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2023.06.10 06:09 DirtyBananaGrabber I wish people would have the common sense to not go to memorials/funerals If they are not explicitly invited.

My brothers memorial is this weekend. My mom was probably not too smart to do so, but was in deep grief and announced it on Facebook.
We are doing it at a private backyard. It can’t hold that many people. The people she announced it to are maybe like 25 people, but now even people I know for a fact he hated are coming. Even the whole restaurant he worked with like 15 years ago. They are all coming and bringing like plus 4 people. Their whole families, people who never met him. Everyone is bringing like +4 and I know he would not like it. His cousin who he hates, with a girlfriend who is my bros ex. All of his like 9 ex girlfriends. I know it sounds selfish but this is like 160 people or more and I know my brother. He would not want all these people to come. And those of us close to him are being alienated. My own siblings wanted to speak about him and are now afraid to even do him that honor because there’s so many people they don’t know who will be attending and everyone has now backed out on speaking about him because of social anxiety.
He died of alcoholism and most of these people are hard core alcoholics. They are all planning to bring drugs and alcohol and we have asked them not to. But you know they won’t listen. It is likely to be a shit show.
We are very low income and can’t afford this. Nobody has offered to help financially. My mom is stressing on just getting 50 chairs. Not even enough for everyone. She is stretching to get food that will probably not feed everyone in attendance.
I’m so mad that my brothers untimely death is causing just additional stress and strain on my family. And how everyone is just treating this like a party and alienating the people who want to do right by him and say goodbye properly.
God I wish people would think twice about coming to a service without contributing and inviting their whole family plus their new significant other. It’s so rude.
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2023.06.10 06:09 crankyape1534 County road 15 north towards Mitchell Nebraska.

County road 15 north towards Mitchell Nebraska.
[OC][5795 x 3868] Nikon D750
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2023.06.10 06:09 Flimsy-Possibility17 Doordash pickup is such a scam

I used to always use doordash to pick up my own orders cause I have social anxiety and calling in just isn't that fun for me. But for some reason I said fuck it today and called in to order some pad thai from a place I've been to a while. With Doordash after tax the order is ~19.58, over the phone after tax I paid 15.13...
$4 or an 26% surcharge is not worth the convenience of the service, I also noticed my order came out much better than usual for some reason. Highly recommend just calling in to order and using doordash as a menu.
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2023.06.10 06:09 Bot_Highlights Highest damage yet! Over 5000! (I didn’t get a screenshot of my summary 😅) /u/King_Pete07

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2023.06.10 06:09 0-pt1mu5 My laptop doesn't display second and third monitor through a USB-C hub

I recently bought a Wavelink USB-C hub, trying to escape the trouble of needing to replug wires when switching between work machines.
The main reason I've sought help is because my main Dell Inspiron 15 7580 with Windows 11, doesn't output anything to these monitors (although it detects them, see pictures) when plugged into the hub.
For context, when I plugged the two monitor cables directly into the laptop (through USB-C and HDMI dongles), everything seemed to work flawlessly.
I've tried on another laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad X270 with Windows 10), and this USB-C hub setup works.
Anything I could try to possibly make it work? Any help would be appreciated!
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2023.06.10 06:09 HaykakanTxa Daily News Report: 6/9/2023

Date: 06/09/2023
Reading time: 8 minutes, 1721 words

Azerbaijan opens fire on the vehicle transporting Armenian servicemen. the Armenian side has no losses

Azerbaijani units opened fire on the vehicle transporting servicemen of the Armenian Armed Forces in the direction of Kakhakn. The Armenian side has no losses.

Azerbaijani forces violate ceasefire, target tractor in Artsakh

Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire on the eastern and northern direction of the line of contact using small arms, Artsakh’s Defense Ministry reports. No casualties are reported from the Armenian side.
ArmRadio, Azerbaijani forces target Armenian military vehicle

Toivo Klaar, Jeyhun Bayramov discuss the process of normalization of Armenian-Azerbaijani relations

EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus, Toivo Klaar, met with Azerbaijan's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jeyhun Bayramov, in Baku. The meeting discussed the settlement of Armenian-Azerbaijani relations, the current state of negotiations with the participation of international partners, including the European Union.

