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Pictures of Saiki, and other characters, every day.

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2023.03.26 07:49 vodkachugger420 [WTT] Mossberg 500A 12 gauge 28” barrel and/or Mossberg 500A pistol grip.

pictures of items with timestamps
Anyways I bought this for shits and giggles when I had money to waste. Now I want a functioning shotgun lol.
I have two items up for trade:
My mossberg 12 gauge 28” barrel -$150 I would like to get a shorter barrel preferably one that’s 18”
Or My mossberg 500a pistol grip (no idea what brand) -$35 I would want to trade for a stock if no shorter than 28” barrels are available.
I’ve personally put about 25 shells through the barrel but I bought the shotgun at a pawn shop so I have no idea how many have actually gone through it. Please let me know if you need more details or info. Thanks.
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2023.03.26 07:49 Immediate-Newt-9012 I really just wanna look around, like really look around!

I think this game looks gorgeous! I also feel like I can't fully appreciate many of the environments or character details most of the time which is fine as is, but...
I've been thinking of ways they could let me see a little more..
a.) When opening player inventory the camera pans the camera down in front of your character who is featured on half the screen with the geastats on the other. Just so we can see a little more details of the world up close as well as our character. (Definitely understand why people wouldn't like not having the overhead view here)
b.) similar to "a.)" but a separate option all together where you can just zoom in and rotate the camera around your character to look around.
c.) Photo mode with a free floating camera? You wouldn't...
What do you all think?
I also hope we get a charactemonsteweapon/mount model gallery of sorts..
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2023.03.26 07:49 ArchLP One Stat Thought Experiment

I was just thinking about theoretical character builds and started wondering what a good build would be for a character that basically only has one good stat.
For the sake of the concept we'll have the following specifics: - Stats at level 1 will be 20, 13 (potential multiclass), 8, 8, 8, and 8 - Build a level 20 character - ASIs/Feats are both allowed as normal for the class(es) - Bonus points for creativity
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2023.03.26 07:48 WreckedOfAir [M4F] A romance based Witcher RP (OCxOC)

I'm looking for someone to play in a RP set in the world of the Witcher, with OC characters. I prefer writing romance-based RPs -- two people who aren't necessarily getting along at the start are forced together by circumstances, and end up working together, and falling for each other.
I write in the first person, generally, you can write in either. I write around 2-4 paragraphs depending on the situation, and can RP here on reddit PMs, or on Discord. I strongly prefer partners to be 21+.
I'm open to discussing idea about our characters and the plot. I already have a few ideas about a specific pairing, but it's not necessary that we do that, so please feel free to suggest something else!
Here's the idea I already had: It revolves around a sorceress/trader pairing -- I'm thinking that the general dynamic is similar to Geralt/Dandelion after they get around their initial antagonism, but with a romance element.
How do our characters meet?
My character is one of the wandering traders. He's paid a lot of money to transport something, maybe a special ingredient in a potion or a special piece of equipment. He's not told about the importance/expense of this package, and nor that the recipient is a sorceress. He's attacked by bandits who're specifically looking to steal this, and he turns up empty handed to the sorceress, who's understandably angry with him, and asks him to recover it. But he protests, saying that it was too risky for him and that she's the one who put him in this place -- all just an excuse for them to compromise and go hunting for this artifact together.
What do they do next?
Idea 1: set in some time after Witcher 3, assuming that in the path that Geralt took, Radovid is wasn't assassinated. The story might start in Oxenfurt, where there are witch hunters everywhere, so your character has to stay in hiding at the start. The over-arching plot in this idea would be to assassinate Radovid and end the witch hunting that's going on. We can think of more sub plots later. The artifact might be something that assists in that task.
Idea 2: It's not crystal clear in my mind yet but the entire artifact story is something political, to do with a new lodge of sorceresses type of organization, of which you're trying to take control of, or something similar.
And whatever plot we do,we can include smaller plots for monster hunting or politics.
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2023.03.26 07:47 Burnknuckle94 Need to clear space

Need to clear space
Ok, so the kids suits one posted before, but I'm adding my Sedici Corsa suit also. Size 58. Worn twice, never rode in. I'm too fat for it, and it's setup for someone with shorter legs, longer torso, or equal length legs and torso. I'm long legs, short torso, so it fits like crap on me (pictures added of the fit). I was about 250 lbs in those pictures.
The Ixon is for a 10-12 year old. I'll have to find the size chart again. Didn't come with sliders, but I'll find some to throw on. New in from Germany last week. Don't feel like going through the hassle of returning to FCMoto.
The Dublin Leather suit was custom for my 8 year old. It will come with boots (size 36 euro), and gloves (RS Taichi kids gloves medium). Suit was only rode in twice. Kiddo outgrew it in 6 months.
$400 each. Less that I paid for each suit.
Tell your friends!! Shipping from Savannah Georgia.
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2023.03.26 07:47 Groggers_ ytty

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2023.03.26 07:47 Beneficial_Charity38 Tickle

18(m) would anyone tickle me I’m extremely ticklish and I am willing to send pictures of my stomach and belly button if you can guess the color of my underwear
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2023.03.26 07:47 Maeji906 Stop fucking insta-finishing bosses.

