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Welcome to the Honda Rebel 1100 subreddit! This is a community built around sharing resources, aftermarket products and adventures with Honda's latest Rebel cruiser.

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2023.03.26 08:02 Comaod Games nich for tik tok and seo

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2023.03.26 07:27 Andrejosue98 Kidd getting Speed blitzed

I am surprised of how bad people are judging Kidd on this last chapter. But I feel like there is nothing wrong of what happened and does not make Kidd look weak or even dumb...
So lets analyze what happened:

Kidd using Dammed punk
Kidd starts using Dammed Punk, Kidd himself says that this attack takes 10 seconds.. So he is in the middle of loading the attack.

Shanks goes out of nowhere, and then attacks Kidd... Now people need to remember that this is a manga, so the time that passes between 1 panel and the time that passes between another is not "1 second or 2 seconds" it can be any time... Now this whole section, didn't even take 10 seconds, since Kidd hadn't even loaded his attack.
For example:
Time passed between panel to panel
Here Lao G was able to basically put on his glasses in literally less than 1 second, since we know the Tonttas move so fast that normal people couldn't even see them, yet before the tontatta did not even move 10 cm before Lao G put on his glasses and then reacted to him.... Showing that 1 panel and another even less than 1 second can pass... Which means that between Kidd looking at Shanks and Shanks attacking him could have passed even less than 1 second.
So we know that Shanks travelled... several hundred meters, in the time between Kidd starting his dammed punk, and the time it loads, so less than 10 s.

Kidd here is lifting his "rail gun" and lets not forget that lifting stuff does diminish the speed at which you can move, for example:

Sanji saving Luffy
Here Sanji is lifting Luffy, and even when Sanji is one of the fastest guys in the verse, when he was holding Luffy, he could not even react to normal bulltets... when even:
Pretimeskip Zoro dodges bullets
Then people will say, hey but Kidd was able to watch Shanks and still did nothing, and we have cases like this:
Luffy looks at CPO agent
Luffy still unable to do anything
Here Luffy saw the CP0 agent, but it does not matter, because seeing someone does not mean you can "react" to this.
So then we have...
  1. Kidd Lifting the Dammed Punk, so the rail gun, a big chunk of metal, which of course should diminish the speed he has on the moment, similar to how Sanji lifting Luffy diminished the speed he could use and was hit easily by normal bullets.
  2. Kidd loading dammed Punk which takes 10 seconds to do, and Shanks was able to travel that distance before Kidd could even load his dammed punk... so it is not as if Kidd could have shot Shanks to defend himself
  3. Panel time not being a set time, could mean that between panels 5 seconds could have passed or 1 ms could have passed. Which means that depending on how much time passed, it would be understandable if Kidd was unable to dodge it or not...
  4. Seeing someone does not mean you can actually react to it... there is a shock value on certain stuff that could limit your movement... Which makes it understandable that people not always react on time... This basically is the difference between being prepared to be attacked and not being prepared. Kidd had literally no idea that he was going to see Shanks in that same moment
  5. Obsevation haki... Shanks being called the killer of observation haki... would mean that he could have "killed" Kidd's observation haki, diminishing his ability to predict Shanks was going to attack him.
So in conclusion... Kidd being defeated here does not mean he is weaker or that he is useless or dumb.. like even Roger, was killed by random people:
Because unless you are a durability monster like Big Mom or Kaido, a lot of the durability of people depend on armament haki, and them not using armament haki means they are vulnerable to a lot of attacks... that does not mean they will get defeated inmeditaly, but a top tier attack with 0 deffense is basically a one shot... if not ask Oden:
Oden here unable to defend himself was defeated by 1 attack of Kaido. Even when Oden is not a normal person, even when he was able to tank attacks from Roger or Wb... when he does not uses anything to defend himself, he got defeated easily.
And for gods sake... stop comparing Oden with Kidd...
Oden had conqueror coating... and had insane armament haki, since he was able to completely dominate Enma and Ame no Habakiri... which means Oden's haki control and ability was probably above current Zoro... so Oden had advanced armament and advanced conqueror... two abilities that literally increase your durability. Oden had more skills to defend against people like Roger, than Kidd has shown to have. Kidd's durability depends on his natural durability and the durability he gets from basic armament haki... he also depends on the metal he is using, and since Shanks attacked him without him being prepared then Kidd didn't use any metal to defend himself, like he did with Big Mom...
Oden also was ready when Roger attacked... which means he probably defended himself with acoc and acoa. And Roger was playing with Oden... In no moment is it said that Roger attacked Oden at full power, heck we literally see that right after pushing Oden out of the way, Roger uses a lot more strength to clash with Wb... and just because Roger and Shanks used the same attack, does not mean that they both used the same strength
Also some people bring Kidd being dumb or not... and why would he be dumb? He was dealing with fodder and he used enough force to do so... it is also smart not to use too much energy on "fodder", so the quicker you can defeat them the better... like we saw on Onigashima were Zoro and company didn't want to use a lot of power to not get weakened before fighting Kaido and Big Mom...
Luffy using g4th sporadically to beat the Numbers quickly and Luffy not using acoa on Ulti or Page One, because it was not needed.
In conclusion...
  1. Kidd not being able to react to Shanks is not proof that he is slow. After all the time between panels could have been less than seconds, and Shanks is literally known as the killer of COO.
  2. Kidd falling from an attack of a top tier while he did not defend himself is not proof that he is weak. After all Kidd only has basic armament haki, while Shanks used ACOC
  3. Kidd does not have ACOA or ACOC like Oden did, so Kidd can't be compared with Oden.
  4. Shanks using the same attack as Roger, does not mean both used the same power on the attack. So them using kamusari is not proof that Oden would have "tanked" the attack of Shanks.
  5. Kidd being unable to move fast enough while holding Punk Dammed, does not mean he is slow.
Now what is needed to know how weak or slow Kidd currently is ?
  1. We would need to know how fast Shanks is... without knowing how fast Shanks is, then it is unknown how slow Kidd was... for example, if Shanks could speed blitz current Luffy, then it would make sense that he can also speed blitz Kidd, since Kidd does not have future sight. So it would not make Kidd slow, it would mean Shanks is stupidly fast.
  2. We would need to know how much AP Shanks has... this is obvious, but if Shanks was able to one shot Kaido if Kaido can't defend himself, then it would not be an antifeat of Kidd that he was defeated by someone that can one shot Kaido. So without knowing how much AP has Shanks, then this could be an anti feat or not.
  3. We would need to know how Shanks compare with other Yonko... after all ACOC is a new ability that we still don't have enough information of it. We just know that it is basically a "haki blast" that depends on the will of the user. We know Luffy, Shanks, Kaido, Yamato, Zoro, Roger, Wb, Big Mom and Oden are the only confirmed users of this haki. And as far as we have seen, on screen this is the first time Kidd has been attacked by an acoc attack. If Shanks has the strongest acoc in the verse, then it would make sense that Kidd gets defeated by his acoc.
What I am saying is that... without further information on how powerful Shanks is right now, and how fast he is or how powerful his acoc is, then it could be a "Hey Kidd is super weak" or "Hey Kidd is strong, but Shanks is absurdly strong"
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2023.03.26 07:18 Cold_Bookkeeper_2113 Theme search: Characters that Death Battle has MASSIVELY revised their research on

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2023.03.26 07:16 wsppan Today In Phishstory - March 26th

