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Where is everyone?

2023.03.22 17:20 AgreeableEmploy1884 Where is everyone?

It all started a month ago on 16/02/2023. I woke up on 8:30 as usual, i brushed my teeth, and dressed up to go to work. While i was preparing a quick breakfast, i noticed something off outside. There were a few military trucks and jeeps passing through the street. Normally i would brush this off as something normal however the nearest military base that i know of is 150 kilometers away. Still, i ignored it. Ate my breakfast and entered my car to go to work.
While on the road i decided to listen to some music and opened the radio. Usually there was cheerful music or the weather broadcast on the radio however, it was just static. Weird, i thought to myself. The radio channels here rarely went down.
I parked in the parking lot of the building i worked in and just as i entered the elevator i got a text message. It was from my boss telling everyone that work was cancelled. "Finally i can rest for a little bit." i said to myself before entering my car.
As i was driving on the road i was driving 15 minutes ago, i saw what i thought was another military convoy in the distance. This whole day felt off. Still i could be overreacting and that could be the same convoy that i saw earlier. While i was driving i saw a few military guys setting up perimeters around the town entrance in the distance. I started getting really creeped out. What was going on?
I parked my car on the driveway of my house and headed inside. I decided to watch tv since there was nothing else to do. While i was watching a documentary about cryptids i accidentally changed the channel to the news broadcast. I was bored so i deciced not to change it back and nothing caught my attention until i heard the broadcaster say: "There have been reports of heavy military activity around the Mainland United States, these reports are mainly from rural areas such as suburban towns and small villages. A video sent to us shows a few soldiers putting up barricades blocking access to the entrance of a national park and the video ends with a soldier stopping the person from recording the video. The government has not made a public statement about the situation yet."
As the broadcast ended, i heard a knock on my door. When i opened it i saw a person dressed in military tactical gear wearing a gas mask. Before i could ask what was going on, they said:
"Stay indoors if possible, there has been a gas leak in the nearby area. Do NOT exit your house after 6pm, a curfew was placed to keep citizens safe. Close your curtains after 6pm."
And before i could ask anything, they pushed me back and closed the door before i could even get up. I didnt understand the last part, why would we need to close the curtains if it was a gas leak? Still, even tho it sounded like bullshit i decided to listen to the "soldier" that knocked on my door.
This was the night it all went to hell. I woke up on 2:33 AM to gunshot and explosion sounds outside. I was too scared to get out of the bed. I heard someone yelling "ANOTHER ONE! SHOOT IT QUICKLY BEFORE IT CAN DO ANYTHING!" and a few gunshots after that. I didnt sleep after that, i stayed in my bed motionless for the whole night until 9 am. The sounds stopped at 4 AM but i didnt have the courage to get out of bed.
After i shakily got out of bed i peeked out the window to see, a bloodbath. There were alot of heavy machine guns dropped on the asphalt and a lot of dead bodies, i think they were soldiers. I blocked the door with a huge table while i desperately tried to call 911 to no avail. The phone lines were down or there was noone to pick it up. I remembered that i had a few cameras installed around my house so i reluctantly went to check the footage out. What i saw, made my blood run cold. I could see a few people in tactical gear shooting someone or something offscreen. Then i saw it, there was a huge claw type limb reaching out from the forest grabbing the soldiers head and squishing it like it was a balloon. I couldnt continue watching it.
I stayed in the house for the next 19 days until i ran out water. While i was inside, i couldnt hear anything from the outside. No people, no cars, not even birds chirping. When i decided to go out to get some water, i grabbed my M9 pistol with me incase something was out there. I ran to my car as fast i could thinking something was going to grab but, there was nothing. While i was driving to the store i saw cars flipped over, and a few houses destroyed. I expected there to be people and soldiers in the downtown area but there was noone. Not even a dead body. However i did see alot of abandoned cars. When i got to the store, just like the downtown area there wasnt anybody in it. The streets were devoid of people. Either all the people were inside or they somehow disappeared. There were no signs of those thing i saw in the camera either. It was like every living being just disappeared into thin air. I grabbed as much water and food as i can and ran back to my car.
As i was driving in the "abandoned" city, i had an idea. I could check to see if people were inside hiding somewhere. So i grabbed my M9 pistol that i brought with me and went to the first house that i saw. The door was unlocked. I slowly entered the house to find nobody inside. The bathroom door was locked so i tried to kick the door down and i somehow did. There was something written on the wall with blood, the blood seemed relatively fresh. The writing said "cover windows after sunfall". What the fuck was going on? I searched a few more houses to find no people. Not even animals. I drove back to my home and barricaded all the windows with what i could find. I had food and water that would last me for weeks. After the sun set i could hear this weird type of buzzing sound outside. I didnt have the courage to check the camera to see what it was. After 6:34 AM, the noises stopped.
After the noises stopped, i decided to drive to the downtown area to see if there were any signs of people or any animals. I checked a few houses but there was nothing. One of the houses seemed to be inhabited very recently, there were empty bottles of water and a few cans of food on the floor but no sign of a person.
After i got back home i found an old radio that was still working and i decided to see if there was anything on the radio. The only thing i got was a weird beeping sound, there were 3 short beeps and 3 longer ones after that, and at the end were 3 more shorter beeps playing on loop. I think it was morse code, i am not sure.
I do not know why i am writing this, since i could be the last living thing on the planet except for those fucking things that killed everyone. If someone is somehow reading this, i am in the town of Swindmore in Iowa. I will be at the town centre everyday at 9 AM. Those fucking things killed off the entire town or possible even the whole world, the last television broadcast was 4 days before the electricty cut off and it was about serial disappearences all over Europe and North America. I will be at the town centre everyday at 9 AM, if i am not there i have probably died. 22/03/2023.
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2023.03.22 17:20 KaniJs Found the perfect phone for me Kyocera DuraXV Exteme

Let me start by saying I'm not in any way affiliated with Kyocera or Verizon, this is just my personal experience I want to share with you guys.
My history, skip this if you don't care: I've never owned a smartphone. My first phone was a Nokia 5210 some 20 years ago. Just amazing, almost waterproof, T9 worked well and it did what I expected from it. After some years th battery died and I've been jumping from phone to phone. That last one that really worked was the new Nokia 3310 2g version. But as 2g nets shut down I bought the 3g version of the same phone. Total disaster, especially the T9 which is full of bugs. I've tried more nokia phones after this but they all sucked. I tried some other brands too during the years but they all had their cons. So I decided to put some money and effort into finding a good one. After a lot of research I decided to make a wild chance and order an Unlocked Kyocera DuraXV from ebay (120$). I say wild chance because I wasn't sure if it could run on Swedish network bands. But it does, at least some.

