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2023.03.26 08:38 roostersandwhich My friend wants to know best way to travel across the u.s.a.

I'm an American traveling in Australia, I met a french backpacker also traveling. He is very excited about traveling across the United States. I do not have all the important answers for their questions as I traveled the United States on my long weekends so I would fly or drive. Also I'm from Texas so we don't have free camping spots and the state parks are usually booked out in advanced. I am not familiar with out of state camping spots or rentals because I have my stuff in my garage. So questions I need help answering are camper rentals or like a camper share? Is it worth it? Is it worth buying a car and traveling vs a bus pass or plane tickets? Trip will be Las Angeles- Austin-nola up to Philadelphia- then new York Starting in 2 weeks
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2023.03.26 08:36 StatisticianFluffy15 New pay schedule question

So I live in Austin, Texas and I’ve been looking at getting a job as a TSO. They’re currently advertised as starting at a little more than $47,000. This is with the 23.35% locality pay. However, with the new pay schedule starting up, even with the locality pay, it would only be a little more than $39,000. Why would they be nuking the pay like this? $47,000 is livable if you are frugal in Austin but $39,000 is back to the rat race. It’s very disappointing.
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2023.03.26 08:28 abhjdjjbsuda gay bars houston gay bars in austin texas gay bars in chicago gay bars in columbus oh gay bars in hell's kitchen gay bars in indianapolis gay bars in las vegas gay bars in new orleans gay bars kansas city gay bars okc gay bars philly gay bars puerto vallarta gay bars sacramento gay bars s

gay bars houston gay bars in austin texas gay bars in chicago gay bars in columbus oh gay bars in hell's kitchen gay bars in indianapolis gay bars in las vegas gay bars in new orleans gay bars kansas city gay bars okc gay bars philly gay bars puerto vallarta gay bars sacramento gay bars s submitted by abhjdjjbsuda to mfdsjhdjjcec1 [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 08:26 iamanonymousass my boyfriend was driving my car (with me in the car as well) and we got hit by another vehicle. can him being the driver complicate things?

for context i am 17, hes 18, and we're in texas. last night my boyfriend and i were driving home and we were stopped at a stop sign about to turn, and another car veered off the road into mine. we filed a police report and the officer that came to the scene said the other driver was clearly at fault and his insurance would cover the damages to my car. my step dad has been telling me that because my boyfriend was the one driving and im the one on the insurance, it could complicate things further and make the process more drawn out. is that true? could the other drivers insurance somehow avoid paying for my car to be fixed because i wasnt the one driving?
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2023.03.26 07:35 Ok_Team7122 Jain Stuff in HEB

Hello! I am an international student in Austin, and I strictly follow the Jain diet. I am a vegetarian, and I do not eat eggs, onion, ginger, garlic, potato, radish, beet, and stuff that grows underground (root vegetables).
To everyone who's been in Texas for ages, what all Jain food options (ranging from snacks to ready-to-eat stuff) are available in HEB?
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2023.03.26 07:28 WellThatsABruh Final Boss for a campaign I'm writing: The Wendigo

