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2023.03.26 07:37 FerociousImbecile Covid testing scam

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2023.03.26 07:31 FlanPlus Sext

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2023.03.26 07:31 MediocreAd6298 20M what could I be sick with?

Got sick in Costa Rica on vacation. Symptoms are as follows: severe watery diarrhea, dry cough, congestion, sore throat, white spots in throat and back of mouth, headaches, fatigue, lightheadedness, fever, chills, sneezing, and pale skin. For the last several nights I’ve woken up to vomit (though I think it may be induced by particularly heavy coughing fits). I’ve had symptoms for 4 full days, with the fatigue and headaches appearing first.
Testing negative for COVID-19. Just discovered the white spots, not sure when they appeared. Should I go to a Doctor tomorrow?
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2023.03.26 07:14 gabechilly Weird and Miserable Experience

TL:DR I think I have Covid and is it downright weird, confusing and miserable.
Alright, let’s start at the beginning.
June of 2020, Girlfriend and I are building our home gym and we both feel off. Not sick, just off. Maybe depersonalized, fatigue, that sort of thing.
Turns out that was Covid. Tested positive and proceeded to have a HORRIBLE next two weeks.
We both had almost the same symptoms;
-Headache so bad that a surge of pain would happen when standing up or looking around too fast
-Body aches, particularly in the legs and knees
I remember some of these symptoms such as the headache and depersonalization as being unique, I’d never experienced them before.
After about 2 weeks, things calmed down and we started to feel normal. I’d say by week 3 or 4 we were 100%.
Skip to March 18th of this year (one week ago). I’m on a plane flying back to Austin from PHX. I notice some slight leg pain. Figured it was just from traveling.
That night, I get hit with the “Covid headache.”
Not as bad, but noticeable for sure. Ran a slight fever and felt like I had a cold for the next several days.
Today is day 5 of dealing with a random rash, horrible hives like rash appearing randomly anywhere on my body. It disappears and reappears.
Already saw a doc and a dermatologist and they basically just gave me meds because it’s almost impossible to track.
No history of hives or bad allergic reactions.
Rash seems to be calming down but the body aches have returned
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2023.03.26 07:00 Skyseoroundtable Home Covid PCR Testing Rego Park NY Best IV Drips

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2023.03.26 06:59 chaosdunk69 32 [M4F] #LosAngeles - Last Semester Grad Student Seeks End of Semester Stretch Birthday Hookup

Hey friends! Hows it going, post title spells it all so bottom line, I'm a busy, successful grad student pushing towards graduation in May, my birthday is at the end of March and I'm trying to get a little birthday sex/end of semester hooking up going. I had posts on and off the last few months because i'd been house sitting and had great success with pics/vids to prove it. But right now it's ideal if you can host because I have room mates so fill this inbox/DM if I seem like your type. Read below for details.
Here's my stats just so you can size me up: I'm 32, 6'0 tall, brown hair and eyes, 175lbs, fit but not jacked, think a dad bod, 7 inches and thick package, college educated, drink but don't smoke unless its 420 but mostly stick to edibles, have a car, have a job, easy to get a long with and have had successful meetups/hook ups from posting recently. Also tested and vaccinated with proof.
As far as hobbies and interests: I'm big into video games, I like to collect and learn about old and new projects and try out new games as much as I can. I also like following movies and shows. I'm also a big fan of new cooking recipes and traveling. If you're a fellow nerd we'll probably get along real well.
Work and career wise I work for small businesses as a media and digital comms consultant, usually helping them grow. Currently I'm with an electrician contractor and I help them manage projects and their digital media output (mostly advertising but how they do it on social media accounts) and I have my bachelors in communication, I'm also currently in grad school finish up so still on that education grind. I used teach music on the side but don't anymore because of how busy i am.
Now for YOU and what I'm looking for; I don't have major preferences stat wise. I'm dead open age range wise, 18-60 but would most likely get along and vibe better with more experienced partners, race/ethnicity I have zero preference but have noticed I tend to have white, latina and asian women find me most frequently attractive but I have no preference really, and as far as body type while I'm not picky, I tend to favor thickecurvieBBW women so thick thighs to the front of the line is guaranteed. Beyond that, you being able to host for the time being is a necessity because of my roommate situation (I moved back in with family when the pandemic started a few years ago and stayed for grad school, will be moving out again this summer when my masters is done but its my situation for now). Beyond that, being fellow nerds is a big plus.
Anyways, hope I didn't talk your ear off! Get at me if you think I'm your kind of guy. I'm in the So Cal. Los Angeles area in the South Bay would be down to meet or even get coffee first to see if everything clicks. I'm also COVID free and vaxxed. Your pic gets mine and we can swap other messaging apps if we seem interested. Talk soon! Looking forward to another round of LA are hook up fun
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2023.03.26 06:42 BoredDao Does someone have any idea of what happened to me?

