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Hotel Search API

2023.06.10 07:04 cinderelladoll62 Hotel Search API

Hotel Search API

FlightsLogic is the leading travel technology company providing hassle-free Hotel Search API to the travel agents, tour operators and travel companies.
We offer, intending to build overall profit and user-friendly programming frameworks for the providers, travel agents discover it very gainful to dispatch purchaser deals on their site utilizing a web-based booking engine coordinated with their CRS booking software.
We are providing a full facilitated Hotel Booking Engine API with automated booking, commission and reporting, which controls every booking, payments, and commissions.
Our latest technology helps in time-saving by defining the search parameters by matching with thousands of hotel properties all over the market. Also, our search engine filters the search by location, region, country, and cities with the location sketch and important brief information about the property.
The data support of our API for the client requirements for mobile and web applications integrates with fast in response through Application Programming Interface.
Our Hotel Booking Engine API aggregates all the hotel contents into one single API system from the international hotel suppliers, hotel chains, hotel consolidators, Online Travel Agents (OTAs), and the rest independent hotels.
FlightsLogic REST/JSON APIs Make It Easy To Build A Hotel Booking Engine
Our Hotel Booking Engine and technical API documentation have been built for the easiness of use and access for our clients.
We provide Flight API, Hotel API services with API integration. Our company integrated GDS API like Amadeus API, Galileo API, Sabre API, as well as third party API integration.
Our API Integration is the end-to-end procedure of bringing information from the best travel API suppliers and presents it to the other sites. In our Hotel API Integration, the designer will associate the API with the supplier and show the necessary information into the other website.
The third-party API integration opens up the course to the main part of significant data. The Hotel API supplier permits access to various hotel deals though flight API suppliers enable access to the end number of flights.
In a constrained period, the travel portal solution increases an incredible reaction from the end-users. However, by using our travel API, you can shortcut that entire process.
FlightsLogic Hotel Search API
FlightsLogic offers an enormous range of features that have been carefully designed by developers who are experts in handling complexities that come up in creating an efficient Hotel API.
Developing a Hotel Search API is a lengthy and complex process. There are various tasks involved in developing this API, especially, navigating through this network with a large number of accommodation options that offer various services, amenities, price, quality, and availability and so on.
We, at FlightsLogic, inspect every challenge that might come up and through rigorous testing operations, develop a website that works very smoothly and efficiently thus enhancing customer experience.
We have made Hotel API for our customers that have made their client's online experience on their site an amazing one! We give the client what he needs readily available!
That is the way quick our Search Engine works! FlightsLogic furnishes its clients with a single platform that empowers them to look and book an enormous number of hotels as per their requirements.
FlightsLogic has tremendous experience with implementing different sorts of hotel booking APIs which makes us a one-stop-search for all your travel requirements.
We give hotels an upper hand with our productive specialized arrangements and profoundly talented workforce.
We are incredibly straightforward with our evaluating framework and furthermore invest wholeheartedly in the manner we work with trustworthiness and genuineness.
Connect To Our Self-Service Hotel APIs And Help Your Users Find The Perfect Stay
We are providing a full facilitated Hotel Booking Engine API with Automated Booking, Commission and reporting, which controls every booking, payments, and commissions.
Our latest technology helps in time-saving by defining the search parameters by matching with thousands of hotel properties all over the market. Also, our search engine filters the search by location, region, country, and cities with the location sketch and important brief information about the property.
The data support of our API for the client requirements for mobile and web applications integrates with fast in response through Application Programming Interface.
FlightsLogic Hotel API offers feature-rich content that is commonly not accessible in other travel aggregators. Our internet booking system permits our customers to get to our huge hotel inventory from anyplace in the world quickly.
Our Best Hotel Booking Engine is specialized in reserving hotels online with very best hotels available. By integrating this travel and the tourism industry API with your own product solution, you as a travel service provider can give
FlightsLogic 's Hotel Booking Engine Is Completely Optimized To Convert More Website Visitors Into Guests.
The Hotel API is one of the highly profitable solutions available to you. The margin of benefit of the B2C Hotel is more than B2B Hotel. Thus, the open door is huge.
The most significant factor effectively consolidates the suitable hotel wholesale providers with the correct distribution capacities to build up your sales significantly.
In any case in case you're looking for coordinating another hotel provider to your current system, or beginning another hotel reservation system we offer something other than technology.
Features of FlightsLogic Hotel API
FlightsLogic API integration provides full control over the booking processes and transactions. API plays an important role between the travel suppliers and the clients through integration.
Thus, it acts as an online travel agency and you can provide travel services to the customers with your own agency by implementing newer technologies with FlightsLogic travel software solutions and travel Application Programming Interface.
Our API allows you to customize the solutions for a comfortable and attractive Hotel Booking Engine.
Flight booking Portal and API for hotels is a component packed tool that permits you to take direct bookings through your own booking Portal 24x7days.
Hotel website will take a shot at your own with an online hotel reservation system with API Integration the visits into appointments and producing higher revenues per booking.
How FlightsLogic Can Maximize Your Direct Bookings Through Its Meta Search Connectivity?

  • We are providing all the bookings through a single API. So that it reveals the complexity in booking and quick access to the systems
  • Easy set-up of the system and hassle-free integration
  • Manage agent lists and control bookings, payments, and commissions
  • Easy and flexible integration
  • Easy cancellation of bookings through online portal
For more details, please visit our website:
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Can somebody help me?
Want to finalize this deck. Can someone help me with sight? Any suggestions how to improve?
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2023.06.10 06:49 Think_Carpenter_360 A Comprehensive Guide to Integrated MBA in Canada

A Comprehensive Guide to Integrated MBA in Canada

A Comprehensive Guide to Integrated MBA in Canada

This article is A Comprehensive Guide to Integrated MBA in Canada!
Canada has become one of the most sought-after study destinations for international students and for a good reason. According to the QS World University Rankings 2022, three Canadian universities rank among the top 50 universities in the world. Canadian universities are renowned for their academic excellence, with high-quality programs in fields such as engineering, business, medicine, and technology. Canada also boasts a highly diverse and multicultural society, with over 200 ethnic groups represented across the country. In fact, according to the Canadian Bureau for International Education, international students make up over 15% of the total student population in Canada, creating a rich and diverse learning environment. Additionally, Canada is consistently ranked as one of the safest and most livable countries in the world, with a high standard of living and access to excellent healthcare and social services. With its outstanding academic reputation, multicultural society, and high quality of life, Canada is a top choice for students looking to pursue their academic and professional goals.
So, if you want to gain more knowledge about this postgraduate degree, especially an integrated MBA in Canada, this article will take you on a tour of its crucial aspects.

What is an Integrated MBA Course?

An Integrated MBA is a program that combines undergraduate and graduate-level courses into a single, five-year program. It allows students to complete both a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in business administration (MBA) in a shorter timeframe than completing each degree separately.

Why Studying an Integrated MBA in Canada Can Be a Game Changer?

An integrated MBA in Canada can be an excellent option for students looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of business concepts and practical skills highly valued by employers. Here are some of the top reasons to consider studying for an integrated MBA in Canada:


Integrated MBA programs in Canada typically take five years to complete, allowing students to obtain both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in a shorter timeframe than if they pursued each degree separately.

Comprehensive curriculum:

Integrated MBA programs in Canada provide students with a broad range of knowledge and skills, covering topics such as finance, marketing, accounting, human resources, and operations management.

Enhanced employability:

Graduates of Integrated MBA programs are highly sought after by employers due to their advanced skill set and knowledge of the business world.

Experienced faculty:

Integrated MBA programs in Canada are taught by experienced faculty who are experts in their respective fields, providing students with valuable insights into the business world.

Value for money:

Although tuition fees for integrated MBA programs in Canada can be higher than traditional Bachelor's or Master's programs, the benefits of completing both degrees in a shorter time frame can outweigh the costs. Additionally, many Canadian universities offer scholarships and financial aid to international students, making the programs more accessible and affordable.

9 Top Universities in Canada Offering Integrated MBA program:

Listed below are 9 Top Universities in Canada offering Integrated MBA Program
  • University of British Columbia: The UBC Sauder School of Business
  • Simon Fraser University: The Beedie School of Business
  • University of Calgary: The Haskayne School of Business
  • University of Alberta: The Alberta School of Business
  • McMaster University: The DeGroote School of Business
  • Wilfrid Laurier University: The Lazaridis School of Business and Economics
  • York University: The Schulich School of Business
  • University of Regina: The Hill-Levene Schools of Business
  • University of New Brunswick: The Faculty of Business

How to Apply for an Integrated MBA Course?

