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A community to "respectfully" "mourn" the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Wanna know if the Queen of England is dead? Come here to find out

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Post a picture of the leader of your country standing in the rain. The wetter, the better.

2023.03.26 08:16 damianj3 This is reportedly the last ever official photo of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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2023.03.26 08:16 ZeusOfOlympus I bought HeroQuest!! I have some questions around Spells and Classes.

I finally bought it - the base pack and it came- ( 24 hours form amazon!) thanks to a lot of feedback form the Reddit Community you really helped.
I really want to get all of the classes, but mostly more spell casters,and the Bard, Druid and Warlock have not been added yet :(
  1. Downloading the character cards and using the app I can still play with these 3 and i can use proxy miniatures from Gloomhaven or Talisman. But , what else do i need to make them viable. Do I need to download and print their armour card sets? Special artefacts and card weapons? New Spells? A step guide on what you need to to do would be good! If one exists!
  2. I would like to add in the 9 spells from the old 1993 Wizards of Mordercar ( I would buy this in a heartbeat if I could.) Are there any HB spells sets that are generally recognised as being balanced and inline with the OG game and used regularly.
  3. I would also like to apply item 2 to the Druid, bard and Warlock Spells to give variety.
  4. In the app, when you choose a hero, there is an image of both the Male/Female Wizard and then a third image of the grand wizard/mentor! How do i get my hands on the mentor figure? THAT is a proper wizard to me! ( in my very humble opinion!) what I would like to play as. Saruman and Gandalf, Evil Lynn Mesmera were my heroes growing up, along with the emperor from Star Wars! Old wizards/evil queen sorcerers are my jam!
  5. I will get into Homebrewing after trying the existing classes and spells :)
My next stop is “Ye old Hero inn!
Thanks everyone happy hero quest!
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2023.03.26 08:16 Grape-Choice RON DPS Strategies

Wanted to talk about dps strats for the new raid because I join alot of lfgs as there's so many different opinions but as always some are better than others. THIS IS A DISCUSSION not a post to dump on others opinions for dps if it works for you and your team that's great this a post to educate new players and new raiders about what they should be looking to bring to their fireteams.
5 Izinagi + 5 Rockets + Div:
To my knowledge this is one of 2 ways to CONSISTENTLY one phase nez. Keyword being consistent, 5 izi rockets with a div is going to be a one phase providing your div user is decent and can keep the judgement up for a good amount of time. i think this strat is extremely viable for teams that actually know how to izi swap and have a good div user. I don't think this strat is super good for lfgs as there are a lot of people that haven't played the game long enough to have izinagis catalyst, don't have a auto loading rocket or (and this seems to be the problem in my lfgs) people cant izi swap properly. i don't think there's anything wrong with not being able to izi swap properly as it takes a bit of practice but when you force your lfgs into doing dps they are not capable of doing consistently you hurt your whole fireteam. also new players cant really get any decent auto loading rockets with ALOT of grinding
You can also just use 5 rockets one gally and a tether and that should get you the one phase.
5 Heavy GL's + 5 Fusion Rifles + Div
This is my personal go to for dps on nez and to my knowledge the only other way to CONSISTENTLY one phase. For GL's your best options are wendigo with spike grenades + auto loading + explosive light OR the seasonal GL Regnant with the same roll but if you craft it can get enhanced perks. I personally pair this with the exotic fusion rifle merciless but a lot of people also use riptide with auto loading/field prep + chill clip for shatter dmg. IMO this is way easier for fireteams to pull off as the skill required for this compared to izi rockets is far lower. open with grenade launcher until mag is empty swap to fusion empty mag, if it has auto loading just go back to grenade launcher and repeat until dps is over. If your using merciless its the same thing but reload before you go back to using your grenade launcher. I think this is more viable for new players as regnant is craftable and will remain obtainable and craftable in the game for the next year and defiant engrams drop like crazy just for playing the game so its really easy to focus farm. FORGOT TO MENTION rapid fire fusion rifles are the best for pve if you arnt using the 2 recommended in this post rapid fire frames have the best dps and the best total damage output
5 Thunderlords + Div:
Personally i hate thunder lord but that's because I'm all about the consistent one phase. If you're looking for a easy 2 phase this is a super easy choice. if you're a brand new player and don't have auto loading rockets or good grenade launchers this will let you carry your weight in lfgs. not really much to say here its solid weapon for dps for new players and for teams that cant one phase nez this just makes it a brain dead 2 phase. I know there are teams and players that swear thunderlord can one phase and it can BUT it isn't consistent so i cant recommend it for higher skill teams looking to one phase the boss
Class Specific Info:
Titans: Thundercrash + Cruiass is really all youve got
Hunters: Star Eaters+ Blade Barrage is great for the burst. Tether is also a great option for the 30% damage debuff
Warlocks: Well of Radiance + starfire/lunafactions. lunafactions is great for bumping up teams dps through faster reloads and weapon range buffs. If you're running starfire you also have the option of running demolitionist instead of auto loading. it will let you pump out rockets faster and throw fusion grenades for even more damage. also pair this with wither hoard as it will let you keep getting your grenade energy back super quick.
Rockets: Hot head/ hezen vengance/ Bump in the night
Fusions: Riptide, Merciless, Cartesian Coordiante,
Heavy GL's: Wendigo, Regnant
These are probably the best dps options for the boss and I don't think many players will disagree. As of writing this the winterbite bug is in the game and you can 1 phase with it but it will get patched so that's why I didn't bother to include it. please correct me on anything I'm wrong about and share your dps strats if they differ from what's above as the more options people have the more likely new players and new raiders can get their first clears done
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2023.03.26 08:16 comeflywithme2tm Be Prepared! We Are About To Be Blamed for Everything! Have Some Rounds in the Chamber and Inspiration!

