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Discussion of everything bicycle related. bikeit! bike bikes bicycle bicycles bicycling cycling

2010.10.29 07:53 Sitar: An Indian String Instrument

The sitar is a plucked stringed instrument, originating from the Indian subcontinent, used in Hindustani classical music. It is named after a Persian instrument called the setar (meaning 3 strings). The sitar derives its distinctive timbre and resonance from sympathetic strings, bridge design, a long hollow neck and a gourd-shaped resonance chamber.

2013.11.05 00:32 South Dakota Craft Beer

Welcome to SDBeer, for all things related to South Dakota Craft Beer!

2023.03.26 07:23 goddamn_slutmuffin Space “slur”? More like Space Elves and Space Orcs. And if you’re not putting your angry, vagabond energy towards some original creativity? Call yourself the “Space Dork”. Rage and fear are like ingredients, don’t forget to put the lard in. Be a mouse outside the house, not a snake in the garden.

There’s a snake in the seedy garden
There’s an owl in the shady night
They’re both searching for a mouse
They’re both seeking an easy target
Put their energy out, see how far it could get
They want an easy kill, never a fight
These types… they’ll muddy the waters
Like disturbed silt in water-locked caves
They’ll pretend they aren’t nocturnal
In order
Like Sauron corrupted Denethor II
While never leaving Mordor
Like him, they want to advantage of your light
And these types, they’ll convince you
With honest’s truance
That there’s no nuance
Between the poles of “wrong” and “right”
They’ll banish the nondual
The non-binary grey
The interconnectedness of day
That ends and is born of every night
They’ll steal your dusk and your dawn
They’ll diminish your joy of anything twilight
They’ll banish chaos that is typical
Twist the purpose of linear and cyclical
They’ll make a free snake the ouroboros
Enforce thinking that’s black and white
Pay attention when you’re the mouse
Scurrying about in yards surrounding the house
Watch for the snakes in the garden
And show wariness of pardon
For the whispering wings
And the hissing wind sings
When that dreaded owl takes flight
Be constant in your vigilance
Use all five senses, especially sight
For they strike when you least expect it
And thus so
One must know
To never let them catch you sleeping
Or entertain misleading thoughts they aren’t peeping
Or planning future “caughts”
Or show you any mercy themselves
They might
Your blood runs red
And there’s runs blue
They are the icy death
To your warmth that’s true
To trap you with a tornado that flew
Masked as free-flowing air for your soaring kite
Because the snakes and the owls
Only want one thing from you
And that is your energy and life
You’re “joie de vivre”
To squeeze and claw and bite
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2023.03.26 07:16 wsppan Today In Phishstory - March 26th

# Today In Phishstory - March 26th Brought to you by tiph-bot. Beep.
All data extracted via The Phishnet API.


Phish, Friday 03/26/1993 (30 years ago) Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1993 WinteSpring Tour
Set 1 : Maze , Sparkle , Foam , Punch You in the Eye , Fee , All Things Reconsidered , Split Open and Melt , Fluffhead > Divided Sky , Cavern
Set 2 : Wilson 1 > Runaway Jim > Mound , Tweezer , The Horse 2 > Silent in the Morning , Big Ball Jam > You Enjoy Myself , The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg , The Great Gig in the Sky > Hold Your Head Up , Tweezer Reprise
Encore : Amazing Grace 3 , Rocky Top
1 Simpsons signal. 2 Trey on acoustic guitar. 3 Without microphones.
Jamchart Notes:
Split Open and Melt - Great version - sounds like a neck-and-neck horse race between Fish and Trey trying to keep pace with each other.
Tweezer - Very drawn-out, extended ending.
Show Notes:
Wilson contained a Simpsons signal. The Horse featured Trey on acoustic guitar. YEM contained a teases of Mission: Impossible theme and Speed Racer theme. Amazing Grace was performed without microphones and wsa dedicated to the band's tour bus driver, Heavy Duty.
Listen now at!
Phish, Thursday 03/26/1992 (31 years ago) Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, NC, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1992 Spring Tour
Set 1 : The Landlady > Runaway Jim , All Things Reconsidered , Foam , Sparkle , Stash , Fluffhead > Uncle Pen , NICU , David Bowie 1
Set 2 : Buried Alive > The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg , Poor Heart , Brother , The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday > Avenu Malkenu > The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday > My Friend, My Friend , The Lizards , Cavern > Cold as Ice > Cracklin' Rosie > Cold as Ice , Possum 2
Encore : Sleeping Monkey
Encore 2 : Chalk Dust Torture
Encore 3 : Harpua 3
1 Simpsons and Oom Pa Pa signals. 2 Random Note and two Aw Fuck! signals. 3 Narration set in the "teeming jungles of Brazil," special guest appearance by Marley as "a vicious, flesh eating animal;" high-pitched "Brazil" squawks from Fish.
Jamchart Notes:
Possum - Fish is noticeably aggressive in this straightforward, ass-kicking jam.
Show Notes:
Foam contained an All Things Reconsidered tease. Bowie included Simpsons and Oom Pa Pa signals. The second set was preceded by birthday wishes for a fan named "Amy" and a remark that Buried Alive was inspired by Jimmy Herring. Possum included a Random Note and two Aw Fuck! signals and a Long Tall Glasses tease from Trey. Harpua was set in the "teeming jungles of Brazil" and included a special guest appearance by Marley as "a vicious, flesh eating animal." There were theme from Brazil teases, a brief full-band Fire tease, high-pitched "Brazil" squawks from Fish, and a preview of the Clifford Ball motto (four years early) as Trey introduced Page as "a beacon of light in the world of flight." The Aquarium Rescue Unit was the opening act.
Listen now at!

Mike Gordon

Mike Gordon, 2011-03-26 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT, USA
Tour: Mike Gordon - Winter 2011 Tour
Show Notes: This show marked the Mike Gordon debut of Down in the Flood. River Niger through Weekly Time featured Bob Wagner on second guitar. During setbreak, front of house engineer and bass tech Rachel Bischoff was proposed to on stage (she accepted).

John Fishman

Masefield, Perkins, Fishman & Bolles, 2015-03-26 Nectar's, Burlington, VT, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: This show was part of the Nectar's 40th Anniversary Celebration.
Pork Tornado, 2000-03-26 Stone Coast Brewing Co., Portland, ME, USA
Tour: Fish - Pork Tornado Spring 2000
Show Notes:

Page McConnell

Bob Weir & Wolf Bros, 2019-03-26 None, Miami Beach, FL, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Page sat in on piano for Hell In A Bucket and Scarlet Begonias.


Derek Trucks Band, 1999-03-26 Higher Ground, Winooski, VT, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Page sat in on keyboards during this opening set for Gov't Mule.
The Allman Brothers Band, 1997-03-26 Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Page and Duane Betts were guests on the encore One Way Out, with Page sharing Greg Allman's keyboards.
Col. Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit, 1992-03-26 Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, NC, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Zambi through Come on Home featured Page on keyboards during ARU's set opening for Phish.
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2023.03.26 07:14 annoyed_teacher1988 AITA for not letting a student stay to play in classroom after a parent had arrived to pick them up?

