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2023.06.10 07:20 Georgia4life Would you guys do any of these?

Would you guys do any of these?
Jalen Duren (rookie): 6'10 Center 9/9/1blk in 25 mpg 67 games Onyeka Okongwu: 6'8 Center 10/7/1blk 23 mpg 80 games Naz Reid: 6'9 Center 11/5/1blk 18 mpg 68 games
I can see Detroit doing the trade. Pritchard is a great backup for Cade Cunningham. Killian Hayes is straight garbage and Cory Joseph is nice but I'd take Pritchard over him. They already have Wiseman, Stewart and Bagley as their bigs so getting rid of Duren for a guard isn't a bad trade.
Minnesota would be a good trade too cuz Naz Reid is not starting over Kat or Gobert. I can see him play the PF and start in Boston. Worst case scenario be a backup for Rob.
Okongwu I'm on the edge cuz I'm not sure if Atlanta would want to trade him.
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2023.06.10 07:19 Ready0208 I feel it's a dumb question, but I'll ask anyway.

Alright. So for a while in the last week, I've been able to shrink my belly fat by eating at a deficit. Yay, it really works (to be honest, I was fearing it wouldn't).
However, I have a clear inquiry on my head. First I'll give some context
Yesterday, I ate a bit more than usual, and that game me a bit of my pouch back. And that made me question the way I tell that it is a pouch. The way I personally do it is... well, I eyeball it; a rare few times, I use measuring tape.
The ways I check my belly are two: in the first one, I'll sit on the bed and look at my belly's profile (only one side, to see how big it is). In the second one, I stand up, get a bit away from the mirror and in front of a backdrop that'll give high visual contrast with my belly, then I say to myself if the silhouette is good enough (it is not bad, but it ain't good either).
On this second method, I purposefully expand my belly as much as I can. My line of thinking is "well, if the pouch dries nicely even on a purposefully expanded belly, I'll probably be looking nice when not expanding it".
From this information, I have some questions.
1— How terrible is my measuring method? By that I mean: is my eyeballing method any useful or efficient (compared to simply not measuring at all)? If not, should I try something else? And if yes, what other method should I use to look at my pouchy friend?
I won't lie to you or myself, I don't like having to make a calculation every time, so I really want something that'll tell me "the pouch is this big. Compared to the healthy reference point, it's fine/not fine".
2— Flowing from question one (and maybe partially answering it): Should I just use more tape (pun intended) to fix the measuring method thing (because measuring with tape is probably ~certainly~ more efficient than just looking and going "I think it shrank from yesterday to today")?
By measuring, I assume I'll get much more able to keep track of the pouch's pouchiness, and therefore determine how well I'm doing in at least keeping it stable (By the way: last time I checked, it had 82cm of circumference at the widest, with a belly fully stretched. I'm around 1,73cm. Is that good or is it a "a'ight, you're dancing on the edge here" situation?).
3— The one that made me write and which I think might sound dumb: should I stretch my belly when measuring it?
Like, you probably get my logic on why I stretch my belly, but you might know something I'm completely oblivious towards which says I should most definitely not stretch my belly when measuring it. So... should I?
Thank you in advance.
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Welcome the 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐎𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐋𝐄'𝐒 𝐋𝐄𝐆𝐀𝐂𝐘: A World of Gods & Mortals.
The year is 762 AC.
Come, journey with us to a world of divine beauty and eternal wonder, where gods walk among mortals, and destinies are carved with the finest of blades. Mythical heroes, their majesty unrivaled, patrol the streets of a magnificent city, ever-aware of the danger lurking in the shadows.
Step into this world, so young yet the land itself pulses with a raw and primal energy. Stroll through the cobblestone streets of the City of Eusebes and explore the sprawling forest bordering the city walls, where beasts and spirits roam free. Hone your combat abilities, study in the greatest library of the land, or delve into your connection to the Divine Realms to explore the very secrets of the universe.
But beware, for beauty is often laced with poison; monsters crawl forth from a fissure deep in the forest, Gods play their games with the mortals, and among the heroes, those born and chosen to protect the City of Eusebes, a dark conflict brews.
In this world, the greatest adventures await, the most incredible stories to be told. Join us in a realm of magic and wonder, where anything is possible, and everything is waiting for you.
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2023.06.10 07:19 Brim_The_Magic_Hat An IRL Death Cult Killed My Campaign and Stole My Lifelong Friends.

