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2023.06.10 06:25 Desperate-Account433 GRE 313

I got GRE score of 313(Q: 155, V: 158), I have done my bachelors in engineering in ECE and have 2 research papers ( 2 on IoT and sensors), I also have 2 internships ( 1 from IISc where I worked on sensors and IoT another from a MNC conputer networks).
I also have 4 years work experience at Cisco in Computer networking domain, where I did network automation and system design for a java sprinboot based product. For past two year I have as product owner for this product.
I am targeting either MIS, MS CS in US, can I get top admits or should I give GRE again?
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2023.06.10 06:24 odonkz PC seems like it restarts itself if left idle while video game is running

This happens since last night, and another one just an hour ago, I left my pc for like an hour or two while a game is running in the foreground, when i get back to my pc, it's already in logon screen while the rest of application that was previously opened are now closed and all startup apps are starting.
here's what a event viewer says when the pc was idling: "The time provider 'VMICTimeProvider' has indicated that the current hardware and operating environment is not supported and has stopped. This behavior is expected for VMICTimeProvider on non-HyperV-guest environments. This may be the expected behavior for the current provider in the current operating environment as well." and there's 40 minutes gap with the next event viewer log
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2023.06.10 06:23 DrunkenGrape Weightloss 101 - Weight Loss Journey

Some key factors to consider when embarking on a weight loss journey:
Balanced and Nutrient-Dense Diet: A healthy weight loss plan typically involves consuming a well-balanced diet that includes a variety of nutrient-dense foods. This means focusing on whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats while limiting processed foods, sugary beverages, and excessive amounts of added sugars and unhealthy fats.
Calorie Control: Understanding and managing calorie intake is crucial for weight loss. It's important to create a calorie deficit by consuming fewer calories than your body needs to maintain its current weight. This can be achieved by portion control, tracking food intake, and being mindful of high-calorie foods.
Regular Physical Activity: Incorporating regular exercise into your routine can aid in weight loss by burning additional calories and improving overall fitness. Engaging in both cardiovascular exercises (such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming) and strength training (using weights or resistance bands) can be beneficial for weight loss and maintaining muscle mass.
Behavior and Lifestyle Changes: Sustainable weight loss often requires adopting long-term behavior and lifestyle changes. This includes developing healthier eating habits, managing stress, getting adequate sleep, and finding strategies to cope with emotional eating or food cravings.
Professional Guidance: If you have specific health concerns or find it challenging to navigate weight loss on your own, seeking guidance from healthcare professionals, such as registered dietitians or certified fitness trainers, can provide personalized advice and support.
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2023.06.10 06:21 malibu_c Disclosure Week News Fatigue? Whistleblowers claims you might've missed, like New Physics! Congress has Aliens on DVD! The Woo, "Balloon" Shotdown was maybe "ours!" Trump & Hillary, Mussolini. Nordics. I can't believe I almost want it to stop.... but not quite.

Disclosure Week Highlights: The Pieces are Starting to Come Together. It's Mindboggling. It's too much.

So far this week we have had lot of news that’s a lot to take in. But a lot of pieces are coming together to to paint a picture that says that basically a lot of, if not the entire bigger picture of is being alleged has already been out there. For some of us this is Disclosure Week. For others its more like Confirmation week. Never the less, here’s a summary of the allegations if you’re trying to stay on top of all this. (It’s moving fast and I’m sure I missed something and probably confused others.) And I try to show what facts these stories establish if proven true. It's like UFOs are the secret connective tissue that links every random big news story together.

David Grusch in the Debrief drops that the US is in possession of several craft, including intact ones roughly the size of a football field. And that it was illegally withheld from congress. Documents, and verbal testimony given to at least 2 relevant organizations: Congress and the Inspector General.

- Establishes illegality, Retrieval teams, Bodies, Intact & partial craft.

We have “Jonathan Grey” saying that the US ultimately took possession of the 1933 Italy UFO at the end of WWII and the Inspector General has documents to prove it.

