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DMLectureHall is a subreddit for Dungeons & Dragons/Pathfinder Dungeon Masters to ask questions and offer advice/resources. This is a place for the lovers of both adventure and wisdom. All are welcome within this community. Welcome to the Lecture Hall, please take a seat!

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Artists and connoisseurs of tabletop gaming, this is a subreddit for freelance artists to connect with those wanting to commission art for private use or commercial enterprises. Examples would be commissioned portraits of RPG characters, or elements for board games or table top games such as maps, cards, tiles, etc.

2023.03.26 07:56 Hefty-Abroad-8320 60% Off Cozy Bliss Faux Fur Pillow Covers Luxury Super Soft Plush Fleece Throw Pillowcase, Textured Knitted Cushion Cover Decorative Pillowcases for Sofa Couch Bed Chair Car (Pink, 20"x20") u6

60% Off Cozy Bliss Faux Fur Pillow Covers Luxury Super Soft Plush Fleece Throw Pillowcase, Textured Knitted Cushion Cover Decorative Pillowcases for Sofa Couch Bed Chair Car (Pink, 20 submitted by Hefty-Abroad-8320 to AmazonTopDealUSA [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 07:56 Calamity-Cat Roommate owes me money and is generally a bad roommate

Fair warning, some of this is kinda gross. Also it’s kind of all over the place because it’s 1am and I’m upset.
I (F20) started living with this roommate, we’ll call her RM (F20), my freshman year of college when we both lived in the dorms of our school. It was fine at first but quickly it became apparent that she was messier than me, which is fine, because I’m not the tidiest person myself and also it was during the height of COVID. It’s also not hard for a dorm room to feel crowded. We lived together again the next year, in an apartment. I have a cat, and I’ve had a cat the entire time we’ve lived together.
When we moved to the apartment, she also got a kitten. He immediately was a very destructive kitten. Broke my TV, then a couple days later broke my brand new computer monitor (screens of both were shattered and wouldn’t turn on). Luckily the monitor was under warranty so I was able to get that replaced. She said she would replace my TV, but never did. Her cat also started scratching my desk chair and never stopped, now to the point where the cover has almost been completely destroyed.
The whole time we lived there she never did her share of chores. I was always the one doing dishes, cleaning out the fridge, vacuuming, scooping the cat litter, etc. The one that really got me was one time when she somehow got a bunch of period blood on the floor and just… didn’t clean it up. And I didn’t see it at night when I went to the bathroom. And stepped in it. I politely asked her to please be more careful and clean up if she notices anything. Couple days later it happened again. Also she clogged the toilet and just didn’t plunge it on multiple occasions. Through most of this, I was working two jobs, but was still doing 90% of the housework as well as raising a kitten that wasn’t mine.
…And yet I signed another lease with her for this year because I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of living alone.
I thought it’d be better when we moved to our new apartment, because she likes this place a lot better, but it’s honestly just gotten worse. She leaves moldy food in the sink and the fridge, she never throws leftovers away, she leaves trash bags in her room for weeks, she never takes out the trash, she rarely scoops the cat litter… and when we moved here she got another kitten. So I now am outnumbered by cats that aren’t mine.
A few weeks ago I told her that at the end of my lease, I’m moving out, and she was fine with that. Her girlfriend (F22) will be moving in here so that’s all fine there. However, when they told her parents that her girlfriend is moving in, everything went to shit and her parents are now kind of trying to cut her off. This obviously was really stressful to her, and I totally understand that, I’d be freaking out too.
However, she has not paid for her half of the utilities in a few months. She rarely, if ever does chores. I’m a full time student as well as working a job (just one now), and I don’t have the energy to clean up after both of us. I don’t have the energy to make doing the dishes into a 3 hour task. There was one time it was so bad that the dish in the bottom of the pile was just a bowl of milk that had been there for weeks, and as soon as I lifted the plate off the top of it, the smell made me throw up. I put off doing the dishes because they were hers, and I don’t like cleaning her stuff, because I don’t want her to get in the havit of just assuming that I’ll get fed up and do it myself (which, unfortunately, is what usually happens).
The most recent issue is that both of her cats have an issue with throwing up. Her cats both love me. This means they spend a lot of time with me. Which also means they usually throw up on my bed. I’ve had to do laundry in the middle of the night multiple times because of her cats. Including right now, which is why I’m still up; otherwise I’d be asleep because I have work at 5am. Her cat also chewed through both my headset cord and my mouse cord.
If I total up all the stuff her cats have destroyed, it’s about $400. I don’t even know how much she owes me for utilities, at least $500. I keep hoping she’ll pay me back after one of her paychecks (she does work, usually 5-10 hrs a week) but she just orders so much doordash.
She’s really sensitive, and hates confrontation. If she thinks at all that someone is mad at her, she completely shuts down and hides in her room for a few days and then pretends the interaction never happened. It’s very frustrating coming home from work and school for 9 hours straight to see that she’s still asleep and hasn’t done anything to tidy up our apartment.
This lease isn’t up until June. I already tried to see if her girlfriend wanted to take over my lease so I could move out now, but it didn’t work out. I’m at my wit’s end. I really want to approach this gently, because I know she’s really really stressed right now, but I’m fucking exhausted and I feel like I’ve been more than patient.
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2023.03.26 07:56 Nontraditional247 First time Rubicon buyer: 4XE, standard or 392