Here are the steps to apply for an Integrated MBA course in Canada:
  • Research and shortlist the universities and programs that you are interested in.
  • Check the eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and admission requirements for each program.
  • Complete and submit the online application form for the program, along with the application fee.
  • Upload all the required documents, such as transcripts, test scores, and essays.
  • Schedule and take any required entrance exams, such as GMAT or GRE.
  • Wait for the admission decision, which can take a few weeks to a few months.
  • If you are offered admission, accept the offer and pay the tuition fee deposit to secure your place in the program.
  • Apply for a study permit and any other necessary visas or permits to study in Canada.
  • Make travel arrangements and prepare for your arrival in Canada.
Note: It is important to follow the application guidelines and deadlines for each program and university to ensure that your application is considered. It is also recommended to start the application process well in advance to allow enough time for test preparation, document gathering, and other preparations.

Eligibility & Documents Required for an Integrated MBA in Canada

The eligibility criteria and documents required for an integrated MBA in Canada may vary depending on the university. However, the general eligibility criteria and documents required are:


  • Completion of high school or equivalent with good academic standing.
  • Meeting the minimum grade point average (GPA) and/or test score requirements set by the university and program.
  • Proficiency in the English language, demonstrated by meeting the minimum scores in standardized English language tests, such as IELTS or TOEFL.

Documents Required:

  • Academic transcripts of high school and any post-secondary education.
  • Standardized test scores, such as SAT, ACT, GMAT or GRE.
  • English language proficiency test scores, such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Letter of intent or statement of purpose.
  • Resume or CV.
  • Letters of recommendation from academic or professional references.
  • Valid passport or other government-issued photo identification.
Note: It is recommended to check the official university website or contact the admissions office for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Scope After an Integrated MBA in Canada

An integrated MBA in Canada can lead to various career opportunities with attractive remuneration. Some of the popular job roles for MBA graduates in Canada are:
Financial Analyst 30,00,000 - 60,00,000
Marketing Manager 35,00,000 - 55,00,000
Business Consultant 35,00,000 - 65,00,000
Operations Manager 35,00,000 - 60,00,000
HR Manager 35,00,000 - 50,00,000


Pursuing an Integrated MBA program in Canada can open up a world of opportunities for students who want to build a successful career. With access to top-notch education, a diverse and welcoming culture, and a thriving job market, Canada is the perfect destination for those who are looking to take their first step towards a fulfilling career.
This article was a Comprehensive Guide to Integrated MBA in Canada! So, if you're looking to invest in your future and unlock your potential, consider applying for an Integrated MBA program in Canada today.
If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to Alpha Edu Abroad Experts!! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!!
Discover the pathway to pursuing dental courses in Canada as an international student with our comprehensive guide. Uncover essential information, requirements, and resources to kick-start your dental education abroad. Don't miss out on this invaluable resource - read the ultimate guide today and make your dream of studying dentistry in Canada a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can international students work while studying an Integrated MBA program in Canada?

Yes, international students can work while studying an Integrated MBA program in Canada. However, they must obtain a work permit from the Canadian government and adhere to specific regulations regarding the number of hours they can work per week. Additionally, students should balance their work and academic commitments to ensure academic success.

What are the job prospects after completing an Integrated MBA program in Canada?

Graduates of an Integrated MBA program in Canada can expect to find employment in a variety of industries, including finance, marketing, consulting, entrepreneurship, operations, and human resources.

What is the best way to prepare for an Integrated MBA program in Canada?

The best way to prepare for an Integrated MBA program in Canada is to focus on building strong academic credentials, including a strong academic record and a high score on standardized tests such as the GMAT or GRE. Additionally, gaining work experience and developing a strong understanding of Canadian culture and business practices can also be beneficial in preparing for the program.
An IIT Delhi IIM Ahmedabad alumni initiative
Alpha Education Abroad is an initiative by IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad alumni. The firm helps students get admitted to top universities overseas in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and many other countries. It allows students to apply for graduation as well as post-graduation courses abroad. It also helps students get admitted to top 1 year MBA programs such as ISB and IIM Ahmedabad in India.
This Post was originally Published on: Alpha Edu Abroad Blog
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2023.06.10 06:46 AstronautPuzzled6733 How to Pass Your Learners Permit Test in 2023

Whether you are applying for a regular driver’s license, motorcycle permit or commercial driving license, there is one thing all students have in common: they will need to pass a knowledge exam.
Thankfully, there are some things you can do to prepare for your test and increase your chances of passing.

Study Your Driver?s Handbook

Before you head to the DMV to take your knowledge test, it is a good idea to thoroughly read through the driver?s handbook. This is where you will find information on all the topics that will be covered on your test, including road signs, traffic laws, driving and safety rules, drunk and distracted driving, and vehicle maintenance and upkeep.
The knowledge test is 20 questions and you must get 14 correct answers to pass. The questions are centered around New York driving and driver safety, but they do not include specific questions about any one topic. You can also download the driver?s handbook as a PDF or audio file so you can review the information on the go or with your voice-activated digital assistant.
When you are ready to head to the DMV, be sure to bring your completed Non-Commercial Learner Permit Application (form MV-44), proof of identity and residency, a parent or legal guardian?s signed consent form, and the appropriate fee. The DMV also offers a document guide you can use to determine which documents are required depending on whether you are applying for an ID compliant or non-compliant permit.

Try Taking a DMV Practice Test

One of the best ways to study for your permit test is to use a DMV practice app. This app will help you prepare for the knowledge exam by providing you with questions that are similar to those that you might face in your exam.
It also includes a list of the necessary documents you will need to bring with you to the DMV. The DMV recommends you arrive as early as possible in order to make sure you get there on time.
It is recommended that you bring your application for a non-commercial learner’s permit, proof of identity, proof of residency and payment for the appropriate fee. You will also need to have a completed Parent and Guardian Consent form or Certificate (MV-44). The app also provides information about the state driving laws and tips on how to pass your exam. You can take practice tests with a range of topics including road signs, driver safety and driving rules. Each question has a few variants of answers and the app will provide feedback on whether you chose the right answer or not.

Find a Permit Test Study Guide

Although there are plenty of unofficial study guides and learning tools out there, the best place to start your preparation is with the official state driver?s handbook. These booklets are created by the Department of Motor Vehicles and are available at DMV offices for free or as PDF downloads. The information is completely accurate and updated regularly to reflect current testing procedures.
The questions that you will be asked on your permit test are all centered around New York driving and safety. These questions will cover a wide range of topics including road signs, driver?s education, traffic laws, distracted driving, drunk driving and car maintenance and upkeep. There are also some chapters that cover useful but non-essential information about license types, application documents and other general driving topics. However, you can easily identify these sections by the opening contents page and skip past them when studying for your permit test.
Make sure that you take the time to read through your handbook and do some practice tests. By doing so you will be more confident when it comes time to take your actual written knowledge exam.

Read the Questions Thoroughly

When taking the test, read each question and answer choice carefully. Don’t skip any part of the question, and don’t spend too much time on questions you have trouble with. You might waste valuable time that you could have spent on the questions you know how to answer.
Start with the questions you know the answers to, and then move on to the ones you are unsure of. This will help you get the questions that are most important to you done first, and it will build your confidence from the outset. If you get stuck on a question, try to come up with an answer before looking at the answer choices. This will allow you to rule out answers that are too similar and may help you find the correct answer.
When you are finished, be sure to write your name clearly on the test and the answer sheet. This is one of the most common mistakes that students make and can cost you points. Be sure to take a deep breath and relax before handing the test in.
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2023.06.10 05:49 UseGroundbreaking748 Selling two sets of two GA tickets (four total) for 6/10 Joni Jam

Unfortunately a member of our group (that we share a daycare with) has tested positive for COVID this evening and we have made a safe call to unfortunately not go to the concert.
We have four tickets total that we would like to sell but can break them in to pairs if you only need two. They are GA lawn and we would like to sell for $250 each but might be open to offers.
DM or comment if interested and we can transfer to your name ASAP.
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2023.06.10 04:59 redpanthervp D426_V2 - Data Management - Foundations

D426_V2 - Data Management - Foundations
I did it! It took me nearly two months of spotty studying because the content just could not keep my attention to save my life.
EASILY my least favorite class so far, so I'm happy that it's over.
I used ZyBooks, which was miserably dull and slow, a Quizlet made by MoDhoches, and this post ( (1) Data Management - Foundations - D426 : WGU ( essentially as a bible.
This course is actual hell on earth in terms of the direction you're given and the resources actually available outside of ZyBooks. I feel like one or two practice tests would make the content way easier to digest/gauge if you're ready for the OA. This course is definitely one that needs EVERYONE with gripes to submit feedback for.
Now onto Applications!
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2023.06.10 04:24 dnfoos Got my drivers license instead of my permit in the mail

I went to my local dmv in order to obtain a permit, since I’m 18 the lady working said I would get a temporary permit on paper and after a certain amount of hours practicing, I’d be eligible to go take the drivers test for my license. I’ve been waiting for my permit to come in the mail, I got it today but to my surprise it was my legit drivers license, class c and everything, expiring in 10 years. I’m so confused. I’ve never taken a driving test, I’ve been practicing for 4 years, but the most I’ve done test wise is an online course which I didn’t even finish. Recently my bff told me that one of her friends was waiting for her permit but got her license instead, it really surprised me that the same happened to me. Is it because I’m 18? I’m still going to act like I only have a permit until I go take the test, having an adult with me always. I’m not sure if there was a mistake, but I know if I get pulled over I’ll find out if I’m actually supposed to have it or not so I’m not too worried, just so confused. Anyone know why this would happen?
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2023.06.10 03:27 Frosty-Butterfly9878 SF DMV Road Test - do they check for accompanying driver?

