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LPC is a crypto-currency based on proof-of-stake (POS) and masternode. Our main emphasis is to maintain the conditions that it is more profitable to keep your coin in our wallet then their sales.

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2023.06.10 06:17 Super-Challenge1776 A TIP FOR GRAILED USERS TO GET FASTER PAYOUTS.

I am going to give you tips or rather, tell you what I do.. I recently sold a pair of pants to Italy, and the payment was held and had to pay 40 dollars to have that item shipped out of pocket. Today, the money was released to my paypal- as soon as it was scanned by USPS.. I got the email about the payment hold (the email posted) while my payment was being held so I was quite confused...
Here is why I think I got my payments released faster than, sadly, most...
**** I print labels as soon as they sell and add tracking to the posted sale on grailed, I either ship daily if the item is purchased from 6 pm-3:30 pm (evening hours to 3:30 pm the next day) or Next day if it falls on a Holiday, Ship Monday if item is purchased Saturday- but I still print and add tracking number to the sold listing- I never wait.
**** I answer ALL questions regardless of time- day or night. 4 am, I still answer. If I don't like an offer, I send a message stating why- never NOT respond, this will keep your response rate at 100%. and because they regulate and watch Verbiage in the messages, keep it nice- although at times I want to beat their faces in, I still send a nice message.
**** After adding tracking, I also leave a quick message stating the sale is acknowledged and item was either shipped or will ship next day due to Post Office hour Cutoff.
**** I always, ALWAYS, add measurements to my items and leave a lengthy description on what the item is. If the item is a current item sold in Stores I Add the link and will then state to follow the link for current retail price and additional information along with additional Stock photos.
Once again. don't shoot the messenger. Because we still don't know what the hold situation is, and given such a broad explanation in the above posted email. I am just giving what I think may help and why my sales are not a part of the holds.
To follow: I take my Business very seriously and not just a side gig for me, this is my full- time business aside from my Hair and Wardrobe Styling Job. Since we have to pay taxes over a certain amount you are now considered a business.
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2023.06.10 06:17 ihaveafajita I (29F) am having cold feet with partner (M33) as we discuss marriage

I am at a crossroads and could use advice from oldemore experienced redditors. I(29F) have been with my bf(M33) for 5 years.
My bf wants to propose this year. This is what many of us in this group dream for but, instead of excited, I am panicked. He is a good man and partner. He takes care of me, supports me, and loves me. I know he will be a great father. The problem is, I don't know how much we have in common anymore. He has gotten so serious, and his focus in life is work and saving money for the future. He hardly does anything else. I think these things are important but they have been happening at the expense of our joy in the present lately.
My solution up to this point has been live and let live. I go out with my other friends, giving him the option to join or not. He nearly always declines, and it makes me sad to always explain to them that he decided not to come. I used to travel without him but, now that we're getting more serious about finances and savings, I feel trapped because I know he thinks we can't afford it. We are not paycheck to paycheck by any means, but he is a complete saver and I am more a spender who is ok waiting a few extra months to reach a savings goal if it means having an experience I'll remember for a lifetime.
The finances and social mismatch are the thing giving me the most doubt, but in general I think he is more traditional than I am. His fashion sense and overall lifestyle is more conservative. This wasn't always such a mismatch but I think he has become more reserved, introverted, and set in his ways over the years we've been together. I, on the other hand, am still a social butterfly who loves going out and doing things.
To be clear, I'm not going out clubbing like I'm still 19 or anything like that. My friends are all around 30 as well, and we go to things like trivia nights, dinners in someone's garden with wine, concerts, wine tasting, salsa dance nights, etc. Age-appropriate "going out" activities, in my opinion. Most of my friends are also in committed relationships, too.
I could really use some non-biased advice on if these are things that will matter in a marriage. I know we won't be young forever and when kids are involved life becomes a lot more serious. But I hope that there would still be some room for fun with your partner as you grow old together. Am I a fool to throw away a reliable, consistent man because I'm not excited or stimulated by our relationship anymore? Or are we two different people, and he'd be happier with a wallflower wife and I should go find a more extroverted and spontaneous man? What questions should I be answering to determine if we are right for each other?
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2023.06.10 06:15 Traditional_Hawk_337 I'm missing my abuser

I don't know why, but I'm really missing my abuser. I think it's mostly because I'm lonely, but it's been 2 full weeks of no contact and I know he has moved on and is dating other people at this point. Who knows, he likely had new supply lined up even when we were dating.
I think it's because I'm feeling lonely right now. Does anybody have some advice as to when this will go away? I really want to contact him but know it's very dangerous to go back, he's strangled me and forced me to do sexual acts I wasn't comfortable with.
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2023.06.10 06:14 IntuiTiger Just finished 7a - Not as bad as season 5 imo so far. I have thoughts.

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2023.06.10 06:13 Dear_Pineapple1818 Making a list

I have been researching for about a week and when I think I’m getting somewhere, something makes me think otherwise and we are back at base one. I have a 20 gallon tank, and I have a cart of stuff online at petco I want to buy but if anyone can help, can someone write down a very simple list of the most basic stuff I need and I can grow it overtime? If I were to go buy the stuff I needed. What is everything I need for it, if you could send links from petco since that’s the only pet store near me that would be sweet. Thank you for helping a dummy in advanced. ❤️
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2023.06.10 06:13 Zagaroth [No Need For a Core?] - CH 094: Boing!

