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2023.03.26 07:55 XVIJazz Posts in facebook groups not showing up as marketplace posts.

Hi so i dont know how to word this. But I'm in a few local groups for selling/trading stuff. Recently, or a while ago i dont really play attention, i guess a setting changed or something. Now i see all posts as standard posts and not "Marketplace" posts. If that makes sense? Like now there is no price or anything. No "Click here to send a message" button. Doesn't say sold or anything. I thought this was for everyone but i saw on my mothers phone that it still has all those options.
And im only annoyed about changing it now because i saw someone post for sale something i was really after for a real good price. I tried messaging them, but i guess because i was messaging them directly and not through marketplace, they never got the message. I ended up missing out on the thing that was for sale.
I only noticed how my facebook was different because my mother offered to send a message on her account. When she did, it looked normal. Every post was a "market place" post if that makes sense. Ive taken a screenshot of what my facebook looks like now so you can see.
In the image you can see theres no marketplace "stuff" around the post. Nothing saying if its sold, nothing saying to message them, nothing. Its real frustrating.
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2023.03.26 07:49 syrenashen Salary Story: Research Engineer in Artificial Intelligence, making ~$570k/year

Current location: VHCOL (San Francisco)
Current salary, including bonus, benefits, & perks: $260k base, $53k bonus, $260k RSUs (private company), 3 meals/weekday, free car service within SF and to/from airport
Age and/or years in the workforce: 30 years old, 7.5 years in workforce
Brief description of your current position: I code, write papers, set project direction for my team, give talks at conferences
Degrees/certifications, if any, and whether they're applicable to your current position (Also mention how/how much you paid for these and how they've been helpful.): I have a bachelor's in math and master's in CS. I went to a private college that had good financial aid, so they covered my tuition except for $18k in government student loans which I paid off within a few months at my first job. I paid for my master's degree by being a teaching assistant. I taught undergrad linear algebra for three semesters (2 lectures/week, writing homework, writing exam questions, grading, and holding office hours). This paid me a grad student stipend and covered my tuition.
A complete history of jobs leading up to your current position. Include job title + salary (hourly wage, if applicable) with each step of your salary story, along with job description/duties, and whether you negotiated for pay raises/promotions in that role.
2011: Lab assistant, $9.25/hr. Freshman year of college. This was a campus job where I worked in a wet lab, pipetting stuff. I was extremely bad at it. I would pipette 1 mL instead of 1 μL and ruin everyone's experiments. I once centrifuged some glass test tubes (should have used plastic tubes), and the glass shattered all over this 10k machine. My postdoc tried to fire me by telling me to go home and don't come back. I didn't know what to do when he said this and felt super awkward but also didn't want to go home so I just stayed and continue doing the job, and we just never spoke about it again.
2012: Intern, $4,000/month. Sophomore summer. I honestly didn't know what the hell this internship was going to be like when I applied, and it turned out to be the only internship offer I got that year so I took it. I remember the interview being like some guy calling me on the phone and asking what my favorite class was, and then after the call I got an acceptance email to my inbox. The company was this early stage software ideation company that spins up startups and then sells them to some business school types to build a customer base, hire permanent employees, etc. I worked with two other interns, and for the whole summer we just sat in a room just thinking of ideas we could build. We ended up coming up with an app idea where people could list trash they were going to throw out that day, like furniture, so other people could swing buy and pick it up before trash got collected. Facebook marketplace before that became a thing, I guess. I didn't know how to code so I kind of just played with Python while the other interns made the app. I think it got profiled on TechCrunch a few months later, which caused it to crash and then never recovered.
2013: Finance internship, $6,000/month. Junior year summer. I learned about sales and trading, but I wasn't a very good intern (was chronically late which is apparently! very! important! in finance), so I didn't get a return offer. The internship was very fun though because the company put a lot of effort into making the experience memorable. We played a lot of poker as part of "work," sat front row at a Mets baseball game, and the full timers even brought all the underaged interns to strip clubs but that was totally down low (not a sanctioned event).
2014: Software internship, $9,000/month. Senior year summer. I actually programmed a lot during this internship. I basically learned to program during this internship. I also played a lot of foosball. I did get a return offer this time.
