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2023.03.22 16:31 ScoobyDooItInTheButt I've found the ultimate deal! There's no way this couldn't be real!

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2023.03.22 16:30 ogreatgames Forza Horizon: Lively Racing Experience - Xbox 360 Game

Forza Horizon: Lively Racing Experience - Xbox 360 Game

![video](vl07dnjh30z81 " Experience fantastic street racing while riding different types of racing cars in Forza Horizon. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#xbox360 #racing #action --
Forza Horizon for Microsoft Xbox 360. Rule the road and aim to go as fast as possible! Drive along the open streets and tear up the track with vehicles from excellent car brands such as BMW, Ford, Honda, Dodge, Hyundai, Chevrolet, and more! Experience intense realism and accurate car physics as you take on the Forza Horizon Festival. Drive fast aggressively and earn popularity to unlock special events. Play different race types, such as point-to-point, drift, and rally, while pumping your gas to the absolute limit! --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.03.22 16:30 Amped316 Dealer Mistake - asking us to pay

My daughter bought a car yesterday and declined the protection plan in finance. They called today saying we have to pay for the plan because the interior protection (part of the plan) was already applied and charged to the inventory vehicle and "certified". But we did not receive the additional key that is supposed to be part of the plan and no documentation since we declined it. They are trying to buy the rate down on financing to cover the cost, but I'm inclined to tell them they have to eat it. Anyone here with finance experience that can verify we don't have to pay? I'm concerned they will hold processing on her tags if we don't and it will get messy.
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2023.03.22 16:30 Helpful-Principle817 Did results for the Department of Biology usra come out?

Let's say I got rejected. Would I receive a rejection email or something?
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2023.03.22 16:29 Advanced_Falcon_2816 One of the most iconic features of the GTA series is the ability to steal cars and other vehicles and use them to explore the game world

One of the most iconic features of the GTA series is the ability to steal cars and other vehicles and use them to explore the game world. Fans are hoping for even more variety and options in GTA 6, with new vehicles to steal and customize, and new ways to use them in the game.
GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪
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2023.03.22 16:28 wejaiz During a routine review of your IBKR account ************, our Compliance Department detected that your brokerage account is being primarily used to transact foreign currencies.

Just woke up this morning with this message on my Message Center:
Dear Mr. ****,
During a routine review of your IBKR account *********, our Compliance Department detected that your brokerage account is being primarily used to transact foreign currencies. While currency conversion is offered on our platform, the service is intended to facilitate trading on international markets, but it is not intended as a mechanism to convert and withdraw foreign currencies. IBKR's brokerage accounts are offered for the purpose of trading financial instruments. Our company does not offer brokerage account currency conversion and withdrawal only services.
IBKR's compliance team will continue to monitor your account and if the current volume of currency conversion and withdrawal activity continues, we may be forced to take action on your account to prevent such activity.
We value your business, and we appreciate your prompt attention in assisting us in resolving this inquiry.
Thank you, IBKR Compliance Department

Has anyone else received this message as well before? I mean, I remember getting a notification stating the same days earlier but now it's the Compliance Deparment directly messaging me. I honestly replied back to them letting them know that they did charge me a FX conversion fee, so not sure what's all the Fuzz. Yeah yeah yeah, people will tell me that it's not their main focus/business, yet it's there and I don't recall being warned on the onboarding against that.
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2023.03.22 16:28 RROD93 Does Technical Analysis Really Work?

"I have found no better way to identify the trend than through chart analysis." Paul Tudor Jones

Technical Analysis. Hate it or love it but you can’t be indifferent to the concept if you call yourself a trader or a wanna be trader.
But is technical analysis after all? How does it work? How can it help you? How can it not help you? What are the main misconceptions related to it?

Let’s start from the beginning: what is technical analysis afterall?

Technical analysis is a method of analyzing financial markets based on the study of historical price and volume data to identify patterns and trends. That easy! Nothing more nothing less.

How, by the way?