Some background, I'm British but live in a South East Asian country working as a Kindergarten teacher teaching 4-5 year olds. Recently a lot of very rich people from a country I'll call Usher have flocked to the part of the world I am living in. So we'll call these people Usherians. Now don't get me wrong, it's not all Usherians, but a fair amount that I deal with have come over with a rich person entitled attitude. Now if the Usherians enroll their kids into a school they can get on a visa to stay here, so that's what's happening, so at least a third of students in the school are from Usher.
Onto the story:
It is school holidays, but the school run an optional summer course for the students, where it's not academics, but a lot of crafts and play etc. So we've just completed the first week. Now pick up times are different from normal school times, so pick up time is 3 o'clock. On Tuesday I still had 3 Usherian girls from my class not picked up by 3:20. These students are ones from the year below that have moved up, so I don't know all of the parents yet and if they're late often, so I don't get stressed about it, I understand traffic and things happen.
One of the girls has a notebook so they're all just drawing in it, whilst I'm scrubbing the desks clean from the painting we'd done that day. A parent comes, so I tell the student to go home. I look up and the student is back in my classroom, so again I tell her it's time to go home, and I walk to the door with her to make sure her mum is still there. Her mum has plugged her phone into one of the outside school sockets and made herself comfortable on the floor playing on her phone. So when she sees I've sent her daughter back out, she gets up and says "oh she wants to stay and draw with her friends". So this woman has sent her back in without even having the decency to ask me first. So I tell her "School finished at 3 today, she's already 20minutes late going home, I'm busy cleaning, she can't come back in" although a little politer than this. I go back to cleaning, she's hanging around, giving her daughter these sympathetic, oh poor us, looks, and look how mean your teacher is, it's not me making you go home. Which is annoying me, but I'm ignoring her. Then she calls me over and says "you're here anyway, I don't understand why she can't just stay". I was blown away by this entitled attitude, so I point blank told her "if every parent had this attitude, all the kids would stay late playing and I wouldn't be able to get my work done." She then backed down and left. I was fuming, the kid hasn't been back since, I assume she's sick. I've spoken to my colleagues and my manager who all agree I was in the right, but we are all teachers and it can be a bit of an echo chamber. Technically it would've made no difference if she was in the classroom or not, but from experience it's important to set boundaries early on with this type of parent.
So reddit AITA?
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2023.03.26 07:12 DrAwesomeX Pitching Phase 6 of the DCU, the end of the, “Chaos Saga”

(Note: This is Part 2 of 3)
Considering the themes of this Phase, it’s time we introduce one of DC’s most powerful characters ever. The Spectre. The Spectre is established to have existed within this universe for a while. He is said to have crossed paths with both Wonder Woman & John Constantine before, and has been around for roughly the past 2 decades. He has helped balance the magic within our realm for decades, defeating countless demons determined to undo his work. Speaking of demons, the villain is Eclipso, who is trying to do just that. Jill Carlyle also allies with the JSA, having to fight the influence of the Lords of Order making her want to murder Eclipso. What’s so significant about this is that The Spectre is the Spirit of Vengeance, yet, for some reason, Jill is calling herself that. It’s a movie all about the question of what is good and what is evil. How do our perceptions of such concepts really matter within the grander universe, and what if the supposedly “good,” forces were pushing someone to do something against their will? Jill is significant in the fact that she was a former lawyer who was actually trying to reduce June Moone’s sentence, as she was unaware of her actions whilst under the spell of the Echantress. But of course, “magic,” doesn’t really hold up in court. Given her ties to another user held against their will to commit acts for the Lords of Chaos, the Lords of Order did the same for Jill, christening her as the new Crimson Avenger (a reference to Earth’s first active hero). Eclipso was a force the JSA fought in the past, but he’s since been revived to up the Lords of Chaos’ army, as a war is brewing. More and more are being used as puppets for the Lords of Chaos & Order, and with the help of the JSA, they hope to once and for all stop Eclipso, and in affect undo Jill’s curse.
Really debated whether or not I should put this here, but given he’s one of our leading figures in this Saga, it felt right to continue Khalid’s story. Now fully owning the title of Doctor Fate, Khalid has been tasked with repairing the world of its evils. The film even opens up with Khalid not fighting, but healing John Monroe, a professor at Central City University, who managed to somehow turn himself into a humanoid Weasel. Whereas other heroes fight their enemies, Doctor Fate has made a name for himself for literally curing his foes. And when he cannot cure them, he helps aid them in whatever way he can. Such is the case with Dr. Kirk Langstrom, a former scientist from Gotham, who after countless battles with the Dark Knight, has finally gotten to a point where his mind has stabilized, and he can act like his old-self, at the cost of a humanoid bat-like figure. Kirk, nicknamed the, “Man-Bat,” by the press, is helping aid Khalid in a suddenly large amount of animalistic human villains. Khalid confines in The Parliament, a meeting between all the major magical figures to discuss this. The Lords of Order & Chaos, the Template, the Parliament of Trees, and the Divided. The group shoo away Khalid, but before he leaves, the Template instruct Khalid to look more into what he’s currently investigating, and implant within him the name, “Mike Maxwell.” Journeying to South African, Khalid and Kirk meet Maxwell, a former ranger turned hero named B’Wana Beast. B’Wana Beast is an avatar of the Red, akin to how Khalid serve the Lords of Order. Together, they uncover that The Red are well aware of the lords plans to abandon this galaxy, and have commanded Mike to create new life and protect the remaining life on Earth in the hopes that the Lords of Order will overturn their decision to cast Earth into complete chaos. Khalid must plead his case with the Lords of Order, all while trying to show the good in Earth. The villain of the film is Equinox, a being made via an agreement from the Lords of Chaos and Order to replace Khalid for not properly fixing Earth. Obsessed with balance, Equinox found that it was nearly impossible to create balance in such an imbalanced world, and betrays the Lords of Chaos and Order once he finds out he was not made by them, but was stolen from Earth, and given false memories to make him believe otherwise. Bitter after learning this, he wants to create a universe in his own image in order to achieve pure balance. Khalid, with help from B’Wana Beast and Man-Bat, go on a journey of self-discovering, ultimately ending in Equinox giving up his quest, but telling Khalid that they’ll meet again…just not in this universe.
9. BLUE & GOLD (HBO Max)
Its time we explore the adventures of Ted Kord and Booster Gold. It’s especially important to place this here given what we’re gonna see in the middle of this phase. Wanting to be noticed across the globe (and tired of being mistaken for Green Lantern), Booster Gold decides to go back in time and alter history ever so slightly to make him a founding member of the League, an event which rattled the timeline so hard that Ted & Jon get sent across to multiple earths. This will see several depictions of other iconic heroes in different timelines, as well as the introduction of the Shinning Knight & Vigilante, both of which the duo save from certain death. This will also help set up stuff after the end of the Chaos Saga. Other versions of iconic heroes we’ll see are President Calvin Ellis, Stan Lee’s “Just Imagine,” Justice League, Injustice, and even a nod to DCeased in the form of a zombie Robin trying to break into Blue Beetle’s ship. By the end, the duo manage to undo Booster Gold’s colossal error, believing to have fixed the timeline. That is, until another superhero from their world confronts them, setting up Season 2
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2023.03.26 07:10 MathematicianPast107 Driver's license unlocks with all gold. 100% Manual working.

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2023.03.26 07:09 Ebb-Ill My new maxed out 150 mod load order hope it works any final thoughts?

