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2023.03.26 08:30 AutoModerator [Get] Derek De Mike – The SMMA Blueprint

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2023.03.26 08:30 Ok_Bumblebee619 No orders for me (L.A.). :(

I am in L.A. temporarily for reasons. Currently in the valley, Ventura Blvd. I have only seen a couple of offers in about an hour on Sat night. One little no-tip order and one $12 for 9 miles. I drove up from San Diego 3-5 a.m. Around 5-7 a.m. Sat and Sundsy morning are usually among the worst times for me (Fri and Sat night may be okay up to around 5 a.m., that's the last of the late night). But I think I only saw 2 no-tip offers in the entire 2-hour period. That was around Sherman Oaks.
My map shows boost zones in San Diego (well just the 1.1x downtown). Those don't really matter...I'm just wondering is there a chance the app doesn't like me in L.A. because it knows I'm not from here?
Eh. It's probably my tendency towards conspiratorial thinking when things don't go my way. When I was new many drivers spoke of a kind of line where the app tries to distribute offers to drivers somewhat evenly based on who's been waiting the longest.
I believed that initially but haven't for quite some time. I've seen too many situations where it seemed like the closest driver got the offer first even if the distance was minimal. Also when it's really slow I get almost no offers when on the freeway and it seems like the only way I can get an offer from a restaurant is by being in the parking lot or drivin' by it.
That's what has made me think proximity reigns supreme.
Leaving aside any advantage that comes with getting to know the area...have any of you felt that when you went to a new market you got few offers until you sort of established yourself?
This is what my map looks like. I have turned my app on before when here around W. Hollywood and Santa Monica and I saw the same thing, a big gap with the busy restaurant icons mostly littered throughout south L.A. (I am using this broadly to mean south of downtown but still in L.A. city since I don't know the individual areas).
I was planning on saving that part of town until I get to know the city a little better. I would rather not have to use my AK, if I can help it (j/k).
I thought Koreatown sounds like it might be good. Purportedly on the safer side and people say it's a great area to eat but I guess the parking is really tight which brings me to another question...
Do you consistently make every effort to get orders to the customer's individual domicile unit or ask them to come outside sometimes? In San Diego I keep my wits about me getting in and out of the car but generally feel pretty safe runnin' 'round at night.
Never double park in divided lanes because I notice the police don't like that (even if there are 3 lanes going each way and zero traffic at 3 a.m.). So I go around the corner to a side street and double park next to a car that is up against a driveway so no one is blocked in. Driving around here this doesn't always seem possible though...
Also there are many green and white signs that say I can't park my car without a sticker (, or I can only park for 2 hours without a sticker, or I cannot park from 2-6 a.m.without a sticker.
I guess that's fair in a way, Angelenos first. But I still need to park my car. Do you have to prove you live in an area to get a sticker or can you just buy one? Is there like a grey market for stickers?
I will be here a couple of days, every couple of weeks, for a couple of months. Gotta work while here because these bills aren't gonna pay themselves...TY in advance for sny info you may be able to share. :)
[P.S. i've taken 3 decent offers since I began my post but most offers only around $1-$1.50 a mile. Many in the $4 to $6 range. Still feels more like a Wednesday night to me. Maybe the orders are elsewhere in the city?]
Thank you muchly! :)
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2023.03.26 08:30 alienlawnmower Reusing Wirecast Gear

Hello everyone, Just did an install for a client and they said take whatever old gear before they recycle or put it in storage. One of the things that was replaced was a Wirecast gear 110 that I will grab. I was thinking about pulling the magewell capture card just to have and putting a graphics card in its place to get a little more power then the integrated gpu. Would be using it at home for editing and music production since l don’t currently have anything setup at home. Sorry for the random and stupid question I was just curious if something would limit me from putting a graphics card in that pci slot. Can’t find anything about the motherboard specifically online. Thanks!
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2023.03.26 08:29 tiredstudent33 Everyday film suggestions?

Hey everyone! I’ve been shooting film for the past year, I do some landscape but mostly use it for just capturing my personal life. I right now have a canon eos rebel 2000. Typically, I use fujifilm ISO 400, (have used 200 occasionally), and just send it in via walmart drop boxes that get processed by fujifilm. I would love some advice on how to start upgrading my film gear though! As I’m graduating college I wanted to get more into actual artistic film and not just pictures of my daily life. Any recommendations on some films I should try? Also, any advice on some cost effective film? I spend about $50 on a 3 pack (so $16 a roll) which isn’t terrible but if anyone knows better places to buy or new things to try, I’d love it. I really want to start leaning into film photography as a hobby once I get a better paying job so please feel free to give me any pointers!
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2023.03.26 08:29 mods-on-my-knob He wanted a double life with me and his wife.