Hello everyone,
Been a Jeep forums lurker for a while. Curious what the community thinks about a dilemma I have.
A few clarifications: 1. I will likely be in the market in about 10 months when my current Subaru lease is up. 2. Assume for the moment that money is not a consideration. I will get monthly allowance through my work which will pay for this. Also they won’t limit to what I do with the car - I can take of off-road if I want. 3. I have NEVER been off-roading but I would love to get on trails and some minor OHV parks trails. No major rock crawling 4. Like most of you, I have loved and admired Jeeps for all my life. Finally got to test drive one for a week with the wife and kids and we all loved it. 5. I think that with electrification, standard Jeeps will become a collectors item.
With all this said, my questions are the following: 1. What does the community think of 4XE vs standard vs 392? 2. I like the 4XE option due to being electric for most my mall crawler / local errands. I commute 110 miles round trip 3x for work. The mpg is already pretty low so the electric part is not a huge plus for those days. It is just that the rest of the time, I can be on electric. 3. Standard rubicon to me is like the Porsche 911. They have refined this car over iterations and this is the latest. Can’t go wrong with this Jeep. I don’t intend to add any accessories other than 35” tires. So if I ever decide to sell, resale for a nearly stock Rubicon will be great. 4. 392. I think this will be a collectors item. Jeep will not be able to sustainably sell a car with 13 mpg. This car is ridiculous and overkill and I think eventually the 6.4 V8 disappears. I feel this unusual “last of its kind” American muscle prowess type thing with this Jeep.
If it helps, I am thinking of white color, 35” tires, one touch sky roof, metal grill and leather seats.
Welcome any feedback and suggestions.
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2023.03.26 07:56 Negative-Boot1568 I initially mistook the sun for a ball, but then I saw that it was actually covered in ora

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2023.03.26 07:55 mynameisstupidd Alopecia

I have been dealing with alopecia for quite some time and it has really started to take a toll on my mental health and confidence.
I am booked to see a dermatologist in June and I am very concerned Ontario Health won’t cover the cortisol shots that will be needed to fix my bald spot because they may look at it as a “cosmetic” procedure when it is way more than that…
Just wondering if anyone has been through this and has any insight on the coverage for Ontario Health. I recently switched provinces so the Ontario Health system is new to me.
Any response is appreciated.
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2023.03.26 07:55 Ready_Pound9735 A Guide to Learning Computer Science for Beginners.

Hey guys, I wrote this article to guide other beginners like I once was - who want to dive into learning computer science on their own but are unsure of how to start. For context, I went from being a complete novice to learning web development and game development in the span of a couple of months by taking up various online courses during my free time. By the way, I don't in any way regard myself as a complete expert haha as I still have a really long way to go but I just wanted to share my perspective. The article is a bit long to paste here but here are the key points. Do let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement, cheers! :)
  1. Computer science involves the study of computers and computational systems, with a focus on the software that drives these systems. Programming is a key subset of computer science that mainly deals with designing and developing software.
  2. To get started, I recommend taking an introductory online computer science course that covers the fundamentals, such as Harvard University's CS50's Introduction to Computer Science course available on edX, a popular platform that offers courses on computer science and other fields.
  3. Learning programming languages is essential to master the basic concepts and apply them, and Codecademy is an excellent resource for beginners to learn programming languages.
  4. It's crucial to practice the application of what you learn to cement your understanding. Don't stress about making errors in your code as you gain more experience, the learning curve becomes less steep.
  5. Building projects are an excellent way to apply the concepts and skills you've learned. It's best to start with small projects and gradually move on to more complex ones.
  6. Collaborating with other learners can help you learn faster and get better insights into programming techniques and best practices, as online forums often contain almost every solution to bugs or answers to questions you may have.
  7. Finally, don't forget to stay curious and explore new concepts and tools regularly. Keeping up with new developments in the field can help you become a better programmer and keep your skills up to date.
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2023.03.26 07:55 Ok_Understanding587 60% Off Cozy Bliss Faux Fur Pillow Covers Luxury Super Soft Plush Fleece Throw Pillowcase, Textured Knitted Cushion Cover Decorative Pillowcases for Sofa Couch Bed Chair Car (Pink, 20"x20") OV