The Wendigo: A hulking behemoth strapped into a highly modified DaiOni the human inside is nearly out of sight as it is obstructed by the sheer amount of cyberware strapped onto and installed into it. The Wendigo is a corpo crafted and geared cyberpsycho created by Militech.
Appearance: 11’ 1”, high-tech deer skull head (cybernetic)
Clothes: N/A
Cyberware: Custom DaiOni, Major Facial Modification
Stats (Base):
Stats (Scaled for time):
\for context, the stats will be scaled from his base at a rate of +1 to every stat per real life hour it takes for players to reach his fight. Also, I'm starting writing on this campaign before I've purchased books so I'll figure out stats later.**
Humanity (2000-2010): Jack Fiddler, a second generation Blood Nation nomad was born recently after the transition from a gang to a nomad group. Jack spent his early years traveling with his clan across the vast landscapes of the NUSA. He spent time in their camp set up in places of desolation and or prosperity. Through his travels he learned many skills, he worked as the clan’s mechanic, showing an aptitude for mechanical and technical work.
Hunger (2010-2012): At 10 years old on a routine supply run to town with several members of his clan, they encountered a situation where the store they were in was robbed. The robber in question had a fair amount of cyberware installed into his body. During the thief’s robbery, he had his head blown open by the store owner directly in the view of Jack. Seeing the robber’s head blown open, Jack saw as a piece of the robber’s cyberware flew off of his corpse. Jack took this piece back to the nomad camp where he studied it obsessively, eventually gaining a keen interest in cyberware and cybernetically enhancing his own body. Much to his dismay however, this dream is something he knew would be impossible as any piece of cyberware he found or purchased would be stolen from him by any one of the stronger clan members.
Isolation (2012): While camped outside of Austin, Texas, Jack saw his chance to pursue his new desires of enhancing himself with cyberware by leaving his clan. He ran away in the dead of night, making his way to the highway with a car he stole from the camp. After reaching the highway he drove, he drove as far as the half-tank of CHOOH2 would take him, and after, he hitch-hiked the rest of the way into Austin. As soon as he reached Austin, he was enamored by the bright neon lights of the skyscraper sized advertisements that took up every inch of his vision and made each spot of darkness feel so much darker when compared to the blinding lights at which he now stared. He stood in place staring at the blinding lights for hours until the soft orange light of the rising sun ripped him back to reality and his dream. His first course of action was to find a ripperdoc and explore his options as he’d squirreled away a sizable sum of eddies through various odd jobs he worked before he made his escape.
First Taste (2012): Wandering the streets of Austin, Jack was hyperfocused on finding the one building he’d been directed to by a random passerby when he inquired as to where the nearest ripperdoc was. Bull Horn Clinic, that was the name he was told to be on the lookout for as it was the place where all of his wild dreams and fantasies would then become his new reality. He walked for what felt like hours, until he saw it. The glowing neon sign that beckoned him to enter and fulfill his ultimate goal. Walking into the dimly lit and grimy lab, he took his first step into the final chapter of his life.
Transformation (2018): Following years of buying and installing several pieces of cyberware weapons, bioware, and fashionware he was now a man defined by his cyberware. He was an interesting case, particularly for the fact that his body and its form of coping with the mental stress of new cyberware were especially unprecedented. Most would have succumbed to cyberpsychosis or would have begun a quick descent into it if they were to install the amount of cyberware Jack did. His body, instead of holding onto the stress of new cyberware and letting it fester and wear away at him, his mind seemed instead to slowly analyze and begin to understand every facet of each piece of chrome he installed into his body leading to any amount of cyberpsychotic symptoms resolving themselves with time alone as his mind had time to adjust to the cyberware. Due to his prolific nature with many ripperdocs within and around Austin, his name became a nickname for anyone who displayed even a slightly above-average capacity for cyberware. This reputation led him to being contacted by a division of Militech’s research and development department for a prototype piece of cyberware that they needed to test. Jack Fiddler being the man that he is, agreed immediately. With his agreement he was shadowed away and taken to a secure Militech facility near Night City where he was strapped into an extremely heavily modified version of an Arasaka DaiOni. Upon Jack’s installation into the DaiOni, he immediately slipped into a cyberpsychotic state. He started a rampage throughout the underground facility that led to the death of 73 Militech employees before the sector he was in was sealed and the vents were filled with a chem-cocktail of sedatives. Following his sedation, Jack was placed in a secure holding cell where he was constantly mainlined with proprietary sedatives made by Militech exclusively for Jack Fiddler to keep him dormant. They left him in this state as they believed two things: 1. If they removed him from the modified DaiOni, Jack would die and there would be no other person that could rival his cyberware capacity that they could attempt this experiment with 2. With enough time in stasis, his mind would be able to comprehend the DaiOni and allow him to be, at the very least, a functional cyberpsycho such as Adam Smasher.
First Hunt (2020): Due to a recent spike in tensions between Arasaka and Militech, Militech has begun a program called Operation Eversor. Under Operation Eversor, Militech began kidnapping people off of the street and installing cyberpsychosis-inducing levels of cyberware weapons into their bodies. Following these installments, the person was then heavily sedated and transported to an area that had an Arasaka presence. Upon arrival at their target destination, the person was then awakened and injected with several combat chem-cocktails to make their rampage even more deadly. Following several Operation Eversor attacks, Jack Fiddler’s DaiOni was fitted with chemical injectors on his left and right shoulder. The pump on his left shoulder contained the same mixture of combat chem-cocktails used on ordinary Operation Eversor victims, however Jack’s combat drugs had their potency increased ten-fold. The pump on his right shoulder contained enough of his proprietary sedatives to allow for transportation from a target site back to his holding cell. As a test of his new equipment, Militech took Jack to a major Arasaka distribution facility on the outskirts of Night City and let him loose. Prior to Jack’s mission, Militech had his face cybernetically transformed to resemble that of a high-tech deer skull akin to a Wendigo. He completed his mission successfully, even holding off NCPD and MaxTac long enough to get them to stop attempting to take him down. At that point, Militech activated the pump on his right shoulder and took him back to his cell where he was hooked back into his permanent stasis. The destruction and fear Jack’s rampage wrought made him an urban legend, and the visage of his deer skull face evoked memories of old Algonquin folklore, leading to him being dubbed “The Wendigo''.
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2023.03.26 07:20 a116jxb Is anyone else as concerned as I am about the new School Voucher Program being proposed?