Xbox one series S
Mods: 150 / total space used: 4.94 / free space: 58.40
Master Files: - USSEP - USCCCP - USMP SE - Lux - Master File - Lux - Resources - Lux Via v1.6 - Master File - Lux Orbis - Master File
Foundations: - Cutting Room Floor - usmp cutting room floor patch - Even Better Quest Objectives - EBQO Cutting Room Floor Patch - cheat room - Guard Dialogue Overhaul - usmp gdo patch - World Encounters Overhaul
Menu/UI/Font Changes: - oculus main menu and loading screen replacer - Dialogue Interface Reshaped - skyhud dissonance preset
Quest Alterations: - JaySerpa's Quest Expansion Bundle - World Eater Beater - Better Thieving Updated - darker brotherhood V2 - Jiub's Opus & Arvak's Skull Quest Markers - Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers - gildergreen regrown
Pure Craftables: - Ars Metallica - Mystic Condenser updated - free crafting - bandolier bags and pouches - cloaks & capes - wearable lanterns
Game Mechanics/race editions: - unread books glow sse - Better Horses - Wear Multiple Rings - Recover Cities - Quick - Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions - Improved Adoptions - Multiple adoptions Add-On - Sacrosanct - Growl
Level Progression: - 50 pct more perk points
Perk Overhaul: - ordinator
Magic addition and Overhauls: - Odin - ordinator compatibility patch
Item and Loot Leveled List: -DLC integration
Enemy NPC Leveled List: - bellyache’s tougher dragons - a side order of dragons
Audio: - chapter II - audio sfx overhaul
WeatheAtmosphere - DAWN dramatic atmosphere, weathers, & nature
Grass Landscape Mods: - catmojo unique grasses
Landscape/Grass Fixes: - Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods - Landscape Seam Fixes
Skin Mesh & Textures/Skeletons: - XP32 maximum skeleton+realistic ragdolls and force - RS Children optimized - vanilla tweaks animals & creatures refresh - bellyache’s choice animal replacer - splendor dragon varients
Idles and Animations: - 360 Walk and Run Standalone - Headtracking - Fully Scripted - 5poiler animation overhaul
General Mesh/Textures: - Smim 1k static mesh improvement mod - Magical Forces and FX - Tamriel reloaded hd aio - Skyland LODs - omen armor, weapons & clothing - black and gold armor retexture - elsopa quivers redone - awesome artifacts anniversary edition - Awesome artifacts ordinator patch - embers xd 1k - cc camping embers xd patch
NPC AI: - Undead Beloved - Serana Dialogue Edit - Serana Dialogue Add-On - SD add on SDE patch - SD add on rdo Patch - Run For Your Lives - Crime Overhaul
NPC/PC Immersion: - Double Beds Are For Two People - Rich Merchants of Skyrim - Realistic Conversations - Immersive Patrols lite - there will be blood and bubbles lite
NPC/PC Facial Modifications: - kalilies npcs unp - Bijin all in one by rxkx22 - pandorable’s males double pack
Interior Lighting/Decorating: - JK's Interiors AIO - Jk’s Interiors AIO USSEP patch - jk’s Interiors aio fishing patch - jk’s Interiors AIO Mystic Condenser Patch - jk's interiors aio embers xd patch
Light Multiple Exterior Edits: - point the way - bridges of Skyrim - Carriage stops of Skyrim - CSOS survival patch - dark ages trees of the north - Divine forest
Single Area Edits: - Fort Dawnguard - Brighter and Cleaner - heartwood castle guard version
Multiple Area Edits: - JK's Skyrim AIO - jk’s interior aio jk’s Skyrim aio patch - pets of Skyrim jk Skyrim cc patch - Jk’s Skyrim cc fishing patch - jk’s Skyrim cc the gray cowl patch - The Great Cities, Towns, and Villages Bundle - embers xd jk's skyrim aio patch - TGCTAVB and JK's Skyrim AIO Patch - mystical scholarship the magical college bundle 1k - magical college of winterhold anniversary patch - Lux Orbis v3.0 - lux orbis and USSEP patch - lux orbis Cutting Room Floor patch - lux orbis jk’s Interiors AIO patch - Lux orbis jk’s Skyrim AIO patch - lux orbis The Great Cities/Towns/Villages Bundle Patches, - Lux orbis mystical scholarship / mystical college of winterhold patch - embers xd lux orbis patch (for jk skyrim aio) - lux orbis embers xd patch - Lux Via plugin - lux via Cutting Room Floor Patch
Unique Item Locations:
Combat Mods: - BIG: Ultimate Kills - Complete Archery Overhaul - Blade and Blunt - blade and blunt Timed Block - Mortal Movement blade and blunt - NO BS AI projectile dodge
Unique Follower Mods: - My Home Is Your Home - odahviing serving you at last
Quest Mods: - Civil War Quest Immersion Bundle - Faction: Pit Fighter - faction pit fighter Travels Add-On
Map Mods
Bottom LO: - Lux (v6.3) - Lux USSEP patch - lux anniversary cc patch bundle - lux Cutting Room Floor patch - lux JK's Interiors AIO patch - lux JK's Skyrim AIO - Lux magical college of winterhold/ mystical scholarship patch - lux The Great Cities/Towns/Villages Bundle Patches - lux embers xd patch - Amazing Follower Tweaks - AFT AE (combines with the mod above and makes it into 1 mod so does not count as another mod slot) - jayserpa’s quest expansion bundle aft patch - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - rdo crf + ussep patch - usmp rdo patch - jk’s Interiors aio rdo patch - rdo aft patch - Dawn waters w/ natural waterfalls - Alternate Start - Even Better Quest Objectives alternate start patch - JK's Interiors AIO Patches
A few tips if you plan to make edits to this load order. Hope they help make sense abit on how things work if I’m wrong on anything I’m still learning and far from an expert and happy to receive any advice
read mods and place them in load order according pay attention for compatibility issues with other mods. Basically if it is a similar category for example weather mods they will have issues with other unless they have patches Keep an eye out for patches between certain mods place the patch after the 2nd mod is downloaded Texture/mesh mods overwrite each other and can be stackable most cases (not always read descriptions and compatibility) place te texture you want to keep below it will overwrite the particular item in that bundle if your doing a single/multiple textures
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2023.03.26 07:09 ilikejankylankyig 2 concepts in one! First one you see is Windows 9, without and with the start menu open. The other one is Windows Green.

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2023.03.26 07:07 Queasy_Newspaper_373 Rare conservative reporter W with the term ‘pecker checker’ for Ron DeSantis…Hassan, thoughts?

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2023.03.26 07:05 Cheap_Ad_8837 my list of changes (opinion)

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2023.03.26 07:04 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - ONE Championship: Superlek ‘OK’ with Rodtang’s seminar tour after last-minute fight withdrawal South China Morning Post

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2023.03.26 07:03 Pure_Gonzo The campaign has gone much differently than planned and it's great!

If you are a member of The Bruzers, don’t read this.
Wanted to share how wonderful and fun it can turn out if you don’t lock your campaign down into a narrow path and let your players guide the story, while still maintaining your intended plot.
Some background: I DM an in-person home game of six players in a homebrew world and we are 21 sessions in at this point. The world is a high-magic setting and the major defining feature is a network of magical portals and leylines connected by an ancient network whose origin is thought to be understood but the players will eventually learn that the known story around the network is very different and involves gods and betrayal and ancient civilizations and blah, blah, blah.
The campaign was supposed to start in this fashion:
The player characters meet on a wagon (Skyrim style), having all answered the same call for work investigating some livestock killings in a nearby small town. That job would lead to an ancient set of ruins which would turn out to be a lost node of the network mentioned above. That would set off a series of events of other cities and town leaders trying to claim the node and political and economic intrigue. That was the intended path.
I opened the campaign with a random bandit attack on the wagon, as so many first sessions do, just to see how the group fought together. It was meant to be a nothing fight of little consequence. The players, however, unexpectedly kept a bandit alive and dragged him to the town that hired them to imprison and interrogate him. This bandit suddenly had to become a named NPC and have a little more of a background. I randomly had him name-drop a local crime boss, who was meant to be a bit player in this whole story, as the person who hired them. Again, they weren’t really meant to chase this lead, but holy shit chase they did.
This crime boss became their focus. They finished the opening job, then focused on that guy instead of where I meant them to go, which was the ancient ruins. Instead, they followed a breadcrumb trail south to a town that I then had to flesh out. They got some info there that then led them to a casino town, which I then had to build and unexpectedly flesh out. In that town I ended up placing an NPC crucial to a player’s backstory, they met a casino owner, got involved in a fight club and helped quell a riot in the town. They gained allies, found new info on one player’s background and story, earned a bunch of money gambling and found some magical items — none of this was in my original plans.
We’re now 20 sessions in and the players finally got back to the original town and went down into the ruins as they were meant to do by about session two or three. The crime boss who was supposed to be a small player is now a much bigger villain who they’ve encountered a few times. My original story is so vastly different than what I originally outlined and I fucking love it. And the best part is, judging by the player conversations I see in our Discord, to them it feels like this is how things were always meant to go and they’re having a blast. It’s so great!
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2023.03.26 07:02 Mercourious Taco Titan

