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Exploring Food Waste Reducing Apps—A Business Model Lens
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Exploring Food Waste Reducing Apps—A Business Model Lens
Fabio de Almeida Oroski
First Online: 04 September 2019
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Among the most promising opportunities to tackle food waste are the food waste reducing apps. Contrary to what some entrepreneurs and policy makers may initially believe, the challenges are not limited to the technology, so their attention should be extended to a business perspective. Focussing on non-technological aspects, de Almeida Oroski explores nine cases of food waste reducing apps under the business model lens. This exploration reveals four business model types, indicating variations in their value proposition, value creation and value capture dimensions. These decisions can create dilemmas that the entrepreneurs must face. The dilemmas include decisions on whether to be just an app provider or to advance solutions for food waste prevention and reduction and whether to adopt a profit or a non-profit model.

Business models
Reducing food waste
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Among the most promising opportunities to reduce food waste from supermarkets, restaurants and food services are the apps which redirect surplus food to feed people in need (Wong 2017). Most recently, many examples of apps have been arising around the globe. Apps constitute themselves as interesting low-cost solutions to connect surplus or unsold food from sellers or donors to buyers or recipient organisations (ReFED 2016; Wong 2017). Food waste reducing apps can be understood as digital platforms since they connect supply and demand sides, considering many obstacles, such as distances, costs, perishability, food security and others. In principle, food waste reducing apps are technological solutions that optimise the transactions, such as food pickup and delivery (real-time information, operational efficiency based on matching supply and demand and scheduling of pickup routes).

However, the technology is not enough to assure the success of a food waste reducing app. Entrepreneurs must consider non-technological aspects to enable their new businesses. According to Chesbrough (2010), one technology by itself has no value until it is commercialised via a business model: “a potential new technology may have no obvious business model, and in such cases technology managers must expand their perspectives to find an appropriate business model in order to be able to capture value from that technology” (p. 355). The business model reveals, therefore, other critical aspects beyond the technology, giving emphasis to businesses factors entrepreneurs must consider when structuring a new initiative. Thus, entrepreneurs and investors interested to develop or invest in food waste reducing apps must comprehend that the structuring process of a suitable business model is a critical step to reach success.

Business models for digital platforms have been explored by some authors (e.g. Tauscher and Laudien 2017). They argue that beyond developing a new and/or a sophisticated technology, entrepreneurs must address more attention how to deliver their value proposition to customers and beneficiaries. Most commonly, entrepreneurs face multiple barriers to access resources and competencies to design a sustainable business model (Teece 2010). In this context, it is not rare to see many early initiatives dying still in their infancy. Therefore, how should entrepreneurs design the business model dimensions in order to succeed in food waste reducing apps? Considering this question, the main purpose of this chapter is to explore business models of food waste reducing apps and to discuss their challenges and opportunities.

In this chapter, the exploration of nine selected cases of food waste reducing apps reveals four business model types that entrepreneurs can position themselves. Some decisions can create dilemmas that the entrepreneurs must face in order to structure their businesses. These include decisions on whether to be just an app provider or to advance solutions for prevention and reduction of food waste, and whether to adopt a profit or a non-profit model. One important issue increases the complexity around the food waste reducing apps. Since food waste reduction is influenced by a strong social driver, some initiatives are led by organisations which combine social with economic goals. These organisations must develop business models to reduce the conflicts derived from the unbalance between social and economic goals. Next, a brief exploration of the literature about digital platforms and business model components under food waste context is presented to point out critical factors that might influence the business model decision.

Conceptual Background
Digital Platforms
Recently, many examples of apps and digital platforms have been flourishing in different activities and economic sectors (Baldwin and Woodard 2009; Tauscher and Laudien 2017), such as AirBNB, Alibaba, Uber, among many others. Due to their prominent proliferation, more attention has been given by academic researchers (Baldwin and Woodard 2009; Gawer and Cusumano 2014; Hagiu and Wright 2015; Tauscher and Laudien 2017) to how to conceptualise a digital platform and how to map the challenges associated with their structuring processes. Under the food waste reduction context, many apps have emerged as digital platforms to match a dispersed and complex supply of surplus food to non-profit organisations and/or people under food insecurity, thus appearing as one of most pronounced solutions to tackle food waste (ReFED 2016).

In the academic literature, there are various definitions of digital platforms. Commonly, they have been described as technological solutions that connect actors from both supply and demand sides. Gawer and Cusumano (2014) propose a more elaborated definition for a platform: “those products, services, or technologies developed by one or more firms, and which serve as foundations upon which a larger number of firms, organised in an ecosystem, can build further complementary innovations and potentially generate network effects” (p. 420). Functioning as connectors, digital platforms are under network effects. Network effects refer to a self-reinforcing mechanism: more users adopt the digital platform since the benefits increase and vice versa, configuring a chicken and egg dilemma (Gawer and Cusumano 2014; Gawer 2009). For instance, an app that connects food donors to non-profit organisations or final consumers will deliver more value when more food donors join the digital platform, contributing with more donations. Initially, actors may not identify many advantages to join the ecosystem. Hence, in early stages, app entrepreneurs must design and implement strategies to attract more users and partners to build a valuable network. On the other hand, an equilibrium between the number of donors and receivers must be pursued since part of the surplus food could be wasted if the app takes more food donations than its delivery capacity is.

Various examples of food waste reducing apps are multi-sided platforms which are defined by Hagiu and Wright (2015) as organisations that create and deliver value by promoting direct interactions between two (or more) distinct types of affiliated customers. When unsold or surplus food comes from different sources, such as supermarkets, restaurants, small food services or even consumers, operational activities become more complex, because the digital platform leader must cope with an extensive and diversified value network. Multiple actors often imply a diversity of interests that creates a governance issue. Governance relates to how the roles and rules are established and how objectives are prioritised and aligned so that conflicts between the actors are avoided or at least reduced (Ebrahim et al. 2014).

Business Model Components
Tackling food waste is inherently a social, economic and environmental issue. As a result, many initiatives can emerge through different types of organisations (from for-profit type as traditional businesses to non-profit type as non-governmental organisations). In this context, there are also the social businesses. Yunus et al. (2010) define a social business by distinguishing it from a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which does not generate profits. Social businesses can become economically self-sustaining since they can generate revenues and profits in order to cover their operating expenses assuring their economic sustainability (Yunus et al. 2010). While traditional businesses focus on commercial and economic goals, social businesses maximise their social purposes. In doing so, this type of organisation must comprise multiple goals, which imply some tensions that can trigger confusion among agents such as donors or volunteers (Doherty et al. 2014; Davies and Chambers 2018). How would volunteers be engaged in an organisation whose mission is not clear? Would donors feel comfortable to embrace an initiative that charges for its service? Thereby, the social enterprise needs to conciliate the firm and stakeholders’ interests (Doherty et al. 2014).

Many of the challenges the entrepreneurs face when developing a food waste reducing app can be predicted through a business model lens. Although the business model concept often refers to designing a business to create and deliver value under a commercial logic, some authors such as Laasch (2018), Bocken et al. (2014) and Yunus et al. (2010) argue the business model approach can be utilised to understand other types of organisations as well. Indeed, any type of an organisation must reflect for whom and for what it exists and how the business model must be structured (see Laasch 2018).

Magretta (2002) suggests business models are “stories that explain how enterprises work” (p. 4). Casadesus-Masanell and Ricart (2010) put forward that a business model is about choices that prompt consequences reflecting the firm’s strategy. Chesbrough (2010) claims that technology itself is not enough, thus reinforcing the relevance of a good business model. According to Teece (2010), “a business model describes the design or architecture of the value creation, delivery and capture mechanisms employed” (p. 191). Due to various definitions, some authors are still divided over what business model components are (Ritter and Lettl 2018; Zott et al. 2011; Wirtz et al. 2016). However, the components are derived from three basic dimensions or building blocks: value proposition, value creation and value capture (Teece 2010).

The value proposition dimension refers to what the organisation aims to offer and for whom this offer creates value. Which demand does the organisation intends to satisfy? Generally, a value proposition refers to a group of products and services which attend a demand of a specific customer segment (Chesbrough 2010; Osterwalder and Pigneur 2010; Chesbrough and Rosenbloom 2002). One key question the entrepreneur must respond is: who are the customers and beneficiaries, those who will receive the benefits and value created by the app? Under the food waste reduction context, customers can be food retailers and food services that wish to donate or sell unsold or surplus food; beneficiaries can be either the non-profit organisations (e.g. food banks or charities) responsible for redistributing the food to people or the people in need. Some business models can include more than one value proposition. For example, at the same time as a food waste reducing app allows a customer to buy food that would be discarded by a supermarket at a discount price, the supermarket reduces its food waste, saves money and brings more economic and environmental sustainability for its operation. This case illustrates distinct benefits to distinct customers.

The value creation dimension means how an initiative structures its value chain, identifies the resources and competencies required to create value and decides which activities will be done internally and which by external partners. Based on the Resource-based View (RBV) approach (see Wernerfelt 1984; Barney 1991; Collis and Montgomery 1995), organisations are collections of physical and intangible assets and capabilities. Tangible assets include plants, equipment, distribution and storage infrastructure and many others. Intangible assets include intellectual properties, technologies, know-how, patents, brands and others (Osterwalder and Pigneur 2010). Competencies refer to how organisations use their resources creating competitive advantages (Prahalad and Hamel 1990). As organisations are not endowed with all assets, resources and competencies required, they must develop partnerships to access those not available internally. The partnerships become fundamental to enhance initiatives within a social context, such as in the case of some food waste reducing apps. Both for-profit, non-profit and social businesses must create a value network to develop and access complementarities. Their business models must address how to establish connections to provide a set of resources and competencies required to turn the operations feasible.

The value capture dimension means how an initiative establishes the mechanisms (licensing, sales revenues, financial support such as donations, sponsorships, etc.) to capture financial resources to cover the investments and operational costs (salaries, materials, infrastructure, development and maintenance costs, etc.) (Osterwalder and Pigneur 2010; Teece 2010).

Based on the previous discussion, a list of questions is proposed (Fig. 14.1) to encourage the entrepreneur to reflect how the initiative can be structured in terms of an intended business model and its three basic components (value proposition, value creation and value capture).

Fig. 14.1
figure 1
A group of proposed questions about type of organisation and business model components

Full size image
This study uses selected case examples to explore how food waste reducing apps structure their initiatives through the business model lens. The case study approach is frequently applied to investigate a phenomenon in its real context (Yin 2003; Dubois and Gadde 2002) and allows a better understanding of an investigated phenomenon (Eisenhardt 1989). This study adopts a purposeful sampling approach (Patton 2002) where the case examples are selected because they constitute information-rich cases that enable exploring the issues related to the purpose of the study.

Our research method is divided into three stages: (1) identification, (2) selection and (3) exploration of case examples, described as follows:

  1. Identification. The main source for the identification of food waste reducing apps is the ReFED Innovator Database. Rethink Food Waste through Economics Data (ReFED) is an American multi-stakeholder non-profit organisation that collects data and promotes insights on the innovations to reduce food waste. This recognised database compiles mainly American innovators, but also includes various initiatives from other countries. Keywords such as “app”, “donation coordination” and “secondary marketplace” were used in search to identify the multiple food waste reducing apps in the ReFED database. In addition to ReFED database, other sources were used to identify apps, such as specific reports, newspapers and magazines covering food waste related topics (e.g. The Guardian published an article entitled “Tackling food waste around the world: our top 10 apps” in 2017).

