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UCSD Adobe Creative Cloud

2022.12.31 19:54 Gogonogo2 UCSD Adobe Creative Cloud

I am looking for free adobe creative cloud services. I know we don't get CC for free and we get a discount on it. The blink ucsd web page says we can go to a computer lab where it is available.I NEED HELP figuring out how to find these spots and how to use these services. Thanks
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2022.05.27 06:36 temporary58 [DIGITAL PREPPING] Radiation & EMP Effects on Electronics - Practical Information

Hi guys I came from https://www.reddit.com/preppers/comments/t7s54o/faq_of_recent_nuclear_related_topics_othe just so everyone knows this post isn't a duplicate.
I've scoured the web but came up short. Prepper experts please fill in the gap on the following questions:
Question 1: Practical knowledge on effects of radiation/radioactive particles (RP) on electronics
Expanded: Just like we know the effect of RP on photographic film , what are the effects of RP on transistors, resistors, capacitors, multimeters, LED's, CPU chip, NAND, HDD plate, Fe-O batteries, solar panel, etc?
Current knowledge: on one end of the spectrum, we get piecemeal but useful glimpses like here, here, here, here on the other end are highly technical papers here, here, here here here here here here here here here, and this rabbit-hole of an article here
They're very useful in understanding shielding design, circuity, and even answer some of the questions above like effect on CMOS, SRAM, etc.
BUT what I'm looking for is practical information like:
-how severely my solar panel output will be affected by how many doses of radiation
-will lights blink erratically with ionising radiation, the same way they do with EMPs?
-testing USB stick vs HDD vs M-discs vs magnetic tapes under various strengths and durations of radiation
-testing walkie-talkie vs. original Nokia 3310 vs. $5 modern analogue phone vs. iPhone X etc. etc. under various strengths and durations of radiation (since a single event is diff from low longterm exposure)
-and perhaps the most pertinent question of all - how much radiation can my laptop take??? (assuming it's not in my doomsday laptop sleeve of foil-covered silicone)
Granted these questions don't call for very precise answers, but more often than not a ballpark figure is more helpful than knowing the exact science.

Question 2: Practical knowledge on effects of EMP on electronics
Expanded: Now this is a lot easier both to understand and find information on. It's kinda like Electro farted and the very air itself becomes this huge battery that zaps everything in sight, hence the term "fried electronics". (correct me if I'm wrong)
But just like the 1st question, there's a lack of practical knowledge that answers questions like:
-ironic question: can an EMP knock out radiation meters & testers? that'll be a double whammy :(
-how severely my solar panel output will be affected by what strengths of EMP
-testing USB stick vs HDD vs M-discs vs magnetic tapes under various EMP strengths
-testing walkie-talkie vs. original Nokia 3310 vs. $5 modern analogue phone vs. iPhone X etc. etc. under various EMP strengths
-and perhaps the most pertinent question of all - how much EMP can my laptop take??? (assuming it's not in my doomsday laptop sleeve of foil-covered silicone)
Granted these questions don't call for very precise answers, but more often than not a ballpark figure is more helpful than knowing the exact science.
Good thing about an EMP is it's only a one-time thing (assuming you don't have EMPs one after another like a string of firecrackers) as opposed to RP which are constantly producing radiation. - I'm correct on this right? An EMP can't be sustained like radiation can??

Back in the Cold War there were wheel charts, nomograms, slide rules, and easy references of all sorts which we now know to be inaccurate. But at least they had something to refer to. I'd like the same stuff - except for electronics.
I just realized the only "iodine pill" I have for electronics is aluminum foil... which is grossly inadequate IMO.

I've also posted this in DataHoarder , let's build bridges!
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2022.05.11 17:59 19_sunshine 2022-23 School Year Ends June 16!!

Anyone know why we have an extra week of winter break next year?! Now school ends June 16th and commencement is June 17-18! That's so late - I'd much rather have a regular 3 week winter break and get out a week earlier for summer. RIP anyone who's grad school or post bac program starts in June! :(
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2022.04.06 02:18 rndmprsn123 New here- surgery in 2 days; advice?

