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In the infinite sea of sweats and pro gamers, let's shine a little light on the sucky players. This community is a place to post your epic fails or just how bad you are in games you enjoy. The overall goal here is to get a good laugh out of others pitfalls or just to watch some relatable gameplay.

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2023.03.26 07:54 FunBoysenberry7830 Thinking About a Girl I Knew Long Ago

Okay so I'm going to try and keep this short and simple (as much as I can at least)
So, Me being a single man I was perusing Bumble throughout the day yesterday and I came across this girl I used to work with.
At the time I was like 20 and she was around 19 or so fast forward to yesterday I came across her on Bumble
Years ago when we worked together we would both always joke around and flirt with each other but at the time, I still considered myself a kid and was really terrible at expressing my emotions and letting others know how I feel.
Fast forward to 7 years ago to yesterday I as mentioned before I came across her on Bumble.
I definitely want to reconnect with her and I do have her number which I'm 99.9 percent sure she has the same number.
I don't want to say I'm afraid to reach out but I feel like it might be a little weird and come off as to desperate or anything like that, or she may not even remember me.
Any advice on how to go about this? I really needed to get this off my chest lol
Thanks in advance guys! (:
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2023.03.26 07:53 sevs [MC] Longtime Zelda fan, first time playing Minish Cap

This game is absolutely beautiful. Visually, a successful synthesis of Wind Waker, OoT, LttP & Link's Awakening. Characters, especially Link, are delightfully expressive. The pixel art is lush & detailed. Probably the most beautiful GBA game.
Audio wise, some of the music sounds good (mostly the traditional Zelda compositions). I wasn't particularly impressed by most of Capcom's original compositions.
The game design overall is a mixed bag. The overworld is a bit of a gated slog with little item use required for exploration itself outside of bombs & flippers. Side quests & paths are frequently gated behind the kinstone system.
The random nature of the kinstone system leads to unsatisfying experiences. There's no visual indicator on the map for where to go find someone to fuse with so the player must rely on constantly visiting the same characters over & over to see if the thought bubble appears for fusion. Sometimes you must speak, exit the room & return for them to be fusion eligible.
The map is small & dense but the density can oftentimes feel like busywork instead of satisfying puzzle solving & exploration leading to rewards. The linear, gatekeeping nature of the game & its design do little to shake this feeling. Again, it's worth reiterating that so few items are used in exploration of the overworld itself. As far as I can tell, you really can't sequence break.
By the time you have the warp item, you'll have unlocked 6 of 8 warp points & retrieved 3 of the 4 elements. This bit of QoL is acquired very late in game comparatively. The moveset upgrades can also be required so relatively late to not be so useful.
The game very much feels like it has outside partner (Capcom) DNA embedded in almost every step of its design. This is sometimes good, sometimes bad. The bosses are a mixed bag. Some fights are well-designed & fun, others not so much.
Excluding the NES originals, MC is easily my least favorite 2D Zelda I've played (I've yet to try ALBW, the spirit track games or either four swords) with the caveat I haven't played the Oracle ones in over 20yrs so I could have rose tinted glasses on for those (especially since they're also developed by Capcom).
The constant backtracking & uneven quality of density of the map detract from the experience. The linearity & gatekeeping design of the game contribute to the un-Nintendo like feeling permeating the experience for me. It's a good game but not one I ever see myself revisiting in its current form.
The miniaturization gimmick feels unexplored, contributing to the sensation of linearity. Every section where you can shrink is carefully cultivated to have a clear path to follow with little deviation or exploration.
The content & length feel artificially padded out with the design of backtracking & upgrades. Some attributes feel purposefully tuned in such a way just to have an excuse for an upgrade. For example, charging the spin attack & split gauge take way too long to feel good or responsive until you find those potentially late upgrades. Regular swimming & shooting arrows feel just slow enough to be noticeable, not enough to hinder the experience but you will welcome the upgrades to speed em up.
Controls could also have been better. Dedicating an entire button just to the kinstone action seems like a waste, same with dedicating an entire button just to Ezlo. I might've purposefully spoken to the hat three times thru out the game. Having the map mapped to a single button would've been a godsend.
Overall I'm left feeling a bit whelmed by the experience. I can't rave enough about just how beautiful & expressive the game is. Animations are lovely. There's the appropriate amount of playfulness & charm exuded visually & sometimes successfully thru the writing as well. It just falls short in gameplay & game design imo.
I know this sounds like I hate it. I don't. It's just very much a 7/10 game to me. If this wasn't a Zelda, would I have played thru it all & finished it? Idk.
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2023.03.26 07:53 starlytical This season is moving so fast and I'm kind of sad about it

