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2023.06.10 05:45 borkmaster0 Track Replacement - Trains Rerouted (N, Q)

In Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan, Astoria-bound N runs via the R from Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr to Canal St from Jun 10 - 12, Sat 12:01 AM to Mon 5:00 AM
In Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan, 96 St-bound Q runs via the R from DeKalb Av to Canal St from Jun 10 - 12, Sat 12:01 AM to Mon 5:00 AM
Trains stop at DeKalb Av, Jay St-MetroTech, Court St, Whitehall St-South Ferry, Rector St, Cortlandt St and City Hall.
Note: At Canal St, uptown N, Q stops at the R platform during this time.
What's happening?
Track maintenance
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2023.06.10 05:44 Iwishistayedhome Feeling of betrayal prior to autism evaluation?

Okay, so I’m a teenager who is being evaluated for autism very soon. My whole family has basically agreed that I’m autistic after intense research but now I feel betrayed for some reason. Like, I’ve always been like this, and I remember crying to my mom when I was younger because kids were saying I was weird and nobody wanted to talk to me. I remember being told that I’d find real friends, but even among my “real” friends I still feel like such an outsider. It’s not their fault, and I love them to death, but I just feel like there’s some invisible wall in between me and them. Like no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be “normal” enough to stop being “the weird girl”. I guess I just don’t understand how nobody noticed until I reached my breaking point (experienced sensory overload at a party). I’m not sure if betrayal is the right word for this feeling, but it just feels really uncomfortable. Is this something that you guys have experienced?
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2023.06.10 05:44 Restless_Dill16 The end of this relationship was a reason I decided to deconstruct.

I originally posted this in exchristian. I have edited this version a bit.
At the beginning of my sophomore year of college, I met this guy who was a fellow Christian. I was really depressed during the summer, so it was nice to have a new friend to brighten my day, especially someone I saw as pretty chill. We had several classes together, had lunch together, and hung out in his apartment. I may have had a little crush on his from the get go (if it didn't start that early, it definitely came later).
Looking back, he was a bit weird. For example, he pretty much saw anything that wasn't praying, studying the Bible, worshipping, spreading the gospel, etc. as a waste of time. Also, he made himself out to be this horrible, wretched sinner because he...had sex with his high school girlfriends before marriage. I don't see being a horny teenage boy as a terrible sin; it's quite normal, I've heard.
However, I tuned that out and started trying to be more like him so he'd like me more. Even though I liked pop and alternative music, I tried to get myself to like Christian music (even though I found it samey and boring). I tried to act like I would rather study the Bible all the time than do other fun stuff like bowling or karaoke. He was anti-LGBT, so I tried to fight off my attraction to men (which is funny because, like I said, I had a crush on him). I thought he was helping me become a better person, but the reality is I am a people pleaser and only wanted to impress him.
Things started going south the following year. I was struggling with generalized anxiety disorder, and he was my go-to person when I felt overwhelmed. Things were okay at first, but he soon started saying I probably wouldn't be so anxious and depressed if I gave it up to God. He pointed out these people at church with chronic health problems who don't complain, so I should try to be more like them. I tried doing all the good Christian things like praying, helping others, reading my Bible, etc. to bring my anxiety down. While those helped a bit, the things that helped me the most were talking to someone (especially the counselor at the time), using my other grounding techniques, self-care and getting some exercise.
The deepest wound was when he straight up told me he didn't like me. He listed all these things he didn't like about me, including having to hear about my anxiety. He said he didn't really want to be around me, but he tried to love me because that's what Jesus would do. I was conflicted. It hurt that this person I loved so dearly felt this way toward me. I wanted to do anything I could to make it right. At the same time, I wanted to tell him to fuck off. If you don't like me, leave me alone. I'll go find people who do like me. I'm not your project. I probably should have ended things there, but I wasn't ready to let go.
We had some other ups and downs over the next year. Then the pandemic hit, and we had some time away from each other. During that time, he began saying that there are no true Christians on the planet because they didn't read certain books or writings. He soon ghosted everyone and joined a more extreme church (I've heard it's essentially a cult). I wrote him a letter a year ago telling him I missed him and I was hurt by him cutting me and other people off. He did respond, but his letter focused more on recommending things to read so I can become a "true Christian," whatever that even means. I was going to respond, but I just didn't want to. I think I was just tired of all of this.
If any good came from that whole experience, it's that I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I am a people pleaser; if I find myself changing things about myself, I need to step back and see if this is because I want to or because I'm trying to please someone. It is also a reason why I started to deconstruct my faith. I'm fed up with this "no true Christian" nonsense. Maybe an ancient book isn't the best thing to base your life around. It seems way too open to interpretation for that.
Even though I've had some distance, the wound is still open. I have times where he crosses my mind and I don't know if I want to cry or throw something (or both). I miss him sometimes, but I think it might be for the best he's not a part of my life right now. We may have had some good times together, but I think we were incompatible as friends. I guess I can care for his well-being without having to be besties with him. I wish I could let things go so the wound would close and stop haunting me.
I left some stuff out because I don't want to make this longer than it already is. I hope I got my point across. If you read through this thing, thank you.
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2023.06.10 05:43 Ebeggarslayer STOP GIFTING TIKTOK BATTLERS!!!