Hi fellow AN folks,
I was recently diagnosed with a giant acoustic neuroma (4.2cm) a couple weeks ago and now my surgery is scheduled for this Thursday. Like many people I found out by complete chance. Despite my tumor being so large I have very few noticeable symptoms and arguably none of the observable ones are medically significant (slightly larger eye on affected side, slower blink on that side, very “clumsy”, get dizzy frequently, tinnitus in affected ear).
My hearing is about 60% on the affected side but because of the size of the tumor the surgeons I’m seeing at ucsd are recommending I get a trans lab. So I will definitely lose all hearing on that side as a result of the surgery and I’m really struggling with that idea.
I’m also really struggling with having gone from pretty healthy and active to “you have a life threatening brain tumor” in the blink of an eye (the AN is pressing on my brain stem and causing some hydrocephalus). Between the time of diagnosis and the operation it won’t have even been a month. I feel like I’m lying to people when I tell them why I’m on medical leave etc. or like I’m the worlds biggest asshole when people start crying after I tell them.
Idk what I’m really looking for here… I’m so so scared and not sure what life will look like post op… if anyone has any tips for that please let me know. It’s so wild for me that I will be having brain surgery before I even have the chance to accept what is going on in my body. I’m most scared of my experience of the world being different than it is now. How hard it may be to adjust to mono hearing… if I’ll need a walker…
(for those curious) The Tumor
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2022.01.07 01:38 Alarming-Aardvark788 Online until Jan 31 update

Here’s the full thing:
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2021.12.11 02:53 KindSlothy Dear Freshmen, About Your Final Grades

TL;DR Academic History Tool to view your final grades, Grades are due this upcoming Tuesday, please chill. If there is (or you believe there is) an error, you have an entire year before it's 100% set into stone, so just let them know there is an error.

Please stop pestering TAs and the Prof on Piazza, email, and wherever else.

Some Profs (most Profs for me) usually don't tell you your final grade until it's finalized, so be patient. If you are that eager to find out your final grade and everything has been graded, then you can calculate it by hand (I recommend this tool).

Grades are due this upcoming Tuesday. You can see the schedule for every quarter here. Sometimes grades come in late for some classes (I know there is a website you can view which classes will be late (hopefully someone can link it in the comments)).

To view your final grades, use the Academic History Tool. Just sign in.

Sometimes the Profs/TAs make mistakes, so if you think they made an error, email the Prof! However, don't panic, you have ample time to get it fixed, an entire year! (correct me if I'm wrong) However, if the Prof doesn't seem to answer after a couple of days, then I would try to contact the department and work my way up.

Anyways, have a great break!
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2021.11.09 18:36 blondiegorl13 Veteran’s Day Off?

Update: class was canceled!
My professor is trying to say our class is still happening on Thursday and we are still expected to come even though it’s Veteran’s Day. He is claiming that it’s a holiday but not one we take class off for. Any resources to show him proof that we have classes off besides the listing on UCSD Blink that shows it is a holiday?
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2021.08.28 06:55 kc0924 Dining dollar vs Real money

What is the purpose to use the dining dollar? Can't we use USD at on-campus stores/restaurants?
I am assigned to pepper canyon east which doesn't require dining plan since it doesn't have dining hall.
I know there is $50 bonus if you choose $3.7k dining plan. That is way lesser than any cash-back reward credit card I have. Any benefit of buying dining plan I miss mentioning here?
The website of accepted payments in each restaurant
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2021.08.21 01:28 stevemint190 Papa Khosla Covid update

Looks like masks will be required even if you're vaxxed up. No mention of remote classes or housing tho wtf??

"For more than 16 months, our campus has navigated the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and adapted to the changing landscape. After seeing a decline in cases for three months, we are now seeing a rise in cases among members of our campus community, and more generally, a rise in cases across San Diego County, California and the nation, driven by the Delta and Delta-plus variants of the virus.We have been able to avoid outbreaks on our campus because of our successful Return to Learn approach and the extraordinary efforts of our students, faculty, and staff. Thank you for your flexibility and patience as we continue to navigate this dynamic public health situation. It is because of you that we are able to Return to Learn.This update to campus operations will provide the information needed to enter the Fall quarter with confidence and an emphasis on safety for our entire campus community.

