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2023.03.26 08:10 Pubh12 Have a pulmonary embolism found at ER a couple days ago. I keep having a burning sensation in my leg that I didn’t mention at ER( thought it was neuropathy) Should I go back ?

Age : 29 Height:6’2 Weight:215 lbs Medication: Nadolol , Rupal, Xarelto , Ranititdine. Diagnois: Connective tissue disorder, POTS, Sjogrens antibodies (doc hasn’t said I have it though). Recently had a TC release in May
So I was having issues breathing since Nov. In Jan I had a ct scan in my chest that came back normal. I went back to the ER becasue I felt very sick and was coughing up blood. They did another ct and found a clot in my lung. They gave me meds and a referral and send me home.
I didn’t think of it at the time but I’ve been having a burning in my leg and foot that comes and goes. No noticeable redness and not much pain aside from the burning. There is a hot spot to Touch though it seems . I had thought it was neuropathy since I have neurological Issues. Now I’m thinking it may be where this clot originated. Im on treatment so I don’t know if it’s worth going back to er to wait for 6-10 hours to see if I have a leg clot. Should I?
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2023.03.26 07:47 infernal1999 What are the potential side effects of using medications to treat erectile dysfunction?

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For example, you should not take them if you:
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2023.03.26 06:56 ___Artemis__ Did we win 12hrs Sebring?

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2023.03.26 06:51 HPsauceOnCurry Which AFL team is for me?

Just moved to Melbourne from the UK. Looking to get into the AFL (as I’m not sure I want to spend my time watching the prem at 3am). Who (local?) should I support? Found an apartment just off Albert Park, just south of Windsor if that influences things…
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2023.03.26 06:45 Reptani Pray the Conquistadores, Ch. 10: Consummation of Imperium