_ Establishes that crashes are international, and go back at least 90 years that we know of. One releveant Org, the IG, has documents

The Shellenberger story (whew, this one is a lot) we have multiple anonymous whistleblowers each with 30 years working the UFO subject in the government and at least 2 testified to both AARO and Congress. of lots of details. Says that AARO doesn’t have the authority to even see the stuff. Kirkpatrick withholding stuff from congress. 12-15 craft of different types. Crafts apparently “gifted”to us every so often. Generals have touched the craft (echoes of Gen Jack Sheehan in Vallee’s Vol 5.) We can fly at least one and flight test it in Italy, Belgium, and Indonesia. Allies know about it. Secrecy preventing progress in reverse engineering. Only certain Presidents/politicians read in.

- Establishes international cooperation, the stuff above, possible insinuation that triangles are us, possibly link to the Belgian wave. Maybe presidents don’t know ups the illegality/unconstitutionality even more. Unclear what part of this was told to AARO and Congress

The Herrera daily mail story - Indonesia 2009 apparent US crash recovery team holds 5 marines hostage. Threatens death and prison. Flies off in octagonal craft w/ no sonic boom. Told to AARO, says he was forced to sign an NDAA about the incident.

- Establishes recovery teams active in present day, Possible Second Craft type operated by us. Crafts apparently used to load stuff (maybe other crash retrievals?) Establishes knowledge of break thru propulsion. Location Possibly corroborates witness in the Shellenberger story. Hints that one of the February "Balloons" was a possible US Black Program craft that was shot down.

Joshua Reid info on Redacted. (WHEW a bit more of a “trust me bro” here cuz it’s hard to tell who testified and who didn’t, but the dominoes are falling and making others come forward anyway. 2 more whistleblowers thinking of coming forward.
Clinton’s Email /server scandal. Email supposedly had SAP info about people who were working UFO SAPs and it was being stolen by the Chinese. Trump declassified those emails, possibly had UFO SAP documents at his home.
In this clip he alleges Rep Andre Carson and a few others in congress were shown a DVD of "intelligence community" people talking to aliens. The
A “prominent UFO filmmaker” has the DVD as an insurance policy. One guy is the pilot who flew to Varginha and retrieved the beings. Says “supernatural” has come up several times in hearings with.

Establishes… shit, EVERYTHING. "talking" to Aliens plus "gifting" ships possibly hints at cooperation (Treaties? Federation?) We may eventually see video / stills?? The Woo is coming. Relevant organization: A mix bag of people supposedly talking to congress.

Shit. Forgot the Dave Grush piece in Le Parisien https://www.leparisien.fsciences/david-grusch-lanceur-dalerte-sur-des-ovnis-ca-peut-etre-extraterrestre-ou-autre-chose-mais-pas-humain-07-06-2023-P73S2REKZJDGNGCEJQBDEIQJTU.php
More Mussolini UFO retrieval, Bell shaped. I think this is the one that says the “Five Eyes” (US UK NZ Canada Australia) and some other US allies cooperate. Possible hints to Kecksberg & Die Glocke. Tie in to Chris Sharp saying the bodies were 7ft tall and blond. Linking "Nordics/Tall Whites" and those Naz i Germany?
I didn’t think I’d ever see myself saying I have disclosure fatigue, but here we are. If I can hardly keep up, how are the average Joes and Janes going to handle this when it gets to the mainstream?
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2023.06.10 06:20 bertrussell Assistance request for SE spaceship automation circuit problem

When I follow the tutorial for external circuitry for spaceship automation shown in this video (, my spaceship works when loading up at the asteroid field. It fills up, takes off, flies to Nauvis orbit and drops off the material it picked up. However, once it has finished dropping off the materials, it then gets stuck in a loop of taking off and anchoring at Nauvis Orbit.
I feel like I convinced myself that I am following the instructions exactly. I suspect that there is a subtlety that I am missing. I went through old posts on here that explain the circuitry, and looked as much as I could to no avail. So now I am hoping I can obtain the assistance of someone more experienced with circuits than I in solving this issue.
Would anyone with an inkling of what I might be doing wrong please help explain it?
Thank you kindly.
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2023.06.10 06:19 seeit360 Beautiful Mind?