Putin proposes to consider the introduction of common standards of education in EAEU and CIS countries

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to think about introducing common principles and standards of education in EAEU and CIS countries. Putin: "We just need to build on the foundations of our education system, but look forward"

For the first time, an Armenian candidate will take part in the elections of the Luxembourg communal council

An Armenian candidate will take part in the elections of the Luxembourg council to be held on June 11. Tatev Manukyan was nominated by "Fokus" party. More than 50 percent of people living in Luxembourg are not citizens of the country.

Suspect in attempted kidnapping of Pashinyan’s son found guilty, judge orders suspended sentence

Gayane Hakobyan is suspected of attempting to kidnap Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s son. The mother of an Armenian soldier killed in the Second Nagorno Karabakh War was found guilty and given a 4-year suspended sentence. She was released from pre-trial detention.
Armenpress, Suspect in attempted kidnapping of Pashinyan’s son fires lawyers amid trial

No one questions Armenia’s sovereignty – Russian Deputy PM on results of trilateral task force meeting on unblocking

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexey Overchuk has commented on the results of the trilateral session on regional connections unblocking. Overchuk emphasized that Armenia’s sovereignty is not being questioned by anyone. The Russian Deputy PM said that all parties want a speedy launch.
Armenpress, "No one questions the sovereignty of Armenia". Overchuk on unblocking

Pashinyan, Putin to meet in Sochi – TASS

Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. Putin will also meet other CIS and EEU leaders who are in Sochi for the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council meeting.
Armenpress, Pashinyan will meet with Putin

Resolution condemning blockade of Artsakh introduced in U.S. Senate

Senators Alex Padilla (D-Calif.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) introduced a bipartisan Senate resolution condemning Azerbaijan for its blockade of the Lachin Corridor. The resolution was also introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr.

Situation in the zone of responsibility of Russian peacekeepers remains tense, Pashinyan tells Putin

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi. Putin and PM discuss bilateral issues and regional issues. They also discussed the situation in Nagorno Karabakh, in the zone of responsibility of the Russian peacekeepers, which continues to be tense.

Canceled meeting in Washington and new EU centers in Armenia

EU Mission to Armenia plans to open new operations centers in Armenia. Pashinyan: "No one questions Armenia's sovereignty"

Armenia ex-PM: Fantastic opportunities amid Russian sanctions

Ex-Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan believes the risk of pressure on Armenia from the West has existed and continues to exist. However, he claims, the situation has created fantastic opportunities for Armenia. Turkey, Kazakhstan, Georgia, the United Arab Emirates and Armenia are helping Russia bypass all the sanctions, U.S. official says.

Armenia can become unique regional hub of electrical energy – Pashinyan at Eurasian Congress

Armenia can become a regional hub of electrical energy, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at the Eurasian Congress in Sochi. He noted the ‘impressive” economic growth of Armenia. Armenia's exports grew 77,7% in 2022, while exports to EEU countries tripled.
Armenpress, Armenia can become a regional electricity hub – PM

Monthly non-oil export from Iran to Armenia up 144%

The value of Iran’s non-oil export to Armenia increased by 144 percent in the first month of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21-April 20) Iran exported commodities worth $478 million to Armenia, while the figure was $294 million the previous year. Liquefied natural gas, iron and steel rods, bitumen, light oils and related products, unalloyed iron.

Departure of Russians may cause 5-10% drop in Armenia’s GDP – analyst

Russian nationals arrived in Armenia after Russia launched a war against Ukraine in February 2022. Alexei Kuznetsov, head of the Centre for Country Analysis at the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) said the departure of Russian nationals may result in 5-10% decline in Armenia’s GDP.

Armenian Prime Minister urges caution on ethical consequences of ‘extremely attractive’ future of AI

Nikol Pashinyan has described the future of artificial intelligence to be “extremely attractive” but warned that the ethical consequences must be taken into account. The Armenian PM said that AI is developing rapidly and it could transform many areas of life. He cited experts as saying that AI will become more individualized and integrated into society.

Armenian Speaker of Parliament calls for int’l pressure to prevent further aggression by Azerbaijan

Alen Simonyan presented the post-war situation and detailed issues regarding the complex situation in the region. He said Armenia is following developments taking place in the UK Parliament and the activities of all those parliamentarians who demonstrated the level of perception of the situation in our region after the 2020 war.

Russia is becoming hostage to Turkey and Azerbaijan

Georgi Derluguian, Professor of Historical Sociology at New York University Abu Dhabi, sits down with CivilNet Editor-in-Chief Karen Harutyunyan to talk about recent developments in Armenia’s wider geopolitical region and their repercussions in the South Caucasus.

