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2023.03.26 08:40 350NewMexico 350 New Mexico Climate Emergency Event

Speaker Series: NM’s Largest Climate Polluters Report
What: First Report on NM’s Largest Climate Polluters
Where: Pre-register on Zoom at LINK
When: 6:30 PM MT, Monday, March 27, 2023
Who: Gabe Pacyniak, JD UNM School of Law and others.
Description: Hear authors of the report, Impacts of NM’s Largest Emissions Sources" including Gabe Pacyniak, JD discuss the February 1 report that for the first time examines the climate and health damaging pollution from large stationary sources in New Mexico.
The report identifies 189 stationary sources that together contribute approximately 25 percent of the state’s climate pollution along with a large share of conventional pollutants. The largest share of pollution from these sources comes from the electric power and oil and gas sectors. Other large stationary sources include mines, manufacturing facilities, airports, and universities.
The report also analyzed where large sources are located and suggested that there may be equity benefits to reducing emissions in those areas with a high percentage of people of color, lower-income people, or people with health vulnerabilities. Four regions—the San Juan Basin; Permian Basin; Albuquerque, Bernalillo, and Sandoval Counties; and Las Cruces and Dona Aña County—were identified as areas with clusters of large stationary sources.
Finally, the report finds that current state policies are not adequate to achieve climate pollution reductions from these sources in keeping with the state’s climate goals but identifies ways that climate pollution policies could be designed to both reduce climate pollution and maximize public health benefits for communities where these sources are located. UNM’s Just Transition Grand Challenge initiative and the nonprofit organization PSE Healthy Energy hosted the report. The report was funded by the Environmental Defense Fund.
Event on Facebook: LINK
***All Events are Free and Open to the Public***
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2023.03.26 08:40 ThrowRA_1324897 I (19m) am having trouble with what to do with a (19f) of whom i've talked to for three months

I have been talking to L (the name I will be using to address the female in this situation) for three months now. For the majority of the time stuff went pretty good between us. But starting later into the relationship she started to get mad over the tiniest things like me mentioning the slightest detail of any other female. I have addressed to her several times that every female I do mention does not have my romantic interest at all and that L has it all. For me I prefer to not be under the title of dating so I never had the inclination to ask L to become official. A few weeks ago she asked me to please ask her to date her and I said for now I did not want to because my time had been taken up heavily by other things like school, work, and other important matters in my life. Following that instance and even beforehand she would say how I made her so happy and made her feel like herself and I wanted to be honest with her and said I do not fully reciprocate those feelings. That along with the near daily episodes of her becoming upset with me over benign things caused me to become more stressed and anxious than I already was. Last week she asked me to please date her and I said in all honesty I couldn't maintain a healthy relationship at the time. She said she was sick of waiting to date me so we "ended" things. We continued to talk but instead of multiple times of the daily it went to maybe every other day. During the period where we become more distant I felt much better and was able to pursue the things I wanted and make myself happy. Fast forward to today after going ice skating with a couple of my friends and seeing her there and nit talking she texted me afterwards. She said she felt like I hated her because I didn't talk to her. I told her I was sorry and I thought I would upset her if I approached her. After that she said she wanted me back badly. She ended up doing something dumb over the fact I expressed that for the time being I thought for the both of us the best thing to do would to not engage in a romantic or sexual relationship. I felt very bad about this. Also to preface L has several mental health issues like anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia, and an eating disorder. I tried my best to help with these and making sure she was healthy. Back to tonight after she did the forementioned actions she texted me again pleading for me to take her back and that she would change, be better, not get mad, let me have female friends, not call me, and not bother me. After that she ranted about how she hates herself and that I am the only person who has ever made her truly happy. She asked why I wouldn't date her and before I could answer she continued on ranting about how she needs me and without me there is no reason to keep going. I asked her why she wanted me to date her and she said because I make her so happy, that she wants to be happy, and then two paragraphs that basically say she's deeply inlove with me and how I have no idea how much I mean to her. Also going on about how she thinks I'm so great and how she doesn't deserve me. I do not want a romantic relationship with her because overall she doesn't make me happy and only stresses me out but on the other hand she says I make her feel amazing. I'm scared that if I tell her how I really feel she might do something bad to herself. Should I get with her and if not how should I let her know how I honestly feel and let her know I don't want a relationship with her without putting her down too hard?
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2023.03.26 08:40 hotchoccie Transport in Mornington?