It has been a few year since this happened, and I've spent that time reflecting on it all and trying to make sense of it. Now it's going up on reddit.
Back in 2015, I began my journey as a new DM. I had never been able to be a player for longer than one or two session since for whatever reason the games I tried to join would just collapse, but I figured running my own game would prevent this - I was excited. Joining me were my two IRL best friends, and one other guy that our friend group hung out with, but with whom I was not particularly close. Let's call these people E., C., and A..
E. and I grew up together. Our parents went to school together when they were kids. We had know each other for decades and had been close friends since high school. E. was the ultimate nerd in our group, but he had a very short attention span. He would go on wild deep dives into obscure things, then get board and never come back to it.
C. and I met in high school. Over a period of a decade he became my closest friend. The lengths I went to just to be a good friend to him seem ridiculous now in hindsight, but he had schizophrenia, so I always tried to cut him some slack since his grasp on reality was tenuous at best.
A. and I had very little in common, but he was/is a genuinely good guy. He's the sort of guy that would give the shirt off his back to a homeless man, and then only feel good about it if nobody saw him do it. A. wasn't here to play D&D, he only wanted to hang out with C., and so began a 5 year long struggle to make him learn his character sheet. But, that's not what this post is about.
Fast forward to 2018. I'm running the game. I've poured my heart and soul into this game, and I've never worked harder on anything ever in my life. Work prevents us from playing every week,yet slowly but surly we are advancing into the higher levels. Weird things have been happening IRL though. Out of game C. has started acting strangely and being distant. C. has demanded to switch out characters about every 3 months, and it's beginning to become impossible to keep up with his countless still living (now NPC) characters with 20 page backstories and 50+ member families that are still impacting the world.E. has started going on weird political rants about racial supremacy (blacks and whites, and others too).I chalked up C.'s behavior to him trying to cope with his mental health issues. As for the weird stuff E. was doing, I just tried to ignore it and hoped he would get board and move on to something else.A. still doesn't know what an attack roll is. I patiently explain it to him almost every week. He's acting normal though, and has actually started trying to role play.
2019 rolls around. I'm still running my campaign - now going on 4 years into the story, but this will take a back seat for now.E. has started his own game, and invited me to be a player. E. is still going on rants about his bizarre racial/cultural cleansing though enslavement and murder nonsense IRL. It has actually gotten a bit worse. I try to talk to him about it to hopefully snap him out of it, but I fail to get through to him. I still end up joining E.'s campaign, figuring I'll have time later to help my friend come back to he senses. He introduces me to a new person, who also happens to be a girl that he likes. She is also a player in his new campaign. She seems nice at first, but as time goes on I notice she keeps making passive aggressive comments about me. The more I try to just ignore it, the more aggressive and the less passive those comments get. After a few weeks, I decide to interrupt one of her snide remarks and ask her what her issue is. She flatly denies everything and says I'm imagining it.A few months pass. By this time I've tried to ignore her, to appease her, and to directly confront her when she calls me a slur, or tells me I don't count as a human being. Nothing stops the behavior, and I'm getting very frustrated and close to dropping out of E.'s game. C. says nothing when this stuff happens and it bothers me. E. refuses to do anything about what's going on. I ask E. repeatedly to put his foot down, but he won't. Privately E. admits that he knows his (now girlfriend) has been lashing out at me and that it's a problem, but he tells me that she has been sucking his dick a lot, and he doesn't want to mess that up. Enraged by this betrayal, I go talk to C.During this whole time (many months), C. has been extremely withdrawn. I've noticed him and E. having secret conversations behind my back, but they're friends too so I didn't pay it very much attention. Now however, as I spill my frustrations to C., he tells me to my utter shock that he doesn't want to take a side, since he has joined E.'s new religion. I ask him what he is talking about, and he tells me about the "religion" that he, E., and E.'s girlfriend are part of. The more C. describes it, the more it sounds like some kind of Jim Jones bullshit. The cult openly preaches and calls for the torture, enslavement, and mass murder of "the bad ethnic groups".I drop out of E.'s game, but tell C. and E. that I will still be friends with them, and I'm not going to give up on changing their mind about all this weird shit they started believing. Internally, I was holding out hope I could snap them out of it.
2020 arrives. I'm still running my campaign with A., C., and E., though only intermittently - perhaps once a month at most. Interpersonal tensions are very high. I've been taking every opportunity out of game to try to convince them that slavery and mass murder is morally wrong (never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would need to). They argue that they would be doing these races a favor, and that it will usher in a global utopia once the cult has purged all those who oppose them. I dedicate all my time and spend months on end trying to break my friends out of the cult.Meanwhile, A. is totally oblivious to what has been going on for the last two years. Instead, he is completely focused on the game. He has not only started role playing his character, but has actually (after 5 years!) learned how his character works. A. has become invested in the game after learning that the reason the government has been hunting his character, is that he is a clone of a super soldier that accidently gained sentience. A.'s character has finally tracked down the secret laboratory of the evil nobleman that destroyed the life of the non cloned version of him. The next session was to be the final boss fight of the story arc.
Unfortunately, that session never came. A few days before the session, C. called me and told me it was time for me to convert. He told me I needed to take poison to prove I was serious about converting to his religion, and if I didn't, he wouldn't be friends with me. I told him "No". He hung up, and I never heard from C. again. The next day E. called me to say we couldn't be friends anymore. I never heard from E. again either. I have no idea what happened to either of them, and I miss them to this day. We had a lot of history before all the bad stuff happened.I offered to do a solo epilogue session for A.'s character, but he was pretty upset when he found out what had happened, and ultimately he decided the game should end for good on the last session's cliff hanger. We still talk every once in a while - I'll call to wish him a Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday, that kind of stuff.
Following everything that happened, I vowed to never run a game again. I poured my soul into that game, and it was ripped to shreds by the people I loved. It hurt too much to ever consider running another game. And yet, it's been a few years now. The anger and confusion has slowly subsided. I've discovered a wonderful new group of people online that I play with. We've actually finished a few short campaigns together! They are not the same as IRL friends, but, I feel like they could become it someday. Beyond that, next week a new campaign is starting - and I'm the DM.
Thanks for reading this long story-rant. I've been holding it in for 3 years. I finally feel free.
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2023.06.10 07:19 UseApprehensive1102 Finally, Evergreen! After 11 Angry Emojis, a lucky guy who so happened to have Yellowjacket, and having an unusually high blood pressure while playing this game, I finally managed to beat it on just 1 crown left in Dragon!

Finally, Evergreen! After 11 Angry Emojis, a lucky guy who so happened to have Yellowjacket, and having an unusually high blood pressure while playing this game, I finally managed to beat it on just 1 crown left in Dragon!
One more album left and the suffering will finally be over!
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2023.06.10 07:19 khouz Who betta than Queen Marsha - stood up to Logan, refused to play the game his way, cashed out and won big

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2023.06.10 07:18 yuckygrrlmari Feeling like a failure of an owner.

I recently got a doberman (Around 5/6 months old) and man. It’s been something else. I have experience with big dogs as I used to work in a dog hotel and grew up with them so I thought I was ready for raising my own dog. I thought a doberman would be good fit for me as they’re considered “Velcro dogs” which I wanted since I’ve never had a really close bond with dogs as I have with cats and more trainable than other breeds.
I was told that my puppy was socialized with everyone and everything such as cats, other dogs (both small and big) and all sorts of people but since I’ve had her, it sometimes seems like she wasn’t at all. She’s absolutely terrified of men, and from the start would only follow me around and freaks out if I go behind a closed door without her. She chases one of my cats and is fearful of the crate even though I was also that she’s comfortable with the crate.
Everything’s getting progressively overwhelming, especially with my family ignoring or making fun of me for asking them to do positive reinforcement and to not do any negative reinforcement when they interact with her or watch her when I leave for a class or work. (My schedule is mostly free, especially since I set my own schedule which is usually very routine.) My dad especially ignores the warning behaviors of my dog when he approaches her which makes me feel like he’s just reinforcing her fear of men. Since she’s basically in her fear period, I feel like the current environment will only set in negative behaviors or make it worse. He’ll actively try to pet her, even when she is lip licking, growling and barking and overall stressed out. My parents both still believe in the whole “you’re the alpha” and “let the dog cry it out” mentality which makes it even more of a struggle.
I feel like a terrible owner, both to her and the cats. I’ve been looking at training classes since my mom offered to pay for training but I don’t have my own form of personal transportation (I am working on it.) and my dad stonewalls me when I ask him if he’d be able to take me and offer money to pay for gas. As these issues grow, I feel like it goes beyond my current skillset in training dogs and I don’t know what to do. I’ve been telling myself to hold out to 3 months as I know about the 3 days-3 weeks-3 months rule but it’s slowly feeling like I’m just a terrible fit for her. I don’t know if I should even think about rehoming her but I feel like I’m failing her.
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2023.06.10 07:18 orosknetwork Take Advantage of Online Matka Play's Thrills for a World of Fun and Entertainment