2014-2016: Teaching assistant. $3,000/month + tuition. I taught linear algebra to overachieving undergrads. It was supposed to be a 20 houweek job because I was *technically* supposed to spend the other 20 hours doing coursework + writing my thesis for my master's degree, but it was easily over 40 hours total between 2x/week lectures, writing homework, grading homework, writing exams, grading exams, holding office hours, replying to emails, and comforting anxious students. It did get easier in subsequent semesters as you get the hang of teaching and have last semester's coursework to fall back on, but it is easily the hardest job I've ever done. I got pretty average to below average student reviews, but they still renewed my contract for three semesters which I was happy about because I didn't want to have to borrow money to finish my master's.
2016-2017: Finance job. $150k/year salary + $28k/year bonus. I tried to negotiate my salary with the argument that "I need to pay off student loans," but they wouldn't budge because "everyone got paid the same." I only stayed for 8 months because I hated it (really toxic all-male environment), but when I left I got a nice 6 months of "garden leave" which is where they pay you your base salary (not including bonus) to not work.
2017-2020: Statistician. $130k/year base salary (2017) which increased to $150k/year base salary (2020) + $150k/year stock + $10k/year bonus. I did negotiate my salary on this, from $115k/year base salary -> $130k/year base salary and $120k/year stock -> $150k/year stock. The stock was private when I joined but went public sometime in the last 5 years, so it wasn't completely paper money. This job included other perks like lunch and snacks, and if I stayed past 7pm I could order DoorDash and expense it. I did get small inflation raises but the stock stayed more or less constant. I got laid off in 2020, so I got 3 months of severance + 1 month of stock and also claimed unemployment for as long as I could.
2020-2021: Research engineer. $200k/year base salary + $150k/year stock + $30k signing bonus + 18% pro rata bonus. The negotiation process for this company was super weird. The initial offer was $200k/year + $100k/year stock + NO signing bonus. I asked if this was negotiable and the recruiter said this was "the highest offer she could make" and anything else was "impossible and needs to be escalated to a VP which could take several days blah blah," but if they could get $130k/year stock would I sign immediately? They basically made me pre-sign a contract saying if they got that offer, I would agree to join the company. Then a couple hours later they replied saying not only did they get approval for my request, they bumped it up to $200k/year base salary + $150k/year stock + $30k signing bonus. At this point I felt rather manipulated (like clearly it wasn't such a big deal after all), and my (male) friend got SUPER annoyed and said the recruiter tricked me to not negotiate when I could have. Anyway, I ended up joining anyway because I really liked the company.
Other perks: 3 meals on weekdays, barista during working hours, free car service around city limits, and 50% 401k matching. You have the option of going fully remote without any salary adjustment, but I like going to the office. The stock is private, but they do have a buyback program every few years where you can sell your RSUs to them for face value. However, I don't participate in that and even participate in RSU purchase programs so I can put more money into the same company, because I hate diversification apparently.
2022: Same research job, got a raise. $215k/year + $200k/year stock + $40k bonus.
2023: Same research job. Got promoted, so my salary jumped to $260k/year + $260k/year stock + $53k bonus.
Optional: In the spirit of transparency and helpfulness include any of your supporters (family, spouse, network, other women - anonymously of course), things and people that kept you going, or inspired you, books, boot camps, podcasts, networking groups, etc. Also share your struggles, if you ever felt like giving up, if you were underpaid or are still underpaid, if you had to reskill, were laid off, or struggled to find work. Tell us about your work/life balance over time and challenges or changes in priorities.
Definitely my parents. If I ever lost my job or my money, I know I can move in with them into my old room indefinitely, and I know they would be really happy to have me. Also, my parents would have supported me through college if they had to. Thankfully they didn't have to (because my college had great financial aid), but they were prepared to sell their house and move to an apartment to pay for my tuition.
After that, various men I've dated throughout the years also supported me I guess? Like in college I had a bit of a spending problem and once had to "borrow" $5,000 from my then-boyfriend to pay off credit cards 😬 I still spend a LOT (almost all of my paycheck not including stock/bonus). I put borrow in quotes because I never ended up paying it back, I let him live in my apartment for a few months when he was between apartments and just said "well I guess we'll just write that off as the rent you owe me" lol.
I don't think I'm underpaid. I'm overpaid compared to how hard everybody else in the world works. My work life balance is fine, albeit a little all over the place. For example, on Weds-Fri I usually work between 10am to 3pm, then I go exercise for 2 hours, have dinner, and maybe work 2-3 more hours after that, but not always. Recently my job has been super stressful though, because I've being pushed more and more into a product management role. As an introvert, I prefer to just...code and do technical work rather than talk to people. I keep wavering between quitting or trying to find a new job first.
During the pandemic I worked a LOT, easily 12 hours/day, because there was nothing else to do and nowhere to go.
Feel free to include as much or little as you like to tell your Salary Story.
**Please use the "Salary Stories" flair when posting.
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2023.03.26 07:20 Adam-Miller-02 truly the best ever deal found on facebook marketplace

