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2023.03.26 08:37 F0MA Just came back from 13 days in Japan and eating carb-y foods

I knew walking helped keep my glucose levels steady but I didn't realize just how significant it is to our diet until my trip to Japan. I ate lots of high carb foods: desserts, breads, ramen, udon, katsu, tempura, karaage, etc and it was heavenly.
My glucose levels never went above 150 and I think I was only close to that a couple of times. I couldn't freakin' believe it.
What I did differently in Japan than stateside:
  1. We averaged 20K steps a day
  2. We ate all day but walked EVERYWHERE (redundant point, I know but seriously, before we got to food joint A and afterwards, we walked!
  3. Most of the sweets we shared but even eating a high carb meal at breakfast (croissant and another bread-based pastry) I still maintained a steady glucose level, AND there were a couple of times we got our own dessert like when we had fluffy pancakes!
  4. We never stuffed ourselves. Everything was in bite size or few bites portions and the meals there are smaller portions, too.
So when did my glucose spike? If we got treats before heading back to our hotel and ate them before bed and on the first and last days we were there where we did the least walking.
I am now 100% believer in walking. I kind of half-assed it before and only did it when I "had to" (i.e. after dessert) but I really want to try to incorporate it more as a daily thing ... after I get over jet lag. Man, it's been almost a week and I'm still getting up in the middle of the night!
Getting back home, I'm back to my normal diet and just resting from pure exhaustion. I've already hit 150 a couple of times when I ate some treats I brought back. My normal numbers are between 90-130 with my very bland diet so getting back to this lifestyle is a little gut-wrenching. Like I get it, I live in the suburbs where we drive everywhere so getting 10K, let alone 20K, is a challenge and if I want to improve my life, I have to make a CONSCIOUS effort but damn, this is a real eye opener for me. My sedentary lifestyle was quite literally killing me. Adding more steps really can change my life!
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2023.03.26 08:31 alonealsoatnight First two(ish) weeks of weightloss - thoughts on progress and advice? (M28 181cm, SW 104kg GW 80kg)

I posted on a daily thread a while ago about about advice on weight loss, and I've now been on my journey for... two weeks! Or not, the first week is partial, thu-sun. I still wanted to post my progress and ask how it looks, kind of like am I doing it right? Here are the numbers:
Thursday 16.3. - 103.85kg
Fri - 103.05kg
Sat - 103.25kg
Sun 102.75kg
Weekly average - 103.23kg
Monday 20.3. - 101.95kg
Tue - 101.95kg
Wed. - 102.25kg
Thu - 101.25kg
Fri - 101.7kg
Sat - 101.4kg
Sun 101.35kg
Weekly average - 101.69kg
Change in total weight - 2,5kg
Change in weekly average - 1,5kg
How does it look? My target weight is 80kg, which I want to reach in september, more or less. That would mean 1kg per week, which is a lot but I feel it's attainable for me. I won't be mad if it takes me til the end of the year either! I'm a bit worried that my last three weigh-ins have shown a higher number than thursday, which is why I'm trying to go by weekly average. I also dropped a lot of weight right at the start, but I guess that's water?
My meal plan is basically 1500 calories a day. A normal day for me would look like this: 12pm first meal, around 600cal. Last meal around 8pm, also around 600cal. The middle section I mostly fill with fruit atm, I might eat a couple of bananas and oranges that should take me to about 1500cal. I'm not super strict on the exact number of calories, but according to calculators, my "calories out" is between 2450 and 2700 per day, depending on activity, so I try to eyeball around a 1000cal deficit per day without going under 1500cal. The meal I'm having today for example is almost spot on 600cal, has some mock chicken (I'm vegan), veggies, a sauce and rice. About 25% of the calories is the "chicken" protein source.
As to activity, I currently walk around 5000 steps a day is my guess, depending on the day and my schedule. I try to do 15-30 mins of calisthenics 5 or 6 times a week, and I go climbing once a week. Friday I spent almost two hours climbing and managed to send some V1 boulder problems, which is not stellar but it's my first time bouldering so I'm happy!
So... how does it look? Any red flags? Any tips on reaching and maintaining a 1kg/week rhythm? Also, I have some questions... it's afaik not recommended to go below 1500cal per day for a man. But is it actually dangerous? I feel like there are some days where I kind of round everything up and eyeball things too high and I might go below 1500cal.
Another thing is, how do you deal with plateaus? They somehow don't make sense to me... like, it's just physics that if you're on a steady deficit, your weight must decrease. The energy doesn't appear from nowhere. So how do plateaus happen and how to get over them?
Lastly, about my mental state: I'm actually feeling completely fine! I thought I'd have a lot more cravings or cranky mood or something, but most days I feel great. I feel... springy and lighter, like instead of taking the elevator I feel like running up the stairs and when I go for a walk I feel more confident and brisk. I know I need to knock on wood, but so far this feels easy. I only get minor cravings and they're nowhere near taking me to the point where I cave in and buy a bag of chips or a pizza. And so, I wanted to ask you... when does the hardest part of the journey come in your opinion? I understand that I probably only have an initial motivation spike, and it'll probably get harder. At what point did you struggle the most? A week in? A month in? Three months in? And how did you manage that struggle?
Sorry, this is a lot of text but I'm excited, and there are still a ton of questions I would like to ask! But this'll do for now, and I'll come up with more in the comments maybe. Thank you!
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2023.03.26 08:29 No-Faithlessness-35 Is this a good trade?