Charts! Charts are the core for charts are the vehicle that displays the behavior of price and volume. Remember that these are the ultimate external subject technical analysis: price and volume.
How about the glamorous fibonacci retracements, moving averages, oscillators, stochastics, candlesticks … and so on?
These are not black boxes … they have no predictive power, they are humble tools that measure and report what the price is doing.
For example the simple moving average, let’s say for the 10 period single moving average. All it does is displaying the average price close of the last 10 periods … It's a simple mathematical formula, nothing else.

Now perhaps a more important question: Why? What drives technical analysts to trust in technical analysis?

The common-held belief by technical chartists and traders is that price movements follow recognizable patterns that can be used to make profitable trading decisions.
But what is the underlying justification for those patterns? Well, a hands-on trader does not care why the patterns recur, they just care that the pattern recur and appear with statistical significance which he can exploit.
The markets are moved most of all by rationality, some fewer times by irrationality, human bias and emotions and even fewer times by rare and unpredictable events. All of these three with significant impact in the markets. Technical analysis is just a tool to measure this ration behavior by investors and traders, irrational behavior … and even to measure past black swans.

Which are the misconceptions about technical analysis?

Technical analysis has gained a shady reputation because it is unfairly promoted as a crystal ball capable of predicting the future and yielding infinite returns.
That's a pure lie. Nobody can predict the future. Nobody. No technical analyst, no fundamental analyst, no central bank analyst brainiac … no one whatsoever.
Why? Because although rationality and irrationality can be fairly charted … the element of chaos introduced by black swans result into an infinitude of possibilities about what the future could look like.

Ok, so why even bother using technical analysis?

Remember that it is only a measuring tool. Remember that in life and in trading, although we are indoctrinated to think about the world in terms of certainties, we live in the realm of probabilities, not certainties.
Technical analysis is a differentiating tool because although no one knows the future, some things tend to happen more often than others. If you measure those things, you can capitalize from this asymmetry, provided you understand that this is only stage one of your trading process.
Here are three examples of how technical analysis can help traders capitazing from the element that move the markets:
Rational behavior:
Hedge Fund X, after a due diligent rational process determined that company Y sells enough products and earns profits to justify an investment of a huge amount of their shares so they bought a big bunch of shares from stock Y.
As a consequence of this heavy purchase, the chart of this stock showed a breakout into all time highs with heavy volume (technical analysis already).
You, the smart, retail trader have trained yourself to screen these breakouts and ride them until the price closes below the 50 EMA (technical analysis), because you’ve backtested this setup with the use of technical analysis and it tends to yield a lot of money 30 out of 100 trades, enough to pay for the 70 losing trades and still leave you with an hefty amount of money.
Irrational Behavior:
Stock Y, which you had earlier purchased picked up so much attention from the public, that now everybody wants to ride the rally. Everybody is scared of being the only loser who has not made a fortune with this stock, so they keep on buying and feeding the frenzy.
As a diligent technical analysis trader … although you know that the price can keep on going further, your studies have shown you that as of the moment yous pot an RSI bearish divergence after a strong rally (i.e), the market you are trading tends to be more exposed to the possibility of a big loss than to the possibility of a big win … so you know it is not worth your hard earned money neither way.
Black Swans:
You know that they tend to happen every now and then, they show up and make either massive damage or deliver massive gains.
So you specialize in measuring market conditions where you will benefit exponentially from the occurrence of these events. So you discover (i.e) that those market conditions are at its pronest to benefit the most from positive black swans when the broad market is at RSI below 30 or to benefit the most from negative events when the broad market is at RSI 80+ (technical analysis).
So whenever the broad market is reading these numbers you start looking for your setups more aggressively. You find 10 that meet your criterions … you take the trade with proper risk management rules. 9 do not work, the 10 come with a black swan that resulted in a massive profit that paid for the other. 9. You are now a richer trader because you employed technical analysis to study the past, measure risk and reward.
Technical analysis is not a crystal ball. It is a measuring tool. Learn how to harness its benefits and it takes very good care of you.
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2023.03.22 16:28 bostonglobe Springfield mother says she hopes to be a foster parent for newborn child left on her doorstep