Is anyone else as concerned as I am about the new School Voucher Program being proposed?
I live in a rural area about an hour east of Austin. Full disclosure: I have relatives who teach at my local public high school.
I believe the new school voucher program being proposed has the potential to destroy Texas Public Education in several different ways. I also feel it will pave the way for private, for-profit schools to emerge.
This law will gut funding for public schools, which will be forced to consolidate in order to survive. That will mean additional costs for bussing students (on top of the already bad bus driver shortage that already exists).
When schools are forced to cut programs due to lack of funding, extracurricular activities will be first on the chopping block. Get ready to say goodbye to those Friday Night Lights. Bye-Bye band. Kids in rural areas deserve access to good education. This bill will do the exact opposite of providing that access.
Teachers will leave the profession in droves. My local school district is about to lose for 2, possibly up to 4 science teachers. They haven't had a librarian at the school for at least 5 years because they require a Master's degree and noone can afford the student loans. I live within commuting distance from Austin, so imagine trying to compete for housing while making only $48k. Teachers already can't afford to live here and now it's only gonna get worse.
Sorry for my rant, but I just don't see things getting better. I guess this is what our state deserves for re-electing Abbott and his ilk.
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2023.03.26 07:14 gabechilly Weird and Miserable Experience

TL:DR I think I have Covid and is it downright weird, confusing and miserable.
Alright, let’s start at the beginning.
June of 2020, Girlfriend and I are building our home gym and we both feel off. Not sick, just off. Maybe depersonalized, fatigue, that sort of thing.
Turns out that was Covid. Tested positive and proceeded to have a HORRIBLE next two weeks.
We both had almost the same symptoms;
-Headache so bad that a surge of pain would happen when standing up or looking around too fast
-Body aches, particularly in the legs and knees
I remember some of these symptoms such as the headache and depersonalization as being unique, I’d never experienced them before.
After about 2 weeks, things calmed down and we started to feel normal. I’d say by week 3 or 4 we were 100%.
Skip to March 18th of this year (one week ago). I’m on a plane flying back to Austin from PHX. I notice some slight leg pain. Figured it was just from traveling.
That night, I get hit with the “Covid headache.”
Not as bad, but noticeable for sure. Ran a slight fever and felt like I had a cold for the next several days.
Today is day 5 of dealing with a random rash, horrible hives like rash appearing randomly anywhere on my body. It disappears and reappears.
Already saw a doc and a dermatologist and they basically just gave me meds because it’s almost impossible to track.
No history of hives or bad allergic reactions.
Rash seems to be calming down but the body aches have returned
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2023.03.26 07:12 bigdickbandit69er Done by Frank Williams at Rock of Ages in Austin Texas

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2023.03.26 07:00 BevoBot [3/26/2023] Sunday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread

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2023.03.26 06:56 kandehwilliams91 My 32-MLB Plan (With Nashville and Portland Teams)

Nashville Stars
Portland Pioneers


Baltimore Orioles Chicago White Sox Colorado Rockies Los Angeles Angels
Boston Red Sox Cleveland Guardians Houston Astros Oakland Athletics
New York Yankees Detroit Tigers Kansas City Royals Portland Pioneers
Toronto Blue Jays Minnesota Twins Texas Rangers Seattle Mariners

AL East Breakdown:
Not much changes. The 4 closest teams in the AL East remain intact. Keeps the Red Sox-Yankees historical rivalry.

AL North Breakdown:
Again, not much changes. The 4 closest teams from the AL Central remain intact.

AL South Breakdown:
A newly formed division. The 2 Texas teams are finally removed from the AL West. Joining them are the Kansas City Royals and the Colorado Rockies who switch leagues. Royals-Rockies could potentially become a good rivalry if both teams get good, could mirror the Broncos-Chiefs rivalry in the NFL.

AL West Breakdown:
The 3 Pacific time zone teams (Angels, Athletics and Mariners) remain intact. Joining them would be the Portland Pioneers expansion team. The new Portland team could provide the Mariners an instant rivalry. If the Athletics move to Las Vegas, it would have no effect on this realignment.