RIP the original dynamic of the show.
Don't get me wrong, I love season 5. I think it's great that we're seeing so much plot development. However, I wish we didn't get all this plot development at once. As we get further into the season, all the chaos and typically exciting content starts to feel a bit watered down, because we progressively get more used to it.
I don't know about you guys, but I've gotten so used to seeing the “will-they-won't-they” trope in seasons 1-4, that I kind of miss not seeing Adrien and Marinette together. It really made for a good build up. And then all that build-up came down at once, and I don't even know how to feel about everything. Part of me kind of feels like this is a Cat Blanc/Ephemeral sort of ordeal, where we get a bunch of really exciting stuff but it crashes and burns really badly. (And no, I did not read the bible leaks at any point, so I do not know what actually happens leading up to the s5 finale.)
I also think part of the reason for why some of the chaos doesn't feel as exciting as it should is because of the significant lack of excitement in the characters' reactions to things. If season 1 Marinette knew that she and Adrien were together and she had kissed Cat Noir multiple times, she would freak out! And if s1 Adrien knew that he would have lost feelings for Ladybug (for the most part), wow wow wow would he be so disappointed.
I understand that the characters grow and change, but the pace in which they did was really unbalanced to me. And in some ways, it threw me off with how I should be feeling about specific events taking place. Maybe that's the point though, maybe Thomas has a decent reason as to why things randomly speed up this season. 🤷‍♀️
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2023.03.26 07:53 No_Vacation3935 2017 Chevy Silverado Engine Code (U1510) lost communication with Hvac control module

This week I brought my truck to a Chevy dealership and they gave me a diagnosis on the engine code I have, they found the issue to be my Radiator shutter to be causing the code, I watched a video on how to replace it and did it step by step, I finished the project and turned the key to on with it showing the engine light still on as using a code reader as well, when I started the vehicle every time the engine code disappeared instantly but as soon as I turned it off and turned the key to on the engine light stays. What’s my next step?
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2023.03.26 07:53 SunRev Do you have a mental gauge that helps you recognize when you need to take a mental break and / or eye break from your monitors and work? If so, please share. I'm a beginner, so I do not yet have a good feel for when or how to take efficient breaks.

Do you have a mental gauge that helps you recognize when you need to take a mental break and / or eye break from your monitors/ work? If so, please share. I'm a beginner, so I do not yet have a good feel for when or how to take efficient breaks from doing color / image based work.
As a related story, when I used to do engineering work late at night, I discovered that if I work past 10pm, I started to make very simple math errors, like simple addition and counting. And the ironic part is that I knew I was prone to making errors so I triple check my work; but then discovered errors in the morning in that simple "triple checked" work. So now I don't even attempt to do engineering work past 10pm.
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2023.03.26 07:52 me_z Having a hard time choosing a methodology and design...

Hey everyone. I am in the STEM program, and I am really having a hard time trying to grasp research methodology and design for my specific doctoral research. Initially I went down the path of a quantitative nonexperimental correlational survey, but after thinking about it for a bit, I don't know that this is the correct one. I understand that we aren't necessarily manipulating variables in a correlational study, but we are looking for the relationship. As an example, what methodology and design would I use to understand if cyber security professionals have started planning for AI as an active threat after the release and popularity of chatgpt3? Ideally I'd like to survey a group, I just don't know how I'd even correlate any of that. Any help would be appreciated.
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2023.03.26 07:51 Alenalowe Learn how to create a dictionary in Python with this helpful guide! This article will cover the basics of how to use dictionaries in Python, as well as how to create a dictionary, add and remove items, and loop through a dictionary.