We are about to be blamed for what is coming, so it's best to be prepared for the real reason this pathetic shit-show is occuring. 5 management changes that had clear and present outcomes could have turned the tide of our country.
1) Post 2000 - Failure to set policed rules and regulations. The dot-com bust was insane! And we all had recovering stress about Y2K fears. The market was very wild-west at that time. Tech companies shot up so fast and were overvalued by over a thousand to one. Politicians, celebrities and sports stars were endorsing things they had no idea about, only for boosting their own income. The conflicts of interest were insane and once the fool's buy spree ended and all these internet/computer companies' books revealed they had nothing but liabilities, they collapsed. The magic of the internet was met with the sorcery of stupidity. And the government did... nothing. They blamed it on poor people and the middle east? In-rushes of minorities spontaneously buying stocks? The breakdown of America? At no point did they say that people in power and wealthly positions in trust made stupid leveraged bets on shit they got dead wrong. After that, they should have REGULATED with a capital R. Jail time for crime. Transparency of books and people. Full disclosures placed on News and 'journalists'. Management of debt instruments for investing.
2) Post 2008 - Failure to remove threats to American investment, growth and economic stability. After the Great Recession, short selling should have been put to rest. Financial incentives to destroy companies and put people out of work are counter-productive to economic growth and civilian contribution/wellness. If you have enough money, it allows for gaming the market. Short selling and everything around it is devastating to economic success. The only lesson learned from the reckless stupidity and short selling, was that the US tax payers would come to their rescue. Insurance for increased future stupidity! Like the movie the Big Short says, they blamed poor people and minorities. At no point did they say that people in power and wealthly positions of trust made stupid leveraged bets on shit they got dead wrong. Only difference is this time they learned that they can bite the hand that feeds.
Like the previous mentioned, jail for crime, transparency, proper regulation and ethical management should have been implimented from this event. This in my mind is where we 'lost the battle to cancer'. Hedge funds were smart... but they learned that they can get real stupid and destructive and get rewarded. Insurance for recklessness. Investing became a game, where it became easier to make one team lose, then to cheer for a team to win. The more money you had, the more oppourtunity to buy the refs, the camera person, the announcer, and eventually, the audience. The amount of government regulation and management imposed on options after 2008 should have been strict audits, compliance checks, quality control via third parties, income verification, weekly reporting, heavy tax brackets, and yes, time for crime.
3) 2009 - Failure to remove obvious hiways for unethical motives and high level crime. After Bernie Madoffs' crimes came to light, the infrastructure he used for the crime should have been eliminated. Payment For Order Flow. Lack of transparency and piss poor regulation and management. Hey! This is starting to become a common theme here! Well fuck my truck and call it a hybrid! This fucker caused the losses of 10's of billions of dollars and the SEC only found out because Madoff confessed to his sons, who brought it to their attention. They were fucking obligated to do something. They had to be given the information because they were unable to find it themselves. If you ever watch a kids show and they make out the cop to be the idiot, that cop was too smart for the SEC. Just when you think they couldn't get more idiotic, they make commercials about theaters and utter threats about emojis as their countries fucking banking system collapses. That's like caring about a lone J-walker when closer to you is a 158 car collision (158 'at risk'banks). They left all the pathways for crime, most notebly of which is PFOF. Even fucking Citadel said it was bad.. like holy fucking shit! That was of course until they committed those crimes using it! Now it's good? Jesus. Well as you guessed it, for the issues, At no point did they say that people in power and wealthly positions of trust made stupid leveraged bets on shit they got dead wrong. They blamed it on everything else. After that, they should have found every route for crime he comited and sealed them up tight. They should have put a greater emphasis on regulation ENFORCEMENT and management. They should have made investigation a priority. Madoff was like a Diety being exposed as fake. No one after should have been put on a pedestal.
4) 2020 - The big problem is that the banks got all that money! Then they made stupid bets on stupid! Now they need to tame inflation, provide liquidity, manage dollar value vs. Gold, save bonds, and increase the interest rate or taxes. Every option comes with pain and it is impossible to manage now. On top of that, the failures mentioned earlier are biting them in the ass and short sellers are salivating at the US banks now. At no point will they say that people in power and wealthly positions of trust made stupid leveraged bets on shit they got dead wrong. Now it's not just poor people and minorities, I am proud to say it's because of poor people and minorities talking to each other! Because you know that people who haven't eaten more than 1 meal today affected the +100 trillion dollar stock/bond markets!?
5) 2021 - In June of 2021 during the run-up of AMC, they should have closed positions and been transparent. It would have affected the economy, but we would be doing better long term. They are just making everything worse, and I fear what the outcome is. They should learn from it and enforce and fairly regulate and ban PFOF and manage conflicts of interest, among everything else. They probably won't. I know that I am not selling.
We have a company that survived COVID. We get called a penny stock, but have up to a 1,054.00% borrow fee!? We have 4+ million people around the world saving the theater industry! We have an entire community and have slowly became a mutual fund - NCMI, HYMC - a fucking Gold mine!, Walmart distributed popcorn - among the highest value added snacks there is. We have stubbed fake news, watched our CEO drop his shorts on livestream (he fucking knows about naked shorts and he is on our side), haven't sold as per OBV, and we even have fake accounts and bots try to pursue us to sell. We are so fucking numb to stupidity that red makes us buy and deep red makes us heavy hoard and double down. We don't care if you are different here. All people equal - APE. We are a sports team all wearing the same jersey. We all hug and cheer when we win, and we are fucking winning. Our theater is doing better than their banks! Our popcorn is in better taste than their 'advising'. If they are 'smart money', I'd rather keep my money and be stupid. The only thing they have managed to compound is our numbers of AMC investors. The water is rising, and they lied about knowing how to swim. We are owners of AMC, and we aren't leaving.
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2023.03.26 08:14 Gibsx Beta: overall feedback (quickfire)

Overall rating: 7/10

  1. The final game will have better balance and a higher degree of polish
  2. The most egregious bugs will be fixed
  3. Server stability is always a short-term problem
  4. Some player feedback will be implemented

Classes (rated individually)

Overall comment: I am going to avoid 'skill balance numbers' as this is constantly changing and all it takes is a buff/nerf to change the flavor of the month. Focus is on how skills feels and their interactions to create builds.
Sorcerer 9/10
Rogue 8/10
Necromancer 7/10
Barbarian 6/10
Druid - didn't play for long-enough to comment
Character Customization (6/10)

Skill trees (6.5/10)

The 'skill tree' has been broken into three parts;
  1. Class skill tree
  2. Class mechanic
  3. Dynamic Paragon skill system
On face value there is plenty to digest and build your character around. I probably would have preferred one big skill tree with 100 levels and the class mechanic.....but without the ability to play with Paragon it's hard to know.
The Class skill trees more or less feels like Diablo 3 ported. Skills have three modifiers with one being compulsory. Skills trees generally feel linear but D4 on the more basic end of the spectrum.
When you understand that Blizzard is making this as an 'all commers' ARPG I think its good enough.

