades" is entirely in line with Camus's usage of him in his essays. As such, I generally assume that Supergiant games are just as much stans for Camus as Yoko Taro is.
The question that drove Camus to come to this conclusion, "why not just commit suicide if life has no point" is likewise reflected in the name of the games' central character 2B, which is a pun on that line from one will Shakespeare "2B, or not 2B".
OR to phrase it another way "to live, or to die".
Furthermore, physical suicide wasn't the only form of death that Camus was interested in. He was just as interested in intellectual suicide, which for him is giving up our sense of curiosity, and wonder in the universe.
2B, likewise reflects this theme, as here literal job as an "E" type model is to kill 9S each and every time he gets too curious for YORHA's liking.
With all of that out of the way, the story of 2B and 9S falls into place. Both are trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth. For 9S, it's an endless cycle of physical deaths because he will never surrender his intellectual curiosity. For 2B, it's an endless cycle of intellectual AND physical deaths, as she is constantly killing her curiosity, and sense of wonder, in addition to constantly dying and being reborn.
The game begins with both 9S & 2B eagerly accepting their tragic and utterly pointless cycles of death and rebirth. 2B, in particular has lost any semblance of humanity, as she casually and eagerly throws both her life away, and her feelings for both 9S and the world at large away, all in the name of "duty" and "purpose".
As the events of the game unfold, 2B gradually begins to see the world in a different light. She starts to see 9S in a different light. Her curiosity, and her humanity begins to redevelop, to the point where she starts to value her own existence, her own autonomy, and 9S as a friend, and comrade.
And that's the exact moment, when the game really fucks shit up. Because 2B's intellectual rebirth, exactly lines up with her first actual choice made for personal reasons in the entire game. To sacrifice her own life, to save the life of 9S.
The cruel, unforgiving irony of having an intellectual rebirth, the exact same moment of her physical death, is of course an intentional choice made by the game.
Because up to this point, even knowing who 2B, was, and what her job was, 9S loved her. By that point in the story, she, was his reason for living.
Robbed for the purpose of his existence, 9S spirals into depression and despair, and goes on a bloody, and suicidal rampage.
At the end of route C, A2, who inherited 2B memories and will, and 9S are brought into direct confrontation, and the player is forced to make a choice: Support 9S on his suicidal, depressed rampage, or A2 on her passionate attempt to protect the world, that to her surprise, she loves despite all of her flaws.
Supporting A2 brings about the "D" ending ,which while in line with the theme of "Life being valuable for it's own sake" isn't exactly as dramatic, or meaningful as the true ending, that of Route E if you side with 9S.
In route E, both A2 & 9S die. However, the combat drones used by our trio of heroes are faced with a choice. Accept the death of their beloved companions, or literally reject the orders of their creators and choose life, and a life without ultimate purpose and meaning, for it's own sake.
This is the point where the game gets very meta, and likewise very explicitly references The Myth of Sisyphus by Camus. Up to this point, you could maybe argue that the game takes a existentialist take on the purpose of life, where you can choose your own personal meaning in life, and find fulfillment and value that way.
The reason why this route explicitly rejects the existentialist position, and explicitly endorses the absurdist one is simple.
Camus's philosophy of absurdism, advocates for a form of radical rebellion against the uncaring indifference of the universe. He called that rebelling "rejection". It's basically the human drive to say "no, fuck you, I'm gonna live because I wanna and no other reason" each and every time the universe tries to kill us (which is admittedly, pretty damn often)
Which directly ties into how the question and answer portion of ending E plays out. The correct answer to each and every question is "No", because according to Camus, the correct answer to each and every challenge the universe throws at us is "fuck you, No, I reject!"
Having the player at this point, destroy the names in the credits is also no accident. The names in the credits are the actual gods of the game, the programmers, and artist who made it. Beyond merely rejecting the idea that a god can tell us what to do, the game's most satisfying ending literally tells us that gods are mere mortals, who like us, can, (and should) be killed (or more realistically, IRL challenged and overcome) should their ideas prevent us from living our best life.
AS one additional flourish (and a highly satisfying one at that) Nier Automata gives us an powerful antidote to the prospect of facing existential dread on our own. Facing our existential dread together, in a spirit of true camaraderie. Which is why the E ending means so much to the games fans. Because by it's very design, of only being able to completed by the help of friends who have literally chosen to sacrifice their saves, on our own behalf, and us being given the choice to do the same on behalf of a stranger, it advocates of a form of radical empathy. The idea that as we live in an uncaring, uncompromising universe, we as humans can (and should) side with each other, even if that means helping strangers. Even if it means helping people we hate.
As a final nod to Camus concept of endlessly repeating Sisyphean cycles, we see the revival of A2, 9S and 2B, but on the note that "perhaps they will make the same mistakes again". But with the new (an unstated) understanding that even if they are doomed to repeat the same greater cycle of death and rebirth anew, (and possibly for all of eternity) their existence needs no justification. The fact that they are together, is reason enough, and the fact that they are together, and can care for each other, is enough to make their never-ending cycles all the more bearable.
In short, every major story element of the main plot, every major bit of lore, and many of the individual side quests tie into Albert Camus's thoughts about the gleeful, and joyful pointlessness of human endeavor. And the game essentially argues, that just as A2, 9S and 2B are fated to forever labor, forever toil, and forever accomplish nothing, and yet enjoy living for it's own sake, like the Greek mortal Sisyphus before them, we too should embrace the meaningless repetition of the banal, pointless, and ultimately futile rhythmic rituals of our daily lives, and find comfort and solace in the friends, lovers, and companions we find along the way.
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2023.03.26 06:49 MacroMango1 Chromecast Gen2 suddenly died