The phone is all plastic but feels vey robust and sturdy. Quite heavy for a dumbphone but since it's a flip it doesn't take up a lot of space. The flip function obviously also protects the screen which is nice. And it has a small display on the outside which shows time, so I don't have to open it to check the clock.
It has no App store, but if you really want, apps can be installed by transfering the APK to the phone and open with the phone's built in file explorer.
The only "Smart" feature it comes with is email (which I have'nt tried) and a web browser, which works quite well. You navigate a mouse with the D-pad. Too bulky to spend hours on, but good enough to look things up. No touchscreen.
My biggest concern when getting the phone was that it does not have support for Swedish T9 predictive texting. But figuing it's an android phone I went to the internet for help and VOILA, I found a T9 app called Traditional T9 with support for many languages and open soruce so I could add Swedish myself.
The camera is not very good, especially inside when it's dark. But it works if you just want photos to remember what you see.
For the more tech savvy: I tried unlocking the bootloader and/or rooting the phone in multiple ways but this seem impossible on this phone. It just won't reboot to fastboot mode and the one click root tools are not working. On the good side, this signals the phone is quite secure.

Feel free to ask me anything you want to know if you're looking into this phone. I will try to answer best I can.
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2023.03.22 17:19 Direct-Fix-9098 L&D scrub change

Quick question If you are required to wear hospital sterile scrubs at your job; do you clock in for work in your regular clothes or should it be your own personal scrubs? After you clock in for work, you change into your sterile scrubs at the hospital. However, what makes more sense wearing regular clothes or scrubs to clock in and out of work (you can’t bring hospital scrubs home with you).
Just wondering as I am starting on L&D
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2023.03.22 17:19 Economy-Reading9990 Easing into it

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing well. I’ve been easing into salvia. 2 nights ago I quidded 6 grams for about 50 minutes. Got euphoric and almost dream like. Was pleased. Then last night I mixed a little plain leaf with a joint to just get a taste of it. I was thinking based off my reading here I really wouldn’t feel much. Well after the first puff I held in I got the shimmer on the wall. I’m thinking “woah” well half way into the joint as I’m holding every puff for 30 seconds or so I’m like man I’m way higher than I usually would be. Next, about halfway through the jazzy my legs got this slight twisty feeling so I’m like woah I’m going to deep to fast so i through the joint out. I close my eyes and start focusing on my breathing and my thoughts drift to the war crimes my father committed in Vietnam. (Mỹ Lai massacre) ))):
Next think I know I hear this loud explosion that shakes the roof of my house and it takes me out of my trance like state. It scared me a little so I just decided to play my keys after that. Very interesting experience. I can’t wait to go deeper tonight. Anybody else have an experience like this? Thanks!
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2023.03.22 17:17 T-Lex710 Aim I being too sensitive about buying my first swimsuit?

A little backstory about last night. My (F23) husband (M23) has gotten home absolutely exhausted and I could tell. I had him get in the tub with some hot water and rubbed n washed/massaged his legs. When that was all over he laid on the couch n I followed him over. Our two >4 sons were in their room watching a movie n playing. I figured now would be the time to just hold him while he rested. I sat there and just really was loving on him. I told him how much I truly appreciate him and how I was lucky that he fell in love with me of all people. Life was so good for a few hours. I made dinner after that. Now when it came time to put our boys to bed at 9 in my room, I ended up having to stay in the room due to them not wanting to be alone. My husband came in after me because the boys were giving me a hard time. It took about 20 minutes until they finally fell asleep. We were just sitting in bed at this point. I was still pretty upset about losing my great great great grandma, or more so exhausted from going and cleaning her daughters house and making her extra meals so she didn’t have to worry about cooking. He knew how upset I was and said we could cuddle. I know at this point he wanted to go in the living room and play his game, so I kept telling him to just go out there and we can play some COD together. I told him I knew he was gonna be mad at me for it, which he wiped away my tears and promised me he wouldn’t. He continued to tell me he wouldn’t get mad he didn’t get to play and cuddled with me. We just sat there talking and laughing. Things took a drastic turn when I decided to show him that I was thinking about buying a bathing suit and proceeded to show him. I was so excited to show him, I had never owned a swim suit before him. I had really bad self image in high school and never had the want for one, but finally felt like I could be confident enough to wear one this summer. Now this swimsuit isn’t a bikini, I could understand him getting upset over that, but it was a two piece that would show about 2 inches of skin above my belly button. It wasn’t a cheeky back or showed too much cleavage. Well he blew up like I never would’ve expected. He told me how dare I almost buy it before asking him. That I was a mother now and needed to set a better example than that for my boys. That I didn’t need to be seen in something like that. We had a camping trip set up by his job with all his coworkers ( he works natural resources) that has a river we all hangout at, and now we aren’t going because I considered getting a bathing suit for it. Mind you every other women there is older than me, has more children and was wearing bikinis. Fast forward to about 3:30 in the morning I woke up to him tossing and turning. I asked him what was up and he said he was really hot. I opened up the window and asked if that had helped, he told me no. He said he wanted water but there was none left in my water bottle from when I went to bed. He told me there wasn’t a water bottle in my room, so I went to the kitchen but there wasn’t any in there. Went back to my room to climb over him and grab the water bottle that had fallen off the side of my bed. I got up again and got him ice water and brought it to him. At this point I’m wide awake and can’t go back to bed, he knows I wouldn’t be able to. As soon as I stand up the sleepiness just goes away. Well I went to go pee, switch over his laundry because I forgot around 9 the previous night and went to just sit on the couch for a minute to just think about everything in silence. He came out into the living room where I was sitting. Well apparently he had called me over 9 times in the span of the less than 10 minutes I was up. It had been less than a minute that I was sitting down before he came out and he was pissed. Told me he has been calling me for a while now and that I must’ve just ignored him since I was sitting down and had to be here for over two minutes if I was just staring at the wall. I told him I had just sat down and honestly did not hear him. He didn’t believe that and asked why I didn’t go back to bed. I told him that he knew I was gonna be awake after getting up twice, it’s always been that way. That wasn’t a smart answer on my part as it just upset him more. He then went on to argue that all he asks is that I leave him a drink in my water bottle at night so if he wakes up he can drink it, like he does for me. I never knew he did that. He complained about how I knew he wanted to play his game and he didn’t fucking get to. After that he just went to bed. Here I am, left on the couch still trying to stop crying and wondering what the fuck just happened? I’m the bad guy in the situation and just confused how I got here. We haven’t fought in a while and our relationship has been going well for quite a few months now. Fast forward to about 5 AM, an hour before he gets up, I went in my room to grab my phone. I was quiet, but he got up and pulled me in to cuddle. I fell back asleep till around 7:30. When I came out into the living room he asked me what’s wrong besides just being tired because I always look tired. I told him that I’m having a hard time mentally and emotionally with just suffering a loss and with how last night went. He told me that the swimsuit thing was just a joke and that last night wasn’t that bad. No apologies and he went off to work. Someone please help me understand. Thank you for reading my post, I know it’s long and stupid. I hope you have a good day <3 
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2023.03.22 17:17 cm_jennym How to get the maximum from Rumble Races in Lakeshore Online