New York Mets Chicago Cubs Atlanta Braves Arizona Diamondbacks
Philadelphia Phillies Cincinnati Reds Miami Marlins Los Angeles Dodgers
Pittsburgh Pirates Milwaukee Brewers Nashville Stars San Diego Padres
Washington Nationals St. Louis Cardinals Tampa Bay Rays San Francisco Giants

NL East Breakdown:
The 3 northeast corridor teams (Mets, Phillies and Nationals) remain intact. Joining them are the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Phillies and Pirates would get to rekindle their in-state rivalry.

NL North Breakdown:
Not much changes. The 4 closest teams from the NL Central remain intact. Keeps the Cubs-Cardinals historical rivalry.

NL South Breakdown:
A newly formed division. The 2 southernmost teams from the original NL East (Braves and Marlins), along with the Tampa Bay Rays who switch leagues and the Nashville Stars expansion team would also join this division. The new Nashville team could form an instant rivalry with the Braves. Also, the Rays and Marlins could have an in-state rivalry similar to Astros-Rangers, being placed in the same division.

NL West Breakdown:
Not much changes. The 4 closest teams in the NL West remain intact. Keeps the Dodgers-Giants historical rivalry.


13 games each vs. all 3 division opponents = 39 games
(6 Home & 7 Away vs. each of 2 teams and 7 Home & 6 Away vs. 1 team) or
(7 Home & 6 Away vs. each of 2 teams and 6 Home & 7 Away vs. 1 team)
Rotate extra home game between teams annually.

6 games each vs. all 12 non-division opponents within league = 72 games
(3 Home & 3 Away vs. each team)

6 games vs. interleague "natural rival" (listed below) = 6 games
(3 Home & 3 Away)

3 games each vs. remaining 15 interleague opponents = 45 games
(3 Home vs. each of 8 teams and 3 Away vs. each of 7 teams) or
(3 Home vs. each of 7 teams and 3 Away vs. each of 8 teams)
Rotate venue of each matchup annually.

Teams that get an extra home division game would get an extra away interleague series and vice versa.

39 games + 72 games + 6 games + 45 games = 162-Game Regular Season

New York Yankees New York Mets
Chicago White Sox Chicago Cubs
Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Dodgers
Baltimore Orioles Washington Nationals
Oakland Athletics San Francisco Giants
Cleveland Guardians Cincinnati Reds
Kansas City Royals St. Louis Cardinals
Minnesota Twins Milwaukee Brewers
Boston Red Sox Philadelphia Phillies
Detroit Tigers Pittsburgh Pirates
Toronto Blue Jays Atlanta Braves
Houston Astros Miami Marlins
Texas Rangers Tampa Bay Rays
Colorado Rockies Nashville Stars
Seattle Mariners San Diego Padres
Portland Pioneers Arizona Diamondbacks
If the Athletics relocate to Las Vegas it would instead be:
Arizona Diamondbacks-Las Vegas Athletics
Seattle Mariners-San Francisco Giants
Portland Pioneers-San Diego Padres
Everything else would remain the same.

There would be 14 teams total qualifying (7 teams per league).
In each league, the 4 division winners plus 3 wild-cards (best regular season records amongst non-division winners) would qualify for the postseason.
The 4 division winners would be seeded #1-#4 by regular season record.
The 3 wild-cards would be seeded #5-#7 by regular season record.

American League Wild-Card Series (ALWCS) & National League Wild-Card Series (NLWCS):
Would be (#2 Seed vs. #7 Seed), (#3 Seed vs. #6 Seed) and (#4 Seed vs. #5 Seed).
The #1 seed would have a bye for this round.
Best-of-3 series.
All games in series would be hosted by the #2, #3 and #4 seeds (division winners) regardless of regular season records and played on 3 consecutive days (Monday-Wednesday) right after the end of the regular season. The #5, #6 and #7 seeds (wild-cards) would get no home games for this round.

American League Division Series (ALDS) & National League Division Series (NLDS):
Would be (#1 Seed vs. LWCS winner with worst regular season record) and (the 2 remaining LWCS winners vs. each other).
Best-of-5 series (2-2-1 format).
Higher seed would get home-field advantage regardless of regular season records. All of the teams involved in this round would play Game 1 of their respective series on the Friday after the LWCS (the Thursday after the LWCS would be used as a travel day). The remaining games in these series for this round would be staggered accordingly.

American League Championship Series (ALCS) & National League Championship Series (NLCS):
LDS winners would square off for league pennants.
Best-of-7 series (2-3-2 format).
Higher seed would get home-field advantage regardless of regular season records.

World Series (WS):
AL pennant winner and NL pennant winner would square off for the World Series Championship.
Best-of-7 series (2-3-2 format).
Better regular season record would get home-field advantage.
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2023.03.26 06:31 PsychologicalAd496 Anybody looking for heritage or heritage high number SPs?