60% Off Cozy Bliss Faux Fur Pillow Covers Luxury Super Soft Plush Fleece Throw Pillowcase, Textured Knitted Cushion Cover Decorative Pillowcases for Sofa Couch Bed Chair Car (Pink, 20 submitted by Ok_Understanding587 to AmazonPromoCodesWA [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 07:55 MacaronBrave6803 I initially mistook the sun for a ball, but then I saw that it was actually covered in ora

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2023.03.26 07:54 ramontchi Not quiet a poem, a Vent, looking for solidarity I guess…

How is it that some women can do so much.
I see friends, acquaintances and other mums going on holidays overseas when I can barely drive 30km. You’ve taken your toddler on long haul flights and I can’t get mine to sit down in his car seat so that I can go to work. You have 3 small kids and are launching a business when I can’t even brush my teeth and empty the dishes in the sink. The most I can achieve is to water the plants and order the groceries for delivery. My husband can take him to parks to keep him entertained and I can barely leave the house, logistically and mentally. I’ve decided to have another but I just can’t get excited, I even feel embarrassed to tell people because I’m wondering if this was all mostly a bad idea.
Side note: it’s so hard not to compare yourself to everyone you know who’s kid sleeps better, “behaves” better, eats a proper meal instead of snacking and throwing everything on the floor. i feel like a second class citizen.
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2023.03.26 07:54 Tapelessbus2122 Kiriko question

I am kinda confused with how should I play kiriko, I usually play lucio but on some maps, lucio is just not good becuz some maps are literally anti wall riding (also lucio zen is definitely not viable). I have problem with deciding when to flank and when to heal, I can dink people with the dps dps heal dps dps heal method (I played too much valorant), however I don’t feel like it does anything becuz all they do is go back to cover for 1 second and come back out fully healed. Should I just flank their supports and kill them? I am good at hitting heads. Or should i just heal my team to farm fox and pop it during fights? Which kind of playstyle would suit silver lobbies more? I generally mechanically out-skill players in my lobbies cuz I have a lot of experience in other shooter games, I am kinda not used to being a team player though. And does flanker kiriko work in higher elos if I climb?
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2023.03.26 07:53 FutureDesk814 60% Off Cozy Bliss Faux Fur Pillow Covers Luxury Super Soft Plush Fleece Throw Pillowcase, Textured Knitted Cushion Cover Decorative Pillowcases for Sofa Couch Bed Chair Car (Pink, 20"x20") TE

60% Off Cozy Bliss Faux Fur Pillow Covers Luxury Super Soft Plush Fleece Throw Pillowcase, Textured Knitted Cushion Cover Decorative Pillowcases for Sofa Couch Bed Chair Car (Pink, 20 submitted by FutureDesk814 to AmazonPromoCodesOR [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 07:53 TomTug05 JAR in the AI world