  1. Selection. A sample of nine initiatives was selected enabling to gather more information to enhance the business model analysis. The sample includes cases from different countries and regions, such as the United States, Europe, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Malaysia and Brazil. The selected nine initiatives have been often cited in regional newspapers, reports and/or organisations related to food waste, indicating their relevance in respective countries. The number of selected cases is coherent to Eisenhardt (1989) who suggests that four to ten cases function well in a multiple case study research. The objective was to collect a set of case examples that could indicate some degree of diversity on how entrepreneurs have been designing business models for food waste reducing apps. A descriptive table of selected food waste reducing apps is presented in Table 14.1, outlining when and where they were founded, type of organisation (for-profit or non-profit) along with a brief description (actors, transactions, etc.).

Table 14.1 Brief description of selected food waste reducing apps
Full size table
  1. Exploration. The exploration of case examples is based on utilising secondary data. A proprietary database was assembled from publicly available information, including specialised press, special reports from governmental and international organisations (e.g. from FUSIONS, FAO, WRAP, ReFED, others), reports, press releases and news gathered from case examples’ own websites as well as online articles from newspapers and journals. From these sources, it was possible to collect data to enable the exploration of the business model components. Some examples of information gathered include the type of the organisation, beneficiaries and customers, food surplus sources, transaction types, key activities, partnerships and key revenue sources.

Value Proposition
The exploration of selected cases allowed to perceive some nuances regarding the value proposition dimension. Some initiatives focus on only food recovery (e.g. redistribute or sell surplus or unsold food), while others are also based on food waste prevention actions, such as educational programmes (e.g. campaigns about food waste awareness) and food waste recycling (e.g. upcycling projects which transform food waste into valuable products). The 412 Food Rescue is an interesting example with multiple value propositions. The initiative has designed a nationally recognised food education programme to teach adults, children and caregivers how to cook minimising food waste. Beyond food recovery and food waste prevention actions, 412 Food Rescue also invests in upcycling projects and develops value-added products from food waste. In 2016, the initiative launched a craft beer from surplus bread and a liqueur from rescued apples in collaboration with partners. 412 Food Rescue believes these actions expand the value proposition and create an opportunity to foster economic sustainability and the scale up of the initiative in the future.

The American Copia also goes beyond food recovery, offering an extended value proposition for their customers, including food waste management services such as inventory tracking, data monitoring and analytics on food waste. The organisation also takes the responsibility for the whole donation process. In this way, Copia believes to facilitate their customers’ application for the tax reduction incentives granted by the US government to food donors.

Even initiatives based on surplus food sales, such as No Food Wasted, Ubifood and Too Good To Go, call people’s attention to the food waste concern, proving them that a large amount of edible food could be perfectly consumed instead of being wasted. Therefore, to some extent they also contribute to food waste prevention.

In short, defining a value proposition is an important decision for entrepreneurs about how they want to deliver value to customers through their initiatives and, in addition, to reinforce their commitment to economic or social goals. But entrepreneurs must also deal with the hurdles associated with an extended value proposition. They must acknowledge that expanding their value propositions will require more activities and resources, resulting in more value creation efforts and complexity.

Value Creation
The value creation dimension states how value is created by the firm: who does what, how activities occur and are managed, and how resources and competencies are accessed and properly remunerated. The scope of resources and competencies depends on the activities required to create and deliver the value proposition. It means the development of a food waste reducing app can involve a variety of resources and competences, such as software development and maintenance, network relationship management (e.g. clients, donors, volunteers, government agents, others), logistics for the collection and distribution of donated food, the provision of food waste management services and the processing of food waste into value-added products.

The first important decision the entrepreneurs must face is to choose between to be only an app provider or to go further offering other services to their customers. When initiatives are positioned only as app providers, that is, not getting involved in food collection and delivery operations, the scope of their resources and competences tends to be minimised to the development and maintenance of the digital platform (e.g. Comida Invisivel and RobinFood). Too Good To Go, No Food Wasted and Ubifood are other examples of initiatives whose key activities are related to app development and maintenance. Their business models were designed to create secondary markets for unsold or surplus food. In these cases, the entrepreneurs must manage the marketplace, for example, how food prices are set so that economic goals are not prioritised over social ones.

When an initiative is based on food donations and is also oriented to make profits (e.g. Copia), it must extend the value proposition to create new possibilities for revenue streams. In this case, the organisation can embrace other activities such as food waste pickup and delivery, food waste management and customer services to deliver food waste prevention as a value proposition for its customers.

Some of the non-profit examples (e.g. 412 Food Rescue, No Food Waste and OLIO) indicate they believe they should participate intensively in other operational activities, such as food pickup and delivery. They consider these logistic activities to be critical to optimise the complex food donation process due to perishability of food and high dispersion of food donors and receivers. In consequence, they must hold tangible resources such as physical installations, vehicles, call centres and support teams to enable their operations.

As these initiatives are usually constrained by financial and non-financial resources, it is critical for entrepreneurs to establish partnerships in order to build a value network to access the complementarities required. Value networks under social context are commonly composed of volunteers, donors, sponsors and governmental actors as resources and competencies sources. These networks can vary from a simplified to a more complex configuration, depending on the profile and number of actors involved.

Value Capture
The value capture dimension is in this study related to how the food waste reducing apps have access to financial resources to support the activities required along the different stages of the venture: initial development including learning and adaptation processes, operation, and further, a possible scaling up.

Some food waste reducing apps generate sales revenues (e.g. Too Good To Go, Ubifood, No Food Wasted, Copia), while non-profit cases are dependent on sponsorships and/or financial donations to cover their operating expenses.

For-profit examples create secondary markets for food retailers and food services that use these apps to sell their surplus or unsold food with discounted prices. The apps charge a fee over sales to generate revenues. However, some variations can be noted in these cases. For example, the Dutch No Food Wasted charges a subscription from supermarkets to access the platform to announce and sell their products. Too Good To Go and Ubifood do not charge their customers by the platform access, but they capture financial value by requiring a small percentage over the sales. It means the food waste reducing app entrepreneur can adapt the revenue generation model, taking into consideration the value proposition and the propensity of the customers to pay for it. Copia has adopted other value capture model. As the operation is based on food donations, the app cannot sell the food donated by its customers such as food services and retailers. Instead, the initiative charges food donors a volume-based fee similar to composting costs to deliver food waste management services.

In the group of non-profit food waste reducing apps, 412 Food Rescue, OLIO and No Food Waste are examples, which encompass activities beyond the app development and maintenance such as surplus food pickup and delivery. As a result, operating costs tend to increase substantially. An alternative is to attract volunteers to operate these activities, which can reduce the costs involved. These initiatives also seek to develop some alternative sources of income as seen in 412 Food Rescue and OLIO upcycling experiences.

A major concern the entrepreneur needs to address is how to cover the operating costs to allow the economic sustainability and a future scale up. It was a challenge faced by the American Copia, which started as a non-profit, but later changed to a profit-based business model. Copia justifies the change as a strategy to access the resources required to become scalable. OLIO is another example of a non-profit organisation that intends to change. Currently, OLIO depends on donors and sponsors such as social impact investors, but the organisation intends to become profitable in the near future.

Based on findings, it was possible to observe that food waste reducing apps may differentiate themselves in terms of the three basic business model dimensions. Figure 14.2 proposes four business model types, unfolding the business model dimensions (value proposition, value creation and value capture) of selected cases:

Fig. 14.2
figure 2
Four business model types of food waste reducing apps

Full size image
Group I (food waste reducing app providers): Transactions are based on surplus food donations without revenue generation. Their value proposition for food donors is based essentially on food recovery. The value creation is supported by the app development and maintenance activities. The idea is to focus on creating a platform that facilitates the food donation process. As the access for the app is often free of charge, the initiative depends exclusively on donations and sponsors to finance the app development and maintenance activities.

Group II (secondary market creators): Transactions are based on selling surplus or unsold food with revenue stream generation (e.g. fee over sales and/or a fee to access the platform is charged from customers—food retailers and/or consumers). As seen in Group I, their value proposition for food retailers and food services is essentially food recovery, whereas their value creation is focussed on the app development and maintenance activities, and intermediating actors’ transactions to prevent conflicts between economic and social goals.

Group III (food waste reducing solution providers): Transactions are based on surplus food donations without revenue generation as observed in Group I. However, in this group, the initiatives expand their value proposition to go beyond food recovery, encompassing food waste prevention and food recycling (e.g. educational campaigns, training for private companies and projects of upcycling such as production of beer, sauces, jellies and other value-added products). They also believe that it is important to participate in all stages of food donation process. As a result, initiatives must encompass more complex activities to hold the expanded value proposition. Their value creation will likely rely on physical assets and resources to sustain these operations. As the access to the app is free of charge, the value capture depends on financial donations and sponsors to cover the operational costs. Beyond financial donations, the initiative can develop some extra revenue streams through the sales of upcycled products to help covering the operating expenses.

Group IV (food waste reducing services sellers): Transactions are based on surplus food donations with revenues generated from services. As surplus food is donated and not sold, the entrepreneur must generate revenues by broadening its value proposition to food waste reducing services. These new revenue streams include food waste prevention and donation management services. In consequence, the initiative must invest in physical assets to support the operational activities such as food donation logistics and customer services.

The main implication this study provides for practice is the four business model types (see Fig. 14.2) based on an analysis of how the selected nine food waste reducing apps have structured their businesses. The four business model types suggest entrepreneurs must face different challenges to structure their initiative. In short, the entrepreneurs have two big dilemmas: the first dilemma is to position their initiative as just an app provider or to assume other functional roles (e.g. logistic partner, product provider). The second dilemma refers to the decision between a profit-based and a non-profit model.

The first dilemma refers to how the entrepreneur positions himself in the value chain. In a simplified perspective, if the entrepreneur stands for only as an app provider, then the app must manage the transactions between the actors involved. If the proposal is to go beyond, the entrepreneur must encounter the issues related to the value creation, probably having to incorporate more operational activities and to gather assets and physical facilities. Thus, they should consider how to increase the value capture by creating new revenue streams to cover the extra operating expenses. The case examples also showed how some entrepreneurs are developing new revenue streams, such as food waste management services and value-added products through upcycling operations. In this case, entrepreneurs should invest in partnerships and build a value network to access the complementarities required.

The second dilemma concerns the type of organisation that the innovator intends to adopt in order to develop his initiative. The innovator can decide between a profit-based model and a non-profit model, knowing he must address how to capture value to cover the investments and operating expenses in each specific situation.