Learn how to create a dictionary in Python with this helpful guide! This article will cover the basics of how to use dictionaries in Python, as well as how to create a dictionary, add and remove items, and loop through a dictionary. submitted by Alenalowe to u/Alenalowe [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 07:51 mirthquake I've seen lots comments in this sub claiming that Rob uses steroids. How do you know that he's using these drugs, and why is this considered to be a negative? I don't know anything about body building or steroids, so please inform me. Thanks!

His physical fluctuations have been miraculous, and if medically prescribed steroids have helped him sculpt his physique then why are fans upset? I even saw a recent comment that attributed his occasional short temper on the podcast to steroid use. Are these sorts of steroids dangerous or addictive? What would make them cause Rob to become argumentative?
I feel totally out of the loop. Please help me out.
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2023.03.26 07:51 Standouser PS4 Controller on Gamepass Windows is not working?

I installed the game off of Xbox Gamepass on Windows and it keeps reading my wired PS4 controller inputs as mouse and keyboard.
I’ve used my PS4 controller with other games with no issue but I have no idea how to troubleshoot this?
Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.03.26 07:51 futureanalytica What is Automated Machine Learning?

What is Automated Machine Learning?
What is Automated Machine Learning?
Automated Machine Learning accelerates machine learning research, improves machine learning efficiency, and makes machine learning more accessible to non-experts.
Numerous fields have utilized machine learning (ML) in recent years, resulting in significant accomplishments. A new technology known as Automated Machine Learning, Automated ML, or AutoML enables data scientists to focus on tasks with higher value, speed up the process of building models, automate machine learning tasks, and improve the accuracy of ML models.
What advantages do customers receive by utilizing the No-Code AI Platform offered by FutureAnalytica?
The services offered by FutureAnalytica assist in automating the laborious and iterative processes of developing machine learning models for customers. It maintains the model’s quality while allowing data scientists, analysts, and developers to construct ML models with high scale, efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. All of your models’ insights are generated quickly and automatically by an AI platform. Business executives, data engineers, data scientists, and others can use the data in these insights to carry out the necessary actions. Additionally, the platform informs you of the best deployment model.
How Automated Machine Learning Could Power Data Science?
Simple to Use- Automated data science platforms’ primary purpose is to make it simpler for users to implement data science in their businesses. Consequently, somebody who has experience with information examination or item the board could hope to effectively utilize a stage, to say — classify pictures.
Cheaper- While the salary and on boarding costs of hiring a data scientist can cost a business well over $100,000, an automated platform may cost significantly less than hiring just one. However, it is important to note that some businesses employ more than one data scientist.
Powerful- Data Science is well-known as a powerful tool that can have a significant impact on a business or organization on its own. Machine learning and data science have helped nearly every human in some way and led to the creation of numerous products. Unless you are a data scientist and already know about machine learning, then you probably already use it without even realizing it. These are a portion of the instances of regular AI that you will experience. There are many more, and a business can truly benefit from the power of data science on their business, both internally and externally.
How is Automation of Data Science taking place in the real world?
As we know moderation is the key to most things in life, replacing your human data scientists with tools is likely to cause some confusion and chaos at first. Automated data science platforms can teach a lot of people how to succeed academically, just like online platforms can in education. A human can learn data science from a machine. However, automating data science at this early stage in its development can present some significant challenges. In contrast, you might meet some fantastic professionals.
Few Applications of AutoML in various industries
AutoML combines the most effective methods of artificial intelligence to simplify data science and speed up value creation. In many instances, machine learning outperforms humans significantly. A wide range of industries are utilizing machine learning in a variety of different ways to make the most of this cutting-edge technology.
Fraud detection is one of ML’s most fundamental applications. Online shopping is crucial to the future of the retail industry. As the number of people using credit cards as a form of payment grows and the e-Commerce industry grows, credit card fraud is becoming the most common type of identity theft.
AI has significant advantages for the healthcare industry, particularly medical diagnosis management. Whether it examines critical medical parameters, forecasts the progression of the disease based on the information that has been extracted, plans treatment, or provides support, machine learning holds the key to effective automation of all routine, manual, and tedious tasks.
At the end AutoML can robotize and work on the connection by enabling gatherings to run an extensive assortment of ML models by constantly surveying their display until the ideal limits are met. The most challenging aspect of model selection is locating the unknown. AutoML’s ignominy among experimenters stems from this. It’s thought to simplify ML tasks because it doesn’t require custom hyperparameter tuning and uses less code. Finding the smart fit and hyperparameter search are the core innovations of AutoML.
The next-generation technology from FutureAnalytica is an AI solution that doesn’t require coding, so anyone can build advanced AI/ML solutions without knowing how to code. I hope this article has helped you understand the fundamentals of machine learning. A man-made intelligence solution with only a couple of mouse clicks. If you have any requests or queries, kindly reach us at [email protected]. Please visit our website .
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2023.03.26 07:51 professorCLOUDD Attention⚠️ : Your AWS EKS Cluster Might Be in Danger Avoid IP Exhaustion Problem with Easy Steps