How to get the maximum from Rumble Races in Lakeshore Online
Rediscover Takeover tracks transforming remote locations across Lakeshore into street racers’ playgrounds featuring huge jumps, chaotic racing, and split routes to challenge you and up to 7 friends to turn the technique up to max!
Over, under, and through:
Rumble Races deliver an intense and aggressive experience, often featuring tight technical turns, over and under sections, varied terrain, and frequent battles with up to 7 friends in Lakeshore Online. Success means embracing the chaos. Send it on the biggest jumps for big air and more boost, knock rivals off-track, and make quick decisions to blast through forks in the road and leave the competition in the dust.

Word on the street: Take a look at the track before setting off and tweak your car to better suit the drive ahead.
Bring the required rides:
Taking place at docks, construction sites and coal yards, Rumble Races are demanding drives that challenge you to give your best rides a completely new test. ‘Rock the Boat’ and ‘The Boomdocks’ ask for B-Tier and A-Tier cars respectively, whilst ‘Hypnotize’ and ‘Terrordome’ up the ante with A+ rides, and you’ll need to bring your most trusty S-Tier cars for ‘Ridin’ Dirty’ and ‘Gravel Pit’ in order to stand a chance at crossing the line first.
Finely tuned:
Not only have you got to bring a car fast enough to keep up with the competition, but you’ll need to tune your ride to suit each track. Rumble Races can take place exclusively on asphalt or can drag you completely off-road and you’ll need a set of wheels that’s tailored for each individual job. Ask yourself before you hit the starting line, do you really need a fully on-road tuned ride for a race called ‘Ridin’ Dirty’? Probably not. Rumble Races are also technical, featuring turns, jumps, and splits throughout, so having a car that handles predictably will help you stay out of the wall.
Word on the street: Hit up a Meetup to find new Rumble Races across Lakeshore.

Watch the money pile up:
Rumble Races are more than just an opportunity for thrilling driving. They’ll also land some decent Bank in your wallet if you’re fast enough. Just like other races in Lakeshore Online, you’ll be paid based on performance and the number of competitors you’ve raced against. Pack that starting grid full of hopeful racers and blow them away to take home the biggest payday.
Now get out there and embrace the chaos!
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2023.03.22 17:16 cm_jennym How to beat the clock in Hot Laps in Need for Speed™ Unbound

How to beat the clock in Hot Laps in Need for Speed™ Unbound
Hot Laps are fast-paced, technical, and challenging activities designed to sharpen your skills behind the wheel. Light up short circuits and complete them under the target time to achieve 3 stars and beat out the Rival Racers’ times. Tear up the rulebook and explore areas of the map that are typically off limits for most street racers, darting through parks and pedestrianized areas and demonstrating your command of the car.
Each lap has been carefully planned for the maximum challenge, so identify the best corners to drift and fill your boost meter, work out which straights allow you get the most out of your boost, and learn how to use tight spots to pick up a draft. Beat your best time, pass Rival Racers on the leaderboard, and beat the clock to earn Bank and unlock special reward content including “The Ultimate Luxury”.
Tour the city:
You can find Hot Laps across the entire city. Take on high-speed activities through narrow back alleys, race through the abandoned theme park, and even test your tyres on the iconic L-train tracks. Hot Laps are set up in some areas you may be less familiar with, so learn the route and pay attention to where you can gain an edge before giving it everything to beat the clock.
Word on the street: Hot laps become available in single-player once you complete the prologue, and from the jump in Lakeshore Online.
Show ‘em who’s boss:
You won’t be the only one tearing it up against the clock. There are 30 Hot Laps to take on and earning 3 stars in each by completing the lap within the target time is only part of the challenge. Rival Racers have already put down some serious times in Hot Laps across the city, so if you really want to make your mark on the street racing community, you’ll need to master your driving to put your name at the top of each leaderboard.
Run it back:
Hot Laps are a true test of car mastery in a variety of memorable locations across Lakeshore. As previously mentioned, some of these locations may be a little different to what you're used to. If you didn’t quite get the time you wanted, go again, and again, until you’re familiar enough with the course to beat the clock! Hot Laps are replayable, and understanding how to approach each one is key to shaving off precious seconds with each attempt.
Go big, or go home:
Hot Laps begin as soon as you pass through the starting gate, so take a long run-up and use your boost to start your lap with as much speed as possible. Maintain your momentum through the lap, pushing the limits, holding speed through the corners and dropping your boost on the longest straights.