Don’t know if any has done it yet but I got the AI chat bot to write a jar script. this is what it made:
JAR Media Podcast episode titled "Exploring the World of JAR Media".
[Opening Music]
Host: Hello and welcome to another episode of the JAR Media Podcast. Today we're going to be diving deep into the world of JAR Media, discussing some of the most popular topics that the team has covered and sharing our own opinions on them. So sit back, relax, and let's explore the wonderful world of JAR Media.
[Music transition]
Host: The JAR Cast is arguably the most popular series on the JAR Media channel, and for good reason. Each episode features a different topic, ranging from movies and TV shows to video games and internet culture. Our hosts, Alex, James, Jamie, and Randy, are always on their A-game, providing insightful commentary and hilarious banter. In this segment, we'll be discussing some of our favorite episodes and moments from the JAR Cast.
[Music transition]
Host: So, what are some of your favorite episodes of the JAR Cast?
Guest 1: I really loved the episode where they talked about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was great to hear their opinions on the different movies and how they all fit together.
Guest 2: For me, it has to be the episode where they talked about the best and worst movies of 2020. It was hilarious hearing them tear apart some of the terrible movies that came out last year.
Host: Yeah, those are both great episodes. What about some of your favorite moments from the JAR Cast?
Guest 3: I loved it when Randy went on that rant about the Fast and Furious movies. You could tell he was really passionate about how ridiculous they are.
Guest 1: And when Alex kept mispronouncing "Blade Runner" and everyone was giving him a hard time about it. That was hilarious.
[Music transition]
Host: The JAR Game Report is a newer series on the JAR Media channel, but it's quickly become a fan favorite. In each episode, Alex and Randy review a different video game, providing in-depth analysis and commentary. They also rank the game on a scale of "must-play" to "avoid at all costs." In this segment, we'll be discussing some of the most interesting and controversial reviews from The JAR Game Report.
[Music transition]
Host: So, what are some of the most controversial reviews from The JAR Game Report?
Guest 2: I remember when they reviewed Cyberpunk 2077. That game had so much hype around it, but the JAR team didn't hold back when it came to criticizing its flaws.
Guest 3: And when they reviewed The Last of Us Part II, there was a lot of debate about whether or not it deserved the high praise it was receiving from other reviewers.
Host: Yeah, those were both pretty contentious reviews. But what about some of the more positive reviews?
Guest 1: I loved it when they reviewed Hades. It's such a great game, and you could tell Alex and Randy really enjoyed it.
Guest 3: And when they reviewed Doom Eternal, they were both so hyped about it. It was great to see their enthusiasm for such a fun game.
[Music transition]
Host: The JAR Patreon is a way for fans of the channel to support the team and get access to exclusive content, such as early access to episodes, behind-the-scenes videos, and even personalized shoutouts. In this segment, we'll be discussing the benefits of becoming a JAR Patreon member and some of the most interesting perks that the team has offered in the past.
[Music transition]
Host: So, what are some of the benefits of becoming a JAR
It cuts there Thoughts?
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2023.03.26 07:52 Irmarumen TIFU by Walking

I descended the stairs of my local library, I noticed a woman on the same staircase. At first, I thought she might be in distress, as she was covering her face and appeared to be avoiding my presence. I felt a pang of concern, but I decided to give her some space and continued down the stairs.
Meanwhile, I was finishing off the last few sips of my drink and preparing to throw it away before exiting the library. I took a sip through my straw, hoping to finish it off, but it made that slurping sound and I could feel her steps stop. I couldn't help but wonder if the sound had irked the woman, as she suddenly turned around and we made eye contact from opposite ends of the stairs.
To my surprise, she screamed "stop" with such intensity that I was taken aback. I couldn't understand why she had reacted that way, especially since I had done nothing to provoke her. My initial concern for her wellbeing quickly turned to anger and confusion. I pushed forward and quickly left the library, feeling a mix of frustration and anger.
As I walked down the street, my mind was consumed with thoughts of the woman. What could have caused her to react so strongly to me? The more I thought about it, the more I felt the urge to go back to the library and confront her.
I realized that my initial reaction was one of anger and frustration, but upon reflection, I felt a sense of empathy and concern for the woman. I realized that we all have our own struggles and demons to face, and that sometimes those struggles manifest in unexpected ways.
With a heavy heart, I decided not to confront the woman after all. Instead, I left the library and continued on with my day, but the encounter stayed with me for some time. It made me realize the importance of empathy and compassion in our interactions with others, even when we don't understand or agree with their behavior.
TL;DR… I had encountered a distressed woman on the library stairs, who appeared to be struggling with demons, I chose to show empathy and compassion towards her mental health, rather than confronting her and potentially making things worse.
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2023.03.26 07:52 ForeverHolloween How to figure out reproducing a tone

I'm working on a cover of End of a Life by Mori Calliope. link to instrumental
Most of the parts are pretty obvious, piano, violin, tenor sax, a pretty simple drum beat. But there's this repeating part on every beat that starts at 0:25 (key of Bb, D/F dyad) that I can't figure out. I've tried organ, strings, harmonica, accordian, various synths, combinations of these, with various effects - reverb, delay, compression, lo-fi stuff. Nothing comes close. In particular the tone is.. sticky?
Please help. In general is there a method for finding matching tones like this? I must have gone through a thousand instruments, settings, etc.
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2023.03.26 07:52 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator Course (Info)