link -
Your AWS EKS Cluster Might Be in Danger Avoid IP Exhaustion Problem with Easy Steps How to Avoid IP Exhaustion in AWS EKS Cluster using Custom Networking Amazon VPC CNI plugin assigns each pod a routable IPv4 address from the VPC CIDR block so that each pod is treated as a first-class citizen in a VPC. This enables network communication between resources in the following scenarios: pod to pod on a single host, pod to pod on different hosts, pod to other AWS services, pod to an on-premises data center, and pod to the internet.
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2023.03.26 07:50 RumpleSadSkin In Body Accuracy Question

I have begun trying to track my BF% using an In body scanner. I use the same machine every 2 weeks, same time of the day, fasted, maybe 8oz new water on board after waking. For some reason, I am seeing pretty dramatic fluctuations in bf%, LBM, and my Basal Metabolic Rate. I feel like my resistance training and cardio has been very consistent, I always prioritize sleep, and my diet is as good as I can get it without hiring a nutritionist or something, yet my bf% will randomly spike by 2% or so and I’ll evidently lose muscle mass. The reverse will also happen with no notable change in my habits. How reliable are these things, and is there a better way to actually see what’s going on?
6’4, 27m, 255 ish. Machine puts me at roughly 15-18%, if that matters.
Tl;dr: In body scanner is acting finicky, how reliable are they actually?
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2023.03.26 07:50 bobbyo23 Gonna smoke my first brisket for Easter - unsure of a few things…

I have smoked chuck roast, beef ribs, chicken, and other cuts of meat on my Z-Grill 550B and have had really good results, but this is my first time trying a brisket.
I have a few questions/points I want to validate:
  1. How big of a brisket should I purchase for 9 people? 15lbs? We will have all the sides like salad, macaroni and cheese, rolls, beer, etc.
  2. We are planning to eat at 12:00pm, so should I start smoking at 6:00pm the previous day? That gives me 18 hours to work with… (NOTE: I do have a Breville convection oven that can hold temps as low as 80F and it should be able to fit the brisket, I think.) Any recommendations? Should I start sooner than 6pm the previous day?
  3. For a SPG rub, what’s the amount of kosher salt recommended? I’ve read 1tsp for every pound somewhere, but not sure if there is a “best practice”? Is there a “smokers percentage”? I use Morton’s kosher salt which is saltier than Diamond Crystal, I believe.
  4. I have Sucklebusters 1836 rub that I really enjoy as it has a little kick to it. I also have Meat Church’s holy cow seasoning. It appears the 1836 run is 4% salt and holy cow is 10% salt. Is it worth even using any of these or should I just use my own SPG mix? I think I will not use a binder.
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2023.03.26 07:50 Heyitsbelle24 What does terrain modification failed mean?