So many idiots instantly ending the fights when they ask for people to join them and not knowing the difference of their fight whether we can grab drops or not, just some dopamine-starved idiot wanting to see his character do their less than impressive last blow.
stop. please. like, all you have to do is hit the play button enough times and you'll get your last hit achievement if you haven't already.
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2023.03.26 07:46 -txtsuya- Just finished P4G!! Here's a tier list of my ranking of the social links + some photos :3

Persona 4 Golden was just... AMAZING!! It's so amazing that it's now my favorite video game!
I like the dungeons in this game far better than P5R's palaces. I love the story and characters! It has a nostalgic, warm, relatable feeling... I guess it's because I'm also from a similar small town like Inaba. I like true crime and murder mysteries, so I knew I would probably like this game!
I ended up romancing Yukiko! I'm gay, so when I romance characters in games, I select them as more of a "would I be best friends with this character?". Yukiko is just wonderful! I almost romanced Rise, but Yukiko is the one for me. :3
I played the remastered version on PS4 and let me tell you... the quality is so good! I don't really care for the picture quality of a game, but P4G is just beautiful on modern consoles!
Overall, Persona 4 Golden is a masterpiece of a game! ☆10/10☆
Also, please comment! I really want to talk about this game! :>
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2023.03.26 07:44 One-Yam2819 Nuns are women 2 🤣🤣🤣

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2023.03.26 07:44 Johnny_Mc2 If you’ve wondered “What if the Blair Witch Project characters accidentally stumbled into the Hell dimension from Event Horizon?” then The Outwaters is for you. For better or worse, it’s one of the most Lovecraftian movies yet

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2023.03.26 07:44 TestingtheWaters1007 I (26f) am feeling disrespected by my boyfriend (34m)

My boyfriend and I have lived together for a year and been together for two. Genuinely he is one of the best people I know and is kind, loving and generous to me. We usually have a great relationship and I don’t think we’ve ever seriously fought.
That being said, he’s done something very out if character and the dishonesty and disrespect involved has me pretty upset.
We had a fruit fly issue a couple of weeks back. My family was coming over and we were both pretty stressed about it. I had tried a few things but they hadn’t done much to make a difference insofar as getting rid of the little buggers. My boyfriend had previously used hot shot pest strips (which admittedly do the dang thing very well) to get rid of pests in a similar situation, however I was reluctant to use them this time for two reasons:
  1. I have asthma and the last time we used them they sent me into a flare.
  2. These strips explicitly state on the packaging to not use them in living spaces or areas without ventilation. They also warn against prolonged exposure. We have two dogs as well as ourselves living in the house and I do not want to risk adverse affects for any of us.
Due to these concerns, I let him know I wasn’t comfortable using them in the house again. He stated be had already ordered them and wanted to use them. I again reiterated my discomfort with this idea. As the issue worsened I did admit that I would consider using them indoors if all of us left the house and returned and aired out after the use of the strips.
Fast forward two weeks to today. I found the packaging for the pest strips open in the garage. Immediately I became upset and asked if there was anything he had lied to me about lately. He answered no. I then asked if there was anything he needed to tell me. Again, he said no. I then told him I had found the package and, after some dancing around the topic, he admitted he had used them in the house when i was at work but said both dogs had been put outside during.
I was stunned. It is not like my boyfriend to hide things from me and disregard my wishes in this way.
I asked him why he hadnt told me and he stated that he knew i would be angry if he did. We continued discussing and he maintained he hadnt lied or tried to hide anything. I let him know that what he had done was not only disrespectful but has had a negative impact on my health since i have been in an asthma flare since this happened. I also told him that he had lied by omission and that by admitting he hadnt told me because he knew i would be upset he had known that what he was doing was wrong.
I ended up having to leave for work but told him that, while i love him very much, i am upset with him and very disappointed in his actions.
I got home a couple of hours ago and, not only have we not said two words to each other, he has made no effort to apologize for violating my trust and disregarding my concerns and attempting to deceive me.
We are lying in bed now, silent and deeply uncomfortably, and I am trying to decide what I should do about this situation and how I should approach it. I would like input and advice on how to navigate this situation calmly.
TL;DR - My boyfriend chose to use chemical pesticides inside after I asked him not to and told him they affect my health negatively and then neglected to tell me about it for two weeks.
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2023.03.26 07:44 woch Mysterious benefactor