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2023.03.26 05:59 DesperateSwan8717 AITA for leaving my best friend behind to go on a weekend trip we planned?

My best friend (F 32) and I (F 26) have been friends for about 7 years now. I’m super close with her whole family. For my birthday I decided to plan a weekend trip to Dallas with her since I’d never been and to go hang out with her brother and a few of her cousins that live in the area. She works everyday of the week and sometimes late. She also has a work friend that she lives far from where they work so she lets her wait for her ride at her house since she lives close to where they work. My best friend has bad driving anxiety so she doesn’t drive on highways or long distances. So I was gonna drive us both to Dallas. We planned to leave Friday after she was off work and after her friend went home. She’d had been working 11 hour days the week leading up to our trip so her plan was to pack while her friend was waiting for her ride home and then I would pick her up and we would head to Dallas and get there around midnight and stay with her cousin. So the day comes for us to leave and I just feel like it’s getting late so I told her just to meet us in Dallas because I want to leave and don’t want to wait and leave without her. She told me she can’t drive herself there and gets really mad at me for not waiting. She ends up telling her family I left her and they get mad at me. So I ended up going to Austin with friends. I’ve since blocked her on everything because I don’t wanna deal with her drama. So am I the asshole?
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2023.03.26 05:32 H0peLeSSwANd3Rer Biggest winnings I’ve ever won!

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2023.03.26 05:10 nothotjustamess90 Help with new Ti plant please 🙏

Help with new Ti plant please 🙏
My mother in law got me this in Texas and brought it home (Nebraska). I've had it for a couple weeks now and already removed a bunch of brown leaves. I just added a humidifier but I'm concerned about the yellow/brown leaves. I have removed them but do I need to treat it so I can save the rest of the plant? Also want to add there are new leaves growing! Thanks!
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2023.03.26 05:06 nguyenthieugia Anon does not like coding

Anon does not like coding submitted by nguyenthieugia to greentext [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 04:51 steve-buscemi-is-hot Asking my parents to downsize. It's not going well.

My parents are 70 and live in a ghost town in rural south Texas. They own a home that is essentially falling apart and is 40 minutes away from the nearest hospital. It's also one and a half hours away from me.
My mom was diagnosed with Parkinson's two years ago. I've seen some progression of the disease in that time but she is still herself. She's a retired teacher whose level-headed, selfless, agreeable, and an excellent listener.
My father on the other hand is one of the most selfish people I know. First of all, he is horrible with money. He's always been bad with money. I've learned in adulthood that the house we lost when I was a child, we lost because he did not pay property taxes for 15 years. We lost it in 2000, and we literally just packed a few bags and left majority of our belongings and furniture there.
He says he "let it go" because it had too many problems but I know the truth. I learned this when I had to pay his back taxes for another house... for another 10 years... right before the house went to auction. When I wrote the check, the woman asked me for what property and showed me the old account. That's how I found out.
This newer house is actually the house he grew up in. His dad gave it to him and moved out in 2000, into a smaller house to retire.
Now in 2023, guess what- he is behind on taxes. This is not for lack of income or high taxes. Taxes are only about $680 in this small town. He just has a massive ego and spends all their money on his hobby.
He spends most of the money they get from retirement self-publishing a local newspaper. He wants to be thought of as a very successful publisher and this is all he talks about, "the paper". Every time I call he can't talk because of the paper.
Recently a kitchen cabinet he installed fell on my mom when she was getting a glass. All the dishes broke on her. Everything in this house is DIY'd by him, which he takes great pride in. He used drywall screws to mount this thing. She's ok, but this just underlines to me that this house is a death trap. The roof has leaks and is over 30 years old. The outside is painted multiple different colors because over the years he starts repainting, then never finishes.
I decided I should look at buying them a small house closer to me so I can get professionals to make it ADA-compliant and safe for my mom. This is obviously a huge risk, but they could never afford it and have horrible credit. Last time he boasted about having $600 in his account. That's not good! My mom is on board. She wants to move. My dad - predictably - said that I could buy it and maybe they would move in in 2 or 3 years.
Whenever he is non-commotal like this I buy in and he does nothing. I bought him dental insurance he is always planning to use but never has. He literally has no teeth now, and I've spent thousands on this insurance over 10 years. I built him a website to move his newspaper online and save on printing costs. (I'm a web developer.) Of course, he's never used it or even tried to.
I told him that I would only buy a house if he could have a goal of moving in one year. He totally flipped out and looked at me with so much anger. He said I was putting a deadline on him to move. I told him - no, I was just saying that there is no point in buying a house if he has no intention to move, so we should set a goal.
I just can't believe he is so selfish. The way he talks about my mom is with no empathy or care for her. I thought they would be excited that I would be willing to do this for them to put them closer to doctors for my mom, closer to hospitals, and closer to me and their granddaughter.
I don't know what to do. I still want to see this one house that I think would be a great fit for them. My mom and my sister want me to see it too. I'm considering telling my dad's sisters about all this, which I know he would hate, but I'm starting to think that he is deep in denial and if we do nothing, that roof is going to cave in within a few more years, or my mom is going to have a really bad fall in the sunken living room.
Any advice would be great.
TLDR; Parents are living in a dilapidated house far from medical care and family. Mom has Parkinson's and Dad is unwilling to put her needs above his expensive hobby. I'm trying to convince them to downsize to a smaller house I'd buy. It's not going well.
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2023.03.26 04:49 Semi_Quarter Looking for Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Replacement Owners [YAHOO & FREE!]