Cover Art <<Previous Start Next >>
Mordecai was simply giving into temptation with this second boss. He had wanted to save it for later development, but he also wanted to play with this idea now. And he felt that it would be a nice surprise. So for the first time Mordecai turned his attention towards the technically hostile organisms occupying a part of the dungeon.
“Wait, really? You’re going there? Ewww.” Came Kazue’s mental voice when she realized where his focus was shifting. Mordecai smiled at her response, but kept his attention on his search. He was being picky in a way, but he didn’t want to create something completely mindless. His small constructs might have very simple minds, but they did have minds.
Most of the auras he encountered were far too weak to even consider, despite the size of some of the creatures. There was a certain amount of strength developed from the mind; physical vitality alone could create large amounts of spirit but it took a mind and will to focus it and make it strong.
Of the auras that had a little something more to them, most of them tasted of little other than basic hunger. Those were not what he wanted. No, what he wanted was … there. It wasn’t much, not yet, but there was the slightest hint of curiosity, of hunger turned beyond physical satiation. That would do quite nicely. He could make an offer to a creature like that, a promise to help fulfill this new sensation. He didn’t offer safety or food, he offered stimulation and experience.
There was a sense of confusion at first, and Mordecai couldn’t be happier. If it could be confused, it could learn. The primitive proto-mind briefly stilled, then hesitantly reached back towards the connection to accept. Mordecai’s sense of the creature sharpened and solidified as it became one of his inhabitants, and he mentally grasped it to draw it to the boss room where his avatar awaited, and he opened his eyes to examine what was to become his newest boss.
A gelatinous mass of fluorescent colors shimmered in front of him. If the child-sized ooze didn’t glow slightly, he’d have considered it iridescent instead with the way its colors flowed and shifted. The surface of the creature had a texture that was constantly changing between smooth and crinkled, with occasional bits briefly becoming solid. And floating in the very center was a nearly invisible tiny sphere of crystal. “Oh, you are beautiful.” He murmured to it as he walked around and examined it. “You have the best integration of living crystal and slime I’ve seen yet. I would like to see something.” He stepped up close to it and raised his hand over its surface. “Just a quick poke. Relax and let your reflexes happen, I won’t hurt you and you can’t do any real harm to me.”
Once it acknowledged him, Mordecai used his middle finger to jab at it swiftly. The surface gave slightly before rapidly hardening against the impact and it reflexively built pressure behind that point, then as his finger retreated and the surface tension released the pressure behind that part of the surface automatically flung acid-coated shards of crystal at his hand.
Mordecai spun to the side to avoid most of it, but a few flecks still hit him. They did more damage to his sleeve than to his flesh, but a normal person wouldn’t have taken it quite so well. “Oh, I am going to be happy with you little one. I think we need to start with a name however, and then move on to enhancing you. What do you think of Klastoria?” It pulsed with a pleased-looking flash of color, and Mordecai smiled. “Then it is a pleasure to meet you Klastoria. I am Mordecai.”
“And I’m Kazue!” Announced his wife as she manifested her avatar. “Oh goddess, you are too cute Klastoria!” She practically danced in place as she squeed over the slime. “Mordecai, I want to hug her so badly! How did you find something so cute in that place?”
“Heh, I don’t recommend that just yet love, she needs to learn a bit of restraint first.” Wait a moment. “Um? Her?” He’d initially followed the gender identification before he realized what Kazue had said.
“Yep! Someone this shiny and cute has got to be a girl!” The little kitsune said, and Mordecai couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile.
“I think Zushi might have something to say about boys not being allowed to be cute.”
“Nah, he’s fluffy-cute, that’s different. Klastoria is shiny-cute and pretty like a girl.”
Mordecai decided to translate that into ‘I want her to be a girl’ more than being any sort of rule Kazue was truly serious about. He’d attribute it to youthful whim if it weren’t for the fact that he was pretty certain that a hundred years from now she’d be inclined to do the same sort of thing. He had met her mother after all. “Not a good idea just yet love. Your avatar isn’t acid resistant, and your clothes certainly aren’t.”
While they’d been talking, the little bits of crystal and acid that had hit the ground had melted together and flowed back to rejoin Klastoria. “And I have a spell that can help with that, but let me finish getting Klastoria ready first, alright?”
“Fine fine, hurry up, I want to hug her!”
It was hard to not laugh at Kazue’s eagerness as he turned his attention back to their newest boss-to-be. “Alright, looks like Kazue has decided you are going to be a girl. If you ever decide that’s not right for you, let us know. Now, we want to make you stronger and smarter, though the smarter might be a little slower to come.” Klastoria wouldn’t be able to fully understand what they were saying yet, but she would be able to remember.
He mentally grasped the available boss node and began feeding it the concept of the crystal core in the center gradually growing in size and its paths becoming smaller and more intricate. “We are going to want you to become much bigger …” he paused as a new idea came to him. “Oh wait, how dense can your crystal get?” He had already noticed that the fluid had been compressed when it turned into crystal. Oh, that should work.
“But you won’t always have to be that big. No, with a little enhancement, we can help you compact yourself into a completely crystal form. Yes, that’s going to be your focus, complete mastery of your form and the transition between fluid and solid states.” He had been thinking of focusing more on the acid attacks of a slime-type monster, enhanced with ranged attacks and crystal shards, along with Klastoria being better armored than a typical ooze-type, but this would be, hmm, not necessarily ‘better’ from an absolute sense, but more custom and unique.
Mordecai connected the boss node to Klastoria as he continued to feed in his concepts and took several steps back, motioning for Kazue to do the same. It took a moment for anything to change as all the mana began funneling in, but then Klastoria began to grow rapidly. In just a couple of minutes she grew into a sphere about 15 feet in diameter, jiggling excitedly at all the changes happening. Knowledge came as well as power and mass, and as soon as the connection was finalized she began experimenting.
The huge blob suddenly shrank, transforming into a hard, sharp-edged cube of crystal only about 5 feet across. Mordecai blinked as he ran the math, then double-checked what was happening. It took only a second to realize she’d evolved the concept into a limited version of Shape Change, allowing her to displace a portion of her mass the way many other shape-changing creatures could. But not all of it, she was still nine times as dense in this form, which was a rather intense compression. It put her somewhere in between iron and lead.
It also seemed uncomfortable based off of the emotions from Klastoria, who then began moving through a rapid series of other form-changing experiments. Most of them were manipulating her ability to shift between fluid and solid phases at will with nearly unlimited amounts of discreteness, but she was also able to shift and recall any amount of mass she needed to within her ranges.
She could form long limbs able to swing as freely as any tentacle, but could instantly harden her surface and/or interior to act like exo- or endo-skeletons, and her limbs could have any sort of surface she desired, creating almost any shape of blade or point. The hydraulic pressure that powered her limbs and gave her the ability to fire projectiles of crystallized acid also combined with her size-changing abilities to allow her to leap, and even spin or slightly course-correct by altering her density in one or more spots mid-air.
Climbing was easy too. Any sort of tree-like structure could just be grabbed and used to haul her body up, but she could also flow up walls and crawl along the ceiling by letting her body flow into the tiniest imperfections and then harden into crystal to obtain a surface-wide grip. Mordecai even created a smooth glass surface for her to try on, and Klastoria was able to figure out how to flatten her body enough that simply air pressure could hold her onto it, though she was a bit slower this way.
She couldn’t go perfectly flat though, that sphere of crystal that was the seat of her very self could not be altered. But the ability to change her form so freely gave her lots of options that she was going to be experimenting with for days. Mordecai did point out one new thing for her to try later: With her abilities, there is no reason she shouldn’t be able to drop from almost any height. In her larger form she could increase her internal pressure to just high enough to create a collapsing cushion, while if she made herself a dense, sharp cone she could fall straight into the ground or another object and force it to take the shock of her impact, the rigidity and hardness of her body keeping her from being damaged.
Kazue slid up beside him and asked in an ever-so-sweet voice. “Are you two done playing yet?”
Mordecai chuckled, then swept her into his arms to give her a lingering kiss. “Alright love, you can go hug the squishy slime. She’s learned great control now and should be able to be just soft and pliable enough.” Which honestly would be another great exercise for Klastoria, but he made sure not to mention that thought out loud.
“Yes!” Kazue flung herself at Klastoria with reckless abandon and was quick to explore other play options as the slime could also be anything from a soft cushion to sink into, to a bouncy spring to jump high in the air. Mordecai amused himself by sending some images of what Kazue was doing to Moriko, and the half-elf’s envy was tangible across their link. He doubted she would be initially quite as carefree as Kazue about it, but he didn’t doubt she would enjoy herself.
While his wife played, Mordecai set about double-checking the level and inhabitants, making sure everything tied together and worked smoothly. It would take a few days to get everyone into their routines and roles, and weeks of practice to become well-trained for this mix of terrain and style, but it would be well worth the effort.
The final step was to sweep through again and set limiters. The creatures could simply feel his intent and hold back where needed, but all the more trap-like organisms needed to have a second layer of mana woven over them to reign them in. Things were less sticky, hit softer, and were easier to break. But in exchange, he was able to apply a soft layer of vitality absorption that would increase the fatigue of dealing with the various dangers, roughly approximating how they might feel after dealing with the trap’s full strength.
It increased his overall costs for growing them by about 50%, and if he’d been trying to make them more deadly the expenditure would have failed.
Mordecai snorted. Intent indeed. He’d not thought to layer things like this, he’d grown up just knowing what his limits were on how strong he could make something based on where in his dungeon it was. He’d never tried making something strong, and then ‘waste’ mana by placing a restriction on it. A restriction he could release as needed, but his sincere intent was to only do so if he felt it was needed.
Well, that would cost them a few days at least until they had enough to push down and start the sixth floor, but that was okay. He wanted to work over some ideas with Kazue first anyway. The organization of the first five floors was fine, but despite the theming, the layout was a touch repetitive, and they were deep enough already to make brute forcing a ‘second’ entrance infeasible for most.
<<Previous Start Next >>
My Discord if you would like to talk about the book or see what else I am up to.
My Patreon if you want to support me directly.
Also to be found on Royal Road.
$3 Patreon: Early chapters, lore excerpts $5 Patreon: Short Stories $10 Patreon: New stories not published anywhere else (Until after I finish this story at least)
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2023.06.10 06:12 Jmoney2020 I (24M) started dating (21F) for 2 or 3 months who's recently gone cold last 2 weeks or so