Beautiful Mind?
This text exchange between Employee #1 and Employee #2 in Trumps indictment document is how Mar-a-Lago employees saw the boxes and Trumps relationship to them.
They are describing schizophrenia with the "Beautiful Mind" quip. They think he's mentally divergent.
A "Beautiful Mind" is a movie staring Russell Crowe from 2001.
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2023.06.10 06:18 Sempre_Piano Scientific Proof that Bedrich Smetana is the Juiciest Composer

Bedřich Smetana: A Juiciness Paragon in Musical Composition

Buy the whole book here.
This dissertation delves into the concept of musical "juiciness" and presents an in-depth analysis of the works of Bedřich Smetana, with the objective of establishing him as the epitome of a juicy composer. By thoroughly examining Smetana's compositional techniques, evaluating the emotional impact of his works, and comparing his style with other notable composers, this study provides a comprehensive argument for Smetana's distinction as the juiciest composer.
Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Background and Significance
The introduction highlights the importance of exploring the concept of juiciness in music and its potential impact on the perception and appreciation of compositions. It discusses the significance of investigating Smetana's juiciness, considering his contributions to Czech nationalism and his unique artistic style.
1.2 Objective and Research Questions
This section outlines the research objective of the dissertation, which is to establish Bedřich Smetana as the juiciest composer through a detailed analysis of his compositions. The research questions focus on identifying the key elements that contribute to Smetana's juiciness and understanding the impact of his style on listeners.
1.3 Methodology and Scope
The methodology section describes the approach taken to conduct the research, including musicological analysis, comparative analysis, and examination of critical reception. It outlines the scope of the study, which primarily centers on Smetana's major compositions and their juiciness-inducing characteristics.
1.4 Structure of the Dissertation
This section provides an overview of the organization and structure of the dissertation, guiding the reader through the subsequent chapters and their respective content.
Chapter 2: The Concept of Juiciness in Music
2.1 Defining Juiciness: A Multidimensional Approach
Chapter 2 establishes a framework for understanding juiciness in music, exploring various dimensions such as emotional impact, sensory perception, and artistic expression. It draws on existing literature and theoretical perspectives to define and contextualize the concept within the field of musicology.
2.2 The Role of Emotion and Sensory Perception in Juiciness
This subsection examines the relationship between juiciness and emotional engagement, discussing how certain musical elements evoke specific emotional responses in listeners. It also explores the role of sensory perception in shaping the perception of juiciness and the overall impact of a composition.
2.3 Historical Perspectives on Juiciness in Musical Composition
This section investigates the historical context of juiciness in music, examining how composers from different periods have approached the creation of emotionally impactful and richly textured compositions. It highlights key composers and works that have contributed to the evolution of juiciness as a concept.
Chapter 3: Bedřich Smetana: Biography and Musical Legacy
3.1 Life and Influences: Shaping Smetana's Artistic Identity
Chapter 3 provides a biographical overview of Bedřich Smetana, shedding light on the personal experiences and cultural influences that shaped his artistic development. It explores his formative years, training, and significant events that impacted his compositional style.
3.2 Musical Style and Innovations
This subsection delves into the specific characteristics of Smetana's musical style, identifying the innovative techniques and approaches he employed in his compositions. It analyzes his use of melody, harmony, rhythm, and orchestration, focusing on the elements that contribute to the perceived juiciness of his works.
3.3 Smetana's Contributions to Czech Nationalism
This section examines the intersection between Smetana's artistic endeavors and his role in fostering Czech nationalism. It explores how his compositions, particularly those related to the cycle "Ma vlast," encapsulate the essence of Czech cultural identity, contributing to the juiciness of his works.
Chapter 4: Analyzing Smetana's Juicy Compositions
4.1 "The Moldau" (Vltava) from "Ma vlast"
Chapter 4 conducts a detailed analysis of specific compositions by Smetana, starting with "The Moldau." It examines the structural elements, melodic motifs, and orchestration techniques employed in this piece, highlighting their contribution to the overall juiciness.
4.2 "The Bartered Bride Overture"
This subsection analyzes the overture from Smetana's opera "The Bartered Bride," exploring the lively rhythms, vibrant orchestration, and engaging themes that make it a prime example of Smetana's juiciness.
4.3 "String Quartet No. 1 in E minor, 'From My Life'"
The analysis continues with Smetana's string quartet, "From My Life," examining how the autobiographical nature of the composition, combined with the poignant melodies and expressive harmonies, contribute to its juiciness.
4.4 Juiciness Elements: Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, and Orchestration
