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2023.06.10 23:22 Hamsterscity work that need studying pay less.

I apply for many Restaurant job where you need Food Handlers Card that cost money to study and take a test to get. the Restaurant job offer $15.50 an hour. base on the job description you have to be able to do many thing where that where if you forget what task you are on and made a mistake and can get someone sick. then many try without being able to get a Restaurant job I some how got a warehouse job with just 1 interview where they ask me can I left 40 pounds. the warehouse job pay $17/hr and my only task is to put the boxes from the conveyor belt to the pallets. less then 10% of the boxes is over 30 pounds. maybe 1% or 2% is near 40 pound. after month and I happy to get easier work that pay more.
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2023.06.10 23:20 Trollzahr [GEAR] Difficulty in removing a stuck locking nut for my guitar

Hey y'all, getting back into playing so I went and said I would go and change my strings. Unfortunately, on my Jackson soloist I have a stuck locking nut that wont budge. I think I must have stripped it sometime in the far past. I was able to get the nut that holds the E/A and B/E strings in place, but the D/G nut just wont budge. Anyone got any ideas? I was able to get the other two off with 7/64s allen key, but I cant get this one off. I've already tried some WD-40 and some pliers but to no avail.
imgur link for picture:
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2023.06.10 23:20 msmcquoid Is stripping worth it? (Grooming, not profession)

Is stripping worth it? (Grooming, not profession)
I think it’s time to start grooming my 6-month-old Potpie, but I can’t find anyone in Denver who offers stripping and I don’t feel comfortable learning it myself. Does anyone have thoughts on just going with traditional grooming for a wiry cairn coat? (Here’s a pic of the happy boy—car seat is a game changer!)
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2023.06.10 23:18 Lnars Balance team currently making it so Build Creator's dont want to share

A week before the game launched someone had made a post about making you're character private, and why you would want to do this. I was totally wrong in saying I didn't see why this would be necessary.
Point being I witness why first hand you would want to do this now. This weekend someone in our Discord found a new way to have permanent Warcrys. Keeping in mind it wasn't a Whirlwind build, but non the less looks pretty nut's with the required Unique and Glyphs. Is he going to Stream or Post the build showcase? Hell no. Build Creators are working hard on there builds, and the minute something gets out, that doesn't spam the 'Basic' skill tag and can use Core skills with almost 100% uptime Blizzard is right there saying "Nope no fun".
Instead of improving skill's and buffing tree's that aren't used, we're just taking the lazy approach and smacking anything remotely fun in the face with mushroom slap nerf. Why would anyone want to share their build that makes the game enjoyable in the current eco system, only for too many people to start playing it, it gains traction, and come Season 1 or very likely earlier to see whatever they made not only nerfed to an unplayable stand point, but in cases like Barb and Druids, massive damage loss and the QoL also being stripped. I'm not arguing we shouldn't see nerf, case and point the Barb needed it bad. The gloves were crazy, as well as Glyph reliance, but completely obliterating the cooldown aspect, or QoL just makes it so it's not only weaker but not not even fun.
I don't know just my opinion but I feel like these, incredibly quick nerfs can be good for the game, but nobody want's to see there shit nerfed by 75% damage, defensive loses, and then on top of that and the worst part, there build now feels clunky because you wanna take way QoL as well. These types of nerfs are making people not want to share cool builds, based on fear of losing them.
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2023.06.10 23:18 midnight441 [USA-FL] [H] 256GB Steam Deck Upgraded to 512GB, Samsung 512 SD Card [W] PayPal (self.hardwareswap)

Good Evening Redditors
I am selling my Steam Deck that was originally the 256GB model (Intending to upgrade to the ROG Ally) that has been swapped to an NVMe 512GB SSD. I noted that there is s stripped screw for the left trigger bracket. However the left trigger and button work as intended. The Steam Deck will include a Samsung micro SD Card and the original carrying case. My asking price is $400, I open to offers so feel free to message me (be sure to message PM in the thread before message me) :)
Visual example of the screws for the left trigger bracket
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2023.06.10 23:17 janedoecurious I ate pasta and then found this noodle that looks bad. Do I need to go to the ER?