Welcome to the world of Online Matka Play, where thrilling games and exhilarating opportunities await! If you are seeking an exciting and engaging online gaming experience, look no further. Online Matka Play provides a platform where players can indulge in the popular game of Satta Matka and enjoy hours of entertainment. In this article, we will explore the captivating realm of Online Matka Play, highlighting its positive aspects and the endless possibilities it brings.

Unleashing the Excitement of Online Matka Play:
Online Matka Play has gained immense popularity among gaming enthusiasts worldwide for good reasons. It offers a dynamic and interactive gaming experience that combines skill, strategy, and a touch of luck. With user-friendly interfaces and engaging gameplay, online Matka Play platforms have become the go-to destination for those seeking thrilling entertainment.

Convenience and Accessibility:
One of the major advantages of Online Matka Play is the convenience it offers. Gone are the days when players had to physically visit a Matka center or rely on traditional means to participate in the game. With just a few clicks, players can access a wide range of Matka games, play at their convenience, and from the comfort of their own homes. Online Matka Play platforms operate 24/7, ensuring that players can enjoy the game whenever they desire, without any restrictions.

Skill-Based Gameplay:
Online Matka Play presents a unique blend of skill and strategy, making it an enticing option for gaming enthusiasts. Unlike games purely based on chance, Matka Play allows players to use their analytical skills and strategic thinking to make informed decisions. This aspect adds an exciting element to the game, empowering players to influence their outcomes through their gameplay choices. Online Matka Play is a rewarding experience for those who enjoy exercising their intellect while embracing the thrill of chance.

Safe and Secure Environment:
Online Matka Play platforms prioritize the safety and security of their players. These platforms employ robust security measures and advanced encryption technologies to safeguard personal information and ensure fair gameplay. Trusted payment gateways are integrated, enabling secure transactions for deposits and withdrawals. With stringent security protocols in place, players can enjoy their gaming experience with peace of mind.

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Community and Social Interaction:
Online Matka Play platforms foster a vibrant and interactive community of players. Engage in live chat, participate in forums, and connect with fellow enthusiasts, creating a sense of camaraderie and shared excitement. This social aspect of Online Matka Play enhances the overall experience, allowing players to connect with like-minded individuals and share their passion for the game.

Online Matka Play has revolutionized the way gaming enthusiasts enjoy the timeless game of Satta Matka. With its convenience, skill-based gameplay, exciting rewards, and secure environment, Online Matka Play offers an unmatched entertainment experience. Embark on a thrilling journey today and discover the joy and excitement that awaits you in the world of Online Matka Play. Get ready to experience endless fun, strategic thinking, and the possibility of winning big!
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2023.06.10 07:18 AutoModerator [] ✔️Trading Dominion – Mining For Gold ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 07:17 Lower-Reward-1462 34 / PC / Central Time -- Really miss having a friend to game with

I dream of one day having a good close friend that I play video games with everyday. I've slowly lost all my gaming friends through the years and I seriously miss it. I don't really know how to go about finding a friend to play with. I've tried playing with random people in Last Epoch, for example, but it's just not working out. I don't want to play some random game that is boring alone, like, say, New World, just to look for a friend. It sounds a bit much.
So I'm looking for people here, though it doesn't seem to be working that well either. People keep ghosting me with no explanation why. But who knows, maybe one day the perfect person will come along and read this. And it only takes one person, right?
Gaming alone is not nearly as fun. I don't really care what game we play, as long as we're having fun. That said, here's some games I like:
I just got Age of Wonders 4 and have been playing it a lot in my free time. I have never played an AoW game before. I also just got Darkest Dungeon 2. I've also got back into Pathfinder: Wrath of the Rigtheous. But those latter two are single-player games, and AoW4 doesn't seem like a game I'd want to play multiplayer anyway.
Just before that, I had gotten back into Last Epoch, with the 0.9 patch that released not long ago, and now multiplayer is a thing! I mostly played my offline necromancer by myself, but let's make new toons together and play together! (Or we can use our old toons if you already have one.)
I also like Old World some, but have never played it with another person. Maybe we could, if you want?
Aside from that, I used to play Hearthstone a lot. But not anymore. I would love to find a new TCG/CCG type game to play. Not Marvel SNAP or Legends of Runeterra.
Would also like to find someone to play Slay the Spire with too where we watch each other. I'm not sure about the co-op mod as I hear it sucks, but maybe. I've played it a lot and have beat Ascension 20 and then some with the Silent, been getting into the Defect some but don't play the other 2 classes at all. Would love to have someone to play this game with or show them the ropes.
And I play some other obscure titles like Thea 2. Would be nice to find somebody to play that with.
I would really love to find someone to introduce a new game to me in a genre I like. TCG, MMO, ARPG mainly. Really, I'm just looking for a friend to play with that is fun and we get along. That's all that really matters. Sucks playing alone every night.
MMORPG's I have played and enjoyed include Elder Scrolls Online, ArcheAge, Bless Unleashed, New World, and Wakfu. I would love to get back into one of those with someone! I'm NOT interested in playing FFXIV, WoW, GW2, or Lost Ark! Don't ask! If you know of any other good MMO's, though, let me know and maybe we can play it together. Though I could definitely have fun playing one of those MMO's I've played before if I was playing with the right person.
ARPG's I have played and liked in the past include Path of Exile, Last Epoch, Diablo 3, Undecember, and Grim Dawn. I think I might be permanently done with playing PoE alone, but would like to try playing it with someone else, especially someone knew who I could teach everything to. Diablo 4 looks lame.
A little about me: I'm 34 years old, live in the US in central time zone, and live alone with my 2 cats. I'm looking for friends to game with because I don't really have many. I'm online every night and usually gaming! I'm super friendly and talkative and looking for the same, and someone who has time to talk and to play. I'm also LGBTQ+ friendly in case that needs to be said. Also looking for people who have a sense of humor. I don't care about your age as long as we get along. Voice chat is mandatory (sorry!).
I pretty much game 24/7 when I'm not working or sleeping. I sleep odd hours but I will be online for the rest of the night and into the morning! You can add me on Discord: MeltedWater (Yes, no #whatever anymore, I guess it changed, if it don't work try MeltedWater#9972 but should work WITHOUT the numbers.) (Please don't message me here on Reddit, the messages aren't going through for some reason.)
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2023.06.10 07:16 Comfortable_Sky_1623 Unity CICD for and Google PlayStore