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“The gorgeous pageant has passed — the roar of battle has ceased — the multitude has sunk in the dust — the empire is extinct."
– Thomas Cole
Catalogue Description: Diary of Princess Elita sif Panya of the Lamfu Protectorate, Log 4 - English Translation
Date: 0-Pacpuf-436 (Panyan Royal Calendar) November 20th, 2162 (Gregorian Calendar)
Held by: The UK National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Apparently, there were thousands of frozen primate embryos aboard Erebus 2.
The disease, famine, and conquest which the Senghavi had inflicted upon the Terran civilization—whether intentional or not—had been devastating. Their “United Nations” had worried that humanity might fall below a minimum viable population. In equipping Erebus 2 with frozen embryos and Senghavi habitat fabrication technology, they had hoped to restart their civilization away from the prying eyes of the Crown.
It was true that, like the carnivores, the Senghavi were a species for whom the Gods had modelled an exponentially-increasing evolution of resources and energy. But even they would have trouble spotting a single, cloaked spacecraft amid the infinitude of space. Erebus 2 was meant to deliver humanity out of the darkness by ferrying its frozen offspring into the vast black of the cosmos—hence the mission name, an ancient Terran deity which personified darkness itself.
“This ‘Wormhole Empire Theory’ is… consistent with the theories of the secularists and sapientists within our scientific community,” my father replied. “You would call us an ‘Isolate,’ and the carnivores, an ‘Empire.’ I assume you did not want to… offend our religious sensibilities, so publicly over the video feed.”
“Well, you people seem to really like ‘the order of nature.’ But the moment that a species becomes advanced enough to punch through the fabric of space-time, then seize resources and planets at an exponential rate, seems a lot more like an unstable ‘equilibrium’ than a natural, stable one. I’m not sure if it’s compatible with what you… think of your Gods.”
“Do you have an understanding of how these wormholes are created?” my father asked. “You went through one to get here. Did you create it with stolen technology, or did you use one that had already been made?”
“The latter, Your Majesty. We believe a species becomes an Empire when it is able to use quantum entanglement and negative energy to puncture vast distances of space with wormholes. That sort of thing is… far beyond the capabilities of mankind, even before we were colonised.
“The physical details behind it aren’t really my area of study. I can tell you it involves fields of negative energy density, and I think they somehow use threads of quantum information stretched between quarks and antiquarks. There’s something in there about an electric field and a fourth dimension… You’ll have to ask Doctor Kuznetsov when we all meet up at the Red Citadel. He’s one of the most brilliant physicists our species has to offer.”
The semi-arid plains seemed to flow like a river as our police-escorted motorcade sped along the expressway. Electric aircraft crawled lazily through the opaque atmosphere, while colossal harvesters extracted aluminium and gallium-rich minerals near the Denfalli surface. Apparently, relative to Denfall, Earth had a less-dense planetary crust and a more heterogeneous distribution of metals. In order to access their own resources, the native Terrans had needed to resort to bombs and drills, forcing deep pits and shafts into their planet.
That was, if one believed that they had once had a complex society at all, as I did.
“Half of our thirty-one year journey was spent verifying the existence of, and searching for, a wormhole we theorised was orbiting Neptune—the eighth planet from our sun. We’d detected its gravitational effects and its distortion of light, and we thought that an error in the Senghavi’s cloaking technology must have exposed the structure’s throat. We had no idea where it led, but… we went through anyway. Thought had to be life on the other side. Maybe someone that could help us.”
The realisation hit me like a sudden noise, making me jump in my seat, and my heart flared in my chest. “You found a real-life wormhole in your solar system, and you went through without any idea of what was on the other side? That must have been terrifying! You could have ended up… in another galaxy, or at the edge of the universe, or something!”
Through his visor, I could see Doctor Moore’s face become sorrowful. Doctor Usman had the best grasp of Circpi, being the crew’s linguistic expert, but the other primates’ clumsier, more thickly-accented hold on our language was more interesting to listen to.
“That was not the hardest part,” said the dark-skinned biologist. “We were desperate. What made us more afraid... it was the situation of our species; the extinction of our culture and our sovereignty. And the distance away from our families... of my daughter. I want her to live in a better world, but it's not... easy, to be so far from my daughter, on a planet thousands of light-years away from Earth. It's not easy, being far away in space, when my daughter lives without her father for thirty-one years.
“When... We hear your conversations for the first time... Your communication that you have by neutrinos ... It was a sensation, an emotion, like no other. Finally, we had found extraterrestrial life! If I have to, I would travel a hundred times, again, through mysterious tunnels in space, just for this discovery. You are the greatest scientific discovery in the entire history of mankind.”
“Thirty-one years!” I exclaimed. “How long is your lifespan in the first place?”
“Most humans live to about seventy-two years on average,” Doctor Usman replied, suddenly seeming just as sullen as Doctor Moore. “Most of us left Earth in our early thirties. We’re over sixty now. Before our comms system failed, I kept in touch with the love of my life. Watched him age, as I did. My last message from him… I hold it close to my heart.”
The sheer isolation and loneliness of the Erebus 2 mission was difficult to wrap my mind around. Doctor Moore’s small, binocular eyes were moist and red. It seemed that crying was an emotional response in the primates, just like us!
I huddled next to Doctor Moore, putting my plastic-bound paw on his glove. I didn’t know what else I should do to comfort an extraterrestrial, so I resorted to physical affection, as is the habit of us Lamfu. To my surprise, the primate rubbed me behind the ears. Despite the barrier of polypropylene against synthetic fibres, his firm touch sent a tingly sensation down my skull and spine, and I leaned into it.
Through natural selection, us Lamfu evolved tall, sensitive ears to detect predators lurking in the wilderness, so that we might be more likely to survive and pass on our genes. Thus, we had a lot of nerve endings in those regions. Perhaps human fingers could stimulate them in a way our paws could not? It was all the more reason to sway our desperate extraterrestrial friends away from the far more impressive Imperium!
“We’d never be able to take on such a task,” the King said solemnly. “I can’t imagine many would. The carnivores and mantids must not be entirely right about you. We thought that, due to being palaeolithic hunter-gatherers, your species would have been barbaric and violent. But your lack of technology and connection with your primal nature has clearly made you more humble and honourable than us supposedly ‘civilised’ folk! You are, in a sense, noble savages!”
I knew he meant it as a complement, but it only seemed to anger Doctor Usman.
“We’re not… nevermind!” she snapped, blinking tears from her eyes. “We’ll talk about that part later. Now, the Senghavi have been mentioning this ‘Imperium of Orion’ since their boots first touched Terran soil. We theorised that this civilisation was another instance of an Empire—one potentially competing with the Senghavi. They take tribute from your planet, an Isolate, without sharing any of their science or technology with you.
“When we heard about the Prey-for-Protection system, we thought it was cruel… but your species doesn’t seem to have a problem with it, and we figured we couldn’t assume that human morality applied to extraterrestrials. Do you think the carnivores could help us?”
My father froze. Even our driver looked uncomfortable.
“N-No, no. It’s best to avoid them. Well—they help us, yes. They are vessels of the Gods. But… Well, you do not fit nicely into the faith of Krucuv Mishan. You violate the order of nature merely by attempting to resist being civilised by the Senghavi. Orion is no more likely to aid you than Parimth.”
I almost wanted to say “you are much safer with us,” but I stopped myself. If the primates caught onto our selfishness, they might forsake us. We all feared they would, in the unlikely but nerve-wracking event that, come the day of tribute, the Imperium would want these newcomers to join their interstellar empire.
“The way that Empires brainwash Isolates,” Doctor Usman sighed, shaking her head. “It’s disgusting. You’re probably half-right, Your Majesty. I bet the Imperium wouldn’t want anything to do with a puny Isolate like humankind—and we are under the control of their rival, anyway. But you’re wrong if you think resisting an imperialist is against the ‘order of nature.’ You’re letting your own inferiority complex cloud your view of us. Don’t tell anyone I said this…. but the Imperium of Orion and the Parimthian Empire can go fuck themselves.”
Such vulgarity in the presence of the King! But I could feel the tension in the air relax. We’d swayed at least part of the crew of Erebus 2, at least for now.
Still, the other five primates were still aboard their spacecraft, zipping around in Denfall’s orbit at [27,000 kilometres per hour]. How we were to prevent them from falling into the fold of our carnivorous protectors, it was far less certain.
At last, we neared our destination. The Red Citadel is where my father crafts his royal decrees, consults with his justices and knights to enforce them, and holds royal courts to settle the disputes and pleas of nobles.
The lords of Parliament meet in Denfall Castle, which isn't far from the Red Citadel. Though they are vassals of the King, they've carefully manoeuvred over the years to force this “King’s Code” on my family. Nowadays, my father needs their consent to levy extraordinary taxes, and they can compel him to redress the grievances of other nobles.
The Red Citadel loomed in the distance as we approached in our luxury groundcar. Doctor Moore gave my paw a gentle squeeze in the glove of his environment suit. Through his visor, I could see his mouth falling open at the sight of the mighty Citadel. As of the time that I am writing this, I cannot think of a more memorable structure. It is protected on all sides with mighty walls of clay-red sandstone, ivy creeping along their sides, battlements lining their tops. And today, behind those battlements, snipers were posted to ensure the safety of our new diplomats.
Natural selection and evolution had pushed us herbivore Lamfu to run and hop away in fright from predatory threats, so that we might be more likely to survive and pass on our genes. That trait has forced us to become excellent at the art of the defensive fortification, from which we can snipe our enemies from afar! A rebellious noble attempting to lay siege to the Red Citadel wouldn't last a day.
Peeking above the walls are the spires and buttresses of the royal manor. Overlooking the manor is the abbey, its pinnacles reaching much further beyond the crenellated walls and towers. The abbey is decorated with stained glass windows and minarets, which overlook the glittering lakes and fruit orchards.
Like the surrounding walls, the abbey, manor, and other buildings are also built of red sandstone. In contrast, Denfall Castle, where the lords of Parliament invariably congress with one another, is beige like its namesake: this planet of ours itself, arid or semi-arid all over. Smaller than the Red Citadel, Denfall Castle is more of a singular fortification than a protected complex.
My tail and ears lifted with gentle happiness as I thought of the old Abbot Eli. He administers the affairs of the abbey—a monastery centred on the faith of Krucuv Mishan. One of the fondest memories from my childhood was Abbot Eli showing me the huge tapestry of Fenya the Brave, which hung in the great south hall of the abbey.
The legendary Lamfu woven into the tapestry was depicted with a sniper rifle slung over her shoulder, unfurling a scroll in her hands in order to reveal divine scripture. Before her was a horde of ignorant canids, serpents, and vulpines, not realising that a meagre herbivore was going to enlighten them as to the order of nature.
I could still feel Abbot Eli’s comforting paw on my shoulder as he described the legend, his aged voice echoing in my mind. In the face of certain death, Fenya the Brave wasn’t fearless—but in her passion to solve our overpopulation and the suffering it entailed, she had stood up against her fear.
The great iron portcullis of the Red Citadel was raised to permit entry of our luxury motorcade. My father was already talking excitedly about grand feasts and festivities. As my family and I disembarked, we escorted four Terrans through the courtyard: Doctor Usman, Doctor Moore, Doctor Kuznetsov, and Miss Malone.
“We’ve got plenty of plants and meats for you to enjoy!” my father declared. Sprinklers washed over the manicured grass, a subtle reminder of our semi-arid homeworld’s limited vegetation and water supply. “You are an omnivorous species, correct?”
For a moment, it didn’t look like anyone was going to reply, as every Terran was struggling to process my father’s offer. Finally, Doctor Moore broke the silence.
“That is correct. We can eat many things, but… I'm going to have to examine some food you bring to determine what we can eat.”
“You sure, Moore?” Doctor Usman asked, raising an eyebrow. It must have been a courtesy to us that she spoke in Circpi to her fellow Terran. “Shouldn’t we wait a lot longer? I mean, this is the first truly alien ecosystem known to mankind. We’ve only been here a day.”
“We were in orbit for many months. I am done having fear. And they are not kind towards us? I am confident with the science and examination I can do to determine what we can eat. At a minimum, one person has to… examine what happens when they eat the food, correct?”
I was certain Brother Mopsi—the old, plump chef of the Cavern Hallow below the great red abbey—had outdone himself. During the moon-periods since we’d learned it was likely that the primates could ingest our food, he and his Kitchen fellows had toiled relentlessly. In preparation for the feast my father had wanted, they had undoubtedly prepared enough wines, seafood, and pastries to feed the entire Red Citadel for [~1 week].
“Forgive me,” Princess Ilyafi chimed in as we approached the abbey’s sculpted bronze doors. “You all seem… dazed? Or is it just the grandeur of the Red Citadel? Are you in shock?”
“Yes, I think,” Miss Malone said, rubbing her comparatively dainty shoulders. (Apparently, she was a skilled pilot and aerospace engineer). “All this is very… fast.”
“You are omnivores, so I’m guessing you evolved as both prey and predator. We evolved as just prey, and we’re quite familiar with the cardiovascular effects of fright and anxiety. Sustained stress can lead to hypovolemic shock and heart failure. Are you sure you are okay?”
“We are very, of course okay,” Doctor Kuznetsov assured us. The pale-faced physicist chuckled faintly, brushing a bit of dust from his visor. “Us humans are stronger than that. But Erebus 2 went through space for thirty-one years. Half of that was a voyage to the entrance of a wormhole near the edge of our solar system. We searched for the life that the Senghavi do not reveal to us. I had a… mate, and a… litter of children. I leave and they are alone, without me.
“And then… we heard patterns in the neutrino detectors. Something that must be man-made. Alien-made. After, the months in orbit go fast. And now we are here. We did not yet remove our suits. Yet, we are walking into a big castle, and you already offer this big feast. It is just like a dream. I almost think I simply hallucinate in Erebus 2, in some far place in the Milky Way, light-years far from any alien life.”
Another pang of sympathy sank into my heart. To witness the fall of their species, and then to be separated from their kits and their mates by thousands of light-years, must have pained the primates beyond my imagination.