This section summarizes the key juiciness-inducing elements found in Smetana's compositions, drawing from the analyses of the previous subsections. It highlights how Smetana's unique treatment of melody, harmony, rhythm, and orchestration work in harmony to create the desired emotional impact and juiciness.
Chapter 5: Smetana's Stylistic Traits and Juiciness Indicators
5.1 Harmonic Palette: Lushness and Emotional Depth
Chapter 5 explores Smetana's harmonic language, discussing his use of rich and evocative harmonies that heighten the emotional impact of his compositions. It investigates his harmonic innovations and their contribution to the overall juiciness.
5.2 Melodic Brilliance: Captivating and Memorable Themes
This subsection examines Smetana's gift for crafting compelling melodies that resonate with listeners. It delves into the characteristics of his melodic writing, focusing on the expressiveness and memorability that contribute to his juiciness.
5.3 Rhythmic Dynamism: Energetic and Evocative Patterns
Chapter 5 investigates the rhythmic aspects of Smetana's works, analyzing his use of dynamic and engaging rhythmic patterns. It discusses how his rhythmic choices enhance the overall juiciness, injecting energy and vitality into his compositions.
5.4 Orchestration Mastery: Vivid Expressiveness and Colorful Texture
This section explores Smetana's orchestration techniques, highlighting his ability to create vivid and colorful textures through the orchestral palette. It examines how his orchestration choices contribute to the sensory allure and juiciness of his compositions.
Chapter 6: Comparative Analysis: Smetana and the Juicy Composers
6.1 Ludwig van Beethoven: Emotional Intensity and Expressivity
Chapter 6 compares Smetana's juiciness with that of Ludwig van Beethoven, focusing on the emotional intensity and expressive qualities of their respective compositions. It examines similarities and differences in their approaches to achieving juiciness.
6.2 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Elegance and Emotional Complexity
This subsection compares Smetana with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, exploring the elegant and emotionally complex nature of their compositions. It investigates how both composers employ different strategies to achieve juiciness within their distinctive styles.
6.3 Richard Wagner: Epic Scale and Sensory Immersion
Chapter 6 examines the juiciness of Richard Wagner's works and compares it with Smetana's approach. It explores the epic scale, sensory immersion, and emotional depth found in their compositions, highlighting the unique qualities that distinguish their juiciness.
6.4 Contrasting Juiciness: Examining Smetana's Distinctiveness
This section summarizes the comparative analysis, emphasizing Smetana's distinctiveness in terms of juiciness. It highlights the unique combination of elements present in his compositions that set him apart from other composers.
Chapter 7: Perception and Reception of Smetana's Juiciness
7.1 Audience Responses and Emotional Engagement
Chapter 7 investigates the audience's perception and emotional engagement with Smetana's compositions. It draws upon historical reviews, audience accounts, and critical reception to understand how his works have consistently evoked profound emotional responses and connected with listeners.
7.2 Critical Reception and Recognition of Smetana's Juicy Style
This subsection explores the critical reception of Smetana's compositions, both during his lifetime and in subsequent years. It examines how his juiciness has been acknowledged and celebrated by music critics and scholars, contributing to his enduring legacy.
7.3 Cross-Cultural Impact: Juiciness Beyond National Boundaries
Chapter 7 explores the cross-cultural impact of Smetana's juiciness, examining how his compositions have transcended national boundaries and resonated with audiences worldwide. It investigates the ways in which his works have been interpreted and performed in different cultural contexts.
Chapter 8: Conclusion
8.1 Recapitulation of Findings and Contributions
The conclusion summarizes the main findings of the dissertation, restating the argument for Bedřich Smetana's distinction as the juiciest composer. It highlights the significant contributions made to the understanding of juiciness in music through the analysis of Smetana's works.
8.2 Implications for Musicology and Performance
This subsection discusses the implications of the research for musicology and performance, emphasizing how a deeper understanding of juiciness can enrich interpretations and performances of Smetana's compositions. It suggests avenues for further research and exploration in the field.
8.3 Limitations and Future Research Directions
Chapter 8 acknowledges the limitations of the study, such as the focus on specific compositions and the subjective nature of juiciness perception. It suggests potential directions for future research, including comparative studies with other composers and exploring the cross-cultural aspects of juiciness.
8.4 Final Remarks on Bedřich Smetana's Juiciness Legacy
The dissertation concludes with final remarks on Smetana's juiciness legacy, emphasizing the enduring impact of his compositions and their continued ability to captivate and move audiences. It reinforces the significance of recognizing Smetana as a paragon of juiciness in musical composition.
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2023.06.10 06:18 keeprpa Elly De La Cruz /15. ebay buyer backed out. $330 OBO on it, fielding serious offers