If you send gifts on Tik Tok, this is for you.
Think to yourself, how much money do you make per year?
What do you have to do in order to make that money?
Do you have really nice things like expensive cars, big house, tons in savings while traveling the world on vacation?
If not, why are you sending gifts to 20 YEAR OLDS MAKING THEM RICH???For those of you who don’t know, every 100,000 coins a creator gets, they profit $500 while TikTok takes the other $500(50/50 split). If you take a look at the rankings each night, it’s typically the same 100 people every night with the lowest being 200,000 coins and the highest usually around 3 MILLION coins! That means these lower end creators are making $1,000 PER DAY which is $350,000/year while the big time creators are making $5,000- $15,000 PER DAY which is $2,000,000 - $6,000,000 A YEAR!!! You think I’m joking? The numbers are right there in the rankings. DO THE MATH!! These guys can go LIVE a few hours a day a few days a week(which is fun for them) and make 6-7 FIGURES ANNUALLY.
Meanwhile you’re busting your ass at your 9-5 job just trying to get by making these people filthy friggin rich. And the worst part is, these creators don’t do shit!! These creators make you feel like your important and gas your head up and make you feel like you’re apart of this great team. They don’t give a shit about you. If you stop gifting them, you’ll never hear from them again and if you do it’s to find out why you’re not gifting them anymore.
You work too damn hard to give your money away for other people to live the way YOU should be living. STOP GIFTING THESE PEOPLE because if you look at your total coins spent and do the math on how much money it equates to, it’s going to make you SICK to your stomach when you realize you’ve gifted out THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to these random people. Just think about what you could have done with that money!?!! I’m sure you could think of a bunch of things….Instead you gave it to a creator and it just covered their trip to Bora Bora. I know it’s addicting as hell but I hope this helps you understand how stupid it really is. I was one of those gifters until I understood all of this. If you’re gonna gift someone, give it to the creator that actually has real content and puts a ton of effort into it. Stop giving it to the people who just battle all F*cking day which is no different than a lazy person without a job getting on tik tok everyday begging for donations. I bet you wouldn’t gift that person. You would make fun of them and tell them to stop begging and to get a job. Well, WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE!?!? NO MORE GIFTING!!
Spoil yourself with your hard working money. Not random people who don’t give a damn about you. Or, give it to someone who actually truly needs it like a homeless veteran, or a kid who’s never been to a ball game, or someone behind on bills. Not some tik toker who’s already rich as hell. At least if you go to the casino you have a chance to win, when you gift money to these TikTok battlers, you win NOTHING and they win EVERYTHING!
I hope if you’ve read all of this, it’s opened your eyes. For those of you that still choose to gift, it’s your money so do as you please but if you have half a brain, you’ll stop making other people rich when there’s others who could use it including yourself!
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2023.06.10 05:43 page__ The Lehenga story...blooming in pink...and...shaving my beard

There was a wedding of our close friend, so we both went. We couldn't find any place to hang out alone. She used to stay with all the ladies, and gupshup krti thi. I used to stand there in the courtyard, reclining on the pillar, and she used to resist looking at me. Those uncles and kids talked about the weather there while the guys flirted with the girls. And they even did that with mine. But she just smiled and complimented one guy. Pretty sad I was.
I went aback to the room I came from; the darkness thanking my exit; the halls churning black light behind.
She saw that. And later that night while I was shaving, she took my hand and took me to the bathroom. She applied the cream on my face, and then was shaving that gently. I was just looking at her the whole time. And then she stopped for a second, and I put my face forward, and I rubbed my foamy face on her. And she started giggling. Smiling. And then we kissed...
Later at night when everybody went outside for the sangeet ceremony, she was still dressing, and then I entered the room while and saw her unable to zip the choli. So I came to her and zipped that while looking at ourselves in the mirror, where I saw her blushing and looking down...she looked lovely in that pink lehenga...and I picked her up and just stayed like that for a few minutes until one aunt came and chided.
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2023.06.10 05:43 MHamptonhere Bullying Neighbors