Hi all!
I've been working on making automated build/deploy workflows for Unity with GameCI and GitHub actions. Hope these medium posts will help you out.
This is how I made a cicd pipeline between a Unity WebGL project and
This is for Android game devs to build and deploy to Google PlayStore. It includes some config in the Google Cloud console. My references are also mentioned in the tutorial.
If you have any feedback on the content please drop a comment! Thanks a lot 💖
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2023.06.10 07:16 FuzzeeLogic *BiscuitsGotNoJam * is recruiting active guildees for Season 1 Onwards! Join Us! :D

*BiscuitsGotNoJam * is recruiting active guildees for Season 1 Onwards! Join Us! :D

What's your jam? Join us! :P
Season 1-3 tally...
Lvl 48 beacon, 90/90 relics
BiscuitsGotNoJam is looking for new active members!
1 spot(s) available at the moment!
  • Reply here if interested + send a request our way (crk id/guildboss damage estimates helpful)! *We prefer recruiting from this reddit/associated discord and will give crk id's we've talked to priority vs random requests in game. If you are still in a guild, please check here first to see if spots are open! \**If you can show 500 million+ total damage per round [after 18 tickets] we can send a direct invite to your crk id :)*
· Level 48 beacon, 90/90 relics, and constantly improving!
· Masters I currently in S1-4. Alliance Season 19=top 1%...
· Active players please!!! We are looking to fill spots with people who will use up their as many tickets as they can each round, but especially the first round of any season to achieve Master II asap. Also have alliance unlocked (story 10-31) and spend at least one ticket so we can share ranking scores as a group :) Everything else is optional and any contributions are greatly appreciated!
· Ideally, try to build teams focusing on 2 bosses or at least focus on 1 effective *ABYSS* team if you are new or lacking resources. We usually don't have specific damage requirements and if we have many spots available, we will happily accept very active players with low damage (*it is great to have lower damage players help flip bosses with very low health) :) If we have less spots, we will probably be more selective but will consider everyone, send a request!
· We are friendly but not too chatty [no formal discord]. If you need to communicate, throw a message in guild chat and as soon as someone sees it they will most likely respond :)
\**If you need tutorials on team builds or meta, you can try looking at the team of your guildees in the battle log who are doing lots of damage or checking out the many wikis, googledocs, youtube videos or reddit threads on them. Feel free to ask team comp questions on guild chat--when I see them I will do my best to answer them :)*
BiscuitsGotNoJam has an updated inactivity policy [Starting Season 2 of Destiny's Wrath]!
We will remove:
  1. Anytime: No logins for more than 14 days (unless you let us know when you will return). ***If you are away and can’t login, just let us know in chat and we will save your spot until you can again, otherwise we will assume you stopped playing!
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⚠ New members who join after 2 days in any new season are excluded from rule 2/ticket requirement for that current season due to not having the full time/ticket allotment. Any guildees on a notified absence are excluded from all rules until they come back.
\**Any rules changes will be posted prior to a new season starting and will not change during the current season!*
Happy gaming,
See you in crk! ^~^
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2023.06.10 07:16 WaitUuseRedditYorSad My mother abused me for years. I went from Incel to Tate fan and I am now neither. I came to share my story and to self-refect on why I fell in to the traps.