Is this a good trade?
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2023.03.26 08:22 _Rob_K_ Sanwa Gravi and Nulea M505 (initial impressions)

Sanwa Gravi and Nulea M505 (initial impressions)
I received my Sanwa Gravi (400-MAWBTTB138) two weeks ago and I have been using it daily since its arrival. I saw a link to the Nulea M505 posted here and noticed it was available in my area (to get the Sanwa I searched around for options and wound up using a buying service to get it from Japan) and the Nulea very reasonably priced compared to what I paid in total for the Gravi. Even though I just got the Gravi I decided to order a Nulea as well. I have only had the Nulea for a day but there are some immediate differences that I find noteworthy.
As noted by others, it seems that these are made by the same manufacturer to slightly different specifications. The shape is almost identical except for right at the tip. I immediately liked the shape of both of these. For background I started on a Logitech M570 and moved on to an Elecom HUGE and a regular Deft (both with upgrades to put ceramic ball bearings in as supports). Of course the Deft is a smaller trackball but the Elecom HUGE is more comparable in overall size. These new ones are both a much better shape for me than the HUGE. The scroll wheels and thumb buttons both feel in a better position and the contour is much better for me. Both the Gravi and Nulea feel very smooth and are comparable to the HUGE with the upgrade to ceramic ball supports. At this point I would hazard to say the Nulea is smoother than the Gravi but maybe that's just some factory freshness so we'll see if they level out to the same amount after some time.
For the Sanwa Gravi it has not been all smooth sailing for me. The mouse buttons are surprisingly quiet which is nice. But throughout my two weeks with it so far I have had issues with my left click button staying on after I've released it or triggering incorrectly. I've noticed this quite a few times and it does not feel mechanical so maybe the switch is faulty. This is quite annoying and has slowed me down during my work a few times. I have not come across anything like this on other trackballs out of the box (I had the famous M570 switch failures but only after years of use). Another issue I have had with the Gravi is an inability to connect to my work laptop (windows) using the USB dongle. Bluetooth has been no problem so it hasn't been much of a concern but I have not had this issue with my other trackballs. The Gravi dongle works without issue on my home laptop (linux) so I do not know if this is simply an issue with my work laptop USB drivers. I have not had any such issues in the past with my Elecom or Logitech trackballs. I also find the button placement on the Gravi a bit unintuitive although I know this is subjective. I like having my right click on the right side of the trackball and the Gravi defaults to the right click being on the thumb button above the scroll wheel. The right two buttons are assigned to forward and back. This can be easily be changed through the Sanwa software though.
Now for differences I have noticed already with the Nulea M505. The surface texture of the Gravi and the M505 are a bit different. I would say that the M505 feels a bit more like a rubberized plastic texture (you might note a difference in the reflection in the pictures I took). It's not an extreme difference to me and it remains to be seen how each hold up. For me I don't have a preference for one over the other. The Nulea M505 ball seems quite easy to pop out compared to the Gravi but I expect this may be due to manufacturing tolerances and not by design. The M505 goes back to a default button layout that I prefer with the right click being on the right hand side of the trackball and forward and back buttons being above the scroll wheel. This is more familiar to me. The M505 buttons sound and feel like typical mouse switches whereas the Gravi uses some type of silent switches. The silent ones would be nicer in meetings provided that they aren't the cause of my intermittent issues. The Nulea switches have a much more tactile feel that I like more whereas the Gravi's silent switches feel dull. The scroll wheels feel identical to me. Out of the box the Nulea M505 has no problems connecting to either of my computers through bluetooth or USB so it does not have any issue similar to what I have with the Gravi. I like that they made the USB dongle easily accessible on the Nulea M505 as opposed to hidden behind the battery door. The Nulea features 5 different DPI settings but only goes up to 1600 DPI whereas the Gravi has only 3 settings but goes up to 2400 DPI with the middle of the three being 1600 DPI. I have been using the Gravi at 1600 DPI for my duration with it and it is sufficient to me. I don't expect to have any issues with the 1600 DPI maximum for the Nulea but I also don't expect to be using any of the 4 lower DPI settings. Both of them cycle through the DPI using a button on the bottom and flash an LED to indicate which of the settings is selected. I think that putting the DPI switch on the bottom is less convenient than having a switch that is accessible while it is upright (like my Elecom ones) but I have only used the Elecom DPI switches a handful of times so it's not a big deal to me. As for the battery, I like the idea of having a rechargeable onboard one with the Nulea M505. The Sanwa Gravi uses two AAA batteries which is ok but they seem to be draining fairly quickly and my computers are presently indicating that 1/3 of the battery life is gone after two weeks of use. I very rarely go through batteries on my Elecom Deft and didn't used to go through batteries when I used to use my Logitech M570s so this is quite surprising to me. I'll have to see if the Sanwa Gravi can handle rechargeable batteries. It remains to be seen what the Nulea M505 internal battery is like. Lastly, I like the interface on the bottom of the Nulea M505 better. It has the DPI button labeled (I don't know why Sanwa decided not to label their buttons) and there is one button to switch between devices or it can be held down for pairing. Sanwa chose to make the button right next to the device LED indicators the one for pairing and then the button to the right and above (the furthest away from the device indicator LEDs) is the one for device switching...and they didn't label it. After two weeks I still find myself pausing to think about it when I go to switch computers.
Overall the Nulea M505 seems like a better deal and out of the box I am liking it more than the Sanwa Gravi.
Top view

Thumb clusters

From the front

The cups

The bottom interfaces
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2023.03.26 07:45 BananaSquid721 Yes, it’s been frustrating, but give the season time.