I have an international driver's license and could rent a car on it to use for the road test, but I don't know whether they will check if an accompanying driver is there with me before the road test? Would they not let me take the test if I come alone?
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2023.06.10 03:09 Barrel_rider48 Where's the best place to find a practice test for a leaner's permit

I'm from Georgia (the murican one) and I need help finding a practice test with all the questions asked on the DMV test. I've failed this shit 3 god-damn mothafuckin times and I always get questions I've never seen before.
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2023.06.10 02:02 IanAguinaldo 6 Things Men Should Consider Before Getting A Facial

6 Things Men Should Consider Before Getting A Facial
In today’s age of personal care and grooming, men from all walks of life are discovering the value of facials as a revolutionary experience.
Gone are the stereotypes that associate facial treatments exclusively with women.
Men, too, are embracing the rejuvenating benefits that facials offer, enabling them to present their best face forward with confidence and style.
However, for these gentlemen who are new to the realm of facials, the prospect of entrusting their facial care to someone else can appear daunting.
To ease any concerns and ensure a rewarding experience, I present this comprehensive guide tailored for the professional, modern man like you seeking to enhance his appearance and self-care routine.
Discover the unique advantages, insider tips, and expert advice on what to consider before your next facial appointment.
  1. Thorough Evaluation and Analysis
One promising sign of getting a good facial is when your skilled provider — the aesthetician, nurse, or doctor — dedicates ample time to carefully examine your medical history and current skincare regimen, conduct a comprehensive skin analysis, and peruse before-and-after photographs.
This meticulous approach demonstrates that your facialist possesses extensive knowledge about facials and genuinely cares about addressing your unique skin needs though it may appear slightly inconvenient.
And you see, if they skip this crucial step and jump straight into your facial without even interviewing you or analyzing your skin, it will only be a disaster waiting to happen, and that’s a big no-no.
Remember, a facial should tailor to your skin by addressing your unique needs and choosing the right products and aesthetic treatments after a careful assessment.
And that starts with understanding you and your needs.
  1. Ask About Your Skincare Routine
Another good sign of getting a good facial is when your facialist poses in-depth inquiries regarding your daily skincare regimen.
These are important as they permit us to recognize any medications or dermatologist-prescribed skincare products you may be using, in addition to any hypersensitive reactions you may have.
Equipped with this valuable information, they can personalize the facial treatment to precisely match your skin’s needs and sidestep any potential adverse reactions.
  1. No Pushy or Sales-Driven Tactics
A true-blue professional provider will prioritize your unique skin concerns, tailor treatments to address your specific needs, and provide honest recommendations that will consider your budget and preferences.
Even if we suggest a higher-priced treatment, their motive is to provide you with the most effective solution, not to maximize their profits.
When you encounter such dedicated professionals, you can be confident they will have your best interests at heart and are committed to delivering exceptional results while maintaining transparency and integrity.
  1. Attention to Your Comfort Is Important to Consider
A professional should prioritize and never overlook the importance of inquiring about your overall comfort during a facial treatment though we all know that it may not be the most relaxing thing in the world.
There are various factors to take into account concerning your comfort as the recipient of a facial, and these include:
a. your tolerance for pain and pressure during extractions or pricking, exposure to steam and lasers;
b. your comfort concerning temperature extremes;
c. the duration of time spent lying on the bed;
d. the level of noise;
e. other considerations
A skilled facialist will seek feedback regarding comfort because they know you should never feel obligated to endure such discomfort.
  1. No False Hope of Quick Fixes
Beware of any facialist who promises immediate and unrealistic transformations.
It is important to note that there are no quick fixes in facial treatments.
Again, there is no express
No instant
No magic
So, when a facialist tells you to have regular facials every 4–6 weeks, they are not simply trying to make a sale.
They understand that achieving desired results takes time and consistency.
A reputable professional will provide honest expectations and guide you toward a long-term skincare routine that yields sustainable improvements.
  1. In-Depth Understanding of Skin and Its Functions
It is a high advantage when your facialist exhibits a profound understanding of the skin and its intricate workings, skin types, ingredients in skin care products, and the most effective treatments to suit individual needs.
Consequently, they can impart comprehensive insights into your skin’s condition and provide valuable guidance on optimal care, including delineating the various available treatments with their pros and cons.
These ensure that you attain the utmost satisfaction and desirable outcomes in the immediate and long term.
Other Factors You Need to Consider:
Additional signs that you are in good hands are: the place should be clean, well-lit, and not overcrowded, with a clinic supervised by a medical doctor and offers only treatments that have been tested or medically proven.
In conclusion, it is best to remember that not all facials are created equal in service and safety, so you have to be very picky in choosing your provider and clinic because your face deserves nothing less than the highest quality care.
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2023.06.10 01:57 Frank_Leroux Molossus, Chapter Nineteen