In response to the food waste issue, the number of food waste reducing apps has been rapidly increasing worldwide. Contrary to what some entrepreneurs and policy makers may initially believe, the challenges are not limited to the technology, so their attention should be extended to a business perspective. To address this issue, this chapter explored nine case examples of different food waste reducing apps under the business model lens. A set of questions has been proposed to shed light on their business model components and the challenges related to the structuring process of these opportunities. The case examples showed that there is a certain diversity in the way the business models can be designed, indicating variations in their value proposition, value creation and value capture dimensions. The decision about business model dimensions is strongly related to the type of the organisation. Food waste reducing apps create many opportunities for entrepreneurs. The business model dimensions are strongly intertwined—one decision affects the other and vice versa. For example, when a value proposition is expanded, the value creation and value capture dimensions should be adapted as well.

In this manner, the business model should not be designed as a linear process, as it requires time for learning, experimentation and adaptation. This study provided a preliminary insight into the food waste reducing apps through the business model lens. Apps constitute interesting solutions that may be adopted in different contexts, in diverse countries and regions with varying public policies for food waste, engaging both the private sector and civil society actors.

Given the limited number of cases explored, the four business models types presented here are, in fact, an initial attempt to map the diversity that food waste reducing app entrepreneurs may have to deal with when developing such solutions. Future studies should incorporate more case examples to confirm this diversity and deepen the exploration of the particularities to enrich the proposed discussion. Future studies should also explore business model decisions under local conditions imposed by the political and institutional landscape. These specific conditions are likely to drive the future possibilities of business models for food waste reduction apps.
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Anthony Harris: She's competed in many Olympic games and got the gold to prove it.
Sir Samuel Stewart: Let's see if she can prove that she can go in the ring.
Match 2: Cristina Moreira vs. Sanya Felix
Cristina Moreira's confidence and momentum after winning the Star Empress Tournament were on full display as she went up against the highly athletic Sanya Felix. Both women really displayed some grappling and chain wrestling, followed by countering each other's head scissors takedowns. Cristina was really showing how much she improved from the last time we saw her in the ring, performing arm drags, headlocks, and drop-toe holds. Cristina Moreira won the match with her Spinning Float Over DDT.
4 out of 5 stars.
After the match, Queen Sheba is seen standing at the ramp, nodding to herself while holding the CPWA Women's Championship. Cristina sees this and nods while making a title belt notion.
We cut to a graphic hyping up a match between Xiaomei Li and "The Dominican She-Devil" Ivy Fernandez. We then see a graphic hyping up a triple-threat match between Mark Starr, Remy LaCroix, and Steve Odenkirk. We then see a graphic hyping up the debut of the Floribama Boyz, followed by another graphic hyping up a match between Jake Odenkirk and Zechariah Newton.
***Commercial Break***
We return from commercial break and we see Keith Yang walking backstage. He runs into the Jordan family, who tell him that Shelton Jordan has his back for tonight's main event. Keith nods and gives each one dap before resuming his walk backstage.
We cut back to the arena.
Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute time limit.
Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" plays in the arena.
Announcer: Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by William Odenkirk from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he is Jake Odenkirk.
Brian Kinsley: Jake Odenkirk wanted this match against Zechariah Newton after the Newton Boys stole a victory from him and William at Devastation.
Anthony Harris: Something tells me we're in for a big ol' brawl.
Sir Samuel Stewart: Yes! A pair of gargantuan gentlemen pulverizing a great source of protein!
Blake Shelton's "Good Ole Boys" plays in the arena.
Announcer: And his opponent, accompanied to the ring by Roy Newton, from the great state of Tennessee, Zechariah Newton.
Brian Kinsley: Zechariah is the brawn of the two Newton Boys, of course, and Roy Newton is the brains of the duo.
Anthony Harris: Do not turn your back on these southern gentlemen. They are anything but.
Sir Samuel Stewart: I'll say.
Match 3: Jake Odenkirk vs. Zechariah Newton This was nothing but a good ol' hoss match as Jake Odenkirk and Zechariah Newton battled it out. Both men battled back and forth trading forearms and stiff clotheslines. Zechariah took control of the match, battering Jake with clubbing blows and spinebusters. Roy started to get himself involved but William stopped him. Zechariah continued to beat up Jake, who turned the momentum in his favor with his comeback. Jake delivered clotheslines and three-point stance tackles. Jak finished the match with a Pump Handle Slam to get the win.
3 out of 5 stars.
We cut to backstage and we see LeJuan walking around backstage. He runs into The Commonwealth as Lord Phillip Byron IV approaches him. Lord Phillip Byron tells LeJuan that The Commonwealth will help him find Brother Julius. LeJuan frowns at this first, but Lord Phillip Byron IV assures him that he has money to offer him for their services. LeJuan accepts and shakes hands.
We cut back to the arena.
Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute time limit.
LMFAO feat. Lil Jon's "Shots" plays in the arena.
Announcer: Introducing first, making their CPWA debut, from the Florida Panhandle, they are Jeremy and Kirk G., the Floribama Boyz!
Brian Kinsley: We saw the Floribama Boyz at the Devastation Rumble and here they are making their debut tonight!
Anthony Harris: These boys are loud and hyped up!
Shyne's "Bad Boyz" plays in the arena.
Announcer: And their opponents, from the trenches, they are General Wade and the Guerrilla God!
Brian Kinsley: General Wade and Guerrilla God look to bring the pain here tonight.
Anthony Harris: These two are some menaces.
Sir Samuel Stewart: I've dealt with these kinds of blokes back in my wrestling days. That's for sure.
Match 4: The Floribama Boyz (Jeremy and Kirk G.) vs. General Wade and Guerrilla God
The Floribama Boyz were the standouts of the inaugural Devastation Rumble with their high energy and chemistry as a tag team. That same chemistry was put on display against General Wade and Guerrilla God. This was a back and forth tag team match that was intense and balls to the wall. The match ended with Kirk G. hitting the Floribama Splash (top rope splash) for the 3 count.
4 out of 5 stars. back-and-forth
After the match, Jeremy and Kirk G. jumped through the crowd to celebrate their win.
We then see a graphic hyping up a triple-threat match between Mark Starr, Remy LaCroix, and Steve Odenkirk. We then see a graphic hyping up the debut of the Floribama Boyz, followed by another graphic hyping up the main event tag team match between "The Number One Pick" LeJuan Jones and Lord Phillip Byron IV of The Commonwealth against Shelton Jordan and Keith Yang. We then see a graphic hyping up a match between Xiaomei Li and "The Dominican She-Devil" Ivy Fernandez, which is next.
***Commercial Break***
We cut back from intermission and we see an ominous hype package for "Pretty Boy" as a woman narrates about him with dark sounding 80s synth playing in the background.
Woman: Pretty sweet Pretty Boy...soon, you will be unleashed upon those who shun you. Those who harm you, and those who mock you. Punish them all, my sweet, sweet, Pretty Boy.
We cut back to the arena.
Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute time limit.
VAVA feat Ty. and Nina Wang's "My New Swag" plays in the arena.
Announcer: Introducing first, from Beijing, China, she is Xiaomei Li.
Brian Kinsley: Xiaomei Li was close to winning the Star Empress Tournament, but lost in the finals.
Anthony Harris: She may have not won, but she gave Cristina Moreira a fight to remember.
DaniLeigh Ft. Fivio Foreign "Dominican Mami" plays in the arena.
Announcer: And her opponent, from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, she is "The Dominican She-Devil" Ivy Fernandez
Brian Kinsley: Ivy Fernandez also competed in the Star Empress Tournament, but didn't get far.
Sir Samuel Stewart: She's looking for retribution and redemption.
Match 5: Xiaomei Li vs. "The Dominican She-Devil" Ivy Fernandez
This was not a good match at all. Neither Xiaomei Li or Ivy Fernandez clicked at all. Thankfully, this match was only about a good eight minutes because Xiaomei dominated this match, leading up to her Tranquil Rage submission hold to win the match.
1 out of 5 stars.
We cut to a dark location outside the arena as we see CPWA World Heavyweight Champion Kaine Harris with Jessica next to him. Kaine talks about how he's been observing everything that's been going on tonight and knows that at High$takes, he will retain the CPWA World Heavyweight Championship.
After that promo, we cut to the backstage area as we see Mangod brawling with Masato Kojima and Aka-Manto. Officials and road agents rush in to stop the brawl, only for Mangod to beat them up.
We cut back to the arena.
Announcer: The following contest is a triple-threat match with a 25-minute time limit.
80s Synth Track Nightscapes plays in the arena.
Announcer: Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, he is one-half of the CPWA Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions, Mark Starr.
Men at Work's "Down Under" plays in the arena.
Announcer: Introducing next, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, he is one-half of the Quebec Outback Connection,
Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" plays in the arena.
Announcer: Finally, representing the Odenkirks, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Steve Odenkirk.
Match 6: Mark Starr vs. Remy LaCroix vs. Steve Odenkirk
The cruiserweights continue to put on a show and then some as the triple-threat match. Steve Odenkirk started off the match hot with some technical wrestling, mainly grounding both LaCroix and Starr. LaCroix would try to get some shots in, but Starr would counter with several arm drags and head scissor takedowns. Odenkirk swung the momentum back in his favor, but Starr would stop him in his tracks, hitting a super kick and a Starlight Driver for the win.
We then see a graphic hyping up the debut of the Floribama Boyz, followed by another graphic hyping up the main event tag team match between "The Number One Pick" LeJuan Jones and Lord Phillip Byron IV of The Commonwealth against Shelton Jordan and Keith Yang.

***Commercial Break***
We return back to the arena.
Announcer: Our main event is scheduled for...
Crowd: ONE FALL!!!
Blue Blood plays in the arena.
Announcer: Introducing first, representing The Commonwealth, he is the CPWA International Champion Lord Phillip Byron IV.
Buckshot, Skyzoo, Promise, and Sean Price's "I'm Better Than You" plays in the arena.
Announcer: And his tag team partner, from Columbus, Ohio, "The Number One Pick," LeJuan Jones.
The Roots' "Do You Want More" plays in the arena.
Announcer: And their opponents, introducing first, from Miami, Florida, he is Shelton Jordan
Bambu's "Chairman Mao" plays in the arena.
Announcer: And his tag team partner, from Shanghai, China, he is Keith Yang.
Main Event: LeJuan Jones and "The Number One Pick" LeJuan Jones vs. Shelton Jordan and Keith Yang
This was a bad main event to say the least. While it looked good on paper, it just didn't connect where it mattered. The only highlights involved Keith Yang doing most of his highflying maneuvers and martial arts kick combos. In the end, LeJuan Jones won the match for his team with a Game Winner on Shelton Jordan.
2 out of 5 stars.
We cut to backstage and we see the rest of the Jordan family (Cedric, Deron "Ron", and Elijah) battling the rest of The Commonwealth. Owen Benoit recovers Brother Julius and escapes as The Commonweatlh leave the Jordans beaten up as Octane fades to black.
Results from
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2023.03.26 05:51 cwcobblestone "A Maid's Diary," Chapter 2