After spending the weekend celebrating their nephew’s birthday at a waterpark, Juliannys and Angel Aviles arrived back at their Springfield home to find something had been left on their doorstep.
It was dark, so it wasn’t clear what it was, and Juliannys teased her husband that he had forgotten something when they were loading the car.
But as they came closer, they realized it was a car seat, turned upside down. Then they heard a baby’s cries.
It was a newborn boy, who had been abandoned on their front stoop sometime between 9 p.m. Friday and 12:40 a.m. Saturday, police would tell the stunned couple, who arrived home Sunday night around 8 or 9. As authorities continued to search for the child’s mother, Juliannys Aviles said she and her husband plan to fill out an application to foster the child after discussing it Monday night.
”I’m taking it as a blessing right now, there’s nothing else I can think of,” Aviles said in a phone interview. “There are many houses around, and I feel like she chose mine for a reason.”
Aviles, 28, who works as a patient care technician at Baystate Medical Center, said she had no idea who dropped the infant off or why they chose her house on Entrybrook Drive. But she believes it happened for a reason.
“This baby was left there for us,” she said. “I don’t even know how old this baby is, but he’s meant to be in our family.”
The couple found the child still strapped into the car seat, which had likely toppled over in the wind. Aviles said she called 911 immediately and police and EMS arrived in less than 20 minutes.
Aviles said the baby, now being treated for hypothermia at the hospital where she works, cried each time she tried to unwrap the blanket swaddling him.
“His feet were swollen, they were red, his whole body was cracked from the cold,” she said. ”I feel like a couple more hours and we would not have found this baby, unfortunately, alive.”
Beside the car seat was a bag with diapers, pacifiers, bottles, formula, and a note begging for the person who found the child to take care of him, Aviles said. A police department spokesman confirmed a note was left in the bag but said authorities are “not revealing the contents of the note at this time.”
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2023.03.22 16:28 Merpkiller Any caravans heading past Michigan?

Howdy, thinking of heading to wasteland for the first time this year after discovering this awesome gig.
So far I have been trying to plan things together with some friends and keep getting lost when matters come to logistics, getting a big enough vehicle rounded up to haul friends and supplies and feasibly cross the U.S. is surprisingly more difficult than one would imagine. (Never done a road trip before.)
Was just curious if there happened to be any caravans headed down to the event from the nearby region I could join up with, or a place to find such a group.
Any advice or tips appreciated too! My personal vehicle is a sedan so I dont think I could get away with hauling multiple friends and their geacamping supplies. Unless I manage to find another friend with something to haul with.
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2023.03.22 16:27 Charming_Netapp Pixel Car Racer Mod 95K Money & Crates iOS and Android 2023

Pixel Car Racer Mod 95K Money & Crates iOS and Android 2023

Pixel Car Racer MOD APK is a pixel-art graphics racing game that promises to bring a lot of excitement for players. If you are addicted to racing and cars, you cannot ignore this game.
Once again, a racing game, a classic theme that game developers are still pursuing tirelessly. This time is also an exception that does not coincide with the common denominators, Pixel Car Racer is a quite unique racing game, with strange pixel-art graphics, arcade gameplay, and retro races, promising to bring exciting exciting races
In the game, not only is a simple racer participating in the race every day, but you are also a garage owner holding a lot of super cars, modern engines and tools. Sometimes, you don't race for a championship, but you race for a prize that is an accessory of the car that you are missing.
Of course, with racing games in particular and sports in general, I recommend playing on a smartphone with a large screen with headphones. Because the visuals, effects, sound, and background music in these games have a huge impact on your gameplay experience, and most of them are extremely inspiring.