You can skip to the summary at the bottom.
This one is a long story. I've known him for 11 years. We were best friends in college.
I'm going to be vague about some details in case he reads this sub. He knows I use Reddit a lot.
He always seemed really nice,but he did have anger issues sometimes. The red flags were always there. I just thought he was damaged because of his childhood and the stressful job he worked before we met.
He asked me out on several occasions, but I always would "friendzone" him. I wasn't attracted to him. He didn't take care of himself or put much effort into his looks, and we had completely different views on many things. Almost opposite values and morals, but somehow we just clicked as friends very well.
Then things got weird. We got into dumb debates and he blocked me. Then he unblocked me and we became friends again like nothing happened. Then he tried to date our other mutual friend, who we both were close to.
She really liked him and found him attractive. I couldn't see anything in him that would draw him to me romantically. But, I was happy for them. However, I thought that it was weird that I just rejected him and now he was trying to date my best friend.
Months go on. He takes a job in another city. He texts her everyday. They're happy together. He comes back to our city and things are going well.
Then, another huge red flag comes out. He decides that he wants to date a different woman, and he blocks my friend and I. She really liked him, but she realizes that he used her for attention.
Time passes, and we hear from him again. This time, he and his ex split up. They even had a child together. She took everything from the house. He hasn't seen her or the child again.
He says that they left because someone was stalking them and they weren't safe in the neighborhood. But, something told that a woman would never leave a man to become a single mother unless something really toxic was going on.
Time passes. Years have gone on and I haven't spoken to this man. I end up getting really ill and have a rare blood disorder which left me hospitalized.
I get back in touch with him. He knows that I have brain fog and can barely process a lot of what's going on. The medication I was on caused me to become really manic and not sleep.
He confesses his love for me and tells me he wants to be with me. I change the subject and try to keep things light because I want to be friends, but I don't know how to let him down gently.
I check his social media page. It says he is in a relationship. He says that he only put that up so his ex will leave him alone. But, I see his girlfriends page is linked in his bio. They're still together. I confront him, confused, manic, and sleep-deprived.
He blocks me.
Months go by. He tells me he's sorry for not being there when I was hospitalized and says that he drove hours away to see me even though I told him I was back in my hometown.
This time, I block him for years. I realize that he tried to cheat on his girlfriend with me while I was very sick and on a lot of medications.
Years go by. I miss his friendship. I think about him and wonder how he is. I try to think of the happy memories before I realized how toxic he was.
I make a mistake and contact him on social media. He tells me that he misses me. He writes me love letters. He lovebombs the shit out of me in just three days of us talking.
This time, I'm older, more mature, and a lot of my views have changed. I've been single for a long time. Lonely. I start to fall for his bullshit. (I still have a lot of maturing to do, I know now.)
I never felt attracted to him. He sends me a picture of himself. He is putting effort into his looks. He looks great.
He tells me that he's in love with me. I tell him I care about him deeply but I'm not ready to rush into anything.
I check his bio on social media. It still says he's with another woman. He denies that they're actually together. This time he admits that they did date but that they're broken up.
Then he comes clean about something. He says that they barely broke up a few months ago. She took the kid and ran.
So,.now two different women have left him and took the children and ran away.
He says that she left because their roommates were fighting. He claims that he broke up the fight and then his girlfriend told the cops that he wouldn't let her leave.
I begin to realize that he's been severely abusive towards women and they always leave him for a reason.
He has this artificial charm. He knows what to say to impress you when you're lonely and want someone in your life.
As soon as I found out the truth, he told me that he would understand if I didn't talk to him again. I asked him why would he say that if I never mentioned not wanting to talk to him.
I tell him that I just wanted to be friends and didn't expect anything romantic to happen. I tell him that I don't know how we can ever be best friends like we were in college. I can't trust him.
He says that everyone judges him and that life isnt fair. He says he's too nice and misunderstood. Playing the victim once again.
I don't feel sympathy for him. He says I've brought drama into his life and he was happy before we became friends again.
He blocked me now. His number goes straight to voicemail.
It becomes clear that he is a psychopath. He wanted to live a double life with me and his girlfriend. It still says on his bio that he's in a relationship, but he took her name off, so I can't find her and email her the screenshots.
He insisted that he created a fake relationship so his ex would leave him alone, but in reality, he was trying to cheat on his girlfriend (wife?) And mother of his second child.
I never knew that people did things like this in real life. Somehow I've been sheltered. I looked past all of the red flags because I was convinced that my best friend would never do this to me.
We can never be friends because he only cares about himself, plays the victim, and he tries to manipulate and lie to everyone he knows.
He is mad because I found out the truth and won't fall for his lies.
But, what's scary is that the lovebombing felt so amazing I almost fell for it.
Summary: I've known him for almost 11 years. He tried to cheat on his girlfriend (wife?) and mother of his child with me twice. Women always leave him and want nothing to do with him. It's highly likely that he was physically abusive towards his partners. He tells convoluted lies and tries to play the victim. Very scary.
Edit: I did more snooping on his social media and found one of his other accounts. He is indeed married.
I sent a screenshot of his love bombing texts to his wife. I'm not sure if she'll see it.
Feeling really scared and nervous right now.
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2023.03.26 08:29 RitsusHusband Slightly gray gum

Slightly gray gum
For the past few days the tooth behind my upper left canine has been bleeding and the gum around it is slightly red. That much happens sometimes (not often) to me but I noticed that the gum on the teeth behind was a bit grayer than the rest too which I've never seen. Wondering if this is something I should go to the dentist for. Not sure if relevant but my dentist has previously told me that my gum is thin/ the teeth are farther forward than most (I think that's how he described it?). Also I was on a trip recently and the toothbrush I had brought with me had significantly harder bristles than what I normally use. Some seawater had also gotten into my mouth but it didn't look dirty and I spit it out immediately so not sure if relevant.
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2023.03.26 08:29 ashliei At the beggining there was only Eru Ilúvatar...