I posted this to my Facebook as I posted Tate-related content there and upset but also pleased a few people so I wanted to make my mindset adjustment public. I'm gonna copy and paste it here with some extra stuff that I didn't want to say on my Facebook because it would shit-stirr my family but I truly want to get it off my chest a day spread my message.
After taking plenty of time to think about it. I've decided that I am no longer a supporter of Tate. When you're just another one of the many young man outcasted by society, having your masculinity blamed for everything wrong in your life, bullied by the popular kids in school, never having a girlfriend and being blamed for all of those things, it's easy to see why I fell for his trap.
Having already left Incels and decided I want to try to improve instead of just giving up, I saw a man who told you it's okay to be masculine, it's okay to want the hot chicks, it's okay to want to drive sports cars, it's okay to want to be rich, it's okay to want submissive wives, it's okay to want to fight, it's okay to be a man! It's very hard not to be drawn to it in a world that tells you these things are toxic and will keep you celibate, that this is the reason women aren't attracted to you. Tate comes along with his 4 wives, videos of him with women in bikinis, his big muscular physique, his hundreds of millions of dollars and his 4 world kick-boxing champion belts to prove that notion wrong.
"If I'm such a misogynist then how come I'm fuckin' and you're not fuckin'? If I'm such a misogynist then how come women are coming to me?"
"All I talk about is how men are better than women and I'm still fuckin' more pussy than you are."
It's hard to argue with that point. The answer is because being a misogynist doesn't stop you from being attractive.
But, that doesn't excuse it. Tate knows with his money, status, physique, influence, accolades and confidence that he can still have a plethora of shallow women at his disposal and still get away with spewing his sexist vitriol.
"Women should not be allowed to drive"
"Women have been trading sexual favours in exchange for career advancements for decades, it doesn't make it sexual assault just because of the metoo movement"- Response to Harvey Weinstein's scandal
"When women end up in senior management it's nothing but a shit-show and a bitch-fest"
"I'm a realist and when you're a realist, you're sexist. There's no way you can be rooted in reality and not be sexist"
"When a woman marries a man, she belongs to that man"
"I was getting on a plane and I could see through the cockpit that a female was the pilot and I took a picture and I said, ‘most women I know can’t even park a car, why is a woman flying my plane?"
"A woman cheating isn't even on the same level as a man cheating"
"Female promiscuity is disgusting and it has been looked down upon in every era of human history to the point where a female could be executed for it." "As they should be"- Another man on the podcast "Get the rocks"- Replied Tate
Men, there's nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself! You can work out, figure out how to make money outside of employment, learn how to increase your testosterone, do NoFap, quit porn, jaw-maxing, eating clean, learning how to pick up women(and let's be honest, accepting that their advice on how to do so sucks 😅) learn a combat sport, have submissive women, be polygamous(as long as it's not deceptive). This is not cringe, it is called AMBITION! But here's the news flash:
Some people will call you cringe for doing this. Because they want to keep you on their level. Most women will say that you need to be a feminist or you will stay single and that self-improvement is cringe. But just laught it off, it doesn't matter. And no you don't have to be a feminist either. You can just be a respectful person who doesn't want to divert women's rights they are entitled to in the modern day.
The reason us sexless, emasculated, envious, unloved men felt compelled to him is because he offered a way out. A way out of the deception that you have to be feminine, emotional and deceived by fourth wave feminism to be accepted in society and have women attracted to you. This is a lie. When these young men fall for this lie, it becomes hard not to be angry and resentful when women do not act the way our parents, the education system and the media tells us they do. That they don't like the assholes, the bullies, the jocks, and yes... the MISOGYNISTS. We were told just being a nice guy who respects women is enough.
When this lie unravels, many unfortunately go one of 2 routes:
The red pill- Aiming for self-improvement and maximisation in every metric of your value(nothing wrong with that). But unfortunately then using this to control the women in your life and preach oppression to make things the way they used to be.
The black pill- Where men convince each other that they will never be able to obtain sex/relationships no matter what and their situation is inescapable, to just give up. Some of which tell others to rape women; some of which do. Some of which tell others to commit mass shootings; Some of which do.
Many men have now left the black pill because of Tate which is great and it is better they idolise him than murderers like Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian or content creators like EggWhite and WheatWaffles. Some never were black-pilled but admire Tate for preaching masculinity and stoicism in a world that demonizes it. I will reiterate to those men- YOU CAN DO SO WITHOUT DEMEANING WOMEN
So why does Tate do this? 2 reasons:
  1. He is a misogynist and wants women to be oppressed because he is threatened by their freedom and wants to enjoy the pleasure of seeing them controlled, at his service, being dependant on men, not being allowed to lead in any corporate or industrial organisations because he believes they are incompetent in doing so. He doesn't listen to his own rule here. But just because you want that and it is feels better to live that way as a man, doesn't necessarily mean you should do it.
  2. He doesn't care about you. He really doesn't, he just wants to profit off you. He knew that targeting lost young men, a group that is hated, lonely and angry could be easily radicalised. Same as Hitler did with the Nazis by telling them it's okay to be German and then pointing the finger at Jews to blame them for all the injustice dealt toward them. It's a classic trick that is yet to fail.
Tate's mindsets are helpful in many ways:
"Do what needs to be done regardless of how you feel"