Customize your cars and racetracks
First, you will enter your garage, freely choose any super car you like. Then you use your gear to customize the car, from general colors, vignettes, wheels, frame, nose, bottom, ceiling, height … all can be changed according to the options are available in the game. You can even intervene deeply into the car's interior by changing the speed, fixing the brakes, or increasing the strength and resistance of the car during long races. Of course, even if it is your garage, but every time you upgrade the car like that you also bear a cost.
Later when you join the race, you will have the opportunity to earn money and upgrade your collection of vehicles, accessories, and gear. In total, Pixel Car Racer has more than 100 different types of supercars, with 1000 replacement parts inside and out. Needless to say, you can also imagine the richness of the cars after each customization.

Exciting races with varied modes
The car is done. Now, let's get in. First you can choose to play offline against your computer or online with any player on the network. Whatever the mode, you have to launch at full speed, letting the enemy smell the smoke. The feeling of playing a racing game, it is not only the tracks, not only the beautiful car but also the competition in every centimeter on the asphalt. It feels great, doesn't it?
I thought the game's pixel art graphics might make it difficult to make fascinating tracks, but Pixel Car Racer proves the opposite. Avoid the graphical trap that often stumbles in 3D simulation racing games based on real races and scenes. With this classic pixel image, just a little bit of negligence, the player will realize the weird, fake and unpleasant feeling that hangs around throughout the game.
But in Pixel Car Racer, it is different. This classic retro graphic style has made you completely not pay much attention to whether the tracks are real or not, the 3D perspective is reasonably or not. You only focused on the vehicle, the competition, and the tough spots on the road.

Gameplay as for children, but also difficult to play
Another good thing about this game is the gameplay. Almost on mobile phones or on tablets, your only action is to press and touch the screen. Based on the steering wheel control frame available on the screen, you can easily choose the speed, turn left, right, accelerate or brake in the most direct way, no need to imagine or anything.

The second good thing is the items in Pixel Car Racer. From small to large, you will be able to collect many items along the way without having to win. For example, every time you pass a difficult turn you will get points, a bonus, and sometimes it is very generous.
The third good thing is the game modes. Agree that you can play online and offline. But in the offline mode, you also have many other mini modes such as sprinting with limited time, endless racing, free racing, custom racing in long races.

MOD version of Pixel Car Racer
MOD feature
95K Money & Crates: You start the game with 95,000 Money & Crates
No Ads
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2023.03.22 16:25 tonnie_taller AIS for Taxpayer Mobile App Launched by Income Tax Department to Share TDS, Transaction Information

The Income Tax department on Wednesday said it has launched the AIS for Taxpayer mobile app which will give taxpayers a comprehensive view of their information related to TDS/TCS, interest, dividends and share transactions, and an option to provide feedback. The mobile app will facilitate taxpayers to view their information as available in the Annual Information … Continue reading AIS for Taxpayer Mobile App Launched by Income Tax Department to Share TDS, Transaction Information
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2023.03.22 16:25 Late-Reference199 what's the next 5 years look like?

I want to buy a new car in the next 5 years or so, my current car has some low level autonomy, and I honestly didn't trust it at first, and it isn't perfect but overtime I've found I genuinely appreciate the active lane keeping and dynamic distance keeping cruise control, for long trips.
So I was wondering from a consumer grade vehicle can we expect any rapid improvement in the next few years to make it worth buying another one?
And if so what automakers are leading the pack? I ask because if I looked at this 5 years ago I would have said tesla without a doubt. But honestly it seems like their progress has kind of plateued and the other traditional car manufacturers are just about neck and neck with them.
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2023.03.22 16:25 ComprehensivePair268 Anyone have experience with FEMA CDP resident courses?

I’m a member of a volunteer department outside of a major US city. Has anyone from a similar organization had any success with getting approved for any of FEMA’s “all expense paid” resident courses?
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2023.03.22 16:24 deadduk Da Finch man advice

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2023.03.22 16:23 Idonthavearedditlol The Destruction of Mel And Dave

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2023.03.22 16:23 RROD93 Stealth Mode Trading: The Retail Trader's Competitive Advantage in the Markets

"A battle goes on in the stock market and the tape is your telescope. You can depend upon it in seven out of ten cases."