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2023.03.26 08:28 Gabbro1833 Chronic tongue pain and discomfort

Ever since I replaced chewing tobacco with nicotine pouches, I've experienced a mostly discomforting tongue, sometimes painful. Made way worse by spice, I use to be quite tolerable with spice. Spit is thicker sometimes. It is perhaps glossy (glositis?) It is also cracked. Raised tiny bumps on tongue further back, otherwise glossy, red, and cracked. Also scalloped. Tried all sorts of natural remedies, everything but quitting the nicotine patches. I really think it's related to them, perhaps allergic reaction or something. It just baffles me how quitting tobacco for pouches has caused havoc for me. I refuse to work backwards in quitting by returning to tobacco. It's also been months now, I'd say since late December? No I don't have insurance anymore, trying to get insurance through VA.
Any advice aside from seeking a dentist would be helpful as that is just not an option at this point in time. Obviously quitting nicotine pouches would be a great place to start, easier said than done, I hope to soon. Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.26 08:28 Max7W Irreplaceable tiles in my apartment are cracking under the weight of my flat mate, what can I do besides kick her out?

I (24 M) posted on AITA about this and was deemed the asshole so asking here to find out what I can do better.
My flat mate Anna (30 F) gained a lot of weight recently and since then the tiles in my apartment have been breaking. I had a tiler come and have a look at it and after looking for a cause for a long time he told me that Anna’s weight is causing them to crack.
Initially I wanted her to move out over this because the tiles were handmade by my grandma and are irreplaceable since I inherited her apartment due to her passing away. But I can see that this is unfair to Anna since she can’t change this right now and apparently I underestimated the difficulties that come with finding an apartment at such a size.
I do not want to remove the tiles either or have another floor, they are very special to me, as is the whole apartment. My grandma is indigenous and has been deported from her tribe and put a lot of effort into customising and decorating her apartment to resemble her home and incorporate our culture and heritage. I had a hard time growing up and my grandma always kept me safe and even when I experienced a lot of discrimination and abuse, her home reminded me of that resilience to be true to your background and it made me feel safe and at peace to know that in your own space you can be yourself. Also my grandparents took care of me a lot and I stayed at their place more than at my parent’s cause they couldn’t take care of me.
I hope you understand how much this apartment means to me and I wouldn’t want to share it ideally but the place where we live (not USA) has a housing crisis and economy is kind of tough so I allowed two friends (Anna and another guy) to live with me to just split the bills cause I don’t need such a big apartment just to myself.
Here’s what I’ve tried so far to solve the issue: 1. I asked Anna to pay more to make up for the damages so I can have the tiles fixed, as this is rather expensive and again I don’t want to replace them. She doesn’t want that cause she doesn’t want to invest money in an apartment that isn’t owned by her. 2. I have offered to help her find a new place to live and given her contacts and made viewing appointments for her but she can’t walk stairs well and can’t walk far from the public transport so options are very limited. She also said that once she shows up to viewings they disregard her over her weight. 3. I have told her to get her weight under control and that she can stay if she does. I can see how this has been rude and I wasn’t aware of how hard it is to lose weight when having an eating disorder like she does. So I’ve looked into therapy for that and found an inpatient treatment that would last two months and it would be covered by her insurance as a preventative measure for serious health issues in the future. She doesn’t want to go to such a treatment though cause she’s worried about the consequences it may have for her career.
So that’s all the ideas I’ve had to find a solution but nothing seemed to be working for finding a compromise. I obviously don’t want to make her homeless but I am also not fine with her damaging my grandma’s apartment since it’s so sentimental to me. I’m also not rich even though I own the apartment cause I am paying off student loans and not renting for profit since they are my friends. Also the apartment needs a lot of work, it’s poorly insulated which is why the bills are so high but I can’t afford to have that fixed yet so fixing the tiles or changing the flooring is out of the question.
Btw I’m not living in USA and since the tiles are handmade and the apartment is historic they may be more fragile than normal tiles but they never broke before and only break in rooms Anna uses and only since she gained weight.
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2023.03.26 08:28 CheetahMinimum7290 I don’t know where else to go to so i’ll put this here I give up on all this the redpill messed my love life up

I found out about the redpill after a heartbreak and ever since it’s just made my life worse. I have this mentality in my head that women are just out to get me. I used to try to be a player and all that but found out that wasn’t for me around a year ago. I guess i’ve been softening up but i’ve been wanting to be with someone for a while. I don’t like random sex or talking to a lot of women it does nothing for me. I met this girl on a dating app and thought it would just be another hookup but something was different. I felt so comfortable from the first time i met her. My tire popped when i was On my way! to the first date and she came and got me and helped me out. I make music and she came to my music video and supported me. She told me she’s not like other girls and actually wanted to be something with me. All that red pill shit had me not believing her. I kinda tried running game on her because i thought that’s what’s your supposed to do. Now i’m blocked on everything and i’m fucked up right now. I didn’t text her for a day and she felt away about it this was two days ago now i’m blocked. I can’t shed any tears but i’m hurt because i messed something up that could’ve been good. All the red flags people say she didn’t have. I didn’t feel like a side piece or sneaky link when it came to her. I only knew her since january but she treated me the best out of any woman i’ve met. I hate red pill i hate hook up culture i hate all of this. I’m tired of hiding my emotions and having to run game. I just wanna be with someone. I’m only 24 but that’s all i really want. Now i’m pretty sure it’s just not gonna happen. I don’t want to date anymore i’m tired of getting my feelings involved no matter how much i try not to i do. I’m done with all this society ruined relationships and that’s why no one is happy. I’d rather be celibate and alone at this point because this is just not the way yo live. I have no one else to talk to about this so i’ll just put this here
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2023.03.26 08:28 alwaysmetara [Sell/Swap] [US] More items added! Most items $5 or less, lots of freebies!