Word on the street: Hot Laps can be completed from either direction. Squeezing that last half a second to reach a target? Try reversing it and hit the lap in the opposite direction.
Get rich quick:
Beating individual targets in Hot Laps earns Bank whilst completing more activities can land you with new Driving Effects, Poses, Horns, and “The Ultimate Luxury” vehicle. Beating all 30 Lakeshore Hot Laps Rivals requires the best rides, precise driving, calculated risks, sheer determination, and all the boost you can get.
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2023.03.22 17:16 baldsealion An Attempt at APU Driver Patch Notes

Since Valve cannot bring themselves to provide realistic patch notes for APU Drivers, I would assume most of the changes are based on the AMD Adrenalin drivers that have been released in-between November to now. From what I can tell, the following versions are what we can expect changes from:

I have compiled the Release Notes for each of these driver versions from AMD's website. I have removed the "Game Optimization" notes about specific GPU cards, but otherwise kept everything intact. Some "Fixed Issues" may address unrelated hardware.

Support for:

* Atomic Heart™
* Call of Duty®: Warzone 2.0
* Company of Heroes™ 3
* Dead Space™
* Forspoken™
* Halo Infinite™ Ray Tracing Update
* Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales™
* Need for Speed™ Unbound
* The Callisto Protocol™
* The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt Next-Gen Update
* Wo Long™: Fallen Dynasty

Notable driver changes:

* IREE compiler using MLIR interface on Vulkan.
* A new version of AMD Link improves overall connectivity across all supported Radeon products
* Boost your performance with AMD Software HERE https://community.amd.com/t5/gaming/boost-your-performance-with-amd-software-adrenalin-edition/ba-p/585707 and learn how this newly unified driver delivers performance gains since Windows 11 first launched.
* Additional Vulkan® extensions

Fixed Issues:

* World Of Warships prediction lines may be missing on Radeon™ RX 6000 series GPUs.
* When Radeon™ Anti-Lag is enabled, a beep can be heard when pressing the shift + back key.
* OpenGL applications using MSAA may see visual corruption.
* Certain monitors may experience higher-than-expected idle VRAM clock speeds on Radeon™ RX 6000 series GPUs.
* Selected objects may be missing in Edificius™.
* During video playback and window switching, an intermittent driver timeout or black screen may occur on Radeon™ RX 6000 series GPUs using some 240Hz refresh rate displays or high refresh rate primary display plus low refresh rate secondary display configurations.
* Stuttering may occur during video playback using hardware acceleration with Firefox on Radeon™ RX 6000 series GPUs.
* AMDRSServ.exe may cause GPU utilization to remain at 100% after closing games on some AMD Graphics Products such as Radeon™ 570.
* An intermittent driver timeout or black screen may occur while videos are playing in VRChat™ on Radeon™ RX 6000 series GPUs.
* Lower than expected DirectStorage GPU decompression performance on some Radeon™ RX Vega and RX 500/400 Series Graphics.
* Corruption may be briefly observed when moving Netflix video between displays or minimize-to-fullscreen on some AMD Products such as AMD Ryzen™ 7 6800U​.
* Maximum encode bitrate is limited to 100Mbps for certain applications.
* AMD Bug Report Tool pop-up or system hang may be observed after driver upgrade on some hybrid graphics notebooks.
* Application crash may be observed while playing Hitman 3™ with ray tracing settings enabled.
* Valve Index® VR headset may show a blank screen with 144Hz refresh rate setting on Radeon™ RX 7000 series GPUs.
* Certain videos played with Movies and TV may briefly show corruption when moving the window between displays on some AMD Graphics Products such as AMD Radeon™ RX 6700 XT.
* Situational performance drop may be observed in DirectX® 11 based games on Radeon™ RX 6000 series GPUs using Ryzen™ processors.
* Metrics overlay may intermittently re-size to 50% after gameplay.
* Application crash may be observed while opening Premium Gold Packs in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23.
* Intermittent driver timeout may be observed in Halo Infinite™ in certain scenes with ray tracing enabled.
* Corruption may be observed in Dying Light™ 2 around certain light sources.
* Corruption may be observed in Returnal™ in certain scenes with ray tracing enabled on Radeon™ RX 6000 series GPUs.
* Intermittent driver timeout, system freeze or BSOD may be observed using select displays on Radeon™ RX 7000 series GPUs.
* AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition may fail to launch with the error message “Delayed Write Failed” on Microsoft® Windows® 11 version 22H2.
* Poor performance and load time may be observed while playing SpaceEngine™.
* Corruption may be observed while scrolling the points shop in STEAM™ on Radeon RX 6000 series GPUs.
* Performance drop may be observed during Fortnite™ and YouTube playback with Enhanced Sync enabled on some AMD Graphics Products such as AMD Radeon™ RX 5700 XT.
* Corruption or game crash may be observed while playing Door Kickers 2™.
* Missing or flickering textures may be observed while playing Emergency 4™.
* Application crash may be observed when launching Baldur's Gate 3™ using Vulkan® API on Radeon™ RX 7000 series GPUs.
* Stuttering may be observed while playing Sea of Thieves™ on Radeon™ RX 6000 and above series GPUs.
* Corruption may be observed while playing Battlefield™ 4 with Post Process Quality settings set to high or ultra on Radeon™ RX 6000 and above series GPUs.
* White foliage may be observed while playing Hogwarts Legacy™ on Radeon™ RX 7000 series GPUs.
* Intermittent system stuttering or UI flickering may occur when two videos are simultaneously playing using chromium-based browsers on some multi-display configurations.
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2023.03.22 17:16 BigTigerPaws001 Short Dreams 3/22/