Prompt: Create a super hero origin story for a man that eats a radioactive taco and gains super powers.
Title: The Rise of Taco Titan
In the bustling city of Texopolis, known for its vibrant culture and world-famous cuisine, a man named Jack Mendez lived an ordinary life. Jack worked as a software developer by day and spent his evenings exploring the city's culinary offerings. Tacos were his passion, and he would try them from every food truck and hole-in-the-wall restaurant he could find.
One fateful evening, Jack came across a new taco truck he had never seen before. Intrigued, he decided to give it a try. The menu was minimal, with only one item listed – "The Atomic Taco." Never one to shy away from a challenge, Jack ordered the mysterious taco, oblivious to the events about to unfold.
As Jack took his first bite, the flavors were unlike anything he had ever experienced. His taste buds were bombarded with intense, otherworldly spices. Unbeknownst to him, the taco had been exposed to a rare isotope that had fallen from the sky, contaminating the ingredients with radioactive properties.
Feeling a sudden surge of energy, Jack's body began to tingle and his senses heightened. Within minutes, he realized that his life had changed forever. The radioactive taco had granted him extraordinary powers.
Jack discovered he had the ability to absorb and manipulate the elements from the tacos he consumed. With fiery jalapeños, he could summon scorching flames; with the power of avocado, he could create impenetrable shields; and with a single grain of salt, he could manipulate the gravitational pull around him.
Realizing the potential for good, Jack decided to dedicate his newfound abilities to fight crime and protect Texopolis from harm. He became the Taco Titan, a symbol of hope in a city plagued by danger.
Donning a cape with the colors of a taco shell and a mask with the emblem of an atomic molecule, the Taco Titan would patrol the streets, seeking out evil and keeping the city safe. His signature move, "The Guac Smash," became feared by criminals everywhere.
But with great power comes great responsibility, and Jack soon found that his powers were tied to his hunger. To maintain his strength and protect Texopolis, he would need to consume a steady diet of tacos, each imbued with the specific elemental properties he required.
As Jack continued to refine his powers, he also became an advocate for the importance of local cuisine and cultural identity. He inspired the citizens of Texopolis to take pride in their heritage and stand up against those who threatened their way of life.
Through his heroics as the Taco Titan, Jack Mendez became a symbol of hope and unity. His story serves as a testament to the power of embracing one's passion and using it for the greater good, proving that sometimes, even the most ordinary beginnings can give rise to extraordinary heroes.
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2023.03.26 07:00 goofyahhname1234 Trading this for any 2m value fruits eccept for paw and gravity

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2023.03.26 06:58 MammothSouthern7717 Which of these CPUs would be the fastest option for my HP Pavilion dv7 4063ca (2010)?

I need to upgrade the CPU as much as possible to make this laptop a beast for simply for fun. The service menu for the 4060, which I'm pretty sure is the same, says the following CPUs are compatible, but I don't know which one is the fastest. Which should I choose? I'm sure they can all be had for $20- CAD on Ebay. It currently has an N830 tri-core CPU. Already added a fast SSD and 8gb RAM and may upgrade screen later on.
AMD Athlon™ X2 Dual-Core N330 Dual-Core, 35W, 2.3-GHz with 1.0-MB L2 cache AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core P320 Dual-Core, 25W, 2.1-GHz with 1.0-MB L2 cache AMD Phenom X2 Dual-Core N620 Dual-Core, 35W, 2.8-GHz with 2.0-MB L2 cache AMD Phenom X2 Dual-Core P820 Tri-Core, 25W,1.8-GHz with 1.5-MB L2 cache AMD Phenom X2 Dual-Core N830 Tri-Core, 35W, 2.1-GHz with 1.5-MB L2 cache AMD Phenom X2 Dual-Core N930 Quad-Core, 35W, 2.0-GHz with 2-MB L2 cache AMD Phenom X2 Dual-Core P920 Quad-Core, 25W, 1.6-GHz with 2.0-MB L2 cache AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core N530 Dual-Core, 35W, 2.5-GHz with 2.0-MB L2 cache AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core P520 Dual-Core, 25W, 2.3-GHz with 2.0-MB L2 cache 
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2023.03.26 06:56 Professional_h inter-racial couple: 33M 31F dating for 8 months v seriously. My gf (31F) started crying during a concert because she saw her ex

I'm a 33m dating my gf (31F) for eights months. We're an interracial couple. I'm south Asian and she's white. Things have been going really well. We communicate well and meet both of our parents which for me is a big step. (My parents are immigrants and have never met any of my partners)
We went to a concert tonight with one of my closest couple friends and as soon we find a place to stand, she crying uncontrollably. I ask her what's going on and she says she saw her ex (ex is white, not that it matters). She cried for half of the concert. My friends saw it and def knew something was off.
My gf and I were friends prior to us dating and she told me she hooked up with said ex, one random weekend. She told she feels nothing for him and I have nothing to worry. We started dating a month after this.
We talked about it tonight after the concert before bed. She said she doesn't know why she reacted the way she did, she doesn't have any feelings for him. He treated her poorly and that it was the pain from the past that caused her have an emotional reaction and plus we had a few drinks. She reassured me again that she doesn't feel anything for him.
I'm just having a hard time figuring out how to handle this. I want to be kind and caring but I'm hurt. I feel like she's not over him and I feel like I've started a relationship with someone who hasn't figured out they feel about their ex and deep down inside she wishes it worked out with him.
Thank you if you made it this far
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2023.03.26 06:54 Natnar10 Xbox one multiplayer fixes

Hello, I’ve noticed a lot of new played in the subreddit! Welcome! I play a lot on the Xbox one. Definitive Edition. The multiplayer has been buggy for as long I’ve played it. You try to join someone’s game and it just won’t let you for a variety of issues. Here is some known fixes my friends and I have figured out for the game! This is for Xbox only as I don’t play PC or PS. Although everyone is welcome to add their fixes as well!
Save your game by changing the fighting style to analog to fight or vice versa. Open the menu and quit the game. Go to your home page of your Xbox. Push the button with the three lines and push quit. Have all players do this. Try it again.
If that doesn’t work, have someone else be the host. If that doesn’t work restart the whole console. If that doesn’t work, I have one last tip. If you own Riptide open that game up and start a multiplayer game on there. Quit then open dead island and attempt to play with your friends. That last one I’ve had work every single time.
Good luck!
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2023.03.26 06:52 natoy1234 Trading this for 2m value fruits eccept for paw and grav

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2023.03.26 06:51 ailiseulee First time indoor plant enthusiast - is this Thai constellation?

First time indoor plant enthusiast - is this Thai constellation?
Just bought this for NZD$90 which is about USD$56. Did I get a good deal? Any tips for not killing it? It's in home made mix of 1 part perlite, 1 part compost, 1 part top soil and some Coco peat at the moment. When I repot there was some root rot but also saw some fresh young ones too. I can see another leaf sprouting! Currently facing south east facing window at the moment. I just think the monstera Thai constellation is so pretty 😍 can't wait to see this grow!! TIA
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2023.03.26 06:48 AggressiveHomework49 Saw a suited man with black and white jester face paint

I have started experimenting with active imagination. My first view was of a man in a tux with all white face paint think almost dia de Los muertos style but more like jester style face paint and a pompadour haircut. He seemed dead or at least that what the thought that flew through my mind or feeling maybe. I honestly got a little spooked and my timer went off and it’s strange coming back it almost feels like snapping back to reality like waking up from a trance. Is the fear and trance like state normal. Is active imagination really just hypnagogic trance states? How does one integrate the seemingly spooky parts of your imagination. What could the man mean? Or is there no way to tell unless I revisit him and see where he takes me or transforms into? Possible it was nothing at all?
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2023.03.26 06:45 Reptani Pray the Conquistadores, Ch. 10: Consummation of Imperium