Paypal G&S only, I pay the fee! Shipping starts at $5 and increases based on weight. I'll hold things for 2 hours if multiple people are interested. It's fine if you change your mind, just let me know! :)
I have a cat but he doesn't go near my makeup/skincare. I'm happy to sanitize any used products, let me know if you'd like me to do that.
I tried to price things to sell quickly (most things 50-80% off retail price) but I'm always open to offers especially if you bundle!
One item marked 'fwp' for free with every $5 purchased! Additional ones would be $1.
Eyeshadow palettes
Single Pans
Lashes- all brand new
Other Eye Products
Brand New lip products
Lightly used lip products
Brand new face products:
Lightly Used Face products:
Nail Polish, used once
FREE just pay shipping
Masks and Peels:
Brand New Misc Skincare
Makeup Bags
verification - Choose one free for every purchase over $20 (before shipping)
ISO: (prefer to swap) Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay (open to any size), Maison Margiela Autumn Vibes (travel or full size), First Aid Beauty KP Scrub, Better Not Younger Hair Mask, Ouai Mask for Thick Hair
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2023.03.26 08:28 Mayel420 I put The Yard Podcast on spotify to sleep

Yes when im in bed and i get sleepy, i play the most recent ep and and randomly start it from any minute, then i put the sleep timer for 10min so that spotify stops and i dont wake up listening to the Oficial Podcast (ive only listened to that pod once in my whole life) anyways, i just get bored while trying to sleep so that helps me alot, any music just wakes me up, sometimes i dont sleep when the Yard guys say something really funny and i just start laughing like when slime called luds mom a mute, i think tiktok made me this way, ive watched an entire movie on titok with subway surfers on the bottom split up in 100 tiktoks, in a way im kinda like that guy who watched a movie in 2.5x speed, i blame myself and tiktok for reducing my atention span. subway surfer under a tiktok just seems normal now and days, i cant watch youtube vids anymore, before i could sit down and watch a documentary about birds but now i cant even watch a 10min youtube vid without getting bored and closing youtube, opening tiktok and scrolling, anyone has the same problem or had and stopped using tiktok, any advise?
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2023.03.26 08:27 strykr_nine-r Previous Employment at Government Agency Downloaded Child Pornography of Me

As stated above, my previous employer has downloaded personal files onto a laptop (maybe to their server and possibly to USBs). My previous employer is a government agency. I quit a couple of weeks ago and gave a two week notice. They let me go the next day and locked me out of my work computer. This computer was connected to my personal Microsoft Onedrive that I used in 2020 to work from home. My work computer does not connect to non-work wifi so I had to do some of this work from home from my personal laptop and then transfer things over to my work laptop. Onedrive made this much easier and this is a service I pay for personally. I have two folders that are work related and the rest of my folders are personal. I stopped regularly using Onedrive for this purpose in 2022 as it wasn't necessary anymore with the pandemic. However it stayed signed in to my work computer for emergencies.
A few days after my termination I realized that I could not sign out of Onedrive remotely. I then messaged the office director and the one other person from my department to please remove Onedrive from the computer as this is something I pay for personally. I am friendly with the director and on good terms with them so I had no doubts this would be taken care of.
I was informed today by the other department staff member that the office has downloaded a copy of my entire Onedrive. I assume they have downloaded this to either the work laptop desktop or to the shared server. They could have also possibly downloaded this to USBs. However they didn't just download my two relevant work folders, they downloaded everything. This includes things such as copies of my social security card, birth certificate, tax information, and nude photos and videos of me having sex with my partner. Some of these photos and videos are from a folder dedicated to transfers from my old personal laptop and were taken before I was 18 years old. I understand this to be child pornography of myself that they now have downloaded.
For anyone unfamiliar with Onedrive, no files are automatically downloaded. They exist in a way that you have access to the files, but they do not download unless you select a specific file. These personal files have NEVER been downloaded to this work computer until someone from this office downloaded them a day or two ago. It's almost like a USB of all of your personal file folders and you use one or two folders relevant for what you need. None of the rest get to the computer unless you actively download and put them there.
What do I do? I thought about going into the office on Monday to explain the situation and hopefully they will be too scared at the thought of having child pornography on a government laptop and will just let me delete this downloaded folder and make sure Onedrive is no longer connected. But I am worried that 1) they could turn me away and 2) USBs or additional folders exist somewhere. What if I delete one folder from the desktop but others remain? And 3) what if they try to blame me for having child porn of myself. I dont want to get myself into trouble for having that even though it's my own body. Technically they don't know how old I was when they were taken so I guess I could always just say it was current nudes of me.
Do I call a lawyer on Monday or go into the office and ask them to remove this downloaded folder with my entire Onedrive? How would I even find the right lawyer for this? I just lost my job so how do I pay for a lawyer?
Tldr: I pay for Onedrive personally and it was connected to a work laptop at my previous employment at a government agency. I asked them to remove the Onedrive since I cannot remove it remotely. Instead, they downloaded a copy of my ENTIRE Onedrive including sensitive information such as social security card and nude photos of myself. Some of these photos and videos are super old from when I was 15-17 years old. Onedrive does not download files automatically, but only if you select them. I have never downloaded any of these personal files. But someone in the office made a copy of my entire Onedrive, downloading everything without my consent.
Edit: clarified about work laptop connecting to internet. It doesn't connect to internet that isn't work wifi.
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2023.03.26 08:27 MapPresent6984 Bad habits (no fap ) and thought energy