Looking at the heads of reptiles in short grass as they move forward. There were two. One had a colorful patch covering on his head the other shook it's head forcefully back and forth.
Attractive guys working at a restaurant business. One looked most attractive. Tall sexy eyes 👀 and a very nice cut. There was a large all white sign posted outside the business that leaned to the side having the word DECEASED. In the parking lot was the small group of men were attempting to leave but a young man was standing next to a van. The most attractive one Noticed someone watching him from a distance. Mad he got close to the guy first before he command the guy to leave. His lips were stiff and rage was in his eyes but his voice stayed low.
Somebody in a clinic. Fuzzy details. They were amoung many. Young and elderly. After leaving they were looking happy going down a normal road. The driver and front passenger knew and loved this strange route. It was as if they entered a cave heading deep underground. Forward road red in color dropped straight as the car headed. Back passenger was afraid. Knowing that the two seated in the back were chubby one more than the other and in panic as the walls got closer together. Causing them both to exit the ride while the other two continued on. About the walls were numerous light and clear colored crystals that were pointed After getting ejected the two found a holler or nook. No yard was visible. Just shabby light blue paint on the walls of the outside hallway with multiple doors. Group of black women riding in a convertible. At least three of them I recognized. They walked pass a small amount of broken down and trashed furniture then picked a door to enter. After getting inside the conversation with the people inside didn't make any sense. Walking out another door a yard was present nice and green. Full green leaves on a large bushy tree. Really nice but war was going on. There were soldiers everywhere. Many were in old delapitate huts. That look like from the past. They guys looked up to date. Some set while other's moved about. Outside there were a few active. Full gear running, firing totally ignoring a woman looking. A large white man stopped to talk to a woman taking away his hat and gun placing it on the ground. Where she wasn't able to see. He was telling her that he wasn't stable. He was attractive with strong features and a cocky build. He wanted that woman and she knew it.
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2023.03.22 17:15 Tammog A newbie's experience of the first ~30 days, plus my abno impressions

Hey people!
I am kind of playing this series in reverse order - started on Limbus, then beat Ruina, now onto Lobotomy Corp - and having a blast with PM's worldbuilding and their meanness to the player in some regards. Here are just my experiences with abnos and tools in the first 30 days or so of playing - I reset once, at around day 23 cause I had been given Mountain of Bodies and Parasite Tree and just could not deal with them.
Also I am mostly blind (apart from bits I know from Ruina/Limbus and some tidbits my friends have droppped).
Will split them into tiers of how much I like them.
S: Child of the Galaxy - My little guy. My lovely little person. My training dummy. This abno is one I will take whenever I can just because a) it is really easy to handle, b) the work result does not matter, c) it can make harder abnos possible to handle (more on that in a bit) and d) it is a pure training dummy. This is how I got most of my V-level employees and got people over justice III before managing to beat sephira suppressions.
Heart of Aspiration - I loved Fervent Beats in Ruina and this thing is just that but without any drawback. Honestly feels overpowered.
Freischütz - One of my favourite abnormalities just because what it is based on. I visited a musical/theater performance based on Der Freischütz when I was a teen (the production was called Black Rider) and I just love the theme, its look, all that god stuff. Also easy to suppress, a good justice trainer.
Blue Star - Putting this here because it is my first Aleph but weirdly easy to contain. Doesn't care what happens in the rest of the facility. Only wants to be worked on by pros (and stat checkers for high stats are completely fine imo). Good weapon and really good armor. It escaped twice and both those instances were instant restarts cause it sucked up an entire department, BUT that was also my fault for missing meltdowns during Yesod's suppression so I can't entirely blame it.
One Sin - Obligatory place for the bro he's cool and doesn't judge.
Red Riding Hooded Mercenary - LOVE the theming. Love being able to sic her onto abnos. Love the armor too, and the gimmick of the weapon is cool but I am not a fan of super short ranged weapons. Good damage on it tho.
Scorched Girl - Easy to work with being a Teth, really good weapon to give a meh nugget to just solo things like Purple Dawn/Amber Dawn, kind of horrible when it got out early and just nuked my guys but easy to deal with later.
Woodsman - Annoying gimmick but I was able to ignore him 90% of the time or just work with him once for the entire day when he had a meltdown. I hate abnos that want a low stat but this one is just ignorable so it goes here.
Beauty And the Beast - The first abno I would call a memory trainer but this one actually shows you which state it is in with its animation. Also a good Justice trainer.
Punishing Bird - The only reason this is not in S is because it keeps me from feeling safe to put Black Swan's weapons onto people in the fear that it will peck one, get damage reflected, and eat them. Otherwise it's cute and breaks people out of panic.
Judgement Bird - This would be in S just for the armor and weapon it gives which are BUSTED and Aleph for some reason if not for the fact that it was the first thing I met dealing Pale damage, the first thing I met with a suit that resist pale damage, and therefore a problem. The way I was able to reliably research this was a dance with Child of the Galaxy - get a V-class nugget with a stone that could USUALLY survive working with the bird, keep working with Child with other nuggets at the same time so it doesn't hit 0, and then get those boxes. Once I had the suit I would class it as S tho just cause it is easy to contain and just has the best armor and weapon I have seen so far.
Funeral of Dead Butterflies - Again, coming from Ruina I am just a sucker for Solemn Lament's pings. Wish they were on the agent weapon too. Again, pretty easy to deal with even if it breaches and the weapon dealing white and black means it is so useful against a wide variety of threats.
Letitia - Just here cause really easy to deal with and has a good weapon, would otherwise be lower.
Dream of a Black Swan - Sadly (or not) I have not seen the actual swan yet (I assume it shows up when the counter hits 0), but this is because the counter hitting 0 has never happened and otherwise it's a good justice trainer and has good equipment for a HE.
Ppodae - Just cause it breaches easily and is just as easy to suppress. Also its big form looks funny.
B for Boring:
Forsaken Murderer, Buggy healing bracelet, Behaviour Adjustment, Fairy Festival, Lady Facing the Wall, All-Around Helper, Leticia, Old Lady (with a nice ranged White weapon tho), Spider Bud, Can of Well-Cheers, honestly all the tools that don't kill you for no reason.
These all are okay, they barely do anything and are usually just easy to keep a handle on (mostly for being HE or lower).
The Annoying Ones:
Express Train to Hell - FUUUCK this I don't want to have to work with something every 2:30 just to not have a reset.
Parasite Tree - This bitch is jealous and I hate it. At least I can click people out of its meltdown but gods is it annoying.
Nameless Fetus would likely be in B except for the fact that it somehow melted down a lot for me (might have just missed clowns or meltdowns cause I got it the first time I got central and the size was wild). The weapon is nice (ranged white weapons! Yay!) and the effect is something I was able to deal with in the playthrough cause only the Murderer was next to it, but being unable to end it without saccing a good employee at random sucked.
Teddy Bear - I hate memory games :(
Schadenfreude and Burrowing Heaven - These are easy to deal with but GODS are they easy for me to forget when meltdowns or ordeals happen too. I know I can basically ignore them 99% of the time but it's just 1 mistake and my best nugget with my best gear is dead and I am retrying the day <.<
Meat Lantern - FUUUCK this thing the last day before my first memory reset it kept planting itself under the doors my best agents were working behind. I just researched this, got its equipment and then yeeted it from my facility with a memory reset. Hate abnos that check for low stats.
Ones I don't know about:
Mountain of Bodies caused my first reset but I was also just unprepared for Aleph-class entities cause it was my very first run - I feel like I miiight be able to deal with it now, and I hear its equipment is good.
Il Pianto della Luna - seemed pretty easy to keep happy, no idea what happens if it breaches - but I never really used the performance (never thrice, just once to try it) so idk what happens there. Its suit and weapon are nice tho as long as you don't need to be pale resistant.
Big and Will Be Bad Wolf - only had him for a day or two before resetting. Love the flavour - both the fairy tail and the idea that he chose to be bad cause everyone told him he would end up a villain anyway. He eats people but you can make him spit them out? Doesn't sound like the worst abno to deal with and it suit looks great.
Knight of Despair - Love her aesthetic and loved her in Ruina too. Annoying that she basically makes a nugget useless apart from fighting (and being extra vulnerable to Pale sounds possibly horrible later on), but her making the agent into a suppression machine IS nice and her suit was the second one I ever saw that had below 1.5x damage taken from Pale, so I like her already. Also seems to be pretty easy to keep contained as long as you do not yolo the shielded employee.
Army in Black - I KNOW they are a fake Zayin (which is obvious just from energy generation and how much their stuff costs). I just picked them and am hoping that they will be at all possible to contain, have heard some horror stories but I am really happy with my equipment so far so I'll see how it goes. Worst case I retry from day 1 for more low level encyclopedia filling again.
So this is my assessment so far. Sorry for all the rambling, just wanted to talk to people about this cause I am really liking this game a ton!
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2023.03.22 17:15 Fit_Low592 Does a patio with built-in electric/lights, and hard-line gas firepit add value to property?