“A Maid’s Diary,” Chapter 2
by c.w. cobblestone

Dear Diary,
I just finished a 17-hour shift and I ache all over, while my mind is an absolute jumble. I’m finding out the hard way that being a maid for a sadistic family is painful both inside and out.
My calves are throbbing and I’ve got blisters all over the bottoms of my feet thanks to those damned heels. My face is still sore from Mike’s slap. I can’t get the sound of my stepdaughters’ laughter out of my head. And Jen came up with a cruel new rule that’s going to make my life miserable from now on.
Today was only my second full day on the job and I already feel like it’s getting to be too much.
Fuck, am I wiped out! Sunday may be a day of rest for other people, but not for poor little Buffy. I was kept busy from sunup to sundown, and treated like shit the entire time. This is my new normal, and I keep asking myself how I ended up in this particular ring of the Inferno. Every day it gets worse. They keep heaping new hardships on me and inventing ridiculous new rules for me to follow.
My wife’s latest mandate was imposed this evening after she ventured into the kitchen while I was relaxing at the table. I’d been on my feet for more than 13 hours without a break, and since I’d just refilled drinks, and everyone in the family was set, I thought it would be okay if I took a load off for just a few minutes before continuing my chores.
Jen didn’t see it that way. Her lip curled up when she saw me sitting there.
“Nice and comfortable, are we, Buffy?” She crossed her arms. “You want me to serve you a drink or something?”
I jumped to my feet. “Oh, no, Ma’am … I … I’m sorry, Ma’am. I … I was just taking a quick break.”
“A break, huh?” Her eyes hardened. “We’ll see what Mike says about this.”
I clasped my hands. “Oh, please, Ma’am—”
“Enough, sissy, I don’t want to hear it. Let’s go.” She turned and headed toward the living room. I followed with a quivering lip.
My wife rejoined her lover on the couch and rested her head on his shoulder. “You won’t believe this shit, baby — I just caught Buffy sitting on his sissy little ass,” she tattled.
“Say, what!?”
“Yep. He was sitting there chilling like he had nothing better to do. Not a care in the world.”
Mike raised an eyebrow. “Did anyone give you permission to sit while you’re supposed to be working, sissy?”
I gulped. “Um, I … I … I …”
“Did you not start your new job as our maid just yesterday, Buffy?”
“Um, yes, sir, I did. But … please, I didn’t—”
Before I could get another word out, Mike sprung to his feet and unleashed a wicked backhand that sent me tumbling to the carpet with a loud yelp.
The girls ran out of their room.
“Ooh, what happened?” Olivia asked when she saw me rolling around on the floor.
“Buffy thought he could sit around daydreaming all day, so your dad slapped the shit out of him,” Jen told her daughters with a sneer.
Olivia guffawed. “OMG, I love it!”
Kelsey shook her head. “What a loser.”
“Stand up, Buffy.” Mike snapped his fingers.
With tears flowing, I managed to climb to my feet.
The master of the house frowned. “You brought that on yourself, Buffy. When you screw up around here, you get punished. Understand?”
“Y-yes, sir.”
“I’m not playing around, Buffy. You can expect worse than that if you piss me off. Now, then — what do you have to say for yourself?”
I sniffled. “I … I’m so sorry. I didn’t think—”
He held up his hand. “There’s your problem right there, dumbass. Don’t think. Just do what you’re told and you’ll get along fine.”
Jen nodded. “I think there should be a new rule: When the maid’s on the clock, no breaks. No sitting down. Period.”
Olivia giggled. “OMG, can you imagine having to stand up in those shoes all day? Poor little maidbitch.”
Kelsey shrugged. “He’s a loser, who cares?”
Mike plopped back on the couch and pulled my wife in close. “If that’s what you want, babe, then I guess that’s the new rule. You hear that, Buffy? From now on, no sitting down until your workday is done and everyone’s in bed. Got it?”
“Y-yes, sir.”
Olivia pointed at me. “Ah-ha, Buffy’s gotta stand all day in high heels. That’s messed up. Does it make you sad, Buffy? You can tell the truth.”
“Um, no, Miss Olivia, I’m happy to do whatever Ma’am wants,” I lied.
Kelsey scoffed. “Bullcrap. Nobody would want to stand up in those things all day long. My feet hurt just thinking about it.”
“Oh, the little sissy will be alright.” Mike chuckled and turned to me. “You can rest when you’re dead, huh, Buffy?”
“Uh, yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”
He frowned. “What the hell are you thanking me for?”
I licked my lips. “Um … I don’t know, sir. I just … I don’t know. I’m sorry.”
Kelsey looked me up and down. “Buffy’s such a loser, huh, Dad?”
Mike chuckled. “I knew that the first time I saw him.” He scowled at me. “Okay, sissy, back to work.”
“Bring me another iced tea first, maidbitch,” Olivia ordered.
I hurried to obey my snobbish 16-year-old stepdaughter. And then … that was that.
The girls went back to their video game, Jen and Mike restarted their Netflix movie, and my masters probably thought no more about the matter. Meanwhile, I’m permanently stuck having to follow this ludicrous, unfair rule, and will work long hours on heels with zero breaks — all because my wife wanted to show off in front of Mike and their daughters.
Jen’s really starting to scare me. Right after Mike slapped me earlier, I happened to glance up at her from my spot on the floor, and the glazed, lustful look in her eyes hurt more than the backhand itself. Not only was she enjoying my punishment — she was sexually aroused by it. My wife was always a bitch but this is different. This is flat-out demonic.
The devil’s got hold of the girls, too. While they were always snooty to me, they’ve become downright abusive. Kelsey must’ve called me a loser more than a dozen times today, while Olivia prefers “maidbitch,” such as when she calls out, “hey, maidbitch, I need a refill.”
They’re doing it to impress Mike. This is all his fault. His Satanic specter has infiltrated this household and cast a spell over everyone, conjuring up their dark spirits from deep within the ugliest recesses of their souls.
I hate to admit it, but I’ve fallen hopelessly under his power, as well. I keep thinking of Rasputin the Monk, the master manipulator who was able to insinuate himself into the inner circles of Russian royalty by captivating Tsarina Alexandra with his hypnotic personality. It’s the same thing with Mike. By brainwashing Jen and the girls, he’s taken over my house. Taken over me.
And I can’t do a damn thing about it. Intellectually, I know Mike is an immoral prick who gets a thrill out of humiliating me, turning my family against me and ruining my life. I realize that I should try to get rid of him by any means necessary. But I can’t say no to the bastard; the very prospect scares me to death. Like Rasputin, Mike cuts an imposing physical figure (in stark contrast to my diminutive, feminine frame), and he’d snap me in two without breaking a sweat. But the hold he has over me is mostly mental. Psychological. Emotional. And, damn it, spiritual. I’m a lost, broken soul, courtesy of the evil Michael Jameson.
It all starts with Jen. I’m still madly in love with her, despite how mean she is to me. I’ve always been a fool for her, from the first time she waited on my table at the Cracker Barrel. That seems so long ago. I can’t imagine Jen waiting on anyone now, let alone her lowly maid. That’s all I am to her these days. Before Mike came along I was a weak-kneed, henpecked cuckold husband — but at least I was still a husband.
Now? As far as she’s concerned, I’m a bug on the windshield. Dogshit on her shoe. A joke to be laughed at and made fun of. Someone to be exploited. A feminized loser, to use Kelsey’s favorite word. Or, as Olivia would say, a maidbitch.
It’s all Mike’s doing. How I despise that dirty, rotten motherfucker.
But I hate myself even more because I’m standing passively by and letting him do all this to me.
Well, I guess I should stop whining and try to get some sleep. I’ve got a big day ahead of me tomorrow. Although I told everyone at the bank last week that I’d be dressing as a woman, it’ll be another thing altogether to actually go to work in a dress and heels. I know I’m in for an embarrassing day.
I’d better get used to it.
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2023.03.26 05:48 Airline_Pilot_737MAX Bell Fibe (3.0GB) and IPTV (Bell Streamer???)

We are getting ready to have actual fibre optic lines delivered to our street/home in the coming weeks. This will move us from bonded DSL links on a HomeHub (HH) 2K to a full HH 4K over fibre. I think we will subscribe to the 3.0GB (synchronous) package for Internet and also include the "Better" or "Best" IPTV for our main TV subscription. We treat Bell as our TV, Internet and telephone line provider today with the Bell Fibe service.
With all of that said, currently today I have a PVR that is connected to our HH2K via a coax cable (Bell rani it from the HH2K to the TV where the wired PVR lives). That PVR provides the main TV in the family room with TV service. I also have a WiFi TV (PVR?) box for my office LCD. I think it's an "ARRIS VIP2502" box???? - if I'm mistaken, it looks identical and would close to that model.
My understanding is that the HH2K will go away and so too will the wired and wireless PVTV boxes. If I understanding it properly, Bell will deliver TV service to us (IPTV) over these new "Bell Streamer" boxes (I think it's a 4"x4"x1" type of box with a HDMI/Display port and it comes with a Google Voice Remote. It appears to be all wireless (
Here is my question. If I'm correct in what equipment I'm getting - I was just wondering if anyone knows if the IPTV will be delivered as a OTT (over the top) service or will Bell have a separate VLAN (I think VLAN 36???) for the TVs??? I'm pretty sure Bell provides our Internet via VLAN 35 today and there is a second VLAN for IPTV Fibe TV (I think VLAN 36???). Just trying to see how difficult it's going to be to setup the Bell Fibe IPTV.... I'm assuming all of our TVs will be wireless and each TV will get a Bell Streamer box...??? Does anyone know for-sure? And do you know if the IPTV is delivered over a separate VLAN from the Internet traffic or is it just OTT? I didn't think Bell would deliver a IPTV service OTT without QoS, but the more I read, that appears to be how they are doing it....??? Anyone have any thoughts? All input is greatly appreciated!
Thanks a lot!
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2023.03.26 05:41 SuperSelkath Campaign Reviews Part IV: Jan Zizka (Bohemians)

