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2023.03.26 08:52 Emergency-Fan3777 Abby Lauren /Darkness 333

You should be ashamed of yourself after sitting in with a woman with a disability while at the SAME time also harassing and bullying Abby , who clearly also has a disability! We have more screenshots and evidence and you claim that mental health matters however you still have not stood up and did the right thing and after the police showed up because of the bullying and harassment that Abby is receiving! You continue to let this go on. Are you planning on doing an apology video to Abby on the damage you have caused and are you planning on letting everyone know who else is behind this ? Or are you just going to take the blame for them ??? Abby doesn’t deserve this NO ONE deserves to be bullied so bad and encouraged to end their life!!! HealthSuspicious1301 1d I'm live now. I never hide who I am but coming into a live I'm in with someone who's not asking for a thing and doesn't act like Abby you got me F'ed up
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2023.03.26 08:52 TamiTaylor86 I have a lot of weeds in my backyard right now (most quite pretty), I would love to know what some of them are? I’m in N. TX

I have a lot of weeds in my backyard right now (most quite pretty), I would love to know what some of them are? I’m in N. TX submitted by TamiTaylor86 to whatsthisplant [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 08:52 koey_f0516 Participation Log

I don’t think I participated as much as I wanted to during this quarter, but tried my best to. Here are my posts and comments that I made: 1.
I made two comments in this post answering a question about whether there is a way to check if an element of a vector is empty without iterating through the vector.
  1. I also made two comments in this post answering a question about how long cache entries are able to live and how hard it is to maintain
  2. I created a post that provides a useful source and asks a question. The source in my post helps better understand the messages that are presented by Valgrind. At the end of the post, I asked a question about what the most effective methods are to finding segfaults in code.
In this post that I created, I answered a question about implementing comparators in terms of each other vs implementing comparators independently. This question shows up in quest 2 miniquest 2.
I made a comment in this post to help debug and fix a problem that was present in the OP’s code. The problem has something to do with scope error.
I made a comment in this post helping someone else with writing their traverse function. The OP originally didn’t understand writing the traverse function which was similar to the insert function. My comment was a step-by-step of what the function was supposed to do and how it was related to the inverse function. I had a great quarter! I hope everyone enjoys their summer break and the new quarter! - Koey
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2023.03.26 08:52 The_Littlest_Teapot New to Godot, Stuck with converting a script that worked fine without a Viewport, but can't get it to work with it. Involves converting to global position and back while inside a moving/turning viewport.

I have a script that I wrote for a swimming fish, that uses Line2D to make it bend and curve while swimming.
images of it working, and not working here, as well as node structure:
It works great, but while working on shaders to make it appear to oscillate as well, I needed the shader to effect all of the elements of the fish equally, so opted to moving them all into a viewport and applying the shader to that, my script broke and the fish doesn't bend and curve anymore. The key code I used to position the points of the line2D are this shown here on how they effect point 0, which doesn't do any calculation since it is fixed to never move (in relation to the head), so is easy to show.
segmentPoses[0] = to_global(lineOrigin) ##do calculations when iterating over the remaining points set_point_position(0, to_local(segmentPoses[0]) ) 
The segmentPoses array keeps the global positions of the Line points, so that they are saved in the event the parent fish turns, they are then re-written (usually after calculations) back onto the line, overwriting the position that were transformed with regular movement.
The problem occurred when putting everything into a viewport. The fish follows the mouse fine, but the tail just stays in its original position. You can see in my gif attached that I think the problem is that: from the reference point of the fish and viewport... the mouse isn't really moving at an angle, only getting farther away. It's clear when the viewport is left with a gray background... The fish tail remains in-line with the mouse.
Clearly the viewports transformation is missing or not taken into account when determining the direction to the tail, but I've tried everything. I tried referencing get_viewport().position, get_viewport_transformation(), multiplying it to global, local, adding it then subtracting, subtracting it then adding it. using to_global() before or after.
I just have a very elementary grasp of the viewport interactions and how it effects global position, that I am lost and at my wit's end. I've watched endless tutorials on viewports, and I just can't quite figure out what to do, as this is such a strange interaction of wanting to reach outside of the viewport for data, and bringing it back in like nothing happened.
Any help would be appreciated Thanks!
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2023.03.26 08:52 Chill_Natsu [M4F] General RP Ideas