Long story short, I have a very large retaining wall holding up the back of my property. It will require excavation, as well as demolition of a very old sunken patio that we don't use as we don't require the area too structurally sound. Because of the expense of having all this done, we've decided to replace the old patio with a new one, complete with natural gas FP, and electric lines to run lighting. Do features like this tend to add much financial value to a property, or is it mostly just intrinsic value/attractiveness?
submitted by Fit_Low592 to RealEstate [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 17:13 Reddit-mods-R-mean I tip my hat to you units. I bought an arduino to learn programming and the learning curve is practically a wall. Any suggestions on free resources to help learn?

I have a mega 2560 and a “starter kit” with a ton of gadgets, I have a bunch of neo pixels and managed to get a few to do what I wanted but man this is HARD for me, I have ZERO programming experience.
I have fantasy’s of grandeur where I can get controllers working for all kinds of home and cnc garage work (diy home machine shop in my garage) as well as my lady’s reef tank.
I’ve just hit a wall, I’m “lost in the ocean with plans to build a boat” but can’t find wood or even know what wood looks like at this point!
Any suggestions would be sweet, I watch random you tube videos but they out run me so quickly.
Thanks in advance to anyone with suggestions!
submitted by Reddit-mods-R-mean to learnprogramming [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 17:13 theonewholikesfood Steam not updating/downloading fast

I own a good pc, or so I’d say.
RTX 3080 Ryzen 9 7900X 32 GB of RAM Two Samsung Gt 980 Pro (1 TB) 1000W power source
My internet download and upload speeds are both around 100 Mbps, but when I start a download on steam, it falls down to about 11-12 Mbps. I get my internet from the wall with a wire/cable. What’s wrong?
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2023.03.22 17:09 babydoodlez Dear WFH parents

I love that for you. Your mental health. You get to spend more time within your home and your family. BUT please keep away from us.
If your nanny has a routine with the kids and you have more time that afternoon or that morning to “hang around”… DONT. Go on a walk. Watch a show in your room. Go sleep in YOUR room. Fricken… smoke a blunt IN YOUR ROOM. I doooonnnttt care! Just stay clear and respect your caregiver and their work space. You don’t see us barging into your office because we have a few min cause the toddlers are asleep. Or maybe I should??? Idk.
I just feel like… most of these parents have never worked with children or been around children. Now that they have children.. they become experts. Or they are reading the next best thing. Or whatever the case is and they not only want to work their full time job, but now make sure that their new found philosophies are working and they want to chime in on every step we do or now changing up the rules under our care.
Stop it. Just stop it.
Yes nannying is a luxury. You’re paying me 6 figures. Or close to it. You know this. I know this. BUT , that doesn’t mean you get to pay for my services and then set us up for failure because you’re following some crunchy granola or whatever their called moms on insta. Ugggghhhh … you crunchy granola moms. I can’t lol
Thank you! Love, your girl.
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2023.03.22 17:09 jrandahlm9 Osteoporosis at age 29 - any hope?

I was just diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 29. The last few years have been hard on my body with 2 pregnancies and breastfeeding continuously plus the ED raging.
I am just starting out in recovery, finally got my husband involved in my care plan, and I'm gaining well.
This result hit me like a brick wall. I'm trying not to feel doomed to fail.
Does anyone have any encouragement or words of hope?
Anyone else living with osteoporosis/osteopenia and making progress with improving bone density?
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2023.03.22 17:08 Mik0_GAMING Proper way to build defense?