Armenia’s TUMO Labs makes it to the final of 2023 ETF Green Skills Award

Armenia's TUMO Labs has made it to the final of the 2023 ETF Green Skills Award. The European Training Foundation unveiled the ten finalists on Thursday. The award recognizes initiatives at the forefront of driving the transition towards a sustainable and green future.

Armenia-Azerbaijan discussed at Turkey’s first post-election Security Council meeting

Armenia-Azerbaijan relations were among the items on agenda in the first post-election meeting of the Turkish Security Council. Turkey discussed the crises in Syria, Kosovo and Sudan, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and Syrian refugees.

Ajax officially contact FC Krasnodar for Armenian midfielder Eduard Spertsyan

Eduard Spertsyan scored 14 times and provided the same number of assists in 40 games for FK Krasnodar this season. The estimated transfer fee is nine million euros, according to a source.

Armenian Ambassador briefs OAS Secretary General on security situation in the region

Armenia’s Ambassador to the US Lilit Makunts met with Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) The Ambassador briefed Mr. Almagra on the security situation in Armenia and in

Catholicos of All Armenians wishes speedy recovery to Pope Francis

His Holiness Karekin II wishes Pope Francis a speedy recovery. Pope Francis underwent abdominal surgery earlier this week without complications. The 86-year-old is expected to stay in hospital for several days to recover.

Explainer: Jerusalem’s Armenians rally against ‘fraudulent’ land deal

A quarter of Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter has been built on a plot to build a luxury hotel. The land deal has been in dispute for nearly a century. The deal is expected to last until the end of the decade, when it comes to an end.

Young Armenian chess players win Youth Championship medals

Robert Piliposyan won gold at the World U16 Rapid Chess Championship. Tyhran Ambartsumianm snatched bronze medal at World U12 Rapid Chess championship. Aleks Sahakyan and Mariam Khachatryan are also among the prize winners.

EU envoy travels to Baku after Yerevan

Designated EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus and the Crisis in Georgia Toivo Klaar has traveled to Baku after visiting Armenia. The two discussed the implementation of the agreements reached in Brussels and Chişinău.

Pan-Armenian Games participation bids quadrupled for 2023

The 8th Pan-Armenian Games is scheduled to take place in August. The opening ceremony will be held in Gyumri, Armenia. The number of participants in the games has quadrupled in recent years. Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Khachatryan commended the games as an important component of Armenia’s public life.

15 medical patients were transferred from Artsakh to Armenia

15 medical patients transferred from Artsakh to Armenia today, June 9. 16 medical patients, who were referred to Armenia for treatment within the framework of the state order, returned to Artsakh with their companions. 11 children are in neonatal and resuscitation department in the medical unit. 9 patients are in the intensive care unit, 2 of them in an extremely serious condition.

Aram I: Karabakh right to self-determination can’t become subject of negotiation

Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia, His Holiness Aram I has said Artsakh's right to self-determination cannot become a subject of negotiation. “According to the international law peoples have the right for self-determination".

Putin gives timeline for deployment of nukes to Belarus

Vladimir Putin says deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus will begin as soon as adaptation work at the relevant storage facilities is completed, around the first week of July. Putin announced that Russia would place its tactical weapons in. Belarus in response to UK’s decision to provide Kiev with depleted uranium munitions.

Donations to Armenia:

Armenian Wounded Heroes
If you'd like to support me: Patreon
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2023.06.10 06:08 Death_Tapper Unable to create MyCricket account

Activated a sim earlier today. It's been more than 8 hours, I have been receiving and making calls and texts and data works on its own. When I go to create an account both on the app and on the website, the system isn't accepting any usernames (I've tried about 15 different ones!) and I have yet to receive a temporary password text. Does anyone know what's going on? I left Boost Infinite because of tons of small issues that added up and now I'm having to deal with this issue as well!
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2023.06.10 06:08 meiyoutianr How to improve traffic in these areas?

How to improve traffic in these areas?
This is on Xbox remastered version with the parks & campus dlcs.
I’m also pretty new to this game & I am absolutely clueless on how to build a good highway system to connect the areas. The long road close to the gulf is the campus area the north western area is the office zone everything else id residential & commercial.
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2023.06.10 06:08 rampampwobble question about charging time on planned route

I planned a route from inside my car and it included a 15 minute charge on the way. does the car automatically limit the charge to 15 minutes as part of the planned route or do i have to have to unplug it manually after 15 minutes have passed?
TIA :)
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2023.06.10 06:08 Leading_Night_6553 Henredon vintage sofa score for $25.00!