Game difficulty (4/10)

Game scaling system (5/10)

UI (5/10)

Items and associated systems 7/10 (so far)

Graphics 8.5/10

Story 8/10

Dungeons 6.5/10

Combat 8/10

Open world (7/10)

Monsters and Bosses (6.5/10)

General stuff

Something I am expecting (controversial)

Final thoughts

While the Beta server reliability was dodgy the bones of the game seem pretty good to me. When you consider this game is being designed for your average ARPG player its hitting the right notes. My biggest would be there are numerous systems and mechanics that need tweaking, and I am struggling to see how Blizzard can absorb player feedback and debug the game in only 2 months.
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2023.03.26 08:14 LongHairedKraut 27M, not sure what I even want out of dating/relationships anymore

Posting on here since seduction is dead
This will be a long post so bear with me please
As the title says I'm 27 years old and single. When it comes to dating I was a late bloomer in every respect. I didn't kiss a woman until I was 19 and only lost my virginity at 21. The longest relationship I've been in lasted a year from fall 2018 to fall 2019, and she was the only actual girlfriend I had and the last woman I had sex with. Any other time I've done anything with women it has just been one or two time affairs. When I was younger and still hadn't had a girlfriend yet I longed to be in a relationship very badly. I remember daydreaming often about it and imagining what my future partner would be like. Ever since my last relationship ended, it's like a switch has flipped in my head. At this point I barely care about meeting women anymore and it hardly seems to bother me that I haven't had sex in three and a half years. I still am very much attracted to women but the desire in me to pursue them has gone. Thus I'm not sure what I even want anymore.
I've only ever met women I've hooked up with thru dating apps, and ever since my last girlfriend there's been a few women I've talked to on there that I could have gone out with, but each time I haven't been able to bring myself to do it. In 2021 alone there were three different women I was texting who said in no uncertain terms that they wanted to sleep with me, but each time it never happened even though they were attractive and we were flirting with each other thru text. It's as if I like the idea of sex and having women interested in me more than actually meeting these women. If I look back to some of the hookups I had in college most often I would lose interest in the girl after actually meeting her once, and if I didn't lose interest in her she would lose interest in me. Currently I'm texting this girl I met up with a few months ago but I haven't seen her in person more than once. She's somewhat attractive, is a nice person and likes the same music that I do, but even so I haven't met up with her again even though I'm still talking to her. Maybe it's because she lives two hours away, but also I think it could be because the idea of dating has lost its appeal to me.
I've also noticed that I have very little in common with the women on dating apps, and I never really felt a romantic "spark" with any women I've actually met in person. Even with the one girlfriend I had it didn't feel like I actually loved her and that I was just kinda going thru the motions. I question if there's any women out there who are truly interesting and remarkable to me. My interests and values appear to be different than most people, and I'm also pretty introverted and mostly enjoy spending time by myself. In a way wanting a relationship is a bit of a contradiction in my case. It seems what I was actually after in my younger days when I desired a relationship badly was the validation of a woman being interested in me and living up to social norms rather than the genuine company of a relationship with someone I get along with well. For the most part I also haven't been that attracted to the women I usually attract, I apologize if I sound vain in saying that. Most of the women I've been with have been average looking or perhaps slightly above average, but the real babes have largely eluded me. Then again, I don't seem to have much in common with them.
My values also aren't very relatable to most people, and I think this also affects why I don't know what to do about dating anymore. Ever since I converted to Hinduism two years ago I see the world differently and I care very much about spiritual life. When I look at the average woman, or really the average person where I live, I realize they mostly just care about material enjoyment in life such as going out to drink or spending time with their friends and not so much about yoga or mediation or spiritual practice. Hopefully I don't sound elitist by saying that, and I myself am by no means a perfect devotee of Krishna. I feel like my religion would alienate me from most women, but religious women also would want something different. I feel like the religious women would mostly want to get married and have children, which I absolutely do not want. However, I would feel bad about the prospect of using religion to meet women anyway so I don't think I'd go that route.
In short, I really don't know what to do anymore. In the back of my mind I still have some vestigial idea that I want to find a woman who's right for me, but at the same time I don't really have the desire to look for a relationship like I did a few years ago. As I said I've never truly felt a romantic connection with any woman I've met, even if I was attracted to them. Do I really even want a relationship, or do I just vaguely desire the idea of one? I am attracted to women sexually on one hand but on the other I'm very apprehensive about having sex with anyone because of the risk of accidental pregnancy. The very last thing I want in this world is to have children and if I accidentally get a girl pregnant and she decides to keep the child then I'm screwed. With all of this one can see all the contradictions in my situation. In the past I wanted a relationship very much but I'm an introvert who vastly prefers to be alone, sex with women is good but I'm terrified of accidental pregnancy and jerking off is far more satisfying and convenient, I'm religious but too socially liberal for religious women and too conservative for the average women, I've desired romantic connection but find it nearly impossible to have a romantic "spark" with any women I meet, etc. There's just so many contradictions here. So what am I to actually do?
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2023.03.26 08:12 According_Ad9769 My first ever post here + my first ever Nuzlocke Variant that I am doing

I am attempting a Wedlocke which is a Nuzlocke variant created by a youtube called Marilland and obviously, he is obviously my inspiration for this Wedlocke. It's on Brillant Diamond.
Here is Marrliands video(
And these are the rules.
  1. The main rule: Fainted Pokemon are considered dead and must be released. (or permaboxed if you are a wimp which I am a wimp who boxes my Pokemon)
  2. The first Pokemon you see must be caught. If you kill it or accidentally run away then too bad for you! :D
  3. A male and female Pokemon are partnered and you can only switch to that partner and if one of two Pokemon dies then you must switch to the other Pokemon and you cannot switch to something else. If both Pokemon die then you can switch to any pokemon if you want.
  4. You can't deposit Pokemon unless they die. Or you could release a Pokemon to have an empty space but you are required to feel bad afterwards. :D
  5. If you have a pair that is not actually a pair and just one Pokemon then get the Pokemon that has the opposite gender. (You can make it so that there are same-gender relationships in your Wedlocke which is called a Rainbow Wedlocke. Marilland acknowledged the existence of that and he even did one himself in Sapphire.)
Anyways here is my current team.
Ice Cube(Piplup, Male, Relaxed) who is paired up with Chicked(Starly, Female, Rash)
Chocolate(Bidoof, Female, Mild) who is paired up with Grub(Kricketot, Male, Lax)
I'm new to this reddit so I didn't know what to flair my post so I flaired it as Run Update?
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2023.03.26 08:12 ChekovsFun Day One, Again and Again