Hi. I need some help. Can anyone tell me how can i setup my defense better? I have a problem that every raider with ranged weapon is sitting behind a wall. Can i somehow make them to stay between sandboxes and walls on open field? I don't want to make killboxes because I personally dont like winning raids by bug abusing.
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2023.03.22 17:08 _The_Crow_ Championship ShowDown Season 176 - Breakdown

Greetings, Reddit Ensemble!
Honda LB Works NSX-R (5 Gold Star Car, Tier 4) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP - 673
  • Evo - 1828
  • NOS - 188/4.3
  • FD - 2.72
  • Tires - 0/100
  • Dyno: 10.053
  • Test Run: 9.757
  • Shift Pattern
BMW M4 (G82) CSL (Top 10) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 4) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP - 673
  • Evo - 1713
  • NOS - 188/4.0
  • FD - 3.15
  • Tires - 100/0
  • Dyno: 10.278
  • Test Run: 10.016
  • Shift Pattern
BMW M4 (G82) CSL (5 Gold Star Car, Tier 4) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP - 673
  • Evo - 1681
  • NOS - 188/4.0
  • FD - 3.15
  • Tires - 100/0
  • Dyno: 10.333
  • Test Run: 10.070
  • Shift Pattern
Alfa Romeo 8C Spider (Top 10) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 4) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP - 673
  • Evo - 1598
  • NOS - 188/4.0
  • FD - 2.84
  • Tires - 0/100
  • Dyno: 10.514
  • Test Run: 10.233
  • Shift Pattern
Alfa Romeo 8C Spider (5 Gold Star Car, Tier 4) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP - 673
  • Evo - 1567
  • NOS - 188/4.0
  • FD - 2.85
  • Tires - 0/100
  • Dyno: 10.576
  • Test Run: 10.293
  • Shift Pattern
LB Nissan GT-R (R35) Premium (4 Gold Star Car, Tier 4) Maxed Tune and Shift Pattern:
  • PP - 669
  • Evo - 525
  • NOS - 237/4.9
  • FD - 2.15
  • Tires - 30/70
  • Dyno: 12.799
  • Test Run: 12.184
  • Shift Pattern
Participation Rewards:
Reward Amount
Cash 420 000
Gold 50
Bronze Keys 475
Uncommon Fusions 3
Rare Fusions 3
Epic Fusions 2
Green Elite Parts 5500
Blue Elite Parts 230
Pink Elite Parts 50
Yellow (Legendary) Elite Parts 6
Total races you need to make: 500
Trophy Rewards:
Reward Amount
Cash 105 000
Gold 325
Bronze Keys 600
Gold Keys 5
Crew RP 197 500
Green Elite Parts 1000
Blue Elite Parts 1250
Pink Elite Parts 1100
Yellow (Legendary) Elite Parts 35
Total trophies you need to win: 3000
Leaderboard Prizes:
  • 1st:
    • Yellow Elite Parts - 150
    • Crew RP - 200 000
    • Gold Keys - 30
  • 2nd:
    • Yellow Elite Parts - 125
    • Crew RP - 150 000
    • Gold Keys - 20
  • 3rd:
    • Yellow Elite Parts - 100
    • Crew RP - 125 000
    • Gold Keys - 10
  • 4th - 10th:
    • Yellow Elite Parts - 75
    • Crew RP - 100 000
    • Silver Keys - 75
  • 11th - 25th:
    • Yellow Elite Parts - 50
    • Crew RP - 75 000
    • Bronze Keys - 450
  • 26th - 100th:
    • Yellow Elite Parts - 40
    • Crew RP - 50 000
    • Bronze Keys - 350
  • 101st - 500th:
    • Yellow Elite Parts - 30
    • Crew RP - 40 000
    • Bronze Keys - 300
  • 501st - 1000th:
    • Yellow Elite Parts - 25
    • Crew RP - 30 000
    • Bronze Keys - 250
  • 1001st - 10 000th:
    • Yellow Elite Parts - 5
    • Crew RP - 25 000
    • Bronze Keys - 200
Free Crates (Free every 24h):
  • Tier 4 (LB Nissan GT-R (R35) Premium)
  • BMW M4 (G87) CSL
  • Honda LB Works NSX-R
  • Alfa Romeo 8C Spider
Purchasable cars:
  • The LB Nissan GT-R (R35) Premium (4 Gold Star Car, Tier 4) is available for 2750 gold via the dealership. Don't forget to make your own spec, before purchasing!!
  • The Honda LB Works NSX-R (5 Gold Star Car, Tier 4) should be on sale alone and in bundles. (the price depends on your country of origin).
  • The Alfa Romeo 8C Spider (Top 10) (5 Purple Star Car, Tier 4) is available with 21,000 cash and in a bundle with 495,000 cash, and 10 rare Alfa Romeo fusions for real cash. (the price depends on your country of origin).
  • The purple starred versions of the Honda LB NSX-R and LB Nissan GT-R (R35) Premium are missing from this ShowDown list, reason: they've mixed the current and season's 177 ShowDowns..
  • If you find any mistakes or if a car is missing, or if you have a better tune and/or shift pattern, let me know down in the comments and I will fix the thread, thank you!
I've created a Ko-fi, because I don't want to limit the information that I provide with a pay wall. I'm thankful for all your support thru the years. I'll be more than happy if you can support me even further. Here's the link - click/press (Now you can use also Apple Pay and Google Pay).
Thank you for your support and time!
Happy racing and stay safe!
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2023.03.22 17:07 REALCellWaters Some Posts (03 22 2023)

Post 01:
Just admit the truth, you gaslit me about HIV, assuming you didn't literally infect me.

Post 02:
They deserve to be in jail or the psychiatric hospital.

Post 03:
Lily from Stony Brook understands me and is genuinely my friend. Though, I haven't spoken to her since like 2010. It was obviously her at the MET Museum in 2021 using a different name, though. She saved my life. She's going to be my fellow comrade too.

Post 04:
Did Oje Hart and Kelly just get married? They basically told me how they intentionally caused the HIV scare in 2019. Today, they got married when I came to the realization it's true.

Post 05:
Giving someone an HIV scare is like METAPHORIC RAPE, not Attitude Era WWE. This is not sensationalism, where they plan the wedding when I realized I was actually gaslit about HIV. This should LITERALLY BE A CRIME.

Post 06:
Is anybody a nice person? Or are they all a bunch of sadistic monsters who enjoy hurting me?

Post 07:
My psychosis is pretty bad lately. I can't even tell what's reality and fantasy at times. I'm starting to lose touch with who Kelly is, which is tragic, because she was my best friend and gave me the best experiences of my life. Now she's becoming a fantasy character in my mind.