Baseball Categories

Entering our 4th year. YAHOO 16 team very deep fantasy baseball dynasty league for more than casual fantasy players. This league is much deeper than most, placing a bigger emphasis on prospects and minor leaguers with 30 keepers. Looking for two replacement owners so please let me know as soon as possible which team you'd prefer if you’re interested. Draft will be Wednesday, March 29 9pm EST. Simply dm me your email and I'll send you the invite!
The league settings are as follows:
Yahoo H2H 7x7 league.
Roster Positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, IF, LF, CF, RF, OF, Util, Util, 4 SP, 2 RP, 4P, 8 BN, 5 IL, 8 NA
Batters Stat Categories: Runs (R), Home Runs (HR), Runs Batted In (RBI), Stolen Bases (SB), Walks (BB), Batting Average (AVG), On-base + Slugging Percentage (OPS)
Pitchers Stat Categories: Wins (W), Saves (SV), Strikeouts (K), Holds (HLD), Earned Run Average (ERA), (Walks + Hits)/ Innings Pitched (WHIP), Strikeouts per Nine Innings (K/9)


Yasmani Grandal
Yuli Gurriel
Nicky Lopez
Wilmer Flores
Willy Adames
Anthony Rizzo
Kris Bryant
Mookie Betts
Starling Marte
Charlie Blackmon
Freddie Freeman
Nelson Cruz
Luis Garcia
Charlie Morton
Nestor Cortes
Jorge López
Jordan Romano
Cristian Javier
Alex Colomé
Cole Sulser
David Bednar
Joe Ryan
Joey Wendle
Darin Ruf
Kolten Wong
Jorge Soler
Kiké Hernández
Michael Busch
Liover Peguero
Robert Hassell III
Luis Matos
Anthony Volpe
Nick Yorke
Dany Jiménez
Robert Suarez
Lance Lynn
Alex Cobb
Anthony DeSclafani
Garrett Crochet
Cole Winn
Ryan Pepiot

The Lizard King

Ryan Jeffers
Michael Chavis
Nick Madrigal
Jeimer Candelario
Tim Anderson
Juan Yepez
Marcell Ozuna
Brandon Marsh
Anthony Santander
Daulton Varsho
Avisaíl García
Brad Miller
Josiah Gray
Logan Gilbert
David Peterson
Adam Wainwright
Devin Williams
Mychal Givens
Ryan Tepera
Andrew Chafin
Spencer Howard
Brailyn Marquez
Pedro Leon
Sam Huff
Heliot Ramos
Sam Hilliard
Trevor Larnach
Kyle Lewis
Yermín Mercedes
Jasson Dominguez
Maximo Acosta
Reginald Preciado
Gunnar Henderson
Heston Kjerstad
Austin Wells
Jordan Groshans
Jordan Walker
Landon Knack
Jesús Luzardo
Cade Cavalli
Nate Pearson
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2023.03.26 04:42 Junghye Cool places to go in Austin as a conservative?