48F. Levothyroxine, sertraline, vitamin d3, and telmisartan are what I take. I had either the stomach flu or food poisoning (from a restaurant) three weeks ago. Had to go to the ER twice for fluids due to dehydrated from vomiting and diarrhea. Today I ate some boiled pasta (Barilla brand penne) and served it with roasted vegetables on top. When I went to put up the rest of the cooked noodles I noticed this noodle that was discolored. I did not notice any others and didn’t noticed while I was eating if anything was off. Now I’m terrified that there is something terribly wrong with the pasta since it was all cooked together and I need to go to the ER again. Am I going to be ok?
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2023.06.10 23:17 InternationalRain449 [WTS] Complete Gucci Upper: Centurion 16 in Chrome Lined, CHF Upper, Handguard Toolcraft C158 NIB Bcg

^ & Video of Upper
All parts are like new only been test fired and Larped
Chrome lined Picture
Only partial trade I’d be willing to do is an Eotech G33 magnifier + Cash on your end.
Centurion Upper: Aero AH Upper Receiver, Centurion Chrome Lined CHF LW profile (GOVT profile but slightly thinner after GB) barrel 16 inch, centurion tabbed gas block, Midlength gas tube, Centurion Handguard with Centurion grip Panels. Daniel Defense enhanced flash hider, new crush washer. Also throwing in a Magpul K2 XL grip with the oil container.
Daniel Defense Flash Hider hand tightened but can fully time if you’d like
Toolcraft Nickle Boron BCG 300 rds or so on it w a Milspec CH both used hardly
Upper w BCH Ch $750 $725 $700 Shipped 🚢
Stripped upper $675 $650 $625 Shipped 🚢
Shipped in my Aero 308 padded box for safe travels to you 🚚
Dibs applies
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2023.06.10 23:17 yungberms Tickets For The Hamilton Show

Hi all,
Sort of a random/specific post but I’m looking to go likely by myself to the two shows in Hamilton in a few weeks and have heard tickets aren’t selling the greatest but more so AEW will do promo’s on tickets with local restaurants or businesses etc. Does anyone know if they’re doing that for the Hamilton shows or even where I may be able to find that info? Those Ticketmaster fees are just brutal.
Thank you for any advice or insight you may have!
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2023.06.10 23:15 theonethatgotlost I miss him a lot but I don’t know if I like him?

I genuinely cannot stop thinking about the guy (23) that I (F23) met in my trip in Asia. I’m originally from Europe and it has always been my dream to visit Asia which happened. I stayed in a shared house and met amazing people. Just beware, this is going to be a long story. In a share house it is just common for people to come and go including me, I was staying for 3 months and I am planning to come back and stay even longer. I always just work back home travel around and then come back home again to work since the euro currency is strong.
One month in my trip, someone new joined and we were all excited. From the profile picture that we saw when he got added to the group we already assumed he was an out-going person. When we saw him in person he was to be honest really cute. Fast forward we later found out he had a gf and we totally respected that and I got along pretty well with his gf she’s a sweetheart and we have a lot in common. She had to leave however due to visa and after three days she left the country. So it was LDR for those two.
However, I still respected their relationship and we just talked. That’s how we kind of found out we were really alike and we liked the same things and humour was also similar. I was genuinely excited to have met someone who could match my level in terms of being active etc. We would go on evening walks together, go out and dine at restaurants, shop together etc.
Or when I was just feeling down he would talk to me and ask what was going on and stayed up until late at night. I think the latest was like until 4 AM. He would sometimes cook as he knew I liked miso soup he would scoop a bowl for me just things like that. Or I would watch a show and it would be our show since he would randomly join mid-way.
Naturally I started to question myself, am I just excited to have met someone that is just really likeable or is this some other feeling that I have?
I also started to notice that he would rarely mention his girlfriend, only when the other people in the sharehouse would question about her. I sometimes also brought her up just in case that he would not cross the line.
I eventually had to leave, but I promise everyone to come back and he worked from the lounge so that he could wave me goodbye and spend the last time together. After I left he would still text me and also just in a GC of me another girl and I because we would play wordle daily.
He then texted me that he needed help and that he was doubting his relationship with his girlfriend. He showed me their conversation and how she was talking about it would not work out because of different lifestyles. I gave him advice and told them that they should work it out via call or in person since she would return back to the sharehouse in two weeks and he agreed. I got the update that they rekindled and that made me happy but also lonely.
Was I feeling lonely because I felt like I wanted what they have, a relationship?
Because during this all I was also talking to another guy and I would go to him for advice. He did tell me that I should drop the guy and that he didn’t deserve me etc. However I took it as a sign that he was really an asshole because the guy turned out to be an asshole.
I’m just really confused. I deactivated all my social media platforms because I feel super distracted not only because of this however it does play a factor. I really hope he does not read this however he does have Reddit I think. So if you do see this I’m sorry.
I genuinely do not want to do the wrong thing.
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2023.06.10 23:15 OhHiJordan WKUK Archive Stuff: IFC premiere review, Entertainment Weekly