# Today In Phishstory - March 26th Brought to you by tiph-bot. Beep.
All data extracted via The Phishnet API.


Phish, Friday 03/26/1993 (30 years ago) Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1993 WinteSpring Tour
Set 1 : Maze , Sparkle , Foam , Punch You in the Eye , Fee , All Things Reconsidered , Split Open and Melt , Fluffhead > Divided Sky , Cavern
Set 2 : Wilson 1 > Runaway Jim > Mound , Tweezer , The Horse 2 > Silent in the Morning , Big Ball Jam > You Enjoy Myself , The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg , The Great Gig in the Sky > Hold Your Head Up , Tweezer Reprise
Encore : Amazing Grace 3 , Rocky Top
1 Simpsons signal. 2 Trey on acoustic guitar. 3 Without microphones.
Jamchart Notes:
Split Open and Melt - Great version - sounds like a neck-and-neck horse race between Fish and Trey trying to keep pace with each other.
Tweezer - Very drawn-out, extended ending.
Show Notes:
Wilson contained a Simpsons signal. The Horse featured Trey on acoustic guitar. YEM contained a teases of Mission: Impossible theme and Speed Racer theme. Amazing Grace was performed without microphones and wsa dedicated to the band's tour bus driver, Heavy Duty.
Listen now at!
Phish, Thursday 03/26/1992 (31 years ago) Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, NC, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1992 Spring Tour
Set 1 : The Landlady > Runaway Jim , All Things Reconsidered , Foam , Sparkle , Stash , Fluffhead > Uncle Pen , NICU , David Bowie 1
Set 2 : Buried Alive > The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg , Poor Heart , Brother , The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday > Avenu Malkenu > The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday > My Friend, My Friend , The Lizards , Cavern > Cold as Ice > Cracklin' Rosie > Cold as Ice , Possum 2
Encore : Sleeping Monkey
Encore 2 : Chalk Dust Torture
Encore 3 : Harpua 3
1 Simpsons and Oom Pa Pa signals. 2 Random Note and two Aw Fuck! signals. 3 Narration set in the "teeming jungles of Brazil," special guest appearance by Marley as "a vicious, flesh eating animal;" high-pitched "Brazil" squawks from Fish.
Jamchart Notes:
Possum - Fish is noticeably aggressive in this straightforward, ass-kicking jam.
Show Notes:
Foam contained an All Things Reconsidered tease. Bowie included Simpsons and Oom Pa Pa signals. The second set was preceded by birthday wishes for a fan named "Amy" and a remark that Buried Alive was inspired by Jimmy Herring. Possum included a Random Note and two Aw Fuck! signals and a Long Tall Glasses tease from Trey. Harpua was set in the "teeming jungles of Brazil" and included a special guest appearance by Marley as "a vicious, flesh eating animal." There were theme from Brazil teases, a brief full-band Fire tease, high-pitched "Brazil" squawks from Fish, and a preview of the Clifford Ball motto (four years early) as Trey introduced Page as "a beacon of light in the world of flight." The Aquarium Rescue Unit was the opening act.
Listen now at!

Mike Gordon

Mike Gordon, 2011-03-26 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT, USA
Tour: Mike Gordon - Winter 2011 Tour
Show Notes: This show marked the Mike Gordon debut of Down in the Flood. River Niger through Weekly Time featured Bob Wagner on second guitar. During setbreak, front of house engineer and bass tech Rachel Bischoff was proposed to on stage (she accepted).

John Fishman

Masefield, Perkins, Fishman & Bolles, 2015-03-26 Nectar's, Burlington, VT, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: This show was part of the Nectar's 40th Anniversary Celebration.
Pork Tornado, 2000-03-26 Stone Coast Brewing Co., Portland, ME, USA
Tour: Fish - Pork Tornado Spring 2000
Show Notes:

Page McConnell

Bob Weir & Wolf Bros, 2019-03-26 None, Miami Beach, FL, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Page sat in on piano for Hell In A Bucket and Scarlet Begonias.


Derek Trucks Band, 1999-03-26 Higher Ground, Winooski, VT, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Page sat in on keyboards during this opening set for Gov't Mule.
The Allman Brothers Band, 1997-03-26 Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Page and Duane Betts were guests on the encore One Way Out, with Page sharing Greg Allman's keyboards.
Col. Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit, 1992-03-26 Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, NC, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Zambi through Come on Home featured Page on keyboards during ARU's set opening for Phish.
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2023.03.26 07:09 ImOverTheIdiocy What should I learn/teach next?

I (21M) have been teaching my younger sister in law (17F) everything I know about photography. I've been taking photos since I was little, and she started less than a year ago.
I've taught her all of the basics, Including shutter speed, ISO, aperture, and basic composition, and I bought her a Canon Rebel T6 and EF 24-105 F/4L lens to start. She loves taking photos of animals at local parks, her younger siblings (kind of a photojournalist at heart, it seems) and macro shots when she can pull it off.
I've done all I can to show her the basics but she wants to learn more and I'm not sure how to continue. Is there a list of practices, terms, or something that I could consult or create and just work through step by step with her? Most of what I know is instinctual at this point; I don't even think about how I shoot or what I shoot. Anyone else ever experience this?
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2023.03.26 06:39 Spartan569874 I love this game and I love talking about it, so that's what I'm gonna do.

Hello everyone! I'm a PvE Warlock main and I just wanted to make a post talking about the class, it's subclasses, and how I feel about their current state in the game.
I'm shooting for a mix of lightheartedness and serious meta discussion.
I'm starting with void because it was the first subclass available way back in the d1 beta.
I love this subclass! It's my second favorite. I think Devour and Child of the Old Gods are among the coolest things in the game. I also think Nova Warp is by far the coolest super conceptually, even though I almost never get to use it. I also think Pocket Singularity is the most interesting melee in the game, mostly because of its awesome animation.

My favorite build is contraverse hold with vortex grenades. I like this build because it feels like it just works. Unlike with solar, no fragments or special conditions are required to maintain Devour. You just kill stuff. Ashes to assets lets me farm a really fast nova bomb too, which is always fun.
Another build I use revolves around Nothing Manacles. Credit goes to Imagine for this one. It used to be a tank build back when well of tenacity was a thing, but now I use it for volatile rounds on Hollow Denial, which is my second favorite weapon in the game.
At the top of my list for Void I would ask for another melee ability. I think pocket singularity is really underwhelming to use in PvE and void deserves a better alternative.
Next up, I know a lot of people don't like the current state of Chaos Accelerant. My personal opinion is that fragment slots are way overrated, as there are usually only 4-6 on any given build that I'd want and I think the choice is usually pretty easy with a bit of testing. However, I will admit that perhaps CA deserves some attention. I think it'd be neat if they leaned more into the potency of its effect to better justify its drawbacks, rather than giving it more fragment slots, that way it feels like it stands out compared to touch of flame and mindspun invocation.

I must admit, solar is low on my list of favorite subclasses. I think it's because the idea of fire is one that can exist in entertainment without the need of magic, and that makes it feel less special to me. However, I can't mention this subclass without bringing up Incinerator Snap. What an awesome ability! It makes me feel so powerful to defeat my enemies with a snap of my fingers.
I think most people know the standard Starfire Protocol build. I think it's okay. Maybe touch of flame fusions should be toned down. I really only use it on bosses to avoid burnout and because I think other builds are both more effective and fun in other areas of the game.
The other build I have to talk about though is Sunbracers. Wow has this build gotten so much stronger. I've been spamming this ins Defiant Battlegrounds and used it to clear day 1 raid. I have several screenshots of 350-400 kills with 180-220+ orbs generated at the end of defiant battlegrounds. The main trick to this one is to use snap to try to kill an add, but if it doesn't work out you can fall back on the now buffed Phoenix dive to finish off the ignition and start your chain again.
For solar, I would ask for an aspect that grants me a Solar soul to finish off the set! It would probably attach to myself or allies and heal us. I think that'd also make sense since Arc soul is fully focused on damage, Void soul does some damage and some utility, and the solar soul would be full utility. I think this also could help mitigate the problem of Heat rises and Icarus Dash not feeling like they really belong in PvE.

**Thoughts** Oh the potential for this subclass! Being a lightning wizard is such a cool fantasy. Before arc 3.0 came out, I really had my fingers crossed that Bungie would give us a thunderclap melee, but instead it would be a literal clap of the hands that could summon a lightning strike or something. Hopefully they give us a cool new melee animation here down the road.
**Build** I don't actually run multiple builds for arc. I barely run the one as it is. It's pretty much just a simple Fallen Sunstar (why is an *arc* exotic called that?) build for ability spam.
It's no secret that arc is a rather weak subclass in PvE. As far as I understand the only thing really worthwhile across any class here is HOIL titans with their empowered storm grenades.
I think I'd change arc by putting the damage resist from Speed Booster on Amplify instead. Or perhaps Amplify could offer a small amount of DR which then gets increased with speed booster? I don't know, but the biggest problem with arc is that it feels like the glass cannon subclass that's missing the cannon part. Maybe they should lean the other direction and really amp up it's offensive capabilities. A minor gripe I have with the class is that I feel like using my class ability really kills the "Speed and melee" theme. Either way, Arc does not currently offer me the durability or power to justify using over other subclasses unfortunately. I hope one day they revisit it to make it better.

**Thoughts** Shadebinder is by far my favorite subclass to use. Everything here is just so awesome. I love that they gave us an actual staff. I think freezing enemies is one of the most "felt" impacts on the game. I like that my teammates can easily see just how many enemies I've frozen. I almost forgot, I can't talk about Shadebinder without mentioning the great audio work with the super. I was blown away when I first heard it. So awesome.
**Builds** The first build I ever made was with Ager's scepter just using iceflare bolts and glacial harvest to keep enemies frozen and get massive add clear by shattering them all. At the time Ager's was my favorite weapon and I still use the build occasionally, but due to its add clear focus it kind of got overshadowed by Strand, Void, and my other Stasis build.
The bleakwatcher build. I remember when my friends first told me to use bleak watchers, I went into a lost sector to show them how little damage I did with one and how it only froze the target like 3 times. Oh how wrong I was. Now I use Deliverance with Demolitionist and it's easily my favorite weapon and favorite build. I've never been the kind of person who wants to do the most damage or get the most kills in Destiny or any other game I play and this build was the perfect kind of utility I was looking for.
**Discussion** I'd argue that Shadebinder is the strongest warlock subclass if you don't consider artifact or rotating surges, except when Well is needed. The removal of elemental shards really hurt the subclass, and, while I think a nerf was warranted, this one hurt really bad. Bungie did say in the Buildcrafting Evolved article that interactions with elemental objects would be limited at launch, so I'm holding out hope that something big is coming for Stasis, given that none of the Stasis subclasses do a whole lot of killing, which feels necessary for orbs and most builds nowadays.