I recently booted up D2R on Xbox after being disappointed with the D4 beta experience. I decided to run a barb as my first ladder character for variety’s sake to avoid the same sorc/pally reset build that I’ve run a handful of times before. Building a naked barb is definitely a slow grind but I’ve been enjoying the process so far.
Someone joined my act 2 game and gave my barb a free zerker Grief out of the blue. I’ve received plenty of free items when starting a character, but nothing so high value and so early in a ladder. So thank you for the kind gesture, mysterious benefactor — it’s great to see the generosity that still exists in this game’s community.
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2023.03.26 07:44 CreatorOfBro I did a charcoal sketch of Wario. I’m learning how to use charcoal so if you have any character suggestion let me know.

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2023.03.26 07:43 yaboii68390 Someone help me beat level 48 by helping me make a deck the rest of the pictures will be posted on my page

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2023.03.26 07:43 Narabelle Disappointing relationships (Emily and Paige)

Makes me so sad that the best the writers could come up with for Emily was Paige. All the relationships in the show were super disappointing in terms of aria and Spencer, I don’t like Ezra for obvious reasons and I liked Toby in the beginning because his friendship with Emily was sweet, after he got with spencer idk what happened but it’s when he was revealed to be working with A that I became really grossed out with him and I felt like it was never properly addressed him and Spence just went back to normal like it didn’t happen, she deserved better than that. They were never gonna give Aria a SERIOUS chance to have a relationship with someone Age appropriate and good for her(they were stuck on Ezra from the jump) when Spencer wasn’t with Toby she was having side flings with grown men. I was happy with Hanna and Caleb except he could be controlling sometimes (but so could all the other S/O’s) but overall they were sweet together. But they really let Emily fall in love with the girl who tried to drown her 😻 and was borderline psychotic and controlling, After maya they stopped trying with Emily’s character in terms of romance and maybe in general and then the paired her with Allison her other tormentor who caused her so much anguish and shame. It just makes me so sad. I know not to expect from anything teen dramas like this but rewatching for the 100th time it just gets me so mad all over again
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2023.03.26 07:43 August323 Imagine if in the final chapter of Batman’s story they focus on Batman’s parents neighbors wife, and other boring side characters, that is what The Flash has become.

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2023.03.26 07:43 thecryingkris been playing a discard deck with Dracula and apocalypse and yet characters like blade have lots of boosts should I just level him up more

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2023.03.26 07:42 lalupine Anyone looking for a roommate?

I gotta move out of my house man... I can cook decently, clean, basic housewife stuff if that's what you're after. I have a cat named Bagel that ideally I'd like to bring with me. I can pay around $500 a month for rent. I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs, and you can do a background test on me if need be. This would be my first time living outside of my childhood home.
I'm a 21 year old female, I do a lot of art, mostly digital. I work at a Starbucks in the foothills. I take care of a lot of plants that I'm hoping can come too. Here's a picture of me. Message me if you think we can get along! :D
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2023.03.26 07:42 Klaus_shneider Polaroid from the 80s. What are your thoughts on it?

Polaroid from the 80s. What are your thoughts on it?
This a polaroid autofocus 660, i just bought it at an antique store witch is where i buy all of my cameras. I paid 10$ dollors for it. I still need film for it but i can't wait to get some pictures out of it. Sorry some of the photos are blurry.
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2023.03.26 07:42 Total-Manufacturer63 HELP:( Will I (22F) and my ex (27M) be okay after space and growth? Is my gut right or am I in denial?