Standard Information:
~If you're under 18, don't bother to continue reading~ I've been roleplaying for a few years (since Yahoo Era) so I have experience and made long-term friends throughout the years. Now those friends are focused on Universities and Family with very little time to respond. Hoping to find someone that's long-term on this platform now. During roleplay I tend to use Anime-style face claims. I never demand someone to be perfect with literature or to be on a time schedule. We all have life stuff to do. Type in 1st or 3rd person it's fine with me, I usually adapt to my partner's style.
If you feel something is wrong during the roleplay, it's best to explain the situation. Don't just ghost and waste both of our time. We can fix the problem so we can continue having fun in the storyline. My post lengths are usually around 2-3 paragraphs. Just to keep the flow going and not wait a long time for a response. Discord Info: Based#1911
Best to message me on Discord because I might miss your response on here. It's happened in the past. Seems like Reddit loves to ignore a lot of communication. I hope I don't sound too demanding, I'm really not a dictator I promise! I'm a chill guy and have a lot of humor. MOST IMPORTANTLY: JUST HAVE FUN! That's what RP is all about in the end.

Things I'm now avoiding 
  1. Adv. Lit Novella Length Posts (I'm noticing a lot of Roleplay Scenes start to get complicated due to the amount of paragraphs that are "fluff" to fill in the blanks.)
  2. People Posting Two Words (I don't know sometimes. They end up looking like spam bots or just half awake.
  3. Slice of Life (That's too vague of a meaning. Everyday Life Situations/ Often lacking plot development, conflict, and exposition, as well as often having an open ending.)


  1. I've been watching a lot of anime and reading manga/doujinshi recently and been wanting to do a long-term storyline with Japanese Lifestyle (Seasonal Festivals/Yakuza/etc.) Young guy that meets a girl that is annoyed or enjoys his company. He tends to be the heart of the party or is social that loves to bug or even hang out with your character. No romantic emotions too early, I want a building foundation of their relationship to make it long term. He could be in a sport or club that they share but you have total control of who your character is. We build off of this extremely basic and not cut in stone idea.
  2. I want your ideas mixed in as well so don't worry. Romance and Comedy would be so fun to do. Try to do Non-Canon so we're not locked into their personality. Once we build a foundation we can discuss how we want to move the story forward.
  3. Another manga/doujinshi that was funny was building a friendship with a girl in college just to have him into her Mom. Obviously it doesn't have to be exactly the same as the story but that can be another foundation to build off of.
  4. For the Yakuza edge, I wouldn't want my character to start off high-rank. I'd rather have him start off as just a regular member.
  5. We can look at other storylines from existing shows but change it to how we want it to go with original characters.
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2023.03.26 08:52 Available_Whole_5618 part 13 of story

is it only me that is kinda disappointed that they had used LL rose in story and showed the clones during it?
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2023.03.26 08:51 Legendofthefall25 Denver Tix?

Anyone got extra tickets for the Denver show at Fillmore?? 🥺 I really need to find some still! No luck being "in the queue" 😩
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2023.03.26 08:51 55ttyr SUPERBE - (Estelle Fox) - Stunning Ukrainian Model Shows Her Hot Body In First Appearance

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2023.03.26 08:51 Ok_Drummer_9982 Is Denver safe for a young female?

I am moving from a very safe neighborhood and relocating out of state on my own and have decided on Denver (just for a change in lifestyle) I’ve been seeing on the news so much shootings…in the city that I am in we do not have big shootings like this and for the most part because I live by the beach and secluded right now, I feel safe but now moving to more of a city and in Denver where I’ve heard so much gun violence I am scared. Is it safe or should I rethink my move?
I do not have to move. I just thought a change would be nice but now I am afraid because of the constant shootings happening.
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2023.03.26 08:51 puckpuckgo What are the current options for replays?