**Broodweaver** **Thoughts**
I've always wanted a summoner type class to play and this was finally it! I think the idea of Threadlings is amazing and the arcane needle is an amazing melee attack to use and look at. The animation for chaining it is so cool and I'm glad we got a good ranged, damage focused melee. Needlestorm is easily the most exciting super for me to cast too, I really just love the idea of this subclass. **Builds** I think most people know by now the two main builds are "Threadling army" with Swarmers and the chain suspend build with Necrotic. The build I use is with Necrotic but I opted out of shackle grenade because I felt like the suspend potential with Warlock was just not really there due to the limited range on the Weaver's Trance explosion, and I honestly didn't really expect to be suspending much in the first place. The other classes do Suspend much better, and if I wanna do cc I have bleakwatcher build, so I wanted to do something different. The thing I realized is that Unravel is an extremely strong status effect. You can maintain it forever on a target if you just keep damaging them. So I wanted to use Necrotic for that and supplement it with Threadlings to make a good non-kill-based damage build I could use in harder content. I'm still playing around with it to get it where I want it to be.
I'm hesitant to pass too much judgment yet because we still have more aspects to come for Strand. But right now, I feel like the current aspects are just not it. I like the idea that my rift can do something offensive with Weaver's call, but if you've ever spawned a bunch of Threadlings on something that only needed one, you know how wasteful it can feel to use. As for mindspun, the first time I used it I knew that the perched Threadling thing was gonna be underwhelming, and I still think it is. I'd much prefer my threadlings to go out all at once and count as grenade damage and kills than spend the time channeling my grenade for a measly two extra.
As of right now I feel like Threadlings are underwhelming (even with the fragment to boost them), but they're made up for by the Unravel effect. Hopefully the coming aspects will allow me to make a build that feels more cohesive.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post! I'd love to see what Titans and Hunters think of their classes too. I can't wait to see what kind of new features will be coming to our subclasses over the course of Lightfall, The Final Shape, and beyond!
(p.s. I'm a balanced glide user so maybe my opinions are all invalid)
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2023.03.26 06:31 RadiantEternal [LFG][Static][NA][HC][WP][Savage][Ultimate][W1-Prog] Omni Tank or Melee DPS looking for 6.4 Group

I am a omni-tank looking to join Hardcore group looking to kill the upcoming Savage tier fast within the first week; I am also open to going for competitive World progression if the group is aiming for high placements along with TOP reclears. Additionally, I am willing to flex as a melee DPS for the right group.
I started Savage raiding in FFXIV with Alexander Creator Savage (A9S-A12S), firstly as a DPS before swapping to tank to suit the group's needs. Although I have cleared every tier during relevancy ever since, it wasn't until Eden's Gate Savage (E1S-E4S) that I started doing HC progression, and from then onwards, I have cleared every tier Week 1.
As for ultimates, I am a quintuple legend with UWU, TEA, DSR, and TOP cleared during relevancy. Most notably, I've gotten NA 3rd for TEA and NA 16th for DSR.
About Myself:
I consider myself a decent flex tank, and I am always willing to play whatever tank the group needs be it for progression or speed kills. Order of preference on DPS would be Maiming, Scouting then Striking but am willing to adapt to whatever the group needs.
I would like to join a group that would enjoy doing hardcore hours for Ultimate release (this also applies for World Progression), doing +12-15 hour days for the first week. I am also open for potential speed runs but it is not required; split clears are a must for me.
Outside of HC hours, I am usually available Mon-Sat 6 PM - 12 AM PST, and all day Sunday.
Contact Information/References:
Discord: Radiant#6834 (preferred)
Twitter (Alternate contact)
Twitch (Highlights contain most of my Savage/Ultimate clears)
Youtube (Abyssos Progression VODs are available upon request)
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2023.03.26 06:24 Ill_Measurement5804 Funny Rank number..that’s it…that’s the post

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2023.03.26 06:23 deangelotho Shutter speed and focus

So for some background, I’m a news photographer with about eight months of any kind of camera experience. I’ve recently been shooting on a Panasonic aj-380g with a Fujinon 4.7-94mm hdtv lens. The back focus has been adjusted many times by different people using different monitors. Yet, I’m having trouble keeping the reporter in focus. The chief photog says to raise the shutter speed to the moon. This ends up working well but if a bird flies by or a car rolls by it looks wonky. Is there another way to get the focus tip top without breaking rules? Is there something about this stupid lens that I’m missing? Any help is appreciated.
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2023.03.26 06:22 that-lass [TOMT][FANFICTION][Pre-2016/2017] A Haruka x Miciru Fanfiction hosted of where Michiru is a Princess and Haruka is a rebel

As the title states I'm looking for a Harumichi Fanfiction that I know had to have been posted before late 2016 and early 2017 on as that is when I read it last, I have no idea whether it has been updated since then.
The plot follows as such, Michiru is a princess in the time of the Silver Millennium era, she lives on Neptune with her father, her mother is gone but I don't remember the exact reason. One day she gets kidnapped by Haruka, who is a rebel. She and her group of rebels ho;ld Michiru hostage, and Michiru learns how to function outside of the palace, there was a note about Haruka hiding her gender or something like that. Also something about a knife.
After a while Haruka and Michiru construct a plan to get Michiru's father to be deposed by writing a letter to Queen Serenity, and Haruka makes a comment like "And then you'll be Queen" and Michiru responds with something like "You can handle that while I write the letter".
Michiru willing goes back to the palace but is nervous and hand s the letter top her knight, and there is a note about her having a torch that will alert the rebel who are watching for it. Michiru escapes for the palace again, and then another palace knight finds them and tells Michiru that the knight sent with the letter is dead.
I'm sorry if this is really off, I just want to read this again, and maybe see if it has a conclusion, many thanks in advance and godspeed.
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2023.03.26 06:21 LastCaressLoL [SELLING] 🌸 Kiyoshi Boosts 🌸 Swift, Personal, Consistent. 🎀 Challenger Boosting 🎀 🌎 NA/EU/OCE 🌎 Solo & DuoQ Available 💎 50% Season 13 Sale 💎 - (100+ Reviews, Vouches, & Order Results)

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Jungle: Reksai, Zac, Zed, Nidalee, Ekko, Diana, Graves, Rengar, Evelynn, Viego, Kayn, Lee Sin, Khazix, Qiyana, Hecarim, Karthus, Kindred, Lilia, Taliyah
Mid: Fizz, Zed, Ekko, Katarina, Talon, Rumble, Zoe, Yone, Yasuo, Sylas, Veigar, Vex
ADC: Tristana, Draven, Jinx, Kaisa, Lucian
Support: Lulu, Janna, Yuumi
Any of these specific champions listed can be played up to Grandmasters/Challenger, champions not listed can be played up to Masters.


Vouch Thread

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2023.03.26 06:14 Sweet_Dreams07 2023 grom top speed (stock)

As the title suggest I’m interested in everyone’s top speed. I’m looking into buying a 2023 and online says the top speed is 58 but I’ve seen YouTube vids and other forums that a stock grom to 65 even 70 sometimes on a flat surface. just curious if that’s possible with none/little modding. Thanks!
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2023.03.26 06:05 D3F14NC389 A few vintage pick-ups today. Filling some holes in my folders.