I'm writing this for people that start nofap and failing back in couple days. if you are like this please read this fully. this will change your point of view.
I wanna make something clear here remember this " choice is all yours" you get what you choose. You just have to choose wisely. If you are failing on nofap consistently what you need is not motivation, its the good understand about what's going on with you and how things work around you.
what I'm going to tell might not make any sense to you. But this technique helped me to get better.
this is going to be a hella long article. Please read this if you wanna eliminate bad habits from your life. And my English is not good I'm really sorry if I made it hard for you to understand.
let me first explain what energy pendulum is. Pendulum is a structure that build on peoples thought energy. When a group of people got together for one single goal and when they think about their goal, their thought energy creates a pendulum. A very strong pendulum. The parameters of their thought energy are identical. independent energy-information structure is created which is referred to as an energy pendulum. Eventually this structure begins to live its own life and subjugate to its laws the very people who created it.
The structure is referred to as a pendulum because the more people–adherents–that feed it with their energy, the more powerfully it sways. Every pendulum has its own rhythm and frequency. As I mentioned when the number of adherents increase pendulum sways more powerfully. If it loses all its adherents the pendulum will stop moving completely. example of defunct pendulums are ancient pagan religions, old buildings, out dated fashion trends, etc...
Pendulums are very very destructive. It can Drain someone's energy. When number of adherents in pendulum increases it has very big amount of thought energy, and when this happens pendulum don't sway in the way that adherents wants it to sway. It create it's own frequency and beat. adherents have no idea that they lost their control. So They live by pendulums rules, and pendulum drains it's adherents energy. Primal example of pendulums are political parties and wars.
now you may wonder what this has to do with nofap and eliminating bad habits from your life. Let me explain, when you made the decision of quitting porn or any bad habit that you have with your life, you create a pendulum by radiating your thought energy to a some frequency. Yes one's thought energy can create a pendulum. So when you made the decision to eliminate bad habits you create a pendulum. When this happens your brain force you to think about it. You are always thinking about the habit you eliminated. When you think about it, you feed pendulum with your thought energy. It doesn't matter whether you think about it negatively or positively. Pendulum just need energy.
when you are feeding energy to pendulum by thinking about the habit you just eliminate ,pendulum sways more powerfully. So eventually you will relapse because now pendulum has more thought energy (power) and it's swaying for its own rhythm.
I hope this make sense. If you wanna get a better idea of pendulums read "REALITY TRANSURFING"BY Vadim Zealend.
let's get back to the case.
What I want you to do is the next time you trying to eliminate any bad habits from your life you just have to stop thinking about it.
Let me give you an example -
let's think like you started nofap. After like one hour your brain starts thinking about it like " i'm on nofap now , I'm doing it" or some thoughts like that. and when you get thoughts like that you are feeding pendulum with energy. it doesn't matter the thought is positive or negative. What you should do is when you got any thoughts about no fap I want you to stop acknowledging the thought. Treat it like just a wind passing by you. What you doing here is, you are not letting the pendulum to hook to you. You are treating it like nothing. Ignore it completely. Don't let it hook to you.
the best way to do this is as I mentioned before when you got thoughts about something that you already eliminated or you are trying to eliminate ignore that thought, stop acknowledging it. I guarantee you if you tried this you will get better results than watching 3 min motivation videos.
and I wanna make one more thing clear to you, there is a big difference between ignoring and avoiding. you avoid things that you have let into your personal space. Ignoring means you are not letting things to take place in your personal space.
I think I did made sense to you by writing this article, and I hope now you have a idea of what's going on with your thought energy.
If you have any questions, comment down below. And if you have any information comment them too, I'm always ready for knowledge.
If you understood about pendulums clearly, you may have noticed that this post is also a pendulum.