If you want Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator, contact us on + 447593882116 (Telegram or WhatsApp).
If you want to run a successful agency and wonder how, look no further than Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator course.
With over 50 hours of step-by-step training, Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator covers EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. It's almost like a plug & play system with plenty of success stories to back it up. From signing clients and running Facebook ads, to building out your team and invoicing, this course has everything you need to know.
Inside the Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course, you'll find:
The Core Curriculum for starting an agency A custom e-learning platform just for agency owners Website templates, funnels, ads, and more Template contracts, sales scripts, and agreements With this course, you'll learn how to:
- Start your agency
- Find leads - Sign clients
- Get paid - Onboard clients
- Manage client communication
... and much more!
To get your hands on Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator, contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: + 447593882116
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets)
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2023.03.26 07:50 drmoskato Moskato's Drag Race Season 2: "Starrbootylicious!"

Moskato's Drag Race Season 2:
Ladies, based on your photoshoot and runways, I've made some decisions.

WIN: Jaida Essence Hall
HIGH: Aubrey Haive, Trinity K. Bonet
LOW: Alyssa Edwards
BTM 2: Honey Mahogany, Serena ChaCha (No need for a poll here, we know what would happen!)

Serena dogwalks Honey to RuPaul's "Cover Girl (Put The Bass In Your Walk)."

Ladies, I've made my decision.
Serena ChaCha, shantay, you stay.
Honey Mahogany, sashay away.
Challenge: The remaining queens hit the streets and the club in an all-out bootylicious challenge before hitting the runway on the main stage.

Team 1 (Led by Thorgy) Team 2 (Led by Trinity)
Aubrey Haive Alyssa Edwards
Ellie Diamond Eureka!
Ongina Jaida Essence Hall
Sasha Velour Jorgeous
Serena ChaCha Trinity K. Bonet
Thorgy Thor
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2023.03.26 07:50 idkjustpick Do Klarna and Afterpay count as online shopping with cash back cards?

TLDR: Does Klarna and AfterPay code as online shopping? What are good cash back cards for spending a lot on Amazon, AfterPay, and Klarna?
I have a Wells Fargo Active Cash 2% flat rate cash back card. I use it for any and everything not covered by my category cards (dining, gas groceries, Uber). The other cards are NFCU More Rewards and Discover It.
I spend anywhere from $100-300/month on Amazon. I always use the 2% cash back card. I burned Chase so I am not eligible for their Amazon cards.
I also spend about $300+/month in online shopping on other various sites. I always use Klarna or Afterpay(which are both linked to my 2% card) whenever it is available unless one of my my credit cards is offering a multiplier for that particular retailer (ex: if navy federal has 10% cash back on Groupon then I will check out with that card that card instead of using Klarna because 10% is better than 2%).
Do Klarna and Afterpay charges code as online shopping? I am looking into getting another credit card and I’m wondering if I should consider a cash back card that has 3% or more cash back for online shopping. Also any card suggestions would be appreciated.
Are there any weird loopholes or exceptions about what’s considered online shopping for these types of cards? Like if I order online at Macy’s will that code as department store or online shopping? Is it only for majopopular online retailers? The sites I order from are Groupon and smaller independent-owned sites for wigs, beauty products, and brands like Telfar and SheIn, Fashion Nova, Shoe Dazzle, etc.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.26 07:50 AutoModerator [Get] UpViral – Viral Hacking Masterclass!

Get the course here:
[Get] UpViral – Viral Hacking Masterclass
To summarize here’s just some of what we cover in the seven-module (approximately seven weeks of training, done at your own preferred pace) ViralHacks Masterclass Series…
You get a solid introduction to the concept of viral marketing, why it works, and how you can leverage it to build your business. Regardless of the market or niche that you’re in!
Psychology Hacks and Strategies
Learn and master the psychology of why people share things online, and how you can leverage that to pay off for your business!
Campaign Hacks and Strategies
Learn about the types of campaigns that are proven to work. We’ll also cover the various types of promotional campaigns, including contests and giveaways, and determining which will work best for you.
You’ll also learn the mechanics of elements like landing and share pages that will ensure your campaigns will succeed!
Follow-up Hacks and Strategies
You’ll learn how to ensure your campaigns’ success with winning, powerful email follow-up sequences. Also learn the crucial elements needed to ensure that will keep your follow-up sequences and campaigns as successful as possible.
Traffic Hacks and Strategies
We’ll cover the most innovative ways to generate that initial surge of traffic needed to get your viral campaigns to truly take off.
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Optimization Strategies
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Optimization and testing is absolutely crucial to achieving the maximum success possible. We’ll discuss why it’s critically important that you do it consistently, and why not doing so can cost you!
Note: This module alone will return your investment in this course many times over – guaranteed!
Case Studies
We’re going to take an in-depth look at several case studies of successful viral marketing campaigns and the strategies behind them.
You will be able to apply what you learn from them to improve and ensure success in your own campaigns.
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2023.03.26 07:50 Sim_Mayor What's the most obvious trap your players fell for?