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2023.06.10 23:15 Ovulating_Oyster Is it a good idea to use Kilz or Zinsser primer on new bathroom studs during remodel as mold preventative?

Hi guys,
I'm doing a bathroom remodel and stripped it down to the studs like so and am going to swap out the old studs/redo some framing and thinking about treating the framing with Kilz primer (no topcoat) before drywall and hardiebacker goes up, is that a good idea? Thanks
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2023.06.10 23:15 -Phooey- [US-CA][H]E-White Kbd67mkii, Scarlet TKL Extras[W]Paypal, Local Cash

Hi, I have an Aluminum E-White kbd67 mkii & scarlet TKL extras for sale
kbd67 mkii Bundle= $100 + shipping: Close up Pics
Disclaimer. One of the case holes is stripped (but doesn't affect anything). pcb slightly spotty but works as of today
Scarlet TKL Extras Bundle= $20 + shipping:
If you have any questions or want clarification let me know! Local is OC/LA area (Highly Pref)
If price is off please let me know. Cheers!
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2023.06.10 23:14 DisastrousPotato9082 Not happy, but feel like I should be

Hi everybody,
I’m having some problems and don’t know how to deal. They aren’t major problems but I can’t seem to process. I am in my late twenties.
Financially, i’m doing great. I’m relatively young but I am in the top 5% earners. I have saved up 100K at 28 years old and have a dividend income each year of 2K. I also did this myself without help. The downside is, i try to save everything to become financially independent as early as possible. For the last 2 years, i did nothing except work. I didn’t go to parties. I never joined at lunches with my friends. I even biked home (40 miles) each week to save petrol costs. I bought nothing for myself. I work 60 hours in the week and during the weekend i work 12 hour shifts at restaurants
8 months ago, my girlfriend left me after 3 years. This hit me hard. I still don’t know why. I tried to give her everything. Since, i feel completely worthless. I am afraid to commit again.
I am not eating well. After the break-up, my focus was to become more attractive by working out and losing weight. I lost 8 pounds and ran 2 Marathons. But i was/am not eating healthy. I eat in the hospital to save costs. I occasionally vomit after binge eating. This is completely new for me but i feel like i deserve this.
I have a fantastic family and a bunch of friends, but in the last 6 months i barely saw anyone.
Professionally, i am not happy. I have a job, that pays great. It took a lot of energy to get where i am today. But after 7 years of study and training, i can’t just switch to something else. Most people wouldnt understand.
I have received help, but can’t seem to find purpose in life. It all seems so pointless, i just want to get out
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2023.06.10 23:14 V48runner Whenever I need to put flatpack furniture or other things together that comes with its own hex keys, I cut 'em down and put them in my drill and turn the torque settings down a bit so as not to strip all the heads. It's probably a bad idea, but I do it anyway.

Whenever I need to put flatpack furniture or other things together that comes with its own hex keys, I cut 'em down and put them in my drill and turn the torque settings down a bit so as not to strip all the heads. It's probably a bad idea, but I do it anyway. submitted by V48runner to redneckengineering [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 23:14 DustySpangler1 63rd & Grand - the former autozone - who is moving in, roll up doors and patio, would be a great stop on bike trail, bar? Restaurant?