Get Vaccinated

University of California’s SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Vaccination Program Policy requires that all students, faculty, and staff, with few exceptions, must be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.Full compliance with the policy for all campus students, faculty, and staff is required by September 6, 2021, two weeks before the start of the fall term. To meet the mandate, the campus needs to confirm that you are fully vaccinated, or have requested and been granted a medical, religious, or disability exception or deferral. Individuals are encouraged to submit documentation and requests as soon as possible. Requests for exception or deferral must be received no later than September 2, 2021. More information about the documentation process can be found on the Return to Learn website. All UC San Diego Health employees and clinical-facing Health Sciences employees are required to be fully vaccinated and provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or to request an exception or deferral by August 23, 2021. Vaccination appointments are available at the Price Center on campus, through UC San Diego Health (email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])), and at locations throughout the state.

Masking Policy Updated

Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a mask or face covering at all indoor locations at UC San Diego, except while eating and drinking. The exception to this rule would be for a single individual in an office with a closed door. To be effective, masks must cover both the nose and the mouth. Students moving into campus housing must agree to Phase 1 and Phase 2 safety protocols, which include masking requirements. During Phase 1, residents will be required to wear masks in their residential units, except in their personal bedroom or while showering. Residents will be notified when campus housing moves into Phase 2, at which time residents will no longer be required to mask within their suite or apartment. All students, faculty and staff are encouraged, but not required, to wear masks outdoors while on campus. Attendees at outdoor campus events must wear a face mask if required by the event organizer. Read the full masking policy online.

Daily Screening

All UC San Diego employees and students who are reporting to campus or any other physical UC San Diego location must complete and submit a daily self-screening for COVID-19. Students will need to register once before completing the daily student self-screening. Campus employees can register once and complete daily self-screening on Blink.

Asymptomatic Testing

At the present time, asymptomatic vaccinated students, faculty, and staff are permitted, but not required, to test weekly, if they choose. Students moving into on-campus housing are required to complete an in-person COVID-19 test prior to move-in to identify and isolate any asymptomatic individuals who could unintentionally spread the virus. Testing will be conducted in areas convenient to residence halls as part of the 10-day, staggered move-in process. Additional tests are required on Day 5 and 10 after move-in. More information about Fall Quarter move-in is available on the HDH website. All individuals who have received an approved exemption or deferral to the mandatory vaccination policy must complete asymptomatic testing at least twice weekly. Tests must be taken not more than 5 days apart. Find locations for ongoing asymptomatic testing locations on campus on the Return to Learn website.

Special Events

Indoor Events Indoor events are temporarily not allowed through October 31, 2021, unless by Vice Chancellor exception using the formal event approval process. Indoor events that can be convened virtually should be held online. Classes are not considered events and will be conducted primarily in person, with all individuals expected to comply with the updated masking policy. Outdoor Events Outdoor events, while still permitted at this time, should be considered carefully to avoid large crowds. Event organizers are encouraged to consider requiring face coverings for their outdoor events, although doing so is not required at this time. For outdoor events where food and beverages will be served, buffets are not allowed. Boxed snacks or plated meals, and individual beverages, may be enjoyed outdoors when participants are physically-distanced from one another.All visitors and guests at UC San Diego onsite events must be vaccinated or have a recent negative COVID-19 test and will be expected to provide proof of vaccination or provide a recent negative COVID test (within the last 48 hours) for event participation."
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Howdy yall again!
Fall Quarter 2021 Schedule of Classes along with appointment times are out! Please keep any questions about class scheduling in this subreddit.
I would also like to apologize in advance if I removed your post if its not related to scheduling and please dm me or send a modmail so it can be rectified as soon as we can. Once again, thanks!