The title says it all, but just to kick things off, here are mine:
1 - I created a devious series of traps that were supposed to be really easy to find, but hard to disarm. It was four pressure plates in a dungeon hallway, each triggering a spell trap, ho hum. The tricky part was that the plates had runes scratched into them that detected anything passing over them, so you couldn't just jump over the plate or wedge it up. I had planned for my rogue and wizard to have to work together to disarm them, or barring that, figure out that they needed to put something over the runes to cover them up.
So what happened? My rogue found the pressure plates, reported that it looked like there were runes scratched onto them, wizard decided to sprint down the hallway to see if he could outrun the traps. Set all four of them off, and the semi-random targeting mechanism that I had came up with rolled almost all of the damage against my DMNPC. Nearly killed me. For the next 2 games, whenever someone wanted to know if there were traps, they'd say "Hey Vondal, we need you to run down that hall."
2 - The reason that only went on for 2 games is because in tonight's game, I had a trap triggered by colored stones. The bandit leader had a note with "Yell Gren Blew Red" (he's not super literate, that's why he's a bandit). The next room had 7 baskets of stones in all the ROY G BIV colors. Our rogue found the note, correctly interpreted it, saw the baskets, recognized that the stones referred to the colors...and grabbed some of every color. Actually, she grabbed ALL the stones of every color, even though I explicitly said they weren't gems and weren't valuable. She figured the stones would be a repeating theme in the dungeon and thought she'd stock up.
The trigger was a statue in the next room that detected whether you had the correct colors of stones. No noise or other obvious way to tell it was doing it. Carrying no stones or the wrong stones would cause it to slam the door shut and activate suits of living armor. So the paladin walks in with the right stones, no problem. The wizard has the right stones, no problem. My DMNPC had the right stones because he followed what the majority was doing. And of course in this ONE room, the rogue explicitly says she's walking in last. SLAM Clank clank clank.
I like to 3D print my monsters, and I thought this trap was so obvious I didn't even bother printing the armors. I had to grab 4 random minis as the enemies.
So the punchline for the rest of the night was "I take all the stones."
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2023.03.26 07:49 syrenashen Salary Story: Research Engineer in Artificial Intelligence, making ~$570k/year