  1. We have no recognized center backs currently. They’re all out of position - not on Wolff
  2. We have several new pieces of the team. A new striker that is has the ability offer things our other strikers don’t, that takes time to build the chemistry and tactics
  3. Examples of teams that have been hot and cold while getting through a teething period are - Arsenal under Arteta (been about 3 years getting players and building a team - we started with no players, Arteta had a decent squad), Liverpool under Klopp (took a couple years to grow the team into his vision and get the right players in. Famously didn’t start new signings like Robertson and fabinho for 6 months so they could embed into the team), pep guardiola at man city (had a rough first year due to not having the right players, then spent 1 billion pounds on players the following seasons.)
It takes a lot of time to grow a squad and instill tactics in a team. Not saying Josh is for sure the coach we need, but he needs some time. If there’s a better option out there then sure grab that person but for now let’s wait until he’s got a few games with a healthy squad. After all, we finished in the bottom three year one and then the semifinal of the MLS cup last year. It’s a process
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2023.03.26 07:42 Grouchy-Internal-650 If anyone’s a country singer I’ve got lyrics for you

Verse 1 Well, I got my hands on some parts I'm gonna build a computer from the start I got my tools and a cup of coffee And I'm gonna make this thing run like it's coffee
Chorus: Building a computer, piece by piece It's like a puzzle, but the reward's sweet I'm gonna make it fast and strong This ol' computer's gonna sing a brand new song
Verse 2: I got my graphics card and a processor Gonna make this thing a real go-getter I'm putting in some RAM and a hard drive This thing's gonna be lightning fast, come alive
Chorus: Building a computer, piece by piece It's like a puzzle, but the reward's sweet I'm gonna make it fast and strong This ol' computer's gonna sing a brand new song
Bridge: It might take some time and a little know-how But I'm gonna make this thing work somehow I'll troubleshoot and I'll figure it out This computer's gonna make me proud
Chorus: Building a computer, piece by piece It's like a puzzle, but the reward's sweet I'm gonna make it fast and strong This ol' computer's gonna sing a brand new song
Outro: Well, I finally built that computer It's lightning fast and there ain't no hooter I can surf the web and play my games This ol' computer's gonna be my claim to fame.
Chat got everyone.
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2023.03.26 07:42 BBinMiami This is an NFL player, most likely from the San Francisco 49ers. Any ideas?

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2023.03.26 07:35 sunson90 Chihuahua with Melena/possible ulcer, vets undecided PLEASE HELP PLEASE