First Chapter
Chapter Eighteen
Chao peered at the holographic display at the front of the landing boat as she talked to an international audience. “Okay, folks! You can now see the Coalition Exploration Bureau’s ship Exultant Finger of Rithro. It’s missing its usual armor configuration; normally, this corvette would have triangular cones of armor at the front and back. But they re-configured that armor material into a shell to prevent us from seeing them as they flew towards Earth. Merely as a precaution; they flipped the shell around a few weeks ago to display their ship to us. They even extended their radiators towards our planet, which to them is a signal of surrender.”
She smiled at Parvati, who floated next to her. “Pretty cool, right?”
“Very cool indeed!” exclaimed Parvati. “So where is the damage?”
Chao pointed. “See these toroidal tanks around the middle of the ship? They hold hydrogen for the ship’s fusion drive, but after tangling with that Breaker some of them got punctured. You can see the holes there, there, and there. That means they’re now limited in how long they can burn the reactor. Plus the FTL drive is now pretty much kaput. It apparently uses a lot of energy.”
Parvati pondered the display. “Faster than light,” she mused. “We need that. After we get the fusion drive technology, of course. Assuming that ever comes out of committee.”
Chao laughed. “Well, that’s why we’re here, right? To show all of humanity what could be ours.”
“Will we go outside? I mean, for real outside?” The actress reached towards the display, halting when she realized there was no physical screen.
“We’ve got pressure suits. Should be okay, we did plan for going out for a few minutes to get some direct video. It’ll be limited in time, those suits aren’t really meant for proper EVAs…”
“Oh, that’s no problem!” said Takh from behind them, causing both women to do the equivalent of a zero-g jump. For someone so big, he somehow managed to just…arrive on the scene. “We’ve got plenty of components on board, we can make you all some proper hardsuits!” He grinned at the camera on Chao’s chest; watching an udhyr grin was an awe-inspiring sight, what with all of the teeth and mandibles. “It’s all snap-together for any body type, it works just like your Legos!”
Parvati, of course, was the first to regain her composure. “Thank you Takh, I’m sure that will be very welcome. One thing has occurred to me; even if our material is successful in allowing you to patch your tanks, you will still require hydrogen to fill them, yes?”
The XO’s cheer didn’t fade. “Of course. We’ll find a nearby ice-containing body and extract us some hydrogen. We already have a few candidates chosen. You can all come and ride along! It should be fun to watch.”
“Yes, very fun.” Parvati met Chao’s eyes in a clear unspoken message of is this guy for real?
A much smaller hand crept its way around Takh’s leather-armored shoulder. “Now, my dear,” said McCoy. “We mustn’t interrupt the PR people. They’re half the reason we’re out here, after all.” She winked at the two other women; both of the latter winked back.
“Oh, of course!” Takh bowed formally to the two. “Forgive me.”
“No worries,” said Chao.
“There is nothing to forgive, my good sir,” replied Parvati with an equally formal bow.
The huge alien and petite corporal vanished, leaving the two women to watch the ship as the boat headed for its docking cradle.
“They are utterly adorable,” said Parvati.
“So are you two,” said Chao.
“You and Ravindar. I’m not saying to make your move right now. We’re gonna be on camera for a while, and I know I just made a bunch of people on Earth go squee. But you need to tell him how you feel.”
For once the actress looked flustered. “I…I couldn’t, he’s so brave and strong…”
Chao’s voice sounded out like the slamming of a vault door. “Stop. I had the same problem. I was into someone who was brave and strong. Not as big as Ravindar, but then again few people are. Then I found out he was into me too, but because he thought I was smart. I’m not as smart as he thinks I am, but I’m not going to tell him that.”
Parvati glanced into the rear of the landing boat, where Martinez was in the midst of puttering around with the human and alien crew. The actress now looked thoughtful. “I see.”
“All I’m saying is, you don’t need to be exactly in-sync in terms of what you see in each other.” Chao smiled. “Heck, you might even find out that you’re in-sync in ways you didn’t see coming.”
The dark-haired Indian fixed Chao with a stare. “I sense there is a story somewhere in there that you’re not telling me. Ah well, as you say it can wait until we are all no longer under the camera’s gaze.”
Master Sergeant Wilkes smiled down at the spidery alien. “Kifa, there’s someone I’d like you to meet. Consider it part of your helping us to train. This person made a living while driving one of the highest, fastest aircraft we’ve ever made.”
“Oooh!” Kifa looked very pleased at the idea. “That’s a good area to focus on! Where orbital mechanics and aircraft mechanics meet.”
“Indeed.” Wilkes nodded at the near door. “You may come in, sir.”
A man walked in, his face stretched taut in the way which only scar tissue can appear.
Kifa peered up at him. “Forgive me, this is probably very insensitive, but…were you injured?”
He laughed. “I sure was! Burned to a fare-thee-well!”
“Oh, I am so sorry!”
He smiled. “No need to be sorry. Hey, do you want a headpat? Word on the street is your species like that sort of thing.”
The xyrax rocked back and forth on its legs. “Well, a human headpat is always welcome….”
The man reached up and wiggled his fingers, making a great show that his pinky had full range of motion. “See this? Pure miracle that I can do that. The surgeon putting my hand back together, just on a whim, decided to put a pin in here so’s that my pinky finger can grasp properly. Good thing too, otherwise I would’ve never made it through the physical training.”
He then reached forth and with that rebuilt hand dispensed quite a few righteous headpats onto Kifa. After a mutual moment of happy bonding, the xyrax spoke again.
“What training were you pursuing?”
“The same thing you and I are gonna be doing for a week or so.” His eyes, narrowed with scar tissue, lit up. “My dear Kifa, I’m gonna make you into a Sled Driver. God willing and the creek don’t rise, we might get to do it for real and not just in the simulators. They’re already pulling a bunch of Blackbirds out of mothballs. Hell, even the Russians are offering us titanium for building new ones. Seems like everybody’s got a fire lit under their kiester.”
Kifa’s eyes, already big and black, got even bigger. “What is a Sled Driver?”
“Why, it’s only the best profession on the planet, my little blue-furred friend. We get to go fast.
Joachim regarded the cylindrical, human-sized tank with some trepidation. It looked far too much like a transparent coffin. “You want to stick me in that thing?”
Zawahir nodded. “I know it’s a lot to ask, sir. It is entirely up to you, in the end. But if this works…” He waved at the tank. “If this works, then you will emerge from that tank physically in your twenties.”
They both regarded the tank for a moment, which was full of a clear and, at the moment, a very exclusive liquid.
“Corina too, of course,” said Joachim as he leaned back in his wheelchair. “If it works on me first.” He still wasn’t quite sure where he was; there had been a lot of back-and-forth with planes and whatnot.
“Of course,” said Zawahir. “That goes without saying.”
“Then the two people injured in the DC attack. This will regrow their limbs, correct?”
“Well, naturally.” Zawahir smirked. “They’re the Borlaug Institute’s big publicity stunt, after all. Testing on two people before-hand should be enough to let us know if it’ll work on them.”
“Of course.” Joachim gazed at the tank. “I’ll do it, on one condition.”
“Name it.”
“If…if I don’t come out okay, I want everyone to know that I tried, right? And I do mean everyone. All of humanity.”
“I’m just one person. At the moment, I can only promise that I’ll say what I can.”
After a moment, Joachim nodded. “Then put me in there. I just need to talk to Corina beforehand.”
“Of course, sir.”
The blue-suited woman with a blonde pony-tail smiled as she stared into the camera. “Welcome to Summit Technologies’s livestream of Point-Counterpoint, I’m Amy Coulson. We are currently talking about and debating the latest announcements in space-based systems. As everyone is aware, this has become a source of great concern in the last month or so.” She nodded to the beige-suited man next to her. “This is Walter Higgins, formerly of TRW and who now works for Northrop-Grumman. Walter, to start with can you tell us what the current status is of the repair effort for the alien craft?”
Walt leaned forward, putting his forearms on the desk in front of them. “Well, the main concern is if the plates we’re providing for patching will actually work. So only one of the Rithro’s boats was launched…the one with Chao Me Chu and Parvati Devdhar, they’re towing the fifteen-ton loft provided by ULA to avoid wasting too much energy. Just in case the patching doesn’t work.” He winked at the camera. “I assure you, as someone in the aerospace industry, ULA is going to be very proud of that for a good long while. Anyways, at the moment, they are approaching the L5 point and we should be able to get some spectacular pictures of, well, everything. Of the Earth from near the Moon’s orbit, of the Moon itself, and most importantly of the Rithro.”
Amy nodded in a comradely fashion, but Walt was not fooled. He’d dealt with reporters before. “Sounds intriguing, and I’m sure everyone on Earth looks forward to such sights. But mere patching will not be enough to solve the ship’s issues, correct?”
He sighed. “You’re right. One of the ship’s fusion engines was damaged, and that limits their top speed. Think of it as…you’re a big ocean liner with three propellers, and one goes down. You might still be able to steer using just the other two, but you’re not going to be as effective or fast as you might be.”
“Effective,” she mused. “I suppose that our helping fix their fusion drive is among those bits of alien tech currently prohibited?”
“Yes. I have heard some rumors that the Borlaug Institute in Iceland has had some great initial success, so I hope that soon we will be able to tackle the fusion drive problem.”
She stared at him a bit, which he knew was a bit of theatricality. “Such a repair would make them more capable against these so-called ‘Breakers’, correct?”
“So-called? Now, Amy. Don’t tell me you’re agreeing with those lunatics?”
In the weeks since the simultaneous attacks, a few manifestos had cropped up online. All mostly spouted the same nonsense; at least, nonsense in Walt’s eyes. They all said the same thing; that the Breakers were fake. That this whole rigamarole was a false flag effort by the Coalition, one intended to get all of humanity under their thumb.
“I don’t agree with them,” said Amy, to her credit. “I’m merely stating the other side of the conflict. Yes, I think most people agree that there is an alien ship up at the L5 point which has been grievously damaged. I do trust the evidence of my eyes. I’m sure our two…”
“…five brave souls heading out to that very point at L5 will see exactly the same thing as the Hubble did. But. Have you considered, just for the sake of argument, that evidence of an attack is not evidence of Breakers? Perhaps this is some local dispute, and the crew has set up some sort of fake attack. They could intend to use us as shock troops to settle it.”
Walt leaned back in his chair as he went through the longest twenty seconds of his life. He knew things, thanks to his role. He also knew that if he spoke them aloud he would be burning his entire career right down to the waterline. “That is somewhat possible. But not probable.”
She leaned forward, as if sensing she had him on the ropes. “Why?”
“Because they didn’t need to.” His gray eyes were calm as he stared at her and measured his words. “Do you have any notion, any single clue, of the firepower that ship possesses?”
“Um…well, no, that part’s still classified.”
“I will give you a hint. They have a spinal railgun that could, with around three shots, turn any metropolitan area on earth into a molten crater. They have nuclear-tipped missiles, even one of which could burn a city to the ground. They didn’t need to play nice, Amy. Those aliens could have stood off in orbit, smacked a few cities, and then gotten on the radio to dictate terms of our surrender. We’d have no choice but to comply.”