Jesse Livermore

Safe for some extraordinary exceptions where retail traders move the markets … and I’m thinking of the recent $GME and $AMC frenzies, who do you think moves the markets?
You? With your 500$ - $10000 buy/sell orders? What impact do you think your sales and purchases of shares from companies with dozens,hundreds,thousands of millions of outstanding shares has?
Unless you are colluding with thousands of other retail traders (And even then you’ll need stocks with exceptionally low float, short interest and perfect timing to make a dime), your buy and sell orders won’t even scratch the price action of any liquid stock out there.
Oh! It goes without saying that we are having this brainstorming session because if you want to make money from the markets, you need a market movement from A to B. Just a short parentheses between ideas.
Who moves the markets then? Someone with very deep pockets. Who are they? The institutional investors and insiders. They don't buy or sell in $10,000.- chunks. Try instead $10,000,000.- chunks … or more, much more. These orders can definitely dent the stocks’ price action, hands down. It’s hard for these orders to find enough traders on the other side to absorb them. So these orders alone tend to severely impact the price of the stock. These orders tend to draw a lot of attention. These orders tend to trigger a lot of emotions as well. These orders tend to create momentum in either direction.
Now, what do these types of investors have in common? They know,hands down, more about the companies they are putting their money or taking their money from, than you will ever wil. They are the brightest minds out there, they have the brightest and hardworking departments or brainiacs working for them, they are on the board of these companies themselves …
Can you really compete with them and anticipate their moves? Are you really so smart that you know more about that company and the world economical outset than these guys do?
Here’s something else these guys have in common … the reason behind this article:
… they have no means of hiding these gigaorders. When they fill these orders two things happen: 1 - they need to report them to the SEC; 2 - for those who can read the charts, these decisions show in the charts.
If an insider thinks the numbers of the company won’t be competitive for the next quarter, she might sell a bulky stake … it will show in the charts.
If a CEO wants to buy a new 3 store yacht, she will sell stock to raise money … it will show in the charts. Not a business related decision? Well, it does not matter … it is one less heavy operator in the market giving support to the stock.
Warren Buffet thinks the company is great and he buys? … it will show in the charts.
Nancy Pelosi knows the Senate will approve laws that jeopardize the company’s function and she sells? … it will show in the charts.
Elon Musk wants to finance his Twitter purchase so he’ll sell a lot of Tesla? … it will show in the charts.
Bill Ackman thinks the future is bright for the world economy and one stock in particular so he starts accumulating a lot of stock? … it will show in the charts.
Now … These guys are not always right … quite the opostie. No degree of ingenuity will give these guys a crystal ball. Even though they or you might think they do … they don´t. But these guys definitely have enough buying and selling power to move a stock from A to B and to conduct campaigns for such purposes.
What am I saying?
You do not stand a chance if your master plan is to synthesize all the information out there about the world and any specific company into a trading decision to make money.
I deeply believe that no one does as a matter of fact. However, institutional players definitely have a better chance of succeeding with those judgments (to a certain extent only).
So what am I saying, at once?
Do you want to succeed as a retail trader? Then study the charts. Become a specialist in detecting these moves. Your game is not to anticipate them … you stand no chance at this game … Your game is to detect them and ride them. Your game is to piggyback on the work of these deep pockets, enter and exit smoothly, stealth mode.
Study the charts, study technical analysis, study risk management, study financial history, study emotional management. Refine these skills and you will succeed.
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2023.03.22 16:23 fuckboydecoy What happened to the drivers on KW roads?