Right as we reached the abbey’s entrance, a distant rush of air and the tapering purr of anti-grav generators resonated through the atmosphere.
My heart dropped with the weight of an anvil. Us Lamfu rose to crouch on our hind legs with upright posture, our ears high in the air for alertness, while the Terrans just looked blankly at the sky. A dark and massive shape swept down through Denfall’s opaque cloud cover.
The Imperium of Orion is here.
As we watched dumbly from the courtyard, their ship dropped [100 kilometres] in a mere [60 seconds]. In contrast, the landing shuttle of Erebus 2 had taken [~25 minutes] to go from the boundary of the atmosphere all the way to its landing strip.
We soon could not see the ship beyond the battlements of the Red Citadel, but my father ordered the portcullis open in order to let our carnivorous protectors in. Doctor Moore’s eyebrows were pressed together, the Terran’s lipped mouth having gone somewhat limp.
The fright which this arrival inflicted upon me nearly put me into hypovolemic shock. I say such a thing for two reasons.
For one thing, it was unprecedented that the carnivores entered Denfall directly like this. They only took such an action on very special occasions. Usually, we sent the tribute to them by flying the victims of Prey-for-Protection out to their space stations ourselves.
And for the other, even when they did enter Denfall, I’d never actually seen one in person. Well, except for my glimpse of the Kursef diplomat, that frightful night as a child.
Yet here I was, watching a delegation of two more extraterrestrial species and one Denfalli species march into the courtyard. They had disregarded personal protection gear entirely. With such great exposure to the universe and such advanced technology, they were confident enough not to care about alien diseases.
Beyond the opened portcullis, the ship perched upon the sands outside the Red Citadel was a fortress of black stone, fringed with defensive bastions, its gun turrets peering through battlements. A dark bird of prey, into whose predatory talons I would soon be swept into.
“Jesus Christ,” Doctor Moore murmured, so quiet as to verge on inaudible. He absently dropped his bag of scientific instruments, seeming completely awestruck. “Usman, what are we looking at?”
“Empire,” Doctor Usman replied, her voice glassy.
“And three more confirmed extraterrestrial species,” Doctor Kuznetsov added. “And… our crew!”
Among the delegation of soldiers and dignitaries were two species I had previously not seen more than once: the serpentine Kursef and five more primate Terrans. There were also two species I’d never seen in person at all: the hulking, canid Warcs and the delicate, vulpine Pondwir.
“Hawthorne!” Doctor Usman yelled, her voice carrying across the courtyard. “What… What is this?”
One of the five primates within the delegation broke away from them, jogging towards our primates. He cut a curious figure in the grass, a slender biped in a moss-green EVA suit. He, too, was crying behind his visor. His eyes were red with tears. My gut felt a madness in those eyes.
The UN logo that was supposed to be on his shoulder looked like it had been painted over with the fang-on-star insignia of the Imperium of Orion.
“It is the culmination of these thirty-one years,” Hawthorne said to Doctor Usman, his voice breaking with emotion. He, too, spoke Circpi instead of English, but it was likely out of pressure from the carnivores, and not as a courtesy to us. “God has given it to us. We have braved the trials of space, and He has rewarded us. There really is another Empire, and it has taken our side!”
“What?” Doctor Usman asked. She glanced at my father, who shuffled uneasily. “What you’ve encountered is incredible, Hawthorne. What are these species?”
Hawthorne gestured at the delegation of soldier-protected dignitaries. “The Warcs are intelligent canid-like mammals. They evolved on this planet, adapting to hunt these Lamfu as their staple food source. It was by coevolution of predator and prey adaptations that both Warcs and Lamfu developed sapient intelligence.
“Then, there are the Kursef. They are serpent-like reptiles who swallow their prey whole—just like Earth snakes. It’s a remarkable example of convergent evolution! They are the ones who founded this Imperium.”
Imperium. The word seemed to stab Doctor Usman in the stomach. She looked at my father again, her eyes as hard as rock.
“I thought… you said they wouldn’t aid us?” she asked.
But my father, the King of us Lamfu, was silent in his shame.
“Then, the Pondwir,” Doctor Hawthorne went on. I assumed he should bear the title Doctor; the humans considered such a word to be a title, and he seemed to know as much about biology as Doctor Moore. “They are vulpine-like mammals who were nearly hunted to extinction by the colonisers. By the Senghavi. Their hides were coveted for the softness of their fur.”
“Hunting sapient beings?” Doctor Usman huffed. ”The Senghavi just keep getting better and better.”
As the rest of the delegation caught up, my ears perked up with that sort of stress and anxiety which is amplified through millions of years of coevolution at the near-bottom of the food web.
I did not mind the Pondwir, and might in fact have felt fascinated by them. They were far shorter and daintier than primates, despite their ecological role as carnivores.
The limbless, emotionless Kursef gave me chills, though that fright was more likely rooted in my childhood sighting of a Kursef than anything else. Indeed, they were animals who fed on prey, but they were too different from mammalian life to have imbued an innate fear within me. That my fear of them was somewhat of a learned, paranormal one, rather than a rational one, was comforting, in a way.
But the Warcs… Just as my anxiety was one swollen through millions of years’ worth of drawing adaptations from random mutations in a nightmarish evolutionary arms race, so, too, were their hunting adaptations. In muscle and body mass, the canid Warcs surpassed the primates threefold. The fright they caused me was neither learned nor fantastical. It was primal, an unshakeable decree by the state of nature; a feeling as natural as hunger, thirst, mating, or self-preservation.
The Warcs and us Lamfu are what we are because of each other.
The blind watchmaker selected for us our sensitive ears and wide eyesight to detect the Warcs. The Warcs evolved razor-sharp smell and keen vision to track us down. We passed on genes for powerful, digitigrade hind legs to flee them. They evolved an athletic, durable body to pursue us. Those of us with camouflage to hide for our lives were then the ones to survive and reproduce. Yet the Warcs, too, evolved camouflage to hunt so they would not starve. We rose above our animalism into a sense of reason in order to better protect ourselves. They evolved their own sense of reason, so that they might create tools to hunt and live.
In that sense, we and the Warcs owe our lives to one another. It is basic primary-school knowledge that both species attempted coexistence for millennia. Both sides did their best, truly. And both sides screwed up. The Red Citadel is built in the very metropolis that once shone as the crowning jewel of coexistence, partnership, and peace between predator and prey.
Yet, in the end, we proved we were all merely animals. The Warcs’ exodus from Denfall, into the dark infinity of space, is among the most significant and complex chapters in Denfalli history.
Perhaps the primates were lucky, in that they did not share a homeworld with the Senghavi. Their civilization had suffered a fatal devastation, indeed, but they had the privilege of a black-and-white world.
After all, I could only imagine the confused moral state in which the humans would find themselves, had they suddenly needed to grapple with the idea that the Senghavi had originated from Earth.
I huddled closer to Doctor Moore, instinctively reaching to grab his tail for support—only to remember the primates had lost their tails millions of years ago. In an action I construed as protectiveness, he positioned himself in front of me.
“A single Pondwir hide was worth the equivalent of trillions of euros,” Doctor Hawthorne said solemnly. “When the Pondwir tried to resist their slaughter at the hands of the colonisers, their homeworld was glassed by the Parimthian Crown. But the Kursef and Warcs lifted them from the ashes. Together, they are the Imperium of Orion—and we can join, too!”
Doctor Usman looked uneasily at the towering Warc ambassador, shaking in her environment suit. She lifted a hand to gesture to the opaque sky. “S-slow down! If you’re all here, then who the hell is operating Erebus 2?”
Erebus 2 is meaningless now. Don’t you see? We are talking about a civilisation that produces [400 trillion terawatt-hours] of energy in one hour. Their ships number in the hundreds of thousands, just like the Senghavi. Their reach spans thousands of light-years. We’re saved, Usman. All of us.”
Flanked by soldiers, the colossal Warc ambassador took a menacing step forward. My father might have perished of heart failure right then and there. The Warc’s dark fur accentuated his gleaming yellow eyes. “My Princess is as beautiful as always, Your… Majesty. Indeed, her devourment will so glorify the order of nature, she alone will earn Paradise for thousands of your people!”
“My” Princess? As always? I shouldn’t have been surprised that the Warcs knew so much more about us than we knew about them, but the focus on me by a creature I’d never seen made me squirm in my personal protection suit.
“Yes, yes; it seems as such,” the Kursef diplomat hissed, its side-facing eyes like orbs of cold-blooded glass. “What a glorious day it has been! We are not only treated to royal flesh and bone, but we have finally seen a proper introduction to these fascinating primates.”
My father struggled to find his voice. “Y-You were not… Supposed to arrive, until… W-Why are you here so soon?”
“The human tribes of Earth may be snivelling, pagan things so far,” the Warc announced heartily, “but the Senghavi missed out on something big. Something big indeed! This species is full of fire, Your Majesty. We didn’t realise how brightly they burned with potential.”
At this point, all members of the Royal Security Service had scampered away. In my tense nerves, I had forgotten that they were even here. My siblings remained, however, and Ilyafi spoke up. She had always been the bravest of us.
“We will remember my sister as more than a sacrifice,” she said defiantly. “We will celebrate her devourment as the holy will of Nisma and Unatl, but we will celebrate her life and her memory in kind.”
“Hawthorne,” Doctor Usman said steadily. “These creatures constitute an Empire. They don’t care for Isolates. We are Astronaut-Ambassadors who represent the UN. They practise expansionism, conquest, and murder on a galactic scale. The values of the Charter of the United Nations are incompatible with such a civilisation.”
Doctor Hawthorne’s gaze hardened. “We travelled for thirty-one years for the salvation of all mankind. I watched my children grow up from light-years away—and for what, if not this? This is a gift from God, Usman. The Senghavi were merely His wrath upon a godless, decadent humanity. This is His forgiveness. This is His Grace.”
“If you want to bring faith into this, Hawthorne… Doctor Moore considers himself ‘saved,’ just like you. But he will back me.”
The remaining crew members of Erebus 2 stood securely among the delegation of carnivores. As Doctor Usman and Doctor Hawthorne stared each other down, I found myself hugging the leg of Doctor Moore’s environment suit.
Now, I truly understood my species’ galacto-political selfishness. Doctor Moore wouldn’t leave me for the Imperium… Would he?
“And what of the embryos, Hawthorne? We can’t take any risks, and we know next to nothing about extraterrestrial society and psychology. I am the commander of Erebus 2, and I won’t allow their seizure at the hands of these… these imperialists!”
“We cannot make a… rash choice,” Doctor Moore added, his emotions only highlighting his poor proficiency in Circpi. “Seeing the… way, the character of the Imperium is easy, just through seeing their actions and their manners. We cannot… insult their evils, if we do those evils to… other Isolates. And Usman is right. We are still the UN.”
“Half, then,” Doctor Hawthorne breathed. “You might still fancy yourselves as UN employees, but we don’t. The number of embryos is intentionally redundant. You take 10,000. We’ll take the other half. Just—please—don’t try to stop us.”
Then, to everyone’s shock, Doctor Hawthorne drew steady, confident hands towards the neckline of his helmet. He manipulated its various clips and devices with those dexterous primate fingers the humans had. His grey-irised eyes were closed as he undid the final latches, and the helmet jerked upward slightly, jets of oxygen puffing out from the neckline.
At that moment, those grey-irised eyes snapped open, their gaze suddenly bleeding with fear. His legs and gloved fingers were trembling, devoid of the bravery that seemed to have once been coursing through his veins just seconds ago. He looked uneasily at his crewmates while lifting the helmet, its various lights and indicators blinking out as the wires were disconnected from the suit.
He took a deep, sighing breath, letting our planet’s warm, dry air pour into his respiratory system. His eyes never left his crewmates, who still seemed on-edge, despite the ease with which he breathed.
“Okay, Hawthorne,” Doctor Usman replied softly. “Half. Let’s start there. And let’s talk about this in the abbey.”
“If it is your wish to bless the unblessed sands of this simpering pit that is Denfall with 10,000 more of you,” the Kursef ambassador purred, “that is your call. But as our vulpine companions can attest, the galaxy is an undulating, unruly tide. It can be hard to predict the steady future into which the Gods have offered for you to settle.
“Your rightful place, humanity, is at the top. But don’t consider it a fate unto which you will tend regardless of where you start. Only our Imperium can provide you with the proper conditions such that you can endure your hardship with faith in your deliverance. Such is the order of nature.”
“Krucuv Mishan,” Doctor Kuznetsov murmured. As he was a physicist, I wasn’t surprised he could recognize the maths-infused patterns of our religious faith within the Kursef’s spiel. “You used it to have dominance over the Lamfu. Now, you want to have dominance over us, too.”
“Don’t shirk this opportunity, primates,” the Pondwir ambassador said softly. “My people understand your quiet rage.”
Everyone looked at the Pondwir, even my family and I. He seemed full of sympathy. Only a little taller than us, it was the first time the short little creature had spoken since the delegation entered the courtyard of the Red Citadel.
The Warc diplomat froze me in his gaze. Hunger—both as the physiological adaptation of an apex predator, and as the lust for dominance over others that exists in all sapient beings—burned with the heat of molten gold in his yellow eyes. “We have someone to take before you go through those doors… Doctor Moore. The beauteous and maidenly Princess Elita is mine, not yours!
Defiant, my primate companion stood between the Warc and I, while my father whimpered.
“Look towards this, Hawthorne,” Doctor Moore cried. “We are part of the UN. We promote rights of humans. This is not rights of humans! This is not life or liberty, or the idea that God creates all equal! This is a second-class citizen and murder that the law allows!”
‘Equality,’ ‘liberty,’ ‘sapient rights,’ and ‘sapientism’ are mere colonialist ideals imposed upon your species by the decadent Senghavi colonists,” the Kursef ambassador hissed. “You already know they manipulated and perverted your history. Don’t bend your knee to your oppressors.”
The manicured grass left my polyethylene boots as Doctor Moore lifted me from the ground, backing away from the massive Warc. The Warc snarled, hackles raising.
A hairless mammal with hardly any natural weapons at all was stealing the prey—me—of a carnivore that had evolved specifically to kill and feast upon organisms like us. The tears in my eyes blurred my surroundings.
Doctor Moore didn’t stand a chance—and given the chilling words of these diplomats from the Imperium of Orion, neither, I thought, did Doctor Usman’s side of Erebus 2.
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2023.03.26 06:26 Light_chatting CRASH?!