It was funny, in the most cosmic way possible.
Of course, I'd stared at my own corpse plenty of times. But it was always after I'd gotten my bearings, taken a little time to readjust and remember.
It was day one of maybe the fifth... loop? I guess you could call it that. I had barely realized things had started over again- my head was fuzzy and I was under the impression I had just finished cheer practice, when the 'zombie outbreak' occurred. That's funny, how when the sky cracks your mind does, as well. I don't think anyone I've met so far at that point could give me a straight answer about how the world ended, or what it looked like.
Of course, like I mentioned, I don't remember anything when I wake up first. It takes a few weeks, but it gets easier each time. But when I looked in my own dead eyes, I remembered. Stomped my skull flat, it was muscle memory. I didn't know they came back to life if you didn't stomp them- I couldn't know that. My experience with zombies was limited to the shit they put in movies and on TV- and in those, destroying the head would suffice. My skull was already split open with some zombie's teeth in it when I got there.
There wasn't gonna be any cavalry coming. Memories of this town that was my home town but also wasn't came flooding back- there was a pawn shop on the corner that might have something useful, a better weapon. Mom and dad lived down the street. My friends lived all across suburbia- although on further reflection I'd already brained a few of them with my hockey stick.
I collected myself and set out again. I still hadn't remembered everything, but enough was there that I knew where to go to get what I needed.

Simple writing project I'm starting. I might post occasional updates when I remember to. I've used this character start so many times that 'loop 5' probably doesn't even cut it. Generally, my vibe for this character has always sort of been that they're trapped in a time loop- they need to do something specific to break it, complete a goal or something like that. Until then, every death is a reset- if I die early usually I'll just use the same world rather than making a new one, so I've had time paradoxes happen quite a bit.
Of course, to roleplay a little, I usually go into debug and inch the learning speed up a bit each time I die, to simulate the concept of the character 'remembering' things they've already learned and stuff.
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2023.03.26 08:10 Candy_Potato UK bakers: vanilla cake

I’m ready to pull my hair out. I’ve tried making a vanilla sponge 4 times now and they keep coming out stodgy and dense. I use the cake flour substitution (as we don’t really have cake flour here and the stuff on Amazon is £10 for 1KG) and my baking powder and baking soda are both not dead. What on earth do I do?! Are there any good recipes out there that yield a fluffy vanilla sponge without cake flour?!
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2023.03.26 08:09 SoupRonin 31 [M4F] Washington state/Online/Anywhere?/Gamer friend?/Same timeline?/Idk where I'm going with this - Ravioli ravioli, give me a frienduoli. Good title. 🤡 👍

Hello, I am a 5"11, chonky, bearded, long curly-headed, hoody-loving, pale-looking, avoider of the sun, loser doofus type guy. Just looking for like-minded people to hang out with. Stuff like gaming or watching movies/tv shows. Maybe even form a long-lasting connection if I'm lucky lol. Sorry if my post is long and confusing. I am not very good at this. Don't hurt me, I am fragile.
Pros and interests:
- Good listener.
- Will always message fast. Unless I'm dead. Or asleep. Or dead. Or busy. Or dead. Did I mention dead?
- Would probably cancel a heart transplant if you wanted to hang out. Is not a heart transplant surgeon. Is not a doctor at all.
- Lover of food.
- Likes to cook.
- occasional drinker.
- Occasional Twitch watcher.
- Guitar. Dats it.
- Animal lover. Mostly prefer animals to people lol. I hope to one day own a farm and have farm animals like I did when I was a wee lad.
- Has the best dog.
- I can be funny. sometimes when I’m alone, I like to go out into my garden, cover myself with dirt, and pretend I’m a potato. Does not actually have a garden.
- My humor is pretty vast so don't hold back really. I also make a lot of self-deprecating jokes. Go me.
- Will send you funny or nice memes. Sometimes dark evil shit. Don't question it.
- Owner of way too many games (PC and Switch).
- Hasn't watched a lot of the best shows/movies so will watch stuff with you.
- Likes anime/manga.
- Likes all kinds of music except mostly rap and country.
- Likes spooky stuff, horror, paranormal videos, the unknown, and sometimes some gore. I've seen some GNARLY shit on Reddit honestly. 😱
- Prefers the night over the day. So I'm most likely up at night doing god knows what.
- Considers awkward long silences soothing. As long as I feel comfortable with the person.
Annnnnnd onto the cons *clears throat and shifts glasses*
- I have bad insomnia sometimes which causes my sleep schedule to be really out of wack.
- I'll have days where I just wanna avoid everyone cause depression has me by the balls and makes me think I'm a worthless piece of shit (probably true) and nobody wants me around (also probably true lmao).
- I struggle with opening up and trusting others cause of bad past experiences.
- I consider short sentences and people who aren't consistent a HUGE red flag.
- I'm not good at taking the initiative in activities with someone unless I am 100% certain of the person. Plus being rejected really sucks.
- Terrible at giving advice.
- Terrible selfie taker.
- I'm a pushover.
- I'm pretty stupid.
- No car.
- Not working right now.
- I live with family.
- I'm a mental mess.
- -35 Moral -20 Happiness +60 Depression +50 Insanity +30 Despair +100 anxiety.
- And of course the granddaddy of all cons... me lol. :D
There aren't a lot of things people can do over the internet, so please be somewhat interested in gaming or watching stuff together? I've been playing a lot of random games like Vampire Survivor and Cult of the Lamb. And of course Stardew Valley cause that game is chill. I don't play FFXIV, Valorant, DbD, or Minecraft. I've also lost interest in OW2 cause those boneheads can't balance a game right. Sorry, just never got into those games. I have PLENTY of other games of course. Or we could binge movies or some shows/anime. I don't mind if you are clingy. Punch me in the face and call me crazy I guess. I probably should have a sense of humor cause I'll say dumb shit that I think is funny. You probably should like memes and be ok with awkward quiet moments. I'll also say random shit to break the ice. Be ready.
I'm not saying all that stuff is the be-all-end-all for me, but lately, I find that most people that message me end up not having similar interests. Which is kind of a bummer.
I'm also trying to work on myself. And that can be a drag lol.
Despite sounding like a REAL MONSTROSITY OF A PERSON... I'm actually not that bad. I'd like to think I can make people laugh if you get me talking. Send a message if none of this has scared you away lol. Please write something more than "hi" lol. Just give me a basic rundown of yourself! No pressure.
"This would look good if it didn't look so awful." me looking at myself in the mirror.
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2023.03.26 08:07 Antonsanguine Season 5 episode 10

I am Loving this episode Firstly I love that God is such a Jokester with the "Another One bites the Dust" Musical. and that Chloe got in God's face about the Horrible Treatment he inflicted on Lucifer and his siblings. and with god basically telling Dan "oh yeah you're a dead man. Heh"
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2023.03.26 08:06 Makothor i feel scammed (PS4)

Today I bought Postal 4 for ps4. It's amazing how dead the city feels :
*There is no population, I was arrested for attacking a policeman and when I spawned in my cell the police station was completely empty, no cops, no prisoners.
*When I kill a person, their corpse disappears before my eyes, the same happens with the fluids.
*Champ doesn't exist.
*I went to a radio station and you could hear announcers talking but the place was completely empty.
i feel like i bought a copy of cyberpunk 2077, and it cost me 40 bucks
Do you plan to improve the population density on PS4? it really feels like a ghost town
it's sad because i really want to try this game
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2023.03.26 08:04 ILoveChillyChicken Do you ever feel male were always this spineless/cowards since ages or now things have gone worse?