Species: Dog, Chihuahua
Age: 16
Sex: Female, neuter
Breed: Chihuahua
Body weight: 5lbs
History: Collapsing trachea and heart murmur treated since youth, seizures treated with gabapentin since last April
Clinical signs: Melena/pooping blood, constipation, general discomfort when going to the bathroom
Location: NYC
Hi! My dog, an elder little lady, went in to the vet on Feb 26 for melena (she pooped dark bloody stool so we rushed her in). This vet's office sort of has a rotating door of vets which does not help.
The vet that day told us "oh she prob ate something she didn't agree with" which seemed really unrealistic given the tarry stool coming out of nowhere but we trusted him, because he's the vet. We left that day with some antibiotics (Flagyl) and some probiotics. I asked if it could be an ulcer or some sort of stomach cancer and could get something to coat her stomach but was assured the antibiotics would do. Important to note that my dog is blind and has a touch of dementia so we try not to put her through too much. We fed her rice and chicken soft blended and gave her the things and she started pooping normally without blood again, if a bit strained (she was used to more fiber in her diet).
A few days ago, she stopped pooping and seemed frail. It seemed weird to not go for over 36 hours so we took her back to the vet, a different one waiting again. We took her to the vet where they gave her an enema and some fluid under the skin. Her results came back with super high bun and creat (something that had not really ever happened before with previous blood, just like regular kidney stuff for her age). She also was severely anemic. All this pointed to a likely ulcer or something in her GI tract causing her to bleed into stool, perhaps caused by kidney disease. Ideally, this would have been found a month prior but this other vet didn't even do this bloodwork. The new vet recommended euthanasia without even trying anything which I found strange considering she couldn't even give me a cause for the anemia and she had said she was fine for most of the exam until there was some blood in the stool.
I am ready to be kind to my dog when the time comes but it made no sense when 2 days ago she was fine and eating tons to give up on her without an effort at all. After some annoyance, this vet prescribed more antibiotics, something that didn't make sense considering it seemed to be a bleeding situation in the GI and there was no infection on the chart.
We finally saw our normal vet for a brief moment who finally prescribed us some sucralfate to coat the stomach, cerenia for nausea/antacid, and liqui-tinnic for anemia/iron but my dog is frail. We also give sub-cutaneous liquids now at home.
Is there something I'm missing? I'm finding it hard to trust the vet's opinions with so many different ones but all the nearby hospitals would probably want to hospitalize her (apparently its super common at the 2 nearby to just take animals in even before diagnosis) and I don't want her to be hospitalized and scared for nothing. She has started taking the sulcralfate but still seems to be passing some blood, though its getting brighter red (its only been 2 doses). Not sure what to do.
I've included the test results below. Please help! I'm begging.
Test Result Reference Range
ALB = 3.0 g/dL 2.2 - 3.9
ALKP = 111 u/L 23 - 212
ALT = 33 u/L 10 - 125
AMYL = 777 u/L 500 - 1500
BUN/UREA = 100 mg/dL H 7 - 27
Ca = 7.9 mg/dL 7.9 - 12.0
CHOL = 147 mg/dL 110 - 320
CREA = 2.7 mg/dL H 0.5 - 1.8
GGT = 0 u/L 0 - 11
GLU = 151 mg/dL H 70 - 143
LIPA = 905 u/L 200 - 1800
PHOS = 5.5 mg/dL 2.5 - 6.8
TBIL = 0.2 mg/dL 0.0 - 0.9
TP = 5.9 g/dL 5.2 - 8.2
GLOB = 2.8 g/dL 2.5 - 4.5
ALB/GLOB = 1.1
3/23/2023 L LD Hematology results from IDEXX VetLab In-clinic
Test Result Reference Range
HCT = 16.2 % L 37.3 - 61.7
BASO = 0.03 K/uL 0.00 - 0.10
EOS = 0.30 K/uL 0.06 - 1.23
HGB = 5.5 g/dL L 13.1 - 20.5
LYMPHS = 1.73 K/uL 1.05 - 5.10
MCH = 20.8 pg L 21.2 - 25.9
MCHC = 34.0 g/dL 32.0 - 37.9
MCV = 61.1 fL L 61.6 - 73.5
MONOS = 2.33 K/uL H 0.16 - 1.12
MPV = 14.3 fL H 8.7 - 13.2
RBC = 2.66 M/uL L 5.65 - 8.87
WBC = 12.05 K/uL 5.05 - 16.76
%LYMPHS = 14.4 %
%MONOS = 19.4 %
NEUT = 7.65 K/uL 2.95 - 11.64
%NEUT = 63.5 %
%EOS = 2.5 %
%BASO = 0.3 %
PLT = 797 K/uL H 148 - 484
Retics = 152.0 K/uL H 10.0 - 110.0
%Retics = 5.7 %
RDW = 12.1 % L 13.6 - 21.7
PDW = 15.1 fL 9.1 - 19.4
PCT = 1.14 % H* 0.14 - 0.46
Anemia with reticulocytosis - Likely regenerative
anemia. Monocytosis - Consider inflammation (if lymphopenia, consider glucocorticoid
3/23/2023 L LD Urinalysis results from IDEXX VetLab In-clinic
Test Result Reference Range
WBC = <1 /HPF
RBC = 4 /HPF
Bact Cocci * * Suspected
Bact Rods * * Suspected
sqEPI = None detected
nsEPI = <1 /HPF
Hya Cast = None detected
NoHya Cast = None detected
CaOxDi = None detected
Struvite = None detected
Biurat = None detected
Bilirubin = None detected
UnClass = None detected
Confirm bacteria with one of the following: Image
review SediVue Bacteria Confirmation Kit
Air-dried, stained cytological preparation ('dry prep')
Urine culture
Increased occult blood:
Consider hemoglobinuria or myoglobinuria.
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2023.03.26 07:23 EnvironmentalEgg2989 Complete path to find the ONE PIECE in colorspreads

Hi i'll show you here the complete path to find the One piece through colors spreads.
Let met tell you first Oda is a genius beyond we all thought.
And sorry English is not my prime language.

First, each mugiwara is represented by a number and a color, i call it the "Oda code"
Exemple : Luffy color is RED and number 1
Zoro color is green and number 2
You can find them here
We are also going to use some chapter's titles and images on title page and you will understand why, later on this analyse.
There are many ways to find the One Piece in colorspreads and i'll show you how. Because yes Oda through colorspreads shows what the One Piece is gonna be.

first let me convince you that the "oda code" is true and the colors are not chosen at random most of the time.
we have 3 codes on Usopp lets start with these two
For the first code I take the chair part on usopp's left, we got 7 and 499
chapter 7 is named "friends"
chap 499 is named " sabaody park"
So we have the image of cp 9 on chapter 499 and the title of chapter 7 friends. Looks like a lot with Lucci and Kaku joining forces with mugis

and in this one you can see the cp9 on the title's page
let's continue with the second code on usopp's chair
we still have the 499 but the 7isn't alone now it's 797
chapter 797 "Rebecca"

I still don't know because we saw on chapter 499 title's page that there is the cp9, does is means she is with CP or just at Sabaody. But i think it's more about the image too here. Telling us Marine is coming.