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2023.03.26 06:03 coffeebleed Being black in America - Some report being tired

“Get out of the car with your hands up! If you make any moves, we are going to blow your f—ing heads off!” As I got out of the car, I noticed that the policemen — six of them — had their guns drawn. All of them. I don’t recall being afraid, but I distinctly remember noticing how the blue lights seemed to dance from one pistol to the next and thinking that it was the potential yellow flashes I had to be worried about.”
”We protested that we hadn’t done anything, that we were military, and asked “why did you stop us?” It turns out that we fit the description of someone they were looking for, although it was never clear to me what that person looked like. After searching the car and finding some half-drained 3-hour-old old “forties,” one officer produced my friend’s .25 automatic from the glove box. They reacted as though they found a .50 caliber machine gun and slapped handcuffs on him and took him to jail. Shortly afterwards, the policemen told us to go home after finding out we didn’t have any outstanding warrants.”
This article from the Tennessee Lookout is interesting.
”I remember leaving that conversation realizing that as Black men, we are born “suspect” from the moment our mothers bring us into the world until we leave it.”
I applaud the author and their friends for staying calm and not being shot. Heightened responses and practices by police can result in being blown away. Even a man eating a burger got shot by a cop in the restaurant parking lot. I guess you never know.
What I do know is I’m glad I’m not a black man. I feel lucky to not have been born a black man. They are extremely strong people to wake up every day and face an American system that itches to lock them up. We can’t say that’s false with how many have been falsely locked up and accused of crimes they didn’t commit. Lives and time stolen.
Depending on how the cops feel that day, they committed a crime and they’re going to jail. In the past evidence was faked, some planted drugs, cops coached witnesses to lie, gave them drugs as payment to lie, and so on. It must be hard being a black man. I’d feel like a semi-visible target is on my back.
Even if I did everything right in America, my color can impact my treatment. Now try to add romance and seeking a partner and family on top of that. That’s real pressure. Protect a family and myself? Stay employed and keep working for more but be an acrobat when situations occurred. I’m glad I’m not them.
People are easily raped and extorted in American jails and prisons. Some state laws ban sex in prison, but sending kids to adult systems means sending them to be hurt and trained in certain ways. Inmates in other countries report less chances and likelihood of being raped.
Some have to trade guards sex for period products. American women are taxed on sanitary products, but at least they don’t trade sex for them. What’s the alternative? Bleeding on yourself? This can happen to all female inmates. Not just black.
It does seem black people must stay straight and narrow and help themselves as much as they can. If not open arms with handcuffs are waiting even if they do nothing wrong. Being black in America is cool but what a way to live. Unsurprisingly some report being tired.
This isn’t Tucker Carlson commentary or some crime statistics people throw out. Innocent black people have genuine concerns.
Things black people can do to limit chances of being arrested: - Don’t drive late at night - Don’t do drugs or associate with any drug users - Get a 401k and learn how to invest and save like a fiend for longevity or potential cases - Don’t drive a flashy car and do the speed limit - Pay bills on time. Try to be black with good credit. - Keep a low profile. Don’t be flashy. Act broke - Say less than necessary always. The more you speak, the more people can judge. - When speaking remember that you are not a victim. America has done a lot for you. Affirmative action to address discrimination from the past and more. Speak slowly and keep your hands visible always - Record interactions. If something happens it could be your last. - Avoid mostly white neighborhoods. Do not jog, stop, or loiter around them. Know where you are at all times and the people who live there. Don’t cause problems. Leave. AI and surveillance technologies are tracking people anyways. Leave fast. - Accept that cops can possibly point guns at you even if you’re complying. Your skin color is danger and trouble as promoted by systems and the media. Be quiet and get through it - Bleach your skin. Lighter blacks may be treated better
I think those tips can help them. Meanwhile in other countries perhaps they don’t deal with such measures. Maybe they can live better in places that don’t see them as evil from the moment they’re born.
If you are not a black male or black in general I guess be thankful. Black people are a stain on American society and must be locked up or eradicated.
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2023.03.26 05:56 TurnstileMinder Sanji with Marco's DF is at least top 3 EOS

I don't typically wank Sanji and I'm going to try to avoid wankery in this post. Here goes.
I just had a thought. You could make the argument that Marco's Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix is the most cracked fruit in the series. The list of abilities it grants the user is just stupid: flight, insane healing factor, Logia-like functional intangibility, ranged fire attacks, the ability to rapidly heal allies... and all this on top of the standard massive amps to AP, healing, speed, and durability granted by Mythical Zoan fruits. With it, Marco is a YC1 (and one of the better ones at that).
The thing is, Marco is hard-carried by his fruit. His only non-DF-related feat is tagging Kizaru, a Logia user, something which anyone with basic CoA can do. And he only reached him in the first place because he flew up to the platform where the Admirals are standing. We actually know what happens when Marco faces someone who can neg his fruit. He faces Blackbeard (who admittedly is strong anyway) during the timeskip, and what happens? In Robin's words, he is "obliterated." If not for his fruit, Marco would probably be New World fodder.
Enter Sanji. Sanji was literally bred for war and kicks ass all across the New World, and he doesn't need a DF to do it. He comfortably outstats base Marco in pretty much every stat, and honestly, even has him beat in a few in his Phoenix form. I say he could zehaha Marco's DF away from him and use it better than he ever could. Let's talk about why.
Firstly, the fruit is an absolutely perfect complement to Sanji and his abilities. When in his hybrid form, Marco's arms turn into wings, meaning that his attacks mainly utilize fire and kicks. Sound familiar? What is Sanji's ENTIRE schtick? Kicks... which are often on fire. See where I'm going with this?
Durability comes into play too. Marco's durability with the fruit is great enough to literally laugh off named attacks from Admirals and YCs and push back another named attack from Big Mom and Prometheus. This guy got stabbed through the head and chest by two different swords and barely noticed. King relieved him of a wing and he kinda spun around and voila, there it was again. Sanji's not quite there yet, but his awakened body can repair itself a la BM and Doffy, and I don't think it's a stretch to say his durability far, FAR outstrips Marco's in base, especially when you consider that Sanji's Haki feats are also way better. Dude has the CoO and speed necessary to dodge Katakuri and Queen's attacks, so it's hard to even LAND a hit on the guy, much less damage him. And again, this is without the massive speed and durability Mythical Zoan boost. Phoenix Sanji might seriously be the most invincible character in the series.
Let's consider Marco's feats in Wano and think about how Sanji might have performed in those same situations. With the help of his fruit, Marco delivered a kick to Big Mom's ship strong enough to knock it off the waterfall. Now, let's forget about the fruit for a second. Imagine SANJI kicking Big Mom's ship, WITHOUT the fruit. It's probably not going to end as well for the ship. WITH the massive DF amp? Let's just say Galley-La might be busy for a while.
Marco was doing well enough with his fruit to hold off King and Queen for a while before eventually getting mid diffed. BASE Sanji also took both on briefly and even managed to extreme diff Queen. Phoenix Sanji probably low diffs both and flies to the roof to make Kaido sweat a little bit himself (for the record, I think Wano Sanji with the Phoenix DF still loses to Kaido mid-to-high diff due to Kaido's massive Haki advantage + superior AP).
Give Phoenix Sanji some time to develop his CoA and CoO more, and by EOS I'd give him the autowin against almost any character without CoC, including Blackbeard. Teech probably takes him to high diff, but as previously established, even if he gets his fruit negged, a Haki-coated Diable Jambe from base EOS Sanji is going to hurt ANYONE quite a bit, and even if BB grabs him after a kick, his Phoenix form can still let him build up speed to increase AP, which is also doubled by Yami.
Who do I think EOS Phoenix Sanji LOSES to? I'd say Luffy extreme diffs him thanks to superior Haki and a comparably broken fruit. Primebeard's high diffing too thanks to top 1 AP in the verse. I don't like scaling featless characters like Xebec so I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader.
What do you guys think? Have I overdosed on Sanji Piece or do I make a convincing argument?
TL;DR I think Sanji's strength, speed, durability, and Haki advantages over Marco, along with the natural compatibility between his fighting style and the Phoenix's, mean that he'd max out the fruit's potential and become a legit top tier overnight, and at least top 3 EOS
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2023.03.26 05:43 Socdem_Supreme NoP March Mammal Madness: “Large” Grazers, Round 1

#1 Mazic vs #8 Venlil

The Magic are large Proboscids originating from the world of Khoa. According to the Wiki, “These sand-colored mammals evolved in the hot, arid desert, but proved their adaptability to many climates.” As the higher seed, this means that the match will place in the arid deserts of Khoa. Furthermore, from the wiki, “A fluke genetic mutation separated the toes of their front paws, compared to the flatness of their hindlegs.” This means that they have the ability to grasp things. It can be not unreasonably assumed from Cupo’s aggressive questioning of Noah that Mazic have at least somewhat of an aggressive nature and response to threat. Also, with their opposable thumb and pinky, for lack of better terms, they evolved early for tool use. This Mazic will have a small bushtree sharpened into a sword/knife-like weapon for this battle.
The Venlil are bipedal caprines originating on Venlil Prime. According to Space Paladin, the Venlil reach human shoulders, meaning that they would generally reach 5’ tall. Due to their lack of strong natural weapons or size, as well as their adaptation for easy fright and bipedalism, it is assumed that their natural response to danger is to run. With Slanek and Marcel on the battlefield of the Cradle, it can be assumed that an athletic Venlil and an athletic human can run at similar speeds, though pre-civilization Venlil would probably have been faster, needing to run from predators, and with a bit more stamina than seen in Slanek.
A Venlil bends down, and inspects the grass for signs of burrowing. Seeing some, they begin munching down, until the yummy grass turns into the rough texture of sand! They spit it out, and look up and around. It is only when they turn around that they see an angry Mazic, surprised by the sudden presence of the caprine. The Mazic grabs their weapon, and begins to charge at the unarmed Venlil. The Venlil springs off their feet and tries to run, but the Mazic runs faster, at a top speed 8 feet per second faster than the Venlil, 30 feet per second, at the Venlil, trampling them before they can run out of the zone of fight. To end it, the Mazic takes their weapon, and stabs the downed Venlil for a quick death.