I bought the Series X like... three weeks ago. Maybe a month ago, specifically for Hogwarts Legacy. The game has play fine until now. Over 70 hours in, I just started exploring South of the coastal caverns. Like I said everything has been fine. The game has played flawlessly, save for some clipping of the robes when running. But that's it. Well, I tried to load into the Phoenix's caveand the game crashed. Loaded in again, did some small stuff like merlin trials and butterfly chests and killed some monsters in the surrounding area, then back to the cave, immediately crashed when trying to load into the cave. Loaded the game again. Attempted henrietta's hideout. Found it, eliminated the infamous enemy just fine, didn't to the merlin trial, aaaaaaand crashed trying to load into the hideout. HELP, PLEASE. This makes no sense. Is this the game? Or my console? This hasn't happened with other games so far.
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2023.03.26 06:19 Alexprince7 [27M] Do I have nerve damage in the corner of my jaw, or is it something else?

I had a dental implant fail 3 times in the very back molar on the bottom right side. But since the 2nd implant, I have been having pain in the lower right corner of my jaw. I don't know if this is related, but a week or so after the 2nd implant, the dentist kind of banged on the screw to check the stability I guess and I had really bad pain for a few days in the area. And since then I noticed the pain in the lower right corner of my jaw. Especially after I drink alcohol.
After the 2nd implant, I had to take pain medication like 4-5 times a week after I would drink alcohol. (i know I should have stopped drinking, but still I felt like a dental procedure shouldn't prevent me from drinking for the rest of my life). After the removal of the 3rd failed implant, I didn't have to take pain medication anymore but still have the pain.
It's been about 1 year since the removal of the 3rd failed implant. The pain is random throughout the day. Sometimes it's bad and will last an hour or two or sometimes 1-2 minutes. But whenever I drink alcohol, it is almost always guaranteed to have pain even more frequently. And I do like to drink 2-3 beers a day, every day.
I went to a maxillofacial specialist, they did a CT scan and there was visible inflammation where the implant was performed which caused them to want to do a bone biopsy to check for infection. The results came back negative. And they haven't given me a diagnosis. Though the PA wanted to prescribe me gabapentin because she thought it might be nerve pain. Though it's not an official diagnosis.
If I were to describe the pain, it's kind of like a shooting pain. Sometimes it's dull. And there is never any numbness. Also some other important information, is I feel like I can always kind of feel the area in the bottom right jaw. I literally feel nothing on the left side. It's like the sensations are "active" on the right side.
Do any of you know what this is? Is there any way to help stop the pain?
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2023.03.26 06:10 cityflaneur2020 AITA for not standing up against a racist comment?