I’m absolutely struggling to be creative with my zoos and learning all the tools in order to break out of using the normal barrier enclosures over and over. The difficulty of path making and uneven barriers and trying to figure out how to use null paths on raised or lowered surfaces is frustrating. I love this game so much and I really am trying to figure it all out.
To conclude my rant, what does the terrain modification failed message mean? And does anyone have any suggestions on the topics I talked about struggling with earlier? Much appreciated!
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2023.03.26 07:50 Patd386 2023 Federal EV Credit - Form 8936

So I just ordered a model 3 with expected delivery between March 28-31, which would allow me to qualify for the 2023 Federal Credit Incentive of $7,500. But when I try to file the credit in TurboTax it won’t allow me to add a car bought in 2023 (only 2022). Based on the verbiage on the IRS website, I would qualify based on my modified AGI from last year. So how do I file for the credit in this years tax return or do I have to wait until next year?
I don’t want to end up not getting my credit if I wait until next year and they don’t recognize my 2021 AGI.
From the IRS website: “You can use your modified AGI from the year you take delivery of the vehicle or the year before, whichever is less. If your modified AGI is below the threshold in 1 of the two years, you can claim the credit.”
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2023.03.26 07:50 AutoModerator [Get] Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Accelerator

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2023.03.26 07:50 AutoModerator [Get] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022

Get the course here:
[Get] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022
Finding and Flipping Tax Delinquent Properties the RIGHTway
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2023.03.26 07:50 FairNeighborhood832 NSCLC at 36

Hello All, I am 36yo male recently diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in my left lower lobe. I am a non smoker and with overall healthy weight and no other illness. No symptoms except I had cough which showed blood only once and the pcp ordered ct scan which showed 3cm lung nodule. On pet scan lymphnodes are negetive and only the lung nodule lit up with suv of 10.6. Now, they have staged me to stage 1a and planned for lobectomy using VATS. But i am worried about a few things.
  1. Oncologist mentioned that after lobectomy the resected lobe and lymphnodes will be sent to pathology and the staging might change if lymphnodes show positive. This will decide further course of treatment like chemo or radiation etc. with current stage no need for chemo/ radiation. How often does the staging changes after pathology of the resected lymphnodes? They never biopsied the lymphnodes because they did not light up on pet scan. The pulmonologist who did the bronchiscopy told me that he looked at the lymphnodes but they were not showing any evidence of being infected.
  2. Thoracic surgeon said the surgery hv small risk as the tumor overlaps the pulmonary artery as per the ct scan and in case of any issues the pulmonary artery will also be repaired. This might result for them going for open chest. Any similar experiences?
  3. I am really worried about longterm reoccurrence of cancer.Are there any suggestions on diet etc which can help with that?
Please provide your insights on this. Thanks much!!
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2023.03.26 07:50 Whiff___ Table Area MariannE HR FC (Tablet overlay)

Table Area MariannE HR FC (Tablet overlay)
I'm using chroma key in obs to make the effect on my tablet, any feedback on how it looks or ways I could improve it are appreciated.
Tablet is Wacom PTK-1240
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2023.03.26 07:49 HighwaymenYT BEWARE: Very bad crash in Dolphin has the ability to wipe all data from your MicroSD card

This just happened to me lost every single game on that card and every other file too I don't know how it was caused but if Dolphin stops responding do not press anything and do not restart the system. I never seen anything like it the card was just completely wiped, empty all my progress and all my games gone. What happened was I transferred a very large game file from my usb to the microsd using a third party dock it took too long and I tried to cancel it then things took a turn for the worst when dolphin stopped responding then I tried to cancel the file transfer this unfortunately failed as well it's possible I might have deleted every data on the card by trying to delete one corrupt transfer. I recommend do not risk it if this happens to you. Stay calm and wait its better to be safe then sorry.
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2023.03.26 07:49 syrenashen Salary Story: Research Engineer in Artificial Intelligence, making ~$570k/year