Me and a group of friends are planning to go to Mornington over the easter break (we're going to take the train from the city) and were wondering how to get around the peninsula. We can't drive in Australia and we heard there isn't a lot of public transport - so would we have to arrange taxis ahead of time? Thank you!
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2023.03.26 08:40 corbomitey A post-finale theory:

The pilot of Bojack Horseman shows us Bojack meeting Diane. But we find out later it wasn’t the first time he met Diane; it’s the first time he remembers meeting Diane.
And the 4th season implies a few times that dementia is hereditary and if he lives long enough he’ll suffer his mother’s fate.
So the finale shows us - what we’re meant to infer - is the last time Bojack and Diane see each other in person.
But it’s entirely likely they’ll meet up sometime in the future, in a time where Bojack is incapable of remembering.
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2023.03.26 08:40 spacegrl56021 Could my vet have missed FIV?

We got a stray in December- after two days of having him we got him tested for FIV- he came back negative. He had some eye boogies and the vet gave him some antibiotics for it. Etc. A month later he got in a cat fight and we took him (Jan) in again (but to a different vet cause our wasn’t available). The vet said he had an upper respiratory infection cause he had redness in his gums and I think he may have still had eye boogies (just not as bad). So gave him antibiotics and eye stuff. I asked about FIV the vet said it wasn’t concern since he had just tested neg a month earlier. In February he got neutered and they asked how his health was and it seemed fine cause we had been giving him his eye meds etc. We got him the FIV vaccine at this time.
Now it’s March and he still has redness in his gums and he doesn’t get eye boogies a lot like he used to but he still gets them from what I can tell. I’m not sure if he just wiped them away and that’s why I can’t see them. Or if they genuinely are gone. It’s definitely not bad if they are there cause from what I can tell he doesn’t really seem to have them.
Is it possible for his test to have been false negative?
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2023.03.26 08:40 croissantbae solution for my pet while travelling

Hi! So I’m starting my travels in late June early July - i will not be resigning a lease for 1-3 months possibly as my plan is to house sit in different locations. I have a cat whom I’ve been with maybe 4yrs now whom is very precious to me but I don’t want to take him through traveling
Would prefer to find him a comfortable temporary 2nd home.
I’m looking to hear about some of the solutions some of you may have found for your pet while you travel weeks at a time ?
Any suggestions on where I should start looking ?
Thanks in advance
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2023.03.26 08:40 funny_names_are_hard Cosmic Encounter- advice for introduction

I'm sure I'm not quite using the rules flair right but it's as close as I could get, I'm hosting a game night soon with a group that's (mostly) non-gamers outwith my nights (one felt compelled to tell me yesterday he's not into board games normally but I and the group make it fun so I'm feeling quite chuffed), where we've really only played simple games, various points on the party game spectrum and, for some of us, a bit of a struggle through getting to grips with Unmatched despite how assured I was by gamers it's very easy. This would make Cosmic Encounter the most complicated we've gone. Besides just getting the rules laid down (which I did fine last time with as it happens some of the more experienced players) I feel compelled to provide some strategic advice, though I've seen some swear off this for fear of overwhelming people. Those experienced in the game and teaching it, would something to this effect be excessive? (it's only written out to provide a mental guide for me, and this would be alongside an explanation of the basic rules)
Now hand management in this game is interesting, because of this rule: when your turn starts, or if you are attacked, and you have no encounter cards to play (clarify), you discard whatever's left and draw a new hand of 8 cards. Now alongside allying with the defense and negotiating this is one of the only ways of drawing cards, and you certainly get the most, but you could be losing these (gesture) treats in doing so. So you might want to barrel through your hand ASAP, trade off some cards in a deal perhaps or even deliberately give your opponent compensation so that you can get a new set to use, OR keep this hand for as long as you can, joining defensive alliances so that you can avoid having to discard this really good flair or this artifact you're still waiting for the perfect moment for. It's yours to decide, so keep this rule in mind. Something else to consider is with allyship, you almost always gain less by inviting than they do by accepting, especially as the offense. Now, you could work together as a show of good will to another player for if you want twice the chance at half the glory, or you could ride that trust in someone else before backstabbing them. You could invite loads of allies to a fight you intend to lose, you can use the manpower of a player who's behind because them gaining power isn't a threat to you, you could reason that every player on your side is one not with your opponent (bearing in mind the defense has less reason to be picky about allies, it's just some cards as opposed to one fifth of the game), or just hold grudges and exchange favours! That's allowed, that's encouraged, it's a social game. I don't want to tell you how to play it, but to make sure you fully understand what you're playing. (I will say though, don't do your alliances based on if their alien species looks weird or not, you're well within your rights to be cautious of a power but c'mon that's a decision they didn't make) And just one more thing, we're all friends here, and this is just a game. A competitive game. You're not seeing who can complete an objective the fastest, you're in direct competition so there's no shame in ruining plans and general bastardry. Pay attention to who's winning, that's not just a score they're making go up by being good, it's something you interact with. And speaking of competition, try to think of team victories as sharing the win between you. You and another person can get half a win each, if you think sharing is caring, or you can go for all of the glory, all for yourself!
And feel free to criticise it otherwise, if there's something you don't like about it. I like this group, I want them to have an actually good time instead of quietly getting through it, though I worry so much information is counterproductive to that end. If it helps we're playing the quick-start cosmic combo with flare cards (why are those an advanced rule?)
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2023.03.26 08:40 AutoModerator [Get] Khang Le – Wholesale to Millions