For context, I'm a 40+ woman from South America who was traveling with my father to country X. I won't mention the country because I wouldn't want to give the impression that they are racists - though, honestly, most of them are.
Both my father and I are from European descent. Three seat arrangement, and next to me sits this old lady with white hair and sweet smile, 82, as she told me. Nearby was her sister, 79. They told me they were going to do the Transiberian Railway!!! I was so excited and thought I was lucky to seat next to such an interesting lady, come on, Transiberian in your 80s?? And they were in for two long connections, with a stop in my country.
She told me she'd do the trip in grand style, stopping often to sleep in hotels, having staff to carry luggage, visits to theaters and city tours. I was definitely envious. Also thought she was bragging a bit, but ok.
Then comes an airline staff to begin dinner service. Old cute white-haired lady going to Russia then made the MOST DISGUSTING racist comment about the black lady serving us, which thankfully the lady didn't hear. I stared at the infinite in surprise, unable to articulate a thought, and looked around to see if there were two empty seats. There were none. I was stuck next to her. Part of me was dying to call her a fucking rotten horrible person and tell her to NEVER EVER repeat that comment next to anyone on the planet.
Then I thought that if she reached that age being that much of a racist, whatever I said would be useless. But AT LEAST she could have learned not to say those things out loud, only locked in her toilet when doing her business.
What I did was to make an ugly face, open my Kindle and ignore her for the remaining hours.
AITA for not having challenged the 82yo racism? I feel I lost an opportunity. My father, who was listening to music at the time, reprehended me for not having educated the lady in the ugliest terms (after all, she and my father are the same age). So, was the AH to let a racist comment go unchecked?
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2023.03.26 05:41 SuperSelkath Campaign Reviews Part IV: Jan Zizka (Bohemians)