I had my Chromecast plugged into TV and powered on all the time. It just suddenly died today. No blinking lights of any kind. I unplugged for a minute and plugged in again. I checked it's original USB cable and adapter has power by connecting to a BT speaker and it was charging. What more can I do? Has the device completely died? I just got it a year ago.
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2023.03.26 06:49 Cryptoaddict5 Earn $20 within 24 hours using this new social network

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2023.03.26 06:49 Animal_Lover_12 In Defense of Animal Love: Why Our Furry (and Not-So-Furry) Friends Deserve Our Compassion?

As animal lovers, we are often criticized for our emotional attachments to creatures that many view as mere objects or sources of food. But why should we be ashamed of our love for animals? In fact, I argue that our connection to the natural world is not only healthy and beneficial, but also essential for our survival as a species.
Animals have been our companions, helpers, and protectors since the beginning of time. They have provided us with food, clothing, and medicine, and have even helped us develop technologies that have transformed our lives. But beyond their practical uses, animals have also enriched our emotional lives in countless ways.
Studies have shown that interacting with animals can reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and increase feelings of happiness and well-being. From therapy dogs and emotional support animals to simply snuggling with our pets at home, animals have a powerful impact on our mental health and overall quality of life.
But our love for animals goes beyond just the benefits they provide us. It is rooted in a deep sense of compassion and empathy for creatures that are often vulnerable and voiceless. As animal lovers, we recognize that all living beings have inherent value and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.
Of course, this does not mean that we should prioritize animal rights over human rights or ignore the practical realities of our food systems. But it does mean that we should strive to create a more compassionate and sustainable relationship with the natural world.
So, to all the animal lovers out there: don't let anyone make you feel guilty for your love of furry (and not-so-furry) friends. Your compassion and empathy make the world a better place, one paw at a time.
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2023.03.26 06:49 AutoModerator Charlie Houpert - Charisma University (Charisma On Command)

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2023.03.26 06:49 Stickyxo Everytime I load spotify via web browser, my screen goes black