He stared daggers at her, half expecting some black-suited guys with earpieces to jump in and haul him away. But nothing happened, it was as if the world was holding its breath. “They did their very best to treat with us fairly, to treat us as equals.”
Amy looked away. “I…I hope that is true.”
“It is.” He glanced behind his shoulder for any Men In Black, but nobody was there so far. Maybe he should continue. He assumed a smile, one which he did not feel. “Anyways. We will see what they see, when they get there. There is, also, the international consortium’s proposal for the Sea Dragon.”
The reporter rallied, clearly grateful for the change in subject. “Ah, yes. You’ve reviewed the designs of this craft. Is it really necessary?”
“At the moment, yes. Starship holds a great deal of promise, but they’re still trying to crack the reusability and multiple-refueling issue. This design does permit reusability…of the first stage, if nothing else…but it isn’t strictly necessary for success. Success, in this case, consists of tons to orbit.”
“Why something so big, though? Won’t it be an issue?”
He chuckled, feeling surer of himself. “That’s why we’re launching it in the ocean, in the middle of nowhere.”
She actually looked troubled, so he figured he’d throw her a bone. “The first launch won’t have anything…controversial.”
“But Walt, the second launch is the issue! Nobody has launched this much radioactive material into space.”
“We need to, Amy,”
“But on an almost untested rocket? From a design which is decades old?”
“We have top people on it,” said Walt. “Including people from that era, who know exactly the pitfalls and also have access to modern technology.”
“Which people?”
“It’s still secret as to their identities. But like I said, I can confirm rumors that the Borlaug Institute is already paying significant dividends.”
Amy rolled her eyes. “Over a billion dollars funneled into a figurative black hole in Iceland. Why would you believe anything they say?”
“They’re going to have some serious proof soon,” said Walt.
Iceland. Joachim had never, ever expected to visit Iceland. But yet here he was…again. He stood with no cane, with nothing supporting him but his own two legs. He stared at a nearby volcanic massif, one covered with green lichen. The spring was coming in, and the ground around him was similarly strewn with fuzzy green growth. His beard and hair were now coming in dark again, with only a hint of gray at the tips to betray his true age.
He heard some light-footed steps coming up the trail behind him. It must be Zawahir.
“Why the hell am I back in Iceland?” Joachim replied.
"This is where the tech is, at least for the moment. How are you feeling, sir?”
“I feel…like my old self, Zawahir. I forgot what it was like to have knees that don’t hurt anymore. How is Corina’s, er, ‘tanking’ proceeding?”
“Very well, sir. I am overseeing the procedure of her ‘tanking’ myself, I just wanted to come and let you know that everything is looking good.”
Joachim looked down at the back of his hand. It was no longer wrinkled, no longer showed a welter of age spots. “When?”
“She should be out in…seventy-two hours. That’s how long it took you.”
“Good to know.” He turned to face Zawahir. “My friend, I am going to need every single internet connection you have for the next seventy-two hours. I have a lot of design work to take care of in that time frame; I will need to have a lot of meetings using those oh-so-clever ‘online’ apps. I’ll be indisposed after that.”
Joachim stepped forth and placed a newly-strong hand on Zawahir’s shoulder. “My dear Zawahir. I am now physically twenty again. In the next three days my wife, the love of my life and she who I hold dear above all else, will also emerge from your magic alien goo and she will also be physically twenty years old. What do you think will happen after she is thus reborn?”
Zawahir’s eyes widened. “Oh. OH! Yes, of course. Please, follow me.”
Joachim chuckled to himself as he followed the man towards the low-roofed buildings of the Borlaug Institute in the distance.
Chao was now clad back in her pressure suit; fortunately, the aliens were quite adept at helping the humans back into their cloth-and-glass cocoons. She looked over at Parvati. “Neil can bite us.”
Parvati grinned. “For sure. Neil was a very great man, but sadly he never got to see an alien starship.”
Chao checked the readout at her wrist, ensuring that she was indeed sealed up and pressurized. She looked over at her four fellow humans, and received nods in return. “We’re go, Captain Sadaf.”
The on-board crew of the Rithro were now back in their chromed, faceted hardsuits. “Depressurizing,” said Sadaf. “Please monitor those to either side, sing out if you see any stress.”
Chao reminded herself to breathe normally as things just got…quiet. Very quiet. She managed, through sheer willpower, to not have an utter panic attack as she realized that there was nothing between her and a life-sucking nothing except for a few layers of fabric and plastic.
She glanced over at Parvati, who looked to be also in the midst of trying (and fortunately succeeding) at combating her own panic attack behind her Plexiglas helmet. “Doing okay?” asked Chao, and immediately felt like an idiot for asking such a stupid question.
Still, Parvati nodded. Chao felt a tap at her shoulder, and looked over at Martinez. The corporal grinned at her from behind his own transparent head-cocoon. “Doing okay?” he asked with just the right bit of cheekiness.
Chao slapped his shoulder, but it was a playful slap. “Dipshit.” She forgot, in the moment, that she was begin transmitted live to the world. Her curse was thus broadcast to pretty much every kid on the planet, who then gleefully repeated her curse-word until they all got smacked by their parents.
She didn’t know that at the time, her entire world was the airlock door that now opened to reveal…black.
Utter black.
Chao had enough experience in zero-g maneuvering to push herself towards the door. “Oh. Man. Folks, this is it. Gonna step outside, for at least a little bit.”
She could feel both Martinez on one side and Sadaf on the other. The latter figured; the captain struck Chao as a ‘lead from the front’ type.
“Grip the frame,” said Sadaf. Through the translator bead her voice was deadly calm. “No big muscle movements, just kind of…drift where you want to go.”
Chao obediently swung herself up and out of the boat, reveling in the fact that now she was seeing the Exultant Finger of Rithro in real time. The long ship stretched alongside a clamshell-like shield, its radiators stretched out towards the Earth in a gesture of surrender.
Speaking of which…
Chao kept a firm hold on the doorframe as she looked behind her. A small, fragile, blue-and-white marble floated before her, a sphere which looked to be the size of her thumb-tip held at arm’s length. Chao did so with her free gloved hand, watching her thumb occlude that fragile-loooking sphere. And in that moment, her world was completely changed.
It is one thing to know a fact. It is one thing to meet aliens, to accept that they are from oh so very far away, that your world is but one little dust mote drifting in the vast and limitless cosmic ocean. But it is quite another to see that fact laid bare before you, where you can witness it in real-time through nothing but a Pexiglas helmet. Chao now knew. Everyone she’d ever known, everyone she’d ever heard of, every king or warlord or emperor or internet celebrity who anyone had ever heard of had lived down there, upon a sphere that looked to her like the most ephemeral of soap-bubbles. She had the crazy notion that she could just reach out one gloved finger and pop it.
She also knew that millions, perhaps billions, were watching this live via her bodycam. Perhaps they were going through the same epiphany.
Her breath caught in her throat, and she knew she was on the verge of tears. No, that was a bad thing. She was in freefall; there was no way for those tears to stream down her face. They would just collect over her eyes and blind her. So Chao breathed in deep and managed to tamp down those threatened tears.
“Chao?” called out Sadaf through her comm. “Are you all right?”
“I’m good, Captain. Just…next time…, we send up a poet.”
Shaw hated, hated, hated having to use a wheelchair to get around. Most of the time he could wheel himself around using his substantial arms, but every so often the nursing staff would try to get oh so helpful and try to push him towards where he was going. Several of them had nearly lost limbs of their own thanks to such efforts.
Still, he was alive and that was a good thing. Although…watching Agent Milton Vila and his family, who were nearby as he went through his own convalescence, made Shaw reevaluate his life choices. It would be nice to have a wife and kid to hug while one went through the worst thing ever. But he was too old, such things were well behind him. While on autopilot, Shaw wheeled himself down the tiled and very off-white hallway with a sour air. One which told the entire staff that he was Not To Be Disturbed. He was thinking of a particular girl, one with the cutest pigtails and the sunniest smile. Yeah, she would have been the one, if he’d had his head on straight back then.
And then, in spite of his ‘Fuck the Fuck Off energy’, someone did block his path.
He stared at a pair of narrow legs, clad in narrow pants, then looked up with a distinct lack of humor. “I do believe you are in my way.”
The dark-skinned man blocking his path smiled, but it was a gentle smile. “I am. But, I am very sure you will want to hear my offer. Both you and Agent Vila.”
Shaw regarded him with gimlet eyes. “Oh, really? What’s your name?”
“I’m Zawahir Ibn Harith. I am the head of the…”
“I don’t give a single solitary fuck,” said Shaw. “I’ve had plenty of people trying to get me to tell them my life story since I got my leg removed with extreme prejudice. I don’t know how you got in here, but you strike me as someone just like them, Harith. So. I may be minus one leg, but I can still fuck you up but good. I can fuck you up so bad you’ll never shit right again. Do you wanna get out of my way now?”
The man’s smile didn’t change. “Borlaug Institute.”
“What. Really?”
“Really, sir. Both you and Agent Milton Vila. It sounds…very cynical, but you were the two that we wanted to heal first. As an object lesson to humanity. Do you understand?”
The notion made Shaw’s mind reel. “Heal?”
“Fully. We have successfully restored two people to the prime of life, and we are now certain that we can do the same for you and Agent Vila. With all of your limbs intact. We have done a great many tissue-sample experiments, and it appears that the regeneration also re-grows limbs.”
Shaw looked down at his missing lower leg. “And you’ll do the same for Milton?”
“Of course, sir.”
“Stop calling me sir, I work for a living. Call me Mack.”
“Very well…Mack. I won’t lie to you, this has been planned well in advance. But it turned out that limb re-growth for humans also unlocked certain regeneration within our cells, particularly the telomeres…”
Shaw held up a meaty hand. “Just…I’m a dumb grunt in such matters, don’t bother to tell me how it works. So you have some kind of magic goo that you slather over me and hey presto I’m twenty again?”
“That is more or less the shape of it, si…Mack. You will need to be immersed in the ‘magic goo’ for at least three days. Perhaps more, since this will also be regenerating a limb.”
“Either way, I go first,” said Shaw, with a flinty glare up at Zawahir. “I’m the test subject, and you need to test me good after I get re-birthed from your goop. I know you said you’d done it on two people, but we need to make sure this doesn’t give me some kind of bullshit super-cancer before Milton goes in. He’s got a wife and a kid. If he has to use a prosthetic instead of magic alien goo, then he has to use that instead. Understand?”
Zawahir gave Shaw a little bow. “Of course. I do believe you are quite the appropriate test subject.”
“Oh, go fuck yourself. Where is this shindig taking place, anyway?”
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2023.06.10 01:47 vegangirl21 Got my driver’s license in the mail today