Me and my family just recently moved into a new neighborhood. The first month was no problem from neighbors. A month later one afternoon I was sitting in front of my house in my car and all of sudden a woman comes out of nowhere and proceeds to bang on my driver side car window. I rolled my window down a little bit to speak and she then accuses me by saying she saw me hitting my neighbors bricks who lives directly next door to me and driving on their grass. I told her she was mistaken and that I never hit anyones bricks. She then proceeds to blow her cigarette smoke in my car. I then get out of the car and speak to her as I don't want her to continually blow her cigarette smoke in my car. I then asked her where she lives and she tells me she lives at the corner house while still blowing her cigarette smoke in my face. It seemed like she was doing all of this out of pettiness but as we were new to the neighborhood I decided not to start and argument and just politely ended the conversation. She then walks down to the corner house and turns the corner to another street. I thought nothing of it until a week later come to find out she doesn't live at the corner house and that she actually lives directly cross the street from me. I had hardly seen her or crossed paths so when she initially came up to my car I had no idea who this woman was. Please stay with me because this is where the madness begins. A week later I was leaving out for work. Now mind you I park my car on the street in front of my house sometimes and as you know you sometimes have to drive in a neighbors driveway when parking on the street to turn around. I did just that but instead of using the neighbors across the street driveway (cigarette lady) I decided to use the neighbor who lives directly next door to her to avoid any problems with cigarette lady since she lied and accused me of something I didn't do. As I was driving in this lady's driveway (who lives next door to cigarette lady) I ENSURED I didn't drive on her grass since again me and my family are new to the street and also since the cigarette lady has already made up a lie about me driving on someone else's grass I didn't want anymore problems. As I drove in her driveway was I went slow and made sure I didn't drive all the way in her driveway only up to the sidewalk. This lady then runs out her back door and comes up to her gate and yells something at me. I rolled my windows down and asked her what did she say because I didn't hear her. She then says "Don't get on my motherfucking grass". I was in complete shock. Because I made sure I wasn't on her grass and that I drove slow. I then say to her "You don't have to speak to me like that I never met you. You're being very ignorant with me. I'd appreciate it if you not talk to me in that manner" she then says "I don't give a fuck don't drive on my fucking grass, bitch" After this we get into a brief argument and I drive a way. When I come home she's already waiting on her porch and I was prepared to ignore her as I was still in shock someone could talk to someone like that who've never down anything to them. She then "Hey, I wanted to apologize for earlier." and I then say I do not accept your apology kindly as If Im being honest I was still upset by the names she called me. After I declined her apology she then says "Nevermind bitch". I knew then none of this was going to be good. I concluded that night that what might have triggered her to lie and say I was on her grass was because the cigarette lady told her I drove my neighbors grass so when I drove in her driveway she already had preconceived notions about me off of what she has heard from cigarette lady. Ever since then her and the cigarette lady has went to half the neighbors on our street lying to them telling them that I did this, that, and the third as if Im bullying them for no reason. Other neighbors has chosen "their side" because other neighbors would say stuff to me as Im walking my dog or when I wave at them they blatantly don't wave back. Whenever I would water my grass cigarette lady and driveway lady would get on one of their porches and gossip about me. I just ignore them until a week ago. Last week I decided to take my dog on a walk around the neighborhood as I normally do. Usually when I walk my dog I try to stay on my side of the street to avoid further confrontation but and sometimes I walk my dog on both sides cigarette lady and driveway lady side of the street as well as my own. And I decided to walk on both sides. As I began to walk my dog, driveway lady then looks out her front door and then rushes out her back door to walk her dog. I then said I will try to talk to her today and try to end the conflict. So I walked my dog to the corner of our street and waited for her to come around the block to speak to her. And I did I spoke to her and also mentioned to her I don't like the things she been doing and that it's ridiculous she has involved all the neighbors. She then said yes "I told everyone, I will keep telling everyone" from there I knew she was insane. So I politely asked her to stop the drama with my family and I and leave us alone and walk away and she agrees and we go our separate ways. Out of nowhere her mother and father pulls up in the middle of the street then jumps out the car and begin to yell at me. Mind you this lady is about 41 years old. I knew this was her parents because she called them mom and dad. I then say a few words back and just go home. I didn't even get to finish walking my dog. I go home lay down and 30 minutes later the police shows up at my door saying that the "driveway" lady parents called and told them I was walking my dog on the wrong side of the street and that I have been harassing her and the neighbors. I then ask him is it a crime to walk by dog on a public side walk although I always make sure my dog doesn't poop on anyones lawn. He says no and then actually agrees that her calling the police on me was ridiculous and that I have every right to walk my dog on either side of the street. So after that the police gives me an incident report number and I go inside. The police then goes over to driveway lady's front yard and speak to her and her family. So decided to walk my dog again since I didn't get to finish walking him the first time and I thought this was the perfect time since the police was there. I began walking my dog and this time I was going to walk around the corner to a different street. As I passing by the corner house on my street to go around the corner to a different street a man and his wife are on their porch starring at me with anger in their eyes I just looked away and kept walking. Then the woman on the porch goes "Who the fuck are you starring at" I said "I don't know you" and she then jumps off the porch and goes "Im [insert name] who the fuck are you" I tried to keep walking before I know it she's slapping me upside my head. Before I can defender myself the police who was once talking to "driveway" lady then runs up puts me in handcuffs then gives me a ticket for disorderly conduct. They then let me go and gave me my ticket. I was in tears and in shocked that this was really happening to me. I then told my family about it who lives near and my brother rush over and confronts the lady and her husband. Apparently she claims that I have been bullying "driveway" lady and that I'm a horrible person which is why she attacked me. The police refused to give her ticket for assault as they said "They didn't see anything" I know this was very long but what do I do. We have a court date set as well. She I hire a good lawyer or do I even have a case. Pertaining to the neighborhood do I contact city council? Where do I go from here?
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2023.06.10 05:43 dreddit93 Smac, we fuck with you but bruh read the room man

Yelling and alladat coo till your on a mic and we have to hear that shit directly in our ears(or turn his mic down lol).Do homework on the topics, stop speaking over everyone and handle yo candle my nigga. We want you on to get it right. We’re here for it all but golly man 😂
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2023.06.10 05:43 ahoward153 Interesting Brobnar Interaction

Interesting Brobnar Interaction
Got a Hallafest deck which is sweet, not sure if it’s normal for it to have two “Harmal Atoon” in the deck, if I have both of them out then it seems pretty impossible to stop if I am playing it the right way. After I play Hallafest and get the Bräkken out, pretty much no matter what you do the whole band is going to go back in your hand unless you can somehow purge them.
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2023.06.10 05:43 Sixfoot10 Setting up shop and getting stuck on "How Will I Get Paid"

I am trying to set up a shop and have got to the "How Will I Get Paid" step. I have verified my bank account and whenever I click Save and Continue, it takes me back to "Stock Your Shop" instead of moving on to "Set Up Billing".