Post 08:
To Kelly: if you're in my old blue bedroom, on the other side of the wall, listening to me, you don't have to put yourself through the suffering I lived through for many years. Though, I appreciate the gesture. Have you been in there for all of 2022? Right here and I didn't know.

Post 09:
The Asian social media model who hides her face, but is totally Kelly, posted herself looking in a mirror, and was basically saying how Kelly's my reflection. She's literally me.

Post 10:
At some point, we need to stop the sensationalism and playing WWE. If we truly love each other, we should embrace and give each other a hug very soon.

Post 11:
Oje Hart and Kelly are trash people who metaphorically raped me, a vulnerable mental patient, giving me an HIV scare, causing trauma, just because Vince Russo or Vince McMahon is my biological father - which I didn't realize at the time.

Post 12:
People usually suck, but SOMETIMES people don't suck. I'm hoping there's someone out the who cares about what happened to me. It certainly doesn't seem like it at the moment.

Post 13:
They say I can't handle the truth. Whatever. What is the truth? Is Mark Zuckerberg my half brother? Was the HIV scare intentional? Just tell me. They don't want to. They lie to me.

Post 14:
I realize this is definitely my father is a billionaire, gaslights me into thinking he has no money, while I have less than $2,000 in the bank bad. But is it literally try to infect the vulnerable mental patient with HIV bad too?

Post 15:
Kelly knew I was practically a virgin, at rock bottom, broken, and a clean baby. She intentionally gave me the HIV scare. She's a lying psychopath who deserves to be in jail. I don't know if what she did is technically illegal. It should be a crime.

Post 16:
Are they all psychopaths that found it hilarious and sexy knowing how Kelly was gaslighting and scaring me about HIV which led to me taking PrEP? These monsters deserve prison.

Post 17:
Dr. Garrett said: "Your ideas about what is real change from day to day. Uncertainty about what is real would make most people extremely anxious, but the fact that your beliefs about what is real change so often doesn't seem to upset you. Why is that? If your ideas about who people "really are" and your ideas about who did what to whom when for what reason keep changing, how can you hope to think in a steady way about your life circumstances?"

Post 18:
I feel disassociated and disconnected from the real world, nobody interacts with me, I have no friends, talk to nobody. I just like living in my delusional, comforting, fantasyland on social media. That is the source of my self-esteem. I am a movie star in Wonderland.

Post 19:
Unfortunately, Wonderland is a house of cards. When my mother inevitably passes away I don't have the money to keep this going. That doesn't mean if I'm homeless I won't start a new delusional Fantasyland to comfort me from the new extreme sadness. But it will be a different one.
submitted by REALCellWaters to cellwaters [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 17:07 short-temper01 Help, my cat won’t peeing everywhere

My cat who is about 6-7 years old suddenly started peeing everywhere but his litter box, he still poops in it but walks 10 feet over and pees against the wall, he also pees on the couch, a corner in the kitchen and on my parents bed.I’ve taken him to the vet twice, he was on medication for 1 week, when he finished the medication I gave him a week to see if that helped then he started peeing again. I’ve been giving him some chews to prevent UTI’s but he’s STILL peeing everywhere. His litter or food brand hasn’t changed in the 5 years his been living here, I’m slowly changing his litter brand to see if maybe that’s the issue. There’s no plug in scented things upstairs, no other pets living here, no changes have been made in the household. I’ve been playing with him till he doesn’t want to play anymore. I don’t know what more I can do to make him stop :(
submitted by short-temper01 to CatAdvice [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 17:06 wanderingdev For anyone with poop problems. :D

Without ozempic I'm regular as a clock, so being backed up makes me feel very icky. I've been taking magnesium pills but I can tell it's not "thorough". I was reading that the slow digestion can hinder the absorption, which could be the issue. I did some additional reading that said that vitamins delivered in liquid format generally absorb faster due to the delivery method. Today at the supermarket I saw a tube of the tablets that you drop into water to dissolve and drink. I grabbed some magnesium ones, just to check it out. Well, back home and 30 mins later and bob's your uncle. I feel empty for the first time in a long time. I think chugging one of these first thing in the morning will be part of my new routine. And I may start looking to change some of the other vitamins I take into this format which will have the added benefit of helping with hydration.
So, anyone who is struggling, it may be worth a shot!
submitted by wanderingdev to Semaglutide [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 17:05 StudentInAnotherBind Question about Medieval Dungeon sample's torch lights and light blocking.

(Sorry if this is flaired incorrectly. It's both a question and about lighting. I figured that the Question flair might be better.)
Hello everyone.
I've been learning UE5 the past few weeks as part of college, and have been tasked with an assignment. Just a simple game.
I thought that I'd use the Dungeon sample assets, as they look incredibly nice and work well for the idea I have in mind.
However, I've come across an issue that I'm not able (or atleast unable to spot) how to solve.
You see, in the Dungeon sample it has a couple of light/particle effects. Being blazing fire for torches.
Now, I have my map laid out, and I started to dot the sample's torches around my map. Immedietely I spot that there's an issue with alot of light bleeding straight my walls. Naturally, this doesn't look too great.
So i've been playing around. Thickening my walls, putting extra walls in to block light, checking shadow settings. No matter what I change, the light bleeds through.
Eventually, I decide to check just a regular, bog standard light (A point light to be specific),and low and behold, no light bleed.
This tells me that there's SOMETHING to do with the P_Torch_Fire assets contained in the sample project which doesn't take boundaries or walls or anything i've done into consideration, as the light bleeds.
So with the P_Torch_Fire (And likely P_Pit_Fire), what am I suppose to change so that the light no longer bleeds through walls? I'd like to use P_Torch_Fire (and later P_Pit_Fire) because the flicker is really nice, were as a regular Point Light just isn't that pretty.
Any suggestions would be great. If it turns out that I can't use P_Torch_Fire as I wish, then I guess I'll just have to cos or sin the radius on a regular point light.
submitted by StudentInAnotherBind to unrealengine [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 17:04 beegeepee Which model would be best for just using connected to a wall?

I can't really tell the difference between the Cloud and the Fire models.
Also is there a difference between "Product ships with a 12v 6A power supply" and "Powered via 110V wall outlet."?
submitted by beegeepee to KoilBoi [link] [comments]