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2023.03.26 06:37 Plane-Ad-2581 Please advise- is this realistic?

I’m wanting to buy myself an e46 M3. To this point I’ve only ever bought local used cars in cash sub $5000 on Facebook marketplace. I’ll meet the seller, test drive and get a ppi at my local shop, then head to the DMV to transfer the title. I’m looking for a car that has had the big preventive maintenance already done, so most likely a private party sale and an out of state purchase.
So first thing, I’ll need a $15,000 loan (on top of what I have in my new car fund) to have enough for the car plus a cushion for maintenance. My credit borders good- excellent depending where I check it. I don’t own anything that could be considered collateral. Is it realistic to get a loan like that for a 17-21 year old BMW? What would be my best options? I have never taken out loans other than a few grand in federal student loans, so I’m not sure where I would start on that. (So far, my credit card company offered 15k as a personal loan, but with a 17% APR)
The other thing is like to ask for advice, assuming I can actually get a loan like that, how would I go about buying a car private party out of state? I would get in contact with the potential seller, ask for documentation of the maintenance listed, ask them if I can pay for them to get a PPI at their local dealership, then fly out one way to test drive and make the purchase. Where would I go from there to complete the purchase and get the title transferred and registered in my name?
Thanks in advance, this has been a goal of mine I’ve been working towards so any advice helps!
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2023.03.26 06:33 TTV_TEDDY127 Looking to buy MacBook Pro 2020 with M1 chip on Facebook marketplace. Anything I should look out for in this purchase? It comes with the original box and charger. For $1000 is that too good to be true?

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2023.03.26 06:24 Freds_Premium Need tips on self photos for a new social media account

I want to sell a few things around my house but I don't really use social media. My plan is to sell on Facebook Marketplace. I thought I'd appear shady to a buyer if I didn't have some photos on my Facebook profile. Thing is, I don't do photos of myself and simply have nothing to add to it. However, tomorrow is going to be nice weather, I have a tripod with a cell phone mount, and a Pixel 7. Can you give me advice on some photos to take by myself, of myself?
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2023.03.26 06:14 jbenthusen Anyone wanna help chat up our friend here?

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2023.03.26 06:10 jamxil How do I avoid being ripped off by an dishonest seller? It have been bothering me and I'm so sick of being blamed for a prick that is just blindly robbing people by lying in the listings he has.