And the MASTERCLASS is on Usopp's hat it anounces Stussy Trahison!!!!
Yellow lightings shape are here to mark the separation betweens each code.
so The hat gives us 476 / 4 / 76 / 46 and 7
chap 476 "Nightmare luffy"
chap4"Marine Captain Axe-hand Morgan"
chap46" An unvited guest"
chap76 "Sleep "
so in this order we have chapter
chapter 476 "Nightmare luffy"
chapter 4 "Marine Captain Axe-hand Morgan"
Chapter 76 "Sleep "
chapter 46 " An unvited guest"
chapter 7 "Friends"

We have our sentence ^^ Nightmare luff'ys marine sleep (Rob Lucci). An unvited guest is a friend.(Stussy)
Looks like a lot with Stussy putting Lucci and Kaku to sleep. And joining/helping mugis.

And there is so much to say about this page but i'll put this aside. I'm here to show you the One Piece and how to find it.

Let's Start with chapter 992 colorspread
chap 992 "Remnants"

There is a remnant here on this image

and we can find this castle in chapter 843 color spread too

It's Kumamoto's castle we have here, with mugis and a big raibow over it. So the big difference here is just the rainbow.

def: plural noun: remnants :
  1. a part or quantity that is left after the greater part has been used, removed, or destroyed."

ok back to chap 992 colorspread and let's check it again.
There is a rainbow on this one but LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK

The symbol is way too strong to be ignored for me. Luffy, putting his hat on the raibown, his TREASURE.
Is there a cauldron with gold like in irish legends, at the end of the rainbow???? (that was my first thought when i saw this hat on the raibow)
Starting here, i checked all colorspreads with raibows and..... We don't need all colorspread to find the treasure at the end of the Rainbow but i'll use all other rainbows on every colorspread to convince you all. And there is not only one way to find it.
So let's go to chapter 949

We don't need the title here, only the colorspread. And there are 2 codes here leading to the One Piece.

let's start by the Logo we have 2/9/1 let's check this chapter " I'm right here" and in japanese "Koko ni iru"

so the title leads to another chapter??? let"s see it after i finish with the second code

2nd code : 1/9/2/1 ouuuupps there is no chapter 1921; So i put aside the first "1" cuz it's the one piece.
So we get 921 too...... hmmmm. Seems like an important chapter ^^

so both codes leads to 921 saying I'm there


chap921 "shutenmaru"
I don't know,if the title has a link with the One piece but we have a color spread

Hi ladies, genius Oda as allways. I love you^^
So what to say first, we have our rainbow here too :)

Then one last code to crack, but it's not usual "Oda code", let's see.

1st step starting from perona to Nami you get "PERONA" if you use each girl 1st syllabe
2nd step applying the same for the 2 characters on perona's leftside giving us "SHITA"
SHITA means =
So i turned Perona down and.....
Last step :

Here we got Perona pointing to her umbrella; upside down it looks like a cauldron.

Now i'll put here all raibows and what they means, there are still few where i'm not sure about them. But ill put them here too maybe someone can find something. And we know too why Roger was there too early. THE MEAL WAS JUST NOT READY YET :D .
Bon Appettit
Thank you so much for reading me if you came this far, let me know what you all think

Bonus : Starting here u are gonna be amazed for how long Oda cooked this plan. The oldest colorspread is from chapter

umbrellas to show the shape to look for, when we reach the right color spread chap 717 chap949 chap 835

Upside down to reveal the truth chap334 chap707 chap886

Follow rainbows chap 483 chap 872 chap 890
FOOD chap 537 chap 811 chap 985 chapter 1011
Music chap 304 chap 717

I'll explain this one, just under the big umbrella, u can see a number leading to chapter 15 chap 15 "GONG"

I don't know, i don't want to say wrong things here chap 226 642 chap 900 1028

I'll finish by one of my favorite almost everything is here and even Gold D Roger

we can find our 2 umbrellas, rainbows inside cups too with ice and a the little umbrella again leading to chapter 291 stuck to the watermelon.....

And everyone reaction looks like them when finding the One Piece ><

Thanks for reading me again, le me know what you all think about it. I'll explain every links between rainbows later.

And if you want analyse on one color spread specifically let me know too :)
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2023.03.26 07:20 juicetinman What if they release season 2 in 2026 for the next World Cup

Basically the title. Blue Lock gained its massive popularity mostly due to it being released alongside the 2022 Qatar World Cup occurring, which was not a coincidence clearly. Since the anime production only had 9 months to animate all 24 episodes, it was no surprise why the animation in season 1 was not as good as we hoped it to be. But now that season 1 is complete and a movie and a new season is coming out, I think this is another great chance to boost Blue Lock's popularity by releasing the second season in 2026 for the next World Cup, and this also gives them more time to animate it properly and better.
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2023.03.26 07:17 YooperScooper3000 Mom Used My Toothbrush