I've recently gotten a new job in town and found interest in one of my co-workers. We really hit it off initially. We've been intimate a few times, gone on 3 or 4 dates and things seemed to be going good between us. We even planned a trip this summer to go camping for a week! We haven't made anything official between us yet as both of us wanted to feel each other out first. Her last boyfriend was abusive and for me, my last girlfriend had left me once I was layed off from my programming job.
From what I can tell from our conversations, she's had a very hard life. Family, Boyfriends, Friends have all let her down in her life. Which being the person I am, makes me want to go above and beyond for this girl. I've helped her out a few times with her life circumstances and she always blushes and tells me to stop being so nice. I find it really cute and has only made me like her that much more.
Recently though, she's been avoidant of me the past two/three weeks. I thought it was because of her recent move but it's been two weeks since she's moved and she doesn't seem to want to hang out anymore. Last time I saw her outside of work, 2 weeks ago, she invited me to wait for her best friends nightshift to finish in her car. I really wanted to meet her best friend so it worked out. It was honestly one of my favorite nights, we talked, laughed, and listened to music for hours.
last two weeks, admittedly, I've become a bit of an over texter. She's made a few comments which makes be believe she's been seeing someone else. I haven't been seeing her too much at work as our shifts keep missing each other. I've been missing her tons and starting to realize how much I really like her. She recently fell sick as well which only made my anxiety/feelings worse. After some convincing, I finally got to see her and her new place with some supplies/snacks to help her get over being sick. Although a short visit, it was great seeing her with her roommates.
now come tonight, I get a little heated from some of her snapchat posts. I stupidly ask for more but was denied. I asked why, and she said idk. I apologized if I made her feel uncomfortable. I then asked if I could give her a phone call to mend the situation (as she's not much of a texter) but said no as well.
I feel like such a dumbass and I'm not really sure what to do about the situation. Our camping trip is coming up in a few weeks (which I'm really excited about) but I get the feeling she's just no longer interested in me anymore.
Apologizes for the long wall of text, but it's been something that's been weighing on me a lot this afternoon. What do you think I should do about the situation?
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2023.06.10 06:12 Turnerh17 Play Dithmarschen

Screenshotting isn’t working on my computer for some reason but I am having the most enjoyable game of my life forming peasant republic germany as dithmarschen, I currently have multiple Spanish and Austro-Hungarian armies adding up to like 150 thousand fleeing off of nearly completed sieges in the lowlands at the sight of my 100 stack of peasants because I judicially saved the missions until now, at which point I have 7.61 morale in 1628, I also took a pretty non standard idea set for me, humanist-diplomatic-defensive, which apparently Protestant defender of the faith dithmarschen with those ideas and an advisor has an improve relations modifier of 191%, my AE ticks down at 6-7 per year and I am estimating myself to form germany in the late 1650’s; this is so much more fun than anything else.
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2023.06.10 06:12 OfficiallyRelevant Am I the only one who thinks the way the JLPT exam is conducted is ridiculous?

Just curious. I lived in Japan for 3.5 years and worked as an ALT at a public junior high school. Over there you could take the JLPT twice a year, once in the summer and once in the winter at a nearby university. Now, by today's standards, that's not bad. Every six months is an okay way to test one's abilities.
But in the US, not sure about everywhere else but I imagine it's the same, you can only take this exam once a year. On top of that, it's only "cheap" if you live in cities it's being conducted in which are few and far between. Last time I took it, I spent like $400 on the plane ticket and at least $200 for the hotel. Add the $100 test fee and I spent nearly a grand on this fucking test.
That costs more than double what it takes to get certified for CCNA and almost costs as much as it takes to get certified in IT ABOVE that level. It's ridiculous.
Whenever I bring up the fact that this test could easily be done in a testing center people bring up cheating but I'm like okay... what cheating are people going to do that isn't done already? If they cheat on something as little as a JLPT cert how does it help them if they aren't actually that level? You can't cheat your way through a fucking conversation or job interview in Japanese for Christ's sakes.
Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks how ridiculous it is that the JLPT is conducted in this manner!
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2023.06.10 06:11 SomeGuyInShorts So lost, honestly don't know if I can stop

I am 27M. I have been addicted to porn for longer than I can remember. Used to, I would be able to stop for weeks or months at a time, before relapsing. I was still struggling, but overcoming. But the past year has been brutal. I haven't gone for more than a week without relapsing. I have plenty of excuses, life has NOT been good to me in the past year. But in the end none of them matter. I still chose to relapse. Last week I took a trip by myself to get out of the house and away from my triggers. It was amazing. I spent almost the entire week outside, reading my Bible and praying. I came back feeling so recharged and refreshed in every possible way. But as soon as I got back home, the temptations started. I did everything I could to fight them. I went for walks. I read. I played a video game. And I prayed, nearly constantly. Anything to get my mind elsewhere. But I eventually fell. And the past 2 days have been the worst I've had in years. All of my studying and praying were for nothing. The "growth" and "progress" I made were a complete illusion. I'm just as weak as ever. I've been praying so hard for forgiveness and strength, but in the back of my mind, that voice is always there saying "after you're done, your phone's in the other room. Go get it." Then you know the rest. I want a real family. A real relationship. I know I shouldn't have one now, this porn addiction has too strong a hold on me. I know that I probably will never been good enough to be married. And that just drives me further into this sin. I don't know what to do.
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2023.06.10 06:10 catfarmer1998 Are all “MyEyeDr” locations the same?