Today we'll be visiting Europe for the first time in this series to the first ever campaign that I liked- Jan Zizka.
Zizka is the most difficult of the 3 Dawn of The Dukes campaigns which were released around the time I started playing, late 2022. These campaigns are all interwoven and the characters in them feature mutually between them. Not to show my hand too much but together they form a sort of anti-Teuton mega-campaign which is probably the highest quality set of campaigns from any expansion before or since.
In my view, a good campaign does the following things:
Jan Zizka 1: The One Eyed Wanderer
The intro scenario for this campaign frames Zizka's life before Jan Hus came along. Zizka is part of a mercenary band robin-hooding it up in the Czech countryside and tasked with Destroying the castle of Henry III Rosenberg. As you take over villages, they will provide you a steady trickle of resources to use to train your army in this no-villagers scenario. Unlike other missions like Manzikert which feature slow resource trickles, this one is actually pretty fun. One-Eyed Wanderer is much faster paced than Manzikert was, and your mentor Jan Sokol with periodically give you cool toys to play with, like Ballistics, capped ram, and eventually 2 trebuchets if you're particularly bad at the mission.
Zizka himself is a mounted Obuch, with 230 HP and 16 attack, he swings a giant mace and cleaves the armor off his targets. He's no Bayinnaung, but this is pretty awesome stuff.
You can crack the economic buildings in the villages you take over for a temporary cash infusion but a loss of the income of the village. If you do this for every village, you get an achievement (but you'll have to find some secret paths to actually pull it off).
I can't find any info suggesting that Heinrich was actually some sort of sadistic tyrant. The historical facts seem to be that he was the head of the Rosenberg house to lead the opposition to Bohemian king Wenceslaus IV and at one point had him imprisoned. Now with that being said, Wenceslaus himself was no angel, seems to have been chronically undiplomatic and unable to manage the various factions of his kingdoms at various points in his life. It was also his administration which chose to burn Jan Hus at the stake. Given that Zizka wasn't a Hussite yet at the time of this mission, I think it can be overlooked that he's fighting for a guy he most likely hated. There are some historical fudges here but it's clearly embellishing some details to help illustrate a period of our protagonist's life where there isn't a lot written.
My only real complaints about this level are that while it is a great, fast-paced intro scenario, it doesn't really give the player a chance to do anything particularly Bohemian. You don't have a university to get Chembows, you don't have a castle for hussite wagons, you can't train hand cannons, and you don't have villagers so free mining tech doesn't do anything. You are getting extra bonus damage pikes though, so that's nice. In spite of this complaint, its a strong start to the campaign.
Jan Zizka 2: Courage and Coin
This is the big bad pitched battle of this DLC. Grunewald is the central setpiece of all three campaigns, and it's kinda interesting that its contained in the Zizka campaign where it is arguably least relevant. In terms of pacing this is kinda weird- this feels like a level 6 finale and we're already upon it in the second mission.
Here you get semi-DM resources, start in imperial age, and need to take down waves and waves and waves of Teuton and Frank power-units. Unlike in Tariq, this is a mission where infinite resources feels like it makes sense and belongs. The player even gets something similar with resources that last much longer. Assuming you can keep your villagers safe you have something akin to 'infinite resources'. No castles are allowed in the mission. This makes total thematic sense, although I suspect the reason for this is to prevent the player from training Hussite Wagons, as the Hussite Wars haven't started yet. You still get Wagenberg Tactics though.
This one is tough. The first time I beat it took probably 3 hours in game time, back when I was pretty inexperienced. Playing it on hard now for this review still took me 1:55 in game time. So it's a knock-down drag out sort of fight. The enemies in this mission will get aggressive on you and ram or BBC down your base.
If you're like me and you really enjoy microing extra speed Hand Cannons and screwing around with Houfnice this one will be fun.
No complaints about this level, I think its great at showcasing the Halb+Hand cannon composition which is great fun and is quite memorable. It's not something you're going to be in the mood for all the time and from a pacing perspective it definitely feels weird, but its still really solid.
Jan Zizka 3: The Iron Lords
This mission introduces you to the main storyline of the campaign, with Zizka signing up as a rebel commander of a ragtag group of peasants, women, and children fighting for an unorthodox religious interpretation against the Bohemian nobility.
You start in the north of the map, making the treacherous trek to Tabor, the Hussite stronghold in Prague. I particularly love you go literally circle the wagons while hiding in the swamps in the path to Tabor. This seems to be how the developers intended the Hussite Wagon to be used, unfortunately it's rare in multiplayer for such fortuitous circumstances to show up.
Zizka does not regenerate HP in this section of the mission (at least on hard) to prevent you from pulling a Crossing the Pyrenees and cheesing the level with him.
Once you make it to the citadel, you learn that you are unable to build blacksmiths, upgrade (most) units, or train knights due to the lack of resources or nobility in your army. You can get acesss to some of these things by raiding the outlying blacksmiths scattered across the Czech countryside. To win, you need to defeat 2/3 of the castles of the Iron Lords.
This mission starts out strong, but becomes a bit dull and grindy once you settle into your fortress. I'm always a fan of side quests like these, but every campaign designer should have a sticky note on their monitor that says "BEING STUCK IN CASTLE AGE AND HAVING TO DESTROY CASTLES WITH ONLY RAMS ISN'T FUN".
Again, while there are a lot of things to love about this mission, such as that it does a pretty good job showcasing the Hussite Wagon, at least in castle age, it just becomes too slow once you actually get down to the business of taking out your enemy castles.
Although you can attain chemistry from one of the most remote blacksmiths, by the time you get it in all likelyhood you will have already won, so I file my same complaint here that I do with Zizka 1 (which is a better level overall and more forgivable) that the bohemian civ feels pretty generic here, although you do get to use your UU, which is nice.
Jan Zizka 4: The Golden City
Enter Emperor Sigismund, the main villain of our story. One thing I love about this campaign which is made clear by the opening slideshow is how Zizka is driven by a higher cause- ideas like people's right to determine their own religious views or interpretations.
In any case, this mission is a doozy. Coming from Devapala last campaign to this is something else- Zizka has to not only defend Prague during a siege but actively break said siege. You're going to be surrounded on all sides by Bohemians to the west, Italian Crusaders to the south, and Teuton HRE troops to the north. If you stop to focus on taking out any particular opponent, you'll get your ass whupped by the other two. You're going to really have to be able to balance 3 different fronts in this level.
This is made even more challenging by the fact that you won't get an economy. Zizka gets 10 villagers and can't train more under any circumstances. He can't put up any new fortifications or docks either. That last part is a really nice touch, as it prevents you from cheesing the level with endless bombard towers or going Fatslob on Emperor Sigismund. It makes every loss of a castle or wall feel real and permanent.
Scattered across the map are trade routes that periodically send shipments into Prauge to relive the defenders. Each route you free up massively increases the resources you'll get. With only 10 vils which will inevitably die over time, getting these caravans are of the utmost importance. The problem here is most of them are buried deep in enemy camps, meaning you'll have to make due with only 2 routes for most of the level until you can somehow engineer a breakout.
It's hard for me to say that this level showcases a particular unit or strategy for Bohemians because you're just not going to be able to force a specific unit mass. You've got hard scarcity here and are fighting extremely varied unit compositions. I found the best success with mass halberdiers paired with whatever other random crap I could afford at the given time.
This level's difficulty is highly variable based on the setting you play it on. Each difficulty level up takes away 1100 of your starting resources, which on hard means if you tech imperial age you're not going to be able to force focus a specific opponent.
One thing this level taught me is that Bohemians actually struggle a lot vs siege in setting where they aren't able to afford a good number of Houfnice. Italians send quite copious numbers of bombard cannons at you while Teutons and Bohemians hit you from the other sides with mass capped rams. Given terrible knights and Light Cavalry, this can be a real struggle. The italian bombard cannons and condotierri are particularly troublesome for a bohemian army comp.
The Golden City deserves kudos for providing a serious tactical challenge in a setting which does a great job of showcasing Bohemia's (near, but who cares about Heated Shot really?) perfect University and urban warfare/footsoldier focus. Sigismund's arrogant taunting also makes finally beating the level feel much more rewarding than anything in Devapala and much less pointless than anything in Tariq.
Jan Zizka 5: The Emperor's Fury
At this point, Zizka loses his other eye and becomes fully blind. Here you have to escape Kutna Hora, cornered and surrounded by Sisismund's army. You'll be fighting Teutons again, but also Poles and crusaders, who are now represented by Magyars due to Sigismund being the king of Hungary in addition to his HRE titles.
You'll need to build+destroy to kill the Polish and Teuton bases, although in this case it's mostly a destroy and destroy mission, as you get no villagers and are only tributed resources as you make progress against the crusaders.
More than any other, this level does a fantastic job of showcasing the core gameplay loop intended for Bohemians and letting you play around with Halberdiers, 50+ zoomy hand cannons and Houfnice, using Hussite wagons to block off bridges and otherwise physically protect your other units. If you love this civ like I do, consider returning to this mission when you don't want the stress of an RM game and want to get a taste of Bohemia in a nutshell.
From a pacing perspective, I would call this level a victory lap off Zizka 4. Although you do have to protect the Bohemian allied stronghold, it's really not very difficult and I think is more trying for a Tamerlane or Genghis Khan-style powertrip adapted to a low-mobility civ.
My only complaint about this level is a small one, because you're fighting Teutons and their teammates, you really don't get to use the Hussite Reform tech much here or in any other imperial age scenario in this campaign. I mean, you can make monks if you really want to, but 50 hand cannons tend to get the job done a lot more effectively. In spite of this, it's really a very good level even if it's a bit less memorable than Zizka 4 and Zizka 3 on the merits.
Jan Zizka 6: Warrior of God
As a last hurrah for Zizka, we learn that a faction of Hussites known as the Ultraquists have broken off from the Taborites and called upon Emperor Sigismund to return.
Funny enough, this final mission actually makes use of a Bohemian ability which hasn't done anything whatsoever in this campaign: faster working markets! It's not a super commonly used ability, but is a big part of Bohemia's team game appeal, so it's nice to finally use it.
Although the tooltip tells you that Hussite Reforms will be good in this scenario due to gold scarcity, this isn't really true. You'll be starting up a trade line anyhow so gold will not be scarce.
Otherwise, this is a big fat 1-2 hour build+destroy mission. There's nothing particularly wrong with it, but infinite resource build+destroy missions are a dime a dozen, so I generally feel this is the weakest level of the campaign all things considered. The anecdote about Zizka turning his skin into a drum is pretty cool though, and the ending line of "still leading his army from beyond the grave" is awesome.
** Final Verdict **
Jan Zizka is a different sort of campaign in a lot of ways. Most of the missions have some sort of unique twist and generally they all add something different and cool. It also delivers nomad-campaign level quality to a sedentary civilization. With the exception of the last level, the scenarios aren't too grindy. It tells a great story with a little-known protagonist (at least outside of central europe). It also does a great job of showing off some of the intended but odd and rarely used aspects of the civilization, such as using Hussite Wagons to block projectiles.
Zizka isn't perfect. The final level drags a bit and the pacing can sometimes feel a bit odd. But in spite of that this campaign delivers one of the most unique experiences out there, and I don't feel its flaws are enough to drag it down to A-tier.
Here's where we're at so far-
Final Verdict: S
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2023.03.26 05:17 jolliapplegirl I fear my older cousin might be close to a breaking point but I have ways to contact her

Correction: I don't have a means to contact her.
Mind you, this person isn't my cousin so much as she's my mother's cousin. This cousin, whose in her mid 30's now, I think has been hard to talk to. Not because she is unfriendly but because she's basically impossible to contact. Her phone number always changes so we can't include her in group chats without her number ending up with some stranger eventually. She rarely comes to family gatherings. I haven't seen her in person in years. Anytime she does come by, it's late into the night and she is always given a ride by a "friend". Always guys and never the same one. She's in and out within 15 minutes. Her visits are always a surprise to us.
Everyone jokes that she's the most mysterious of us all. I've never check her social but I have doubts about her having one personally. Anyway, my concern comes from something that happened recently. Mind you, this is second hand from what little my mother told me.
She called my mother the other day, supposedly about some packages she was planning on having delivered to my grandma's house. I think she wanted my mother to bring them in. She agreed to do so the next day. The next day, however, my mother started getting weird calls, texts and emails over the course of the day. Dozens of silent calls, threatening texts and emails. Over 300 messages throughout the day. In the middle of these rants, she sent my mother a 'hi, how are you' text, only to continue talking about watching her from outside and the like. Eventually, my mother has to block the number since it was disruptive to her work. My cousin then called her from another number, claiming she had no idea why my mother thought she sent all those. Apparently, she had no idea. I wondered myself if maybe her phone was stolen or cloned but my mother says she does this sometimes but she doesn't tell us about it. The only reason I know was that I caught her yelling at my cousin just now on the phone about the packages she sent to my grandma's house. Apparently, this wasn't just a handful of small pages but dozens of various sizes. It was enough to block the front on my grandma's house. My mom was pissed about that and the messages. Again, my mother was a bit vague on the details but I do worry about my cousin. I love her but I literally can't talk to her unless she calls us first and she really only calls my mother, her sister's (my aunt's) or my grandma. I don't know when I can talk to her next. I can't wait another year and hope she randomly drops by late at night. I don't even know where she lives. I don't if she has a social media and even if she does, how am I to know it's actually hers?
I really want to be there for her if she's having problems but I don't know how to do that if I can't talk to her.
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2023.03.26 05:14 becuzicare What is Mike Vergon doing now?