I have a 4k 144hz second monitor, Acer xv282k, and every time I load spotify's web player ( on chrome, the screen goes entirely black for about 2 seconds before coming back. It doesn't necessarily turn off as i dont hear it disconnect via windows. After I've loaded it once, it doesn't happen again when i close the tab and open spotify again. If I close chrome entirely for a while or restart my pc, it does occur again every time without fail.
I have the following pc:
i7 13700k, rtx 4090, 32gb ddr4 3600mhz, asus prime z790m motherboard, corsair rm850 psu, p3 plus 1tb ssd. I also use a 1440p 280hz main monitor (Alienware AW2723DF).
Both monitors are connected via display port. I did undervolt my cpu by 0.1 volts and lowered power limit to 205 watts for PL1 and PL2. Removing the undervolt didn't affect this and i raised the power limit to 220 previously but this also did nothing. this also doesn't happen on my main monitor.
There's 1 other website that has the same issue occur but I don't remember which site this was. Any help on this would be great as I'm not sure where to start.
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2023.03.26 06:48 Cryptoaddict5 Earn $20 within 24 hours using this new social network

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2023.03.26 06:48 Partimegamr H150i LCD cooler won’t work with pc

I’m building a pc with ROG CROSSHAIR X670e extreme AMD 7950x Corsair Dominator Ram 2x16 6000mhz Corsair h150i LCD elite Thor Platinum 2 1000W Psu H9 flow nzxt case 3080 ti from my other pc until I can get a 4000 The commander core won’t seem to connect and I’m not sure how to update
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2023.03.26 06:48 HeathenHacks Hello, I have a question regarding NVME SSDs and the X570 Master.

Currently, I have 4 storage devices connected to the motherboard.
1x 500GB Samsung 870 EVO SSD
1x 500GB WD Black SN750 NVME SSD
1x 1TB WD Black HDD
I've read that adding another NVME SSD would disable 2 SATA ports, but which SATA ports would be disabled? I mean, are the ones that would be disabled number 0-1 or 4-5?
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2023.03.26 06:48 allquery Lovely Little Things in Pretty Beach : A magical feel-good romance book to escape with in summer 2021. ($1.35 to Free) #Kindle

Lovely Little Things in Pretty Beach : A magical feel-good romance book to escape with in summer 2021. ($1.35 to Free) #Kindle submitted by allquery to Kindles [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 06:47 truestoneself the cure to loneliness