I am wondering if each “MyEyeDr” office offers the same services? Or do some differ. I have an appointment with one of the three offices near me and I am looking to have the optomap retinal imaging testing done. However, the office I have the MyEyeDr exam with is not listed on the optomap “find a location” website doesn’t list the clinic my appointment is at. I am curious because the MyEyeDr website talks about retinal imaging (without mentioning optomap by name). I am wondering if I should reschedule to a clinic on the optomap map. I need yo have the testing done as part of my exam because I am a diabetic and need the retinal imaging or the dilation and I hate dilation, so retinal imaging is preferred. Thank you!
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2023.06.10 06:09 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Alex Cattoni – Posse Eye Brand Voice Challenge Program ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 06:08 Financial-Savings-91 Suicide ideation when the world hates you

Another day, another person telling me to kill myself. I want to end it, I know I’m worthless but hey, I’ll fail and just waste some doctors valuable time, just kill me yourself if it’s that important to you. I hate being trans, I hate not having a family, I hate that every single day I have to deal with hate from random strangers. It’s not like I get a break from it, the same assholes protest outside the library beside my grocery store. I don’t know what I’m going to do, I want to end it more than anything, I know I don’t belong here, nobody wants me here, and those who do are only burdened by my existence. Now I live in a world dominated by conspiracies and religious whack jobs who want to eradicate me because I am the way I am, something I never fucking wanted in the first place. I’m just trying to get by, I suck at fucking everything, I’m a horrible person and nobody wants me here. I’m better off dead.
Hey, next person to tell me to kill myself, your preaching to the choir. Your just another in a very long list of people who can’t stand me, and when I die, hopefully that will bring you some joy. That will be my only contribution to this world, killing me will be the most important/best thing I ever do with my life.
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2023.06.10 06:06 r4chhel i quite literally have a stalker at 17

this is like the longest post ever so, hopefully enjoy haha. but, tldr at bottom. advice wanted.
near the end of sophomore year i had a thing with a girl. long story short, it didn’t work out. i later found out that this girl, who we’ll call tilly (??lol), was also having a thing at the same time with ANOTHER girl, who we’ll call kat.
i only found out about this through kat, who messaged me only to get mad at me for it (quick reminder, had no clue this was going on. i know everyone is different but i dont believe in talking like that with multiple people at once so, if i knew that was going on i would’ve ended things myself sooner). i thought the entire thing was stupid to get mad at ME about but, i could tell she was just hurt so i tried being sympathetic, didn’t call her names or get upset with her. eventually i just told her that i wouldn’t be speaking with tilly ever again, her now girlfriend. partially out of respect for her and partially because i was mad at tilly 😑.
but i held this promise. eventually i get another text from kat, this time MUCH angrier LMAO. her acc popped up on my fyp and i swiped to her full acc, forgetting i had profile views on (terrible mistake, i about punched myself out of embarrassment). she saw me in her views and was pretty upset. asked me why i was on her acc, was much more aggressive. name calling, threatening to fight me (she quote “wanted my head”? 😏).
anyways this conversation actually ended really well, i clarified i didn’t know about her and she seemed to calm down from there. even confiding in me about how upset she was about the situation and we had a really good talk. i thought it would be over after this cause she seemed like a sweet person who was just hurt and didn’t know how to deal with it. i was very wrong.
eventually a couple months down the line i get another onslaught of seemingly random texts from her. calling me a slut and a home wrecker (you’re 16? what home?). calling me ugly, a whore, blah blah the basics. threatening pretty hard this time, i go to school on a college campus and it’s open for anyone’s entry; she planned to use this to her advantage lol. i tried very hard to be patient and refrained from calling her any names back, told her i wasn’t going to fight her, and tried talking things out. this failed LMAO
by the end of the conversation she had told me to get out of her phone (she texted me first? 😰) and said “fuck you and it’s fuck you till i die”. ngl, the idea of someone taking the thought of me to the grave is quite romantic. i just blocked her after this.
definitely thought that would be the end of it cause who is insane enough to keep going after that? kat apparently!
she contacted me on her second account! threatening to fight me again, telling me to quote “drop the addy” (giggle). i didn’t respond to it this time, at all. i was in the middle of a chem exam and rlly needed to pass. she didn’t like this and began to talk to herself about how angry she was with me from 1pm to 6pm. i blocked that account as well. but not before she got one of her friends to message me from their account, removing all the photos of them together from his account so i wouldnt know they were connected. i had already seen this guys stuff though so, i'm not an idiot LMAO. blocked that account too.
i definitely thought this would be the end. NO!!!! it had been MONTHS by now, and they were still dating so come on man arent you tired??? just have a nice relationship without bothering me. reminder, still havent spoken to tilly at ALLLLLL since the day i found out; unless it was to ask her to tell her gf to leave me alone.
it got significantly worse from this point, but its all things i cant confirm were her 100%. shes quite sneaky ngl. but, theres no one else it couldve been and all things point to her so. here we go.
first incident: after these accounts were blocked, she forged screenshots of me saying racial and homophobic slurs and SENT THEM TO MY SCHOOL!!!! my principal had to speak with me about it and my dad even came to the school. the ss forging sucked, the pfp was out of whack and way too big but, she still DID it. which i thought was literally insane.
second incident: her texting my mom. my mom is a pretty big realtor in my area. consequently, her phone number is plastered all over the place. this girl texts my mom pretending to be someone interested in buying a house. she begins the messages by saying her son knew me in middle school (????) and wanted my PHONE NUMBER so her son could reconnect with me (how sweet!). ofc my mom said she was uncomfortable with this after i said i didnt know who the hell this lady was talking about and after this the woman seized all contact with my mom. we later found out this number was FAKE!! and created through textnow. so pretty good confirmation.
most recent incident that i've been paranoid about all day haha: yesterday i received a picture of a house in my neighborhood (???) from some random burner account claiming to be someone i knew from school. i assumed they knew where i lived because it was my mom's husband's nephew (supposedly). i still thought this was suspicious, especially after they asked me to hangout (of course i said no).
this secret little account was only following 3 pages (or so i thought), all from the school that kat goes to. so, i begin interrogating this so called man named "djjwjskaka." they seemed to get pretty nervous at my questions bc things weren't adding up, eventually leading to the convo ending. i'm texting my close friend about this and they find out that its actually following 4 pages, i just couldnt see because i had it blocked. the last one is the GUY FRIEND OF KAT. WHO TRIED MESSAGING ME. TO HANG OUT. BEFORE INCIDENT 1???? blocked the hell out the account after that.
now i know that she somehow KNOWS WHERE I LIVE?? my dad said addresses arent as hard to find as i thought though so, maybe this isnt as ridiculous as i think. keep in mind, ive kept my parents completely updated throughout the YEAR this stuff has been going on. A YEAR!!! BY THE WAY!! its actually been a year and 3 months!
i was pretty freaked out about that but, no way she'd actually do something with that info lol?? wrong again.
today as im sitting in my room i hear this LOUDDDD ass banging on my window from outside. ofc i, being a goddamn scaredy cat, dont push open the curtains immediately. eventually i do, but its too late. all i see is a blue car driving off and hear loud giggling and some girl yelling "drive drive!" soooo, i go to my sister, the only other person in the house, and tell her what happened; getting on the phone with my mom right afterwards. my mom is able to confirm that the car was kat's through kat's mom's facebook, so theres that. i'm such an incredibly paranoid person and i have an anxiety disorder (woop woop) and this has been freaking me out so bad. weee even contacted the police to put it on record because theres been a ton of incidents between teenagers getting shot, stabbed, hurt really bad, in my area as of late. my mom set up a phone call with the other girl's mom tomorrow, and we have enough to press charges for harassment and stalking in my state.
look, i know to some people who deal with this stuff, my reaction is a bit ridiculous. and, maybe it is a little but, this is crazy to me. its just been going on for so long and i seriously am not a fighter. id much rather use my words and i know thats cringey but its true; i also know 100% if this girl did get physical with me i would lose badly. last thing i need is a vid of me getting my ass beat going around town, dont need any of my exes seeing that and laughing at me.
its been messing with my mental really bad as well. ive been pacing around the house making sure all curtains are closed and all doors are locked since it happened. i think its funny sometimes but atp i just genuinely want it to stop forever. getting played like an idiot was already enough, but having this girls gf come after me consistently for over a year and now coming to my house (still dk how she got my address) makes it 100000x more annoying.
hopefully this story entertained someone, but on a real note. if anyone has any advice, anyone more experienced, maybe even a parent, please. mine have been relatively supportive but, theyre stressed out about it too. i feel like a scared little kid haha, could really use a good talking to about this entire thing.
tldr: had a thing with a girl, girl was having a thing with another person at the same time (i had no idea). other person found out about this after her and said girl started dating and has been on a rampage on me ever since. sending me threats, constantly texting me after being blocked, sending forged screenshots of me saying awful things to my school's principal, finding my mom's number and pretending to be someone i knew trying to get my phone number, pretending to be someone i knew to get me to come out of my house to "hang out", and finally coming to my LITERAL house and banging on windows and shit. someone with experience pls help, could use some advice for sure. dont know what to do, been very paranoid.
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2023.06.10 06:06 lolduude2 What is a safe amount to take for someone who is very resistant to hallucinogenic effects?