Any ideas?
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2023.06.10 05:43 Ok_Cryptographer6242 Potential college essay topic?

So for some back story my mom is one of the guidance counselors at my private highschool so they all have known me for pretty much my whole life so one of them was talking to me the other day about what I should write about but I am a bit on the fence. So me and my family (mom dad both educators I was a freshman when it started my sisters were in sixth and fourth) we lived in a 3 bed 2 bath house in a decently wealthy neighborhood and started a major renovation to our house. To make a very long story semi short the project took way longer than it was supposed to it was supposed to go from September 2021 to March 2022 and ended up ending in January 2023. The originally contractor stopped sending guys to the house even after we paid him and is getting sued by us and all of his other clients for the same reason. He also left faulty electrical wiring in our walls which was very dangerous. During this time it was really isolating because I couldn’t see my friends as often because we lived with my grandparents about 20 minutes away from my town. I also started highschool a week before we left and went to a different one then all my friends and we were living in someone else’s house. I am on the fence about writing about this for a few reasons, even though mentally it was probably one of the lowest points in my life I don’t think I could articulate that in a constructive way. I just think it’s also kinda pretentious because I was living in my grandparents pretty nice house while we were pretty much completely redoing ours. I know it’s a pretty unique experience but I’m just not sure it’s right for an essay please let me know your thoughts below.
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2023.06.10 05:42 kashmora Dust of Dreams: general introduction and reminders

Compiled by u/zhilia_mann and extensively revised by u/Loleeeee.

Reminders for Dust of Dreams

Notes on half a book

Dust of Dreams is an odd read. It hasn't seen the reconsideration that Toll the Hounds has; it's ranked ninth in our last reader survey. The Author's Note at the beginning spells out some of the reasons:
Dust of Dreams is the first half of a two-volume novel, to be concluded with The Crippled God. Accordingly, if you’re looking for resolutions to various story-threads, you won’t find them. Also, do note that there is no epilogue and, structurally, Dust of Dreams does not follow the traditional arc for a novel.
He's not kidding. But that's not the whole story.
DoD does have a climax, but it feels more like the mid-book climax that is Y'ghatan in The Bonehunters chapter 7. It's monumental, it changes things, but it doesn't reach out and incorporate disparate storylines or tie together themes. It also arrives incredibly suddenly and catches me off guard even when I know what's coming.
More generally, DoD takes its time. Erikson continues to lean in to the slow character moments that characterize Toll the Hounds, but now does so with the urgency dictated by the imminent conclusion of the series. Theme drives DoD as much as plot -- to the extent that some readers like to claim that basically nothing happens.
There are two specific things to look out for as you read. First, there's a specific plot that seems very odd if you don't catch one hint in the prologue. In order to not give away the game, u/kashmora and I have decided to discuss that plot in more detail under spoiler tags in order to maintain a balance between spoon-feeding the reveal and actually having something to say.
Second, there's a notorious event in chapter 15. It's effectively foreshadowed and won't come as a huge shock, but it's brutal. If any previous sexual violence has bothered you, this is guaranteed to turn your stomach. It's handled respectfully, but it's vile. As the chapter approaches, we will likely give lines and timestamps to stop and then restart reading if you feel you just can't do it.
I genuinely like Dust of Dreams (and, unusually, tend to rate it over The Crippled God). But it's an experience.


Since Dust of Dreams picks up largely where Reaper's Gale left off, we have a somewhat limited cast of new characters. That said, a) we continue to expand on the Lether continent and b) we're bringing back characters we haven't seen since The Bonehunters.

Gods and Ascendants


  • Errastas: The Errant, Master of Holds. Likes to "push" and claims that to be his nature.
  • Kilmandaros: Primarily known for pummeling her problems into dust. Mother of Sechul Lath.
  • Sechul Lath: Knuckles, the Lord of Chance and Mischance. He, like his mother, seems to have extra joints and a horizontally hinged sternum.
  • Mael: Bugg, Tehol's one-time man-servant and now Ceda, Chancellor, and Treasurer. Also the god of the sea.
  • Ursto Hoobutt and Pinosel: Ancient gods of beer, wine, and fertility.
  • Olar Ethil: Goddess and Soletaken Eleint Bonecaster of the T'lan Imass.
  • Togg and Fanderay: The Wolves of Winter, gods of war and current occupants of the Beast Throne. Worshiped by the Perish Grey Helms and, before their destruction, the Grey Swords under Toc Anaster.
  • Grizzin Farl: An ancient god, now disappeared.
  • Tiam (or T'iam, or Tiamatha): Goddess of dragons.

New Gods and Ascendants

  • Hood: You remember Hood, right? The Jaghut god of death that just died himself?
  • D'rek: The Worm of Autumn, goddess of decay.
  • Dessembrae: Lord of Tragedy. Divine aspect of Dassem Ultor.
  • Shadowthrone and Cotillion: God of Shadow and the Rope, Patron of Assassins. Schemey plotters.