Current location: VHCOL (San Francisco)
Current salary, including bonus, benefits, & perks: $260k base, $53k bonus, $260k RSUs (private company), 3 meals/weekday, free car service within SF and to/from airport
Age and/or years in the workforce: 30 years old, 7.5 years in workforce
Brief description of your current position: I code, write papers, set project direction for my team, give talks at conferences
Degrees/certifications, if any, and whether they're applicable to your current position (Also mention how/how much you paid for these and how they've been helpful.): I have a bachelor's in math and master's in CS. I went to a private college that had good financial aid, so they covered my tuition except for $18k in government student loans which I paid off within a few months at my first job. I paid for my master's degree by being a teaching assistant. I taught undergrad linear algebra for three semesters (2 lectures/week, writing homework, writing exam questions, grading, and holding office hours). This paid me a grad student stipend and covered my tuition.
A complete history of jobs leading up to your current position. Include job title + salary (hourly wage, if applicable) with each step of your salary story, along with job description/duties, and whether you negotiated for pay raises/promotions in that role.
2011: Lab assistant, $9.25/hr. Freshman year of college. This was a campus job where I worked in a wet lab, pipetting stuff. I was extremely bad at it. I would pipette 1 mL instead of 1 μL and ruin everyone's experiments. I once centrifuged some glass test tubes (should have used plastic tubes), and the glass shattered all over this 10k machine. My postdoc tried to fire me by telling me to go home and don't come back. I didn't know what to do when he said this and felt super awkward but also didn't want to go home so I just stayed and continue doing the job, and we just never spoke about it again.
2012: Intern, $4,000/month. Sophomore summer. I honestly didn't know what the hell this internship was going to be like when I applied, and it turned out to be the only internship offer I got that year so I took it. I remember the interview being like some guy calling me on the phone and asking what my favorite class was, and then after the call I got an acceptance email to my inbox. The company was this early stage software ideation company that spins up startups and then sells them to some business school types to build a customer base, hire permanent employees, etc. I worked with two other interns, and for the whole summer we just sat in a room just thinking of ideas we could build. We ended up coming up with an app idea where people could list trash they were going to throw out that day, like furniture, so other people could swing buy and pick it up before trash got collected. Facebook marketplace before that became a thing, I guess. I didn't know how to code so I kind of just played with Python while the other interns made the app. I think it got profiled on TechCrunch a few months later, which caused it to crash and then never recovered.
2013: Finance internship, $6,000/month. Junior year summer. I learned about sales and trading, but I wasn't a very good intern (was chronically late which is apparently! very! important! in finance), so I didn't get a return offer. The internship was very fun though because the company put a lot of effort into making the experience memorable. We played a lot of poker as part of "work," sat front row at a Mets baseball game, and the full timers even brought all the underaged interns to strip clubs but that was totally down low (not a sanctioned event).
2014: Software internship, $9,000/month. Senior year summer. I actually programmed a lot during this internship. I basically learned to program during this internship. I also played a lot of foosball. I did get a return offer this time.
2014-2016: Teaching assistant. $3,000/month + tuition. I taught linear algebra to overachieving undergrads. It was supposed to be a 20 houweek job because I was *technically* supposed to spend the other 20 hours doing coursework + writing my thesis for my master's degree, but it was easily over 40 hours total between 2x/week lectures, writing homework, grading homework, writing exams, grading exams, holding office hours, and comforting anxious students. It did get easier in subsequent semesters as you get the hang of teaching and have last semester's coursework to fall back on, but it is easily the hardest job I've ever done. I got pretty average to below average student reviews, but they still renewed my contract for three semesters which I was happy about because I didn't want to have to borrow money to finish my master's.
2016-2017: Finance job. $150k/year salary + $28k/year bonus. I tried to negotiate my salary with the argument that "I need to pay off student loans," but they wouldn't budge because "everyone got paid the same." I only stayed for 8 months because I hated it (really toxic all-male environment), but when I left I got a nice 6 months of "garden leave" which is where they pay you your base salary (not including bonus) to not work.
2017-2020: Statistician. $130k/year base salary (2017) which increased to $150k/year base salary (2020) + $150k/year stock + $10k/year bonus. I did negotiate my salary on this, from $115k/year base salary -> $130k/year base salary and $120k/year stock -> $150k/year stock. The stock was private when I joined but went public sometime in the last 5 years, so it wasn't completely paper money. This job included other perks like lunch and snacks, and if I stayed past 7pm I could order DoorDash and expense it. I did get small inflation raises but the stock stayed more or less constant. I got laid off in 2020, so I got 3 months of severance + 1 month of stock and also claimed unemployment for as long as I could.
2020-2021: Research engineer. $200k/year base salary + $150k/year stock + $30k signing bonus + 18% pro rata bonus. The negotiation process for this company was super weird. The initial offer was $200k/year + $100k/year stock + NO signing bonus. I asked if this was negotiable and the recruiter said this was "the highest offer she could make" and anything else was "impossible and needs to be escalated to a VP which could take several days blah blah," but if they could get $130k/year stock would I sign immediately? They basically made me pre-sign a contract saying if they got that offer, I would agree to join the company. Then a couple hours later they replied saying not only did they get approval for my request, they bumped it up to $200k/year base salary + $150k/year stock + $30k signing bonus. At this point I felt rather manipulated (like clearly it wasn't such a big deal after all), and my (male) friend got SUPER annoyed and said the recruiter tricked me to not negotiate when I could have. Anyway, I ended up joining anyway because I really liked the company.
Other perks: 3 meals on weekdays, barista during working hours, free car service around city limits, and 50% 401k matching. You have the option of going fully remote without any salary adjustment, but I like going to the office. The stock is private, but they do have a buyback program every few years where you can sell your RSUs to them for face value. However, I don't participate in that and even participate in RSU purchase programs so I can put more money into the same company, because I hate diversification apparently.
2022: Same research job. $215k/year + $200k/year stock + $40k bonus.
2023: Same research job. Got promoted, so my salary jumped to $260k/year + $260k/year stock + $53k bonus.
Optional: In the spirit of transparency and helpfulness include any of your supporters (family, spouse, network, other women - anonymously of course), things and people that kept you going, or inspired you, books, boot camps, podcasts, networking groups, etc. Also share your struggles, if you ever felt like giving up, if you were underpaid or are still underpaid, if you had to reskill, were laid off, or struggled to find work. Tell us about your work/life balance over time and challenges or changes in priorities.
Definitely my parents. If I ever lost my job or my money, I know I can move in with them into my old room indefinitely, and I know they would be really happy to have me. Also, my parents would have supported me through college if they had to. Thankfully they didn't have to (because my college had great financial aid), but they were prepared to sell their house and move to an apartment to pay for my tuition.
After that, various men I've dated throughout the years also supported me I guess? Like in college I had a bit of a spending problem and once had to "borrow" $5,000 from my then-boyfriend to pay off credit cards 😬 I still spend a LOT (almost all of my paycheck not including stock/bonus). I put borrow in quotes because I never ended up paying it back, I let him live in my apartment for a few months when he was between apartments and just said "well I guess we'll just write that off as the rent you owe me" lol.
I don't think I'm underpaid. I'm overpaid compared to how hard everybody else in the world works. My work life balance is fine, albeit a little all over the place. For example, on Weds-Fri I usually work between 10am to 3pm, then I go exercise for 2 hours, have dinner, and maybe work 2-3 more hours after that, but not always. Recently my job has been super stressful though, because I've being pushed more and more into a product management role. As an introvert, I prefer to just...code and do technical work rather than talk to people. I keep wavering between quitting or trying to find a new job first.
During the pandemic I worked a LOT, easily 12 hours/day, because there was nothing else to do and nowhere to go.
Feel free to include as much or little as you like to tell your Salary Story.
**Please use the "Salary Stories" flair when posting.
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2023.03.26 07:48 torta_420 [TOMT] [ALBUM] Indie rock album with a ginger cat as cover