Hi everyone I don’t know if this is allowed I checked the rules and this seemed allowed!
I just got my driver’s license in the mail. I paid for the real ID because I travel often and I didn’t have my license yet until last month! I had just my identification and I had the real ID. It doesn’t expire until 2025.
Anyways I used to be an organ donor but decided when I got my DL I would remove myself.
So I paid for the real ID and on my application for my DL I removed myself from the donor list.
When I open my DL it was not the real ID and I’m still a donor.
They took my permit papers when I went to the DMV 2 weeks ago. Can I call and see if they can help me? I’m moving to another state for University in 2 weeks too. I’m just debating on keeping my Identification card since that has the real ID and I will fly often with that (my passport is being renewed and I’m waiting for it)
Sorry this is a long post but I’m scared I’ll have to pay again which isn’t a big deal I’m just annoyed by all of this. Do you think they can see in the system that I paid for it if I call the 1800 number?
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2023.06.10 00:54 Novel_Fondant_6445 Tips for Studying for Bio?

I currently am using booster and have my test in 3 1/2 weeks. I've been studying since the second week of May and feel pretty good but need to boost it into high gear. The one section I've had trouble with is bio. I can't seem to retain everything and watching videos/the readings are great but I can't keep it long term.
I've taken 2 of the practice tests so far. How representative are the booster exams? The first I took I got a 26 in bio (it had a lot of stuff I liked and knew well). The second I took today after about half a month of studying and got a 13(EEEEK) it was definitely stuff that I find more difficult but I wasn't expecting that huge of a dip.
I know that a lot of people use anki but I don't feel like I retain stuff long term in the flashcard style . I used to really like quizlet's learn function with multiple choice and typing but now it's behind a pay wall. Is there any website that uses a similar style and can import quizlets of a link rather than the export option?
I'd really appreciate any tips, thank you in advance!
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2023.06.10 00:30 ldn2241 Tesla regenerative braking

Can you use this in DMV test? Not looking for opinions on it, just facts. I called two weeks ago and was told I could, today in road test told I couldn’t.
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2023.06.10 00:26 Cirrus10M GaTech Prompt 2

Prompt: Why do you want to study your chosen major specifically at Georgia Tech?
Is this asking “Why this major?” or “Why Georgia Tech?”?

Side note: I emailed GaTech admissions and they basically gave me a GIGANTIC email about random shit that had 0 relevance to my question.
Email they sent back:
Hi u/cirrus10M,
Thank you for your message. Your paraphrase of the essay question [in my email I asked a question, I didn't “paraphrase” anything] is a great way to answer the essay prompt. We use a holistic review in order to give our applicants the best opportunity to present a complete picture of their qualifications. Georgia Tech uses the Common Application for first-year applications. Students are required to submit the application, accompanying essay and short answer questions, and the non-refundable application fee by the application deadline. Additional materials such as test scores, transcripts, and letters of recommendation may be submitted after the application deadline up until the document deadline. Our website has more information on all of our first-year dates and deadlines. First-year applicants are required to submit at least one SAT or one ACT. We accept more than one score and will use your highest individual section scores across multiple testing dates in the evaluation process. While we do not have a minimum required score, we encourage applicants to aim for the scores near the Mid 50% ranges listed on our class profile. Applicants can either self-report their scores on the application prior to submission or send official score reports from the testing company. Other methods won’t be accepted. First-year applicants must submit their high school transcripts, including all coursework taken in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and if available, 12th grades. We encourage applicants to take the most rigorous course available to them at their high school. We do not have a preference between AP, IB, Dual Enrollment or other rigorous curriculums. Transcripts mailed to us must be sealed official copies. PDF documents emailed to us will not be accepted. For additional information, please visit our document submission web-page. Letters of recommendation are not required, but we will accept a maximum to two. Letters of recommendation must come from your high school counselor and a high school teacher. Additional recommendations or recommendations from persons who are not the student’s high school counselor or teacher will not be considered. For a complete overview of Georgia Tech’s first-year admission requirements and to begin your application, please visit our admission website. Best Wishes and Go Jackets., Christina Scott (HeHers/She) Office of Undergraduate Admission Georgia Institute of Technology Website: Email: [email protected] Phone: (404)-894-4154
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2023.06.10 00:26 Internal_Prune_5108 contracting 101