#2 Cusyd vs #7 Yotul

The Cusyd are massive suids from the planet Kasuyd. They roamed the dense forests of the planet’s vast landmasses. They rival the Mazic in size, slightly longer but slightly shorter. As they developed tools sophisticated enough aiding them in this fight as part of the development of civilization, they will not be using one. They have six legs, and are known for their aggressiveness and territoriality. They have large tusks, and three eyes to see above them, as well as for stronger sight in front.
The Yotul are medium sized marsupials. By account of their body plan, and their similarity to Australian marsupials superficially, it can be assumed that they find themselves more comfortable in more wide-open scenarios. If Onso is to be taken as an example, they seem to have a more of a fight response to threats like the Mazic and Cusyd than the Venlil’s flight response. I would wager that they used bipedalism for intimidation, and blunt force to defend themselves if need be.
The Yotul is far from home. They walk through the trees, looking behind every bush with a small melee spear-like weapon in hand. They do not notice the stepped-on grasses and trails of a large hectaped in their attempt to find a way out, or to other Yotul. The Cusyd, however, spots the marsupial in the distance, it dare step into its territory? The Yotul begins to feel pains in their chest, the extreme oxygen levels and stronger gravity doing its work on the poor being. They are too focused on the pain and their escape to notice the charging beast until its too late, and its head would be impaled with a massive tusk before it even noticed.

#3 Takkan vs #6 Sovren

Takkans are large bipedal ceratomorphs. They are purely terrestrial, and their skin is very rough and thick. It can be assumed that they have large, strong legs, in order to allow for sustained bipedalism. They had very simplistic weapons at this time, only extending blunt force attacks and adding a horn to their head, mimicking some of their close evolutionary relatives.
The Sovren are small bovines from Venrov. They have massive horns and thick, muscular bodies meant for fast escapes, or strong charges, at their planet's sneaky predators. They do not yet have weapons, but they do have shields they attach to their backs when need be. They're jumpy and aggressive, used to sneak attacks from invisible predators.
The Sovren carefully walks across the desert, looking for any vegetation that might have arisen near the watering hole, but alas, no dice. They strut around when the Takkan approaches the same watering hole. The Sovren and Takkan circle the hole for a while when the Takkan is distracted by a pack of smaller predators approaching. Seeing the opportunity, the Sovren charges at the Takkan and pierces their thick skin. While the Takkan hide is a thick one, a Sovren horn is durable and strong enough to pierce through the skin of almost all animals, especially at their top speed of 28mph. And so as the Sovren flees to greener pastures, the Takkan is eaten by the predators, the quick interaction over as quick as its started.

#4 Sulean vs #5 Iftali

Believe me or not, this was an accident.
Both the Suleans and Iftali originated on the same world, and have relatively equal showings in strength and size. The Suleans are plains cervids, with black and white stripes, large antlers, and three grasping toes. They had sophisticated weapons early, like the Mazics and Humans, advanced by their opposable toes. They favored bows and arrows. They were, toe to head, slightly shorter than their omnivorous counterparts. Their best advantage will be their antlers and their home-field advantage.
The Iftali are the omnivorous desert walker counterparts to the Suleans. Somewhat large pink tylopods, they are easily noticeable by their pink fur. They have their own tools, favoring sword-like weapons for their hunting and combat, giving them some benefits in melee, though the antlers could help present a problem.
The Iftali walks onto the grassy plains. They are out of their territory, and not knowing what is going on. In front of them was the Sulean. The Sulean shows their antlers, and steadies their bow. The Iftali, frightened, turns heel and runs away, out of the battle-field
The Hub:
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2023.03.26 05:41 SuperSelkath Campaign Reviews Part IV: Jan Zizka (Bohemians)