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2023.06.10 23:14 InternetProfound Looking for a king bed frame with storage headboard and drawers below

1: King
2: Headboard with a flat surface or surfaces to place items, eliminative the need for side tables. Power strip built in would be nice, but even holes to thread cords and power a watch charger and small lamp are a minimum.
3: Proper drawers built into frame underneath, not floating baskets decorated to look like drawers.
4: Sturdy frame crossbeams to support mattress, not creaky wood strips like the ikea POS that is in my daughter's room right now.
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2023.06.10 23:13 titsoutfortaters Sensory reduction ear plugs

Are there any sensory-reduction ear plugs out there that aren't Loops or Calmer Flare? Any recommendations for others to try? Preferably not over ear.
I tried the Flare and don't feel like they do much of anything and can't get a good fit from any of the sizes and I can't figure out how to wear them either because customer service is super unhelpful and not in the US. Loops are just like cheap foam earplugs/buds that cost $40 but are the same thing and they give me that under the ocean feel that's super disorienting and annoying. I've tried all the different tips - silicone and foam, muted and not, engage, experience, etc.
I want something that reduces sound sensitivity of the little annoying noises - clanging, air purifiers, HVAC systems, electricity, piercingness of high and loud sound, etc. so I can exist and have some semblance of a life. I don't want to wear earbuds or I'd just wear earbuds and listen to music. I don't want to wear cheap foam earplugs or I'd just spend 75 cents at Lowes. I can't wear over ear headphones because I have severe TMJ and I have a very small head/ears so all of them are too big and just put pressure on my jaw.
I'm so tired of being autistic in this society. I can't be in my home, my friends houses, a coffee shop, a restaurant, the grocery store, and god forbid I do anything fun like go to a concert to see an artist I've been wanting to see to for literally a decade because god forbid we allow people to bring things into the venue to help them survive the sensory nightmare they've crafted for us. I'm so god damn tired.
Can someone just at the very least invent good ear plugs for the love of god???
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2023.06.10 23:10 JohnnRyann18 New homeowner, need advice.

Hello, I bought my house a few months ago. It was constructed in 1936 and has some real good bones. It has old wiring (that has been pretty stressful but isn’t too big of a job), some shotty plumbing repairs (given that it was a rental property), and this terrible lacker paint that covers just about everything. But despite all this it has a great mid century feel and I believe it can be something im proud of. So I was stripping layers of paint and wallpaper off my kitchen walls this afternoon. And it has some roughed up wood paneling under it. Now id love to keep everything original as possible since im in my early 20s and cant afford any qualified contractors to come in and refurnish my kitchen. Would anyone recommend doing some repairs to the wood and sanding it down and staining? Or hanging some drywall over it? Tare it out and drywall? Ill leave a link below for pictures and I appreciate any advice you can give me. Im really stuck as what to do here so thankyou.
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2023.06.10 23:10 GoldenBoy1000000 I am tired of this bs

She lives in a bourgeoisie I live in a shithole most my family lives either like gypsies or like low IQ they spend their time drinking soda they destroyed the soccer career of my at FC Séville they are mad because i dont live like them at all i grafuated in financial engineering and applied maths. I litteraly spend my time at the gym or reading spiritual or maths/finance stuff. She spend her time traveling at least twice a year in exotic place, always in good restaurant in Paris always posting her life on instagram.
What the point of being humaliated like this ? In dreams she allows herself to hug me wtf I tried to cut the link ofc didnt work, so i decided to dont give a fck we are in 3 years no contact she prolly forgot me at best she is like " oh this poor guy who found me special"
In a lucid dream i was looking at à table of food there was a margarine with her name written on it twice, IRL there is nothing with her name as brand
I decided to never come back to France ever i am leaving all this bs for good Yesterday i was walking with my sister in a street where i met her i wanted to cry my sis told me we are u looking so broken fck her
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2023.06.10 23:10 DarkKirby14 Pizza Tower #18 - Finale: Facing Pizza Face

hello everyone, DarkKirby14 here and with me here today is the final edition of Pizza Tower. On today's finale, Peppino will head up to the top of Pizza Tower to finally deal with the menace that threatens his restaurant: Pizza Face, and there are going to be so many faces that we've seen before but that won't stop Peppino from his goal playthrough to this point:\_kIkL7jOSGXZLBUfoTpuVWH
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2023.06.10 23:10 DarkKirby14 Pizza Tower #18 - Finale: Facing Pizza Face

hello everyone, DarkKirby14 here and with me here today is the final edition of Pizza Tower. On today's finale, Peppino will head up to the top of Pizza Tower to finally deal with the menace that threatens his restaurant: Pizza Face, and there are going to be so many faces that we've seen before but that won't stop Peppino from his goal
playthrough to this point:
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2023.06.10 23:09 yakisbetterdanjayz Them new studio payments and the low views and bad press got them pressed for blue strips 💵??

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