Residential Contracting 101
With over 20 years of building experience, I would like to share with you my insights in navigating becoming a successful contractor. With many different avenues of the building world its key to understand what problems will arise on any given day. A man once told a saying that stuck-the 6 p’s in life- Piss Poor Preparation leads to Piss Poor Performance. Preparation builds everything in construction, without preparation the jobsite will not run correctly. The best advice I was ever given was to learn a little about every trade giving you the ability to understand trade lingo and secrets. An example would be painters use the terminology flash; this means when the sub structure bleads through the paint. Subcontractors will give the best pricing if they respect your knowledge of the industry. If the subcontractor feels they will have to hold your hand through the job they will charge an extra fee…i.e. I call it the aggravation fee. In this blog I will explain the key elements in finding success in all aspects of the industry. Contracting is a physically and emotionally demanding job which requires planning and foresight to complete projects on time within budget. Picking your customer is just as important as picking your employees or subcontractors. I have worked for some of the most demanding customers leading me to question at the end if the job was even worth it. Sleepless nights, constant changes, lack of payment, lawsuit threats, adding work that was in the contract are just a few things you could face with a tough customer. With so many moving parts at all times it is critical to be able to adapt to changes within a short time frame. Materials will come in damaged, subcontractors will be late, employees will get sick, but the deadline you set does not change. The stress can be overwhelming at times keeping your mind in a good place is key to navigating all that is thrown at you. Choosing your client picking the right jobs-Keep these questions in mind The first question to be asked is what the time frame is to start the job to see if it fits within the timeframe for your business. If the time frame doesn’t work then move on from the project or let them know when you would be available to start. If the client really wants to use, they will wait until you are available. Taking on too much work will only lead to problems. Construction is a serviced based business, staying on top of the project and client will eliminate an unhappy customer and construction issues that will be over seen. With online presence if details are missed and customer service lacks it will only be a matter of time the phone will not ring. The second question to be asked to the client is do they have a budget in mind for the project. If they answer yes this is good, follow through with what the budget is. If the budget seems low let them know, this will eliminate a tire kicker, educate them on what the price range could be. If the budget seems reasonable then continue the discussion to the next question. If they answer no let them know that you can give them an estimate to see if the project is feasible with their finical capabilities. Taking on a job that is not correctly budgeted will lead to an unsatisfied customer due to non-transparency of the construction cost. The third question to be asked is anyone else bidding on the job, if the answer is yes, understand you might just be number check for the contractor doing the job. Dig a little deeper and find out how many numbers they are getting and why. If your business model is to be competitive be completely transparent with customer, this will gain trust with them. Let them know you get what you pay for and if you they choose the lowest bid it could lead into lack of quality of work.
The fourth question I will ask is there any specific subcontractors they wanted to use. If the answer is yes then I would explain to them you only use the subcontractors you have a working relationship with. Otherwise, this could backfire as the subcontractor might not show, do subpar work, talk behind your back to the homeowner. In my experience I would stay away from using any homeowner to alleviate problems down the road. A quick conversation now can save headaches down the road. The fifth question I will ask are planning on getting the job permitted, this needs to be known it takes more time for the permitting process. Plans will have to drawn submitted and approved to the city before work can commence. The sixth question I will ask if a residential remodel is are you going to be living through the remodel if yes understand this will take more time to navigate the project due to answering questions and cleaning the house on a daily occurrence. I would recommend seeing if the customer would be willing to move into an Airbnb or friends for at least the demo portion of the project. If they do plan on living through the remodel add a couple hours a day to accommodate the extra time that will be required. The seventh question I would ask in a residential remodel is how old the house is to see if there is asbestos that would need to removed by a proper company. A home built before 1979 will most likely have some asbestos in the house, use a licensed company with proper insurance to dispose of the materials. If everything looks good to this point find out a little more about the client personality. If the client seems reasonable, I would bid the job. Unreasonable people can cause you more stress than its worth. These are some red flags I would look out for. Some jobs are not worth the money. Very demanding in the way you are going to perform your job- I.e., tell you how you are going to do your job- You’re the professional not them! Give you a hard time about your price- haggle with price you estimated- The price is the price! If they are a family with little money and you want to help them out is one thing, if they are trying to beat you down is another. Mention they have a lawyer-there is no need for them to bring up that they have a lawyer - Run for the hills as if the job goes south, you will be the one losing out! Tell you what the payment terms are. It’s your business you get paid how it works for your company. If you want to get paid every Friday, put it into your contract-If the clients do not agree move on it will save you frustrations If they talk bad about the last contractor, chances are they will talk bad about you. There is a reason why the contractor does not work for them anymore, unless he did subpar work this a red flag Clients are using an interior decorator that will purchasing all of the materials- The materials could be ordered incorrectly by the interior designer your company will not make the mark-up it deserves. Interior decorators usually add time to the job as well as act like your boss. Charging a little extra for the time and stress that it will entail is only fair. Clients want to purchase the materials- You are using your knowledge to buy the correct materials-The mark up on the materials keeps the doors open working for wages only pays the bills The husband and wife do not get along-You will become the mediator between the couple it will lead to taking sides a losing proposition- A drama free work place is always best! Dangling carrot-if you do this job the next one will be better-Only look at what there offering at the present moment, if its not a good fit do not take the job for a job down the road…Its not worth chasing a job that might not happen! The Art of the Sale First things first selling your company is all about presentation. In meeting your clients for the first time show up with a collared golf shirt tucked in, belt, nice jeans, and newer shoes. Have a truck that a clean, no dents scratches, preferably washed the day you are going into your meeting. Have a leather note pad that is clean no dirt or paint visible. Show up 5 minutes early, if you’re running a little late shoot them a text to let them know. Treat the situation as if were going on a first date, best foot forward. As you introduce yourself give them a warm greeting, letting them know you are very interested in the work. Find out a little about them, hobbies, where they lived, etc etc. You are going to be working with them on a daily basis its nice to know what makes them tick. Having a good working relationship from the start is key forming a solid relationship. As the conversation progresses find out who wears the pants in the family…ie who’s the final decision maker. If its fits the wife, chances it is…..then kindly let the husband know happy wife happy life when their in a stall mate on an issue. As your looking at the project throw in some suggestions of what you think would look good from past experiences, this will get their attention that you have knowledge and want what’s best for them. If you see ways to save them money in their project let them know, money is a large point of the sale keep that in mind. Mention that you’re not the least expensive contractor but you’re not the most expensive either. Your customer satisfaction is your number one goal which leads to more time spent on keeping them happy. One happy customer will lead to another, one unsatisfied customer leads to work in the future. Bring up the fact the finishing the job on time is key goal to your business, many contractors run several jobs at once causing the jobs to be finished way behind schedule. You must stand out as having integrity, good morals, and the ability to problem solve to get the job. The clients will be testing you to see if you’re a good fit as well. Keep in mind as you take your notes that you must not forget anything they mention as it will come back before the job is completed…i.e. we mentioned that to you before we started the job! Take pictures of the proposed area for work, that way you can use it to better right your estimate. Let them know you will give them a detailed outline of when the job will be completed letting them see how long each phase will take and correlate it with your payment schedule. Before you leave their house let them know when the estimate will be sent to them. MAKE SURE YOU HIT THAT DEADLINE! Once you sent the email over with estimate make sure you get confirmation that they received it. Wait at least 2 days before checking with them, hopefully they contact you first! If they want negotiate the price, let them know that it is the best price that you can manage, its not worth losing money before you start. I closed 80% of the work I estimated by being very transparent and friendly. If you come off with an attitude charge double what the going rates are you might only land 1 out of 10 jobs as well as getting the reputation of being expensive. Bidding the job Looking up industry standards on pricing is what I would go buy for pricing. If you google the coat of any installation there will be a cost range for everything. Looking at the cost ranging from high to low I would tend to be in the middle. Some items might be low on the internet if this is the case use your best judgment not to lose money. Closing sales is key to success and keep the doors open for business. Being in the middle on pricing is key as most customers shy away from contractors that are extremely low or high on the price range. I tend not bid out hourly as wages do not pay for retirement. Bidding is better as customers no the exact price of the cost of construction. It also keeps the job moving quicker as time and material contractors take longer to complete projects…Thus costing the client more money and valuable time they could spend in their house. Using a Contract Using a detailed estimate tied to a contract covers your butt in 99% of the time. Having a piece of mind that every aspect of the job is covered in the estimate and contract protects both your company and the client. Key terms to include in your estimate/contract are. Have a schedule on excel showing the start dates and dates of each trade this will show the customer you are organized with time lines. If not written in the detailed in the estimate the item is excluded- This ensures if its not written down its not included. TBD- To be Determined- A phrase on a line item that has yet to had final decision of products or service needed. -The pricing will follow the decisions to be finalized Give out what your written warranty will be for parts and labor this changes state to state. If the homeowner provides the product than no warranty will be given on that particular item. In the contract have a start date and end date with the verbiage subject to change due to weather, product delivery, change orders Have a progress payment schedule to ensure the client understands when funding will be expected-Including if not payment is rendered service to the project will stop. Have written terms of how change orders will be charged-cost plus 20% or a set fee Make sure in your contract that arbitration is required versus going to court- This will save lawyer fees and going to court Many contracts can be found online and each state requires different contracts
Finding leads Finding leads is easy with the right network of people. I personally do not find working for friends or family members a good fit. Relationships get strained when money is involved, causing undue stress for both parties. I have listed a couple of ways to build a network or find work using the internet. Get in contact with realtor’s- Realtors have a big client base of homeowners who need work done Contact local Architects to see if they are working with any general contractors Leave some business cards at your local materials suppliers-Doowindow/lumber-many times clients will ask salesman for a referral. Join a business networking group- BNI is one of many Join a internet website lead generation company- Houzz, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, thumbtack, Yelp run an ad on craigslist Use a marketing company to market your website-This could become costly with little results Create a Facebook business page Create a Yelp business page
Building your subcontractor base Having 2 subcontractors for every trade, gives you the flexibility of completing jobs on time if the one the subcontractors is too busy at the time you need their service. Your subcontractors are the face of your business, choose owner run companies that are professional. Check to make sure there license are up to workman’s comp, liability insurance, state license. Choosing subcontractors with lettered vans, logoed t-shirts is s key to looking professional in the clients’ eyes. In the past I have gotten a lot of subcontractors for material supply shops, stopping by jobsites, researching the internet using Yelp, Home Advisor, etc etc. Once you get one good subcontractor ask them if they know any other trades they would recommend. One good subcontractor leads to another in most cases. The key to having a good group of subcontractors is to let them know that you are there to get help them get the job done. They do work for you but without them you are nothing…keep that in mind! Make them aware a clean jobsite is required at the end of everyday to ensure the proper safety for all parties including theirs! Over the years I have referred a lot of companies work when there is only 1 trade needed. Referring work to subcontractors is a good way to get top priority when you have work that needs to be completed ASAP. Timing is everything in times of emergency having a good group of subcontractors will make your business run smoothly. Pay your subcontractors immediately after performing work, this will make them feel appreciated! A happy subcontractor is one that will gladly go the extra mile for you knowing that there not just a number to your business! Buying lunch once a week for the jobsite is always a good token of appreciation!
Supervising In supervising any jobsite its key to monitor everything from materials on hand, weather, vehicle parking (if applicable), jobsite safety, and subcontractors’ workmanship. If you hired a professional there should be little supervision in the work being performed, on rare occasions a new hire might need some mentoring to get the results completed correctly. If you see a problem with there work address it with the worker directly, no need to call his boss…. building repour with the worker letting him know you got his back goes miles down the road! Checking in on the job first in the morning to answer any questions or changes that need to be conveyed and once in the afternoon to make sure all work be completed is done per construction industry standards. A job that is run blindly will have many more issues than one that is watched over. I have seen many jobs with no site supervision, leading to subpar quality work as well as safety hazards. Its better to be like an eagle than cluck like a turkey!
Working with the City/Inspectors On permitted jobs the city and site inspector will be a large part of how smoothly the job runs. Each phase of construction has an inspection allowing for the project to continue. Make sure your subcontractors are aware that the project is inspected before starting the job. The best way to stay on his good side is to provide a clean jobsite and having the job built to the highest standards possible. When having the site inspected be courteous to the inspector asking any questions or concerns you have with the work during the job. Being completely transparent will save you aggravation of problems down the road. The more he trust you the better if you seem sneaky or rude he will make your life a living nightmare! Many inspectors will have an attitude towards you….I suggest keeping quiet and doing what ever he wants….he’s the boss no need to get in a pissing match you will not win at. How to deal with irate customer Stay calm during any argument with an irate customer. Never raise your voice or show that you are bothered by their disgruntled behavior. If the customer is trying to get more from you than agreed upon stand your ground. Worst case scenario is you walk from the job, which in the long run be more of a loss for the client. I have only run into a couple of these clients; they are unreasonable and not worth losing sleep over a few dollars. Its best to terminate the relationship as it would be my best guess that a referral from this customer would not be one you wanted anyway. If you feel it was just a miscommunication on your end, take reasonability and remedy the problem. Taking accountability for your mistake will go a far way in their eyes and on future issues that arise. Prepping the homeowner pre-construction Before starting the job, it very important to give the homeowners a warning of what will happen during the construction process.
  1. All furniture in the proposed working area must be moved- I would recommend having the clients take care of this to limit the risk of damage to their belongings.
  2. There will be dust that will be in the house up to 3 months after construction-I would recommend hiring a construction cleaning company at the end of the job even so after it is cleaned dust will be present months after words.
  3. There will be conflicts between you in the homeowner at some course of the job. - You will do your best to eliminate them as quickly as they arise-i.e. material damages, miscommunication, job delays
  4. All decisions on materials must be made before the start of the job- this will eliminate job stoppage due to materials not being on site.
  5. All materials will be on site before commencement of job-
  6. Payment structures must be made per contract otherwise job will stop until payment rendered
  7. Cars are to be moved out of the driveway- Ensures ease of loading and unloading of materials/tools
  8. Give the specific hours that workers will be present- i.e. 7-3:30
  9. Determine what areas are allowed to be used as staging for tools/materials
  10. If animals are present in the home that they put outside or in a room during the day
  11. All valuables in the house are locked in safe
  12. Ask if using client’s household bathroom is okay or to bring in Porter Potty
  13. Being transparent as possible is key to keeping a great relationship with your client!
During Construction During construction it is key to take detailed photos to eliminate any damages that were not caused by the construction process. I would also make a video to ensure all areas are included. All subcontractors should also take progress pictures to ensure if problems arise in the future, they will not be responsible for any work that they did not perform. Keep an on-going log of progress to the homeowners and share the pictures for there records. This will keep homeowners excited of the progress being made. When the house is gutted to the studs it is important to have construction photos showing where all utilities are run in the walls or sub floor. If there is a problem in the future there will photos showing all utility locations. Protect all flooring with plywood or floor protective. I also like to protect front door and tarp all areas where subcontractors are to be working. Make sure to cover any chandeliers/furniture/doorways with plastic to eliminate dust. Ask the homeowners if they have any concerns that they could think of. We’re all human and possibly a detail was missed! Post Construction Phase If the project went smoothly appreciation should be shown to the customer. Find out if the husband likes a particular type of liquor. Bring the wife a bouquet of flowers. Send a Christmas card to the family letting how much you appreciated the work. You know you have done a good job if they tell you they will refer you to their friends. The best compliment you could receive is a good referral. In Summary Try to find a knitch in the market, I found kitchens to be a great remodel projects. Bathrooms are tough as they are small, expensive with little profit margin with every trade involved. Windows/doors are also another great knitch as they can be installed quickly. There are so many different remodeling items that can be stream lined to make the selling installing process flawless. Once the core group subcontractors are in place the job almost runs itself. Every day is a learning experience with new materials or methods in construction. Keeping up with codes, materials, fluctuating labor and material cost is a job within itself. Anyone can be a contractor with the right mindset.
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2023.06.10 00:25 West_Height204 Reinstate Car in NYS after insurance lapse penalty served