First Previous Next
“The gorgeous pageant has passed — the roar of battle has ceased — the multitude has sunk in the dust — the empire is extinct."
– Thomas Cole
Catalogue Description: Diary of Princess Elita sif Panya of the Lamfu Protectorate, Log 4 - English Translation
Date: 0-Pacpuf-436 (Panyan Royal Calendar) November 20th, 2162 (Gregorian Calendar)
Held by: The UK National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Apparently, there were thousands of frozen primate embryos aboard Erebus 2.
The disease, famine, and conquest which the Senghavi had inflicted upon the Terran civilization—whether intentional or not—had been devastating. Their “United Nations” had worried that humanity might fall below a minimum viable population. In equipping Erebus 2 with frozen embryos and Senghavi habitat fabrication technology, they had hoped to restart their civilization away from the prying eyes of the Crown.
It was true that, like the carnivores, the Senghavi were a species for whom the Gods had modelled an exponentially-increasing evolution of resources and energy. But even they would have trouble spotting a single, cloaked spacecraft amid the infinitude of space. Erebus 2 was meant to deliver humanity out of the darkness by ferrying its frozen offspring into the vast black of the cosmos—hence the mission name, an ancient Terran deity which personified darkness itself.
“This ‘Wormhole Empire Theory’ is… consistent with the theories of the secularists and sapientists within our scientific community,” my father replied. “You would call us an ‘Isolate,’ and the carnivores, an ‘Empire.’ I assume you did not want to… offend our religious sensibilities, so publicly over the video feed.”
“Well, you people seem to really like ‘the order of nature.’ But the moment that a species becomes advanced enough to punch through the fabric of space-time, then seize resources and planets at an exponential rate, seems a lot more like an unstable ‘equilibrium’ than a natural, stable one. I’m not sure if it’s compatible with what you… think of your Gods.”
“Do you have an understanding of how these wormholes are created?” my father asked. “You went through one to get here. Did you create it with stolen technology, or did you use one that had already been made?”
“The latter, Your Majesty. We believe a species becomes an Empire when it is able to use quantum entanglement and negative energy to puncture vast distances of space with wormholes. That sort of thing is… far beyond the capabilities of mankind, even before we were colonised.
“The physical details behind it aren’t really my area of study. I can tell you it involves fields of negative energy density, and I think they somehow use threads of quantum information stretched between quarks and antiquarks. There’s something in there about an electric field and a fourth dimension… You’ll have to ask Doctor Kuznetsov when we all meet up at the Red Citadel. He’s one of the most brilliant physicists our species has to offer.”
The semi-arid plains seemed to flow like a river as our police-escorted motorcade sped along the expressway. Electric aircraft crawled lazily through the opaque atmosphere, while colossal harvesters extracted aluminium and gallium-rich minerals near the Denfalli surface. Apparently, relative to Denfall, Earth had a less-dense planetary crust and a more heterogeneous distribution of metals. In order to access their own resources, the native Terrans had needed to resort to bombs and drills, forcing deep pits and shafts into their planet.
That was, if one believed that they had once had a complex society at all, as I did.
“Half of our thirty-one year journey was spent verifying the existence of, and searching for, a wormhole we theorised was orbiting Neptune—the eighth planet from our sun. We’d detected its gravitational effects and its distortion of light, and we thought that an error in the Senghavi’s cloaking technology must have exposed the structure’s throat. We had no idea where it led, but… we went through anyway. Thought had to be life on the other side. Maybe someone that could help us.”
The realisation hit me like a sudden noise, making me jump in my seat, and my heart flared in my chest. “You found a real-life wormhole in your solar system, and you went through without any idea of what was on the other side? That must have been terrifying! You could have ended up… in another galaxy, or at the edge of the universe, or something!”
Through his visor, I could see Doctor Moore’s face become sorrowful. Doctor Usman had the best grasp of Circpi, being the crew’s linguistic expert, but the other primates’ clumsier, more thickly-accented hold on our language was more interesting to listen to.
“That was not the hardest part,” said the dark-skinned biologist. “We were desperate. What made us more afraid... it was the situation of our species; the extinction of our culture and our sovereignty. And the distance away from our families... of my daughter. I want her to live in a better world, but it's not... easy, to be so far from my daughter, on a planet thousands of light-years away from Earth. It's not easy, being far away in space, when my daughter lives without her father for thirty-one years.
“When... We hear your conversations for the first time... Your communication that you have by neutrinos ... It was a sensation, an emotion, like no other. Finally, we had found extraterrestrial life! If I have to, I would travel a hundred times, again, through mysterious tunnels in space, just for this discovery. You are the greatest scientific discovery in the entire history of mankind.”
“Thirty-one years!” I exclaimed. “How long is your lifespan in the first place?”
“Most humans live to about seventy-two years on average,” Doctor Usman replied, suddenly seeming just as sullen as Doctor Moore. “Most of us left Earth in our early thirties. We’re over sixty now. Before our comms system failed, I kept in touch with the love of my life. Watched him age, as I did. My last message from him… I hold it close to my heart.”
The sheer isolation and loneliness of the Erebus 2 mission was difficult to wrap my mind around. Doctor Moore’s small, binocular eyes were moist and red. It seemed that crying was an emotional response in the primates, just like us!
I huddled next to Doctor Moore, putting my plastic-bound paw on his glove. I didn’t know what else I should do to comfort an extraterrestrial, so I resorted to physical affection, as is the habit of us Lamfu. To my surprise, the primate rubbed me behind the ears. Despite the barrier of polypropylene against synthetic fibres, his firm touch sent a tingly sensation down my skull and spine, and I leaned into it.
Through natural selection, us Lamfu evolved tall, sensitive ears to detect predators lurking in the wilderness, so that we might be more likely to survive and pass on our genes. Thus, we had a lot of nerve endings in those regions. Perhaps human fingers could stimulate them in a way our paws could not? It was all the more reason to sway our desperate extraterrestrial friends away from the far more impressive Imperium!
“We’d never be able to take on such a task,” the King said solemnly. “I can’t imagine many would. The carnivores and mantids must not be entirely right about you. We thought that, due to being palaeolithic hunter-gatherers, your species would have been barbaric and violent. But your lack of technology and connection with your primal nature has clearly made you more humble and honourable than us supposedly ‘civilised’ folk! You are, in a sense, noble savages!”
I knew he meant it as a complement, but it only seemed to anger Doctor Usman.
“We’re not… nevermind!” she snapped, blinking tears from her eyes. “We’ll talk about that part later. Now, the Senghavi have been mentioning this ‘Imperium of Orion’ since their boots first touched Terran soil. We theorised that this civilisation was another instance of an Empire—one potentially competing with the Senghavi. They take tribute from your planet, an Isolate, without sharing any of their science or technology with you.
“When we heard about the Prey-for-Protection system, we thought it was cruel… but your species doesn’t seem to have a problem with it, and we figured we couldn’t assume that human morality applied to extraterrestrials. Do you think the carnivores could help us?”
My father froze. Even our driver looked uncomfortable.
“N-No, no. It’s best to avoid them. Well—they help us, yes. They are vessels of the Gods. But… Well, you do not fit nicely into the faith of Krucuv Mishan. You violate the order of nature merely by attempting to resist being civilised by the Senghavi. Orion is no more likely to aid you than Parimth.”
I almost wanted to say “you are much safer with us,” but I stopped myself. If the primates caught onto our selfishness, they might forsake us. We all feared they would, in the unlikely but nerve-wracking event that, come the day of tribute, the Imperium would want these newcomers to join their interstellar empire.
“The way that Empires brainwash Isolates,” Doctor Usman sighed, shaking her head. “It’s disgusting. You’re probably half-right, Your Majesty. I bet the Imperium wouldn’t want anything to do with a puny Isolate like humankind—and we are under the control of their rival, anyway. But you’re wrong if you think resisting an imperialist is against the ‘order of nature.’ You’re letting your own inferiority complex cloud your view of us. Don’t tell anyone I said this…. but the Imperium of Orion and the Parimthian Empire can go fuck themselves.”
Such vulgarity in the presence of the King! But I could feel the tension in the air relax. We’d swayed at least part of the crew of Erebus 2, at least for now.
Still, the other five primates were still aboard their spacecraft, zipping around in Denfall’s orbit at [27,000 kilometres per hour]. How we were to prevent them from falling into the fold of our carnivorous protectors, it was far less certain.
At last, we neared our destination. The Red Citadel is where my father crafts his royal decrees, consults with his justices and knights to enforce them, and holds royal courts to settle the disputes and pleas of nobles.
The lords of Parliament meet in Denfall Castle, which isn't far from the Red Citadel. Though they are vassals of the King, they've carefully manoeuvred over the years to force this “King’s Code” on my family. Nowadays, my father needs their consent to levy extraordinary taxes, and they can compel him to redress the grievances of other nobles.
The Red Citadel loomed in the distance as we approached in our luxury groundcar. Doctor Moore gave my paw a gentle squeeze in the glove of his environment suit. Through his visor, I could see his mouth falling open at the sight of the mighty Citadel. As of the time that I am writing this, I cannot think of a more memorable structure. It is protected on all sides with mighty walls of clay-red sandstone, ivy creeping along their sides, battlements lining their tops. And today, behind those battlements, snipers were posted to ensure the safety of our new diplomats.