Let me start by saying that my dad is the most stereotypical right-wing, Trump-loving individual. Engaging in heated debates with strangers (and family members) about politics is like a hobby for him. He's flying in next weekend, and the last thing I want is to be stuck at home with him. I'm looking for some chill places we could visit together where I might avoid the embarrassment of him getting into a shouting match with someone.
Now, my dad isn't the easiest person to please. He's outspoken and unapologetically conservative, which can sometimes be a recipe for disaster in certain social settings. I'm trying to find spots that are interesting enough to keep him entertained, yet not too politically charged, so as to avoid any unexpected confrontations.
Ideally, I'm looking for places that are low-key, where people might be less likely to engage in heated discussions. I know it's a bit of a long shot, but I'm hoping to find venues where the focus is on the experience itself, whether it's a unique attraction, stunning scenery, or a delicious meal, rather than the people or the atmosphere.
If you have any recommendations for places in Austin that might suit my particular situation, please let me know. Although my request might seem like trolling, I assure you that my concerns are genuine, and I'm seriously seeking advice to make the most of my dad's visit without any unpleasant incidents.
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2023.03.26 04:41 antipas87 A not-heavy white plastic bottomless container with no markings and a loose-fitting lid that I found when I moved into my suburban home in Texas. Shown on top of my wheeled recycle bin. Thank you.

A not-heavy white plastic bottomless container with no markings and a loose-fitting lid that I found when I moved into my suburban home in Texas. Shown on top of my wheeled recycle bin. Thank you. submitted by antipas87 to whatisthisthing [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 04:40 RobotOfSociety [Meet Report] 2023 RPS Ill With The Steel 4 22M 555kg/1223.5lbs @ 81kg Raw Classic