Edit: posting again because most of the conments disappered the moment I got notification🥺🤐
I read a post on this sub where after a live in of 6 years, the guy is leaving the girl for AM. And not just one, many other posts too. I am seeing real life examples of this happening in front of me. Heck, this happened to me too. The story is always the same. Starts with rosy promises, colorful future and then when it comes to take stand for the woman, these momma's fucking boys lose their fucking spine. Also in most of the cases, they expolit the woman who they keep stringing along, emotionally, physically and sometimes financially, to the fullest. When's the end to this? Where's the justice? Shall I wait for the Karma to bite his ass? If any of you momma's boys lurking this subreddit and reading this post, grow a fucking spine and don't fucking use a women like this.
Not able to see any comments. IDK whats happening.
End of rant. Goodbye. Tata. See you.
All of you are queens and I love you❤️
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2023.03.26 08:04 Him7567 Hi roadhog main here and I'm wondering how I can be more independent playing as rein, with roadhog he's good on his own and is boosted by his team but with rein it feels like he's bad if he doesn't have a team to back him up and I like protecting my team but I also want to be a bit more independent

Recently I've gotten into more close range heroes (I'm bad with long range heroes, plus I'm on controller as well) and I found I like heroes like junker queen, Reinhart, Bridgette the most with a little bit of bastion (cause mini gun go brrr) as well as zenyatta (I keep missing my charge shots but it's satisfying to melt someone health when you give them extra dmg) I also use pharah a little (mainly in elimination matches cause most people don't use hit scan heroes when they have like 2 wins so I use pharah as a clutch character) but as for Reinhart I like protecting the team with a big shield and not having to hop behind cover all the time since it's a bug change from how I play as roadhog (I take hits for the team but for the most part I flank and if it's a team battle I focus on the squishes and if I see their tank going after my squishes I hook them) but when it comes to 1v1 fights or a small skirmish weather it be in arcade or an actual game I hate using him, when I use him he feels weak if he doesn't have any support or a team helping him which is sorta the opposite of my gameplay with roadhog since roadhog is a lot more independent in his play style and he only ever need to buy time to win fights (take elimination for example, I flank, get a good body shot then hook to do a 2 shot then run away but I mainly do this when both my teammates die and I can't fight in a head on battle) roadhog has the advantage to heal like a support, can do a shit ton of dmg and can get at least 1 good guaranteed hit but with Reinhart it doesn't feel like he got anything to make him independent except for his charge, and even then it's easy to dodge it (or at least I dodge most of the time) and yeah I guess he can be good in a deathmatch where most people are playing as an assault and and can get 3 shit by my hammer and not constantly heal due to a support but that's about it
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2023.03.26 08:03 _slyb1t [Store] A FEW KNIVES and Playskins -Including: Huntsman Damascus Steel / Stiletto Safari Mesh / Huntsman Lore / Paracord Blue Steel / Gut Tiger Tooth / Navaja Vanilla / Bowie Freehand / Moto Gloves Cool Mint / Falchion Damascus Steel / StatTrak/NoN-StatTrak items and more

Hello everyone, Have some items up for trade
All the buyouts for the selected items are just because of the rules.
TradeLink Steam Profile Twitter
I am open to discussing trades on Steam or Discord: Ab1r#1680 , feel free to add me there to discuss.
Some of the tradeable items are listed as follows:
Item Condition Float Notes B/O Availability
★ Huntsman Knife Gamma Doppler FN 0.03 P1 350$ 26 Mar
★ Huntsman Knife Lore FT 0.29 240$ 26 Mar
★ Falchion Knife Damascus Steel MW 0.14 182$ Tradeable
★ Paracord Knife Blue Steel MW 0.14 187$ Tradeable
★ Huntsman Knife Freehand FN 0.06 175$ 26 Mar
★ Huntsman Knife Damascus Steel FN 0.06 190$ Tradeable
★ Stiletto Knife Safari Mesh FT 0.35 174$ Tradeable
★ Gut Knife Tiger Tooth FN 0.05 165$ Tradeable
★ Bowie Knife Freehand FN 0.05 161$ Tradeable
★ Falchion Knife Bright Water FN 0.06 150$ Tradeable
★ Bowie Knife Freehand FN 0.05 167$ Tradeable
★ Flip Knife Forest DDPAT FT 0.35 142$ Tradeable
★ Navaja Knife Vanilla 131$ Tradeable
★ Moto Gloves Cool Mint BS 0.75 125$ Tradeable
★ ST Shadow Daggers Stained MW 0.11 120$ Tradeable
★ Survival Knife Boreal Forest FT 0.15 104$ 26 Mar
AK-47 Fuel Injector WW 0.40 105$ Tradeable
ST M4A1-S Cyrex MW 0.14 52$ 26 Mar
ST AK-47 The Empress WW 0.42 48$ 26 Mar
M4A4 Hellfire FT 0.20 44$ Tradeable
AK-47 Neon Rider FT 0.22 35$ Tradeable
AWP Redline FT 0.19 32$ Tradeable
AK-47 Asiimov FT 0.25 30$ Tradeable
AWP Neo-Noir FT 0.21 25$ Tradeable
M4A4 Cyber Security MW 0.13 19$ Tradeable
USP-S Monster Mashup FN 0.04 27$ Tradeable
AWP Chromatic Aberration FT 0.28 20$ Tradeable
M4A4 The Emperor FT 0.21 13$ Tradeable
Glock-18 Bullet Queen WW 0.44 7$ Tradeable
& more
Some prices might be outdated.
Note: I have new items coming and going daily and everything is not included in this list but everything is up for trade just send an offer!
Check my steam discussion if you want to have a random CS item for free.
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2023.03.26 08:03 Elysium94 DC's 'Trinity'- Or, how to revise/adapt 'Batman v Superman' and other such crossover tales for television (Part 1 of 2)