Henredon vintage sofa score for $25.00!
I’ve been trying to find this exact one online but can only find similar ones. Sell between $2-4,000. Great Goodwill find. Someone slipped up on this one. Mint condition.
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2023.06.10 06:08 Laminrarnimal (definitive edition) Hobo camps won't disappear anymore?

I noticed that the first campfire I've built in cierzo from the very first day didn't disappear even after 15 days in game. And someone from Facebook said that they could still build hobo camps in cities and not disappear even after days. Did the devs undo that certain change from definitive edition?
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2023.06.10 06:08 Time4helth Okay, so maybe exercise does do something....

This sounds mega stupid, but it turns out exercise was what I needed. I've been hovering 160-170 for most of my early 20's at 5'10F. Cut out carbs, sodas, ate less junk, but had a weekend to cheat that ate up my entire deficit. I was also working from home and my exercise was 20 mins of half-hearted elliptical two times a week at most.
But then, I started a new job that forces me to walk around (~10k steps a day) and my god, 15 lbs just melted off. Yes, it sucked ass at first, and I went to bed at 8PM every night because I wasn't used to it. But it's enjoyable, and now I do it even on my days off. I HIKE now. I lift weights so I don't have my coworkers lift boxes for me. I enjoy just zoning out and doing fast-paced walking on a treadmill (not running, mind. I still hate that shit haha).
I didn't believe you guys raving about how exercising helps stress and keeps you on mark for your goal. And I CERTAINLY didn't believe anyone that said that they crave working out. But damn it, here I am. You can do it too.
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2023.06.10 06:08 BaronBrrrrett Of the ever so many tapes in my collection, few of them are horror ones lol. Here's what I got for horror tapes.

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2023.06.10 06:07 Umbrelladad Camping Spot Recommendations Within 2 Hours of Sydney?

G'day Guys, thought I would post this one up, as many of the legacy posts have recommended locations that are now closed.
Looking for somewhere I can camp next to my car in a tent / swag.
Not looking to liberate the free world with my FWD; but can access some reasonably hairy roads.
Would prefer to be not surrounded by screaming children, but sometimes that's just the way it is.
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2023.06.10 06:07 TucciMane121 Dog acting weird..

Hey all, my 7 month old puppy got an extreme case of the zoomies. It’s been about 15 minutes and she’s laying down, but immediately after bringing her inside I noticed her head was kind of wobbling. Figured it was cause she just went nuts running around. She’s still doing it though when she becomes alert after hearing something. I looked at what an idiopathic head tremor is and those seem more.. violent than what she has going on. It’s just a wobble, not a violent shake or anything like that. Any ideas, anyone?
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2023.06.10 06:07 lekniz Choosing a regional from 3 offers

Hello! I recently got my dispatch license and have 3 job offers in hand: Ravn Alaska, Republic, and Wheels Up. I'm curious if anyone here could help me with things to consider for choosing. My main goal is to get to a major ASAP.
I'm in Atlanta, so staying here with Wheels Up is appealing, but I know they've had some financial issues recently and are Part 135. They are offering the highest pay of the three. But I am definitely concerned about how volatile it may be in the near future.
Republic seems like it might be the best path towards a major. They are offering the lowest pay, even adjusting for the low cost of living in Indianapolis. I've heard great things about their training and success of dispatchers moving on to majors though.
Ravn is appealing because I think it would be pretty sweet to be in Alaska for a bit, and they are bringing in B757s and ETOPS, which would look good on my resume. Adjusted for cost of living, the pay would be slightly above Republic, but no state income or sales tax bumps it up some more.
Any insight on working conditions, or any other consideration I'm probably forgetting, at any of these places would be much appreciated.
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2023.06.10 06:07 doktorcanuck 2 bikes in the trunk of the Model Y

2 bikes in the trunk of the Model Y
I fit two bike easily with the seats down. One is a Specialized mountain bike, and the other is a road bike. Had to take off the front wheels and I took one pedal off of the specialized. The mountain bike is covered with some towels but trust me it’s there.
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2023.06.10 06:07 smthngeneric good tires for stock wheels?