  • Tehol (the Only) is now the King of Lether
  • Janath Anar is his Queen
  • Brys Beddict titled a Prince now, Commander of the Letherii Army
  • Aranict a promising High Mage, Atri-Ceda

The Wanderers

  • Last: An ex-Letherii farmer. Lived with his father after his mother died when he was young. A big but meek fellow.
  • Asane: A meek Letherii woman. Talked down upon by both Nappet & Sheb.
  • Sheb: An ex-convict. Sentenced to what amounts to a death sentence, he survived prison, though was significantly changed for it.
  • Rautos: A man with scant few memories, reminiscings of his wife, and a familiar name.
  • Taxilian: An architect from the city of Taxila, Seven Cities, also with a familiar name.
  • Nappet: Another Letherii ex-convict. He's a bully.
  • Breath: A Letherii witch that's filled with spite & thoughts of drowning.
  • The Ghost: An unnamed character that can move between the Wanderers at will. Has peculiar memories, though is presumably incorporeal.

The Refugium

  • Rud Elalle: Son of Menandore and Udinaas, growing up very fast (think Silverfox).
  • Ulshun Pral: A leader of the Bentract Imass of the Refugium. Son of Onrack T'emlava and Kilava Onas.
    • Seren Pedac: Acquitor and budding mage of Mockra, Trull's widow.
  • Udinaas: Former slave to the Sengar household and former confidant of Rhulad. Dark, cynical, but way too insightful.

The 14th and its Allies

Malazan Leadership

  • Lostara Yil: Former Red Blade, former lover of the Claw Pearl, now Tavore's right hand in T'amber's place. Trained in the Shadowdance.
  • Blistig: Former commander of the Aren Guard, now Fist under Tavore.
  • Kindly and Pores: The notorious captain and his long-suffering lieutenant, and/or Master Sergeant, and/or Quartermaster.


  • Keneb: Fist who led the defense of Froth Wolf and Silanda in Malaz City. Detached to the Marines.
  • Faradan Sort: Keneb's second in command. May have stood the Stormwall in the past.
  • Bottle, Cuttle, Smiles, Koryk, Tarr, and Corabb Bhilan Thenu'alas: Fiddler's squad. Bottle is still a mage who can control animals and Corabb is still Oponn's favorite. 4th squad, 9th company.
  • Gesler, Stormy, Sands, Shortnose, Flashwit, Uru Hela, and Mayfly: Gesler's squad, almost entirely composed of heavies. 5th squad, 9th company.
  • Hellian, Touchy, Brethless, Balgrid, Tavos Pond, Maybe, and Lutes: Hellian's squad. Hellian is a drunk and has arachnophobia. Touchy and Brethless, her two corporals, have served under her since way back in Kartool. 8th squad, 9th company.
  • Thom Tissy, Tulip, Ramp, Jibb, Gullstream, Mudslinger, and Bellig Harn: 12th squad, 9th company under Thom Tissy.
  • Urb, Reem, Bowl, Hanno, Saltlick, and Scant: 13th squad, 9th company. Urb earned his own squad after dragging Hellian out of Y'ghatan, an event she still periodically wants to kill him over.
  • Pravalak Rim, Honey, Strap Mull, Shoaly, Sinter, Kisswhere, and Lookback: 4th squad, 3rd company.
  • Badan Gruk, Ruffle, Skim, Nep Furrow, Reliko, and Vastly Blank: The heavily Dal Honese 5th squad, 3rd company. Nep Furrow is a bush warlock, who talks in an incomprehensible accent.
  • Primly, Hunt, Mulvan Dreader, Neller, Skulldeath, and Drawfirst: 10th squad, 3rd company.

New Bridgeburners

  • Hedge: previously dead, now seemingly alive, Bridgeburner.

Other Soldiers

  • Cord, Shard, Limp, Ebron, Crump, and Sinn: 7th squad, 9th company, largely former Ashok Regiment. Sinn is a traumatized girl and high mage. Crump's actual name is Jamber Bole, High Marshal of the Mott Irregulars.
  • Balm, Deadsmell, Throatslitter, Galt, Lobe, and Widdershins: This humble writer's favorite squad, the 9th, 9th company. Deadsmell is a mage of Hood. Throatslitter's laugh can nearly kill all on its own.
  • Masan Gilani: Dal Honese heavy and excellent rider. She has... other charms. Technically in Urb's squad?


  • Banaschar: Former high priest of D'rek, the Worm of Autumn. Stole the entire temple coffers after D'rek killed her followers (except Tayschrenn and Banaschar himself).
  • Withal: "Foreigner" from The Bonehunters and the Meckros blacksmith who made Rhulad's sword for the Crippled God.
  • Sandalath Drukorlat: Tiste Andii wife of Withal. First killed long ago, her soul was released by the Crimson Guards traveling with Seren Pedac in Midnight Tides. She was restored as a companion for Withal and it didn't go well at first. Now they're married, so something worked out?
  • Grub: Keneb's adopted son. Walked the Chain of Dogs. Now the only friend of Sinn. Has a knack for saying prophetic things. Oh, and there's an epigraph in House of Chains (Chapter 19, if you're curious) that identifies him as a future First Sword of the Malazan Empire.

Khundryl Burned Tears

  • Warleader Gall: still headed by him
  • Hanavat: his wife

Perish Grey Helms

  • Mortal Sword Krughava: Fifty-odd years old Mortal Sword of the Wolves of Winter (you may recall that Toc held that title in conjunction with Krughava).
  • Shield Anvil Tanakalian: Shield Anvil of the Grey Helms. Homesick, young, and with some curious ideas about his role.
  • Destriant Run'Thurvian: Destriant of the Grey Helms. Befriended Fist Keneb in the Bonehunters. Doesn't hold Tanakalian in particularly high esteem.