I'm new to this sub and I'm looking for proper advice to make money quick on Facebook marketplace at 16 and also avoid being ripped off by a dishonest seller which happened a month or two ago.
I remember putting up my Chromebook for $90 dollars on Facebook since I was planning to buy a laptop in the next few months and stick to doing stuff on my tablet or phone. And I gotten sick of it. It's a cheap and a low end one but it gets basic tasks done. I decided to sell it for people who are looking for a device like this to use when they are broke.
I remember this dude commenting for a trade which I agreed since I was looking for a mod range phone. I was about to change my mind on selling it and he was nagging me to trade which was kinda off at first but I decided to trade it anyway. He thinks I was just playing around and not being serious about it. I decided to make a final decision to go with the trade since I was looking for a mid - range phone as I said. He gave me a video of the phone and it seems like it was in good condition. But when I collected it in person he didn't mention that the phone had the following issues with it.
I wasn't even pissed about trading the Chromebook for a phone. I was just mad he was being dishonest. The phone works great although the drawbacks. But I had a feeling still something was off.
A day after I purchased the phone, he decided to sell my Chromebook for $300 and lie about the specs in the listing. Confronted him about what happened to it and I told him that you can send a message if you're not satisfied with the Chromebook. The dude pretend that he doesn't know me and he said is his friend who is doing this (which I assume is a lie) and he just blocked me.
I was so pissed off because he was trying to scam people by buying a low end product at a ridiculous price. I reported this to an admin and a seller and the admin of the group blamed me saying it's 100% is my fault and I should of checked the product. I checked the product when I got it. He even Added that people can sell anything (even something that has a low value) for a high price if they want.
I was pissed and feeling down about it. I even deleted my fb account since I didn't wanted to sell anything anymore because I have a feat that people will see me as a dimbass or crook.
The other seller who I told about this thinking that scalping people or buying something and increasing the price higher than the original is alright and she added and say "that's business"
And here's the dude who literally trying to rob people buy making false listing descriptions and fool people getting away with it.
He makes multiple accounts to do this type of shit and it still pisses me off
I'm looking for advice to how to avoid this and make something sell faster. I sell my stuff at a cheap and reasonable price also. I'm also good at descriptions and taking photos of them also.
About the phone I gotten from this prick; I was planning to refurbish it since I wanted to use it still and it still holds up for today's standards but I gotten an s20 as a gift from someone. And to get and ship the parts for it was too expensive so I scrapped the plan.
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2023.03.26 05:48 BrackenH Brand New Wii U - No Picture Out & Can't Pair Gamepad

So I recently came across a brand new Wii U in box and was really excited to crack it open and play games off of the Wii U library before the eshop closes, but I have been having huge issues getting it to work. No biggie, Tiramisu exists anyways but I feel like I have literally tried everything to get it to send a picture out to my TV but just can't get it to work. Here's my exact issue and everything I have tried:
Wii U (Black 32gb) powers on, disk drive makes a sound, and the light is blue around the power button. All good so far. Gamepad turns on, but only has the white screen that says to follow directions on the TV. I assume this is where the card suits (spade, heart, diamond, club) would show up on the TV so that I can pair the gamepad? But I cannot get the Wii to display a picture no matter what I try. Everything I have tried: different HDMI cables, in different TV slots. I have tried on 3 different TV's all of varying age and resolution. Tried on a regular 1080p monitor, nothing. SO I thought, okay; the Wii U has been known to have faulty HDMI ports, let's try the Wii AV cables instead. To make sure they worked, I plugged my Wii in with the AV cables and it boots instantly and displays picture. Switch to the Wii U, and absolutely nothing. Once again, I have tried on different TV's and a monitor. No picture. My last thought process was: the gamepad needed to be binded blindly without the TV screen, and so I followed a previous forum post exactly in order to bind the gamepad without display. 256 possible combinations, 3 minute intervals. Nothing but wasted time, the gamepad will not bind which leads me to believe the Wii U just isn't sending picture out from any port at all.
I just find it odd because this thing is literally brand new. Received it from a friend who had it since launch day and never once touched it. Opened 2023 brand new, but does not work. It's a bummer because I was really looking forward to get a Windwaker HD playthrough done before TOTK comes out. If anybody has any more suggestions or the fix, please let me know. The whole console is basically useless to me as of now, only other thing I can think of doing is finding a console that is separate from the gamepad on facebook marketplace to buy and pair my gamepad to, but would require $ obviously and I'd still be left with a seemingly broken console. Please let me know if you have any more questions, I'd really like to resolve this it's killing me that I can't figure it out. Thanks
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2023.03.26 05:41 Strict-Ad9661 Where did you find your perfect apartment?