Monday my father started feeling sick and was positive with COVID and isolated himself, at Wednesday everyone in my family started feeling sick and also were positive so it was I that got isolated because I was negative, Yesterday I started feeling the same things my whole family was going through so I naturally took a test and it was negative, today I suddenly recovered and am at 100%, I waited for the whole day to see if there was any relapse but nothing, if anything it’s weird because I was 100% that I got COVID (my whole family is still pretty bad, like barely speaking without coughing, fever, bad apetite and feeling very tired overall)
Does anyone have any ideia of what happened to me? If I got COVID and just recovered in a single day or if it was something else.
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2023.03.26 06:32 AlyssaA2022 Vestibular neuritis? (Vertigo after Covid ) will steroid cure it?

I tested positive for Covid last February of 2022. Eversince then I’ve had terrible vertigo where’s I can’t do any of my normal daily activities since then. Went to my doctor few months after being affected by Covid and explaining to him I am dealing with vertigo and how debilitating it is. He told me I probably have long Covid (Vertigo) and it should start to go away soon. Well, fast forward until today and am still dealing with 24/7 vertigo which makes me nauseous and unable to function.
I have a doctors appointment Monday to discuss the options I can take moving forward to treat this. Im hoping I can get a steroid shot to get rid of the inflammation I guess it caused? However, am worried it’s too late for that since I’ve had this vertigo for over a year now, which it’s so depressing. Anyone think a steroid will still be effective???
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2023.03.26 06:23 Creative_Teacher_540 COVID Testing Led To New Techniques Of Disease Diagnosis: Progress Mustn't Stop Now #MENAFN #Bitcoin #LatestNews #BreakingNews

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2023.03.26 06:13 Key-Piglet-2141 Constantly winded, lightheaded, and dehydrated for 2 years since COVID

AFAB. (20y/o). 288lbs (losing weight and currently down 20lbs). 5’3. Current diagnoses are mostly psychiatric but properly medicated and physical diagnosis is only Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Symptoms occurring in acute episodes for two years now but have now been consistent for the past week and a half.
Back in January/early February of 2021 I was diagnosed with Covid-19 and lost my sense of smell and taste but gained back my taste and faced no other complications. I am now triple vaxxed against Covid. June of 2021 I went to the ER for severe dehydration that resulted in near syncope, syncope, UTI, and orthostatic bp (80/40 when standing). I followed up with PCP and he seemed unconcerned.
Since then I’ve gone to the ER a few times and each time they just gave me fluids, tell me I was dehydrated, and sent me on my way. Now when the episodes happen I just wait it out for several minutes to an hour or whenever I pass out. Except now instead of occurring in intense episodes with increasing frequency the symptoms have been occurring regularly (almost consistently/constantly) for a little over a week.
I went to the urgent care after developing a small fever that quickly passed and he diagnosed me with a respiratory infection and said that any other testing for my other symptoms needed to be done by my PCP who the earliest appointment I could get was for April 4th and it’s with a sister location and not my normal PCP.
My symptoms are as follows. Basic labs and EKGs come back normal. Any help/advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated
-constantly dehydrated sometimes to the point of needing a hospital visit/IV
-chronic low blood pressure (since my June 2021 ER visit it’s been almost consistently 90-100/60-70)
-easily exhausted by basic tasks like bending over and tying my shoes
-out of breath/winded super quickly
-lightheaded a lot especially right after having to bend oveget up from a sitting or kneeling position
-frequently sick (vomiting, nausea, stomach aches/cramps/pain)
-blurred vision/dark around the edges vision and “tuned out of radio” hearing when standing/walking
-feels like my hearts racing after I stand/walk despite the low blood pressure
-worsened significantly by being sick but still very prevalent when not sick
-usually occurs in episodes but has been mostly consistent the past week or so
Thank you in advance for any assistance
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2023.03.26 06:10 theviolatr Snow mold