Natural selection and evolution had pushed us herbivore Lamfu to run and hop away in fright from predatory threats, so that we might be more likely to survive and pass on our genes. That trait has forced us to become excellent at the art of the defensive fortification, from which we can snipe our enemies from afar! A rebellious noble attempting to lay siege to the Red Citadel wouldn't last a day.
Peeking above the walls are the spires and buttresses of the royal manor. Overlooking the manor is the abbey, its pinnacles reaching much further beyond the crenellated walls and towers. The abbey is decorated with stained glass windows and minarets, which overlook the glittering lakes and fruit orchards.
Like the surrounding walls, the abbey, manor, and other buildings are also built of red sandstone. In contrast, Denfall Castle, where the lords of Parliament invariably congress with one another, is beige like its namesake: this planet of ours itself, arid or semi-arid all over. Smaller than the Red Citadel, Denfall Castle is more of a singular fortification than a protected complex.
My tail and ears lifted with gentle happiness as I thought of the old Abbot Eli. He administers the affairs of the abbey—a monastery centred on the faith of Krucuv Mishan. One of the fondest memories from my childhood was Abbot Eli showing me the huge tapestry of Fenya the Brave, which hung in the great south hall of the abbey.
The legendary Lamfu woven into the tapestry was depicted with a sniper rifle slung over her shoulder, unfurling a scroll in her hands in order to reveal divine scripture. Before her was a horde of ignorant canids, serpents, and vulpines, not realising that a meagre herbivore was going to enlighten them as to the order of nature.
I could still feel Abbot Eli’s comforting paw on my shoulder as he described the legend, his aged voice echoing in my mind. In the face of certain death, Fenya the Brave wasn’t fearless—but in her passion to solve our overpopulation and the suffering it entailed, she had stood up against her fear.
The great iron portcullis of the Red Citadel was raised to permit entry of our luxury motorcade. My father was already talking excitedly about grand feasts and festivities. As my family and I disembarked, we escorted four Terrans through the courtyard: Doctor Usman, Doctor Moore, Doctor Kuznetsov, and Miss Malone.
“We’ve got plenty of plants and meats for you to enjoy!” my father declared. Sprinklers washed over the manicured grass, a subtle reminder of our semi-arid homeworld’s limited vegetation and water supply. “You are an omnivorous species, correct?”
For a moment, it didn’t look like anyone was going to reply, as every Terran was struggling to process my father’s offer. Finally, Doctor Moore broke the silence.
“That is correct. We can eat many things, but… I'm going to have to examine some food you bring to determine what we can eat.”
“You sure, Moore?” Doctor Usman asked, raising an eyebrow. It must have been a courtesy to us that she spoke in Circpi to her fellow Terran. “Shouldn’t we wait a lot longer? I mean, this is the first truly alien ecosystem known to mankind. We’ve only been here a day.”
“We were in orbit for many months. I am done having fear. And they are not kind towards us? I am confident with the science and examination I can do to determine what we can eat. At a minimum, one person has to… examine what happens when they eat the food, correct?”
I was certain Brother Mopsi—the old, plump chef of the Cavern Hallow below the great red abbey—had outdone himself. During the moon-periods since we’d learned it was likely that the primates could ingest our food, he and his Kitchen fellows had toiled relentlessly. In preparation for the feast my father had wanted, they had undoubtedly prepared enough wines, seafood, and pastries to feed the entire Red Citadel for [~1 week].
“Forgive me,” Princess Ilyafi chimed in as we approached the abbey’s sculpted bronze doors. “You all seem… dazed? Or is it just the grandeur of the Red Citadel? Are you in shock?”
“Yes, I think,” Miss Malone said, rubbing her comparatively dainty shoulders. (Apparently, she was a skilled pilot and aerospace engineer). “All this is very… fast.”
“You are omnivores, so I’m guessing you evolved as both prey and predator. We evolved as just prey, and we’re quite familiar with the cardiovascular effects of fright and anxiety. Sustained stress can lead to hypovolemic shock and heart failure. Are you sure you are okay?”
“We are very, of course okay,” Doctor Kuznetsov assured us. The pale-faced physicist chuckled faintly, brushing a bit of dust from his visor. “Us humans are stronger than that. But Erebus 2 went through space for thirty-one years. Half of that was a voyage to the entrance of a wormhole near the edge of our solar system. We searched for the life that the Senghavi do not reveal to us. I had a… mate, and a… litter of children. I leave and they are alone, without me.
“And then… we heard patterns in the neutrino detectors. Something that must be man-made. Alien-made. After, the months in orbit go fast. And now we are here. We did not yet remove our suits. Yet, we are walking into a big castle, and you already offer this big feast. It is just like a dream. I almost think I simply hallucinate in Erebus 2, in some far place in the Milky Way, light-years far from any alien life.”
Another pang of sympathy sank into my heart. To witness the fall of their species, and then to be separated from their kits and their mates by thousands of light-years, must have pained the primates beyond my imagination.
Right as we reached the abbey’s entrance, a distant rush of air and the tapering purr of anti-grav generators resonated through the atmosphere.
My heart dropped with the weight of an anvil. Us Lamfu rose to crouch on our hind legs with upright posture, our ears high in the air for alertness, while the Terrans just looked blankly at the sky. A dark and massive shape swept down through Denfall’s opaque cloud cover.
The Imperium of Orion is here.
As we watched dumbly from the courtyard, their ship dropped [100 kilometres] in a mere [60 seconds]. In contrast, the landing shuttle of Erebus 2 had taken [~25 minutes] to go from the boundary of the atmosphere all the way to its landing strip.
We soon could not see the ship beyond the battlements of the Red Citadel, but my father ordered the portcullis open in order to let our carnivorous protectors in. Doctor Moore’s eyebrows were pressed together, the Terran’s lipped mouth having gone somewhat limp.
The fright which this arrival inflicted upon me nearly put me into hypovolemic shock. I say such a thing for two reasons.
For one thing, it was unprecedented that the carnivores entered Denfall directly like this. They only took such an action on very special occasions. Usually, we sent the tribute to them by flying the victims of Prey-for-Protection out to their space stations ourselves.
And for the other, even when they did enter Denfall, I’d never actually seen one in person. Well, except for my glimpse of the Kursef diplomat, that frightful night as a child.
Yet here I was, watching a delegation of two more extraterrestrial species and one Denfalli species march into the courtyard. They had disregarded personal protection gear entirely. With such great exposure to the universe and such advanced technology, they were confident enough not to care about alien diseases.
Beyond the opened portcullis, the ship perched upon the sands outside the Red Citadel was a fortress of black stone, fringed with defensive bastions, its gun turrets peering through battlements. A dark bird of prey, into whose predatory talons I would soon be swept into.
“Jesus Christ,” Doctor Moore murmured, so quiet as to verge on inaudible. He absently dropped his bag of scientific instruments, seeming completely awestruck. “Usman, what are we looking at?”
“Empire,” Doctor Usman replied, her voice glassy.
“And three more confirmed extraterrestrial species,” Doctor Kuznetsov added. “And… our crew!”
Among the delegation of soldiers and dignitaries were two species I had previously not seen more than once: the serpentine Kursef and five more primate Terrans. There were also two species I’d never seen in person at all: the hulking, canid Warcs and the delicate, vulpine Pondwir.
“Hawthorne!” Doctor Usman yelled, her voice carrying across the courtyard. “What… What is this?”
One of the five primates within the delegation broke away from them, jogging towards our primates. He cut a curious figure in the grass, a slender biped in a moss-green EVA suit. He, too, was crying behind his visor. His eyes were red with tears. My gut felt a madness in those eyes.
The UN logo that was supposed to be on his shoulder looked like it had been painted over with the fang-on-star insignia of the Imperium of Orion.
“It is the culmination of these thirty-one years,” Hawthorne said to Doctor Usman, his voice breaking with emotion. He, too, spoke Circpi instead of English, but it was likely out of pressure from the carnivores, and not as a courtesy to us. “God has given it to us. We have braved the trials of space, and He has rewarded us. There really is another Empire, and it has taken our side!”
“What?” Doctor Usman asked. She glanced at my father, who shuffled uneasily. “What you’ve encountered is incredible, Hawthorne. What are these species?”
Hawthorne gestured at the delegation of soldier-protected dignitaries. “The Warcs are intelligent canid-like mammals. They evolved on this planet, adapting to hunt these Lamfu as their staple food source. It was by coevolution of predator and prey adaptations that both Warcs and Lamfu developed sapient intelligence.
“Then, there are the Kursef. They are serpent-like reptiles who swallow their prey whole—just like Earth snakes. It’s a remarkable example of convergent evolution! They are the ones who founded this Imperium.”
Imperium. The word seemed to stab Doctor Usman in the stomach. She looked at my father again, her eyes as hard as rock.
“I thought… you said they wouldn’t aid us?” she asked.
But my father, the King of us Lamfu, was silent in his shame.
“Then, the Pondwir,” Doctor Hawthorne went on. I assumed he should bear the title Doctor; the humans considered such a word to be a title, and he seemed to know as much about biology as Doctor Moore. “They are vulpine-like mammals who were nearly hunted to extinction by the colonisers. By the Senghavi. Their hides were coveted for the softness of their fur.”
“Hunting sapient beings?” Doctor Usman huffed. ”The Senghavi just keep getting better and better.”
As the rest of the delegation caught up, my ears perked up with that sort of stress and anxiety which is amplified through millions of years of coevolution at the near-bottom of the food web.
I did not mind the Pondwir, and might in fact have felt fascinated by them. They were far shorter and daintier than primates, despite their ecological role as carnivores.