This was my very first powerlifting meet after about 4 years of taking weight training seriously and 3 of being into powerlifting specifically. My life has been pretty hectic the past few months due to my military assignments, so I really put my nose to the grindstone and focused on something I can keep stable to help get through the days. I spent from 2020 to 2022 in a home gym with nothing but a barbell and a home-made 4x4 wooden power rack, and from 2022 on in a commercial gym with only two real squat racks and 2 of those awful lifefitness benches. While at my current place, I found Heavy Metal Fitness in San Antonio (about 3 hours from me) and would drive out there every other weekend to do some training because I loved the environment they provided and all the impressive equipment. Once they announced they were hosting Ill With The Steel 4, I immediately signed up. I wanted to originally compete Raw Modern and use knee wraps, but I didn't get my first set of wraps until 7 weeks out and I felt like I was not fully comfortable. Additionally, I moved out of where I was at a few days after the meet, so I didn't have all my normal gear with me. Raw Classic was the perfect fit: belt, wrist wraps, and my titan singlet.
Training: I bulked up to about 190 by January 23 to try to add as much strength as possible, then spent the next amount of time cutting to 184 walking weight. In that bulking time, I hit a Squat PR of 470, bench of 305, and deadlift of 500 on an olympic bar. Throughout that whole training cycle, I ran u/gzcl 's UHF program as I have nearly since I started lifting. The only thing I changed was that I used a bench daddy rather than a slingshot, and instead of the final day of the week being front squats, it was just more squats--usually a 6x6 day or 12x2 at 75-80%. Every so often, I'd drive to HMF and try out some new equipment such as SSB Box Squats or buffalo bar bench, etc. It was such a great time working on variations that I never have before. Also, I typically added some form of facepull or forearm work at the end of every workout as I used to get bad tendonitis during my squats if I didn't.
Diet: Most people recommend not doing a water cut for your first meet, but I figured with 24hr Friday weigh-ins, and some experience in the past with trying to make weight for sports, I'd have a go at it. The week of the meet, I cut protein and added more carbs until Thursday, where I ate high protein/fats. I typically drink about 1G of water a day and another 1/2 between milk, tea, and coffee a day so my protocol looked like this: 2G Monday, 2.5G Tuesday, 1.25G Wednesday, 0.5G Thursday with nothing after 3pm. It was a little uncomfortable with the mouth dryness, but I felt pretty much fine throughout the day as I kept Grinds coffee pouches (Wintergreen FTW) to keep myself feeling wet and occupied. At the end of it all, I weighed in at roughly 81kg, but I don't remember the exact value as the results haven't been posted to the RPS website yet. Mods, I will send you a message if you need to when the results post so I can confirm the BW/DOTS. After weigh-in, I had a big ol' french toast breakfast from a local spot, Whataburger #5 meal for lunch, and chicken and lots of rice for dinner (gotta be sorta healthy, right?).
Meet Day: I definitely could have drank more water after weigh-in because I spent most of that day just enjoying San Antonio, and I felt a little dehydrated still the morning of the meet. That being said, I had a pack of pedialyte and another 32oz of water by the time I started my squat warmups and felt I'd say about 99%. The gym owners are incredible, and put on an awesome show with Marcus @ fatboyfit to MC. They even had a coffee truck out front and cooks out back to keep us warm during the unexpectedly cold day in SA. Throughout the meet, I had a bag of Sour Patch Kids, and a bunch of cinnamon raisin bagels. Because of the program I run, I'm very used to warming up and seeing how long it takes me to get to my top set so the warm up was not an issue. I do a lot of sets to work up to it which may seem like I'm wasting energy, but if I make too big of a jump when I'm above 60%, I just feel uncomfortable under the weight and often end up messing up my technique. HMF may be a smaller gym, but it is built very well and the flights were broken up into enough groups that I never felt like I was lacking a rack to warm up.
Warm up: bar x 5, 135 x 5, 225 x 2, 275 x 1, 315 x 1, 345 x 1, 365 x 1, 385 x 1, 405 x 1. I've never used a monolift before, so I decided to walk out the weight just as I have in training. I've also never used a real squat bar before either, but it felt amazing on my back.
Attempt 1: 195kg/429.9lbs: 3 white, weight felt easier than my 405 warm up. It could've been that I was better hydrated and had some sugar in me by then, but I felt very comfortable under the bar.
Attempt 2: 200kg/440.9lbs: 3 whites. This is the most weight I've done in training with bare knees before. I also have a very grindy squat typically anyways, so it felt not too heavy but probably looked like I was dying. I really wanted to move up to 460, but I figured I'd move up only 5kg to absolutely make sure I'd hit it, considering I was almost 10lbs lighter than I was just 2.5 months ago.
Attempt 3: 205kg/451.9lbs: 3 whites. Now THIS was a grind. I'm very glad I didn't go for my original planned 3rd attempt. I may have just been tired from the energy I had built up already, but this one moved unbelievably slowly, to the point where I'm pretty sure the weight didn't even move for a second until I looked at the crowd and saw their cheering.
Warm up: bar x 5, 95 x 5, 135 x 4, 185 x 2, 225 x 1, 250 x 1. I've only used the real rogue competition style bench twice before, and I've built some bad habits using the tiny commercial benches that have the real low set and tapered upper back pad. You'll see why now.
Attempt 1: 122.5kg/270.1lbs: 2 reds. The weight itself moved fine, but my butt was a mile off the bench. Like I said, I could never get comfortable on the regular gym benches, and I would always raise a little off the bench since they were so low. This habit carried over to the competition bench and I know I seriously need to work on it. At this point, I just really don't want to bomb my first meet because of that, so I take my second at the same weight.
Attempt 2: 122.5kg/270.1lbs: 3 whites. The weight moved hella slowly because I pretty much put all of my focus on my lower half staying on the bench and I didn't really think about how I was moving the bar itself. Getting at least one passing bench was all I wanted, so this was a huge relief.
Attempt 3: 127.5kg/281.1lbs: 2 reds. Same thing, bad butt lift! The weight moved okay, but I lost focus on my lower half again. It is what it is and I know what I need to work on in the future at whatever gym I go to. Also, I've done all of my own unracking on the bench and haven't had a spotter lift me off in YEARS until this meet. I think for whatever reason, not being used to the liftoff caused me to stay loose until I was in position and tense up too much before starting the downward movement. As a results, I felt a sharp pain in my left pec that still hasn't fully gone away.
Warm up: 135 x 5, 225 x 2, 315 x 1, 345 x 1, 365 x 1, 405 x 1, 425 x 1. I've also never used a deadlift bar before in my life, and I wish I had so I could see how much of a difference it made in the amount of weight I could lift. Also, Cailer Woolam was the guest judge so that helped my motivation for sure.
Attempt 1: 207.5kg/457.5lbs: I felt like I forgot to struggle. The deadlift bar helped my starting position so much and I felt incredibly strong. I decided to keep my planned attempts the same just so I know for sure I'd hit them, even though I'd like to have another shot at a deadlift bar to really max it.
Attempt 2: 217.5kg/479.5lbs: Same thing, weight moved like an 85% warmup. Really wishing I had gotten familiar with what kind of weights I'd be moving with a deadlift bar.
Attempt 3: 227.5kg/501.5lbs: A little slow at the start, but as soon as I broke the ground I knew I had that dawg in me. Either way, if I continue to compete in feds with deadlift bars, I plan on actually getting some serious training on them as I see the huge improvement they can make.
Summary: HMF and Rene Garganta of Texas RPS put on an awesome event that had such an energy to it. Seeing some guys totaling 1000kg in wraps at the same event as people like me who are just starting out is super cool. The fact that I was able to participate in this meet right as I was getting ready to leave the state made everything seem damn near perfect. My next personal goals are to get serious about equipment: squat 500 in wraps before the end of the year (I've done 475 trying them out) and dip my toes in the water of single-ply bench and squat. Thanks for the read!
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2023.03.26 04:34 Bandojay419 Easy money😮‍💨😮‍💨

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