Last year around this time I had the same symptoms. Runing nose, some sneezing, light sore throat, mucusy. Tested negative each day for covid. I am thinking snow mold allergy? According to Weather Network though our mold counts are low now? Strange given the melt we are going through
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2023.03.26 06:07 Beginning_Door_6537 Covid positive

I’m on the last day of my 5 day break and just tested positive for Covid 19. WTH do I do?
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2023.03.26 06:05 WittyRose First time testing positive covid. 38F

38F 5’3” and about 160 pounds Medical history depression, anxiety and migraines. No current meds. No smoking and no drugs.
So for the first time ever I tested positive for covid. I’ve got a kid that I can’t isolate from as I’m his only caregiver. Right now it feels no different then a normal cold- congestion and a tickle in the throat that makes me cough. I’m guessing I’ve had it 5 days, that’s when the sore throat happened. What do I need to know besides the basic, mask if you go outside and isolate. Anything else I needa know or best meds to take? Im just super anxious since the rapid test came back positive (is it likely a false positive) and now I’m freaking out where before I wasn’t.
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2023.03.26 05:53 yogabuzfuzz ENTP requesting support - need to find out of she is the one

Backstory: Be ENTP and my childhood friend and one of my first few intense crushes as a young lad is (unsurprisingly) an INFJ girl. We never dated as kids - I was late to hit puberty and hardly dateable when I was younger, and understandably she was more interested in dating other guys. But we’ve always had a deep connection. It feels special to me because it’s rare for me to connect with people like this, especially those of the opposite sex. I can’t tell if everyone feels that way with this girl because she’s got that NFJ magic going on, or what, though.
As we get older we go our separate ways & different friend groups emerge and all that stuff that happens naturally in high school. Then I head off to college and am making new friends and living my new life so she’s not on the radar anymore. After graduating college I move into the the big city (where she lives too) and we meet up randomly every few years for a few drinks throughout our 20’s. And it’s always great to see her!
But the other day I randomly got a text from her for the first time in probably 5 years with COVID and everything mixed into the timeline, and we start chatting. And it feels good, and weirdly naturally timed. I just got out of a “situationship” with a girl where the fundamental issue was simply that I didn’t feel that into her or that we really had that “connection” that I was looking for.
I tell her [INFJ] I hate texting and have her call me one weekend and we catch up on the phone for 6+ hours and it only ended because I was about to fall asleep because it was 3AM. And it felt good, it felt natural. I just kept thinking to myself how I could never have done that / wanted to with the girl I was dating before.
So now my head is spinning. I’m single, she’s single (or so it seems, unless that abruptly changed). We’re 29. We literally talked on our phone call about stuff like - why did we never date when we were younger. Joking like, if we get married someday what will our parents think, etc. So it’s for sure an open topic that hasn’t been brought up.
So at this point - I’m trying to convince her to come visit me because after tossing/turning it over in my head- I want to see. I want to see her in person and test it out - play house for a weekend, show her a hell of a time in my new city, and see how we feel & see if there is any potential for a relationship. Because I really feel like there might be.
But when the rubber meets the road, she seems a little hot/cold with actually making moves to come and visit. I can’t tell if she actually wants to, if she’s scared, if she’s feeling xyzzy type of way, if she just needs time to process or what.
What do I do to help her over the hump and get us to see each other in person?
Do I need to be explicit that it would (hopefully) be a non-platonic meeting? When a 29-year old invites you to stay the weekend I think it’s implied that the intention isn’t entirely platonic but not sure if that’s something she’s unsure about or needs spelled out for her or is nervous about. Not looking to ruin the ~vibe~ by saying obvious things.
Would love some advice from the INFJ community - she might be the one!
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2023.03.26 05:34 12nb34 (1/4) The Health Ministry on Saturday warned that at a time when the country was registering a sustained increase in the trajectory of COVID-19 cases (since mid-February) in some States, COVID-19 testing had declined. 📆 25 Mar 2023 📰 COVID-19 tests down, need to be scaled up: India government ➡️