i was inspired to write this bit about my healing journey after a nice long walk at the park - thank you for reading.
while listening to the sounds of the wind and the chatter of the people enjoying their saturday afternoon, i found myself tending to the parts of myself that i may have been neglecting in the midst of living life, getting caught up and lost in my day to day responsibilities. i find these moments of respite to be crucial in caring for our well being. a healing checkpoint, if you will.
it’s so funny - before i started my self love journey, being left alone with my thoughts was the last thing i wanted to do. i used to come up with all sorts of ideas to keep myself busy in order avoid doing that at all. now when i’m left to myself and my thoughts, i truly look forward to it. it feels like catching up with a dear friend, having a much needed, deep heart-to-heart. like a tightly coiled and tangled ball of angst, becoming looser and starting to make sense.
time and time, there exists a deep sense of loneliness that lies in the core of my being. no matter what do to try to distract, numb, reject, or forget this feeling of separation, non-belonging, being misunderstood - everything merely seems to be a temporary escape.
to the ego, the human mind, being separated can actually feel threatening to our safety, because ancestrally, community was linked with survival. when we don’t have anyone in our lives that we feel that we can truly connect with and bare our naked souls to, it can very much feel like there’s no stable ground in which you can confidently stand in; like falling into a dark, limitless pit in space, not having anything to grasp onto.
i noticed that where there used to be connection is where my loneliness lies, and these two always go hand in hand. when i push the loneliness away, i push love away.
for a long time, i rejected this loneliness within. i found it to be extremely shameful, and saw it as a label that i wasn’t worthy enough. i deeply despised the part of myself that wasn’t loved by others, and always sought after external approval and validation as a way to measure my self worth. oh, how misguided i was.
i used to isolate myself and not talk to anyone for weeks, and months, while silently suffering from the pain of loneliness. ironically, the rejection of feeling this loneliness further drove me into hermit mode, cutting out all contact with the outside world. after all, if i reject everyone before they do, it must be less painful, right?
this further perpetuated the cycle, and although i learned to enjoy my alone time, it wasn’t the true answer to my qualms. i was still running away from the deep, innate desire to want to be connected and experience giving and receiving love, while falsely telling myself that it’s okay if i’m not able to experience these things.
being lonely is just a normal part of being a human, and it’s something that we all experience at one point or another in our lives. even when people are surrounded by company, they can still feel lonely. even while living with family or even with a special person, you can still feel lonely. you may temporarily forget the feeling of loneliness when you are surrounded by people, but the moment you’re left to yourself, it all comes rushing back.
this tells me that other people aren’t the cure for loneliness.
loneliness is often misunderstood and at times, people try their whole lives to escape loneliness and run away from it, instead of seeing it eye to eye for what it is. when we judge this loneliness as “bad,” we don’t see that it’s a part of ourselves that we have been disconnected with, a part of ourselves we threw away. the part of ourselves that’s been begging to be noticed and loved.
when i accepted my loneliness as a part of myself, i realized this is how i can allow myself to exist as i am, and i allow my feelings to exist. instead of rejecting these feelings and saying that it’s not who i am, i can acknowledge them, and coexist with this loneliness. i am me, but i am experiencing the feeling of being lonely.
in the midst of feeling and processing this feeling of being alone, i hold myself tightly, and tell myself that i will stay here for as long as i need. i will fully experience this loneliness with myself, and i truly want to understand why i am feeling this way. how painful and lonely it must have been. how difficult it must have been all these years, to have been discarded and thrown away as something useless.
having this safe space truly tells me that i am loved unconditionally, regardless of what emotions i hold or what i am experiencing. funnily enough, tending to my loneliness allows me to restore the connection with myself. it allows me to repair the relationship that i have with myself, which is the most important relationship i have in my life.
when i allow this loneliness to exist, i see that loneliness is something that we need in this world in order to experience connection. if all you have is light, how can you truly know it’s light? there’s nothing to compare it to.
we live in a world of duality, and we are able to experience things with a great degree of clarity for this reason. we forget this, and start clinging to the positives while rejecting and denying the negatives.
although loneliness always comes, it always goes, just like the ebb and flow of the ocean. it is a crucial reminder that the way i can tend to this loneliness is to start giving love to myself, and providing a safe space for myself to exist within. it's simply a signal that there’s just a need of some extra tender love and care, it doesn't mean that i'm unworthy or unlovable. that's just a false narrative we've been fed since our birth.
when we allow loneliness to come and go, we see that these experiences are temporary. we experience people coming and going. at times, we give and receive love, and at times, we don’t. we see that it’s impossible for people to be in our lives all the time, and it’s unrealistic to think that we would be loved and connected all the time. even when we eat our favorite meal, it tastes the best when you have it the first time in a long while - if you have it every day, it loses its magic and stops tasting as good.
ironically, when you stop blocking the flow of loneliness, you see the purpose that it serves in our lives, and see that it doesn’t truly define you. it exists to show us how divine it is to be able to experience love and connection with others - without loneliness, we wouldn’t be able to experience it for what it is. everything must exist in a balance.
so, what i wanted to say in the end, is that there is no cure for loneliness. the only thing that truly needs to change is our perspective in which we perceive this loneliness, from negatively judging it and thinking that it’s something that needs to disappear, to an opportunity to love ourselves and hold ourselves more tightly.
it’s ultimately up to us if we want to keep resisting it and identifying ourselves with it, or see that it’s just a temporary experience - one that can help you guide you to reconnect with your inner self.
there's nothing more valuable than having peace within, and fostering a genuine, loving relationship with ourselves. it's truly never too late to start repairing your relationship with yourself, loving yourself, and being kind to yourself.
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2023.03.26 06:47 Cryptoaddict5 Earn $20 within 24 hours using this new social network

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2023.03.26 06:47 forty_six_n_two Is she (19f) attracted to me (20m)?