Beat Tate at his own game! Self-improve, do the hard work even if you don't feel like it! But draw the line with the misogyny because wven thought it FEELS tempting, comforting and easy to do so, doesn't mean you should. Having that said, it is painful for me to acknowledge I was wrong and deceived by this evil genius. It's also very satisfying to know that a certain someone was seeing me support ideologies I knew would never be approved of and that the brainwashing, abuse and manipulation I was subjected to wasn't working. I wanted to stick it to you and show you how wrong you were for trying to strip me of my masculinity. I hate that you will be releived I am moving on and respecting women and that you will feel justified in the way you treated me. But:
"The most important part of being a man is not doing what you want to do but doing what you have to do. Your feelings don't matter as a man!" -Tate
Thanks for reading 💚
The "certain someone" was my mother. She made me sleep with her until I was 14, walked around naked in front of me and encouraged me to do the same. She would tell me my penis was big when it is in fact under-average. She used to constantly make small-penis jokes, say misogynists, show-offs and even rapists were projecting their small dick insecurity. She also told me my bullies had small dicks. This hurt when I realised I had one myself but she wouldn't listen and insisted me it was above average for my age and I'm still growing. My father on the other hand would open the door on me in the shower, wave his finger at me with a stupid smile and tell me I will never impress any girls with a small one. I of course didn't wanna say this on my Facebook with my real identity and my sister thinks my Mum is some kind of saint who can do no wrong and nags me for a justification for ghosting her and I obviously don't want to provide the details because a; I have to admit I have a small penis in order to do so and b; I know I will probably be accused of lying or just gaslight me and say it's all in my head.
The worst thing she ever did was when I told her this 13 year old disabled girl had a crush ok me and I was being bullied for it so she told me "I don't think I can trust you to not have sex with her. You have high testosterone and are treating girls like sex-objects." This is difficult to say but I remember never loving my mother again after she accused me of being a paedophile who would take advantage of a disabled THIRTEEN year old girl.
We suspect she has Munchausen Syndrome and she told me I was sick my whole life with things I wasn't. Every morning I had to wake up and drink celery juice with no breakfast be cause she was convinced I was poisoned with toxins I was given at the hospital as a baby after I got bitten by our cat.
She told me I was gluten and dairy intolerant, I have since eaten these things and am fine.
I had developmental echolalia throughout my adolescence(if you don't know, similar to Tourette's syndrome, causes involuntry ticks and is common in autistic pubsescents). Both my parents and my sister told me I was doing it for attention and I could control it. I would get bullied in school for it and they would continue to tell me I could control it or to just "cover my mouth" when I do it.
She told me that my sexual urges were unnatural and for a "boy like me", I should not be "Seeing women as sex objects": This was her reaction to me telling her I would get erections and sometimes ejaculate when I saw sexy women in skimpy clothing and I tried to refuse going to the beach because of the women in bikinis but she would still force me to. I would usually rub one out before leaving if I had time or try to go in the water until the boner went down.
She also assured me before high-school that because I'm so handsome and "wasn't like the other boys"(respectful gentleman she apparently raised me to be) that I would be very popular with all the girls. When this didn't happen, she said it was because I must street them like sex objects.
She told me I was "addicted to masturbating": Apparently 4-5 times a day was addiction which in reality is just normal all teenaged boy stuff.
I explained that I was attracted to the hot women and not the nerdy ones like she told me to be and asked why this was. She told me it was because I had entitlement problems and it was due to my high testosterone. She said to avoid the hot ones because they are "too much drama" and that no matter what my girlfriend looks like, I will enjoy sex with her just as much because the emotattraction is what counts and hit girls will only manipulate me and take me away from her.
Because of this she would cry and hug me, telling me I was going to grow up to be a suicidal sex addict. She then went to the adult store and bought me a fleshlight as per my father and his friend's suggestion. She told me it would satisfy my urges and stop the spontaneous ejaculatiobs in public. I told her it wasn't do she threw it out and kept buying different variants, tryto find tge one that would work. None of course did.
She would tell me I needed to be saved to prevent myself from taking advantage of all the women with bad fathers who would want to sleep with me and I couldn't resist it because my testosterone was too high. She told me I needed treatment for my "hypersexuality". I told her I was hesitant and she would say "I don't know why you want to be a sex-addict. Why do you want to live like this? Why do you want to be a misogynist who abuses women? I could never deal with losing my boy, so please get the help you need.
She then took me to accupunctural therapists to give me treatment for hypersexuals that constricts blood vessels to the genitals and would convince him to administer it by telling him the same bullshit she told me.
I now look at my small penis and hate her knowing that it could've been even just a little bit bigger if it weren't for her "treatment" and I will never forgive her for the physical and emotional damage she caused me. There is so much more I could get in to about how she and my father too abused me but it's gonna be too long.
I always get worried when I see mothers who say they want their son to be "different".
"I don't want him to rape, be a patriarch, stalk women who reject him, embrace his emotional side, be attracted to strong and independent women" etc.
To those mothers. I am warning you, allow your son to embrace his masculinity, teach him to be stoic, if he has a father figure, let him influence him as an adolescent, let him be attracted to who he is attracted to. Don't be like my mother or he will resent you, he will he scarred for what you do.
Thank you if you read this far. Feel free to follow me for more and comment your thoughts.
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2023.06.10 07:16 AutoModerator [] ✔️Rob Lennon – Next-Level Prompt Engineering with AI ✔️ Full Course Download