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2023.03.26 05:34 12nb34 (2/4) Worryingly, the current testing levels are insufficient as compared to the standards prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO) i.e 140 tests/ million. 📆 25 Mar 2023 📰 COVID-19 tests down, need to be scaled up, says government 🗞️ The Hindu ➡️

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2023.03.26 05:33 12nb34 (3/4) In its advisory, the Ministry said that testing at the level of districts and blocks also varied, with some States heavily relying on the less sensitive rapid antigen tests. 📆 25 Mar 2023 📰 COVID-19 tests down, need to be scaled up, says government 🗞️ The Hindu ➡️

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2023.03.26 05:32 12nb34 (4/4) Meanwhile, a nationwide mock drill is being planned on April 1O and 11, 2023, wherein health facilities (both public and private) from all districts are expected to participate. 📆 25 Mar 2023 📰 COVID-19 tests down, need to be scaled up, says government 🗞️ The Hindu 🔚

The Health Ministry on Saturday warned that at a time when the country was registering a sustained increase in the trajectory of COVID-19 cases (since mid-February) in some States, COVID-19 testing had declined. Worryingly, the current testing levels are insufficient as compared to the standards prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO) i.e 140 tests/ million.
In its advisory, the Ministry said that testing at the level of districts and blocks also varied, with some States heavily relying on the less sensitive rapid antigen tests.
Meanwhile, a nationwide mock drill is being planned on April 1O and 11, 2023, wherein health facilities (both public and private) from all districts are expected to participate.
📆 25 Mar 2023 📰 COVID-19 tests down, need to be scaled up, says government 🗞️ The Hindu
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2023.03.26 05:25 dreamweenie UTI or BV?

This is obviously very TMI, but that’s why we’re in this subreddit, right?
Been having a fishy smell from the hooha for like two months now. I talked to my GP about it last month, they had me take an STD test first, & that came back negative. They said I could come back for a BV test. Scheduled. Takes a while to see this doctor, so that’s coming up at the end of this month. Super inconvenient for dating and my sex life right now!
There were no other symptoms with my hooha until literally yesterday. I started cramping, had to pee frequently with a burning sensation and little coming out. It was mild and went away so I didn’t think much of it. Today, the symptoms came back with a vengeance. It hurt so bad I struggled to even drive myself to Walgreens to get some AZO, but that helped a lot. I just went to an urgent care and they said yeah it’s a UTI, and gave me a prescription for antibiotics.
So, maybe this only makes sense in my pudding brain, but is there a chance the odor and UTI could be linked? I should’ve asked about that when I was at the urgent care. I didn’t even think about it, I was thinking about this new pain as a separate issue. I’m wondering if the odor was just the first symptom and the latest stuff was a result of not having any sort of treatment sooner.
Am I just unlucky and have both BV and a UTI? Or has anybody experienced odor as a direct result of their UTI?
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2023.03.26 05:13 TheGTAAnimals Not Hearing Back

Got a email from a reliable casting company about returning on set, they asked if I was available and able to take a Covid test. They then said that they would send info soon.
Of course, I emailed back saying yes I am available and able to take a test, however ever sense I responded, I haven’t heard back. The whole day has gone by. Got the email around 10am and responded 2 hours later after I woke up.
Is not hearing back normal? I’m suppose to take the Covid test tomorrow and the shoot is the day after.
Hopefully they’re gonna send info. Other than that, GG.
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2023.03.26 05:02 in-a-microbus Some of my co-workers have taken on a very distinct, unpleasant BO