Female, 45 years old, 5’4”, 150 lbs., Prolactinoma—Cabergoline 1 pill/week, non-smoker, 3-4 glasses of wine/week. I get B12 shots occasionally, take a multivitamin and magnesium supplements.
In November, my mom, who is starting to get dementia, used my toothbrush, which I didn’t find out about until after I also used it.
Unfortunately, she has had a mystery health problem for years with intense, whole body itching, particularly in her legs/feet, aching legs, a burning mouth and headaches. Within 24 hours of her using my toothbrush, my mouth also started to burn and feel like pinpricks. This lasted for approximately 1 1/2 weeks and then went away.
The end of February, I noticed a white growth that was like a grain of rice under my tongue. My tongue was also swollen and burning again. I began to study it to see what was going on. Then, I noticed white lines that moved locations under my tongue. Yep, I believe she gave me a parasite and, now knowing this, I think that this has been her long-term, mystery illness.
Since then, I have been to my primary care doctor and the ER. The ER was useless—one doctor tried to remove the “lines” by swiping at them with gauze and the other threw up her hands and said, “This is the U.S. we don’t have parasites here.” They prescribed mouthwash. My primary care doctor said he didn’t think they were parasites and that I would be a lot sicker if this was the case. No testing.
Now what? The “lines” have moved from my tongue now and I feel movement and pressure in my ears and nose. Where do I go from here to get help? What tests do I try to get?
Any advice is appreciated. I’m truly freaking out here. The sheer bad luck of this situation is astounding to me.
FYI—My sister lives closer to my mom and is working to try to get her to a doctor. My mom has worked a series of high risk jobs—one in particular was as a hazardous airplane cleaner where they strip down planes in full protective gear and involved regular exposure to insects from around the world. She was also a nursing home aide for many years.
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2023.03.26 07:16 beardlesshipster Daily Song Discussion #85: Line of Best Fit

This is the eighth track from Death Cab for Cutie’s demo album, You Can Play These Songs With Chords. The song later appeared on the band’s debut album, Something About Airplanes. How do you feel about this song? Which version do you prefer? What are some of your favorite lyrics? What’s your favorite live performance of the song? How would you rank it among the rest of the band’s discography? How would you rate it out of 10 (decimals allowed)?
Studio version
SUGGESTED SCALE: 1-4: Not good. Regularly skip. 5: It’s okay, but I might have to be in the right mood to listen to it. 6: Slightly better than average. I won’t skip it, but I wouldn’t choose to put it on. 7: This is a good song. I enjoy it quite a bit. 8-9: Really enjoyable songs. I rank them pretty high overall. 10: Masterpiece, magnum opus, or similar terminology.
Rating Results 1. President of What?: 7.72/10 2. Champagne from a Paper Cup: 7.67/10 3. Amputations: 4. Line of Best Fit: 5. New Candles: 6.05/10 6. Flustered / Hey Tomcat!: 4.25/10 7. Wait: 8. Prove My Hypotheses: 6.71/10 9. Army Corps of Architects: 8.92/10
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2023.03.26 07:07 Queasy_Newspaper_373 Rare conservative reporter W with the term ‘pecker checker’ for Ron DeSantis…Hassan, thoughts?

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2023.03.26 06:55 Adam-best Useful Portable Handheld Steam Iron

UPGRATED VERSION – Dual steamer and Iron. Produces a powerful and consistent steam. 2 in 1 for Flat hot and Hanging hot. Safer structure design to minimize leaking water. More sufficiently, and bursts strong hot steam swiftly, without water sputtering.
QUICK & POWERFUL – Ceramic soleplate, heating up just 50s, prevents clothes from damaged. Powerful and stable steam to remove heavy wrinkle, odors and degerming.The steam is continuous and powerful, which can penetrate the clothes deeply and quickly.
SUITABLE FOR MOST FABRICS – One handheld fabric steamer to make shirts, suits, down clothes, night dress, wedding dress, pants crease free.

MULTIFUNCTION – Strong steam can be used in many ways-Cleaning dust. Pillow high temperature clean, sofa clean etc.
BEST EXPERIENCE – We also provide 100 ML Measuring Cup. Perfect for travel and home use.


Directly hanging your clothes on the hanger, putting them flat on ironing board or even on the table. (you need to add the water in the tank(100ML) not more than the max line or it will leak or spoil when you ironing).
Secondly, adjust the temperature dial to the max, then the working light turned red. After the working light turned off, you can adjust the temperature to what you want, there has three settings, so them you can press the steamer button, and begin working.
Finally, just add water and turn on, waiting for 50 sec, you can start ironing your clothes.


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2023.03.26 06:47 Staidly Notes from UJSSM run

In the spirit of sharing experience:
5 gal bucket UJSSM, 4th generation 1.6 gal 900w water distiller with SCR
After two generations of basically corn only and one generation of half corn/half cob, this is all-cob (cob is feed store corn/oats/barley). I did a mash at 150F for an hour first before adding grains (it didn’t extract much tbh). 2 Chinese yeast balls and a squirt of glucoamylase. Fermentation time was less than 2 weeks, estimated ABV was about 10% after added sugar.
Three stripping runs, total processed was 4 gal of wash, a quart of tails, and a few cups of grain from the bucket. This gave me about 5L of low wines. Did I forget to measure ABV? Yup.
Added close to a liter of tails and a few more cups of grain from the bucket to the spirit run.
Cuts were done by taste (diluted 50% with water). I took tails at 55%. The 200 mL or so between 65% and 55% were kinda sus but they went in and should age just fine. I took tails down to below 10%.
Voltage was 100% until started dripping then pulled back to 80% for stripping runs and tails, 40% for heads and hearts.
Output is 300 mL heads, 2L hearts at 75%, and 800 mL of tails. I anticipate a final product of 3.3L of 45%. Will age at 55% on toasted cherry chips and second use oak cubes.
White spirit is dusty grain on the nose. Aside from the new spirit burn the flavor on the palate is pretty light, I’m not getting as much flavor as I was with the all corn runs.
The base flavor is light but not objectionable. It will make a “smooth” drop rather than a “complex” drop. I have some procedural things to iron out and other grains I’d like to try, and I’m practicing my mashing technique too. Lots to learn, room to grow. I make better rum for sure, but that’s also because of the dunder. I keep thinking that there must be a way to make whiskey style dunders…
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2023.03.26 06:40 x360_revil_st84 AITA for standing by my gf after her mum told her that she's too skinny and not eating enough??