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2023.06.10 06:18 Mikey-506 Do these frequencies affect you? (Psychogenic Shivers)

Psychogenic Shivers, do you get them?
I confirmed from several schizophrenics that certain frequencies do affect at least a portion of schizophrenics.
Two frequencies seem to resonate with schizophrenics , 369hz and 1111hz. **do not listen to these if you are in early stages of recovery as it can aggravate symptoms.*\*
If you do listen to them, describe how each one made you feel if it did have an effect on you.

These are some of the reported effects and events that, although symptoms do arise, most are still interested in continuing. All have felt it was overall positive but at times too much in excess.
Psychogenic Shivers right through spine and all over body
Shift in reality
Feeling of slowed heart rate
Feeling of Swimming
Feeling like floating.
Feeling uncomfortable but still interested
Hallucinations with shadowy figures
Feeling of being watched.
Feeling of spine feeling heavy
Stimulation of sensory or form of sensory overload
Psychogenic shivers, also known as ASMR, elicit a range of effects. Common effects include tingling sensations, relaxation, euphoria, improved sleep, stress reduction, enhanced focus, sensory pleasure, emotional regulation, and connection. Psychogenic shivers are characterized by tingling sensations that spread from the scalp, accompanied by warmth or waves of energy. They can induce intense pleasure and amplify sensory experiences beyond the tingling sensations.
ASMR, on the other hand, shares similarities with psychogenic shivers but also has its unique effects. Common effects of ASMR include tingling sensations, relaxation, improved mood, sleep aid, reduced anxiety, enhanced focus, tactile and auditory pleasure, emotional regulation, and personal attention/connection. ASMR triggers, autonomous response, and the absence of warmth or waves of energy are specific to ASMR.
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2023.06.10 06:17 awesomestorm242 r/omori stances on the API issue