I started noticing this around a year ago. Three co-workers (two men one woman), plus one woman from my kid's cub scout group, and just today one stranger at the store have the same distinct body odor.
The best explanation I can offer is the "top note" smells like an infection, the "heart note" is artificial cherry, and the "base note" is...like.. rancid laundry detergent.
The smell is noticeable from over 10 feet away. When I'm riding in a car with one of them it's unbearable. All of the people who smell this way are obese (BMI of approximately 40). I think the one woman I work with smokes (based on the additional smell of stale cigarette smoke). I don't think anyone else smokes or vapes, but I can't be sure.
The simplest explanation is that I have parosmia, but I think that explanation is unlikely. I've never tested positive for covid (6 negative tests over the last 2 years), I've never had any symptoms of covid, and every other taste and smell in my life is unchanged.
What other causes could account for this change?
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2023.03.26 04:34 -GamifyThis- "Subconscious" Anxiety. No meds seem to help. Discussion on use of more risqué pharmaceuticals.

I'm 32m, ~150lbs, 5'11" Caucasian.
TLDR at the bottom.
I've been prescribed fluoextine, escitalopram, and doxepin so far to treat anxiety. Recently after a covid infection I've developed MANY more PVCs than I've ever felt in my life. Did have a cardiac ablation for SVT age 11 or 12. Turned in my 72hr holter Friday and awaiting results.
I'm not sure my PVCs are cardiac related and seem to be anxiety driven. I occasionally consume very small amounts of marijuana, have completely cut off caffeine 6 months ago, and use a Vuse ecig daily which I desperately want to quit.
My theory on anxiety driving the PVCs is that some days are significantly better than others when I'm in a good mood and occupied. The problem is there's no consistency. I'm not consciously anxious about things. It's like a shadow over me, sometimes I just feel worse. I've always had a super active brain and am sometimes up mega late reading random things for the sake of learning. Even when I feel the PVCs I don't "bug out" and try techniques to relax them usually to no effect.
My question is this, are benzodiazepine drugs THAT bad? Being honest, a close friend of mine gave me very small doses months ago when my anxiety first came about but before the post covid PVCs. I've since consumed them all (~20 .25mg doses). In my experience I didn't feel hooked to any degree, and all other medication attempts have failed outright or caused me nasty side effects while also mot relieving symptoms.
For what I'm dealing with I feel like I need a spot treatment such as that, not an every day pill. I don't want to take something every day and as mentioned have yet to find a daily pharm that actually helps me. Some days are fine. Others are like WTF WHY HEART/CHEST/BRAIN.
I'm afraid to even mention xanax to my psychiatrist because they auto assume you want to abuse it. Again, this is the only thing I've actually felt a positive effect from so far. I know someone who is almost 60 years old, suffers from anxiety, never abused a drug in their life, and their Dr. still forces them to drug test/urinalysis to get their xanax.
Is it really that dangerous at tiny doses? Is it a supposed tolerance build up that leads people to needing higher doses and causes damage to them? It feels like the meds that work for people are the ones you're least likely to get.
I just wish I had a silver bullet here to solve this. I am not myself since this started. I'm running at like 20% productivity and 20% personal energy I used to have. It has hurt my earning potential. I used to do VERY well for myself working online and since this has started, found myself in a financial hole to dig out of.
I am improving my diet and trying to sprinkle in more exercise as I've led a sedentary lifestyle since the pandemic began, but the exercise is somewhat on hold until I get confirmation my heart is operating as it should be.
Anyway, that was a rambler.
TLDR; xanax is the only thing that's brought me relief and it's so restricted I'm afraid to even ask for it as a spot treatment when I'm feeling terrible. I have no history of drug addiction other than nicotine which is a b*tch. I only want it for really bad moments but have no idea how to go about mentioning it without being chastised. My Dr. does not know I've sampled it in the past and there's no way to prevent a negative response if I were to tell them.
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