I recently got back into FS and I’m trying to find the best options for replays so that I can record and make videos. I tried Flight Control Replay, which seems to be the standard, but it is way too far from being great. I fly the PMDG 737 and replays have the door open, doesn’t show spoilers deploying, and is clunky in general.
Are there better options nowadays to handle replays?
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2023.03.26 08:51 Middlaa12 Stepmom Shows Us The Ins And Outs Of Valentines Day Lauren Phillips Molly Little

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2023.03.26 08:50 feeteryeeterpeeter Opinions/thoughts/recommendations on my Medics pistol build? (Will be adapted to shotguns when I get a good one) focus is putting out as much healing/support/utility as possible.

Opinions/thoughts/recommendations on my Medics pistol build? (Will be adapted to shotguns when I get a good one) focus is putting out as much healing/support/utility as possible. submitted by feeteryeeterpeeter to Market76 [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 08:50 MauroElLobo_7785 Analysis: Overview of depleted-uranium tank rounds to be delivered by UK to Ukraine

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2023.03.26 08:50 AutoModerator [Get] Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Accelerator

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2023.03.26 08:50 AutoModerator [Get] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022

Get the course here:
[Get] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022
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2023.03.26 08:50 Ben1313 “Your states gun laws are only as good as the gun laws in states surrounding you”

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2023.03.26 08:49 Lothli Chapter 3: Of Mice and Men

Hello. Welcome back to Lothli & Maishul, the only show where we keep it real by exploring different realities. I'm your host, Lothli. Oh, and a big thank you to u/Not_theScrumPolice for lending her excellent character, Olivia, to today's story. Without further ado, let me introduce today's premise.
Once upon a time, in a far-off land known as Dottopia, there was a young girl named Maishul. Maishul was a Squeaker, like all residents of this land. Her mouse-like nose twitched and her wiry tail swished as she spent her days toiling in the fields.
It was a normal day, like any other. Except for when Maishul stumbled upon a magical glowing sword that fell from the sky.
"I am the MacGuffin, Maishul. Take me into your hands, and defeat the Dark Huntress, Olivia!" the sword boomed.
Of course, Maishul was hesitant. This magical glowing sword was highly suspicious, after all! What kind of ulterior motive could it have? The girl cautiously approached the—
"Ooh, shiny sword! Mine, mine!"
...Maishul snatched up the MacGuffin, completely heedless of her hapless sister's words of warning. But all was good, as the sword did not seem to have malicious intent.
With new blade in hand, Maishul set off toward the land of The In Between. Together, they faced numerous challenges, including treacherous mountains, dark forests, and the temptation of snack time. But with the help of her magic sword, and her unwavering determination, our protagonist emerged victorious at every turn.
After a long and exhausting journey, Maishul finally arrived before the Temple of the Huntress. The ominous fortress rose before her like a dark cloud on a stormy day, casting its shadow upon the land. Its walls were as high as mountains and as black as the night sky, adorned with the visage of screaming Squeakers and muscular bodybuilders.
Shaking her head at the strange sight, Maishul gripped her MacGuffin and entered the fortress. And lo and behold, there sat Olivia, the Dark Huntress.
"Tremble before me, fool!" Olivia roared, overtly flexing her muscles in a monstrous display of strength. "I am Olivia. Dark Huntress! Smasher of Squeakers! And The One With Zero Chill!"
Maishul, cowed by the rippling musculature on the Dark Huntress, took a moment to steel herself.
"Today your reign ends, Olivia! No more will you smash Squeakers against the cobblestones! In the name of Queen Dot, I will smite thee!" Our reluctant hero strikes a pose, before lunging at The One With Zero Chill.
Yet, Olivia's brawn was too much for our heroine's blade. With a mighty flex, the Dark Huntress deflected Maishul's swing.
Was all hope lost? No! Maishul closed her eyes and thought about the friends she was fighting for.
...What? She had no friends? Ah.
With a brilliant flash, Maishul's sword evolved to its true form, the Deus Ex Machina!
"Oh! Deus Ex Machina, YOU were the friends I made along the way!" Maishul exclaimed, raising her newest and only friend up high.
With this newfound power, Maishul's body underwent a magical transformation. Her body bulked up to three times her size. Her wiry tail grew as thick as a sewage pipe. Her adorable little ears grew as large as a parachute.
Maishul knew what she had to do. She slammed her sword into the ground before she poised with her glorious new muscles.
"NO! NOOOOO! I JUST WANTED A HUG! I DIDN’T DESERVE THIS!" Olivia cried, attempting to shield herself from Maishul's new form.
But it was all in vain.
"Admittedly, Huntress, you were quite the entertainer," Maishul smirked, her hands on her hips.
You may read u/Not_theScrumPolice's very lovely SerSun that actual Olivia is from here!
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2023.03.26 08:49 MaggieConnors85 Those in California? Can you tell me more about the Pajaro River Flooding and the handling of it? Will provide source in comments