So my gf is 19, 5'3" and 120 lbs Per the BMI she is smack dab in the middle of a healthy weight. Now even though the BMI is not a respectable standard, bc a body builder is considered muscle, not fat.
I know that she eats responsibly and exercises 3-4x a day, alternating between upper & lower body every week. Her abs are well toned, small muscle in her arms and legs and the % of her fat is in her butt. She's absolutely beautiful, she's proud of her body, and I'm proud of her hard work as well. She is v healthy. I love cooking her breakfast & dinner, and she eats like 3/4 to her whole plate. Example, for breakfast on the weekends, I'll make 7 mini pancakes (size of my palm, a cup or dry pancake mix) 1 egg for her and 1 egg for me with cheese as an omelet, she eats that up and we both eat again for dinner, I'll cook a cup of rice and two chicken breasts as an example.
She said she got into an argument with her mom the entire day saying that she's too skinny & not eating enough. She's trying to convince her that she's eating just fine, but her mother just argues with her. Idk the rest of their convo.
We've been together for 7 months and I told her that, based on facts and what I know she is not too skinny and I expressed that I was upset with what her mom told her and said that was disrespectful telling her daughter she was too skinny and that she should trust her daughter knows how to take care of her body.
My gf said that I completely disrespected her mother and that she's prolly just concerned and that's it.
So AITA for disrespecting my gf's mother? I apologized to her and said I didn't mean to disrespect her mom at all. She forgave me, but said she'll defend her parents and her parents come first, which I respect and completely understand.
So did I completely screw up here and made a mountain out of a mole hill by overthinking things??
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2023.03.26 06:38 Worxle What does "good idling" look like?

As I'm working through various problems I realize I'm not entirely sure what good looks like.
So when I get this thing sorted, and the bike is able to start and idle smoothly... How smooth is a 1 cyl tractor?
What idle speed RPM is "right"? Let's say I set it to 1,000 rpm by adjusting throttle, and airfuel mix in carb.
Do these tractors idle smoothly? I mean sure 1 cyl makes vibration, but does that mean the Rev counter also oscillates? Mine has always oscillated up and down between 1,000 rpm / 1,100 rmp. I. E. It's not steady.
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2023.03.26 06:36 LoneStarGeneral Is there a simple, safe way to increase iron intake by dissolving iron powder in a soluble acidic drink?

Recent studies show that cooking foods in a cast iron pan can drastically increase an individual's iron intake, especially for acidic foods like spaghetti sauce. With this same concept, is it feasible to supplement an already-acidic food with iron in pre-measured portions?
I recognize that uptake of iron is much higher when the iron is molecularly bonded to a protein, and even higher when it's in the heme iron form, but heme iron supplements are expensive and therefore not feasible for many lower-income families. Cast iron cooking is also not for everyone.
Let's use an example: 1. Let's use the RDA of iron for women: 19 mg/day
  1. Assume an absorption of 10% using this alternate ingestion method; therefore target intake 190 mg/day of elemental raw iron (assume 10x less uptake per mass compared to molecular-bonded iron which the RDA assumes).
  2. Buy fire iron powder from a chemical supply house or make at home using nails and a ball mill.
  3. Mix a 10-day batch of orange juice- 10 cups juice and 1.9 g iron shavings; let sit for a couple days and ensure powder is adequately dissolved.
  4. Consume 1 cup/day of juice and get your RDA.
I've made some big assumptions regarding solubility, but am curious if this concept would work. Several women in my life are iron deficient so it got me thinking about possible ways to address this.
EDIT: folks are misinterpreting the question. I know you can use a cast iron pan, the iron fish, and eat iron rich foods such as beef. This is more of a hypothetical from a biochemical/nutrotion stanpoint to see if this would work. If I ate otherwise healthy but iron-low foods, and drank this iron-powder supplemented OJ/spaghetti sauce could I get all my recommended iron?
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2023.03.26 06:34 youraveragefailure12 Ya'll got any tips?