DC's 'Trinity'- Or, how to revise/adapt 'Batman v Superman' and other such crossover tales for television (Part 1 of 2)
The \"dawn of justice\" starts with them.
Been a little while since I touched on DC Comics-related TV, huh?
And boy, has a lot happened. The DCEU's undergoing a reboot, Superman and Lois is taking off in a direction further distancing itself from the Arrowverse, and the bonkers Titans is coming to an end.
While all this plays out, I think I'll finally return to my ongoing revision of DC Comics on TV, started with a Superman series. This time, let's pitch a first-encounter story in which Superman meets his fellow superheroes Batman and Wonder Woman.
The iconic Trinity are a fantastic dynamic in any iteration. They compliment each other in so many ways, and represent the best in their universe's array of heroes.
There's a lot of story to tell anytime they're together. And while I do admittedly enjoy (parts of) Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman, there was a lot of story to be told in just one film...
That wouldn't necessarily be an issue for TV, though, would it? More than that, a TV-based crossover of the three heroes could allow for even more to be done.
So, let's return to the index for this hypothetical "Maxverse". An outline in which I revise DC-related television as a big-budget shared universe on HBO Max as opposed to the CW.
Picking up after the third season of Superman, and the first two seasons of Wonder Woman, it's time for...
Created by-
Aaron Guzikowski and Steven Knight
Music by-
Bear McCreary and Stephanie Economou
David Giuntoli as Superman, Sam Witwer as Batman, Elodie Yung as Wonder Woman
Rachel McAdams as Lois Lane, Jimmy Smits as Daniel Leone, Michael Beihn as Dan Turpin,
Iain Glen as Alfred Pennyworth, Giancarlo Esposito as Lucius Fox,
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Steve Trevor, Freya Allan as Cassandra Sandsmark
Faran Tahir as Ra's al Ghul, Denise Gough as Clea, Glen Powell as Conduit,
A little reference to the title inspiration and source material).
In general, picture a three-part event broadcast on HBO Max (as all other projects in this revision are).
Plot inspirations for this crossover include
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • World's Finest: The Batman/Superman Movie
  • Trinity
  • Gotham Knights
  • Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia
The story is a continuation of Superman and Wonder Woman's tales after his first three seasons and her first two, and an introduction to the Batman of this revised TV-verse.
Let's examine the ideal roles of the Trinity, and how they complete the puzzle that is the DC's core hero lineup.
With the help of three commissioned "portraits" which present my headcanon appearances of each character.
  • Credit to the commissioned artists is below the post, as well as the full artworks.
    • Included along more personal headshots made, sheepishly I admit, with AI.
      • Yes, it's problematic if made for profit, but as a fun little pastime I think it's okay.
Clark Kent/Superman
  • Superman is the paragon, the decisive and selfless boyscout who can always be counted on to do the right thing.
  • He sometimes relies more on his feelings and in-the-moment thinking, and his image and immense power may lead him to self-doubt. But Clark is nonetheless an effective leader who serves as a moral "center" in the sense of what a true hero should be.
Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Batman is the pragmatist, the everyman whose resourcefulness and big-picture mentality helps him stand shoulder to shoulder with gods.
  • His cold, calculating nature and difficulty trusting others may sometimes do more harm than good. But Bruce's commitment to justice, keen strategic mind and strong sense of humanity make him every bit as much a hero as his friends.
Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
  • Wonder Woman is the wise and seasoned warrior, an immortal with centuries worth of knowledge and an entire nation at her back.
  • She may occasionally struggle with the moral greyness of the modern world, seeing issues in a more black-and-white lens. But Diana's compassion, the responsibility that comes with being a princess and her absolute loyalty to those she loves makes her the ideal peacekeeper among superheroes.
Now, here's a pretty crucial part of their dynamic:
No member of the Trinity should be overly glorified at the expense of the others. Even if one particular character receives more focus than the others depending on the story being told, all should be treated with respect.
The best comics, shows and films are the ones which feature the Trinity as completing each other and cancelling out each other's flaws, as opposed to any one being put on a pedestal while the others are painted as inefficient or lacking in comparison.
  • Looking at you, Justice League: Doom (AKA, how to completely miss the point when adapting a story meant to criticize Batman, not go "he's right, actually" and let him off the hook).
The conflict of the series is, in essence, an action thriller throwing the trio of Clark Kent, Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne together to tackle a global conspiracy headed by three powerful villains.
Said villains are as follows. Passing over some of the more traditional choices and instead going for a very personal angle that tests each hero.
Ra's al Ghul
Leader of the international syndicate called the League of Assassins. A genocidal terrorist with aims of wiping out most of human civilization and restoring Earth to an ecological paradise guided by his own sense of forceful justice.
Ra's has a history with Batman, having been one of his many teachers as a young man. His daughter, Talia, even shared a brief but passionate romance with Bruce before differing ideals separated them.
While he once saw Bruce as a potential apprentice and even a suitor for Talia, Ra's now regards him as a disappointment and utter failure, and is determined to destroy him.
Character notes:
  • The Ra's of this hypothetical Maxverse leans hard into the more ruthless, cruel and genocidal nature of the character from the source material.
    • As cool and even likable as Ra's can be in, say, the Nolan films, let's not forget the Ra's of the actual comics was fine with such horrific historical crimes as the Holocaust so long as it whittled down the human population.
  • Ra's is every bit as strong and skilled as Bruce Wayne, and his centuries of experience make him at times even more dangerous.
  • Ra's is the chief mastermind of the force opposing Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.
Queen Clea
The belligerent, egomaniacal ruler of the underground aquatic city-state Venturia. Possessing immense superhuman and hydrokinetic powers, Clea is descended from nobles of the ancient empire of Atlantis, before her people were exiled for their warmongering ways.
Clea detests the Amazons of Themyscira for their peacekeeping mission. She is eager to meet and destroy Wonder Woman, regarding her as the embodiment of Amazonian weakness and failure in Man's world.
Character notes:
  • Aside from hating the Amazons, Clea is also a raging misandrist who once swayed a splinter group of Amazons to break off and take a lifestyle treating men as livestock.
    • In essence, the icky Amazon backstory in the New 52 continuity, which was thankfully retconned.
  • Clea's existence as an Atlantean not only introduces the underwater civilization to this continuity, it foreshadows the existence of King Arthur Curry AKA Aquaman.
    • Also referencing a sometimes hostile history between more aggressive Atlantean rulers and Themyscira in ages past.
  • Clea's appearance is less Silver Age camp, more in the style of Atlantean characters like Ocean Master, or the Flashpoint-universe Aquaman.
Ken Braverman/Conduit
Childhood rival and bully of Clark Kent. Obsessed with trying to one-up Clark, Braverman resented his more friendly and well-liked classmate, who seemed destined to outdo him at every turn. His failing health and strained relationship with his father exacerbated things, until Braverman had a pathological hatred of Clark.
In adulthood, Conduit has become a private military contractor and discovered he possesses metahuman powers. Powers tied to a mutation passed down by his mother, who witnessed a meteor shower over Smallville shortly before giving birth to her son.
Possessing the power to channel radiation through the use of special implants, Braverman now dons the mantle of the mercenary "Conduit".
Character notes:
  • Of the three main villains, Braverman is the least interested in serving the "master plan", seeking only profit or petty revenge against Clark Kent/Superman.
  • Braverman suspected Clark's double life the moment "Superman" was introduced to the world, having always sensed something different about him.
Feel free to re-read the index post and refresh on Superman 1-2 and Wonder Woman 1-2 before proceeding.
The story begins in a prologue, set in 2010.
A trafficking ring housed in Gotham City sees several teenagers being processed. They demonstrate latent superhuman abilities, and are kept in a cell separate from the others.
But at nightfall, the ring is attacked by the feared Batman, making his first full debut in the Maxverse series.
Utterly dismantling the base of operations, Batman corners one of the mercenaries posted and demands to know who he's working for.
  • His interrogation methods being quick, ruthless and to the point akin to Rocksteady's Arkham series.
  • The endangerment of children makes his debut here a tad forceful.
  • As a veteran hero who's supposedly been acting for decades now, the Batman of this universe is in his prime.
The mercenary, after being "persuaded", gives a name and provides a card marked with a symbol. The symbols of the ancient, feared order called the League of Assassins.
But when the mercenaries escape with the help of another metahuman, one demonstrating hydrokinetic powers, Batman realizes he may be in over his head. And he needs help.
The meeting of the three heroes, the unveiling of the global threat they face and seeds of the Trinity's tight partnership.
Batman's investigation into the metahuman trafficking ring causes him to reach out to Superman, Clark Kent. After a tense meeting in which Batman summons Superman to gauge him and determine if he's a help or a threat, they agree to look into it together.
  • In their early encounters, Batman's detached, paranoid personality makes it difficult for him and Superman to work together.
  • Batman deduces Superman's identity within a day, while Superman forms his suspicions but doesn't make them known.
  • The trail heats up when it's determined the organization abducting young superhumans is the PMC called Pipeline.
During a nightly surveillance, Clark Kent picks up on a third agent trailing Pipeline. A woman, whom Clark recognizes as antique art curator Diana Prince.
  • Diana is under the cover of attending a gala in Metropolis.
  • Clark's super-senses detect an incredible amount of power radiating from Diana, leading him and Bruce to suspect her as another metahuman.
During the gala, a bug by Bruce Wayne picks up a break-in at LexCorp, which he and Clark Kent trail.
  • They find Diana Prince having already taken it, and she reveals she's been on the hunt for months already, but made little progress.
  • It's revealed Lex Luthor has gathered files on various sightings of superhumans across the globe, and a leak in his company's dealings led the League of Assassins and Pipeline to get ahold of it.
  • The leak is Ken Braverman, mercenary and old rival of Clark's from childhood.
The trio's paths unite, and just in time as an attempt to intercept a Pipeline shipment breaks into a full firefight in Gotham Port.
Diana makes her entry and first appearance to the others as Wonder Woman, helping Batman and Superman when they encounter enemies stronger than any of them expected.
  • Pipeline soldiers are armed with advanced weaponry reverse-engineered from the Kryptonian invasion of 2008.
  • Some are enhanced with a super-steroid called Venom, a formula Batman is familiar with in past cases.
  • A squad of aquatic warriors, which Diana recognizes as Atlanteans, leap from the water.
The skirmish reaches its head when a man clad in dark, medieval looking armor appears. Drawing a bow, he fires an arrow straight at Batman.
Superman stops the arrow, but to his and the others' shock is critically injured as the arrow pierces his chest. The arrowhead is imbued not with steel, but to the radioactive substance kryptonite.
Both Batman and Wonder Woman are forced to retreat with the wounded hero.
Batman takes the other two to the safety of his lair, the Batcave.
  • Upon reaching the cave, Batman confirms Clark Kent's suspicions and removes his cowl, showing his identity as Bruce Wayne.
  • Bruce's butler, Alfred Pennyworth, is summoned to inform Lois Lane what's happened.
On an island owned by the League of Assassins, its associates are gathered and the man in the black armor is confronted by Conduit. Conduit is furious, having wanted a shot as Superman himself.
His leader, accompanied by the woman leading the rogue Atlanteans, removes his mask. Revealing himself as the Demon's Head. Ra's al Ghul.
The founder of the League cows Conduit, telling the mercenary he will have his revenge in due time. For now, they must focus on their plan.
The next stage of which relies on obtaining a particular child, far more powerful than the others the League has gathered.
A child with the blood of the "Old Gods".
And that's where we'll leave it for now.
Episodes 2 and 3 will be featured in future posts. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this one. Let me know your ideal crossover between DC's three lead heroes, and who you'd pick to play them on TV or the imminent film reboot.
  • Assuming all three might be recast.
I'll see you next time!
As mentioned, credit to the artists featured above
  • Varanuons
  • Elzdraw
Both featured on
And, for reference, the full artworks.
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2023.03.26 08:01 BigDaddyKrool According to Glitching Queen, she is able to corroborate that Treyarch is, indeed, developing Zombies for the upcoming 2023 Sledgehammer Call of Duty game