I am fairly new to LSD, and I really REALLY want to have some crazy cool hallucinogenic effects. The only issue is I am extremely resistant to any kind of drug or mind altering substance. It takes a lot of edibles to get me high, I don't drink cause I never feel drunk from it, hell even my seasonal allergy medication barely works.
I started by trying shrooms, local store had some in chocolate so I started with 1g, no effect so waited a month and tried 2g, had some effects on my mind but nothing visual, so waited again then had 3g, 4g,... one night I had 8g of shrooms and didn't even feel much stronger than when I had 2g, and still nothing visual. Also, it only ever lasted about 2-3 hours, which from what I've seen it should be more like 6-8.
So I tried LSD instead, got tabs with 120micrograms each, had 1 tab, some mind alteration but no visuals. waited a month, had 2 tabs and I think I started seeing a little but of visual? Just a bit of vibrancy and slight waviness to some things, so I think it kinda worked. Only thing is the visuals were only for maybe 15 min and my mind felt back to normal after about 4 hours, which I know should be more 8-10 hours. Even though my mind felt back to normal, I still at least felt my body felt a bit different for 8ish hours, like I couldn't sit or lay in a proper position.
I want to try more so I'm currently waiting out another month, but I really want BIG effects, I want to see everything moving, see things that aren't there, just completely distort everything around me. I had a friend tell me they've had experiences like they've shrunk down and walked under their bed, or that the floor of their bathroom became waves of water under their feet, I want to feel THAT kind of stuff so bad.
So finally the question, what is a safe amount of LSD to take? I will most likely take 3 tabs next time, and 4 the time after if 3 isn't enough, but is there anything I should be weary of taking more and more? I see an average dose is 100-200micrograms but I'm up to 360-480 now. And is there anything I can to to lengthen the effects? Should I take all at once or space out each tab like an hour or something like that? I usually try to take on an empty stomach and I also don't take any other kind of medication. Thanks for help in advance!
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2023.06.10 06:05 AlvaroCSLearner C$50 Finance Error: "Expected to find select field with name "symbol", but none found"

I don't why this error is happening. I complete everything and I think all of it is Ok. I don't know what else i have to do to fix it. In my input field of sell.html it has everything even the name:symbol in the first input tag. What do you think is the error? I will leave the HTML codes and my code. It'd be appreciated if you help me. Thanks!
Check50: code: ```Python import os import datetime
from cs50 import SQL from flask import Flask, flash, redirect, render_template, request, session from flask_session import Session from tempfile import mkdtemp from import check_password_hash, generate_password_hash
from helpers import apology, login_required, lookup, usd

Configure application

app = Flask(name)

Custom filter

app.jinja_env.filters["usd"] = usd

Configure session to use filesystem (instead of signed cookies)

app.config["SESSION_PERMANENT"] = False app.config["SESSION_TYPE"] = "filesystem" Session(app)