My partner (35M) and I (30F) are moving in together and are looking for a place to rent. We’ve been scouring Zillow, apartments, Facebook marketplace, and walking around neighborhoods we like for signs. There’s been some good, some bad, and some smells. We haven’t found that ‘yup this is it’ place. We both enjoy nature and good design. Curious if you rent a cool apartment in Seattle how did you find it?
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2023.03.26 05:13 Mod-Mod13 Weekly Digest - 25 March

Weekly Digest - 25 March

Hi Solve.Care Community,

This week, we speeded up our roadmap layer reveal schedule to unveil all the remaining tech layers. We unveiled the Care.Card, Care.Node, Care.Protocol, and Care.Marketplace layers. The reason for this was to make way for the major announcement coming up. This brings us to our next piece of news. We are moving homes! In conjunction with the announcement, we launched a competition for our community. We also launched our presence on Crew3 to expand our outreach to the blockchain/crypto community. And we have a new addition to the Solve.Care Advisory Board.
1. Care.Card & Care.Node Layers Revealed
We unveiled these two layers early in the week.
Care.Cards are Web3 primitives that address fundamental challenges of data ownership, data sharing, data privacy, interoperability, and auditability in healthcare. While Care.Nodes are decentralized nodes for data processing, exchange, and storage that are owned by individual users of Care.Platform.
Read more here or check out the roadmap to see the Care.Card and Care.Node layers.
2. Care.Protocol & Care.Marketplace Revealed
The very next day, we released the final 2 tech layers of the Solve.Care Roadmap.
Care.Protocol is our cutting-edge healthcare technology that revolutionizes the way healthcare systems connect and communicate. And Care.Marketplace is an entire ecosystem where everything related to healthcare can be monetized and purchased, all within the Care.Wallet, and all using SOLVE.
You can read more here.
3. Leading Academic Physician, Dr. Randall Lee, Appointed to the Advisory Board
We announced the newest member of the Solve.Care Advisory Board, Dr. Randall Lee. With over 20 years of experience in medical leadership, operations, and investment strategy, Dr. Lee is currently an Assistant Professor and Fellowship Director for Medical Leadership and Operations at the George Washington University School of Medicine.
Because of his unique blend of experience, we are excited about the contributions Dr. Lee will bring to Solve.Care in his capacity as an Advisory Board member.
You can read the press release of the announcement here.
4. Solve.Care on Crew3
We launched the Solve.Care Crew3 Community on their platform as part of our outreach marketing activities to the blockchain/crypto crowd to grow our community. On the Crew3 platform, you can do quests, earn XP, and the Top 500 in the leaderboard at the end of April will get rewarded and receive MATIC on Polygon.
While this endeavor is mainly targeted at the people who have yet to know and love Solve.Care, there’s nothing stopping you from joining in the fun at https://crew3.xyz/c/solvecare/.
5. Moving to a New Home!
Our biggest announcement for the week! We are on the verge of achieving global adoption of the Solve.Care Platform! And we KNOW that we will achieve this very ambitious target. But we have now come to the point, that we need a new home to support us in achieving those goals. We are, therefore, moving to a new home.
In conjunction with this announcement, and leading up to revealing what this new home will be, we are conducting a fun competition for the community to participate in.
To find out how to participate and join in the fun, read here.

Care Shelter needs your help to continue providing temporary safe refuge to families displaced by the war. To donate, please go to https://solve.care/careshelte or bid on a beautiful and meaningful child’s artwork on OpenSea.

Join in the discussion on our Official Telegram Channel. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or visit Solve.Care for more information.
Your Solve.Care Team.
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2023.03.26 04:12 hndt0036 Yamaha vs. Mercury (25HP)

Hi Everyone,
I’m looking to buy a used 25 HP Long Shaft outboard for my 16’ tinner. Most used outboards online right now I’m my area seem to be from 2001 - 2010ish.
While looking I’ve noticed on Facebook marketplace that the majority of used outboards for sale are Mercury’s. There are very few Yamahas for sale right now.
I’m just speculating but are Yamahas a better build and therefore tend to last, hence why less are available for sale? It makes me feel leery of Mercs… but should I be?
I’m already hesitant to buy a 13+ year old outboard, but do you have any advice on which make stands up better?
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2023.03.26 04:08 Honest-Abroad-8822 Where do you usually buy used cars in NYC?