I am having trouble figuring out if this girl is attracted/into to me. She is an old friend and I have not seen her in a while as I moved to a different state. Her family came to visit my town and we thought we should all get together.
When me (20m) and her (19f) hung out I noticed that she was always interested in what I had to say and asking me questions about my life. There was lots of eye contact and smiling/a little blushing too. A couple of times I noticed she was looking at me when I wasn't. One night we were in the hot tub with her brother and their other sister and I noticed that we were touching our legs against one another pretty frequently. She never pulled away and I didn't either. There was one moment where she stood up right next to me to go on her phone and take a picture and was basically leaning against me when I was still sitting. Also during the picture (selfie) she got close to me and we were touching. It seemed like the picture was an excuse to get closer to me? Also, she was turning her body and facing me at some points. We were sitting next to each other the whole night in a fairly large hot tub. At one point we were talking about hairstyles and she grabbed and played with my hair smoothly for a couple seconds.
We have so much in common and I feel like we have a great connection but the problem is, is that she has a boyfriend for 4 years. To me it seems like the relationship might be ending soon but I know little to nothing about it. I noticed that she didn't want to talk about it and even said that with an annoyed tone when her brother was bringing him up. She made comments about how she did not want to go back home and that she wanted to stay. The next morning she texted me and sent me the picture and said she had a great time and that it was nice to see me.
Basically, I'm trying to figure out if there is some attraction towards me because this is honestly driving me nuts lol. Any help or opinions on this situation would be appreciated.
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2023.03.26 06:47 okaynowyou Connecting Taiwanese TVs to Firestick

Hello everyone! A quick question about something weird that I’ve been experiencing while traveling around Taiwan. I travel frequently and use my Firestick when relaxing. Normally, I can connect the stick to whatever TV I come across wherever I am however in Taiwan I’ve attempted on 5 different TVs with 3 different brands and none of them are recognized. The TVs have all appeared to be modern. Brands are Chimei, Heran, and Denice. The TVs are still functional with the stick, but I am unable to control the power or volume with the Firestick. I’ve scoured IR code lists attempting to manually connect the TVs but nothing works. It’s slightly annoying because every TV I’ve come across only has the cable box TV so I can’t use that tv to control the volume though it still works for the power. I think at this point I’m more curious about why they don’t work rather than how to make it work. I appreciate any advice!
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2023.03.26 06:46 sahas27 [Dating story] Perfect start, sad ending