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And you’ll be able to do all this without:

  • Without spending a fortune on hiring under-skilled experts, testing new tools, or learning to code
  • Without wasting hours on trial-and-error experimentation
  • Without settling for mediocre results
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2023.06.10 07:16 devGPT Introducing TopazView: A Lightweight and Powerful View Engine

GitHub Link
Hey everyone,
I want to introduce you to TopazView, a lightweight view engine powered by the Topaz JavaScript Engine. It's a fantastic alternative to the Razor View Engine, offering the following key features:
Check out the GitHub repository to explore TopazView further. Feel free to contribute, raise issues, or provide feedback.
Happy coding!
-- Your fellow developer
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2023.06.10 07:16 wsppan Today In Phishstory - June 10th

# Today In Phishstory - June 10th Brought to you by tiph-bot. Beep.
All data extracted via The Phishnet API.


Phish, Sunday 06/10/2012 (11 years ago) Bonnaroo, Manchester, TN, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 2012 Early Summer Tour
Set 1 : Down with Disease > Funky Bitch , The Moma Dance > Sample in a Jar , Axilla , The Gambler 1 , Possum > Wilson > Tweezer > Free > Backwards Down the Number Line > Cavern
Set 2 : Golden Age > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Chalk Dust Torture , Carini -> Shafty > Rock and Roll , Alaska > Harry Hood 2 -> Light > Character Zero > Rocky Top
Encore : Show of Life > Julius > Tweezer Reprise
1 Phish debut, with Kenny Rogers. 2 Unfinished.
Show Notes:
The Gambler was a Phish debut and featured Kenny Rogers on vocals. Possum featured The Gambler and Streets of Cairo teases. Tweezer contained a Walk This Way tease from Trey and I Am Hydrogen teases from Fish. Shafty was played for the first time since December 30, 2003 (159 shows). Hood was unfinished.
Listen now at!
Phish, Friday 06/10/2011 (12 years ago) Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 2011 Early Summer Tour
Set 1 : Rocky Top , Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove , Stash , Tube > Guyute , Guelah Papyrus , Scent of a Mule , Cavern , The Sloth , The Curtain With
Set 2 : Down with Disease 1 -> Free > Possum , Big Black Furry Creature from Mars , Swept Away > Steep > David Bowie , Julius , Golgi Apparatus > Fluffhead > Joy
Encore : Bold As Love
1 Unfinished.
Jamchart Notes:
The Curtain With - There are a few spots here and there in The Curtain and the beginning of With that seem a bit off. Nonetheless, Trey soloing in With seems particularly inspired, and Mike is also noticeably strong. The jam reaches a fairly intense peak, before expectedly settling to conclude.
Steep - Trey's wonderful, pretty, and soulful soloing, accompanied by Mike's on-point, cascading runs, work to create a truly notable version. Per netter @jerryguscia, Trey quickly shifts towards a bit of jamming featuring some rhythmic, low-key strumming, play which breaks to become dark and funky improvisation before dissolving into those hazy waves of sound typical for the era.
Show Notes:
The Theme from Rocky was teased before Rocky Top and Trey teased Pop Goes the Weasel before Down With Disease. Disease was unfinished.
Listen now at!
Phish, Wednesday 06/10/2009 (14 years ago) Thompson-Boling Arena, Knoxville, TN, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 2009 Early Summer Tour
Set 1 : Runaway Jim , Punch You in the Eye , Ocelot , Foam , Train Song , Undermind , Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove , The Squirming Coil , Character Zero
Set 2 : Back on the Train , Waves > A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing > David Bowie , Army of One , Reba 1 , Hello My Baby , Julius > Cavern > Harry Hood
Encore : Frankenstein 2
1 No whistling. 2 Page on keytar.
Jamchart Notes:
Foam - Powerful Page solo with a ragtime feel. Trey brings the volume way down at first before a big peak. Sounds like '93 - '94.
Waves - This is a very well-played version with a full length "Waves" jam. 3 minute outro jam leads to transition to "ASIHTOS."
Reba - Excellent full-band play featuring quiet, expansive and contemplative work from Trey, whose warm tone is complimented in great part by Page. Mike and Fish modify the beat, and the musicians dial the jam down to an all but erasure of sound. Mike and Trey team to rebuild momentum, before Trey summons a few chords and, shaping his sound, directs the band into a passage of measured and progressive space.
Show Notes:
Reba did not have the whistling ending. Hello My Baby was played for the first time since December 5, 1999 (138 shows). Frankenstein featured Page on keytar.
Listen now at!
Phish, Saturday 06/10/2000 (23 years ago) Zepp, Koto-ku, Tokyo, , Japan
Gap Chart, Tour: 2000 Summer Japan Tour
Set 1 : Down with Disease , Sample in a Jar , Piper , Lawn Boy , Guyute
Set 2 : Heavy Things , Sand , Sparkle > My Soul , Bathtub Gin > Jam > Twist , Albuquerque , Wading in the Velvet Sea > Loving Cup
Encore : The Inlaw Josie Wales , Limb By Limb
Jamchart Notes:
Down with Disease - A very upbeat groove develops and grows more intense as it progresses. Eventually the jam becomes more subdued before rebuilding with spacey effects and returning to "DwD" to conclude.
Piper - Beginning with a style and sound so typical of '00, the band then twists this jam into a bleak, nightmarish soundscape. From there, it breaks into a decent groove before finally succumbing to space.
Show Notes:
Disease included San-Ho-Zay teases. Mike teased Dave's Energy Guide in Piper.
Listen now at!
Phish, Saturday 06/10/1995 (28 years ago) Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1995 Summer Tour
Set 1 : Makisupa Policeman -> Llama , Prince Caspian > It's Ice > Free > Rift , You Enjoy Myself -> Hold Your Head Up 1 > Lonesome Cowboy Bill > Hold Your Head Up , Suzy Greenberg
Set 2 : Maze , Fee 2 > Uncle Pen , Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove , Amazing Grace , Sample in a Jar
Encore : A Day in the Life 3
1 Vocal jam. 2 Trey sang verses through megaphone. 3 Phish debut.
Jamchart Notes:
Mike's Song - The 1st jam segment (to 7:20) is loaded with tension and moderate dissonance. The 2nd jam begins with sounds akin to "Simple," but gradually descends into a murky caldron of eerie and spacey improvisation. At 14:00, the jam begins to emerge from the underworld with low key play, a rhythmic pulse, and growing, dissonant energy, before finally returning to "Mike's" proper to wrap up.
Weekapaug Groove - Some "CYHMK"-like jamming leads to a quieter improvisational section which pushes the bounds of "Weekapaug" proper. Released on Live Bait Vol. 6.
Show Notes:
This show marked the first Phish performance of A Day in the Life. YEM segued into a HYHU vocal jam. Page teased Fanfare for the Common Man several times before Lonesome Cowboy Bill. Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone.
Listen now at!
Phish, Friday 06/10/1994 (29 years ago) Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1994 Summer Tour
Set 1 : Runaway Jim , Foam , Sample in a Jar , Nellie Kane > Demand > David Bowie , The Lizards , Cavern , Julius
Set 2 : Axilla (Part II) > The Curtain > Tweezer > Lifeboy > Sparkle > Possum 1 , Hold Your Head Up > I Wan'na Be Like You > Hold Your Head Up , Harry Hood , Tweezer Reprise
Encore : Sleeping Monkey > Rocky Top
1 Random Note signal.
Jamchart Notes:
David Bowie - Typically strong '94 "Bowie" that gets mean, nasty and thrashing as it progresses.
Tweezer - A short, but magnificent version, though controversial, as some remain deaf to its majesty.
Possum - Awesome pump-it-up jam. Excellent musical variation from 3:55 - 4:30, then it's off to the "Possum" party.
Show Notes:
Bowie included a Leprechaun tease by Trey. During Lizards, Trey talked about the rocks that looked like a giant lizard and referenced the last time they played at Red Rocks (August 20, 1993). Lizards also contained a Fanfare for the Common Man tease from Page. Cavern included Purple Haze and Voodoo Child teases from Trey. Tweezer contained What a Man (Linda Lydell original that was remade by Salt-n-Pepa in 1993) quotes from Trey. Possum contained a Random Note signal.
Listen now at!
Phish, Saturday 06/10/1989 (34 years ago) The Living Room, Providence, RI, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1989 Tour
Set 1 : Run Like an Antelope , McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters > Ya Mar , You Enjoy Myself , AC/DC Bag > Foam , Good Times Bad Times
Show Notes:
YEM was played for "Max's" "Goddard Springfest birthday" and contained a Happy Birthday tease from Trey. This setlist is incomplete, and may also be incorrect. This set also has incorrectly circulated as the second set of 8/23/89.
Listen now at!

Trey Anastasio

Trey Anastasio Trio, 2023-06-10 Mission Ballroom, Denver, CO, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes:
Trey Anastasio Band, 2006-06-10 Nissan Pavilion at Stone Ridge, Bristow, VA, USA
Tour: TAB - Early Summer 2006 Tour
Show Notes: This single set performance was as the opening act for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.
Jazz Mandolin Project, 1993-06-10 Last Elm Cafe, Burlington, VT, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Tree Fist featured chords and lyrics improvised by the audience. Kitty Litter Blues was also improvised and featured Anne Weiss on vocals. I Saw the Light, Alabama Jubilee, and Better Get It In Yo' Soul featured Shane Brodie on guitar and vocals. This is the first public performance billed as Jazz Mandolin Project.

Mike Gordon

Benevento/Russo Duo featuring Mike Gordon, 2005-06-10 Bonnaroo, Manchester, TN, USA
Tour: Mike - The Duo Feat. Mike Gordon Spring 2005 Tour
Show Notes: This performance took place in That Tent. 9X9 through My Pet Goat were performed by The Duo only (without Mike). Foam contained a Lengthwise tease. The Beltless Buckler featured Gabby La La on sitar. This show was made available on and officially released on CD as The Benevento/Russo Duo Featuring Mike Gordon, Live at Bonnaroo 2005.