Today we'll be visiting Europe for the first time in this series to the first ever campaign that I liked- Jan Zizka.
Zizka is the most difficult of the 3 Dawn of The Dukes campaigns which were released around the time I started playing, late 2022. These campaigns are all interwoven and the characters in them feature mutually between them. Not to show my hand too much but together they form a sort of anti-Teuton mega-campaign which is probably the highest quality set of campaigns from any expansion before or since.
In my view, a good campaign does the following things:
Jan Zizka 1: The One Eyed Wanderer
The intro scenario for this campaign frames Zizka's life before Jan Hus came along. Zizka is part of a mercenary band robin-hooding it up in the Czech countryside and tasked with Destroying the castle of Henry III Rosenberg. As you take over villages, they will provide you a steady trickle of resources to use to train your army in this no-villagers scenario. Unlike other missions like Manzikert which feature slow resource trickles, this one is actually pretty fun. One-Eyed Wanderer is much faster paced than Manzikert was, and your mentor Jan Sokol with periodically give you cool toys to play with, like Ballistics, capped ram, and eventually 2 trebuchets if you're particularly bad at the mission.
Zizka himself is a mounted Obuch, with 230 HP and 16 attack, he swings a giant mace and cleaves the armor off his targets. He's no Bayinnaung, but this is pretty awesome stuff.
You can crack the economic buildings in the villages you take over for a temporary cash infusion but a loss of the income of the village. If you do this for every village, you get an achievement (but you'll have to find some secret paths to actually pull it off).
I can't find any info suggesting that Heinrich was actually some sort of sadistic tyrant. The historical facts seem to be that he was the head of the Rosenberg house to lead the opposition to Bohemian king Wenceslaus IV and at one point had him imprisoned. Now with that being said, Wenceslaus himself was no angel, seems to have been chronically undiplomatic and unable to manage the various factions of his kingdoms at various points in his life. It was also his administration which chose to burn Jan Hus at the stake. Given that Zizka wasn't a Hussite yet at the time of this mission, I think it can be overlooked that he's fighting for a guy he most likely hated. There are some historical fudges here but it's clearly embellishing some details to help illustrate a period of our protagonist's life where there isn't a lot written.
My only real complaints about this level are that while it is a great, fast-paced intro scenario, it doesn't really give the player a chance to do anything particularly Bohemian. You don't have a university to get Chembows, you don't have a castle for hussite wagons, you can't train hand cannons, and you don't have villagers so free mining tech doesn't do anything. You are getting extra bonus damage pikes though, so that's nice. In spite of this complaint, its a strong start to the campaign.
Jan Zizka 2: Courage and Coin
This is the big bad pitched battle of this DLC. Grunewald is the central setpiece of all three campaigns, and it's kinda interesting that its contained in the Zizka campaign where it is arguably least relevant. In terms of pacing this is kinda weird- this feels like a level 6 finale and we're already upon it in the second mission.
Here you get semi-DM resources, start in imperial age, and need to take down waves and waves and waves of Teuton and Frank power-units. Unlike in Tariq, this is a mission where infinite resources feels like it makes sense and belongs. The player even gets something similar with resources that last much longer. Assuming you can keep your villagers safe you have something akin to 'infinite resources'. No castles are allowed in the mission. This makes total thematic sense, although I suspect the reason for this is to prevent the player from training Hussite Wagons, as the Hussite Wars haven't started yet. You still get Wagenberg Tactics though.
This one is tough. The first time I beat it took probably 3 hours in game time, back when I was pretty inexperienced. Playing it on hard now for this review still took me 1:55 in game time. So it's a knock-down drag out sort of fight. The enemies in this mission will get aggressive on you and ram or BBC down your base.
If you're like me and you really enjoy microing extra speed Hand Cannons and screwing around with Houfnice this one will be fun.
No complaints about this level, I think its great at showcasing the Halb+Hand cannon composition which is great fun and is quite memorable. It's not something you're going to be in the mood for all the time and from a pacing perspective it definitely feels weird, but its still really solid.
Jan Zizka 3: The Iron Lords
This mission introduces you to the main storyline of the campaign, with Zizka signing up as a rebel commander of a ragtag group of peasants, women, and children fighting for an unorthodox religious interpretation against the Bohemian nobility.
You start in the north of the map, making the treacherous trek to Tabor, the Hussite stronghold in Prague. I particularly love you go literally circle the wagons while hiding in the swamps in the path to Tabor. This seems to be how the developers intended the Hussite Wagon to be used, unfortunately it's rare in multiplayer for such fortuitous circumstances to show up.
Zizka does not regenerate HP in this section of the mission (at least on hard) to prevent you from pulling a Crossing the Pyrenees and cheesing the level with him.
Once you make it to the citadel, you learn that you are unable to build blacksmiths, upgrade (most) units, or train knights due to the lack of resources or nobility in your army. You can get acesss to some of these things by raiding the outlying blacksmiths scattered across the Czech countryside. To win, you need to defeat 2/3 of the castles of the Iron Lords.
This mission starts out strong, but becomes a bit dull and grindy once you settle into your fortress. I'm always a fan of side quests like these, but every campaign designer should have a sticky note on their monitor that says "BEING STUCK IN CASTLE AGE AND HAVING TO DESTROY CASTLES WITH ONLY RAMS ISN'T FUN".
Again, while there are a lot of things to love about this mission, such as that it does a pretty good job showcasing the Hussite Wagon, at least in castle age, it just becomes too slow once you actually get down to the business of taking out your enemy castles.
Although you can attain chemistry from one of the most remote blacksmiths, by the time you get it in all likelyhood you will have already won, so I file my same complaint here that I do with Zizka 1 (which is a better level overall and more forgivable) that the bohemian civ feels pretty generic here, although you do get to use your UU, which is nice.
Jan Zizka 4: The Golden City
Enter Emperor Sigismund, the main villain of our story. One thing I love about this campaign which is made clear by the opening slideshow is how Zizka is driven by a higher cause- ideas like people's right to determine their own religious views or interpretations.
In any case, this mission is a doozy. Coming from Devapala last campaign to this is something else- Zizka has to not only defend Prague during a siege but actively break said siege. You're going to be surrounded on all sides by Bohemians to the west, Italian Crusaders to the south, and Teuton HRE troops to the north. If you stop to focus on taking out any particular opponent, you'll get your ass whupped by the other two. You're going to really have to be able to balance 3 different fronts in this level.
This is made even more challenging by the fact that you won't get an economy. Zizka gets 10 villagers and can't train more under any circumstances. He can't put up any new fortifications or docks either. That last part is a really nice touch, as it prevents you from cheesing the level with endless bombard towers or going Fatslob on Emperor Sigismund. It makes every loss of a castle or wall feel real and permanent.
Scattered across the map are trade routes that periodically send shipments into Prauge to relive the defenders. Each route you free up massively increases the resources you'll get. With only 10 vils which will inevitably die over time, getting these caravans are of the utmost importance. The problem here is most of them are buried deep in enemy camps, meaning you'll have to make due with only 2 routes for most of the level until you can somehow engineer a breakout.
It's hard for me to say that this level showcases a particular unit or strategy for Bohemians because you're just not going to be able to force a specific unit mass. You've got hard scarcity here and are fighting extremely varied unit compositions. I found the best success with mass halberdiers paired with whatever other random crap I could afford at the given time.
This level's difficulty is highly variable based on the setting you play it on. Each difficulty level up takes away 1100 of your starting resources, which on hard means if you tech imperial age you're not going to be able to force focus a specific opponent.
One thing this level taught me is that Bohemians actually struggle a lot vs siege in setting where they aren't able to afford a good number of Houfnice. Italians send quite copious numbers of bombard cannons at you while Teutons and Bohemians hit you from the other sides with mass capped rams. Given terrible knights and Light Cavalry, this can be a real struggle. The italian bombard cannons and condotierri are particularly troublesome for a bohemian army comp.
The Golden City deserves kudos for providing a serious tactical challenge in a setting which does a great job of showcasing Bohemia's (near, but who cares about Heated Shot really?) perfect University and urban warfare/footsoldier focus. Sigismund's arrogant taunting also makes finally beating the level feel much more rewarding than anything in Devapala and much less pointless than anything in Tariq.
Jan Zizka 5: The Emperor's Fury
At this point, Zizka loses his other eye and becomes fully blind. Here you have to escape Kutna Hora, cornered and surrounded by Sisismund's army. You'll be fighting Teutons again, but also Poles and crusaders, who are now represented by Magyars due to Sigismund being the king of Hungary in addition to his HRE titles.
You'll need to build+destroy to kill the Polish and Teuton bases, although in this case it's mostly a destroy and destroy mission, as you get no villagers and are only tributed resources as you make progress against the crusaders.
More than any other, this level does a fantastic job of showcasing the core gameplay loop intended for Bohemians and letting you play around with Halberdiers, 50+ zoomy hand cannons and Houfnice, using Hussite wagons to block off bridges and otherwise physically protect your other units. If you love this civ like I do, consider returning to this mission when you don't want the stress of an RM game and want to get a taste of Bohemia in a nutshell.
From a pacing perspective, I would call this level a victory lap off Zizka 4. Although you do have to protect the Bohemian allied stronghold, it's really not very difficult and I think is more trying for a Tamerlane or Genghis Khan-style powertrip adapted to a low-mobility civ.
My only complaint about this level is a small one, because you're fighting Teutons and their teammates, you really don't get to use the Hussite Reform tech much here or in any other imperial age scenario in this campaign. I mean, you can make monks if you really want to, but 50 hand cannons tend to get the job done a lot more effectively. In spite of this, it's really a very good level even if it's a bit less memorable than Zizka 4 and Zizka 3 on the merits.
Jan Zizka 6: Warrior of God
As a last hurrah for Zizka, we learn that a faction of Hussites known as the Ultraquists have broken off from the Taborites and called upon Emperor Sigismund to return.
Funny enough, this final mission actually makes use of a Bohemian ability which hasn't done anything whatsoever in this campaign: faster working markets! It's not a super commonly used ability, but is a big part of Bohemia's team game appeal, so it's nice to finally use it.
Although the tooltip tells you that Hussite Reforms will be good in this scenario due to gold scarcity, this isn't really true. You'll be starting up a trade line anyhow so gold will not be scarce.
Otherwise, this is a big fat 1-2 hour build+destroy mission. There's nothing particularly wrong with it, but infinite resource build+destroy missions are a dime a dozen, so I generally feel this is the weakest level of the campaign all things considered. The anecdote about Zizka turning his skin into a drum is pretty cool though, and the ending line of "still leading his army from beyond the grave" is awesome.
** Final Verdict **
Jan Zizka is a different sort of campaign in a lot of ways. Most of the missions have some sort of unique twist and generally they all add something different and cool. It also delivers nomad-campaign level quality to a sedentary civilization. With the exception of the last level, the scenarios aren't too grindy. It tells a great story with a little-known protagonist (at least outside of central europe). It also does a great job of showing off some of the intended but odd and rarely used aspects of the civilization, such as using Hussite Wagons to block projectiles.
Zizka isn't perfect. The final level drags a bit and the pacing can sometimes feel a bit odd. But in spite of that this campaign delivers one of the most unique experiences out there, and I don't feel its flaws are enough to drag it down to A-tier.
Here's where we're at so far-
Final Verdict: S
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2023.03.26 05:37 JOPJ0P Top Speed Increase for Radrunner 2? (help needed)

Is it possible to increase the top speed of the Radrunner 2 if you use the LCD Display Upgrade?
I've seen some videos of people doing this but only on RadPower's other bikes. Would really appreciate if someone who's done this before or knows about this can help me out here.
Thanks :)
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2023.03.26 05:35 NRV__ Is Marc back to his very best?

Is Marc back to his very best?
Honda was easily losing .3-.4 sec in straights alone, I know slipstream plays a vital role but Marc being within 1.5 sec of the top Ducati really shows that he still is the best rider in the entire field. Even if he gets an average bike, could he still win against Ducati?
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2023.03.26 05:32 arthurstoyss 1985 HONDA AERO LEAD VISION 80 (NH80)

Unmounted the NH80 and had some laughable surprises.
Parts to clean 1
Parts to clean 2
This amount of dirt may be from the previous owner running mixed gas and oil.

Piston Head
Top End
Here is the piston after messing around.

Was one piece
Now in three
That was from a reckless attempt at removing the alternator...
It could not compete with finding out about this cut in the crank case cover...

Yes it was cut
It is very hard to understand. Air?
If you have any idea, please let me know. There are other clues, like a lot of holes made in the body for the ventilation. The previous owner seemed to give out vibes of someone who had to deal with over-heating.
I think I will be able to order everything within the USA. Here's after my quick search, the pieces needed to put that back together.

Covered up
Until then, see you!