Configure CS50 Library to use SQLite database

db = SQL("sqlite:///finance.db")
invalid_chars = ["'", ";"]
@app.after_request def after_request(response): """Ensure responses aren't cached""" response.headers["Cache-Control"] = "no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate" response.headers["Expires"] = 0 response.headers["Pragma"] = "no-cache" return response
@app.route("/") @login_required def index(): """Show portfolio of stocks""" stocks = [] GrandTotal = 0 user_cash = db.execute("SELECT FROM users WHERE = ?", session["user_id"]) if user_cash: cash = user_cash[0]['cash'] else: cash = 0 user_stocks = db.execute("SELECT stocks.symbol FROM stocks JOIN user_stocks ON user_stocks.stock_id = JOIN users ON = user_stocks.user_id WHERE = ?;", session["user_id"]) if user_stocks: for stock in user_stocks: stockdata = lookup(stock['symbol']) db.execute("UPDATE stocks SET price = ? WHERE symbol = ?;", stockdata['price'], stockdata['symbol']) stocks = db.execute("SELECT SUM(user_stocks.shares) AS Total_Shares, stocks.symbol, stocks.price, stocks.price * SUM(user_stocks.shares) AS Total_Holding_Value FROM user_stocks JOIN stocks ON = user_stocks.stock_id JOIN users ON = user_stocks.user_id WHERE = ? GROUP BY (user_stocks.stock_id);", session["user_id"]) gtotal = db.execute("SELECT user_stocks.cost * SUM(user_stocks.shares) AS Total_Grand FROM user_stocks JOIN users ON = user_stocks.user_id WHERE = ? GROUP BY (stock_id);", session["user_id"]) if gtotal: for stock in gtotal: GrandTotal += stock['Total_Grand'] GrandTotal = GrandTotal + cash return render_template("index.html", stocks=stocks, cash=cash, GrandTotal=GrandTotal)
@app.route("/buy", methods=["GET", "POST"]) @login_required def buy(): """Buy shares of stock""" # If the request.method is POST: if request.method == 'POST': # Getting the current time of the bought current_time ="%H:%M:%S") # Getting the current date of the sell current_date ="%d/%m/%Y") # Getting the symbol and the shares values from the input of "buy.html" symbol = request.form.get("symbol") shares = str(request.form.get("shares")) # Checking valid input for shares if shares.count('.'): return apology("Should be an integer", 400) elif any(char.isalpha() for char in shares): return apology("Should be an integer entirely", 400) elif shares.startswith('-'): return apology("Amount of shares must be positive",400) else: shares = int(shares) # If there's no symbol return an apology if not symbol: return apology("Must provide a Stock Symbol", 400) # Getting the stock values stockdict = lookup(symbol) # If the stock doesn't exits: if not stockdict: return apology("Stock Symbol doesn't exits", 400) # If the number of shares is not positive: if shares < 0: return apology("Number of shares must be positive", 400) # Getting the cash of the current user cash = db.execute("SELECT cash FROM users WHERE id = ?", session["user_id"]) # Getting the current price of the current stock symbol: price = str(stockdict['price']) if price.count('.'): price = float(price) symbol_stock = stockdict['symbol'] # Comparing the cash with the total price of the stock: if cash[0]['cash'] < (int(price)shares): return apology("Cannot afford stock", 400) # If everything is OK get all the symbols that the stocks table currently has stocks = db.execute("SELECT symbol FROM stocks;") # If there's no the wanted stock insert it into the stocks table otherwise update to the current price: if not stocks or not any(symbol_stock in stock.values() for stock in stocks): db.execute("INSERT INTO stocks (symbol, price) VALUES (?, ?)", symbol_stock, price) else: db.execute("UPDATE stocks SET price = ? WHERE symbol = ?;", price, symbol_stock) # Getting the stock's id: stock_id = db.execute("SELECT id FROM stocks WHERE symbol = ?", symbol_stock) # Inserting into the user_stocks table the user_id, the wanted stock_id and the cost of the total stock: db.execute("INSERT INTO user_stocks (user_id, stock_id, cost, shares, transaction_type, time, date) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)", session['user_id'], stock_id[0]['id'], price, shares, 'BUY', current_time, current_date) # Updating the user's cash with the cost of the total stock: db.execute("UPDATE users SET cash = ? WHERE id = ?", (cash[0]['cash'] - (priceshares)), session['user_id']) return redirect("/") else: return render_template("buy.html")
@app.route("/history") @login_required def history(): """Show history of transactions""" history = db.execute("SELECT stocks.symbol, user_stocks.cost, user_stocks.shares, user_stocks.transaction_type, user_stocks.time, FROM user_stocks JOIN stocks ON = user_stocks.stock_id JOIN users ON = user_stocks.user_id WHERE = ?", session['user_id']) if not history: return apology("You don't have transactions", 400) return render_template("history.html", history=history)
@app.route("/login", methods=["GET", "POST"]) def login(): """Log user in"""
# Forget any user_id session.clear() # User reached route via POST (as by submitting a form via POST) if request.method == "POST": # Ensure username was submitted if not request.form.get("username"): return apology("Must Provide Username", 400) # Ensure password was submitted elif not request.form.get("password"): return apology("Must Provide Password", 400) # Query database for username rows = db.execute("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = ?", request.form.get("username")) # Ensure username exists and password is correct if len(rows) != 1 or not check_password_hash(rows[0]["hash"], request.form.get("password")): return apology("Invalid Username and/or Password", 400) # Remember which user has logged in session["user_id"] = rows[0]["id"] # Redirect user to home page return redirect("/") # User reached route via GET (as by clicking a link or via redirect) else: return render_template("login.html") 
@app.route("/logout") def logout(): """Log user out"""
# Forget any user_id session.clear() # Redirect user to login form return redirect("/") 
@app.route("/quote", methods=["GET", "POST"]) @login_required def quote(): """Get stock quote.""" if request.method == 'POST': symbol = request.form.get("symbol") if not symbol: return apology("Enter a symbol", 400) lookup_dict = lookup(symbol) if not lookup_dict: return apology("Invalid Symbol", 400) return render_template("quoted.html", stock=lookup_dict) else: return render_template("quote.html")
@app.route("/register", methods=["GET", "POST"]) def register(): """Register user""" has_symbol = False has_lower = False has_upper = False has_number = False requirements_meeted = False if request.method == 'POST': username = request.form.get("username") password = request.form.get("password") confirmation = request.form.get("confirmation")
 usernames = db.execute("SELECT username FROM users;") if not username or username == '': return apology("Username not avaliable", 400) for char in username: if char in invalid_chars: return apology("Username has not appropiate characters", 400) for dict in usernames: if username == dict['username']: return apology("Username already exists", 400) if not password or password == '' or not confirmation: return apology("Password not avaliable", 400) if password != confirmation or confirmation == '': return apology("Passwords doesn't match", 400) for character in password: if character in invalid_chars: return apology("Password has not appropiate characters", 400) for char in password: if not char.isalnum() and not char.isspace(): has_symbol = True if char.islower(): has_lower = True if char.isupper(): has_upper = True if char.isdigit(): has_number = True if has_symbol and has_lower and has_upper and has_number: requirements_meeted = True if requirements_meeted == True: db.execute("INSERT INTO users (username, hash) VALUES (?, ?);", username, generate_password_hash(confirmation)) return redirect("/login") else: return apology("Password don't meet the requirements. Passwords must have symbols, digits, lower and upper letters", 400) else: return render_template("register.html") 
@app.route("/sell", methods=["GET", "POST"]) @login_required def sell(): """Sell shares of stock""" # If the request method is POST: if request.method == "POST": # Getting the current time of the sell current_time ="%H:%M:%S") # Getting the current date of the sell current_date ="%d/%m/%Y") # Getting the selled symbol symbol = request.form.get("symbol") if not symbol: return apology("Must enter a symbol", 400) # Getting the stock data: stock = lookup(symbol) # If there's no stock return an apology if not stock: return apology("Symbol doesn't exits", 400) # Getting the stocks symbols of the user stocks_symbol = db.execute("SELECT symbol FROM stocks JOIN user_stocks ON user_stocks.stock_id = JOIN users ON user_stocks.user_id = WHERE = ?;", session["user_id"]) if stocks_symbol: # Getting all the symbols of the user as a list symbols = [each_symbol for stock_symbol in stocks_symbol for each_symbol in stock_symbol.values()] # If the symbol is not in the list return an apology if not symbol in symbols: return apology("Symbol not acquired", 400) else: return apology("Must buy stocks", 400) # Getting the shares that we want to sell shares = str(request.form.get("shares")) # Checking valid input for shares if shares.count('.'): return apology("Should be an integer", 400) elif any(char.isalpha() for char in shares): return apology("Should be an integer entirely", 400) elif shares.startswith('-'): return apology("Amount of shares must be positive",400) else: shares = int(shares) # If the number of shares is not positive or the number of shares is greater than the number of acquired shares return an apology if shares < 0: return apology("Shares must be positive", 400) if shares == 0: return apology("Amount of shares must be greater than 0", 400) # Getting the total shares of the selled symbol shares_symbol = db.execute("SELECT SUM(user_stocks.shares) AS Total_Shares, stocks.symbol FROM user_stocks JOIN users ON user_stocks.user_id = JOIN stocks ON user_stocks.stock_id = WHERE = ? AND stocks.symbol = ? GROUP BY (user_stocks.stock_id);", session["user_id"], symbol) # Checking if the user has the appropiate amount of shares if shares > int(shares_symbol[0]['Total_Shares']): return apology("Amount of shares not acquired", 400) # Getting the current price of the stock Price_Symbol = db.execute("SELECT price FROM stocks WHERE symbol = ?;", symbol) # Getting the total dollars amount of the selled stock Total_AmountSelled = Price_Symbol[0]['price'] * shares # Getting the current cash of the user cash = db.execute("SELECT cash FROM users WHERE = ?;", session["user_id"]) # Updating the cash of the user: current_cash = cash[0]['cash'] + Total_AmountSelled db.execute("UPDATE users SET cash = ? WHERE = ?;", current_cash, session["user_id"]) # Getting the current shares of the stock symbol_id = db.execute("SELECT id FROM stocks WHERE symbol = ?;", symbol) Total_Shares = (shares * -1) # Updating the shares of the user: db.execute("INSERT INTO user_stocks (user_id, stock_id, cost, shares, transaction_type, time, date) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?);",session["user_id"], symbol_id[0]['id'], stock['price'], Total_Shares, "SELL", current_time, current_date) return redirect("/") else: return render_template("sell.html")
@app.route("/buycash", methods=["GET", "POST"]) @login_required def buycash(): if request.method == 'POST': cash = int(request.form.get("cashamount")) if cash > 10000 or cash < 1: return apology("Amount of cash invalid, must be positive and less than 10000", 400) user_cash = db.execute("SELECT cash FROM users WHERE = ?", session["user_id"]) total_cash = user_cash[0]['cash'] + cash if total_cash > 20000: returned_amount = total_cash - 20000 total_cash = total_cash - returned_amount if user_cash[0]['cash'] == 20000: return apology("Cannot buy more cash", 400) db.execute("UPDATE users SET cash = ? WHERE = ?;", total_cash, session["user_id"]) return redirect("/") else: return render_template("buycash.html")
@app.route("/changepassword", methods=["GET", "POST"]) def changepassword(): if request.method == 'POST': username = request.form.get("username") new_password = request.form.get("new_password") new_password_confirmation = request.form.get("new_password_repeated")
 usernamesdict = db.execute("SELECT username FROM users;") usernames = [username for dictionary in usernamesdict for username in dictionary.values()] if username not in usernames: return apology("Username not registered", 400) for char in username: if char in invalid_chars: return apology("Username has not appropiate characters", 400) if new_password != new_password_confirmation: return apology("Password not matched", 400) if not new_password or new_password == '': return apology("Password not avaliable", 400) for char in new_password: if char in invalid_chars: return apology("Password has not appropiate characters", 400) user_id = db.execute("SELECT FROM users WHERE users.username = ?", username) db.execute("UPDATE users SET hash = ? WHERE = ?;", generate_password_hash(new_password_confirmation), user_id[0]['id']) return redirect("/login") else: return render_template("changepassword.html") 
sell.html code: ```HTML {% extends "layout.html" %}
{% block title %} Sell {% endblock %}
{% block main %}
{% endblock %} ```
index.html code: ```HTML {% extends "layout.html" %}
{% block title %} Home {% endblock %}
{% block main %}
Cash Grand Total
{{ cash usd }} {{ GrandTotal usd }}
{% for stock in stocks %} {% if stock.Total_Shares != 0 %} {% endif %} {% endfor %}
Symbol Shares Price Total Value
{{ stock.symbol }} {{ stock.Total_Shares }} {{ "{:.2f}".format(stock.price) }} {{ "{:.2f}".format(stock.Total_Holding_Value) }}
{% endblock %} ````
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2023.06.10 06:05 PuneQuencher99 Madden 24 is so far the best madden in recent years, hear me out