K'Chain Che'Malle and Associates

We meet a surviving nest - Ampelas Rooted - headed by Matron Gunth'an Acyl. She is guarded by J'an Sentinels (Bre'nigan), K'ell Hunters (Sag'Churok, Kor Thuran, Rythok) and Shi'gal Assassins (Gu'Rull). Her One Daughter is called Gunth Mach who was last seen cutting down Redmask at the end of RG, along with Sag'Churok.

The Snake

A group of refugee children on the run from Kolanse, marching through hostile lands and suffering from hunger and thirst. The train is led by the oldest/tallest boy among them, called Rutt. He carries a baby called Held. His second in command is Badalle, who is also our main Snake POV character. Other notable children among them are Saddic who follows Badalle and commits her poems to memory; Brayderal who seems pale inspite of the harsh sun.

The Shake

  • Yedan Derryg: Half-brother to Yan Tovis. Known for a chiseled jaw.
  • Yan Tovis: Preda at Shake Tower, also called Twilight.
  • Pully and Skwish: Ancient Shake witches.

White Face Barghast and Associates

  • Onos Toolan: Warleader of the White Face Barghast. You may note, technically not Barghast.
  • Hetan: His wife. Daughter of the late Humbrall Taur.
  • Cafal: Hetan's brother and Great Warlock of the White Faces.
  • Setoc (of the Wolves): Known as Stayandi. A Letherii child and sole survivor of Redmask's attack in Reaper's Gale. Now a wolf-born child with an innate connection to wolves.
  • Maral Eb:Chief of the Barahn clan of the White Faces
  • Sekara (the Vile): It's in the name, really.

T'lan Imass

  • Nom Kala: Bonecaster of the Brold T'lan Imass.

The Bolkando

  • Chancellor Rava: Chancellor of the Bolkando Kingdom. Is oddly attracted to Felash. Is also in his seventies while Felash is fourteen.
  • Conquestor Avalt: Military commander of the Bolkando Army with the glaring exception of the Evertine Legion. A decent military commander and he looks the part.
  • Queen Abrastal: also called Firehair, commands the Evertine legion, co-ruler of the Bolkando lands
  • Princess Felash: 14th daughter of Queen Abrastal, deemed the cleverest by her mother, 14 years old, away from the kingdom on a diplomatic mission.

Forkrul Assail

There are Pures, Watered and Shriven. The Pures are - as the name suggests - pure-blooded Forkrul Assail. The Watered are hybrids of Forkrul Assail and other races - often humans - while the Shriven refer to any race that doesn't have enough Forkrul blood to be considered Watered. The Shriven are essentially the slave caste of the Forkrul.


  • Icarium: Half-Jaghut son of Gothos. Cursed to forget but immensely powerful.

Wait, what's going on again? What you need to know to start reading.

The Malaz 14th - now Tavore's Bonehunters - invaded the Letherii Empire, ostensibly as a punitive expedition against the Tiste Edur raiding on Imperial lands (namely, Sepik). At the same time, due to machinations by Tehol Beddict, in conjunction with the Malazan invasion, Letherii society was in intense upheaval which ended in a defacto revolution placing Tehol at the head of the Kingdom of Lether.
In a similar timeframe, Icarium Lifestealer activated a strange machine with far-reaching consequences, one of the many among which being levelling an entire city block and killing - among others - Taxilian, Senior Assessor, Taralack Veed, and Rautos Hivanar.
The Errant was bound to Feather Witch through a temple sanctified in his name, and though he eventually won out - drowning Feather Witch in the fetid waters beneath Letheras - he lost his eye. The loss of power stings, and due to a combination of factors, the Errant craves a return to his ancient power. Also, Brys Beddict has returned to the world of the living.
There's a whole lot of skykeeps within the Imperial Warren, as well as a handful of dragons nailed to crosses throughout the books - among them, an "otataral dragon" as witnessed by Pearl & Lostara in House of Chains, and Sorrit, a dragon aspected to Serc, as found by Icarium & Mappo in the Bonehunters.
Redmask failed - and died - in whatever quest the K'Chain Che'Malle set to him, and it seems they're getting desperate.
Silchas Ruin set off to attack Letheras but was beaten back - chiefly by a few well-placed cussers to the face. "Fucking dragon."


We mostly stay in the continent of Lether but now we also include the Eastern end called Kolanse. Here is a fan made beautifully rendered map of all the places we encounter- done by u/joshuabbutler
Note: Given the extensive Dramatis and the convergence of dozens of threads in this pre-final book, we are stopping the intro here. We plan to update more and expand this further as we keep reading.
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2023.06.10 05:42 VoidLabs2k Anyone freedive or know someone who does in the area?