Current location: VHCOL (San Francisco)
Current salary, including bonus, benefits, & perks: $260k base, $53k bonus, $260k RSUs (private company), 3 meals/weekday, free car service within SF and to/from airport
Age and/or years in the workforce: 30 years old, 7.5 years in workforce
Brief description of your current position: I code, write papers, set project direction for my team, give talks at conferences
Degrees/certifications, if any, and whether they're applicable to your current position (Also mention how/how much you paid for these and how they've been helpful.): I have a bachelor's in math and master's in CS. I went to a private college that had good financial aid, so they covered my tuition except for $18k in government student loans which I paid off within a few months at my first job. I paid for my master's degree by being a teaching assistant. I taught undergrad linear algebra for three semesters (2 lectures/week, writing homework, writing exam questions, grading, and holding office hours). This paid me a grad student stipend and covered my tuition.
A complete history of jobs leading up to your current position. Include job title + salary (hourly wage, if applicable) with each step of your salary story, along with job description/duties, and whether you negotiated for pay raises/promotions in that role.
2011: Lab assistant, $9.25/hr. Freshman year of college. This was a campus job where I worked in a wet lab, pipetting stuff. I was extremely bad at it. I would pipette 1 mL instead of 1 μL and ruin everyone's experiments. I once centrifuged some glass test tubes (should have used plastic tubes), and the glass shattered all over this 10k machine. My postdoc tried to fire me by telling me to go home and don't come back. I didn't know what to do when he said this and felt super awkward but also didn't want to go home so I just stayed and continue doing the job, and we just never spoke about it again.
2012: Intern, $4,000/month. Sophomore summer. I honestly didn't know what the hell this internship was going to be like when I applied, and it turned out to be the only internship offer I got that year so I took it. I remember the interview being like some guy calling me on the phone and asking what my favorite class was, and then after the call I got an acceptance email to my inbox. The company was this early stage software ideation company that spins up startups and then sells them to some business school types to build a customer base, hire permanent employees, etc. I worked with two other interns, and for the whole summer we just sat in a room just thinking of ideas we could build. We ended up coming up with an app idea where people could list trash they were going to throw out that day, like furniture, so other people could swing buy and pick it up before trash got collected. Facebook marketplace before that became a thing, I guess. I didn't know how to code so I kind of just played with Python while the other interns made the app. I think it got profiled on TechCrunch a few months later, which caused it to crash and then never recovered.
2013: Finance internship, $6,000/month. Junior year summer. I learned about sales and trading, but I wasn't a very good intern (was chronically late which is apparently! very! important! in finance), so I didn't get a return offer. The internship was very fun though because the company put a lot of effort into making the experience memorable. We played a lot of poker as part of "work," sat front row at a Mets baseball game, and the full timers even brought all the underaged interns to strip clubs but that was totally down low (not a sanctioned event).
2014: Software internship, $9,000/month. Senior year summer. I actually programmed a lot during this internship. I basically learned to program during this internship. I also played a lot of foosball. I did get a return offer this time.
2014-2016: Teaching assistant. $3,000/month + tuition. I taught linear algebra to overachieving undergrads. It was supposed to be a 20 houweek job because I was *technically* supposed to spend the other 20 hours doing coursework + writing my thesis for my master's degree, but it was easily over 40 hours total between 2x/week lectures, writing homework, grading homework, writing exams, grading exams, holding office hours, and comforting anxious students. It did get easier in subsequent semesters as you get the hang of teaching and have last semester's coursework to fall back on, but it is easily the hardest job I've ever done. I got pretty average to below average student reviews, but they still renewed my contract for three semesters which I was happy about because I didn't want to have to borrow money to finish my master's.
2016-2017: Finance job. $150k/year salary + $28k/year bonus. I tried to negotiate my salary with the argument that "I need to pay off student loans," but they wouldn't budge because "everyone got paid the same." I only stayed for 8 months because I hated it (really toxic all-male environment), but when I left I got a nice 6 months of "garden leave" which is where they pay you your base salary (not including bonus) to not work.