Today we'll be visiting Europe for the first time in this series to the first ever campaign that I liked- Jan Zizka.
Zizka is the most difficult of the 3 Dawn of The Dukes campaigns which were released around the time I started playing, late 2022. These campaigns are all interwoven and the characters in them feature mutually between them. Not to show my hand too much but together they form a sort of anti-Teuton mega-campaign which is probably the highest quality set of campaigns from any expansion before or since.
In my view, a good campaign does the following things:
Jan Zizka 1: The One Eyed Wanderer
The intro scenario for this campaign frames Zizka's life before Jan Hus came along. Zizka is part of a mercenary band robin-hooding it up in the Czech countryside and tasked with Destroying the castle of Henry III Rosenberg. As you take over villages, they will provide you a steady trickle of resources to use to train your army in this no-villagers scenario. Unlike other missions like Manzikert which feature slow resource trickles, this one is actually pretty fun. One-Eyed Wanderer is much faster paced than Manzikert was, and your mentor Jan Sokol with periodically give you cool toys to play with, like Ballistics, capped ram, and eventually 2 trebuchets if you're particularly bad at the mission.
Zizka himself is a mounted Obuch, with 230 HP and 16 attack, he swings a giant mace and cleaves the armor off his targets. He's no Bayinnaung, but this is pretty awesome stuff.
You can crack the economic buildings in the villages you take over for a temporary cash infusion but a loss of the income of the village. If you do this for every village, you get an achievement (but you'll have to find some secret paths to actually pull it off).
I can't find any info suggesting that Heinrich was actually some sort of sadistic tyrant. The historical facts seem to be that he was the head of the Rosenberg house to lead the opposition to Bohemian king Wenceslaus IV and at one point had him imprisoned. Now with that being said, Wenceslaus himself was no angel, seems to have been chronically undiplomatic and unable to manage the various factions of his kingdoms at various points in his life. It was also his administration which chose to burn Jan Hus at the stake. Given that Zizka wasn't a Hussite yet at the time of this mission, I think it can be overlooked that he's fighting for a guy he most likely hated. There are some historical fudges here but it's clearly embellishing some details to help illustrate a period of our protagonist's life where there isn't a lot written.
My only real complaints about this level are that while it is a great, fast-paced intro scenario, it doesn't really give the player a chance to do anything particularly Bohemian. You don't have a university to get Chembows, you don't have a castle for hussite wagons, you can't train hand cannons, and you don't have villagers so free mining tech doesn't do anything. You are getting extra bonus damage pikes though, so that's nice. In spite of this complaint, its a strong start to the campaign.
Jan Zizka 2: Courage and Coin
This is the big bad pitched battle of this DLC. Grunewald is the central setpiece of all three campaigns, and it's kinda interesting that its contained in the Zizka campaign where it is arguably least relevant. In terms of pacing this is kinda weird- this feels like a level 6 finale and we're already upon it in the second mission.
Here you get semi-DM resources, start in imperial age, and need to take down waves and waves and waves of Teuton and Frank power-units. Unlike in Tariq, this is a mission where infinite resources feels like it makes sense and belongs. The player even gets something similar with resources that last much longer. Assuming you can keep your villagers safe you have something akin to 'infinite resources'. No castles are allowed in the mission. This makes total thematic sense, although I suspect the reason for this is to prevent the player from training Hussite Wagons, as the Hussite Wars haven't started yet. You still get Wagenberg Tactics though.
This one is tough. The first time I beat it took probably 3 hours in game time, back when I was pretty inexperienced. Playing it on hard now for this review still took me 1:55 in game time. So it's a knock-down drag out sort of fight. The enemies in this mission will get aggressive on you and ram or BBC down your base.
If you're like me and you really enjoy microing extra speed Hand Cannons and screwing around with Houfnice this one will be fun.
No complaints about this level, I think its great at showcasing the Halb+Hand cannon composition which is great fun and is quite memorable. It's not something you're going to be in the mood for all the time and from a pacing perspective it definitely feels weird, but its still really solid.
Jan Zizka 3: The Iron Lords
This mission introduces you to the main storyline of the campaign, with Zizka signing up as a rebel commander of a ragtag group of peasants, women, and children fighting for an unorthodox religious interpretation against the Bohemian nobility.
You start in the north of the map, making the treacherous trek to Tabor, the Hussite stronghold in Prague. I particularly love you go literally circle the wagons while hiding in the swamps in the path to Tabor. This seems to be how the developers intended the Hussite Wagon to be used, unfortunately it's rare in multiplayer for such fortuitous circumstances to show up.
Zizka does not regenerate HP in this section of the mission (at least on hard) to prevent you from pulling a Crossing the Pyrenees and cheesing the level with him.
Once you make it to the citadel, you learn that you are unable to build blacksmiths, upgrade (most) units, or train knights due to the lack of resources or nobility in your army. You can get acesss to some of these things by raiding the outlying blacksmiths scattered across the Czech countryside. To win, you need to defeat 2/3 of the castles of the Iron Lords.
This mission starts out strong, but becomes a bit dull and grindy once you settle into your fortress. I'm always a fan of side quests like these, but every campaign designer should have a sticky note on their monitor that says "BEING STUCK IN CASTLE AGE AND HAVING TO DESTROY CASTLES WITH ONLY RAMS ISN'T FUN".
Again, while there are a lot of things to love about this mission, such as that it does a pretty good job showcasing the Hussite Wagon, at least in castle age, it just becomes too slow once you actually get down to the business of taking out your enemy castles.
Although you can attain chemistry from one of the most remote blacksmiths, by the time you get it in all likelyhood you will have already won, so I file my same complaint here that I do with Zizka 1 (which is a better level overall and more forgivable) that the bohemian civ feels pretty generic here, although you do get to use your UU, which is nice.
Jan Zizka 4: The Golden City
Enter Emperor Sigismund, the main villain of our story. One thing I love about this campaign which is made clear by the opening slideshow is how Zizka is driven by a higher cause- ideas like people's right to determine their own religious views or interpretations.
In any case, this mission is a doozy. Coming from Devapala last campaign to this is something else- Zizka has to not only defend Prague during a siege but actively break said siege. You're going to be surrounded on all sides by Bohemians to the west, Italian Crusaders to the south, and Teuton HRE troops to the north. If you stop to focus on taking out any particular opponent, you'll get your ass whupped by the other two. You're going to really have to be able to balance 3 different fronts in this level.
This is made even more challenging by the fact that you won't get an economy. Zizka gets 10 villagers and can't train more under any circumstances. He can't put up any new fortifications or docks either. That last part is a really nice touch, as it prevents you from cheesing the level with endless bombard towers or going Fatslob on Emperor Sigismund. It makes every loss of a castle or wall feel real and permanent.
Scattered across the map are trade routes that periodically send shipments into Prauge to relive the defenders. Each route you free up massively increases the resources you'll get. With only 10 vils which will inevitably die over time, getting these caravans are of the utmost importance. The problem here is most of them are buried deep in enemy camps, meaning you'll have to make due with only 2 routes for most of the level until you can somehow engineer a breakout.
It's hard for me to say that this level showcases a particular unit or strategy for Bohemians because you're just not going to be able to force a specific unit mass. You've got hard scarcity here and are fighting extremely varied unit compositions. I found the best success with mass halberdiers paired with whatever other random crap I could afford at the given time.
This level's difficulty is highly variable based on the setting you play it on. Each difficulty level up takes away 1100 of your starting resources, which on hard means if you tech imperial age you're not going to be able to force focus a specific opponent.
One thing this level taught me is that Bohemians actually struggle a lot vs siege in setting where they aren't able to afford a good number of Houfnice. Italians send quite copious numbers of bombard cannons at you while Teutons and Bohemians hit you from the other sides with mass capped rams. Given terrible knights and Light Cavalry, this can be a real struggle. The italian bombard cannons and condotierri are particularly troublesome for a bohemian army comp.
The Golden City deserves kudos for providing a serious tactical challenge in a setting which does a great job of showcasing Bohemia's (near, but who cares about Heated Shot really?) perfect University and urban warfare/footsoldier focus. Sigismund's arrogant taunting also makes finally beating the level feel much more rewarding than anything in Devapala and much less pointless than anything in Tariq.
Jan Zizka 5: The Emperor's Fury
At this point, Zizka loses his other eye and becomes fully blind. Here you have to escape Kutna Hora, cornered and surrounded by Sisismund's army. You'll be fighting Teutons again, but also Poles and crusaders, who are now represented by Magyars due to Sigismund being the king of Hungary in addition to his HRE titles.
You'll need to build+destroy to kill the Polish and Teuton bases, although in this case it's mostly a destroy and destroy mission, as you get no villagers and are only tributed resources as you make progress against the crusaders.
More than any other, this level does a fantastic job of showcasing the core gameplay loop intended for Bohemians and letting you play around with Halberdiers, 50+ zoomy hand cannons and Houfnice, using Hussite wagons to block off bridges and otherwise physically protect your other units. If you love this civ like I do, consider returning to this mission when you don't want the stress of an RM game and want to get a taste of Bohemia in a nutshell.
From a pacing perspective, I would call this level a victory lap off Zizka 4. Although you do have to protect the Bohemian allied stronghold, it's really not very difficult and I think is more trying for a Tamerlane or Genghis Khan-style powertrip adapted to a low-mobility civ.
My only complaint about this level is a small one, because you're fighting Teutons and their teammates, you really don't get to use the Hussite Reform tech much here or in any other imperial age scenario in this campaign. I mean, you can make monks if you really want to, but 50 hand cannons tend to get the job done a lot more effectively. In spite of this, it's really a very good level even if it's a bit less memorable than Zizka 4 and Zizka 3 on the merits.
Jan Zizka 6: Warrior of God
As a last hurrah for Zizka, we learn that a faction of Hussites known as the Ultraquists have broken off from the Taborites and called upon Emperor Sigismund to return.
Funny enough, this final mission actually makes use of a Bohemian ability which hasn't done anything whatsoever in this campaign: faster working markets! It's not a super commonly used ability, but is a big part of Bohemia's team game appeal, so it's nice to finally use it.
Although the tooltip tells you that Hussite Reforms will be good in this scenario due to gold scarcity, this isn't really true. You'll be starting up a trade line anyhow so gold will not be scarce.
Otherwise, this is a big fat 1-2 hour build+destroy mission. There's nothing particularly wrong with it, but infinite resource build+destroy missions are a dime a dozen, so I generally feel this is the weakest level of the campaign all things considered. The anecdote about Zizka turning his skin into a drum is pretty cool though, and the ending line of "still leading his army from beyond the grave" is awesome.
** Final Verdict **
Jan Zizka is a different sort of campaign in a lot of ways. Most of the missions have some sort of unique twist and generally they all add something different and cool. It also delivers nomad-campaign level quality to a sedentary civilization. With the exception of the last level, the scenarios aren't too grindy. It tells a great story with a little-known protagonist (at least outside of central europe). It also does a great job of showing off some of the intended but odd and rarely used aspects of the civilization, such as using Hussite Wagons to block projectiles.
Zizka isn't perfect. The final level drags a bit and the pacing can sometimes feel a bit odd. But in spite of that this campaign delivers one of the most unique experiences out there, and I don't feel its flaws are enough to drag it down to A-tier.
Here's where we're at so far-
Final Verdict: S
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2023.03.26 05:29 Betty-Adams [Humans are Weird] - Part 111 - Climbing The Walls - Part 112 - Working Thought It - Short, Absurd, Science Fiction Stories