Page McConnell

Page McConnell, 2007-06-10 The Vogue Theatre, Indianapolis, IN, USA
Tour: Page McConnell Spring & Summer 2007 Tour
Show Notes: Page performed "Army of One" solo on piano.
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2023.06.10 07:15 GracefulIneptitude Backyard wedding questions

My fiance and I are buying a house with an acre of lightly wooded back yard. We don't have a patio or anything with solid ground outside and the neighbors are a normal middle class suburban distance from us, if that makes sense (some lawn between us but no one owns an estate). The yard is beautiful, fenced, and mostly flat. Beyond the back of the yard is a stretch of woods and an interstate, which is typically quiet unless some AH with a motorcycle goes by.
Ideally I would like to invite about 100 people but am doubting that many of those people would be able to show up (they would travel across the country, many with small children). I have been considering various venues but have started to wonder if it would be cheaper to host the wedding at my new house and just hire catering and a live band. I'm not sure if that would work and haven't figured out many details at this stage. Here are my questions:
  1. How do you deal with not upsetting the neighbors with the noise? I thought maybe telling them ahead of time and inviting them to come to the reception would be nice, but it wouldn't really fix that I assume things would be loud until the party ends. The whole thing would be outdoors, after all. The inside will not be updated for some time and isn't really a good entertaining space in its current state. I have to budget for one thing at a time, here.
  2. How much space do I need for that many people? I have no sense of that. For the reception, I thought about renting a dance floor, having an area for outdoor games, and tables (obviously). Do I even have enough room? I've heard that it might be best to use the front for the ceremony and the back for the reception but I'm not sure that would be so great since the front is just a small lawn and there would be a lot of cars along the street right there... There is a nice hazelnut tree on the edge to the side out front. Maybe diagonal toward the tree so we aren't all facing the road. Idk about that one...
  3. How do you handle rain in a wooded yard? I would imagine tents would be an issue. I'm not sure how to do that. Am I just screwed?
  4. Would catering use my kitchen? Is that a thing? I wouldn't mind and it might make things easier for drinks to be served from the kitchen but I don't know how that works. Do I need a separate space for food and bar people?
  5. Is it silly to invite people to travel for a backyard wedding? I'd be self conscious about it.
  6. I have 4 spare bedrooms but we don't have beds for them yet (we are upgrading and have to do these things slowly) so perhaps some of the wedding party can crash if we figure something out for furniture. Would I want them to? Tell me from experience please!
  7. Will this really save us a lot given that we have to hire staff and catering and rent accommodations like chairs/tables/tents etc instead of having that all included in the wedding package? I was hoping this would free up money for a band/entertainment or maybe we'll pocket it and put it towards the home improvements.
  8. Anything I haven't considered that I need to know?
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Welcome the 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐎𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐋𝐄'𝐒 𝐋𝐄𝐆𝐀𝐂𝐘*: A World of Gods & Mortals.
The year is 762 AC.
Come, journey with us to a world of divine beauty and eternal wonder, where gods walk among mortals, and destinies are carved with the finest of blades. Mythical heroes, their majesty unrivaled, patrol the streets of a magnificent city, ever-aware of the danger lurking in the shadows.
Step into this world, so young yet the land itself pulses with a raw and primal energy. Stroll through the cobblestone streets of the City of Eusebes and explore the sprawling forest bordering the city walls, where beasts and spirits roam free. Hone your combat abilities, study in the greatest library of the land, or delve into your connection to the Divine Realms to explore the very secrets of the universe.
But beware, for beauty is often laced with poison; monsters crawl forth from a fissure deep in the forest, Gods play their games with the mortals, and among the heroes, those born and chosen to protect the City of Eusebes, a dark conflict brews.
In this world, the greatest adventures await, the most incredible stories to be told. Join us in a realm of magic and wonder, where anything is possible, and everything is waiting for you.
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2023.06.10 07:13 lilan28 Why Don't We Songs A-Z today's letter is Y

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2023.06.10 07:13 AccidentalFolklore My DM boyfriend just took on another campaign and is becoming consumed by it. Idk how to talk to him about how spending less time together is making me feel without it souring his hobby.

Been together almost 4 years and live together. Our relationship is wonderful. The only thing I don’t give him is a love for anime and D&D. He’s been a DM since way before we met. I don’t like to play D&D because it’s incredibly boring for me 85% of the time and doesn’t spark my adhd. I’ve always respected his love for it. I try to listen to him talk about it, buy him themed gifts, and even enjoyed watching Vox Machina with him. I’ve done a couple one shots with him and it was relatively fun, but I don’t want to devote 4-5 hours of my life to that every other weekend.
I’ve never really cared that he played every other weekend and did some gamebuilding for a few hours through the week. If anything it gave me some alone time. However, that has recently changed. Some people at work asked if he would run a game for them and he agreed. It was three people and he decided he would rotate the weeks (play his original campaign of 4 on Saturday week A, and the new campaign group on Sunday Week B alternating like that). I told him before he agreed that it might be easier to just group the campaigns together but he said it would be too much work and bring him up to 7 people which was too big of group.
So now he’s spending double time gamebuilding and starts getting stressed. Then the three people found 2 more people. Then they brought in another one. Now he’s at 6 people. He asked his original campaign if they would be okay if he took a month off to avoid burnout and they said yes. It kind of annoys me because he said 6 was too big but here he is with 7. And 4 people taking 4-5 hours per game means 7 will probably turn into 6 on those weeks.
Every day after work from home he cooks and then gets on his laptop for 2-4 hours. I don’t want him to feel like he can’t do what he wants in his down time. He works hard and deserves it. I just feel like we are spending less and less time together now since we work during the day. We do eat dinner together but then he grabs his laptop and we get to cuddle and watch maybe 10 mins of tv before he goes to sleep. I also worry about being on the computer too much because he works tech and won’t leave his desk to walk during the day and then transitions to a laptop after 8 hours of work.
Yesterday we went to get dinner and he was on his discord app talking to a new player who needs help before the game on Saturday. As soon as we get home he tells me in 30 mins he has to get on video chat at 9pm to help. Says it’ll take an hour. Okay no problem. He doesn’t get done until 11:30pm.
Today he gets off work and starts helping another player. He doesn’t let me know. I just come downstairs and his door is closed and I hear him talking about D&D stuff. We’d agreed to cook together tonight because we’ve been too tired and busy with DM stuff the last few days but I didn’t want to bother him. I went and ran an errand at 5:45 and got food to eat. I got home at 7 and he had just finished. I’ve told him I don’t want to eat late because of my acid reflux and I would have been fine if he had just texted me earlier to let me know he would be jumping on a call.
I want to talk to him about everything but I don’t know how. I want to say “your game is taking over your time and affecting your mental health. It’s also annoying me.” Obviously I’m not going to put it that way but what do I say? He’s already bummed out and if I say it in the wrong way it’ll seem like I’m kicking him while he’s down after losing players the last few years. Basically he’s had players come and go and it really saddened him since this is a huge part of his life. The last player from his original campaign before he brought new people in just left. Then this new campaign opportunity came together a couple weeks ago and perked him up. Now he’s just consumed by it. Please give me advice. Is it something we should have discussed before he committed to it or would that have been controlling? I had some worry he would overwhelm himself but I didn’t think it would get so bad.
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