im not gonna bullshit around what happened. here it is, and I am not afraid to be criticized so please please please, I want to be better:
I (22F) and my ex (26M) have been in a beautiful, loving relationship for about 9 months. We met last year, and we fell deep in love with one another. Our values, beliefs, goals, and future. lifestyles, family, preferences ALL LINED UP. And attraction, amazing sex life, and respect, we were each other BEST FRIENDS. We treated each other with unconditional love and care. Anytime we "fought" in person, it was easily resolved because we always argued with respect and passion, and always understood one another, even if it hurts. We were very healthy and compatible.
However, 3 months ago, my bf (at the time) had to go on a 3-month work trip (which he is still there and I am in our home city). We planned to stay together and make it work. However, because his career hit an exponential rise in workload, our initial plans to "stay in touch" began to dissipate.
Now, out of our 9 months together, THIS specific month was too much to compromise. I am about to explain what happened, and I would love to hear outside perspectives if this is something that is "normal" in relationships, and can be reconciled if the love truly is unconditional.
I want to give you traits as to who I am, and who he is, as a person. Because these factors really make or break relationships.
Both, my partner and I share similar core traits that we love about each other- Compassion, self-awareness, understanding, empathy, kind, ambitious, family oriented. We also are very very sensitive. We both are very sensitive to each other's moods and tones and can read each other like a book.
My ex (26M) is very mature, well rounded, self-sufficient, and confidence. Basically, this man is an amazing person. He is beautiful inside and out. Of course people have flaws, but I was able to love his flaws while we were together. and He loved me for that. We never had any malicious or evil intent. No game-playing, no lying, no deception. He is pure genuine love.
Now, I would describe myself the same way. I have so much love for the world, and I am dedicated to becoming a child psychologist to fulfill my need to heal. However, I struggle with regulating my emotions when specific triggered appear.
the thing is, everyone, EVERYONE, has "Demons", "triggers" child hood trauma...
And my ex (26M) has effectively been able to work on his issues and keep up with them (ofc he would slip up a couple times, but easily forgivable).
But, since I am (22F) with not much life or romantic experience. So I fucked up. I FUCKED UP REDDIT. I let an immature survival response scare the man I love away.
This month, while he's been away on work, the phone communication was cut almost more than half. His work had gotten so busy, that he didn't realize that his free time would have been so taken up. And be basically uninvited me to come visit him for 2 reasons: 1. He is very busy, and wants to focus on his work, 2. He could tell I was struggling mentally and suggested I reach out to my family or friends so he doesn't need to worry about me all the time.
I struggle with "depressive" and "manic" episodes, however, they are very rare because I am medicated, and treated. My boyfriend always knew of my issues, but never became an issue. until we were away for each other for 3 months, I regressed 20 years and became an ADULT BABY. I mean, I was screaming, crying, on the phone. Blowing his phone up like a crazy crazy person. He asked for a break, but since I was out of my mind, I flipped out again.
I called him 4 days ago, he answered aggressively. He rarely gets angry or holds a grudge. Bit He told me I crossed his boundaries, and that he is so overwhelmed that he cant give me anything anymore. He said I don't believe him when he says he loves me, and that he is coming back for me. So he broke up with me. He said to not reach out and he wouldn't reach out.
We haven't spoken in almost a week.
I am devastated. It snapped me completely out of that manic craze.I am faced with the consequences of taking love for granted.
I know my fault, I want to be better, and I am getting better. My whole perspective of who I am , and who I REALLY WANT TO BE is so clear now. And I know I NEVER want to be that girl again.
I am grieving over the loss that someone who told me our love was special and doesn't lie, yet it somehow still ended because of an immature stupid mistake that sensibly would scare a man away forever.
My ex arrives back to our home city full time in THREE WEEKS.
We still have each others stuff. I am watching his plants, clothes, keys. wtc.
All our families and friends still follow each other and view each other's stories. even after a week of no contact.
My ex also said he really doesn't want to break up with me, but he has no choice. I cqnnot decifer if that means he will forgive and reach out, or if he throws away anyone with one sight of a red flag.
But the type of person he is, he knows, people define who they are by the mistakes they never do again. He believes its how people grow and conquer that define character. and if he is that mature, I believe he may be open to allowing me to properly apologize in person.
If I really really know who he is based on our beautiful relationship and love, there is NO WAY in which he would leave our very last phone call the way it ended over ONE heated month. My gut tells me he will reach out when he is back, and is settled, and is healed from the trauma I caused him. and honestly, he is such a beautiful person, that I wouldn't be angry if he never reached out. Because I know I took for granted true love, and its my responsibility to pick up the pieces.
I just know, once we look into each others eyes again, after 3 months of tragic heart ache, all the unfinished sensations of awe, attraction, mysteriousness, and passion. I truly feel our love was special. And once he is reminded of all the healthy and amazing memories when he is settled back home after a stressful 3 month work trip, maybe he will reach out. maybe he will want his stuff.
And that can be my moment is just show him, even if its a 5 second goodbye, that I am healthier, happier, and more independent than before. I want to glow. I want to glow even brighter than when he first fell in love with me
And he will see how my flaws are beautiful, just like how I see his flaws as beautiful.
Or am i in denial?
did i lose true love?
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2023.03.26 07:41 Icy-shadowr-2396 Still unfair fights...

Still unfair fights...
I thought this kind of unfair fights of different levels would end with the update. I still have to face level 13 characters with completed talents and epic weapons...
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