[Humans are Weird] - Part 111 - Climbing The Walls - Part 112 - Working Thought It - Short, Absurd, Science Fiction Stories

Humans are Weird – Climbing the Walls

“I do not think I would be able to explain it scientifically,” Twistunder observed as he nuzzled into his companion, “but I think I understand the allure of these indoor combustion chambers to the humans.”
Rollsslowly gave a lazy hum of assent and lifted a sensory rich appendage to absorb some of the radiant warmth spilling out of the combustion chamber. They were twined together in a shallow pool that formed a sort of raised center to the common room of the research base. The main lights had been dimmed in tune with the diurnal cycle of the planet and the majority of the staff were spending the rest day sprawled over the furniture either reading or composing messages for distant loved ones. Several human couches were arranged around the Undulates’ pool, all facing the circular stone contrivance the humans called the fire pit. A vent hovered over the pit to guide the fumes and smoke out of the common area and various steel levers hung on the side for when the humans felt the mysterious urge to prod at the flames.
Twistunder’s musings were cut short as one of the humans in the shadowy reaches of the room tossed aside his book and directed a resentful glare at the large bay of windows that comprised the south arc of the structure. Twistunder mused over the view. One of the massive storms, the kind that were unheard of on his planet, was whipping the forest outside into a frenzy of movement. The trees, each of which he knew to be several unds in diameter were bending and dipping like so much algae. Twistunder supposed he could sympathize with the frustration that caused the human to drum his fingers on the arm of his chair. Finally the human produced a wordless gust of air and snapped to his feet. The human paced back and forth several times and suddenly made a run at the wall.
“Human Friend Susan?” Twistunder asked after a moment.
Rollssowly grumbled as Twistunder had to pull away to form the words.
“S’up lil bud?” Human Friend Susan asked, before immediately breaking into a yawn.
“What is Human Friend Red doing?” Twistunder asked.
Human Friend Susan blinked slowly at him and Twistunder lifted a gripping appendage to indicate the path the human was taking. Human Friend Susan swiveled her head slowly and focused on the other human. Her face went slack for a moment as her eyes tracked his course, before breaking into a wry smile.
“He’s climbing the walls Twist,” she said with a laugh.
“I did not think this architecture allowed a human sufficient purchase to climb the walls,” Twistunder observed.
“Neither did I,” Human Friend Susan agreed. “But it is storming you know.”
She indicated the window with a nod of her head.
“I was under the impression that storm weather sent mammals into a torpor like state,” Twistunder said.
“Sometimes,” Human Friend Susan said.
She winced as the other human reached the ceiling and almost fell from his perch before moving onto the next one.
“But keep a human cooped up too long and they do start climbing the walls,” she concluded, turning back to her book.
“I have heard that phrase,” Rollsslowly observed. “However I thought it simply a figure of speech.”
“Well now we know,” Twistunder said. “Human Friend Susan, I believe the fire needs poking.”

Humans are Weird – Working Through It

“Just attach the replacement sensor and we’ll be on our way,” Sixteenth Sister said as she examined the data in front of her.
Her human partner gave a grunt in reply that she had come to learn meant confirmation of her order. He ambled over to the sensor tower at the edge of her perception and Sixteenth Sister tilted her head to absorb the atmosphere. Her frill flicked in unease and her antenna curled a little tighter. She did not like being this exposed. The thick groundcover spread out from their open transport in every direction. The rustling foliage blended with the sky completing the pod, but it was so big, so far. Sixteenth Sister clamped her frill to her neck and drew in a deep breath. Brother Unicus assured her that humans could see for kilometers in clear air, that the joining of the sky and flat land was not so much a pod but a great dome. He said that he loved the sensation. He called it Big Sky country. Her thoughts returned to her partner as something made an alarming clacking sound.
“Brother Unicus?” she asked. “Is the assembly going well?”
“Yeah…no,” Brother Unicus said.
Before Sixteenth Sister could ask for clarification Brother Unicus snapped out a profanity and dropped the sensor.
“Are you injured Brother Unicus?” Sixteenth Sister demanded, leaping out of the transport and dropping her data pad on the seat.
“Not exactly,” Brother Unicus said as he attempted to flex one of his hands.
“Your hand!” Sixteenth Sister clicked in shock.
“Yeah,” Brother Unicus muttered, glancing to the side.
“It is twice the size of your other hand!” Sixteenth Sister said.
“I got stung,” Brother Unicus stated.
“When did the sting occur?” Sixteeth Sister demanded. “Hold a moment. I will get the first aid kit and the data pad.”
“It’s no big deal,” Brother Unicus assured her. “It happens. I don’t react bad to that species.”
“When did the sting occur?” Sixteenth Sister asked again as she pulled up a medical report form.
“About eight o’clock this morning,” Brother Unicus stated.
Her frill snapped out and Sixteenth Sister tilted her head to focus on her partner.
“You have been experiencing this reaction,” she observed slowly, “for nearly six hours?”
“Well it was slow to get started,” Brother Unicus said with a shrug. “Didn’t get bad till about an hour back.”
“Get in the transport,” Sixteenth Sister said, barely able to keep her voice in the low human ranges.
“We gotta finish,” Brother Unicus pointed at the half disassembled sensor network.
Sixteenth Sister bent to snatch the fallen sensor up and stalked up to the human. She arched her legs, flared her frill, and extended her antenna. Even at full extension her antenna tips barely reached his chin.
“I am the senior Ranger,” she said. “Get in the transport and begin filling out the injury report.”
“But…” Brother Unicus began.
“Survey Core Ranger Steven Cole!” she snapped. “You will follow medical protocol!”
At the sound of his full designation Brother Unicus twitched and grabbed the datapad then scurried towards the transport. Sixteenth Sister sighed and quickly put the sensor tower into standby mode. She leapt into the transport and activated the engines.
“What were you thinking?” she demanded.
“I figured if it didn’t get too bad I could work through it,” Brother Unicus said.
Sixteenth Sister curled her antenna at him sternly.
“Medical report,” she snapped. “Now.”
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2023.03.26 05:23 OurCommonMan The Horn Blows Thrice