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2023.03.26 08:40 AutoModerator [Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023

[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023
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2023.03.26 08:40 sAtAnSBiTcHh Leaving an EK9 for long periods

So I have an EK9 abroad and this is my first time leaving it locked in a garage unattended and untouched for about 2-3 months. I tried to do as much as I could to not damage the car whilst it’s sitting still but I did not disconnect the battery. Do you guys think it’ll be okay for 2-3 months? Either way it’s too late now because I’ve already left but I need some reassuring that I’m not going to go back to a battery that needs to be replaced
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2023.03.26 08:40 pathum1992 The Project CHAINGAMINGX (CGX) 2023

The project has a good concept. The project is backed by an experienced and highly qualified staff, which I believe is capable of bringing the project to the greatest level in the shortest amount of time, and I hope they succeed.
More Info :
Website - https://chaingamingx.com
$CGX #chaingamingx #Elonmusk #Bscchain #Gaming #Gems
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2023.03.26 08:40 CharlieKom Fatwa against shops during Ramzan in Calicut,Kerala,South India

Fatwa against shops during Ramzan in Calicut,Kerala,South India
a bunch of muslims threatened all shopkeepers in calicut beach area from opening shops during ramadan, not just for fasting hours but the whole month of ramadan.. because they don't want couples spending time at beach in the "holy" month.
Posting a news link from a hindu run news website since most of the mainstream media are sh*t scared to cover the news.
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2023.03.26 08:40 schalker1207 How to change time in the Dexcom G7 App?

So yesterday the time got changed to daylight saving time and while my phone automatically changed it the dexcom app doesnt. Like when I enter an event that occured at 8:38 the app will automatically save it as an event that occured at 9:38. How do I change the time in the app back?
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2023.03.26 08:39 HeyStray Focusing on 'breakthrough' kinda ruins it

I get that people want to aim to get there, but 'breakthrough' is a human concept to explain the actual beauty of experience one can feel.
When you focus too much on whether you've hit the breakthrough or not, you may be overcomplicating and overlooking the actual magic of what you're experiencing.
You're going through the journey, but because you can't directly see 'the destination', you conclude you haven't found what you're looking for, but in reality it's been in front of your face the whole time. Maybe a tweak in the way you're looking at it can help clear things up, just my thoughts.
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2023.03.26 08:39 TheLostCoyote I'm being sued. Maybe it's a crash for cash scam?

I was in a fender bender May of 2021. I live very isolated about an hour drive from the nearest town across the state border. But it's 3 hour drive from my home town where my mom lives. I was driving to my home town to pick up a new phone, because I had broken my phone. And this asshole came to a dead stop in the fast lane and I couldn't break in time.
I couldn't take his information like he did mine. I couldn't take pictures of it and I didn't have a pen or paper in my car. Racist asshole wouldn't even call the cops when I begged him to. Said he didn't want to get me deported. (I'm born in America, and can't even speak Spanish.) I couldn't even call for help and he ditched me on the side of the highway.
I had to drive into town worried that maybe my breaks were no good and that they had failed. Went to the police station, filed my report and call my insurance from my mom's house phone. Didn't seem like that big a deal after thay. Bumped out the dent, and insurance said they would cover handle his side of things for me. I thought it was behind me. It was my first ever car accident.
But apparently he went to the hospital and I was viewed "At Fault". According to my insurance: even though they payed him enough to pay the medical, he layerd up and wants to sue me for $15000. Insurance says they're going to provide me a layer but I still feel alone and scared.
I'm scared that I wont win this. That I'm not going to be able to pay that amount. That the courts will take my car, and freeze my bank accounts and it won't be enough.
Could use your opinions, advice, pro tips. Please.
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2023.03.26 08:39 dandyqb5 Baby has a bruise

2 weeks in to being a first time dad, bub has a tiny bruise on his arm. Mum and me are pretty sure he sucked his arm to do it as we can’t explain it between the last time his arm was clear and the emergence of the bruise. Just seeking to understand if this is fairly common or if bub getting a bruise really shouldn’t be happening and we need to be extra vigilant/check with health visitor? Don’t want to overreact but obviously both feeling a bit terrible our perfect little man has a mark on him.
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2023.03.26 08:39 phulkari2784 Does fasting help cure sleep apnea?