Anyone else feel like the number of bad drivers on the road in KW has increased substantially? I (M33) had lived in both Kitchener and Waterloo from very young age until my early 20s. At that time, I took a job in a city about an hour and a half away. 8 years go by and I decided to move back home.
There were some big changes for sure. Lots of new building and construction projects downtown, the ION had been completed, some parts of Kitchener had been developed substantially, and the general level of business felt higher.
The first thing I noticed was just how bad the general quality of driving had deteriorated. People are not signaling and if they do it is late. Driving 15 Km below the speed limit in the fast lane without moving over to the slow lane. Left hand turns from, not the left turning lane, but the middle or even right-hand lane.
Left turn advances are another huge problem. I am not sure if people are on their phones but sometimes a full 5 seconds goes by before the lead car notices the green light on the advance and then the vehicles that are 4 or 5 spaces deep don’t get to turn.
The general lack of awareness, attention, courtesy, and prompt reaction time has really made driving in KW dangerous. I have narrowly avoided three accidents already and had I not been defensive driving at those times who knows. Anyway, let me know what you think.
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2023.03.22 16:23 hagamablabla Why the limit on infantry squads?

New player, my premium trial just ended and I found out that the game is going to limit me to 3 infantry squads out of my 4 slots. Does anyone know why the devs set it up this way? I hate the vehicles in this game, so I'm basically down to just those 3 squads.
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2023.03.22 16:23 malledtodeath How Can I Prove Sibling Relationship For The Texas Department of Criminal Justice?

I took a garden variety DNA test several years ago, that unearthed the identity of my biological father. My mom took his identity to the grave, and unfortunately I missed meeting him by a year, as he passed away as well. What I did discover, was a few aunts and cousins who told me I have a sister. The misfortune yet again, she committed a violent crime in 2008 that has left her incarcerated in the state of Texas. I have tried everything to figure out how we can determine our relationship, and basically the best answer I’ve gotten is to show my birth certificate, but it says father unknown and he is dead so I can’t exactly ask him to sign something. Is it possible to subpoena DNA or use any other official avenue? TDCJ isn’t the easiest system to navigate. I would love to be able to have an in person visit, as it stands we could only have a visitation through glass.
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2023.03.22 16:23 Aegidius25 Caracas' Crypto Asset Department put under control of Venezuelan equivalent of the FDIC, sound familiar?

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2023.03.22 16:22 Rif103 Pokemon GO Plus Vibration

I recently got my hands on a Pokemon Plus (the old single-button one) and although I find it great and looks really good, it vibrates like crazy.
I tried finding ways to turn it off but seems like you can't without stopping its functionality, so I'm thinking of tearing it down and cutting off the vibrating motor entirely but wanted to ask first: has anyone else tried doing this? It honestly vibrates more than my phone does.
Thank you
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2023.03.22 16:21 GymyHendrix LPT: My foolproof formula for pricing out auto repairs is this. Phone the auto parts store to get the price of the part and phone your local dealership to find out exactly how long it takes to replace that part. Then you can take it anywhere and know roughly how much it should cost.

Here is the formula to never get scammed for car repairs. I figured this out a long time ago and it has never done me wrong.
Just like I mentioned in the title, call up an auto parts store and find out how much the part is. Then call up a certified dealership (for your car) to find out how long it will take to have the part put in.
Parts stores have to remain competitive so they usually give you the proper price. You can also find out how much a certified part is or an aftermarket part is. Dealerships have to remain somewhat honest to keep their franchise so they will give you the proper amount of time. They usually have it down to 15 minute blocks. Like, this should take 1.75 hours or 2.25 hours. That kind of thing.
Now you know how much everything should cost + how long it will take. So you can now phone up any repair place and get a good idea for their pricing.
Mechanics get a 30% to 50% reduction on the price of the parts usually. So, if you have a mechanic friend who gets those discounts. Maybe get them to buy the part for you and you can split the difference with them. So if they can get it 50% off. You save 25% and they make 25% for helping you. Win/Win.
Keep in mind that the condition of your car also factors in. If you have a rust bucket car, then it may take longer to replace the part. That kind of thing.
I am sure some mechanics or people will have more to add and maybe I got some of this wrong but for me, I have had to price out many fixes for work vehicles and such, and using this formula has helped me confidently get stuff fixed without wondering if I am being scammed.
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