So far I’m happy with the game. Could it be better? Hell yes. If it actually mattered, would this game make or break the series? It would break it. But the reality of it is, the chances of EA doing anything after this game averages a 2/5 stars are almost nonexistent and they will be until their contract with the NFL runs out.
With that being said, considering this is the only AAA licensed simulation style football game on the market, I’ll give it props where it deserves it. I do think the player animations (running, catching) so far look much better then previous iterations. There’s a decent amount of new catching animations that make the game look and feel much better then 23. The players also maneuver a little more realistically when running. When EA said that they have expanded on the FieldSense technology, I can say that they actually have.
The new additions to franchise mode help the mode out much more. Personally, I am primarily a franchise player. Aside from purchasing the game, I give EA no money or attention in MUT and I only play friends occasionally in H2H. So almost all of my time is spent in franchise mode as either a coach who’s rebuilding a team or a player. The “new” additions this year help that out and do make it feel a little bit more fun to play. (I get it, not all of the features are actually new, but they’ve been added back after years of not being there)
Now, why they haven’t incorporated dynamic tacking physics into the game yet is beyond me. I’ll never understand why they won’t do this, and I guarantee you there is more of a reason then “because EA doesn’t care”. The QB animations so far seem to be slightly better but are still nowhere near being in the game ballpark as All Pro 2k8. The ball still likes to just snap out of their hands rather then smoothly roll off the finger tips. But oh well.
Overall, the game is a minor step up from 23 and does have small redeeming enchantments. But at the end of the day, it’s by no means going to “make” the series and it’s still going to average mostly negative reviews like it has for years.
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2023.06.10 06:04 BlairDaniels 23andme says I have a second mother.

This summer, I decided to get my DNA sequenced by 23andme. I wanted to know my ancestry, as well as find out if I'm a carrier for any genetic disorders, since my husband and I want to try and get pregnant soon.
When the results came back, everything was what I expected. I was Romanian and German. I had the sun-sneeze reflex. Etc. The surprise came when I clicked on the "Relatives" tab. At the top of the list, it showed my parents.
Except, there weren't two parents.
There were three.
John T.
Father, 50.0% DNA shared
Agnes T.
Mother, 50.0% DNA shared
Mother, 50.0% DNA shared
I stared at the last one. Uh… what? I scrolled up and down the list, but the rest looked normal. One of my brothers came up, along with an aunt and some cousins.
Curious, I clicked on G's profile. But there wasn't any other information. To see details, like her ancestry or shared relatives, I'd need to 'connect' with her.
Probably just a glitch or something. Or maybe my mom made two accounts by accident. I closed my laptop and tried to forget about it.
But for the rest of the day, it bothered me. Like a little itch in the back of my brain. Maybe it isn't a duplicate account or a total glitch. Maybe she's some secret aunt or something, and 23andme just overestimated the shared DNA. I'd read the horror stories, of 23andme uncovering family secrets like that.
So that evening, I decided to hit "Connect." I didn't really expect her to accept.
But just a few days later, she did.
I went over to the 23andme website, my heart pounding. When I scrolled down, I saw my ancestry composition and G’s, side-by-side. Her ancestry looked like my mom’s—almost 100% Romanian. But… it was slightly different.
My heart pounded faster. I opened three tabs: my mom’s ancestry, my dad’s, G’s, and mine. My eyes darted between them, comparing them. Studying them. And after several minutes, I realized it.
I was 1% Scandinavian. But neither my mother nor my father had any Scandinavian ancestry.
Only “G” did.
A chill went down my spine. I stared at G’s profile. At her empty profile picture.
Who is she?
I told my husband all about it. He thought I was overreacting. “It’s just some glitch,” he said, as he flipped the chicken on the stove. “23andme must’ve sequenced the DNA wrong, or mixed up the samples, or something.”
“It’s creepy though, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, I guess.” He opened the cabinet, rummaging around for plates. “But there’s just so much room for error with that DNA stuff.”
I tried not to think about it. But my night was plagued with nightmares of G—a faceless woman, calling from the forest. Who had my long dark hair and tall stature. A second mother who, somehow, had given me her DNA.
When I woke up, though, I realized something. If I shared 50% of my DNA with my father, and my mother, and G—well, 50% + 50% + 50% did not equal 100%.
One of my parents had to share DNA with G.
I called my mom on the way to work. “Did you see anyone listed in your DNA relatives named ‘G’?” I asked, as I pulled onto the highway.
“G?” she repeated.
“Yeah. There’s just… a person named G who keeps popping up on my DNA relatives.”
“I don’t think so,” she replied. “But I don’t know. The website is kind of hard to use. Brandon was helping me with it.”
“Could you ask—”
“Yeah, sure. Gotta go now, though.”
With that being a dead end, I decided to bite the bullet and send G a message. Most likely, it’d be some big misunderstanding. G was probably some stranger living on the other end of the country with no connection to me whatsoever.
Hey, I noticed 23andme listed you as a relative. Do you have any family members with the last name T--- or K---, especially in the northwest US? Are you related to my mother, Agnes T---?
The response came less than an hour later. And when I read it, a slow chill ran down my spine.
you will find out soon enough.
That was the whole thing. The whole response. Those cryptic six words. I quickly shot a message back: Are you related to me? Or my mom?
No answer.
I stared at the screen, my heart pounding. Then, in one swift motion, I moved my cursor up and removed her as a connection. Just a troll. A scammer. Something weird like that.
A few days later, I checked 23andme again—to find that G had removed her account. Or, possibly, that the glitch had been fixed. Because G was no longer listed as my mother, or a relative at all.
Weeks went by and I forgot about the whole thing. Work got busy, gardening season was in full swing, and my hours were spent either working late in the office or slaving over my plant babies. I didn’t even give G a second thought—
Until, one morning, it all came crashing down.
Two pink lines. My husband and I spent the morning crying, hugging each other, overjoyed about this little person we would bring into the world.
Until I went to the mailbox.
Inside was a folded piece of pink paper, tied off with black ribbon. No stamp—it must’ve been hand delivered. My throat went dry as I flipped it open and read the words on the page.
meet me at d--- park at midnight tonight.
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2023.06.10 06:03 AllNiteFun7 Pax Vomits in my Car, Uber Won’t Charge Pax