If your class has some new weird abbreviations, here's what they mean.
MOS - Mosaic
CTL - Catalyst
RWAC - Ridge Walk Academic Complex
All of these lecture halls are located in New Sixth College campus, just north of Muir College. If there are any more lecture halls y'all want clarifications, send me a dm so I can add it to this list.
Fall 2021 Enrollment Times
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2021.04.26 04:16 SouthAd100 UCSD VPN solved wifi issues

I am living on campus. I connected to the UCSD VPN and the wifi is working great for me. Here is how to connect to it: https://blink.ucsd.edu/technology/network/connections/off-campus/VPN/
Hope this helps and good luck with midterms!
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2021.03.09 21:18 pivoters Making important decisions (1 of 2)

I think deciding whether to have an abortion has both moral considerations and significant consequences.Throughout this post, I will say important to describe something both impactful and having moral implications.
Choosing between abortion and pregnancy is an important decision.
Consider the following line of thought: Most of us are adults here. Adults can decide for themselves what is best. Adults can handle all the important decisions properly, and if it is ever a mistake, let each of us deal with our own consequences. Simple. Agree or disagree?
I disagree. I contend that even considering the most capable adults only, that the following holds. Thesis statement: The more we relegate our important decisions to a free choice, the less free we will be.
I begin by examining an easier decision that many of us make every day, and imagining how it flies as a free choice unencumbered by law.
Evidence 0: driving fast vs. child pedestrians
The decision of whether to slow down in a school zone also has both moral considerations and significant consequences. It's important.
If we have no law requiring us to slow down in a school zone, we are all still just as smart, and recognize if asked, that it's generally wrong to speed on through. But will we slow down?
The problem is, other facts motivating our actions stay the same. Most of us are in a hurry throughout the day. Some of us are otherwise in a mood to drive fast. Do we care about those children that may cross our path? Of course. But the fact is, and feel free to disagree with me on this, we would be driving faster through school zones were it not illegal to do so. And more children would suffer life altering injuries in result.
Some days the only thing stopping my speeding through the school zone is the thought of time and money lost, and embarrassment gained by being pulled over while going through a school zone. Anyone else willing to confess similarly?
Evidence 1: Decision fatigue
What's another really important decision? Granting parole
Read the article (or at least the summary within the first link) and tell me if you agree that even the most smart and capable people are susceptible to poor decision making due to decision fatigue.
Evidence 2: Fight or flight
Those trained to deal with high stress decision making, know this physiological response is an enemy to achieving desired objectives. (I think many of us know a little about this, so I'll just link some interesting articles, and skip anything foundational.)
Fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response
Recognizing the response in children
Evidence 3: Obstacles to ethical decision making
Making decisions with moral weight have some inherent challenges (see link above) because basically, evaluating our self-interest alone fails to arrive at moral conclusions.
Adults are poor decision makers (1, 2, 3). The law protects us from poor decisions by giving a default answer to important decisions (0).
So, if we have an important decision (moral, impactful) we ought to make laws about it, preferring the right choice.
At the basic level, I assert (not trying to prove this here) keeping pregnancies is morally preferred to elective abortions. If so, and considering these arguments, elective abortion should be illegal.
Part 2: I intend to make it about something a little more fun... Laws are boring... hypotheticals are boring... How about some law-breaking, true stories then! We shall see...
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Howdy yall again!
Spring Quarter Schedule of Classes along with appointment times are out! Please keep any questions about class scheduling in this subreddit.
I would also like to apologize in advance if I removed your post if its not related to scheduling and please dm me or send a modmail so it can be rectified as soon as we can. Once again, thanks!
Spring 2021 Enrollment Times

New 2nd Pass Enrollment Time now out in your WebReg

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2020.12.02 03:14 minhaak When is Spring break?

This is my first year at UCSD as a transfer student and I was just trying to plan somethings around but would anyone happen to know when our spring break is? I used the Blink website (that’s where i’m lead to when I look it up) to find a calendar but it doesn’t mention a spring break but rather a winter break.
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2020.10.26 19:29 T_Stoner The Safe's Secret Liquid

Matt, I haven't been subbed to the channel long, but your key videos are what got me hooked. Though I am not 100% convinced that this isn't some huge bit, I figured I would try to help out. https://blink.ucsd.edu/safety/research-lab/chemical/liquids/index.html#:~:text=Flash%20point%20is%20the%20minimum,or%20above%20100%C2%B0F. This link will take you to a website that talks about hazardous liquids and they're flash points, the temperature in which they could catch fire. Based on this, p-xylene has a prime flash point that would be caused by slight friction.
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2020.10.26 18:33 Visheshchitkara Could it be this? Ps it is useful info