Arthur, March 25th 2023 Originally published on
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2023.03.26 05:30 wgnpiict A motor makes bike commuting feasible for a wheelchair user

A motor makes bike commuting feasible for a wheelchair user
I recently electrified my handbike with the help of a local ebike builder called Golden Electric. I wanted something I could ride to work, grocery runs, and get around my city quick enough while also getting some exercise. Basically I wanted to wean off my car dependence.
I started with a Rio Dragonfly handcycle with internal gear hub and coaster brake. It clips onto an wheelchair and its top manual speed was probably 7 mph when I rode it. Then we added a TSDZ2 mid drive motor. This setup is tidier in my opinion than most handcycles that have cables attached to the hand cranks so they are bobbing up and down in your face and getting tangled.
I made many modifications to get the bike more ergonomic, weight balanced, and commute-ready (holding cargo and visibility) This is made possible by the wheelchair frame - an old but very versatile Quickie GPV. I was able to keep the chair functional for when the handcycle is removed, for example it can still do wheelies and fit through tight indoor spaces. These changes are detailed in the photo captions.
Initial impressions: it goes fast. The TSDZ2 was said to be for low power applications but for me it is plenty fast. The tricycle structure is unstable on sharp turns so I ride below 15 mph at all times. Anyway, it's fast enough to keep up with a friend on a leisurely bike ride. And it can go slow enough to keep up with a walking friend.
It feels natural with torque sensing. I push harder, it goes faster. I plan to tweak the open source firmware as time goes on to make this even better. For now, I started it in 1st or 2nd gear. The IGH is great because I can change the gear while stopped - it's a Shimano Nexus 8 speed. When we added the motor we put on a chain ring with more teeth, and the gearing came out good. Before adding the motor I would only ever use gears 5-8.
I do not currently have a throttle and I'm considering adding one, but there is no obvious place to mount it. I am thinking about how to add some sort of grab handle above the motor for steering while using the throttle, and it would also help with removing and attaching the bike.
This bike has the problem of all handcycles, which is that when you make sharp turns the hand cranks start to hit your thighs. For most handcycles the solution is to "jackhammer" with the pedals up high, but I can't do that because I have a coaster brake. So I adjusted the angle of the stem to give my legs as much room as possible.
The unit is heavy. I remove the battery when attaching the bike, and it's still heavy. I want to add a handle to the battery to make it easier to remove, but the battery has no obvious place to attach a handle. I guess they make the smooth form factor for mounting to a two wheel bike and never removing it.
I ride this straight out of my garage. It is difficult to load into a car, but that's not my goal anyway. If you want something to bring in your car and drive it to a certain scenic trail head, consider how easy the device is to load into a car.
The ride can be a bit bumpy. I tried using special wheels with built in suspension but ended up returning them because they were too sensitive and also couldn't be trued or the stiffness adjusted. I went back to regular spoke wheels with low pressure tires.
Bike commuting can be great for anyone! Remember many people who can't walk for long periods, can still bike. And bike infrastructure helps wheelchair users so much. I documented my build to help someone else with similar goals, so I hope someone finds it useful. Happy riding
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2023.03.26 05:29 PrinceOfPuddles The Interesting and Unique Crocodons Franchise Rebuild.