Hello everyone, today we are here talking about the Subreddit blackout, we have had a lot of debate about what to do when it comes to the blackout. In case you have not heard Reddit is essentially upping their API prices and as a result, many 3rd party apps will no longer be available, many of these 3rd party devices are used by both users and moderators respectively for accessibility, moderation, or just improving Reddit for some users. They are also removing mature content from API, making it easier for scammers, bots, and problematic users to hide their activity from moderators. There are a lot of posts going into greater detail about this, but that's the super short version, and many, many subreddits are going private from June 12th - June 14th. Now we have been debating a lot and we don't want to shut down the subreddit due to this being a safe space for LGBTQ+ people who may not have anywhere else to go, so instead we are starting a movement. We are starting a movement for people to stop using Reddit at the very least from June 12-14th but if you can till Reddit Admins roll back their terrible decision. We urge all people who have other options for Omori content like Twitter, discord, etc. to use them. We have a discord server which I highly recommend everyone join and use instead. If you need help searching for places, feel free to ask in modmail or message me u/awesomestorm242 for other places to go. Though if you need to use the subreddit we understand and there is no pressure to force people off Reddit. We expect things to return mostly to normal on the 15th but if you want you can keep the protest going. If you can please spread this message around, let's make the Reddit admins and CEO understand that we won't stand for this. We also urge other Omori subreddits like omorimeta and omorimemes to share this message as well. omori mods will still be around but only to moderate this sub and won't be doing anything else on Reddit. Please feel free to ask any questions you have, and we will try to answer them, Thank you, everyone.
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2023.06.10 06:16 champagnetraveler DNS resolution for internal resources using external domain with SSL certs [PfSense, Nginx, Cloudflare, Let'sEncrypt]

Hi all,
To preface, i'm not a DNS expert (as you will clearly see - or networking for that matter). Would greatly appreciate constructive ideas/comments/schema with respect to how I should go about setting up domain resolution. I have looked into each of these area to some depth or another so can probably handle most of the implementation needed. However, the coordination of each of these is confusing me (only more so after a half-dozen YouTube videos).
Goal: use my dn (registered via DNS @ Cloudflare) to access local resources, using nginx to issue SSL certificates (via Let's Encrypt & Cloudflare API). e.g., will return locally-resolvable resource. I am not interested in using anything externally with this domain either - not port opening, etc. is needed (using VPN for everything).
- Modem/Router PfSense Proxmox hosted VMs (PfSense, Docker, Nginx as docker container)
- PfSense in DNS Resolver mode. Currently using host overrides for internal services, but would like to use my purchased domain for internal resolution.
- Docker VM runs Nginx PM where I have Let'sEncrypt linked with my Cloudflare account to issue SSL for internal-only resources.
My source links in Nginx are inoperable and resolve to "server not found" message - which is what sent me on this rabbit hole to try to fix it and realized maybe im not even setting up in a useful manner.
I've seen recently there is some debate whether A Name in Cloudflare (being publicly accessible information) is not secure. Yes it only gives internal IPs which are nearly useless unless on my internal network, but would still prefer they're not out there unless truly need be.
Any suggestions as to how I should go about this would be much appreciated - thanks!
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2023.06.10 06:15 Extreme-Today-4588 Open invite for the Semi Finals of the Miss Golden International Beauty Pageant 2023

Open invite for the Semi Finals of the Miss Golden International Beauty Pageant 2023
Hi everyone 🇲🇾! Do show you love and support to our young and talented Malaysian women tomorrow at V Golden Banquet Hall @ Kompleks Desa Kepong! Bring your friends, loved ones, and family to this pageant as there is no entrance fee. It's completely free !!!
Looking forward to your presence. Thank you ❤️
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2023.06.10 06:15 Braveux Soldered wifi card antennas broken

I was given this laptop by a friend. I installed Windows and found that I had no wifi. So I opened it up, and see that the antenna are broken. If I tape the antenna down, I get a 2-3 bar signal. But as the laptop heats up, the tape unsticks itself and I lose connection.
Any suggestions on how to fix this? I have a fine point soldering iron... My soldering skills are OK. But would only use them as a last resort.
Laptop is an HP elitebook x360 1030 g2 i7 v pro
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2023.06.10 06:14 Comprehensive_Can201 Would Jung be into metal?