Hello everyone, hope y’all are having a good one! I recently stumbled onto this subreddit and decided to at least try to find this album I’ve been trying to find late 2021. I remember finding out this album/band back in 2020 during the quarantine days on Tiktok, it was a person just suggesting new music to people out there and so that’s how I stumbled upon the band itself. I will admit I have no idea what the band name can be, for the life of me I cannot remember, but I do remember the cover of the album and the sound of it. The cover was just a ginger cat (orange fluffy coat on the outside, but the inside was white and had some white on the cat’s face). The ginger cat was sitting on a wooden balcony and the scenery from what I can recall was very distant fall trees, the color of everything looked like it was fall, I think I also remember the band’s name and album name was on the cover. The song titles on this album were really long (like early Panic! & Fall Out Boy) and it sounded very indie rock. Kind of like American Football mixed with Pierce the Veil (honestly kinda similar to Joyce Manor). Now I will say that when I first initially listened to this band, they weren’t common at all, they were pretty much underground but I still have hope that their music is somewhere out there and someone can help me find out the album/band itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks y’all!
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2023.03.26 07:48 picklemiles Device Online/Offline & Supervised Mode Question

I hope this isn't a noob question, but I'm pretty new to Intune/Endpoint Manager (EM), so please bear with me. We've enrolled all company iPhones (amongst other devices) into EM. I have a personal iPhone, a work iPhone, and some spares I used for testing before deploying. I can use the Find My app to see if my devices are on/off and the location of all my devices despite whether they're turned on/off. Is there no way to see the same using EM? Here's what prompted this post.
An employee was terminated and was told to turn in their phone three days ago. The phone wasn't turned in, and I went to put the phone into Supervised Mode so I could then attempt to locate the device. It's been 5 hours since I enabled it, and it's still showing as "Pending". The last time the device checked in was three days ago. I suspect the device is turned off, and EM can't communicate with the phone unless it's online. If true, this kind of sucks, considering the Find My app can accomplish this even if the device is offline.
I'll admit I haven't read the entire tome of documentation that covers EM deployment for iOS devices and feature use, but I've read a good bit. I don't recall reading anything about this in my research, and despite my strong Google-Fu, I couldn't find anything useful. If this is too much to ask the community, I understand. Any feedback is welcome, positive or negative. Thank you for your time.
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