So I just picked myself up a 90 lx and I'm loving it so far. The only problem I've found is the tires are older than I am and perform as you'd expect for the age. What is the biggest/best tire I can fit on the stock 10 hole 15in wheels until I can get some other wheels I like? I think it is important to note that the car is on eibach lowering springs (2in drop I believe). It's got 225/60/15 tires on it now, what size and brand should I get?
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2023.06.10 06:07 _Tqg [Help] Stuck on 100% With IOKit Waiting for the USB handle with VID: 0x5AC, PID 0x1227 Found the USB Handle

[Help] Stuck on 100% With IOKit Waiting for the USB handle with VID: 0x5AC, PID 0x1227 Found the USB Handle
I’m getting desperate. Hours on this screen, no progress. iPhone 7 CDMA, iOS 15.7.5 trying to get around a broken baseband with palera1n. Used a palera1n "mod" that can be found here: https://github.com/kitty915/palera1n-mod If anyone could help me with this error, or even provide an alternative method for me to activate with a broken baseband (once again, iOS 15.7.5, iPhone 7, and I do not care if it is tethered, semi-tethered, anything.) I hate having this otherwise perfectly useable device that cannot be activated because of the baseband. I had it working and jailbroken on iOS 13 a few weeks ago, made the stupid decision to update, and now here I am. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I have wasted too many hours on this.
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2023.06.10 06:07 kouzrui Early symptoms

Me and my bf tried to have sex for the first time last May 30 but it didnt fully went in because I couldn't handle the pain and told him to stop. However, iirc, something spilled on my hand like a saliva when he took the condom off himself which I suspected, was precum. The condom went off and his tip touched mine for awhile but he didn't ejaculate. I've been feeling tired, bloated, and other early symptoms lately which could also be PMS. My fertility was at peak at that time which made me more anxious. I took a test yesterday, (10 days after) and it came out negative. I'm supposed to have my period this June 15 but I'm really so anxious and kept thinking about it for weeks now. How likely is it that I'm pregnant?
We are both adults but still college students, we wouldn't want a baby to happen.
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2023.06.10 06:06 gay-melapples Lyrics that remind me of Hozier

His lyrics are always amazing and pretty unique, but I was listening to Long Road to Ruin by the Foo Fighters today and this part kinda reminded me of Francesca:
Dear God, I've sealed my fate
Runnin' through Hell, heaven can wait
Long road to ruin there in your eyes
Under the cold streetlights
No tomorrow, no dead end in sight
Any of y'all have lyrics from another artist that remind you of Hozier?
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2023.06.10 06:06 Kind_Cake921 AITA for dropping my friend?

I (15 F) decided to drop my [somewhat] close friend (15 F) along with my friend group due to her toxicity in our friend group. This friend, I'll call her Daisy has been my friend for quite a few months, due to us sharing classes, and just having a close connection overall. I'd known previously that she's on drugs, and even took quite a few months off due to health difficulties. However, when Daisy was back to school, I'd gotten to know her more, along with my friend group, and everything seemed to be going great. Yet, as the days went on, she seemed to be getting weirder and weirder. As nice as Daisy was, when we'd discuss guys my friend group liked, she go out of her way to snap them. And this may seem silly, but it seemed as she thrived of male validation, as she's often show off how the guys we'd like seemed to be more into her compared to us. This was the least of our problems. She'd begin to follow us around even when we made it very clear we were uncomfortable, and when we'd have the chance to talk, she'd only bring up vulgar topics, such as "certain activities" she'd do after school, family issues and more. This needing of male validation, and always seeking for attention often made us pissed, as when one of my friend's had gone through a tough breakup, Daisy had the audacity to bring up her boy problems, and claimed to do so "to lighten the mood". We'd been dropping hints left and right we were uncomfortable, from confronting her about her behavior, to trying to not walk with, yet she never got the hint. After being fed up of her seeking for validation all the time, me and my friend decide to confront her during lunch. During this time, she'd begin to guilt trip us, claiming she wasn't aware whatsoever even when we confronted multiple times. We'd left it at there, until Daisy began to start shading us. We'd gotten so angry to the point we confronted her again, along with some other people who she's also done wrong. However, she acted like she did nothing again. I even tried talking to her privately, as people began attacking her, yet she'd lie to me again. Now, she's spreading rumors stating that we're toxic for not telling her mistakes sooner, and that we started a "fight" when all we did was try to get an apology. I do admit, we were salty, and I'd apologized on behalf of my friends, but still. AITA?
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