Ive been real interested in learning to freedive and Ive been looking for a dive buddy but Ive had no luck so far. Even called the dive supply shop and they dont even do their snorkel classes anymore. Just been practicing at the Y for now but would love to get out on open water with someone.
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2023.06.10 05:42 Desperate-Bus-7849 🙋‍♂️ !QUESTION! 🙋‍♂️

To all of those that have un opened boxes in your possession… HOW THE DINGLEBERRIES DO YOU KEEP FROM OPENING!!!!! !!! !! ! I keep telling myself I will save one pack and not open it. I cannot go more than 24 hours without opening it. Anyone else have zero control like me when it comes to refraining from opening these amazing works of art!?!? HELP ME!! I have 3 more packs on there way from the all Holy of Holy’s GameStop and I want to be prepared to save at least one box to not open. Any tricks to help please 🙏 help me!
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2023.06.10 05:42 TheHomeBizSeeker rpm

It’sWhat?It's Been a TRAP
ThisToday's trap is the biggest and most common pitfall of would be entrepreneurs today. It'sMost sometimes called "Analysis Paralysis", but I like to call it what it is. FEAR Fear of failing Fear of being judged Fear of not being able to handle success Fear of offending people Fear of wasting time and effort Fear of (INSERT YOUR EXCUSE HERE) We all have fear, but it’s the successful people who feel the fear and do it anyway. They don't let fear stop them, and they use the fear to push them to do greater and greater things. My mentor is a living example of what you can achieve when you take action in spite of fear.
ItSureThat wasn’t luck that catapulted him from suicide to success. It was a lot of hard work, struggle, embarrassment… And a whole lot of sucking at things at first. But because he didn’t quit, it allowed him to become a 7 figure earner in under 5 years from trying to take his own life… He did have one thing going for me though. He had time. He worked online day and night for up to 16 hours a day. He struggled for months trying to make my first commission. There were many days that he wanted to quit, wanted to give it all up. But hedidn’t… He pushed through and today he is in the 1% of earners online. It would have been so much EASIER if he had a proven path to follow and he doesn't want you to have to struggle like he did. That’s why James created the RPM training and group. This is the system, training and support James wishes someone had given him back in 2017. I’ve combined EVERYTHING I spent years learning into this system and created something never done before thanks to a new technology you will discover in the fr-ee group. It really does make it so simple a 3 year old could do it… Prove us wrong. Get started today.
Jump in today, you’ll be glad you did. Kind regards, Patrick
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2023.06.10 05:42 a1ex1s Fans not working :(

Fans not working :(
So I've been having clogging issues with my printer.
The problem is that the hot end is not being properly cooled. I know this because after 20 minutes of printing, the filament gets clogged like for 10 centimetres, and the whole thing is like 200 degrees Celsius.
The thermistor reads the temps right, but I have no clue why after the raft is printed, the whole hotend gets really hot, everywhere. (probably the fan, even if it's working).
The problem now is that the fan that blows air right into the hot end starts, if I don't touch any setting, but stops if I change the settings in the menu. For instance, if it's working, and I change the fan speed to 1 - 255 it stops and won't start again. Lately it doesn't even start.
Another problem is that the layer fan never starts spinning, and I don't know the Gcode to test if it even works.

It'd be great if you could suggest some website or video where I can see how to test the fans, to know if they work. And also, how to reset to factory the whole firmware, because I'm running out of ideas :(
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2023.06.10 05:41 randomnesslyexisting Am I the Bad Apple For " Mentally Abusing " someone?

I 13 F have been accused for hurting someone even though I am not sure if I have. During a school day this guy 13 M, lets call him James. He kept flirting with me and I made it clear I had absolutely no interest. He would NOT stop. James would say stuff like "Let me rizz you up" and "C'mon be my gf " he would also wink at me and send me air kisses. I would politely say no or ask him to stop and hope he would stop. Then came the day where I "mentally abused" him. I was cutting something out and in one hand I had scissors and in the other a paper. I did NOT stab him or hurt him with them. But when he tried to kiss me I pulled away. James made a face and I told him to never do that again. I was serious about it and according to him I was mean, I don't think I was because I was just setting a boundary. I hate making people feel bad but this was ridiculous. His friends feel like I sent him the wrong message but I didn't because I rarely talked to him and sending someone the wrong message would be hard if I rarely contacted this person. I haven't talked to him since but people still think I abused him by making him believe I liked him. I feel to blame sometimes but I know I shouldn't am I the bad apple?
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2023.06.10 05:41 Qnumber Was finally having a run good enough to breeze through The Beast. Teleported out of Mom's boss room, cleaned up the rest of the floor. Accidentally walked back into the boss room. Door closed behind me. FML

Guess I'm R keying and hoping I get Brimstone, Mom's Knife, Daddy Longlegs + BFFs, Stop Watch, bunch of tears ups, bunch of damage ups, and good health going into the ascent again...
Not the most OP run ever, but it still hurts. And that's the only completion mark I have left for this character.
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2023.06.10 05:41 stormish_ I think I lost myself

I’ve been depressed before, but right now, I feel hopeless and I don’t feel myself anymore. Life has been too hard these past years, the pandemic stopped our lives, covid took my best friend, I had unexpected heart surgery 9 months ago, my grandma died 3 weeks after my surgery (also an unexpected death) and it was us who found her dead on the floor, and now my dog has weeks to live because of cancer, and that was the last straw for me. My dog has been the best companion and we’ve been together for 12 years now. She’s the best dog I’ve ever had, I don’t want her to go. This is too much to handle and I don’t think anybody understands. I told my husband that if we didn’t have our daughter, I would just end my life, honestly I feel like I’ve lost my way… I’m a very lonely person, I have zero social life and well I just needed to vent somewhere. I wish life was easier. At this point I don’t think life will ever get better.
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2023.06.10 05:41 MsSkinnyBit How I broke free from the corrupt US Healthcare System

First, I was too fat for surgery. Then, I didn't have the right insurance. I got on Ozempic (off label) and then lost my job. I did compound. I got a job for little while that covered Wegovy (the only reason I took it) and then they sold out and I lost the coverage. I went to compound pharmacies, and then I couldn't even afford that.

