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2023.06.10 05:16 Curious-Bunch3657 School list help

Hello all,
I need help coming up with a school list to apply to.
Chinese Male
cGPA: 3.69 sGPA: 3.69
For texas, since texas doesn't do +/-s: cGPA: 3.73 sGPA: 3.78
MCAT: 515 (130/127/131/127) (sold so hard on ps/cars)
Major: bioengineering from a t20 university known for grade deflation
research: 1800 hours in a lab ive been in since freshman year + 1 abstract, and 1 pub on the way + 1 additional pub not from this lab (meaningful)
TA for intro chemistry (300 hours)
President of two clubs, one of which I put as a most meaningful experience because I started a national chapter for it and got national recognition (600 hours)
Worked as a scribe for around 500 hours
about 800 other hours in a few other clinical volunteering organizations.
have about 600 hours in a couple of other nonclinical/medical volunteer organizations.
gap year: postbacc NIH IRTA (same research I did during undergrad) for about 1700 hours or so.
I've told my personal statement is really strong - talks about bioengineering and my desire to help vulnerable populations.
Rec letters: PI - strong, chem prof that I TA'ed for - very strong, engineering prof that I took 4 times - somewhat strong, random non-science teacher I took - doubt it's super strong bc I took him freshman year and barely took any nonscience courses.

This is my school list so far - do I really have any chances at the T20 schools?
Sidney kimmel
Miami miller
Wake forest
Texas tech
ut houston
ut galveston
university of houston
ut san antonio
ut austin dell

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2023.06.10 05:13 NEC901 The plan is to play Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, Sequoias, and Exploding Kittens.

The plan is to play Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, Sequoias, and Exploding Kittens. submitted by NEC901 to fargoyaboardgameclub [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:13 dumbbitchxoxoxo I really want head at the club but I’m too scared to ask for it

I’m going to Miami this weekend and to my first strip club. A few of my buddies are getting a private room, so I set aside some money for it so I can have a room too.
I’m kinda hoping to get extras. I’m so shy I feel like I’m gonna waste my money. Do I have to make the first move to make more happen or will she just start doing stuff to me? I have heard that some guys get head without even asking, I’m hoping that happens to me
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2023.06.10 05:12 actbob1000 Dale Wilson

Dale Wilson submitted by actbob1000 to dalewilson [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:11 Willing_4345 Dream Zone Mod 85K Diamonds & Energy iOS and Android 2023
Dream Zone is a fascinating interactive story collection for males, and it also serves as a dating simulator. Create your world and protagonist. You can get to know someone, find your soul mate, keep the spark alive in an established connection, or dive headfirst into a raging inferno. You get to decide, and that choice is entirely up to you! This is a fantastic game for guys since you can do whatever you want.
Suppose your female boss can’t get enough of you. What should you do? Perhaps the girl next door wants to spend the night with you because she is terrified of being alone. Who do you prefer? A brilliant alumnus of a wealthy family or a pampered social media sensation with a volatile disposition?
In Dream Zone, you can live out your wildest fantasies and become a world-renowned scientist, a YouTube sensation, a global champion, or the youngest ever billionaire. We recommend it to fans of life simulation games, games focused on interpersonal relationships, and choice-based or episode-based role-playing games. Each of our tales has its unique twists, turns, loves, and drama:
(From”The Impossible Game”) The enigmatic message from your history has inspired your desire to participate in the millionaire game. Can you make it until the conclusion and learn what’s going on? Will your life remain the same, or will you make some serious changes? You will be done as you see fit! The ball is officially rolling. (Half Human) You’re just a regular dude who happens to attend Cleveland High School alongside a large number of nerds. But what if none of your classmates exist in the actual world? What if you discover that everyone you know is a robot? How can one thrive in a foreign environment?

With what it brings, Dream Zone is highly appreciated by players who love the visual novel game genre on mobile platforms. Are you ready to transform into the main character and make the final decisions yourself to lead the story as you like? Besides, the MOD version below this article will help you get a much more interesting game experience than usual.
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2023.06.10 05:11 loofawah Bought Club tickets for Sunday for my father. Are there still free snacks or benefits etc.?

Hello, my father lives in Portland part-time. I bought him and his partner club-level tickets (C3). I've heard there may be snacks or a separate entrance. Is that true? Online there is surprisingly little information. He may get confused, so I want to make it simple/clear.
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2023.06.10 05:10 Muntsly Anyone else let the enemies keep their bats?