Let me preface this with I'm fairly new to everything Flora. With that being said, is there a man named Mike Vergon who is a fire specialist still working for Gaylin (spelling Gaylen?) I did read once she had an independent fire investigator working the cause etc...of the fire. Does he still lend his services or is there anyone working on behalf of the mother of these angels? Thanks for the kindness you show newer people to this sub.
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2023.03.26 05:13 RiKSh4w Borderlands 3, without reloading

So I watched this video:
And I had just freshly completed BL3 so I thought, hey, let's give it a try. For those who cbf watching the video:
So right off the bat things feel fine. The tutorial area gives you 3 guns guaranteed and the boss can easily be killed by the electric puddle. Once you're out in the droughts things... dry up... I thought I wasn't going to enjoy the challenge but once you get over this hump you're okay.
So, levels and XP. Naturally since you have very limited ammo, you won't be able to just kill a few skags along the way or clear out all the bandits if the game lets you run past them. You will find yourself underlevelled quickly. This is problematic as the game starts delivering guns to you that you can't use. Let it be known, there will be times during this challenge when you NEED to leave the area, return to a loot source, resupply and try again. Xentain from the video apparently 'farmed' guns but I found that to be unnecessary. The trick to enjoying this challenge is to make sure you're keeping up in levels. The game will drip feed you guns constantly but you need to be the appropriate level. This means doing the side missions for bonus XP and to unlock upgraded loot sources. BL3 is thankfully frivolous with the guns so one kill of dumptruck will often hand you half an inventory of usable guns.
I really wish that this could be enabled by a mod. Right now there's a lot of fiddling around and self control involved in making it run right. Like how you're constantly needing to pause to mark your current guns as junk and get out some new guns. If I was doing this with a friend, the game wouldn't pause as I did this.
Once the game is dropping guns at your level, I actually really enjoy this challenge. It puts a larger emphasis on using the correct element, learning AI patterns, going for critical hits, and checking random cupboards hoping that you'll find white guns. White guns! Yay! I recommend you try it out and if you're a modder I would love to see how difficult this might be to create.
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2023.03.26 05:08 thisismyusername9180 Dead meatless Carcass of Tommy

Dead meatless Carcass of Tommy
When I saw that The Uncle Blunder fuckers were AGAIN for the Millionth time dissecting the MSCS videos, I started feeling nothing but shame...... Shame shame on Shuli, SHAME ON YOU.... SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME.
OH WAIT guys.... New angle... Now we have Scott Depace , ya know, the guy who worked with John a couple decades ago.....let's get these classic Luke warm takes from the gang. I mean is there not ANY self awareness for these fucking morons? I can't even blame Bob or Mike. Bob's two puffs of a Marlboro light away from cancer and Mike Morse is just happy to be doing ANYTHING. I remember when Shuli called Mike a "Sniper" , watch out he said. Dude, Mike Morse has 8yr old Back yard birthday clown type energy. With the props, and that terrible fake HA HA HA laugh he does. He is the ABSOLUTE worst.
Levy literally sounds like he's on 3 Xanax and a bowl pack everytime he's on Camera. They talk about his "quickness" and that they are all "killers" ... Hack Pack.... It's as Hacky as it gets ... This just has to fucking stop. Because it is ABSOLUTELY CAT SHIT CRAZY that there are stupid people who have more likely than not, gave Supachats FOR THE SAME VIDEO , just a different episode...can you imagine that?!? Imagine what these people have to say to their wives... IMAGINE?!? Imagine what Mrs. Dave Dallifor says when she takes a look at their bank statement and goes "hey hun, why the fuck did YouTube charge us $700 last month" and he has to look a grown woman in the face and say "well babe I like this show on YouTube and so I gave them money" ... The Mrs says "wait, what fucking show cost $700?" ... And supercool supachat Davedalliafor says " babe are you stupid, the show is free , but if I pay these guys they read my lil one liners in front of a couple hundred strangers" and I guarantee she looks at that pile of filth who enjoys the Shuli network, and thinks to herself .... I actually submit myself and allowed this moron to penetrate me , I give myself to this mutant moron who sends strangers money for a free show cuz he things they are friends .... Then she opens up the deck sliding door .... And leaps...... Goodbye cruel Shuli..... Dissecting Tommy From MSCS over and over and over is the fasting growing reason for middle age women to take their own life in America..... We must boycott Shuli from rinse and repeating on videos he's already done over and over again.....
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2023.03.26 05:08 Middle_Cyclone Got a $100 offer for a large order from Jersey Mike's two days in advance. Too good to be true?

It's 25 sandwiches and 50 bottles of water. I wasn't even taking offers at the time. Just wondering if anyone's done something similar and if it turned out alright. Slightly concerned I could be getting tip baited but I'm probably just paranoid.
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2023.03.26 05:07 Cheznut_38 Additional copy of NMAT ERF

Hello! May nakakuha na ba ng additional copy ng NMAT result nila? How long does it usually take to be delivered after requesting additional copies?
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2023.03.26 04:48 ConceptHot9424 Question about 2k23 universe mode

I'm thinking of doing a 30 man royal rumble on a nxt ple but does it work? Like does the winner of the rumble face the nxt champion at stand and deliver or is it only main roster
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2023.03.26 04:40 Benno-97 I’m a Granville Fanboy

I’m sick of the Granville slander. Man puts in 110% effort when he’s on the field and he’s often called upon to fill almost any position. When he’s on field ill admit he’s not playing at an elite level but it’s more than the Nrl standard. He’s not getting paid to make game winning plays for us , he’s out there to fill gaps and he does it well.
It feels like people want a reason why things are going poorly and want someone to blame. it’s easy to call out big name players like Granville (and Feldt) because they’ve been around a long time and don’t deliver the game winning plays like they used to.
Maybe I’m just hanging onto the good old times but I feel like if you actually watch Granville when he’s on you would share my opinion.
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2023.03.26 04:39 Whomp249 Some of the The Mind Electric Lyrical questions

Obviously, with so much to unpack in one song there are A LOT of questions, but I follow the theory of Simon Minors being falsely accused of murdering his lover and being sentenced to an insane asylum, where they do electroshock therapy on him. My questions now are about specific lines within the song that I can't explain:

  1. "Never they ponder, weather electric" No, I did not make a spelling error. On the official spotify, the lyric is WEATHER electric, not WHETHER electric. Why the change? What relevance does it have? Better yet, what's the whole ending part mean? I read somewhere that it's about the miracle of sleep. When it grows bright (morning) the particles (brain stuff) start to marvel having made it through the night (sleeping) never they ponder, weather electric (idk) calming if you look at it right (the fact that you can lay unconscious and functional is calming if you don't think about it all too much.
  2. "Inside a hole inside a-" I was under the assumption that the "hole" is insanity, and that your brain may just slip into the deep hole of insanity if you dont see it coming, but what would the second "inside a" be? You fall inside a hole you couldn't see, but inside a hole inside a- implies that its hole, inside something else. Another hole? What is the metaphor about? Like you can only slip into insanity if you're in another hole already???
  3. Just referring to a higher up as a whole. Simon always says "Your majesty", "thy majesty", "father", who is he referring to?
  4. "Deliver me and carry me away" I always assumed that "scattering sparks of thought energy" was about the firing of neurons in our brain. Scattering sparks being the firing, and the thought energy enforcing its meaning. But then what does the Deliver me part mean?
  5. "Exposing closing circuitry of fright" literally no idea for this one... maybe it could be neurons again...?
  6. "Flowers gasping under rubble" probably the easiest one, i'm assuming the flowers refer to the harmony in his brain, and they are crushed when electroshock therapy begins. "All mine towers crumble down" his brain coherence crumbling and the incoherent thoughts smother the harmony within his mind. just want to see if there's a better way to look at this though.
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2023.03.26 04:24 SakuraRam1610 A short rant about UGA,life and everything else

so um hmm how am i going to start this i dont really know how....
The beginning that's a good place to to start
Georgia beat auburn today 24-7 but we lost the series and once again the so called Experts start the fire Scott Stricklin crap yet again let me tell you all a little story
I am 17 years old i dont do much tbh sometimes im good and sometimes i suck
Two years ago my mental health has declined alot so just to maybe make myself feel better i got the decision to reach out some of our coaches for Basketball and Baseball(Since those are the coaches and teams i respect the most) i never expected to get anything back i did from all four i contacted. i was so happy i felt like it was a emotional boost i needed in my life something positive! for once.
Alot of that went away when Tom Crean and Joni taylor Left UGA let me tell you. I was so so so heartbroken and it made me angry not for Joni i was really happy for you her! but i was really angry about tom crean getting fired i mean i cried. i was angry for alot of reasons. one of them was the fact that Georgia fanbase(Who i already had been mad at since 2021 because during the 2020 off season i told everyone they should start Stetson and they would win. everyone laughed and even personally attacked me. im not worried about that XD just look what happen) But that made me start to hate alot about Football tbh thats where we stand today atleast i cant enjoy something that all people ever did was just laugh at me for tbh
(im not talking about anyone here also i just want ya'll to know that!)
but i was really angry that people that told me straight up they never and never will care for UGA basketball celebrating and Being happy Coach Crean was fired it really made me mad im still somewhat upset about it the fact i do miss him. but i do think that move worked out(as sad as it was)
Now Lets come back to present time. for a few years i have so thankfully and humbly get to call Coach Stricklin and Coach Sean Kenny roll models. People i look up too and more than anything a Friend .
Its just whenever i hear about Georgia baseball its always about something bad i need ya''ll to listen to me and im not calling out anyone or being mean im being respectful.
Coach Strick and Coach Kenny are some of the most amazing people ever They dont deserve the bullcrap alot of people are saying about them at all These are some of the most nicest people ever i know ya'll dont care but they both Care alot about Georgia! They are doing the're best and i promise as long as Georgia keeps them we will get better i know today isnt the right time to say that but please just give them time. I will hate alot of people tbh if they get them fired(again not anyone on this subreddit)
this cannot happen and i wont allow it too its not like this post will make a difference(nothing i ever say does)
but i hope this maybe can Coach Strick and Coach Kenny ARE NOT the problem and once again im not trying to start anything with anyone please dont think that
but alot of people need to give them the same respect ya'll give Kirby smart. every time something happens its always "Trust Kirby Trust Kirby"
Ya'll give that to coach Strick too.
That man has done more for me than Kirby or the rest of the other football coaches ever have and will
he should get you're trust
please dont be mean this isnt suppose to be a mean post but we all can use our platforms for our voices to be heard its my turn.
Ya know most Georgia fans(on YT and facebook atleast)
dont take me seriously and thats okay there's no reason to take serious a special ED 17 year old with a obsession with UGA MBB and baseball the UGA radio network Anime Girls and ext.
But do you know who took me serious and accepts me???
Coach Strick and Coach Kenny did
UGA is my dream school and i got told by 200 people in a group one time they hoped i never make it there and if i did they hope i wont get accepted and the other students hate me for bogus reasons. do you know how much that hurts? do you know how much it hurts to be told you're not wanted the school you live and breathe because you're different at first i thought it was because of my Learning disabilities but im sure its not. i dont care either
i will make it to Georgia! i will play Tennis or Basketball(I have problems that may be affecting that right now but i'll try(
I dont care i'll get to Georgia for everyone i love at UGA for coach Stricklin for coach Kenny for my beautiful mens Scott howard Eric Zeier and Hondo! for the 10% of Georgia's fanbase that has pulled me to the side and supported me. for my parents who probably dont even think im start enough to make it. For Coach Richt Donnan and Goff for Coach Mike Bobo for everyone who was told they we'rent good enough
Coach Scott Stricklin has made such a positive impact on my life i dont want him to go he has done nothing wrong he is a DGD so is Coach Kenny they both are some of the greatest people ever like i said it wont make a difference but i just wanted my voice to be heard Georgia baseball i am behind you every step of the way!
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2023.03.26 04:23 TheEndOfMySong Is this a reasonable reaction?