Good Luck.
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2023.03.26 08:27 Holiday-Goat9685 Giving away two OVH Ryzen Game Dedicated Servers

Hello, so I have two OVH dedicated servers that are still under OVH commitment. One is under contract until August 2023 and the other is under contract until May 2023.
I have no use for these servers anymore therefore I’m giving them away to anyone who wants. You would have to take over the commitment which means you have to pay monthly for the price until said commitment is over.
Here is more information on the machines
May 2023 Dedicated Server CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X - 6c/12t - 3.8 GHz/4.4 GHz RAM: 32 GB DDR4 STORAGE: 1 TB SSD COST: $91 USD per month
August 2023 Dedicated Server CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X - 8c/16t - 3.9 GHz/4.5 GHz RAM: 64 GB DDR4 STORAGE: 2 TB SSD COST: $105 USD per month
Why should I take this? If you're not familiar with OVH, you have to pay around a $150 USD setup fee when first buying a dedicated server, which I've already paid for. Also with a commitment you get a discount on a per monthly basis. And my contract is close to being over as you can see. To add to that, OVH recently upped their prices however since I was under commitment I was un-effected.
So this would be good for anyone that wants a dedicated server, they won't get a Setup Fee and they'll get a cheaper per month price, also the contract doesn't end that far from now.
To Sum It Up To sum it up, I have two OVH servers I no longer need under commitment. Can't cancel them, therefor I'm giving it away for free, you'll have the server in your OVH account, will have full ownership of the machine and will be responsible for paying for its bill. You save a lot more money if I transfer them to you rather than you buying it yourself.
Let me know if you're interested, message me on here or comment below.
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2023.03.26 08:27 Sapphomeadow How do I (24f) forgive my partner (26f) for flirting with a coworker?

I need advice. I really love my girlfriend and our relationship, but I’ve been struggling to forgive her for what’s happened.
(Scroll down for Tl;dr)
Long story short my gf met a coworker at her job last September, let’s call her Zoe. Zoe is honestly my gf’s type and she’s pretty. Zoe immediately took an interest in my gf (imo), because within their first encounter she invited my gf to an event at a gay bar. She didn’t invite any other openly gay coworkers in their group.
In fact, she insisted my gf keep it hush hush because she didn’t want their coworkers knowing her business. My gf obliged and invited me to tag along as well.
I was hesitant but gf made it clear she was going to the event regardless of me, because she wanted to make new friends. I reluctantly tagged along and it turned out to be a decent time.
I met Zoe and she seemed nice. However, during the course of the night Zoe kept texting my gf discreetly even though we were all in the same room. She kept trying to coerce her to find her at a private place so she could “dish her some gossip”.
I thought it was odd because, at that time, they’ve only known each other for about two weeks. So, even if she had anything interesting to share it wouldn’t have been relevant because my gf knew no one. Plus, when my gf finally joined her she had nothing really to say. She would just sort of vent about her friends and complained about her love life.
The next week dissolved into absolute madness. Zoe began to text my gf all day everyday, this includes late into the night. This all happened rapidly.
Within that time frame she invited my gf to hang out with her every weekend since they met. She also convinced my gf to change her work hours so they could see each other more often in the office.
I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt because Zoe met me. She even told my gf that I’m pretty. I thought there was no way she would be this overt about trying to get at my gf.
But it all became too much, and I eventually mustered the energy to talk to my gf about me being uncomfortable with the non stop communication. She understood, and agreed to stop texting Zoe past 8 pm.
BUT things only got worse from there. Zoe and her were talking on their dm’s at work, texting (Zoe sent voice notes as well) and Zie began to call her every other morning so she could talk shit about their other coworkers (allegedly) and once again more about her crappy love life.
It was madness. There was a period where any time of day I picked up my gf’s phone there would be three to four back to back messages from Zoe. And at the time I dared not look at them because I wanted to respect my gf’s privacy. But my patience was wearing thin.
It all reached a head when I had to leave to my friends house because I felt like my gf was being so oblivious to how all of this would hurt me.
I broke down to my gf finally. She was upset with how I reacted to everything (I began to sleep in separate room and talked to her less). But when I recalled to her how everything look she understood where I was coming from.
I even asked her if Zoe ever showed any signs of having interest in her or if she ever come onto her but she denied it. She seemed so innocent and naive, and made me believe all their interactions were 1000% platonic.
She reassured me nothing was going on and said she would stop communicating with Zoe as much.
I let go of it at first, but a few weeks passed and I had an feeling that I wasn’t being told the entire truth.
So, I did a horrible thing and looked through their messages. Lo and behold there it was. Zoe asked my gf in the very beginning if she was single AND if it was okay that they flirted.
My gf told her she did have a partner, but that didn’t stop Zoe from calling my gf cute at every opportunity. And in response my girlfriend would send back blushing and heart emojis. (This was all on their work messenger btw)
Many things they sent to each other had a flirtatious cutesy undertone to it. It was nothing too crazy but it still stung like crazy especially because I had spent the last month planning my gf’s birthday surprise.
I felt like I was gaslit into thinking there was nothing there at all and I felt crazy, when my instincts were true the whole time.
The worst was after our talk my gf still tried to meet up for lunch with Zoe (at a restaurant privately together) without telling me. (When confronted with this later she told me she felt the need to follow through with it because they made those plans before we had our talk. Therefore she didn’t want to “make it awkward”. And she didn’t see the big deal about them going out to lunch together alone on their break)
I learned that they also had plans to take a cooking class together. And this is just the text I found, there are many my gf deleted on her phone plus voice notes from Zoe that disappeared. Also who knows what they said when they saw each other at work.
Also my gf playing “coy” and “innocent” was all an act. She actively went out of her way to ask a family member for advice on the situation because a cute girl was coming onto her strong but she didn’t want to “hurt my feelings”.
She apologized profusely when confronted. And claim she hid everything in order to save our relationship because she could tell how much it would all hurt me.
We’ve made up since, but every week or so I feel so insecure, bitter and angry.
I told her I forgive her but I can’t stop thinking about the what if’s. Like what would’ve happened if I hadn’t stepped in. She claimed it never would’ve gone further but it became so crazy after just a month.
It looked like it was on the brink of an emotional affair
I want to believe she would never hurt me like this again, but what happens if another Zoe comes along?
Also they still have to talk and interact at work so I feel myself not trusting her with that either.
I feel guilty when these feelings arise because I can’t stand to look at her or be near her.
I feel like she thinks I’m dragging it out when I get paranoid.
My girlfriend purposely omitted information and lied about flirting with a coworker back in fall. I found out by going through her phone. We’ve made up since then, but I’m still struggling with moving on and not staying angry.
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2023.03.26 08:26 Cloud9Omega I am done and serious about that