I have gotten an insurance lapse in NYS for more than 90 days without insurance. I had returned the plates, and now the suspension days has been fully served. I want to get my car back on the road and be able to drive again. I have learned pieces of information on what are things that I need to do. But if anyone will be kind enough to help, I would like to know what are the steps and amount of time it will take for the whole process.
Below are what I know so far: 1st. I need to get my full insurance back for the car (it is still on a loan) 2nd. I need to fill up the form MV82 (DMV MV82 FORM 3rd. My driver license 4th. My title of the vehicle 5th. After bringing all these to DMV, I will get a license plate and registration immediately. (I will get it in person and not through mail) 6th. I will have to get my car inspected within 10 days since I will get a 10 days inspection temp.
My questions is: 1st. Is there anything that I mentioned above that is incorrect? 2nd. What is the approximate time it will take. 3rd. What will be the approximate cost for the process. 4th. I do have a time constraint where I will only have approximately 10 days to get the car back on road and I will be out of NYS for a few months. Is there anything else that I need to know when solving this issue?
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2023.06.10 00:12 kev24680 [USA-NY] [H] Ryzen 7 7700X, DDR5-6000, 2 TB SN850x, Gigabyte B650 Aorus Elite AX Boards [W] Local Cash

Selling the following parts
7700x DDR5 SN850X
Item Details Price
AMD Ryzen 7 7700x Brand New $250 Local Pending
32 GB G.Skill Flare X5 DDR5-6000 CL 36 Brand New, 1 kit available $80 Local
2 TB WD SN850X Brand New $130 Local
Also Selling two Gigabyte B650 Aorus Elite AX Boards, both purchased from micro center, tested and in working condition, Bios updated to Version F4 on both boards
B650 Aorus Elite AX #1
B650 Aorus Elite AX #2
Item Details Price
Gigabyte B650 Aorus Elite AX #1 Like-New Condition, includes Wifi Antenna, all 3 M.2 EZ Latches and retail box $165 Local
Gigabyte B650 Aorus Elite AX #2 Used condition, No Wifi Antenna, Missing stock cooler mount for clipped coolers, Includes 1 M.2 Screw and retail box, no M.2 EZ Latches $145 Local
Local to Brooklyn NYC, Please comment before pming
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2023.06.10 00:10 RestKitchen7015 How does this driver's license business work?

I'm an international grad student in Boston (way over 21 YOE). Passed my road test and payed the fees today. At the RMV, they told me I can find the next steps online. However, myRMV is very terse.
All I can see is that my driver's license is "Active" and that it expires in one year.
Questions: 1.) Why one year and not five? 2.) How do I know they issued me a REAL ID and not the other thing? Throughout the process, I asked this question several times and never got a definite answer. 3.) How can I assure that I did all is needed to receive my permit? I expected some "your permit has been mailed to you" email. Did not happen. 4.) Can I drive unsupervised with my learners permit over which my examiner dashed off "P A S S"?
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2023.06.09 23:26 Usual_Move_6075 Thoughts on Crit as last resort?

I haven't tested this too much and will post later on how it feels, but on paper is this trolling or am I on to something?Kraken no longer does true or magic, so armor pen is good again. Black cleaver is the go to (and best) option, but its not always enough. You could forgo more armor pen for % damage on BORK but then you should go Guinsoos for more bork procs. Although Kraken and Guinsoos are glitched, with Guinsoos being a win more item since it has such a ramp up time. So we drop the Rageblade. This opens up IE or Navori as mythic, which is perfect since instead of the shitty magic on hit from Guinsoos you get more phys damage for Cleaver. Full build could be:
KrakenBootsCleaver IE (damage)/Navori's(sticking power and clear speed)Randuin's/Wits EndLord Doms/Mortal Reminder
If you're snowballing and have a shutdown GA could replace the Randuins to keep the extra gold. For mr Force of Nature could be good if you have enough of a lead to give up the damage and really just don't wanna die. If you're going Mortal last item pick up heal cut sooner and just hold it, especially since they changed executioners to give the same GW as full items. Rant over I'll follow up later
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2023.06.09 23:26 Tuna_Tsunami Dispersed camping areas nearby?

I recently got my car setup for car camping and id like to do a "test-run" night of camping nearby. I tried looking it up myself and i know there are areas in Pike National Forest but i couldnt really find a map that shows exactly where the permitted dispersed camping areas are. Like do i just park my car anywhere thats not a trail head or a designated camping site? Also, does anyone know if that little are at the top of Kineo Mt., near the trail head, is a dispersed camping area? I feel like someone told me it is but that was a long time ago.
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2023.06.09 23:19 alongcame117 Best tests and quizzes to pass

After doing a lot more studying I am currently waiting to retake my test and I am really looking for good non paid tests to learn information from.
I have taken all of the Internachi exams and I’ve also completed the 2000 question set from internachi as well as all the small sub tests.
Anyone have any tests they went through to practice and felt like it really helped them? Im at a loss currently looking for more free practice and the only thing I can find is Quizlet and it’s accuracy is questionable at times.
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