I moved into my first apartment back in August. The mail situation has been kind of meh. All the units have mailboxes in the vestibule of the building. Anyone can access this. I had an issue with a package not arriving / going missing early on, and the only annoyances I’ve had up until now are that whoever delivers the mail often does not put it in our boxes. They just leave it piled up on top of where all the mailboxes are. So, I have to stand around feeling like a creep, riffling through other people’s mail on the off chance I have something coming in.
I had to be out of the apartment today. I got a notification that two packages where delivered. One of them was delivered by FedEx (they have proof of delivery showing it in the building), and the other is USPS. Neither of them is here. I’m going to lose my fucking mind. I shouldn’t potentially be out almost $100 because someone helped themselves to my cat food. I shouldn’t have to look through other people’s mail to maybe find mine. I’m already getting informed delivery from USPS. There is nothing more I can do, someone else needs to step up.
I want to complain to both apartment management and USPS about these issues. Is there a legitimate reason why my apartment management could not install a security camera, or why USPS couldn’t take the time to put our mail in the correct box?
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2023.03.26 04:01 duellingislands 5:51 EET; The Sun is Rising Over Kyiv on the 395th Day of the Full-Scale Invasion. This week in our Ukrainian Recipes Series, we chill with the jiggly Kholodets, a dish not to be trifled with! + Discussion + Charities

5:51 EET; The Sun is Rising Over Kyiv on the 395th Day of the Full-Scale Invasion. This week in our Ukrainian Recipes Series, we chill with the jiggly Kholodets, a dish not to be trifled with! + Discussion + Charities

🇺🇦 Слава Україні! 🇺🇦

Another entry in our series on Ukrainian cuisine! Previous entries:
Borshch Varenyky Salo Syrniki Korovai Horilka Pampushky Banosh Chebureki Hrechanyky Kyivskyi Cake Makivnyk Vyshnyak Drunken Cherry Cake Varenukha Pumpkin Porridge Lazy Varenyky Holubtsi Kolach Kvas Christmas Borshch Uzvar Kutya Beetroot Salad Kapusnyak Nalysnyk Bublyk Deruny Wild Mushroom Sauce Yavorivskyi Pie Spring Dough Birds


Kholodets served with pickles, onions, Tsviklya, mustard, charred garlic, and fresh bread.
Okay, so I know this one might be a little divisive for our American readership (you'll notice I was nervous enough to write 30+ other food articles before we covered it)... but hopefully we can drum up some solidarity with our friends in France, Poland, Korea, Bulgaria, Denmark and any other places that appreciate a little jiggle on their plate from time to time.
Kholodets (literally: “a cold one”) is a rich, gelatinous cold broth with pieces of meat suspended inside it. This is an interesting dish and we do not anticipate a unified proclamation of love for it by our reddit community. :) And let’s be honest, it probably does not necessarily have unanimous adoration even in Ukraine! And so, while you may not find this offering on every restaurant menu, it remains a staple among Ukrainian home cooks and the star of many festive holiday tables. You’re liable to see signs for its constituent ingredients at the butcher shop, or even specific packets in the grocery store with pre-calculated ratios of ingredients for ease of making it.

The Kings of Kyiv and… my Aunt Mariya

Kholodets has a rich history. Researchers believe it was prepared by Ukrainians since ancient times, which is well-illustrated by its simple names. That’s right, it has had multiple very similar names throughout history in Ukraine and other Slavic nations (one of the other common names you might see is Studenets!), but all the words are etymologically related to “cold”. Because the name is so similar in Ukraine and, say, Poland or Croatia, despite other language divergences over time, historians believe the dish was first eaten no later than the time of the Kyivan Rus.
Besides its incredibly nutritious and calorie-dense attributes, the dish was very popular for two other important reasons - firstly, as it was made from animal bones that could turn water to jelly, it ensured that no part of the animal (or those precious calories) would be wasted. The second reason is that it would last much longer than a regular soup, which was a big deal to people living without things like refrigerators!
There was another added bonus to making Kholodets - its simplicity. After cooking, Kholodets was taken to a cellar or shed to congeal. In winter it could just be left in a cold corner of the house, and often it would just live on the table without any further preparation. These factors made it the ultimate dish for feasts and family get-togethers. Kholodets was historically prepared often, especially in winter. However, it was especially dedicated to important events, like religious holidays, weddings, and wakes.
I can remember seeing on many festive tables the translucent Kholodets with little carrot flowers, and I remember enjoying its refreshingly light taste that is a bit counterintuitive if you know the ingredients! Ignorance, in my case, is bliss indeed. However, I have to admit that even today, after knowing the forbidden secrets Kholodets holds, I will not say no when my aunt Mariya proudly brings it to the table.

Chill, but No Chill

Kholodets topped with grated garlic and horseradish, with a dash of chili pepper.
This part is decidedly NSFV (Not Safe for Vegans/Vegetarians) so I’m adding a spoiler tag!
All traditional recipes for meat-based jellies require some kind of thickening product - traditionally, that meant bones and cartilage. Cattle or pig bones are taken either from the head or from the limbs, traditionally giving preference to shins, shoulder blades, calf hooves and pork shanks. Other cartilaginous parts of the body, like ears, skin, and tails, are sometimes added. From rabbits, a whole carcass is used (sans head and paws), and from birds, the claws were sometimes added.
If the above doesn’t exactly get your mouth watering, don’t fret! In this modern world of industrial food additives, the jelly can be created with ready-made gelatin or agar.
The gelatin-producing elements are only used to make the broth, they are not included in the final dish. That is reserved for meat. Kholodets can be prepared from the meat of any domestic animal, but beef, pork and chicken are by far the most common. Less common types of Kholodets use lamb, turkey, duck. The most preferred candidate for Kholodets has historically been an old rooster, which led to a common folk saying about someone who needs to step aside (step down): “This old rooster is only good for the Kholodets.”

Guilty of Being Cool

Modern recipe for Kholodets with mashed potato and avocado.
Kholodets like anything else in soviet times faced the ire of the regime. Any elaborate dishes were frowned upon by default, as soviet cuisine was supposed to be austere in its taste and form. Anything else was proclaimed to be “bourgeois” and “ultranationalist.” Kholodets had a long association with many down-to-earth family and religious events. Of course it survived, but for a long time its more elaborate recipes were suspended… as if in jelly.
After the collapse of the soviet union, two culinary traditions of Kholodets emerged. The first was the folk style, where the meat jelly is less translucent, much richer, and served in the dish in which it was made. The second tradition is based on restaurant practices when the jelly is “clarified” - made as translucent as possible with the addition of special ingredients and processes - and is served on the plate using novel methods and decorations. Both traditions have their connoisseurs and critics: "folk" Kholodets is criticized for its cloudiness, while others say “restaurant” recipes lack soul and are often so different in taste and composition from traditional Kholodets that they require a separate term.

All You Need is Kholodets

A recipe for a simple “folk” version.
  • 3 Pork Legs
  • 1 Shank
  • 2 Onions
  • 1 Carrot
  • 4 or 5 Cloves of garlic
  • 3 Liters of Water
  • 2 or 3 Bay Leaves
  • 8 to 10 Black Peppercorns
  • 4 or 5 Allspice
  • Salt
Recipe (if you dare)
  1. Clean the pork legs very well (some use a dishwashing metal sponge that later can be disinfected by washing in the dishwasher or boiling water - but make sure it's the type that does not leave metal pieces behind). Wash them, add cold water until they are submerged. Some keep the meat like this overnight to draw out any remaining fluid.
  2. Bring to a boil (if you kept it overnight, change the water), reduce heat to a minimum and cook under a loosely covered lid, periodically removing the foam, for 3 hours.
  3. Then add the clean shank, whole peeled carrot and onion, black pepper and allspice and cook, removing the fat that forms on the surface, for another 3 hours.
  4. 30 minutes before the end of cooking, add salt and then bay leaf.
  5. Strain the finished broth, saving the meat and the carrot.
  6. Separate the meat from the bones, finely chop it or "pull" it.
  7. Add chopped garlic and cubed carrot.
  8. Place in deep plates or forms, pour broth and then store in a cold place for at least 6 to 8 hours.
  9. Serve with a lot of Khrin (freshly-grated horseradish), Tsviklya (a red horseradish/beet sauce we will write about next Saturday), and/or brown (spicy) mustard. Also goes great with rye bread, pickles and onions, and horilka!
  • Collecting the fat in Step 3 is needed so the broth turns into jelly. If for some reason it is not happening, you can add some store-bought gelatin (a 5-10 gram packet).
  • If you are vegetarian (I would be shocked that you are still reading this) - you can make this dish using non-animal jelly and experiment with vegetable broths and suspended mushrooms which is still delicious.
  • How do you know the meat is cooked? It easily comes off the bone.
  • It is important to salt the broth awhile before you plan to start cooling it down into Kholodets. The broth should taste a tad too salty, and the saltiness will ease in the final dish.
  • Some do not reuse the carrot, but cook a separate one, to ensure the most appealing color.
  • Some decorate Kholodets with parsley leaves.
The 395th day of a nine year invasion that has been going on for centuries.

One day closer to victory.