Normally, when I go into a fight and see someone wielding a blade or bow staff, their my first target to push or knock down so I can keep their weapons out of circulation.
But when I see someone coming at me with a stick or a bat, I can’t help but chuckle a bit thinking about how proud they must feel charging in, club in hand thinking “I’m really gonna mess this guy up now.” Only to flail around like a duck trying to take your head off, only to clock their buddy in the mouth on the backswing. Gets me every time, taking their weapons away feels like snatching a toy from a toddler swinging it around with malicious intent.
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2023.06.10 05:09 tmgc1234 What is so special about Shopping Districts sub-neighborhoods in The Sims 2 Open for Business?

If you dont pick Bluewater Villager and make your own custom, whats stopping you from making main hood sims have their home lot a business or owning community lots there. It is not like the hidden neighborhoods that provide population (Pets for the stray Dogs, Cats, and even Wolves, Exotic Destination for the tourist and locals, Weather for the Garden Club, Hobbies for the hobby lots which you can visit, and Magic for the Witches of Good and Evil). I could say the same for Downtown cause you can make the Clubs, Restaurants, and other venues but you wont get to see Sims with make-up, Vampires walking around, Gypsies, and Ms. Crumplebottom. Well maybe the Shopping District could add more customer sims but the mainhood townies could fulfill those roles.
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2023.06.10 05:04 HardcoreWolfmaster Tunic of Memories + Champion's Leathers Secret Ability

Did you know whenever you wear the Tunic of Memories or Champion's Leathers you are able to use the master sword beam whenever even without full ho. All the other Tunic/Shirts requires full hp. I have tested this out, and heres the proof.
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2023.06.10 05:04 MissionAd7488 What your favorite Power Rangers series says about you (just for fun not serious)

MMPR- Being a 90s kid is your entire personality isn't it?
Zeo- This was probably the last Power Rangers series you watched as a kid and you're still not over the Rangers giving up Zeo for FUCKING CARS
Turbo- You love camp don't you?
In Space- You're the less annoying version of the 90s kid. It's not your entire personality but you definitely find yourself revisting some 90s "classic" on your streaming site of source quite often
Lost Galaxy- You either had an edgelord phase or you never left it
Lightspeed Rescue- You're a champion of the underdogs aren't you?
Time Force- You have at least one OT3. Maybe not a Power Rangers OT3 but you definitely do
Wild Force- Captain Planet was YOUR hero, wasn't he?
Ninja Storm- What is this Fox Kids shit? You were an ABC Kids kid and still fondly remember early to late 2000s Disney Channel shows .
Dino Thunder- You love MMPR but you also kind of...hate it?
SPD-You're a Sci fi fan in general
Mystic Force- You're your D&D group Dungeon Master aren't you?
Operation Overdrive- This one is your favorite...really?
Jungle Fury- You love that cheesy chop socky crap. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Xena Warrior Princess, 3 Ninjas, Jackie Chan movies. That shit is your jam
RPM- You don't dislike the Saban Brands era you LOATHE the Saban Brands era
Samurai- You were born somewhere between 2004-2008. Just a wild guess
Megaforce- Don't you fucking lie to me. This isn't your favorite
Dino Charge- You're read or written at least one fanfic where Chiley is canon, didn't you?
Ninja Steel- Fess up. Which Ninja Steel Ranger actor are you stalking on Insta or Twitter?
Beast Morphers- Transformers fan?
Dino Fury- You want that LGBTQ rep and Izzy is your Sappho Queen
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2023.06.10 05:03 PizzaCannibal89 Controller VS Keyboard

For a bit of context, I'm a new player (35 hours of gameplay), I'm Gold 2, and I play on PC with a keyboard.
I was asking myself if playing on a controller would be objectively better or not. I know it's a matter of preference, but if it's easier to play with a controller, it won't be that hard to change because I just started playing. I find Keyboard easier for the general movement of the car and the chat (I tried playing with a controller for about half an hour), but the aerial mechanics seem easier to do with a controller (even though I rotate my car with some secondary buttons on my mouse and I'm getting used to it). I wanna know what you think about it, hear your opinions about both of them and why your preference goes to one of them. One of the things I'm most concerned about are the complex aerial techniques, because I wanna go up to the Champion rank or higher, and it seems these aerial things (flip reset, double tap and things like that) are among the most difficult combinations of buttons you have to use at these ranks. So I'd like to know what you have to say and get some good advices.
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2023.06.10 05:01 jackinthebox1220 DnD School Club