The limbless, emotionless Kursef gave me chills, though that fright was more likely rooted in my childhood sighting of a Kursef than anything else. Indeed, they were animals who fed on prey, but they were too different from mammalian life to have imbued an innate fear within me. That my fear of them was somewhat of a learned, paranormal one, rather than a rational one, was comforting, in a way.
But the Warcs… Just as my anxiety was one swollen through millions of years’ worth of drawing adaptations from random mutations in a nightmarish evolutionary arms race, so, too, were their hunting adaptations. In muscle and body mass, the canid Warcs surpassed the primates threefold. The fright they caused me was neither learned nor fantastical. It was primal, an unshakeable decree by the state of nature; a feeling as natural as hunger, thirst, mating, or self-preservation.
The Warcs and us Lamfu are what we are because of each other.
The blind watchmaker selected for us our sensitive ears and wide eyesight to detect the Warcs. The Warcs evolved razor-sharp smell and keen vision to track us down. We passed on genes for powerful, digitigrade hind legs to flee them. They evolved an athletic, durable body to pursue us. Those of us with camouflage to hide for our lives were then the ones to survive and reproduce. Yet the Warcs, too, evolved camouflage to hunt so they would not starve. We rose above our animalism into a sense of reason in order to better protect ourselves. They evolved their own sense of reason, so that they might create tools to hunt and live.
In that sense, we and the Warcs owe our lives to one another. It is basic primary-school knowledge that both species attempted coexistence for millennia. Both sides did their best, truly. And both sides screwed up. The Red Citadel is built in the very metropolis that once shone as the crowning jewel of coexistence, partnership, and peace between predator and prey.
Yet, in the end, we proved we were all merely animals. The Warcs’ exodus from Denfall, into the dark infinity of space, is among the most significant and complex chapters in Denfalli history.
Perhaps the primates were lucky, in that they did not share a homeworld with the Senghavi. Their civilization had suffered a fatal devastation, indeed, but they had the privilege of a black-and-white world.
After all, I could only imagine the confused moral state in which the humans would find themselves, had they suddenly needed to grapple with the idea that the Senghavi had originated from Earth.
I huddled closer to Doctor Moore, instinctively reaching to grab his tail for support—only to remember the primates had lost their tails millions of years ago. In an action I construed as protectiveness, he positioned himself in front of me.
“A single Pondwir hide was worth the equivalent of trillions of euros,” Doctor Hawthorne said solemnly. “When the Pondwir tried to resist their slaughter at the hands of the colonisers, their homeworld was glassed by the Parimthian Crown. But the Kursef and Warcs lifted them from the ashes. Together, they are the Imperium of Orion—and we can join, too!”
Doctor Usman looked uneasily at the towering Warc ambassador, shaking in her environment suit. She lifted a hand to gesture to the opaque sky. “S-slow down! If you’re all here, then who the hell is operating Erebus 2?”
Erebus 2 is meaningless now. Don’t you see? We are talking about a civilisation that produces [400 trillion terawatt-hours] of energy in one hour. Their ships number in the hundreds of thousands, just like the Senghavi. Their reach spans thousands of light-years. We’re saved, Usman. All of us.”
Flanked by soldiers, the colossal Warc ambassador took a menacing step forward. My father might have perished of heart failure right then and there. The Warc’s dark fur accentuated his gleaming yellow eyes. “My Princess is as beautiful as always, Your… Majesty. Indeed, her devourment will so glorify the order of nature, she alone will earn Paradise for thousands of your people!”
“My” Princess? As always? I shouldn’t have been surprised that the Warcs knew so much more about us than we knew about them, but the focus on me by a creature I’d never seen made me squirm in my personal protection suit.
“Yes, yes; it seems as such,” the Kursef diplomat hissed, its side-facing eyes like orbs of cold-blooded glass. “What a glorious day it has been! We are not only treated to royal flesh and bone, but we have finally seen a proper introduction to these fascinating primates.”
My father struggled to find his voice. “Y-You were not… Supposed to arrive, until… W-Why are you here so soon?”
“The human tribes of Earth may be snivelling, pagan things so far,” the Warc announced heartily, “but the Senghavi missed out on something big. Something big indeed! This species is full of fire, Your Majesty. We didn’t realise how brightly they burned with potential.”
At this point, all members of the Royal Security Service had scampered away. In my tense nerves, I had forgotten that they were even here. My siblings remained, however, and Ilyafi spoke up. She had always been the bravest of us.
“We will remember my sister as more than a sacrifice,” she said defiantly. “We will celebrate her devourment as the holy will of Nisma and Unatl, but we will celebrate her life and her memory in kind.”
“Hawthorne,” Doctor Usman said steadily. “These creatures constitute an Empire. They don’t care for Isolates. We are Astronaut-Ambassadors who represent the UN. They practise expansionism, conquest, and murder on a galactic scale. The values of the Charter of the United Nations are incompatible with such a civilisation.”
Doctor Hawthorne’s gaze hardened. “We travelled for thirty-one years for the salvation of all mankind. I watched my children grow up from light-years away—and for what, if not this? This is a gift from God, Usman. The Senghavi were merely His wrath upon a godless, decadent humanity. This is His forgiveness. This is His Grace.”
“If you want to bring faith into this, Hawthorne… Doctor Moore considers himself ‘saved,’ just like you. But he will back me.”
The remaining crew members of Erebus 2 stood securely among the delegation of carnivores. As Doctor Usman and Doctor Hawthorne stared each other down, I found myself hugging the leg of Doctor Moore’s environment suit.
Now, I truly understood my species’ galacto-political selfishness. Doctor Moore wouldn’t leave me for the Imperium… Would he?
“And what of the embryos, Hawthorne? We can’t take any risks, and we know next to nothing about extraterrestrial society and psychology. I am the commander of Erebus 2, and I won’t allow their seizure at the hands of these… these imperialists!”
“We cannot make a… rash choice,” Doctor Moore added, his emotions only highlighting his poor proficiency in Circpi. “Seeing the… way, the character of the Imperium is easy, just through seeing their actions and their manners. We cannot… insult their evils, if we do those evils to… other Isolates. And Usman is right. We are still the UN.”
“Half, then,” Doctor Hawthorne breathed. “You might still fancy yourselves as UN employees, but we don’t. The number of embryos is intentionally redundant. You take 10,000. We’ll take the other half. Just—please—don’t try to stop us.”
Then, to everyone’s shock, Doctor Hawthorne drew steady, confident hands towards the neckline of his helmet. He manipulated its various clips and devices with those dexterous primate fingers the humans had. His grey-irised eyes were closed as he undid the final latches, and the helmet jerked upward slightly, jets of oxygen puffing out from the neckline.
At that moment, those grey-irised eyes snapped open, their gaze suddenly bleeding with fear. His legs and gloved fingers were trembling, devoid of the bravery that seemed to have once been coursing through his veins just seconds ago. He looked uneasily at his crewmates while lifting the helmet, its various lights and indicators blinking out as the wires were disconnected from the suit.
He took a deep, sighing breath, letting our planet’s warm, dry air pour into his respiratory system. His eyes never left his crewmates, who still seemed on-edge, despite the ease with which he breathed.
“Okay, Hawthorne,” Doctor Usman replied softly. “Half. Let’s start there. And let’s talk about this in the abbey.”
“If it is your wish to bless the unblessed sands of this simpering pit that is Denfall with 10,000 more of you,” the Kursef ambassador purred, “that is your call. But as our vulpine companions can attest, the galaxy is an undulating, unruly tide. It can be hard to predict the steady future into which the Gods have offered for you to settle.
“Your rightful place, humanity, is at the top. But don’t consider it a fate unto which you will tend regardless of where you start. Only our Imperium can provide you with the proper conditions such that you can endure your hardship with faith in your deliverance. Such is the order of nature.”
“Krucuv Mishan,” Doctor Kuznetsov murmured. As he was a physicist, I wasn’t surprised he could recognize the maths-infused patterns of our religious faith within the Kursef’s spiel. “You used it to have dominance over the Lamfu. Now, you want to have dominance over us, too.”
“Don’t shirk this opportunity, primates,” the Pondwir ambassador said softly. “My people understand your quiet rage.”
Everyone looked at the Pondwir, even my family and I. He seemed full of sympathy. Only a little taller than us, it was the first time the short little creature had spoken since the delegation entered the courtyard of the Red Citadel.
The Warc diplomat froze me in his gaze. Hunger—both as the physiological adaptation of an apex predator, and as the lust for dominance over others that exists in all sapient beings—burned with the heat of molten gold in his yellow eyes. “We have someone to take before you go through those doors… Doctor Moore. The beauteous and maidenly Princess Elita is mine, not yours!
Defiant, my primate companion stood between the Warc and I, while my father whimpered.
“Look towards this, Hawthorne,” Doctor Moore cried. “We are part of the UN. We promote rights of humans. This is not rights of humans! This is not life or liberty, or the idea that God creates all equal! This is a second-class citizen and murder that the law allows!”
‘Equality,’ ‘liberty,’ ‘sapient rights,’ and ‘sapientism’ are mere colonialist ideals imposed upon your species by the decadent Senghavi colonists,” the Kursef ambassador hissed. “You already know they manipulated and perverted your history. Don’t bend your knee to your oppressors.”
The manicured grass left my polyethylene boots as Doctor Moore lifted me from the ground, backing away from the massive Warc. The Warc snarled, hackles raising.
A hairless mammal with hardly any natural weapons at all was stealing the prey—me—of a carnivore that had evolved specifically to kill and feast upon organisms like us. The tears in my eyes blurred my surroundings.
Doctor Moore didn’t stand a chance—and given the chilling words of these diplomats from the Imperium of Orion, neither, I thought, did Doctor Usman’s side of Erebus 2.
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#Around the World in 80 days Season 2 - release date of new episodes