2017-2020: Statistician. $130k/year base salary (2017) which increased to $150k/year base salary (2020) + $150k/year stock + $10k/year bonus. I did negotiate my salary on this, from $115k/year base salary -> $130k/year base salary and $120k/year stock -> $150k/year stock. The stock was private when I joined but went public sometime in the last 5 years, so it wasn't completely paper money. This job included other perks like lunch and snacks, and if I stayed past 7pm I could order DoorDash and expense it. I did get small inflation raises but the stock stayed more or less constant. I got laid off in 2020, so I got 3 months of severance + 1 month of stock and also claimed unemployment for as long as I could.
2020-2021: Research engineer. $200k/year base salary + $150k/year stock + $30k signing bonus + 18% pro rata bonus. The negotiation process for this company was super weird. The initial offer was $200k/year + $100k/year stock + NO signing bonus. I asked if this was negotiable and the recruiter said this was "the highest offer she could make" and anything else was "impossible and needs to be escalated to a VP which could take several days blah blah," but if they could get $130k/year stock would I sign immediately? They basically made me pre-sign a contract saying if they got that offer, I would agree to join the company. Then a couple hours later they replied saying not only did they get approval for my request, they bumped it up to $200k/year base salary + $150k/year stock + $30k signing bonus. At this point I felt rather manipulated (like clearly it wasn't such a big deal after all), and my (male) friend got SUPER annoyed and said the recruiter tricked me to not negotiate when I could have. Anyway, I ended up joining anyway because I really liked the company.
Other perks: 3 meals on weekdays, barista during working hours, free car service around city limits, and 50% 401k matching. You have the option of going fully remote without any salary adjustment, but I like going to the office. The stock is private, but they do have a buyback program every few years where you can sell your RSUs to them for face value. However, I don't participate in that and even participate in RSU purchase programs so I can put more money into the same company, because I hate diversification apparently.
2022: Same research job. $215k/year + $200k/year stock + $40k bonus.
2023: Same research job. Got promoted, so my salary jumped to $260k/year + $260k/year stock + $53k bonus.
Optional: In the spirit of transparency and helpfulness include any of your supporters (family, spouse, network, other women - anonymously of course), things and people that kept you going, or inspired you, books, boot camps, podcasts, networking groups, etc. Also share your struggles, if you ever felt like giving up, if you were underpaid or are still underpaid, if you had to reskill, were laid off, or struggled to find work. Tell us about your work/life balance over time and challenges or changes in priorities.
Definitely my parents. If I ever lost my job or my money, I know I can move in with them into my old room indefinitely, and I know they would be really happy to have me. Also, my parents would have supported me through college if they had to. Thankfully they didn't have to (because my college had great financial aid), but they were prepared to sell their house and move to an apartment to pay for my tuition.
After that, various men I've dated throughout the years also supported me I guess? Like in college I had a bit of a spending problem and once had to "borrow" $5,000 from my then-boyfriend to pay off credit cards 😬 I still spend a LOT (almost all of my paycheck not including stock/bonus). I put borrow in quotes because I never ended up paying it back, I let him live in my apartment for a few months when he was between apartments and just said "well I guess we'll just write that off as the rent you owe me" lol.
I don't think I'm underpaid. I'm overpaid compared to how hard everybody else in the world works. My work life balance is fine, albeit a little all over the place. For example, on Weds-Fri I usually work between 10am to 3pm, then I go exercise for 2 hours, have dinner, and maybe work 2-3 more hours after that, but not always. Recently my job has been super stressful though, because I've being pushed more and more into a product management role. As an introvert, I prefer to just...code and do technical work rather than talk to people. I keep wavering between quitting or trying to find a new job first.
During the pandemic I worked a LOT, easily 12 hours/day, because there was nothing else to do and nowhere to go.
Feel free to include as much or little as you like to tell your Salary Story.
**Please use the "Salary Stories" flair when posting.
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2023.03.26 07:49 guardbitch2004 Marching with Depression

I recently was given a diagnosis that I have very strong symptoms of clinical depression. As someone who definitely felt it affect my mental health last season (I still loved the experience and can't wait for 2023), I'm curious about other people who've been diagnosed with depression and how it affected them while they marched.
I always used spinning as my outlet but felt it became more of a chore, especially during the swamp and Texas tours. I remember one of my staff telling us to find our joy. I picked up a rock and put it in my fanny pack. The next day I put some leaves in the frame of my glasses. It felt like I was showing the rock and leaves how much work the corps had done and they got to be part of it first hand. Has anyone else tried this?
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