Those in California? Can you tell me more about the Pajaro River Flooding and the handling of it? Will provide source in comments submitted by MaggieConnors85 to WhitePeopleTwitter [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 08:49 SpkyMldr Guests smoking out front in shared common areas and have an unapproved visitor

As per the title but with more context, I recently posted this here. The son with a verified account with travel history reached out to me and explained his parents were visiting from overseas, so he booked and paid for the AirBnb stay with us - all is good and we took a shot on this being okay.
The space is listed as a private room with an ensuite and small kitchenette (microwave, mini fridge, kettle) in a home (we live here with our young family). The room has it's own entrance and secured from the rest of the house by a locked pocket door - the room is within an extension which also includes a laundry and home office (locked) for my WFH needs, but is otherwise very private.
The son arrived today and dropped of his parents. They had some difficulty getting in but I quickly went around and showed them how to open the front door with the electronic doorlock - I suspect the instructions were lost in translation, but that was okay and I didn't mind at all. The parents set down their belongings and the three left again shortly thereafter.
Later in the afternoon all three returned, however the son has stayed for several hours, and they have spent considerable time coming and going, smoking directly outside, and getting the electronic door lock stuck requiring me to go and fix it.
The issue: my wife and I have set rules in that we don't allow unconfirmed guests to visit for extended periods, and particularly without discussing first (we had yet to have this occur), and as our driveway is shared with 3 other neighbors we ask guests to smoke/vape away from the property for the respect of our neighbors. We are very flexible and don't intend to say anything today as we understand they have likely not all seen and spent time with each other for some time, however, we don't want what is listed as a private room in a home with a child to become a visitor center or to disrupt our neighbors. Would experienced hosts bring this up with the guests?
*We're not being opportunistic or greedy with this AirBnb venture, we simply want to stay on top of our mortgage, bills, my wife's schooling, raising a family, etc. It is the difference between going under or keeping a home we worked so hard to get.
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2023.03.26 08:48 ThrowRa_sadgurluhoh I want to be in a healthy relationship but am having a hard time getting a guy friend out of my mind.