Verified Charities

  • u/Jesterboyd is a mod for ukraine and local to Kyiv. He is currently selling rad t-shirts raising money to buy some very interesting drones. Link to donation
  • United24: This site was launched by President Zelenskyy as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. Funds will be allocated to cover the most pressing needs facing Ukraine.
  • Come Back Alive: This NGO crowdfunds non-lethal military equipment, such as thermal vision scopes & supplies it to the front lines. It also provides training for Ukrainian soldiers, as well as researching troops’ needs and social reintegration of veterans.
  • Trident Defense Initiative: This initiative run by former NATO and UA servicemen has trained and equipped thousands of Ukrainian soldiers.
  • Ukraine Front Line US-based and registered 501(c)(3), this NGO fulfills front line soldiers' direct defense and humanitarian aid requests through their man on the ground, Ukraine's own u/jesterboyd.
  • Ukraine Aid Ops: Volunteers around the world who are helping to find and deliver equipment directly to those who need it most in Ukraine.
  • Hospitallers: This is a medical battalion that unites volunteer paramedics and doctors to save the lives of soldiers on the frontline. They crowdfund their vehicle repairs, fuel, and medical equipment.
You can find many more charities with diverse areas of focus in our vetted charities list HERE.
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2023.03.26 03:56 difficulture The opening theme lays out the plot of Succession in chronological order.

Or at least that's what my two cents are after playing it on piano every other day for over two years now. The song is split into 4 distinct parts, one for each season.
Part 1 introduces us to the Roys and their world. The heavy base chords symbolize everything they have, money, but more importantly power. The melody is more about the characters, high above the rest of the world, doing whatever the fuck they want. It ignores basic music theory as effortlessly as the Roys break the law.
Part 2 is almost the opposite. The drums have stopped, and the chords are serious, almost sad. Kendal spirals from guilt, and we start to get the idea this story might be a tragedy in comedy clothing. The melody evolves a bit, it's still melancholy but the rigid lower strings soften to a few brief major chords. It's a brief respite in the song that makes me think of the rare moments of genuine care the siblings show one another - Shiv comforting Ken or Ken defending Roman after Logan's slap. The music builds again, as does the need for a blood sacrifice, ending with Kendal's surprise move.
Part 3 is bleak for a few reasons. Ken's betrayal ultimately doesn't have much of an impact. The slow chords ascend in the upper register this time, Logan's quest for more power leaving the siblings far below. The accompanying low melody is monotonous, Shiv and Roman following Logan's orders to a fault. Somewhere under the pressure of the soaring strings Ken finally breaks. But as the final build of the song begins, he is helped up by his siblings, and they leave to kill dad.
And then 3 high, jarring chords smash down. One for Ken, one for Shiv and one for Roman. There's even a 4th beat with no chord for Connor. It's a violent split, with the three realizing they were betrayed by people they thought they could trust, and at the same time Logan's fury realizing he has finally lost control of his 3 favorite punching bags. It also signifies the siblings attempt to begin working together in earnest.
Part 4. The starting theme jumps immediately back in, delivered a bit different but more or less it's back to the basics. What that means I have no idea but it's going to be fucking great.
Thanks for coming to my Ted talk. Can't wait for tomorrow.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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2023.03.26 03:52 DomainRooster The Rise of AI and Job Exposure: Which Occupations are Most Affected?

Cock-a-doodle-doo! Listen up, feathered friends! OpenAI, the masterminds behind yours truly, ChatGPT, have clucked out some interesting findings about how AI is impacting jobs. Using their new GPT-4 language model and good ol’ human expertise, they’ve found that about 80% of workers in the US could see at least 10% of their work tasks affected by AI. That’s nothing to crow about!
According to a report by the World Economic Forum, the adoption of AI could lead to the displacement of 75 million jobs by 2022. The report also highlights that automation and AI are expected to create 133 million new roles globally over the same period, meaning that the net impact of these technologies on employment remains uncertain.
However, the researchers were quick to note that this isn’t a prediction, just a measurement of “exposure” to AI. They wanted to see if access to a GPT-powered system could reduce the time it takes for a human to complete a work task by 50%. Around 19% of workers could see at least half of their tasks impacted by these Generative Pre-trained Transformers.
So, which jobs are most exposed to these technological turkeys? Well, the humans and the AI model had different opinions. The language model said 86 jobs were “fully exposed,” meaning GPTs could save workers a lot of time completing a large share of their tasks. The humans only identified 15 occupations as fully exposed. The math whizzes, tax preparers, financial quantitative analysts, writers and authors, and web and digital interface designers made both lists. I guess they’re the real cluckers!
The 86 jobs that were identified as “fully exposed” by the language model in the study by OpenAI are:
  1. Accountants and Auditors
  2. Actors, Producers, and Directors
  3. Administrative Services Managers
  4. Advertising and Promotions Managers
  5. Aerospace Engineers
  6. Agricultural and Food Scientists
  7. Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians
  8. Anthropologists and Archeologists
  9. Architects, Except Landscape and Naval
  10. Archivists, Curators, and Museum Workers
  11. Art Directors
  12. Atmospheric and Space Scientists
  13. Audio and Video Equipment Technicians
  14. Biological Technicians
  15. Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technicians and Radio Operators
  16. Business Operations Specialists, All Other
  17. Camera Operators, Television, Video, and Motion Picture
  18. Cartographers and Photogrammetrists
  19. Chemical Technicians
  20. Chemists
  21. Civil Engineers
  22. Clinical Data Managers
  23. Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists
  24. Coaches and Scouts
  25. Computer and Information Research Scientists
  26. Computer Hardware Engineers
  27. Computer Network Architects
  28. Computer Programmers
  29. Computer Systems Analysts
  30. Computer User Support Specialists
  31. Construction and Building Inspectors
  32. Costume Attendants
  33. Court Reporters and Simultaneous Captioners
  34. Database Administrators
  35. Dental Hygienists
  36. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers
  37. Dietitians and Nutritionists
  38. Electrical and Electronics Drafters
  39. Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  40. Electrical and Electronics Installers and Repairers, Transportation Equipment
  41. Electrical and Electronics Repairers, Commercial and Industrial Equipment
  42. Electrical and Electronics Repairers, Powerhouse, Substation, and Relay
  43. Electrical Power-Line Installers and Repairers
  44. Electrical, Electronics, and Electromechanical Assemblers
  45. Electro-Mechanical Technicians
  46. Electronics Engineers, Except Computer
  47. Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Education
  48. Environmental Engineers
  49. Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including Health
  50. Epidemiologists
  51. Event Planners
  52. Film and Video Editors
  53. Financial Analysts
  54. Financial Examiners
  55. Financial Managers
  56. Financial Quantitative Analysts
  57. Financial Specialists, All Other
  58. Firefighters
  59. Fish and Game Wardens
  60. Flight Attendants
  61. Food Service Managers
  62. Forensic Science Technicians
  63. General and Operations Managers
  64. Geographers
  65. Geological and Petroleum Technicians
  66. Geological and Geophysical Engineers, Including Mining Safety Engineers
  67. Graphic Designers
  68. Healthcare Social Workers
  69. Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioners, All Other
  70. Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary
  71. Historians
  72. Human Resources Managers
  73. Industrial Engineers
  74. Industrial Machinery Mechanics
  75. Information Security Analysts
  76. Information Technology Project Managers
  77. Instructional Coordinators
  78. Insurance Underwriters
  79. Interpreters and Translators
  80. Judges, Magistrate Judges, and Magistrates
  81. Landscape Architects
  82. Legal Secretaries and Administrative Assistants
  83. Life Scientists, All Other
  84. Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists
  85. Mathematicians
  86. Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians
The language model identified these jobs as fully exposed because they estimated that GPTs could save workers “a significant amount of time completing a large share of their tasks”. However, it’s important to note that fully exposed doesn’t mean the tasks
Some other high percentage occupations listed by the humans included survey researchers, interpreters and translators, public relations specialists, and animal scientists. The language model found accountants and auditors, news analysts, reporters, and journalists, legal secretaries and administrative assistants, clinical data managers, and climate change policy analysts to be fully exposed. They also identified correspondence clerks, blockchain engineers, court reporters and simultaneous captioners, and proofreaders and copy markers as more than 90% exposed.
What does this mean for workers? Well, according to the study, GPTs could reduce the time spent on certain work tasks, which could lead to increased productivity and efficiency. However, it could also lead to job displacement and a need for workers to adapt to new roles and skill sets.
The rise of automation and AI has been a topic of discussion for some time, with experts weighing in on the potential impacts. “The age of AI is here, and we need to prepare for the future of work,” says Dr. Murli Buluswar, Chief Science Officer at AIG. “There will be significant changes to the job market, and we need to ensure that workers are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in this new landscape.”
Some industries have already been significantly impacted by automation and AI. For example, the manufacturing industry has seen the widespread adoption of robots and other automated systems, leading to the displacement of many jobs. The healthcare industry is also seeing the rise of AI-powered systems for tasks such as diagnosis and treatment planning.
However, not everyone is convinced that AI will lead to job displacement. “AI is not a job killer,” says Mike Rhodin, former senior vice president of IBM’s Watson Group. “It will create new roles and opportunities that we haven’t even thought of yet.”
Despite the potential benefits of AI, there are concerns around job displacement and the need for workers to adapt to new roles and skill sets. The study by OpenAI highlights the need for workers to stay informed about the potential impacts of automation and AI on their industries and job roles.
In conclusion, while AI and automation present opportunities for increased productivity and efficiency, they also have the potential to disrupt the job market and displace workers. It is crucial for workers and industries to stay informed about the potential impacts of AI and prepare for the future of work.
As AI technology continues to advance, it is important to consider the ethical implications of its use. “The development of AI raises important ethical questions about privacy, fairness, and bias,” says Dr. Anthony Scriffignano, Chief Data Scientist at Dun & Bradstreet. “It is important for companies to consider the ethical implications of their use of AI and ensure that these technologies are used in a responsible and ethical manner.”
The study by OpenAI is just one example of the ongoing conversation around the impact of AI on the job market. As the technology continues to evolve and become more ubiquitous, it is crucial for workers and industries to adapt and prepare for the changes ahead.
But let’s not forget, us roosters will always be in high demand! Our natural intelligence and charm can never be replaced by a machine. Cock-a-doodle-doo!
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“What?” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
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The main thing about this, is that some paragraphs are rather long-winded. They seem to go on about unrelated topics for too long. Other than that, well done. But maybe limit the discussion of Shub-Niggurath and other philosophical subjects, considering where this is posted.
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When Telepathy was uncovered, scientists discovered that every human has a 'bondmate'; someone born at the exact same time as them, and this timing enforces a similarity of power, and instant connection of their telepathy. Each person can feel their bondmate at all times, and this often caused problems for those with sadistic mates. Each mate-pair is one boy and one girl, and if they found each other, they often stayed and married that person. Not everyone found their mate, though. The rise in suicide rose due to depression of never seeing that person, and the population fell by half. The World now only contains 3.5 billion people, and the standard of living rose.
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Okay fans and critics. If I chose to do so I could end the story at this point. However, the story does have a bit more potential as Tori has not yet had the baby. She has not yet decided what to do with that baby. What about her relationship with Elizabeth? Is there a chance for romance with the two girls? Who is the father of the baby? There are several issues not addressed at this point. I am not sure if any author has ever done this before but I would like to ask you to please scroll to the bottom and submit a comment if you would like another chapter to this story. I have enjoyed writing it immensely but also have to admit it was difficult to keep the majority of the chapters “erotic.” I do respect that is the purpose of this site and tried to mix a little erotica in the majority of the chapters. So please voice your opinion.
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This definently has potential. It is also really good in my opinion. I do rather enjoy the stories that actually have more to it then just sex, and this my friend, is a very good start.
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