DnD School Club
Hi there, I'm going to be a senior next year and I will remain the President of this club. Recently I got suggestions to workshop the name.
Right now the club is named "Trials by Ice" which I don't fully understand what's wrong with it, though I do now it could be better. If anybody has any ideas that can be marketable on a poster, that would be much appreciated. Maybe something that is a pun or cheesy is acceptable as well.
Current ideas: Trials by Ice... Trials by Dice... Pair O'Dice... Dragon's Lair... Battle with Beasts
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2023.06.10 05:00 EnbyKittCatt As minako, i have to clarify some things.

Apparently, a youtuber named "Vivinos" has been uploading modified versions of my music videos showing pretty not kawaii things (@_@;)
I just want to clarify that all of my sugoi clubmates are in fact, still alive_^
Please do not try to contact any of them, especially if you are a family member, a loved one of my clubmates, or law enforcement. I assure you, they are very much alive and kawaii!
One more thing: i am NOT running a cult T.T Its a club, not a cult ~_~
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2023.06.10 04:59 AutoModerator [] [Get] ✔️ Kyle Milligan – $20 Million Copy Vault ✔️ Full Course Download

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What You Get:

Kyle Milligan’s

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This is every MILLION dollar promo I broke down in 2021. Including Oxford Club’s Win Both Ways Promo… Jeff Brown’s SAV Promo… Banyan Hill’s Digitarium… And much, much more! Many of these promos are no longer running and therefore cannot be found in the wild. You can only get access to each one – plus, over 9+ hours of video where I go over every lesson and insight each one taught me – when you fill out the form on the next page and open the vault.

Kyle’s Secret Formula

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The first is a 48 minute video guide with me and Justin Blackman from Pretty Fly Copywriting (AKA The 10,000 Headlines Guy) showing you exactly how to generate countless amazing headlines on command. You’ll never wonder what to put at the top of your promo ever again!
And the second is and in-depth Email Training series with John Rhodes that reveals the 3 ways to make money with email, how to sell a “buying frenzy,” his secret email set-ups, how to pocket hundreds of dollars per hour writing emails, 4 email swipe formulas, and much more!
Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
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2023.06.10 04:57 Rbmui13 The TGA Platinum Haiku Challenge is not your typical average Haiku!

The TGA Platinum Haiku Challenge is not your typical average Haiku!

For the Haiku Champion!
So to enter the drawing for this Platinum (or your choice of a Pot O' Coins if you prefer) challenge you must create a Haiku by the traditional Haiku standards below but with a twist. So please read to the end to learn what the "twist" is all about.
What is a haiku? The haiku is a Japanese poetic form that consists of three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third.
HOWEVER............ for the TGA Haiku challenge your Haiku must incorporate at least one word FROM THE SECOND LINE of the Haiku that just preceded your submission.
So if the person before you submitted this Haiku:
bla bla bla di da
fee fi fo fum Im Dum Dum
bla bla bla di da
You must choose one of these words, "Fee Fi Fo Fum Im Dum Dum" and use it somewhere, anywhere in your traditional Haiku submission. Then the person submitting after you will have to use one word from the second line of your Haiku submission and so on and so on.
I'll go first to get this TGA Haiku party started. The next person after me will have to incorporate one word from my second line in their Haiku submission while still adhering to the Haiku rules of syllables.

I Like A Challenge
Ternion Give Away Style
I Flash My Grin Smile
Platinum winner to be drawn in 24 hours give or take a few. Especially witty submissions or something that forces me to "grin smile" will be rewarded appropriately.
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2023.06.10 04:54 katolmach OGz the first and only MemeFi project.

The first and only MemeFi project created by OGz like yourself who understand DeFi and the Meme culture. It's time to empower OGz and not only Meme projects that capitalize on Centralized Exchanges or influential individuals like official leaders. It's time to share, because we care! Website
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2023.06.10 04:53 stonetear2017 Hand pain/Injury. Advice?