My 27F relationship of 3 months with my 31M bf has started to feel off/different and in the midst of all that I can’t stop thinking about my guy friend 24M
There are three parts to this:
Pt 1: My friend and me Ok so. Sometimes it takes me a while to realize how I’m truly feeling. I met my guy friend (we will call him …Levi) about a year ago. He was my roomate and we have a lot in common. I started having feelings for him about a month after living together but I chalked it up to me dealing with my recent breakup. Plus we met through our mutual friend and were hanging out in a friend group a lot and I didn’t want to mess up the dynamic/our friendship or the groups dynamic. So I pushed my feelings down. That and he was trying to date someone. So I just told myself to stop and tried to rationalize my way out of feeling anything other than platonic affection for him. But we spent almost everyday together for months, and got to know each other pretty well; I like everything about him, no one can make me laugh like he can, he’s a really deep person and depth is really important to me. We have so much fun together and it feels like we’ve known each-other for years. Also, when he moved back I cried, I don’t cry over people leaving, so that was my first clue that maybe what I was feeling was more than a crush.
Anyways. When he first left we texted quite alot, it got a bit flirty but again I told myself he was off limits. I even gave him genuine dating advice because I truly love him and want him to be happy, even if it wasn’t with me, and felt/feel like he’s never considered me as anything but a homie, so I thought if he did end up with someone that would help me to stop having romantic feelings for him. Also physically we may not be compatible, height difference, which isn’t something that I thought bothered me/would bother me but hes voiced in the past that he is uncomfortable dating someone taller than him and I don’t want to date someone who isn’t attracted to me physically . he is younger than me which is another reason I’ve tried to really push any romantic feelings aside and focus on being a good homie. Over a month or two after he left the texting became less frequent,eventually we stopped talking all together and eventually I found out he was/is dating someone. I texted him one last time, said I was happy for him, because I am happy he found love, he deserves it. He then completely stopped talking to me, likely out of respect for his relationship which I understand. I have never told him how I felt.
Pt 2: my BF (31) and Me (27)
So I again, did my best to move on. Took care of myself, focused on my goals and eventually went on a dating app and ended up really hitting it off with my current bf (we will call him Trevor). We met in person and the first month and a half was great, he was present, caring, initiated dates. He was the first person to say I love you/asked me to be his girlfriend. We had deep conversations and enjoy spending time together, and amazing sex. He was quick to ask me to be his girlfriend (after a month) and quick to say I love you (2 months) I said it back about two weeks after he said it to me. Because I did feel it, and part of me still does.
Anyway, I say it back, and about two weeks after he asks for a bit of space, which is absolutely a healthy request, which I have been giving him. But ever since then he’ hasn’t been the same. He works a lot. Doesn’t text as much. And doesn’t initiate hanging out. I am confused where his head is at and any time I ask him about it he says nothing has changed for him and I worry too much. (He says it in a kind way)
But… All ot the space/distance between us has given me a lot of time to overthink. I can’t stop thinking about Levi, and our friendship, how much I miss him, and how much I feel is missing in my current relationship in comparison to the connection we had.
What isn’t lacking in my current relationship is how open Trevor is in having emotional conversations with me, how caring it and healthy it has been. But I’ve felt something missing, depth maybe. It’s pleasant but I don’t know how much he really understands me. (Likely because it’s only been 3 months)
I know I love him because when we are together my fears melt away and I feel nothing but warmth and affection, I want to give him and I a real shot. But there are all these barriers in the way: his sudden change in how he is able to show up in the relationship: my anxious avoidant tendencies, and how my mind wonders to thoughts about Levi.
Pt 3: conclusion /me
It’s really important to me to be able to have healthy romantic relationships. So I don’t want to just end things with my BF. I feel like I need to truly let go of Levi if I am to have any chance at making my current relationship work/any relationship in the future
I’m really confused. I feel absolutely torn up inside in so many directions. I always try and do the right thing. And I don’t know how to do that in this situation/how to get there.
TLDR: I am struggling with unresolved/unspoken/possibly unrequited feelings towards a friend of mine who is also in a relationship. My relationship is pretty new (under 4 months) and I stopped thinking about my friend but have been thinking about him again since recently things have felt rocky in my new relationship.
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2023.03.26 08:48 thighmon_lebon Sonja In Your City

My friend and I went to see this tonight, and.... whew. A few observations:
We wound up leaving a few questions in to the audience participation portion. It was fun to see Sonja in person, but a little went a long way. I think the show is a fun idea but needs more structure- also, I thought we might get more "caburlesque"- some dancing, singing, jokes, etc. Glad we only paid $50 per ticket- and we did have a unique experience!
Anybody else catch Sonja on tour??
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2023.03.26 08:48 UmbralParadoxality Nessa's Obligation Animation Bug

So I managed to craft the RoN Shotgun the other day, and i noticed that when you inspect it, it shows the animation like on all the other weapons in the raid. However, In game when i pull it out the guns animation refuses to show? I thought it was the shader i was using but when i switched it to its base it looks like plastic. Am i missing something? are my graphics settings affecting it? Help IG?
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