Give me advice please, I recently moved to NYC from Ukraine and now looking for used car under 5k. In my country we have just one website where all people selling them cars with both budget low and high, do you have any same website or maybe any market or auction where can I just come and buy at once? I know only about Facebook marketplace and offers up
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2023.03.26 03:56 Honest-Abroad-8822 Where can I buy used car under 5k? I recently moved to NYC from Ukraine. In my country we have just one website where all people are selling them cars. Do you have any same website or where other place can I looking for car? I know just about Facebook marketplace and offers up. Give advice please.

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2023.03.26 03:56 AvgPunkFan $150 Facebook Marketplace Haul

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2023.03.26 03:55 Other_Ad_5878 Used pc bargain?

Just saw a pc on facebook marketplace.
Specs: 12400f 6750xt 16gb ram B660 matx 750w psu
Owner said $1150 firm. Said it was only used for gaming for a few months but he recently built an entire new pc. Is this worth the buy?
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2023.03.26 03:50 pocketchairr What guitar?

Im looking to get into clone hero, what would be the best guitar for me to get? im looking on facebook marketplace and stuff, but what would be the best and easiest option :) thanks in advance
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2023.03.26 03:43 auntysunny Amazon flex driver punched customer in Saint Paul MN

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- An Amazon driver is in jail after he allegedly punched a man who complained about a missing package Saturday afternoon.
The St. Paul Police Department says officers were called to the 900 block of Randolph Avenue on a report of an assault around 1 p.m.
Officers found a 51-year-old man with facial injuries when they arrived. He went to Regions Hospital where medics learned the victim has a possible skill fracture.
Police say the preliminary investigation revealed that a 26-year-old man delivering packages for Amazon got into an altercation with the 51-year-old after he complained about a missing package.
The delivery driver allegedly punched the victim in the face and attempted to leave in his vehicle. The victim jumped onto the hood of the vehicle to prevent the driver from leaving.
Investigators say the delivery driver drove with the victim on the hood until he fell off a short distance later.
Police arrested the driver at the Amazon distribution center in Eagan and booked him on suspicion of aggravated assault.
Source: https://www.cbsnews.com/minnesota/news/amazon-driver-punches-man-in-the-face-over-missing-package-complaint/?utm_campaign=trueAnthem+Manual&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR0IqYh7xNukIuo6Jtc24RrgGykhBEjScRHB8c6p_Mr0UC2lc6_svvc7aas&mibextid=Zxz2cZ
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2023.03.26 03:33 CutthroatTeaser How to find a new gardener?

My long timer gardener has just retired so I need to find a new one to do maintenance 2x/month. The Facebook marketplace seems to be filled with flakes so I'm looking for any suggestions/leads.
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2023.03.26 03:26 qqlmfhiclo 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