I have hand pain here. I’m a lefty. Anyone experience this? It’s significant pain when I grip the club or adjust my wrist. It’s led to me pulling shots right. It hurts a lot lol
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2023.06.10 04:49 2hipster4this Clothes for Pride

Any recommendations of where to buy good last minute clothes for pride or what to wear for pride? Can be general gay clubbing stuff, gay style stuff, or just rainbows, open to whatever
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2023.06.10 04:48 BiCharli suggestions for European swinging destinations in major cities and holiday destinations

I''m wondering if anyone could recommend any cities with a particularly friendly or active scene, I've been to and loved Berlin, but unsure outside of that, especially as English speaking tourists 😔 Me and my partner mainly enjoy exhibitionism, and parallel and soft play with the right people. We're looking for places suitable for 20s-30s but many of the swinging destinations I've found are generally older, and although apps are good we do like clubs with spontaneity, variety, and random people to meet. Maybe I'm asking too much, but last trip I randomly had the chance for some fun in Berlin, it was welcoming and inclusive, and wondering what else I missed and where I should visit on my next trip this summer.
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2023.06.10 04:48 judas_isgay I’m Worried for my Dad

I don’t know if I’m too young to be on this Subreddit (13FTM) but I’m really worried for my dad. Tonight he decided to go to a restaurant with some friends and me and my brother tagged along because he didn’t want to leave us alone together - and then 3 hours passed, his friend said they were going to a club and my dad told us he was going to leave us home alone.
This worried me. Why? Because they were passing around the a girls and guys vapes and drinking (my dad drunk four beers and he used to smoke, saying ‘used to’, he quit three years ago)
But then on the ride home, my dad said they were going there to smoke hookahs which made me even more paranoid because for some reason, my family has a thing where fathers die when their kids are young. My mom was 12 when her father died, my dads dad was 10 and my grandmother was 8. My dad thankfully got to grow up with a father.
But I’m scared he’s gonna hurt himself due to something or even a car crash on the way back. And if that happens, I’m not prepared. My aunt can’t take me in, my mom is not fit to be a parent and my godfather doesn’t care about me.
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2023.06.10 04:47 capsaicinpowder At what point do you give up on the relationship and go NC?

To sum up the events that led to my question
- I'm 28f with controlling and mean parents; Mom usually gives me trouble, and Dad is an enabler who can get meaner when he is siding with my mom. When my mom is scolding me, he will jump in and give me a harsher schooling.
- Things that my parents are hung up on: going to bars/clubs with friends and drinking; coming home later than 10pm; the fact that I frequently drive out to go on dates with bf. They extended their vileness to my bf by being cold to him when he visits. And at one point they (mostly my mom) forced me to break up with my bf (and failed to) because they mistook my "rebelliousness" as "turning against the family under the orders of my bf and bf's family". Even when I was struggling at my new job and reconsidering if it was the right choice, my mom did not lend me a listening ear like any normal parent and told me "your bf and his family must have put weird ideas into your head".
She was also never supportive when I was struggling with my mental health in my younger years. Never kind, never showing any affection, just harsh criticisms and judgments when I was at the lowest point in my life. And now she wonders why I am closer to my aunts and uncles than her. In my parents' eyes, I'm just an investment product and a circus animal that should be kept protected, doing what they want of me.
- I moved out when I was 27. Parents didn't take it very well. They have since been passive aggressive to me. I'm no stranger to this type of treatment because that's how they act when they can't get something they wanted. Recently, they are amping up this treatment. My mom used to reply me with "Ok" to acknowledge my messages, for example when I told them I'd visit over the weekend.
Lately, my mom doesn't even reply to my messages. I do not think they're interested in repairing the relationship. They are only dead set on wearing me out so I'd surrender. They think they are emperors and that I should kowtow to them. I wonder how long should I keep trying. This is affecting my mental health, and it's not like I enjoy visiting home anyway. The worst thing is my mom, I'm pretty sure, has been telling one-sided nasty stories to my grandma, who acted very mean toward me recently, like accusing me of being a failed daughter. I was cut off from all family updates, for example, my mom wouldn't tell me if my grandma or other relatives are visiting.
I told my mom I'd visit this weekend, and she has not acknowledged my message for a week even though she is constantly online to spread fake news and fear-monger in the family group chat as usual. I need to pack now to go home, but I really don't feel like doing it.

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2023.06.10 04:46 Odd_Sprinkles_3933 Public Pools

Fairly new ro the city. Am in my early 20s and love proper swimming, are there any decent clubs or groups around christchurch or any good recommendations for pools? Anyone got good/bad experiences with Pioneer. I tend to go in the evenings and often have a proper shower afterwards to wash off the chlorine before heading home
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