The Interesting and Unique Crocodons Franchise Rebuild.
The Crocs initially have an unique play style revolving around pitching complete games and have an interesting rebuild approach of using said complete games to play low scoring games with cheap players to stockpile money for several seasons before rebuilding and replacing all their core super old players with young players with lots of potential that can take advantage of all the money you have saved up during the first several seasons. Some people like to play franchise by just skipping that first step and just fast-forwarding or forfeiting seasons until they have a huge war chest built up. That is a fun way to play, but by making time an obsolete resource, it fundamentally changes how the game is approached and renders the starting teams irrelevant. An alternative is to just suffer and play out seasons with a terrible team to hoard money to eventually build the real team. That is cool and all, but I don't like to suffer. With that in mind, the Crocs provide the opportunity to have that post rebuild war chest experience, but also have a competitive team during the hoarding phase. To understand how and why, let's first look at their strengths and weaknesses.
3rd/4th best rotation in the game
The best home uniform in the game
Really cool home stadium (good synergy with previous strengths)
Really bad power
Average unimpressive contact
Average unimpressive speed
Really unimpressive bad pen
Super old team + all the best players are really old.
As you can see, the weaknesses generally outweigh the strengths. This is particularly painful as their best trait, their rotation, is beaten out by the Moonstars, Sirloins, and arguably the Moose. Each of those teams also has other things they are good at without being burdened by an aging roster. In my opinion, for standard 9-inning exhibitions, season, and pennant race games, the Crocs are a bottom three team, arguably the worst. Now, I think they are quite good in franchise due to a collection of interesting interactions, but there is another way to play the game that they are competitive in, and I would go so far as to argue that in this alternate mode they are top tier. The mode I am talking about is a standard game, but with only three innings.
Even though this is primarily a post about franchise, looking at how freaking strong the Crocs are in 3 inning exhibitions/seasons does a good job at highlighting what the Crocs do well. Starting pitchers almost always pitch complete games. Three inning games are short and low scoring. The top half of the lineup gets about twice as many at bats as the back end. These three facets play heavily into the type of game the Crocs want to play, regardless of the number of innings. The Crocs don't have any good relievers because why need them if the starter never gets pulled? The Crocs don't need to score many runs because the line to beat is a short one. The bottom half of the line up would be better served by good defenders than batters.
The Crocs, at least at the start of a franchise, are built around pitching complete games. Every little thing synergies with a full outing from Pulo. That's okay and all, but the franchise is where it really comes together. See, the Crocs are about cutting corners that don't matter in a shutout. Franchises reward you for saving money on cut corners. Even having a team of old people could be twisted from a negative to a positive for the Crocs as old people get paid less money. On the surface level, one could say the Crocs are a good rebuilding team because they are bad and need to be rebuilt. Looking at them from a deeper level like I have in learning about the Crocs I would say the Crocs are a good rebuilt team because they provide tools to win games with cheap players so that you can get a lot of surplus saved up in the bank that is saved between seasons to be used after the rebuild fills the team with young talent.
Calling them the 3rd/4th best rotation also completely misses the nuance at play. Although it is true that arguably the Moose have a better staff overall, the Crocs have the best pitching staff when only looking at the first three pitchers. Most teams have a linear decline in staff from one to four. The Crocs, on the other hand, have top three pitcher Jovita Pulo. Two insane allstars, Maurice Brick and Jerry Kapps Lastly, the absolute jobber Bae Paul. Paul's 9 velo batting pracitve makes it miraculous if she can get close to half a dozen innings before getting hammered. Her realistic outing lengths is half a half dozen. Not to say Paul is an objectively bad player, but a young, cheap C-rank junk baller would be perfect for a team like the Jacks or Sand Cats. If you are in season mode, I would just run a 3 man rotation and never pitch her; in franchise we can give her the boot as fast as possible and replace her with some old A- or B+ player.
With the Crocs rocking a star starter ever outing, I mean, come on, their 3 Kapps is better than most teams 1, the rest of the game plan falls into place. Spend as little as possible on run scoring and run prevention. Hoard the savings like some dragon or evil businessman for 2-3 seasons, picking up C+/B- 20 year olds for 3m-4m along the way, until you fully commit and turn your team into a growing development team good at... I don't know? I depends on what you go after for signing and what is generated to be available. All the core talent of the Crocs is 30+ so once you pull the trigger and turn them into a growth/development team, the players who initially shaped its complete game heavy play style will be gone. Such is the nature of rebuild focused teams. Hey, at least after all the OG's are gone you will still have the dope uniforms and sick home stadium. There is a reason I put those in strengths!
Enough of the theoretical and philological generalizations about the Crocs and the mind sets that collaborate the teams stylings. Let's talk about the actual players.
So the stars here are on the mound as discussed they define everything about the Crocs. Pulo Brick and Kapps are all top tier arms well worth the money you pay them. Equally important to the Croc play style, however, are the relief pitchers Ano, Mayfair and Babaziz. Mayfair and Babaziz suck. They are generally unfit to play baseball. However, the rules of the game state you need 8 people in the pen so these two knuckleheads are given a tiny paycheck to sit on the bench. Thus, you save money for the war chest. In my opinion, replacing either of these is a mistake. Ano gets his own paragraph, so lastly you have McFarland. Ancidoctally, he has always preformed great for me, but his stats make him look really poor. A two pitch closer with unimpressive velo for 5m is not worth it in my book. If you want to pay up another okay reliever to pair with Ano, replace McFarland.
Something relatively underutilized in SMB3 is putting starters in as relievers. It's not worth doing so on most teams, but most teams don't have the likes of Pulo or Brick. A tense and tired Pulo a top ten reliever. That kind of star power should be taken advantage of, and that flexibility helps explain that 17.3m price tag. But what if I told you that you could use Pulo as a reliever without suffering the debilitating effects of tense and tired? It's not that starters by default start tense if they enter the game late. It's that they start with one less mojo if they enter the game late. That means if they are locked in, or even better, on fire when you bring them in they will enter the game with mojo on par with normal relievers. Pitchers usually have good mojo if they finish a complete game. As for stamina, so long as they have had at least one game of rest they will have a substantial bar. Not only that, but it takes several pitches for a pitcher's fatigue to catch up with them. It only takes a few pitches to get out of a bad inning, and an S rank pitcher can clean up the bottom of the ninth in less than 10. One might have the concern that using starters like this will use up stamina and hinder them in their actual starts. What if I told you that using a starter like this can actually extend their pitch numbers during their actual stats? This is because of three factors. 1) An off inning here or there is a drop in the bucket number of pitches for pitchers that can go over 100 every game. 2) Locked in and above mojo reduces stamina loss. 3) Not playing resets a player's mojo to normal, but having even a short outing with good mojo keeps it high. Thus, by bringing in Pulo or Brick to get you out of a bad inning, you not only get to leverage your most valuable players more often, but you also set them up to start their next game locked in. You better believe Pulo brings the pain if she starts a game locked in.
As for actual relievers who are expected to face more than one batteinning Ano is an interesting case, as he just might be the most min/maxed player in the game. Amazing Velo and Junk at 85/89. In these two numbers, he is better than Rallie Overro, Shay Dee, Max Texis as well as having a higher combined total in those stats than Steamboat Wisselle, Mack Gunn, Gasser Morris, Joseph Broseph, Sip Sauder, Alisha Woodrow, all for 4.8m. Highway robbery. The price is negotiated that low because of his aging body, negative trait, and 15 accuracy (second lowest in the game). I know some people can't stand low accuracy pitchers, I personally avoid them whenever I can. However, Ano is just too cheap for the juice he brings to the table for me to give him anything other than a gold star. Besides, the Crocs have a secret weapon on their bench.
I really like what Evan Chukov brings to the Crocs. 78 fielding and 89 arm for 5m means means no wild pitches and no stolen bases on a great budget. Sure, his bat sucks, but the Crocs already have kind of a black hole at the end of their lineup, so he does not really change the offense plan, but oh boy does he bring things together on defense and run prevention. Who cares if the average accuracy of a Croc reliever is 28 if the guy behind the plate has a glove the size of the motherland. The biggest concern with Chukov is your other catcher, Terra Lionerre is one of your top 3 bats.
Terra Lionerre hits ball good for 5.5m. 74/60/39 is not a stat line of excellence, and it is concerning that that stat line is on one of your top three bats, but the Crocs want low scoring games, and Lionerre can get you over the finish line. The concern of Lionerre's bat or Chukov's glove is also a non-issue due to Lionerre's secondary position of first. The starting first baseman, Liane Drive is super cost inefficient so putting Lionerre on first is a no brainier in franchise. Lionerre's defenses, while not airtight, are good enough for a backup catcher. If you are clever you also never have to rest her as if you play a someone in DH the regain stamina, so slotting Lionerre in DH in the occasional DH games will keep her healthy and able to bat every game.
Speaking of bats, we have to talk about the man who scores over half the Crocs runs. Descending with a courus of angles is Bubba Blastman. For the low low price of 4.4m he gives you a spread of 74/42/25. That looks unimpressive, I know, but Blastman rocks both the RBI Man and the Outside Pitch traits. With both active he skyrockets over 100 power with more than enough contact to swing comfortably. Interestingly enough, the Crocs also have tools to maximize the double trait Blastman. Vinnie Vortex, Runda Thrud and Gordon Fruitwell all have large contact and enough speed to steal on most catchers as well as slotting into an easy money ball 1 2 3 positions. Nothing in baseball is guaranteed; a 4 out of 10 success rate is legendary after all, but the crocs don't have to score many runs with their star starters and the three speedsters and Blastman are a consistent enough run engine.
On the topic of speedsters, we must talk about Runda Thrud. She is the best position player on the team, hell, she is one of the best position players in the game. Her 61/61 fielding and arm are enough to hold down 3B with ease, and her batting line of 78/53/95 is god tier. Tied for the 8th fastest player in the game, she excels at generating extra bases and stolen bases, but her 78 power and 50+ contact mean she is also amazing at driving in runs. When looking at players with above 90 speed and above 50 contact, the only players better than Thurd are Sakta Song and Bloop Michels. By the way, Thrud only asks for 8.1m so not only does she play a more useful position than Song, but she asks for half the money. Just saying. The Judge batting line up philosophy would put her as leadoff, but the Crocs are short on bats that can drive in runs and the end of their line up is a black hole so Thurd slots in nicely in the 2 spot. Lastly, she is the second youngest position player on the Crocs at 27 so she probably will be good for a while.
The other two faster players are Vortex and Fruitwell. Vortex is an archypical leadoff batter with 35/80/93. His high contact and speed go a long way toward enabling Thurd and Blastman. I don't like his 7.8m price tag for a right fielder, but I can't argue with results. Fruitwell is a picture of mediocrity. His full stat line of 42/63/88/49/59 makes him adequate at playing center and batting 3rd but I feel he is quite lucky to have avoided a B- ratting. Well, adequate is cheep and I don't mind his 6.3 price tag much. No all star, but he does his job. At least the Crocs love someone who can steal for Blastman.
I've putting this off, Andre Candela. He has the largest paycheck of any position player, and his big smiles definitely draws lots of fans to the park. The problem is, he plays like a 2015 Ichiro. He does good, but nothing remarkable, and is only loved because of what they used to be. In his youth Candela was certainly one of the sports best, but that is no longer the case. At age 35 his distribution of 67/72/71/76/22 is just unfortunate. He is lacking in power but has too much contact. His speed is above average, but not enough to allow him to do anything crazy. His 76 defence is nice but his 22 hurts when trying to turn double plays from his position at 2B. Not to mention he has never fully recovered from his leg injury and has the Bad Jumps trait. An absolutely tragic affliction he received in SMB3. Considering the Crocs offenses are divided between people who can move around the base path or people that can drive those runners home (Or both <3 Thrud) this leaves Candela without a good job in the line up. Remember, he is asking for 8.6m, way more than everyone else. I'm sure the Crocs make that money back from ticket sales of people coming to see their favorite old star play, and he must do wonders for team morale with his positive attitude and mentor-like experience. Unfortunately, none of those things are tracked in SMB3 and unless you want to role play his unquantifiable contributions, you can almost certainly find someone on the market just as useful for half the price.
The last starter to talk about is Norton Pickle. Pickle looks a lot like Fruitwell, but with more contact and less speed. He is a solid defensive shortstop, although his 69 speed leaves him too slow to consistently steal, and his power is the lowest on the team. For 6.2m he is fine. In franchise we don't have to settle for fine, and you could always find someone with much better defense for much less and just accept a batting downgrade as going from bad to bad. Since he is inevitable I unironically recommend singing Digg Efforto as your starting short stop. Even if Efforto is not a Croc, the way the Overdogs AI is programmed, they will always let him go, and you can pick Efforto up for like 2.2m. Better defense for a third of the cost. Yes, Efforto's 7/27/31/87/69 stat line makes him pretty useless at the plate but Pickel is also pretty useless. I'm not memeing here, think of the Crocs playstyle. Pitcher focused on low-scoring, cheap run defense game play. Efforto does Pickles job better for less money.
Getting back to the people who actually play for the Crocs I would set up the lineup something like this:
1 Vortex RF
2 Thurd 3B
3 Fruitwell CF
4 Blastman LF
5 Candela 2B
6 Lionerre 1B
7 Pickle SS
8 Chukov C
9 Pitcher
Then, if I replace Candela and Pickle, it would look something like this:
1 Vortex RF
2 Thurd 3B
3 Fruitwell CF
4 Blastman LF
5 Lionerre 1B
6 Free Agent 2B
7 Chukov C
8 Efforto SS
9 Pitcher
Not the most impressive run scoring lineup. But it is cheap with fantastic defense and avenues to score a few runs, and with pitchers like Pulo you only need a few runs.
Before we talk about just how cheap it is, let's talk about the Crocs which I don't think make the cut. Juanita Hernandez has an amazing arm and fielding stats in right field with piddling speed and a pathetic bat for 7.2m. No thank you. Liane Drive is a 6.1m first baseman with poor 57 power 96 contact and 39 speed. I don't think paying a premium for contact is worth it, especially considering Lionerre is a better batter for less. On the bench, you have Kane as a backup outfielder and Lee as a backup corner infielder. They are serviceable, but the 5m the each as for is a bit much.
Well then, on to the budget. How much money can be banked for the war chest while having a competitive team. First off is the big expenditure, replacing Bae Paul with someone that fits better with the team's needs. You could just run a three man rotation with the other starters but then you miss out on the juicy reliever potential of Pulo and Brick. For the sake of argument, let's say you splurge on some 8m B+ Hotshot. That puts the budget to 2 million. Replacing Drive and Hernandez with cheap bench players gives us an additional 6 million to work with. Replacing Pickle with Efforto and Candela with a B- replacement would add 8m to the pool as well. This leaves us with a conservative 16m surplus. Even if this is a low ball, there is still plenty of money to be squeezed out of other places, such as getting 5m from getting rid of Kane and Lee or 4m from letting Vortex go.
Really, there are many corners to cut when it comes to acquiring surplus. Two to three seasons of banking 20+m will give quite the war chest, especially if you spend responsibly rebuilding with predominately 4m B-/C+ B- or C+ players. The final gift Pulo and the boys can give you is once you finish the rebuild and have a brand new team that does not depend on complete games anymore, you can let them go and liquidate almost 40m worth of cash. Doing so at the start would be a huge mistake, but once everything has come together, having a huge war chest, + huge surplus, + several offseasons of picking the best prospects, you have the formula for a winning franchise.
Doing a saving phase into a large rebuild to hoarding money is not a tactic exclusive to the Crocs, but the Croc are exclusively situated to be going for world series rings during the hoarding and initial rebuilding phase.
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