So I had a ride today, right before we got to the destination, the pax vomits in my back seat. A little bit of irony, pax was going to the ER. Anyway, I clean up the vomit with a towel immediately and then throw the towel away so that my car doesn’t smell. I went to an auto detailing place and called 3 more, none of them do vomit. So I got supplies, Lysol wipes, gloves, air freshener, stain remover, paper towels, interior detail spray and some detail towels to clean it up myself. I kept receipts of everything and noted how long it took me.
I submitted a claim to Uber for them to charge the pax… that whole thing was a joke! I didn’t think about taking photos of the vomit before cleaning it up with a towel! I was more worried about my car smelling! I got photos before I thoroughly cleaned. Those weren’t enough for Uber, “Thank you for bringing this serious matter to our attention. We understand how important it is for you to get this mess cleaned up. Please know every mess is assessed based on our standards and this is in place to support both drivers and riders to ensure a fair assessment of each situation. Upon evaluating the clean-up photo you submitted, Unfortunately we're unable to charge the rider with a cleaning fee since the image you provided doesn't qualify as valid under our policies. You can learn more about the cleaning fee process here. We appreciate your patience throughout this process while we get this sorted out.”
So I asked where to send a video of the pax blowing chunks and I got the same exact reply as above, they are unable to charge the rider. So I asked again where to send a video to, because I wasn’t going to be responsible for paying to have my car cleaned. Note to self: take photos prior to ANY cleaning. Ultimately, I don’t believe the pax will be charged and I’ll have to eat my cleaning bill.
On a good note, after a thorough inspection and cleaning, no vomit actually got on the carpet surfaces. And now my interior is super clean.
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RP=ANY RANK (1-8000)


RP=ANY RANK (1-8000)


RP=ANY RANK (1-8000)


RP=ANY RANK (1-8000)












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2023.06.10 06:02 Infinite_Yellow_1149 Need Advice: Custody Battle

I was served a petition on May 25th, 2023. This case is taking place in Texas.
The petition states that I am being sued for full custody of my son, and for child support. The petitioner is my son's paternal aunt. I am his paternal father. My son is 5.
My son's mother passed away on April of 2023. I was not notified of her death, until I was served May 2023.
When my son was born, I signed his birth certificate, and a seperate form acknowledging that I am his father. I am not sure what this form is called exactly, but I do have a physical copy.
What the petitioner is alleging:
• Petitioner alleges I have not seen my son in over 4 years.
• Petitioner alleges she feels I'm a violent person, and my son will not be safe around me.
• Petitioner is alleging that before my son was born, I had asked the mother of my child for an abortion, which she feels means that I did not want my son.
• Peitioner is alleging that my son does not know who I am, and that I should not have custody or even visitation rights.
My son's mother was told she would never have children. She made it clear to me, that if our personal relationship did not work out, she would not want me in my son's life at all. Prior to meeting me, she was looking to start IVF treatments to give her family a child before she passed away, which she knew was was inevitable. She had passed away once before, and was resuscitated a few months after our son was born. After that incident, conversations with her only became more clear that she no longer wanted me around. I felt I was only used to conceive a child with her.
Notes I feel are of importance:
• The petition states that my son remain ONLY at her families home address named in this case. Petitioner claims to have moved back to said family home to take care of my son, which is 3 minutes from my home, however I suspect she has taken him to her actual and main residence in another city, with her boyfriend. I had a welfare check done at said family home, and police were not able to locate him. I do not have proof of this as I can't hire a PI.
• In 2018, a protective order was placed against me by my son's paternal grandmother (on his mothers side) because I spat at her after a verbal altercation where she promised I would never see my son again. This has since been lifted years ago, and no other restraining / protective orders have been placed against me.
• After I received the petition, I had my brother type a short heart-felt letter offering my family & I's condolences, and explaining I would like to see my son via facetime or an in-person meeting to ensure his wellbeing. This note was left on the family home's door by my brother. I did not ask to take my son, just to see or speak with him. I've since found out she has filed for a temporary restraining order against me and used this letter as evidence. Her attorney states that "While this letter is not inherently threatening, we feel that My name does not need to see My sons name as this is a sensitive time for him." I now understand to only communicate via attorney's & not directly with petitioner or her family.
• I am financially stable, have stable housing under my name.
• I want full custody & want to include visitation rights to his mothers side of family as he has created a bond with them.
• I have since filed an answer & counter sued.
• I do have evidence of myself & other family members trying to reach out to my sons mother over the years, but were always ignored.
• I do have evidence showing I was financially taking care of my son, until his mother and family no longer accepted anything from me.
I am still actively looking for an attorney.
ANY advice, questions, or tips I am open to. I understand courts dig deep, So I am being as honest and forthcoming about my situation as possible to get the best advice.
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2023.06.10 06:02 apples_o Tummy troubles

For months now I've been having stomach issues. It started with vomiting and barely being able to eat anything without my stomach bothering me. I could barely go to my college classes. It was awful and it still is! But I finally saw my doctor and my doctor put me on medicine while I was away at college and it's been working however still acts up and within this past week it's been awful. I can barely go out. I can barely go to my job, I keep throwing up or I feel like I'm going to throw up. I want to lie in bed. I'm so tired. I'm depressed which isn't helping. I just want to feel normal again and I know that's never going to happen but this is awful. Today was my birthday. And my friend took me out and we went to a bunch of different stores and some nice places actually. But for that entire time I feel uneasy in my stomach and I was drained of energy. Also depressed but I see the doctor Monday and I see a doctor specializes in gastroenterology very soon so hopefully they're able to give me something that will calm my stomach of help me where I am tired all the time somehow. And maybe I can get depression, medication or something or even just anti-anxiety medicine. That will work when I forget to take my regular anti depression medication regularly. On a side note, I don't think that's really a thing, probably because I know most anti-anxiety and antidepression medication you have to take regularly for it to work. But I always forget to take my meds even with reminders aha not fun but it's okay. I'll be okay eventually.
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