Hi everyone. I am embarking on an intermittent fasting journey from April 1. Till then, I am clearing my cabinets and home of all unhealthy foods. I weigh 103 Kg at 5"3" and life is very painful in general. My most aggravating problem is my earth shattering snoring. I visited my family recently and slept with my mom as she was unwell. She woke me up in the middle of the night and asked me to see a sleep therapist.
While I agree I might be having this serious disorder, however, i know I will be asked to reduce weight.
This time I am very stoked about fasting as I feel prepared. But I was wondering if this is also going to help with my sleep apnea?
Have anyone of you seen any improvement in that area?
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2023.03.26 08:39 _Dracon__ I want to regularly take my husky mix to a dog park but I'm worried about the small dogs present, what should I do and would I be in the wrong to keep going?

I recently got a husky mix (roughly 50-60lbs) and he is a very social dog. He is enthusiastic with other large dogs and social with other people, even approaching strangers in the dog parks and sitting in front of them asking to be pet. He is a complete sweetheart and affectionate dog, and I have him registered as an ESA. My concern is because twice today at two different dog parks, someone brought their small dogs into the big dog enclosure, and as I said, he is very enthusiastic with playing with other dogs. He has no issues with large dogs,and I only ever keep him off leash in the large dog parks. The first time today, it was some kind of bulldog? I'm not sure the breed, but it was small. He acted his usual way, but ended up getting a little aggressive towards the other dog, though no injuries were caused. I left the park with my dog and spoke with the owner over the fence to make sure his dog was alright. Afterwards, I walked him around before taking him to a different dog park. The second time was a man at the second park bringing a puppy and his other adult dog (who was also causing some trouble with the other dogs) into the large dog area. My dog was interested and was, once again very enthusiastic to greet the new dog, and me and my friend present suspect that the puppy reacting with fear was what set him off. Again, no one was injured, my friend held my dog on his leash while I checked in with the owner to make sure the pup was alright before the other person left. One of the other people at the second park reassured me that it wasn't my fault when the other person brought their small dog into the big dog park, but I'm still worried. It's not even all small dogs either, he's been scared off by a pug before! Still, it worries me, and I want to know if I should still bring him to dog parks because of this. I want him to be able to socialize and run around freely, but I don't want to put small dogs in danger. Any advice is welcome advice. He's my first dog, and I want to make sure I'm doing things correctly and if I can continue to bring him to dog parks.
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2023.03.26 08:39 Tswiggle To the blue grandpa who is on the toilet, it's me.

You were a worthy opponent. I am a fan of your name and title and it was an honor matching against you (3 times in a row!). However, I am really trying to make that push to the next rank and with the deck you were playing (sandman/viper electro), it was impossible for mine (cerebro 3) to compete. I hope you accept my apology for breaking our streak. It's hard for me find others who have the same passion for Marvel Snap as me. I would love to have the pleasure to play with you again perhaps sometime in the near future. Sincerely, Nut on a Bus <3
respond pls
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2023.03.26 08:39 lillagris My personal life and the scope of a long-term relationship

My personal life and the scope of a long-term relationship
I am 36 male, Recently got promoted so my career growth is improving over time but My personal life and the possibility of a long-term relationship are still a challenge for me. I am based in Europe for the last 11 years. Working for more than 8 years, I meet new people and go on dates but nothing seems to be working out. I was engaged in 2017 but the engagement was broken in a month or so. I want to know if I will have a possibility to find someone this year. Would really appreciate some advice. Thanks
Date of Birth: 12th September 1986
Time of Birth: 21:20
Place of Birth: Jagadhri, Haryana (India)

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2023.03.26 08:39 maanasasarovara 22F, asking about education - Masters and relationship

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2023.03.26 08:39 SaGeKyuga I am tired of this glitch where your screen gets frozen before you even get to character selection

Glitch where you get frozen on the screen saying waiting for players. You have to close app 3 times (consistently been the only way to fix it) and if you die while waiting to reload your game 3 separate times you still lose rp for it
All season been dealing with this in ranked especially. Playing on ps4
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