According to Glitching Queen, she is able to corroborate that Treyarch is, indeed, developing Zombies for the upcoming 2023 Sledgehammer Call of Duty game submitted by BigDaddyKrool to CODZombies [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 08:01 SteveTheDragon I love it when the AI shows a sense of humor.

I love it when the AI shows a sense of humor.
I'm training some goofy characters like a chuck e cheese animatronic to get angry whenever freddy fazbear is mentioned and this happened.
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2023.03.26 08:01 KirkHammettJigsaw Firestorm 113 Results!

Firestorm 113 Results!
The Firiest of Storms.

Punish and Crush Round One: The Shamrock and Scot Connection vs. Death Is The Diagnosis
This first round Punish and Crush match was meant to happen last week, but it got postponed to tonight’s show, so we got a sick opener for y’all! Death is the Diagnosis, the team of Dr. Logan Wright and Kaze Tanaka of The Ark, take on the underdog squad of the diametrically-opposed Paddy Murphy and Michael Kalamity. Whoever wins gets a semi-finals berth, so this is a very important contest. After a hard-fought battle, the team moving on is…DEATH IS THE DIAGNOSIS! Logan and Kaze refuse to sink, but Paddy and Michael show great promise early on in their careers!
Death is the Diagnosis (9) def. The Shamrock and Scot Connection (3)

Punish and Crush Round One: Tequila Inc vs. Murder Airlines
Our next Punish and Crush matchup is between last year’s finalists, the storied team of Sebastian King and Corey Youngblood, taking on the odd couple pairing of The RISE’s John LaGuardia and the unaffiliated fiancee killer, Victor Williams. When this first round matchup is all said and done, the team walking out victorious is…MURDER AIRLINES! THE UNDERDOGS GET THE JOB DONE AGAINST THE ODDS-ON FAVOURITES TO WIN THE WHOLE THING!
Murder Airlines def. Tequila Inc (F)

Punish and Crush Round One: C.A.N. T.H.E.Y. C.O.E.X.I.S.T. vs. The Underground Hometown
It’s a battle between two odd couple teams, as well as a PROSPECT vs. PROSPECT matchup, as Cactus Mike and Kentaro Sakamoto (not writing that fucking acronym again lmao) take on The Underground Hometown, Jay Castle and Travis Broski. It’s a close one, because the shared history between Craneo and Jay comes into effect, but when the dust settles, the acronym team is the one with their arms raised!
C.A.N. T.H.E.Y. C.O.E.X.I.S.T. def. The Underground Hometown (F)

FBE Intercontinental Championship Eliminator: Joshua Epps vs. JOHN
In our main event of the evening, these two rivals step into the ring once again, but this time, it’s for very high stakes. The winner of this match will punch their ticket to a shot at Travis Crowley’s Intercontinental Championship! The DeadStar watched this one closely, as JOHN The Pervert and Josh The Cool Guy went to war for a chance at a chance at glory. When the dust settled, only one man could say that they had Mr. Friday Night in their sights…and that man WAS JOHN! The RISE continues to roll, and now their leader is going for gold!
JOHN (8) def. Joshua Epps (3)

Alright folks, we're trying to have a particularly strong card next week, so if you want to be on it, hit me up and we'll figure something out. Before I let you all go, though, here's the updated Punish and Crush Bracket!
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2023.03.26 08:01 WillingTomorrow1269 I'm Attracted To My Coworker And Feeling Guilty About It

My husband and I have been married for three years and have a daughter together. He's an amazing husband and father and I'm very attracted to him. We have a very healthy, functional relationship and I'm incredibly lucky to have him by my side.
I'm also attracted to my coworker. He's just a handsome guy that I enjoy looking at. It is not deep but it does make work suck slightly less. I barely know him, don't have plans to get to know him and am leaving my job next year anyhow.
That being said, I can't help but feel really guilty about this. I am not pursuing this thing in any way, but it still nags at me and feels so wrong. If I knew my husband was attracted to one of his coworkers, I know I'd be pissed. Just knowing that I feel this way while he does not know makes me feel like crap.
At the same time, I feel like it's unrealistic to think I'll never be attracted to anyone else. I'm married, not dead, right? A part of me wants to say, "hey, you're not a cheater or a bad person, you're just a human being with impulses, accept yourself for being alive and just let it go."
Then another part of me wonders why I can't just be hopelessly devoted to my husband as some married people seem to be. Why do I have to be attracted to two people at once?
Any advice on how to reconcile the guilty feeling?
Tl;dr: I'm in a great marriage but attracted to my coworker and feeling guilty about it.
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2023.03.26 07:59 MrBeansnose Lack of the mods in DS2?

Ok, maybe this is unpopular opinion, but I've noticed there was tremendous amount lack of Dead Space 2 mods. Whenever I try to google search to look up cool mods that might relate with different suit colors or weapon skins, instead all I get is a mods that improve the lighting and graphics. Don't get me wrong, but I wanted to look if there were some creative mods relating different suits or weapon skins. I have tried to look it up on youtube as well, but I would get at least 1-3 videos of it. I'm not sure why are there significant lack of mods for the DS2? Any opinions or explanations would help my curiosity.
submitted by MrBeansnose to DeadSpace [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 07:56 Tempest196 SPOILER for those who haven't seen John Wick Chapter 4

Upon seeing JW4 the first time and reading the recent Hollywood Reported article with Chad Stahelski, I was convinced that John died on the church steps. I was met with several arguments refuting what seemed conclusive. To be fair, I went in for a second and third viewing just in case I missed any fine details. Low and behold, I did!
To be sure, I think the proof of John surviving is in given on three occasions. 1.) The Marquis says, "There are three types of men in life - Those who have something to live for, those who have something to die for, and those who have something to kill for. John has none of these things, while Caine has all three." 2.) When John tells Winston what he wants on his headstone. He says "John - Loving Husband". His stone instead says - John Wick "Loving Husband". This tells us that 'John Wick' is dead but not simply John. And 3.) Before Caine shoots John, they say something like "Those who cling to death get life, and those who cling to life get death."
Since the beginning, John has been on the edge of death because of the loss of his wife. As we saw in chapter 1, he's contemplating suicide by attempting to drive his car head-on into a bulldozer. Avenging his dog and all that went with it acted as a distraction from the outcome of a self-inflicted death. John has been clinging to death, so he will live. Caine on the other hand is clinging to the life of his daughter, yet will die for killing Shimazu.
That being said, I’m 100% convinced John is still alive. Unfortunately, I cannot say I'm satisfied with their execution of chapter 4's plot and its placement in the continuity. To me it felt like they skipped over what should've been a more definitive chapter 4 and gave us chapter 5 in its place. Unless they release an extended cut on blu-ray, we'll probably never know. Apart from that, the film stands as a testamentary peak of the action film genre and a monument of cinematic artistry. Where they decide take the franchise from here? Your guess is as good as mine. I just hope the wait isn't too long.
submitted by Tempest196 to JohnWick [link] [comments]