Hey Guys, I think I can say that I am really into this game. I have been playing it for nearly 7 years, got in some eSport Teams and my account is fully maxed out with EVERY season pass emote and tower skin available. I loved to collect every pass and even if i had less time, the pass was easy to max out for 5 bucks. But now I am officially done. And I do not say that to come back again but I gave Supercell a chance after the Level 14 Scam but it only has been about half a year and they wanna charge us more than double for less stuff + Level 15. Not with me. I need around 8+ season passes to be maxed out again, thats over 100€ for me. Not worth it, and especially a personal comment to @drew you are the worst community Manager I have ever seen. Not hating, but we literally NEVER hear anything about you, you ignored all the bad feedback and only replied to the 1% of nice comments. You literally earn passive income for nothing. Thank you for also destroying the game, just like the other community manager that I even do not know the name of because he never appears. Well this is it Guys, fully maxed out and the account seems to die now. Thank you Clash Royale for the First 3-4 years, it went down after that and now it is dead for me. Thank you all on the Subreddit for the awesome experience, YOU Guys Managed this game.I am also getting older and this game aint it anymore.... Peace out.
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2023.03.26 08:26 Spirited_Drummer1464 Ghosting someone who treated me poorly

I (35F) was a bridesmaid for my stepsister (37F) whom I hadn't seen in years last year. We were close in high school but we naturally grew apart after our parents separated. After I had my twins, I moved across the country and I hadn't spoken to her for at least a year.
I was honestly surprised she even wanted me in her wedding. While we briefly reconnected during her wedding festivities, she treated me like a servant the entire time and ignored me except for when she needed me to run errands for her or fix her makeup. I also spent a lot of my own money ($7K) to help pay for her wedding. She was kind to me when I offered to pay her florist and catering but would proceed to ignoring me a few hours later.
I tried reaching out to her afterwards to try to patch our relationship and make sure she was okay (she has a history of narcissistic personality disorder and depression). I figured with that she would be nicer after her wedding. She ignored my messages and calls for months. After awhile, I figured she no longer needed me in her life and that she didn't care.
A few weeks ago, she reached out to me and said that she was "MIA bc of her mental health" but I was so hurt by the way she treated me that I didn't answer. At the end of the day, it seemed like she only wanted to use me didn't care about me unless she needed something. So, for the sake of my own mental health, I've decided to cut her out of my life. But idk, am I thinking about this wrong? What should I do?
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2023.03.26 08:26 ThrowRAavocado Keep 3-year-old in swimming lessons or stop for awhile?

It was really important for me for my daughter to know how to swim, so I put her in swimming lessons right after she turned 3. Now she's been taking them for about 7 months, and she is becoming more and more resistant to going. She cries and protests every time before she goes because she doesn't want to put her head underwater. She will do everything else in class, but not put her head underwater. The few times the instructor has held her underwater, she has screamed and cried for the rest of the class afterwards.
The instructor keeps pressuring her to go underwater "next time," but every time she goes she starts the lesson crying, not wanting to get into the pool, and saying she doesn't want to put her head under. She seems to like swimming less every time. She does say she likes her instructor, so it's not that; she just really afraid of going underwater.
I'm thinking about pulling her out for a year or two and then trying again when she's around 5. She doesn't seem to be making any progress. But it sounds silly to say that because the other kids in the class seem to be on the same level she is, except they're willing to be fully submerged in the water. I'm just not sure it's worth it to stick it out as she just seems to become more fearful instead of more used to the water, and I'm wondering if keeping her in lessons right now is doing more harm than good.
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2023.03.26 08:26 throwRABUppQ My (24M) girlfriend (22F) used my card to pay for her friends drinks

I am a bit pissed at her for it but she is not realising she did something at least questionable so I’m wondering if I’m being unreasonable.
I was just out with my gf and her friends. At the club I ran into an old friend of mine so I wanted to really catch up. Me and him walked out to chat in a quiet place. While I was out it seems that my gf used my phone to pay for her friends drinks. The card is on the phone (Google pay) and she knows my passcode. In total they are 5 girls, but their drinks totalled….. 306 dollars. My gf just literally paid for them using my card, without asking. I’m truly pissed. Wtf was that. I don’t agree to her using my money least of all on her friends. I could thankfully contain myself so it’s good to figure out if I’m right to be mad or I’m missing something…?
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2023.03.26 08:26 Jackjohnjohnson I had stalking behaviours a few years ago when I was in a real dark place