“You can’t be serious, that's all the food we could pack?”
“Yes, we set the stores ablaze to keep them away, or have you already forgotten?”
Their party had been walking for days. Perhaps even a week. A starved shadowcat had followed them for much of that, picking off some of the slower stragglers at first, especially the elderly and infirm. Every night they lost more to the conditions. Some had ventured off to find food, only half had returned. As they fled the Valley of Thenns, their numbers dwindled. One of them screamed for hours straight, his voice slowly descending into a hoarse groan and finally, nothing. Resigning himself to stare blankly ahead as they walked. The memories of the dead still fresh in their minds. Friends turned on friends as their surroundings devolved into chaos. Fathers betrayed sons while their lands were consumed.
The dead were here.
For a week, their dwindling group was all they knew. The only constant left in their lives. They fled for safer lands. If only they could reach the Frozen Shore, they could take a boat South. At this point, they were prepared to swim to escape. Anyone would. Death was preferable to what they had seen. And even that didn’t seem permanent anymore.
“Did you see Bael fall?”
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Both of the men glanced behind at the few still in tow. Perhaps there were more, somewhere. But for now, night was falling. And in the distance, they could hear the low growl of something fierce. Something hungry.
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2023.03.26 05:19 erin75fl Mega Salary/Wage Thread

Please everyone answer and keep in this format:
  1. How much do you get paid per hour?
  2. Are you registered or certified? What type of certification/license?
  3. How long have you been a pharmacy tech?
  4. What type of setting do you work in?
  5. Where do you live?
  6. What is your highest level of education?
I’ll go first!
  1. $17.50
  2. Registered with state board
  3. Almost 3 months
  4. Retail - CVS
  5. South Carolina, USA
  6. Bachelor’s degree in psychology
submitted by erin75fl to PharmacyTechnician [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 05:15 alopolo88 Doctor says its not CPPS and it'd caused by plaque

Saw a new doctor about pain in glans I have had since June. He squeezed the tip of My penis and asked if it hurt and it really did. It was a dull pain that quickly start spreading throughout my groin with sharp burn at the tip of penis after. The pain lasted 2 hours. He said it has something to do with plaque build up called Peyronie disease. I was really confused, this whole time thinking its CPPS. He said stretching and physio wont help, and CT scan will not show this. He suggested an injection. My erection does have a slight curve to the left but that was always the case since I can remember. My pain only started in 2022. Anyone else have any knowledge on this ? I'm not sure if I should trust this diagnosis.
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2023.03.26 05:07 soupp2_33 My about me game template, What do you think of me?

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2023.03.26 04:51 steve-buscemi-is-hot Asking my parents to downsize. It's not going well.

My parents are 70 and live in a ghost town in rural south Texas. They own a home that is essentially falling apart and is 40 minutes away from the nearest hospital. It's also one and a half hours away from me.
My mom was diagnosed with Parkinson's two years ago. I've seen some progression of the disease in that time but she is still herself. She's a retired teacher whose level-headed, selfless, agreeable, and an excellent listener.
My father on the other hand is one of the most selfish people I know. First of all, he is horrible with money. He's always been bad with money. I've learned in adulthood that the house we lost when I was a child, we lost because he did not pay property taxes for 15 years. We lost it in 2000, and we literally just packed a few bags and left majority of our belongings and furniture there.
He says he "let it go" because it had too many problems but I know the truth. I learned this when I had to pay his back taxes for another house... for another 10 years... right before the house went to auction. When I wrote the check, the woman asked me for what property and showed me the old account. That's how I found out.
This newer house is actually the house he grew up in. His dad gave it to him and moved out in 2000, into a smaller house to retire.
Now in 2023, guess what- he is behind on taxes. This is not for lack of income or high taxes. Taxes are only about $680 in this small town. He just has a massive ego and spends all their money on his hobby.
He spends most of the money they get from retirement self-publishing a local newspaper. He wants to be thought of as a very successful publisher and this is all he talks about, "the paper". Every time I call he can't talk because of the paper.
Recently a kitchen cabinet he installed fell on my mom when she was getting a glass. All the dishes broke on her. Everything in this house is DIY'd by him, which he takes great pride in. He used drywall screws to mount this thing. She's ok, but this just underlines to me that this house is a death trap. The roof has leaks and is over 30 years old. The outside is painted multiple different colors because over the years he starts repainting, then never finishes.
I decided I should look at buying them a small house closer to me so I can get professionals to make it ADA-compliant and safe for my mom. This is obviously a huge risk, but they could never afford it and have horrible credit. Last time he boasted about having $600 in his account. That's not good! My mom is on board. She wants to move. My dad - predictably - said that I could buy it and maybe they would move in in 2 or 3 years.
Whenever he is non-commotal like this I buy in and he does nothing. I bought him dental insurance he is always planning to use but never has. He literally has no teeth now, and I've spent thousands on this insurance over 10 years. I built him a website to move his newspaper online and save on printing costs. (I'm a web developer.) Of course, he's never used it or even tried to.
I told him that I would only buy a house if he could have a goal of moving in one year. He totally flipped out and looked at me with so much anger. He said I was putting a deadline on him to move. I told him - no, I was just saying that there is no point in buying a house if he has no intention to move, so we should set a goal.
I just can't believe he is so selfish. The way he talks about my mom is with no empathy or care for her. I thought they would be excited that I would be willing to do this for them to put them closer to doctors for my mom, closer to hospitals, and closer to me and their granddaughter.
I don't know what to do. I still want to see this one house that I think would be a great fit for them. My mom and my sister want me to see it too. I'm considering telling my dad's sisters about all this, which I know he would hate, but I'm starting to think that he is deep in denial and if we do nothing, that roof is going to cave in within a few more years, or my mom is going to have a really bad fall in the sunken living room.
Any advice would be great.
TLDR; Parents are living in a dilapidated house far from medical care and family. Mom has Parkinson's and Dad is unwilling to put her needs above his expensive hobby. I'm trying to convince them to downsize to a smaller house I'd buy. It's not going well.
submitted by steve-buscemi-is-hot to AgingParents [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 04:37 Zestyclose-Sink7460 I’ve had a terrible continuous headache for two hours post contrast CT scan. Should I be concerned? Anything I can find says it should resolve over a few hours. I’m not prone to headaches and probably haven’t had one for several years.

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2023.03.26 03:45 royalflush71 Not Costco but…. Sams club in South Gate

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