Well, it can't be an Acid, bcz you CAN'T store acids in metal containers, acids are stored in glass containers, also the way it ate the floor and ceiling tiles, it for sure is highly concentrated liquid
P.S. try this link for further information
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2020.10.26 00:15 foxythefox1404 My theory for the stuff that came from the safe (i hope Matthias sees this not gonna say upvote to he sees this due to it being banned)

My theory for the stuff that came from the safe (i hope Matthias sees this not gonna say upvote to he sees this due to it being banned) submitted by foxythefox1404 to MatthiasSubmissions [link] [comments]

2020.10.25 08:21 maimiaaaaa Just a thought on the liquid burning...

Just a thought on the liquid burning...
I had just a small thought so I did a little research.
Liquids have this thing called flashpoints where if it reaches a certain temperature, it gives off enough vapour to be ignited (start burning). More info on flashpoints: https://www.ccohs.ca/oshanswers/chemicals/flammable/flam.html
So what if the liquid had reached its flashpoint in the video and that's why it began burning?
Now, the next question is what is the liquid? This I haven't done much research on, but here's a link that I found (https://blog.storemasta.com.au/flammable-liquids-flash-points) about the flashpoints of certain liquids. I can't say for sure what liquid since I don't know the temperature at the studio. Attached is a few examples of the hazardous liquids from a website (https://blink.ucsd.edu/safety/research-lab/chemical/liquids/index.html).
Why didn't the liquid burn earlier if this is true? I have a theory on that. What if it was sealed in a ziplock cooling bag? Those can keep liquids cool for quite some time, especially if it was stuck in a vent where I assume it is quite cool up there. Therefore, the safe was kept cool, the ziplock bag was kept cool and the liquid is below flashpoint.
When Sam dropped the safe, the bag popped open, spilling the liquid through the cracks. OLD ziplock bags aren't great to seal liquids, especially if you have a tendency drop it. New ziplock bags can somewhat withstand the force but if the ziplock bag has been used before and/or hasn't been opened or closed for a long time, it can easily pop open under even the smallest amount of force.
Back to the point, the ziplock bag pops open, the liquid spills out, but at this point it is still a cool liquid due to it maybe being in a ziplock cooling bag. As it slowly absorbs heat, the temperature rises, it hits its flashpoint and begins releasing vapour that burns. Or it is seen in the video that Woods attempts to clean the liquid with a cloth (at least from what I see), which can increase the heat of the liquid at a rapid speed as it gets rubbed against the floor.
All in all, whatever that liquid is, it's very dangerous so be careful and try to keep the safe cool, don't touch the liquid as the heat of our bodies and the liquid can go through thermal equilibrium and it seems to have a very low flashpoint, possibly room temperature or a little higher.
That's all I have for now. This is my first post so I hope this info helps (ーー;)
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2020.10.24 21:10 jcraven13 "Explosive liquid" Inside the Sentry safe: DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED LATEST VIDEO

I noticed in the recent video that Woods was using some sort of cloth or towel to try and clean up the liquid from the safe.
This made me think to see if there were any liquids that could be ignited by friction caused by rubbing the towel against the liquid.
So I began to search for liquids that had a low flash point ("the temperature at which a particular organic compound gives off sufficient vapor to ignite in air.") because Woods probably didn't create enough friction to get the towel hot enough to ignite a liquid with a flash point above 100º F.

I found a list of flammable liquids with flash points below 100º F
Diethyl ether, pentane, ligroin, and petroleum ether have flashpoints of below 73º F.
acetone, benzene, cyclohexane, ethanol have flashpoints of below 73ºF also.
Finally, p-xylene has a flashpoint of 73ºF-100ºF.