A few ago my father had cancer. I was trying to keep the peace in the family all year. I asked my mother to do something together, our relationship was hard due to her alcohol use which I tried to speak with her about. She told me she'd rather spend her time on her other children. When I heard my father would die in the next weeks, I also heard my job would stop. At the funeral my brother and father where shouting to each other at the coffin of my mother. I got a lot of drunk angry messages from my mother. My family joined in with attacking me. I didn't defend myself at all, I was used to just enduring it and I hoped that if I behaved well then there would be a possibility of restoring harmony in the family.
But I was devastated by all the drama. My body froze and I couldn't do much for some months. I couldn't cry, but felt a lot of pain. After 2 months, I told my girlfriend that I didn't do much more than spending time on the internet, and that I wanted to get my life together again. I think she didn't believe in myself anymore, and after some weeks she ended the relationship.
So, no father, no family, no job and no relationship. All within a few months.
I still wanted to keep faith. I proposed to not have any contact. I still wanted to get my life together in the meantime. I hoped we would get together again after that. However, I started having panic attacks and I would text her every 2-3 weeks during the next months (about 5 times total). She didn't want that, and I always apologized. We planned to meet again a few months later.
When the time came, I texted her. She didn't want to see me, but she proposed to exchange letters, to be pen friends. I longed to have some contact with her. I worried about her, how she was doing... she had an eating disorder and trouble with her family, I always supported her with that, and I wanted her to be well. And I longed for an opportunity to perhaps still see each other. Our first letters were really heartwhelming. We could really speak from our hearts. But, then I sent her a letter asking her to see each other, that it was important for me because I lost my mother and family and I did not understand my life anymore.
She sent me an angry letter back. Saying I held her, I wouldn't leave. I remember one moment in the flat where I was destroyed, and I had trouble leaving at night, I couldn't think well and it took me some time. I wasn't aware that she experienced it in that way, I value freedom and respect a lot and never realized she experienced it as me crossing her boundaries.
I panicked and everything that happened came into my consciousness. My father dying, my family not being there... I was in total pain, I cried a lot, I had suicidal thoughts. I sent her 10 emails in the night, sharing everything that went through me. Asking her if I could please see her, that I wasn't doing allright. Later at night, I realized that I was perhaps making her not feel good about it and I apologized for what happened. I told her she can call the police if she likes. Not that I had any aggression or that I threatened or even spoke negative to her. I didn't do that at all.
After that I went on retreat. I wanted to leave for a long time, but had to go back the 4th day because I had to move out of my house due to the building getting another use (I lived in an office, which was temporary housing). I was pretty isolated but the days at retreat filled me with a desire to get everything together again. I worked hard during two months, but I was mentally going down. I had panic attacks and struggled with suicidal thoughts. I would email my family and three exes every week, sharing all my thoughts, hoping someone would see me. My mother would ridiculize me, and my exes didn't respond.
After 2 months, I realized that I was crossing boundaries (again, no threatening and stuff) and I do care about all these people, I apologized and said it wouldn't happen again.
Two weeks later the police came. Never had any contact with the police before that. They talked that they wanted to warn me to stop stalking. I told them my story of the past year, and that I wasn't doing alright, that I needed help. I told them I stopped already. The police officer told me that he never spoke to such an empathetic person in such a conversation.
However, I was so much in pain that I was totally abandoned by all those people I thought loved me and I struggled with that I could also become difficult to others myself, I never wanted that. I kept trying on my new job, but I called the suicide hotline regularly. The psychologist wasn't of much help, they told me they couldn't help me.
I attempted suicide shorly after losing that job and getting the news that there was no help.
This is my story of stalking. A few years ago. It's only texts (early) and later emails, never phone calls or visits at the house, in the quantities describe, but I do take it seriously. It was an attempt to get help, I was completely desparate due to everything that happened and being isolated. I was also afraid I'd kill myself, but I never mentioned it that because I didn't want to scare anyone.
It's been some years now and I am coming to terms to what happened. My family is still apart, no one wants to speak, and I did keep my promise of never contacting my exes. I can't fathom why no one wants me in their lives.
Personally I am doing much better, but I feel I am still a bit lost. I don't understand my history anymore, and I find it harder to trust. I do not really know what to do to move forward with that.
Talking to them obviously isn't an option. Something within me still has a desire, to get some closure, to know how they are doing, to take responsibility, to be with the people I was close with when my father died.
But I will not contact anyone. Let me stress that.
I post this because I am looking for help. But feel free to say anything you wish.
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2023.03.26 08:26 BigWoes I'm sorry, I just want to feel better.

I accidentally dropped my vape in front of my little brother, I brushed it off as some kind of 'toy' but it was obvious bs. A few hours later I went to go apologize, I told him it was a vape and I explained that I was trying it out as a form of self medication. He seemed to take it ok and supported it making me feel better but that it was still unhealthy and he would rather I not vape. I promised him that I would stop for now until I see what a doctor says. I just hope I did the right thing here after that. I just forgot to express how much I don't want to encourage drug use and for him to avoid it at least until he's old enough, maybe I'll do it tomorrow.
Besides this i've been having an especially rough time this month. I feel like I need to allow myself to go bedridden but I can't. I really am sorry about this. I feel like I'm falling apart but I don't mean to drag others down with me. I really have been in anguish lately and I don't know if I can handle feeling like a pos on top of everything else.
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