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2023.03.26 06:29 PinkPearMartini Recipe: Cinnamon-Apple-Pecan Bread

(source at end)
1 1/2 pound loaf
1 1/8 cup Buttermilk 2 Tbsp Walnut oil
3 cups Bread flour 3 Tbsp Light brown sugar 1 Tbsp Wheat gluten 1 1/4 tsp Salt 1 Tbsp Ground cinnamon
2 tsp SAF yeast OR 2 1/2 tsp Bread Machine Yeast
1/2 cup Chopped dried apples 1/3 cup Chopped pecans
Set crust on medium and use either the Basic cycle, or a fruit & nut cycle if your machine has that option.
I do not recommend using the dispenser in your machine if it has one. The apples are too sticky and by the time they're ready to drop, the warm moisture from the machine will turn them into a sticky mess. Just wait until the appropriate time to add the apples and nuts.
I dried my own apple slices in a food dehydrator for this, and they work fine.
Source, my favorite cookbook: "The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook" by Beth Hensperger
Your local library may have it (or other bread machine cookbooks), and it's currently $6 on eBay. The kindle version is $11 I think. I highly recommend it!
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2023.03.26 06:24 Electronic_Memory_37 It annoys me so much when people use tons of single portion items at once instead of just getting a bigger size

i have a hugeeee pet peeve of people wasting plastic for no reason.
For example this lady at my job, instead of bringing a water bottle to work , grabs 5+ plastic cups of water (we offer for free for customers) at once because she wants to “stay hydrated”. It’s just so damn wasteful. We also have one of those water refilling fountains at my job which she could use to refill the cups, that’s what i do. NOT grab a crazy amount at once like an idiot and throw away all that plastic. it’s insane to me. On top of this half the time she never even finishes them and leaves them laying around which they then have to be thrown away that’s a waste of plastic + water. I’m not going to tell her what to do but i want to scream at her so bad.. Every shift i see her walk to the front of the store and comes back holding so many at once all stacked on to of each other, to the point she’s clearly struggling to hold it all and only drinks 1 or 2. Are you seriously that lazy that you can’t drink one, go back and grab another or simply fucking refill it because we offer water refilling at the fountain?!
It also annoys me when i see people put multiple small packages of things into a big container when that product comes in larger sizes. Or buying huge packs of water bottles and drinking all of them super fast throwing away all that plastic instead of buying a gallon+ jug and putting it into glass cups, or getting a Brita (if either are accessible). I don’t understand this .. do y’all not care about the environment whatsoever ? if you have the option why tf not?
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2023.03.26 06:09 xNanaOsaki [Routine Help] Which products should I introduce first if I'm starting a new proper skincare routine?

I used to have a really, really long skincare routine. After some months, I felt burnt out by it and I ended up not having any kind of routine and had to throw away at least €1000 worth of products because I opened them all at once (to test the textures) despite them having similar uses and there being no way I could use them all within 6-8 months.
For the last couple of months, I've been taking care of my skin again but I wanted to start small.
All I've been doing is:
  1. CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser
  2. The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA
Haven't been using an SPF because I'm home all day.
I ran out of my cleanser and instead of just restocking on that one thing, I ended up buying a bunch of products. This is what I have right now:
  1. Nacific - Fresh Herb Origin Cleansing Oil
  2. Logically, Skin - ACNE Cleanser
Treatments (Exfoliants, Masks, Spot Treatment & Vitamin C):
  1. The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution
  2. The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution
  3. The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%
  4. LION - Pair Acne Cream W
  5. Isntree - Real Mugwort Clay Mask
Toners & Essences:
  1. P.CALM - Barrier_cycle Toner
  2. Haruharu WONDER - Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner - Fragrance Free
  3. BEAUTY OF JOSEON Ginseng Essence Water
  4. Dr. Ceuracle Kombucha Tea Essence
Ampoules & Serums:
  1. COSRX - Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
  2. VEGREEN - Fragrance-Free Cica Serum
  3. AMPLE:N - Peptide Shot Ampoule
  4. Haruharu WONDER - Black Rice Hyaluronic Anti-wrinkle Serum
  5. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
  6. The Ordinary Buffet
Moisturisers, Mists and SPF:
  1. The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA
  2. Avène Cicalfate
  3. ILLIYOON - Ceramide Ato Concentrate Cream
  4. PURITO - Oat-In Calming Gel Cream
  5. DIY Face Oil Mix (Argan, Black Seed, Apricot, Rosehip & Vitamin E)
  6. Haruharu WONDER - Black Bamboo Mist
  7. La Roche Posay Anthelios Uvmune 400 Invisible Fluid Spf 50+ Fragrance Free
I don't want to burn out like before and I also don't want to introduce all these at once. Would a simplified routine like the one below be a good starting point for maybe a couple weeks? And then I introduce a serum at a time?
  1. Logically, Skin - ACNE Cleanser
  2. The Ordinary - Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution - every two days (I used to use this daily with no issues)
  3. Dr. Ceuracle Kombucha Tea Essence
  4. The Ordinary - Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA
  5. La Roche Posay Anthelios Uvmune 400 Invisible Fluid Spf 50+ Fragrance Free
  1. Nacific - Fresh Herb Origin Cleansing Oil
  2. Logically, Skin - ACNE Cleanser
  3. BEAUTY OF JOSEON Ginseng Essence Water
  4. Haruharu WONDER - Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner Fragrance Free
  5. ILLIYOON - Ceramide Ato Concentrate Cream
  6. DIY Face Oil Mix (27.5% Argan, 24% Black Seed, 24% Apricot, 24% Rosehip & 0.5% Vitamin E) - 2-3 drops
Skin type: Combination, very dehydrated
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