“Oh god Vikki,” I groaned. Her response was to swallow nearly half of my cock in one go, which was more than could be said for some of my old girlfriends. As she worked her mouth over my shaft, her hands played with my balls creating this dynamite sensation I’m at a loss to describe. Slowly she pulled her mouth from my cock, her vacuum sealed lips sliding over the head of my cock in such a way that I almost screamed.
Paul: haha, you might be a senior and all but you not too old to get grounded young man.
As I pushed open the partly closed door, Wendy was on her knees, just inside. She was rapidly fingering her pussy while staring straight ahead at my crotch. I stepped forward and presented myself to her for inspection. While massaging her breast with one hand and playing across her pussy with the other she leaned forward and started licking the tip of my shaft and working her way back and forth from my balls back to the tip. After a few minutes of this, she leaned forward and took me into her mouth and started sucking and slurping up and down on me.
"For a place with no fucking booze, this joint rocks!" Claudia told Zoe later. Zoe could only agree, and continued her rapt people-watching. Between the relaxed dress code and the party atmosphere, it was like night and day. As they circulated, Zoe kept a discreet eye on Dean and was encouraged to note he ducked several advances from other girls. She thought about asking him to dance herself, but wasn't confident enough of her balance to risk it.
“But I don’t want you to hurt yourself,” I pleaded.
squeezing the other. Susie's hand had a firm grip on his cock, pumping
I replied, "Nora, you've done nothing wrong and your company each morning has been wonderful. Can I ask you for one little favor?"
“Oh, I know, I just worry about you James. All alone in this big house.” She said.
All that being said, I decided to just lounge by the pool, work on my tan all day, and ignore the temptation on the other side of the fence. I was thinking I might call Morgan and see if she wanted to get together later that night. Morgan and I had become serious fuck buddies since my party at the beginning of the summer. I just loved fucking her, she’s so tight, and energetic, and she was learning very quickly, always willing to try new things. I was turning her into a regular cum slut, she just always wanted to fuck. Right now though, she was practice so I knew she wouldn’t be able to answer the phone. I turned on the music, lied back on the lounge chair and closed my eyes.
She started to gently stroke my cock up and down the shaft while marveling at its size. I moaned in pleasure and she looked up, meeting my gaze. We held it as she stroked up and down, up and down, and then she smiled her angelic smile. I smiled back too, I mean it was hard not to with her infectious angelic smile at the same time she was stroking my cock.
Soon her hips were smacking against my own with a force and a wonderful sound. She put the side of her head against my own and screamed, her whole body jerking and twitching as she came. Her cunt went absolutely crazy, twitching just as much as her body but so much better. Her insides flooded so much that I felt her cum leak out onto my crotch. She didn’t stop though, which amazed me considering this was her first time and how hard she came. Her hips continued to gyrate in crazy patterns and wild jerks. All that extra liquid flooding her only barely made it easier to move inside her, but the feeling it generated was phenomenal. And with a halting realization I knew it was a matter of seconds before I absolutely exploded.
"About that."
“Go ahead, let it all out, don’t hold back,” I said.
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Bruce just stared back, wheels turning in his head as blood was rushing to other parts of his body. Seeing no response, Selena threw another bagel that this time he was able to duck away from.
"Yeah, practice makes perfect. Right after school, right?"
I walk back upstairs and pass my sister on her way into the media room who tells me, “You smell. That’s nasty.” in passing.
“But if we never find out, we'll never know, then we'll be grown-ups, and it'll be too late. I wanna be happy Evan."
“Not now. Please.” her voice begged, eerily still.
Wait…what about Maya?
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Well call it adding a little salt to the wound if you don’t like the idea.
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“Yes you do, Amanda. We talked about this before. You’re with Alan. You love Alan.”
I spit my pop across the room and started coughing like crazy. Not only did Kadolfi have a really cool name, but he had an affinity for Dragons and this cool bright orange hair. He was Rio and a bit older than us, with the coolest Maxi ever! His Maxi ran down his arms and completely covered his chest (we were at a pool party and shirts came off).
Jenna sat up and cleared her throat. “Well, first of all, I can’t imagine that, since the fact that she has a female brain and you have a male one is important to this.”
“Head of marketing for a few major textile companies,” She replies a little proudly.
It took a while, but we got there :D
“Yeah, well, I don’t.”
“How did you think this would end?” I was breathing rapidly. I was already quite exhausted after the sex, but nothing compared to how tired I was feeling now.
~You know I like you Elaine, way better than Alex. So I wanted to do an experiment.
“But Dan Dan.” She replied.
Jax had been expecting the call. A young woman had asked to speak to him and thank him for saving her life in the blizzard and human resources would not give that out without his permission. He dared not refuse after what happened that night, "yes, who's this?"
"I know she will be surprised when you pop the question." He told him
“What?” I shot up from her stomach and looked at those murderous eyes.
We all stood up as I went to leave and I kissed Julie. And said I am so sorry. I love you.
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