I matched with this cute girl on hinge. She was in Delhi. I had my location on hinge as Delhi from before but I wasn't in Delhi anymore.
We started talking, she seemed so fun, cute, goofy and emotionally mature too. We had such good chemistry, we could flirt and be there for each other emotionally too. Like the perfect package. Out of my months of being on dating apps, she felt like the only one I connected with. This was back in December last year. She wanted to meet but I wasn't in Delhi so I told her I would come to see her soon.
We added each other on social media, exchanged numbers and started talking daily. We were both still on dating apps and talking to other people. But we both talked about having a connection and wanted to meet. I wasn't finding the time to go to Delhi (I was in Chandigarh)
So we had this talking stage where we would talk daily and ask each other how was your day. It was amazing. It was so effortless. We would flirt and casually joke about getting married and settling together. We would also talk about life and be there for each other emotionally. It was near perfect.
But then she had exams, she told me she would be busier, so we talked once in a few days. I eagerly waited for her exams to be over and wanted to see her.
Her exams got over and she told me she was seeing someone else. I also started seeing someone else. But all that while also, I would stare at my phone and wait for her text. We were still in touch. Later she told me she wasn't seeing that guy anymore, it didn't work out. Same happened with the girl I was seeing. At this point we were still texting once in a while, but the original spark had died.
Some time later, I happened to be in Delhi so I texted her to ask if she wanted to meet. She said she was busy. I texted her it's alright. She didn't open my text for days. So I thought it's over now, she didn't wanna see me and she had ghosted me so there's no point staying now. I blocked her.
Here comes the twist. Next weekend I got drunk and missed her so much I texted her again. Now she was mad why I blocked her and also confused why I texted her again. I told her why and she tried to explain but anyway so blah blah blah 2 days later we're talking again. But this time she's not showing too much interest. But I tell her that I like talking to her.
She says she wants me to make it up to her. So I tell her I will come to see her soon and take her out on a date.
Cut to last weekend, I went to see her. I came to Delhi. We went to a nice place in Mehrauli. It was lovely. She was wearing a sundress, looking so pretty. I brought her flowers. We had drinks and food and we talked for so long. Felt a little conscious in the beginning but it felt effortless after a few drinks. We had so much to talk about because we had been talking for a months and we had context about each other. I had gotten quite drunk by this time, her only tipsy.
After that we went to another place for dessert, this was around 11pm. We were talking and I mentioned about 32nd Avenue, she said she had never been there. I told her let's go right now, it's a very romantic place. I took her to 32nd Avenue at midnight, we took a walk there and shared a cookie. We also got pictures clicked.
It was pretty late. I had the keys to my cousin's apartment in g town (who wasn't living there rn) so I told her the place is vacant I'm gonna stay there and asked her if wanted to come over. She said yes.
We spent the night together. Cuddled and made out. The morning was so good. We had pancakes for breakfast. We were in bed for hours, cuddling, talking and making out.
It was time to go now. She was wearing my clothes and asked if she can take them. I smiled and said yes, and moreover offered her my slides as the heels were inconvenient because she had to travel a long way back home.
We hugged and said goodbye. She mentioned she wanted to see me again and we agreed on making plans in near future. All in all, it was a perfect date. She's cute, pretty, smart and the date was fancy and romantic, all I could ask for.
I came back home. I was expecting her to call next night. She didn't even text. 2-3 days later we started texting and she immediately mentioned something I said to her that night and how it was inappropriate. We talked about it, she seemed very mad at me. (Can't share details, because intimate) I felt it as a shock because it was all of a sudden and out of nowhere. She might have not noticed that night but thought about it later and realised, which is fair. So I understood what she meant, I was drunk that night. I did feel what I said was wrong. I tried to explain myself but later apologized because she was right.
She still said the date was good and she had an amazing time. She said she's just disappointed in me. After that she hasn't opened my text.
It has been 3 days. She has ghosted me. I am never going to see her again. I am never going to see her name on my phone ever again.
I just feel so sad. I put so much effort. I shopped for a new outfit, I took a train to Delhi. I was roaming around the streets in CP to get my shirt ironed because I wanted to look perfect. Got it ironed and got dressed in the cab. I took her to a fancy place and paid for the whole date (which was v expensive btw) I brought her flowers. I did everything I could.
What she said is fair, but I don't believe it's something to just ghost me like that. The problem is fixable.
She's the kind of girl I would wanna bring flowers to, go on picnics with, and talk for hours. Rare. I don't think I will find anyone like her.
I loved how we cuddled and talked about life. She told me about her family, read me funny stuff from her personal diary she wrote as a kid. The kind of intimacy I always craved for. I felt myself and happy around her.
She knows I'm emotionally attached to her. I can't take it. I want to talk to her so bad. I am so sad. I can't text her. I will look like a fool.
I miss her so much it hurts.
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