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The journey will continue after the release date of season 2
Good news came from movie bosses for fans of Jules Verne. Bosses said that viewers should wait until the 2nd season of the TV series "Around the World in 80 Days" is released — the adventure will definitely continue. Well, on what day the sequel will be released and why the creators were so hasty with the decision – we tell you further.

Although the series "Around the World in 80 days" has already been extended, but the release date of season 2 remains a secret and it should be expected no earlier than 2023. Go to the schedule⇓

A new journey around the world
Fans of the classic adventure genre did not have time to evaluate the first episodes of the novelty, and the organizers of the show have already started talking about future plans. For those who do not follow the news, we tell you: the release date of the first part of the episodes based on the novel of the same name by the French writer was recently announced.
The main character is Phileas Fogg, who makes a bet with his comrades. He declares that he is ready to go on a journey and circumnavigate the globe in no longer than 80 days. He takes Jean Passepartout with him as a servant, as well as the journalist Abigail, who replaced Inspector Fix from the original. The girl will have to cover the journey and tell readers how the main character is given a path.
Along with the announcement, the creators announced that they intend to release a new product on January 2. And so, unexpectedly for everyone, the big bosses from BBC One, without waiting for the release of the first series, decided to extend the series "Around the World in 80 days" for season 2, the release date of which remains a secret.

Probably, you will have to wait at least a year for the continuation – until the beginning of 2023. If the pandemic and its accompanying lockdowns interfere again, the filming process will stretch, and the premiere day will shift. This was already the case with the first part, which was discontinued in 2020 due to covid restrictions.
By the way, along with the statement about the extension of the show for chapter 2, the film bosses also announced that they plan to screen another work of the writer – "Journey to the Center of the Earth", but there are no details yet.
Production and cast
As always, you will find the release date of the new episodes of season 2 of traveling around the world in eighty days in our schedule, and right now you will learn the names of key performers and those who led the process on the other side of the frame.

A lot of noise was made by David Tennant, who embodied Fogg. Fans of the actor are sure that he is the most suitable for this role. His colleagues were Ibrahim Koma, a black actor who caused a lot of discussion, as well as Leonie Benes, Peter Sullivan and Shivani Gai. The showrunner, as in the first part, will remain Ashley Pharoah.
It is known that the main part of the filming process of the first season was carried out in South Africa and Romania. Where the film crew will "bring" this time – we will find out after the broadcast of chapter 1 and the start of work on the second.
As you understand, the journey around the world will continue after the release date, which will have to wait longer than 80 days. Well, how justified is such a quick decision of the organizers and whether the novelty really deserves to continue – decide after watching the premiere episodes.
Season 2 episode Release Schedule
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