Diethyl ether: most commonly used in laboratories as an aprotic solvent (could be from the labs that the previous owners had); It is colorless, sweet-smelling(could explain the smell they mentioned in the video), and is sometimes used as a starting liquid for some engines.
Ligroin: also used as a laboratory solvent
Petroleum: has dark color so I do not believe this is what was in the safe
Acetone: Evaporates too quickly to have been sitting on the ground for that long; would have a recognizable scent.
Cyclohexane: Colorless and has a detergent-like smell
Ethanol: Colorless, used in many different things such as perfume, varnish, medicines and drugs, disinfectant, and as a fuel.
P-xylene: Used to make different acids and is colorless with a sweet smell.
I believe that Diethyl ether is the liquid that is the most likely to be in there.
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2020.09.14 21:46 LightTreasure Maximum strength for magnet to be used to keep feeder steady

Species: Cats
Age: 4-5 years
Sex/Neuter status: Females, Neutered
Breed: Maine Coons
Body weight: 13 pounds(name: Burfi) and 18 pounds (name: Bijli)
I have a couple of automatic dry food feeders for my cats. However, they are placed on top of wobbly cat trees (I have a dog) and are prone to falling. The attached "bowl" the feeder dispenses to is also too low for my cats.
To address these problems, I'm thinking of using a solid metal box to raise the cat feeders up, and using strong magnets to attach the feeders to the metal box. I was looking at my options at Amazon and there are some really strong magnets available.
I want to use a strong enough magnet, but I don't know what's the maximum strength of magnetic fields for cats to be exposed to regularly. I tried searching the internet, but I couldn't find this information. For humans without a pacemaker it seems like anything above 30G / 3 mT seems to be not recommended
Is there a similar safety number for cats?
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2020.06.19 15:29 Dr4g3r45 Can I register for classes yet?

I don't understand the stupid calendar

I feel really dumb trying to do this. Even when i try and use the UCSD.edu email in outlook it logs me in and then says user doesn't have an inbox. Why is it so confusing?
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2020.06.15 10:40 dennisvd Simple set of international address fields for shipping address (non localised) ?

Simple set of fields to store shipping address for use in non-localised forms
This is the set of fields I've come up with:
- full_name: CharField(max_length=100) title: Full name info text: Full legal name
- organisation: CharField(max_length=100) title: Organisation info text: Legal company or organisation name
- street_address_1 = models.CharField(max_length=100) title: Address 1 info text: Street address or po box
- street_address_2 = models.CharField(max_length=100) optional title: Address 2 info text: Additional address info like building, floor, unit, department
- postcode = models.CharField(max_length=20) title: Postal code info text: postal code / zip code-
city = models.CharField(max_length=50) title: City info text: City, town or village name
- region = models.CharField(max_length=50) optional title: Region info text: Country area, district, state, province, county, or locality name
- country = CountryField() title" Country info text: Country FYI lookup field with all ISO 3166-1 countries
  1. Too many fields? Is it perhaps better to remove the optional fields street_address_2 and region?
  2. Field length for address_street ? If it is too long it will not fit on an address label on the other hand want to make sure there is sufficient space. When looking at the limits on address labels than they are too long.
  3. What would be a good label for the street_address_2 field ?
  4. Short sentence explaining each field (see info text above)
1 full name field: Can't get more simple than that 😂. Reasons for this can be found at w3.org personal names you'll find some good advice here if you want to go more fancy that just the one field.
2 address fields: You can probably do with 1 field but if a delivery is inside a building it might be useful to have room to include that information as well. Here are the USPS international shipping requirements. On informatica.com you can quickly look the address format for each country or check out universal postal union.
Separate city field: strictly speaking it should not be a separate field as it conflicts, slightly, with most Address Standards for International Mail. But if if would be include in the streed address fields then it because just data instead of useful information that can be used for analytics. Looking at list of long place names 50 characters should suffice.
Country field: only for this field I've used a lookup field with all the ISO 3166-1 countries.
Form (address label):
Line 1: Full name: [full_name]
Line 2: Street address: [street_address_1]
Line 3: Label? [street_address_2] is optional
Line 4: City: [city] [postcode]
Line 5: Region: [region] is optional
Line 6: County: [country]

PS: I'll create a https://gist.github.com/ with the result
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