I've had to learn to take my health in my own two hands and sometimes that isn't pretty. I now have 36 months of semaglutide (active ingredient in wegovy) stored in my freezer. NOTHING is going to stop this girl- i've made a ton of progress and I'm happy that I'm still on a pretty low dose!

F insurance.
Get a 30 gauge BD Insulin Syringe. A 3ML sterile vial on amazon. 30ML BENZYL ALCOHOL .9% . Find a peptide seller with good prices and testing from a real lab (not in china) and that has good reddit reviews. I have lost 17 more lbs on Pound Proof semaglutide and I love can control the ML I take more easy than a one size fits most Wegovy pen.
I just ordered more from Artic Peptides I heard good things from them too from a really long term peptide user. Little more spendy but I will report back.

THE TL DR HERE IS: Don't settle for insurance rejects. Don't settle for pharmacy out of stock. Don't settle for SHIT except results and the way you feel. I am so much more empowered than I use to be and that's from being around folx like you :)
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2023.06.10 05:41 Thefailuretryshard How do you reset for yourself with conviction and care?

Hi all, basically(overthinker still) we see our flaws and issues and want to change them, so as an adult how do you start over ? The context here is if you have been repeating failure and ignorance for a long time, how do you basically turn off and on while installing a better program? (Horrible example)
What we mean is , well we have to improve many things about ourselves(grammar, speech, handwriting, taking care of our health, learning and understand what a person is saying without saying it), we live in a time we you can learn many things online. Yet I know myself ill be excited to start then get burn over not being able to do much or stay focused enough. I know it will take sometime and it had to start small, but well the real question is, how do you decide was is important and how to assign it? How do you also learn patience, not just in general but with yourself? I tell myself I want to stop being a child and grow up, yet if I accidentally miss an appointment or Didn’t get that job interview, ill just spoil everything else. Its not a way to live, I don’t see my future at all, but I do know, the least I can fucking do, is be a productive member of society, even if all I expect in life is to work until im dead, and to makesure to hurt as little people as possible. We have always been afraid of success in anyform. Were 30 and feel super stuck, but we know we pushed ourselves there. That’s really it, we ask this because we believe everyone is amazing and know its all, so we are quick to fall for anything, were 30. We just want these next final 5-9years to be something positive. That’s it, we know the one of the answers will be get of of reddit, that’s fine, we want open truthful even harsh answer, cause we need to just get it together now. Turning 30+ and the reality is all i want to do is pay back all the people ive hurt, any debts, then die.
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2023.06.10 05:41 taiyuan41 Fixture

Embarrassing not dictating your own lines
Always been settled upon by other expectations
Face in books, timid and shy like a girl
Shuttered out when it came to me not holding down what I ate, while hiding my thoughts
Insulted and pushed out, told I need a fix for a compulsion
Like the mirror is the jury, and the verdict read by a parent that I’m not well
Out of the herd, dragging my dark thoughts slowing me down
How it might be luxury for mania to blossom out—hospitalization and frantic
Mania a current keeping the freight moving along
Until you ping pong across the ocean—transplanted from the Midwest to Chongqing.
But that’s not even concrete—when a second storm of mixed emotions erupts to delusions and and obsessions
How spiritual it is to impulsively quit employment, with no plan and no knowledge of the place you’re at
Mania doesn’t stop at inconvenience—nothing static when you’re fully gone
That state when you have no idea how ill you are
Guardrails gone, with empty funds—you find a habit of pressing yourself upon strangers who support you if you undress for them
How cold it is to be bare like a tree; looked over like something to be decorated upon
No sentiment or understanding, that empty feeling of embarrassment and sunken worth when companionship equates to being an instrument for the voids of the lustful ones
Everything mechanical—compassion of self and body is based upon the utility it has brought
I glow vulnerability like a neon sign
Out in the open flailing my insecurities, waiting to be snared
Recognize it as a guarantee, that the levers of my brain pull most drastically—edging forward to succumb to my own peculiarities
I’m so fed up—I’m so worn from brushing along and tethering to the manipulative ones—my voice was always a whisper
It’s a given, that the momentum of my motion for me gravitates to those bigger ones—the lovers that bloodied me up
Thin paper make others feel entitled to fold you like origami
And I’m so putrid, but they want to wear me like their own accessory
Maybe I’m hung so I won’t be falling—a fixture.
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2023.06.10 05:41 lovable89 Rolling around my house tonight.

I've had lower back issue for years. My right outer thigh is always slightly numb sometimes more. Usually stops above the knee. I haven't been able to walk long distance unassisted in a while. Well tonight I'm rolling around my house in an old computer chair that has those rollerblade type wheels. I keep for this purpose but usually I can at least make it to the fridge and back. Not tonight. Shooting pain down both legs. And the outside of both are slightly numb to below the knee. My left can take some weight. My right can't take any. Fun fun fun. There goes my weekend.
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