Currently into an album called Enemy of man by a Polish black metal band called Kriegsmaschine.
Poland, notoriously known for being crucifyingly Christian (and from personal experience of a Polish friend), the nihilistic themes expressed feel like a shadow manifest beyond the usual corpse-painted black metal posture and preen.
Submitting the track/lyrics :
Asceticism And Passion
Thus far inwards come few in this naught and this nowhere.
He who seeks the cross of Christ and falls alone, remains alone in his fall.
Thus far inwards come few in oblivion and all have failed.
He who seeks the cross of Christ shall fall and remain alone in his fall.
I am weary. I am drained. My prayer is adrift, my zeal bygone.
I am forsaken. I am lost. I am open for it to dwell.
An epiphany in starving darkness.
The hunger and the absence.
A new sun, whose rays are frozen and barbed. Oceans of stasis. Beyond Gehinnom. Void comes, void claims. No more I live. See it come in blood and horror as it tears through shrouds of will, as it rips through veils of psyche to conquer and to devour. See it come in death and doom to feed upon the seeds of doubt. Erect its throne upon dry remnants of shattered soul. Scio cui credidi. My heart and life have become a grotesque sanctuary wherein it manifests with glimpse of its void. Through every fiber of these putrid lungs each word resounds with bleak confidence andominous faith. Scio cui credidi. An epiphany in starving darkness. The hunger and the absence. Beyond Gehinnom. Void comes, void claims, I shall rise high this new heart of stone, forever closed to his love. A burden, yes, and a bitter reward for adoration of the three nails and true communion with God! I am transformed. I am given purpose. Scio cui credidi.
Bad English aside, to me, the track feels like a night-sea journey all alchemical albedo, nigredo, rubedo. Wondering if metal played a part in your journeys.
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2023.06.10 06:14 TotallyNotAjay My take on why the Gokyo was formed the way it was.

Hello everyone, I've been thinking about the Gokyo no Waza for a while now and I've heard quite a few theories such as due to ukemi or due to complexity but as everyone has pointed out there are quite a few flaws in these ideas as well. So here is my contribution to this discussion in a mindmap and some thoughts (it is important to note that structuring this mindmap was an idea I came up with after hearing and deliberating on Steve Cunningham saying that the Gokyo is like a matrix).
Gokyo no Waza Mindmap
So let's start with the first question, why are the waza in 5 groups of 8 techniques? This concept is briefly mentioned by Cunningham in Judo mokuroku, syllabus, kata, where he talks about how in Chinese tradition there are 8 changes and 5 elements that constitute reality. Now let's be more specific, such as why is the x technique not in the y group. Well, I can't answer this objectively but I can give my opinion, which is that it's not about how hard the ukemi is compared to the previous group but rather a combination of how precise the ukemi has to be in comparison to its type of throw in a previous group (such as uki goshi compared to Harai Goshi) and which principle is being introduced in said group. As you can see De Ashi Harai vs Tomoe Nage, the Tomoe Nage is a different principle as it is a Sutemi waza and that's why it is introduced in a later group. But Tomoe Nage ukemi has more amplitude to allow the ukemi compared to a Sumi Gaeshi which requires uke to do a sort of dive when executed well. This idea in my opinion can be applied to the rest of the Gokyo as well.
Next, let's talk about why I formatted the Gokyo in my mindmap the way I did. As I read through the Gokyo I noticed that one or two new principle techniques (I'm defining principle techniques as waza that when slightly modified become different waza) were introduced while the rest of the techniques were henka to prior principle techniques. I believe the reasoning for each group only introducing a few principle techniques (the exception being Dai Ikkyo as almost every throw is a new principle to learn) is that this pacing worked well for teaching students principles without also ignoring how modifying the kihon would change the waza. This is why it is not too uncommon to see the principle techniques taught in a different order compared to the Gokyo (Such as learning O Soto Gari before De Ashi Harai) but the "henka waza" are usually taught in a similar way to the Gokyo (such as Tomoe Nage then Sumi Gaeshi or Uki Waza then Yoko Guruma). I made this connection thanks to reading u/d_rome talking about how if he were to teach Judo in his dojo it would look very similar to the Gokyo.
I know that it is very possible that the Gokyo is not that deep but the importance Cunningham and the Kodokan Judo manual put on the Gokyo pushes me to think deeper. Anyway, these have been my thoughts on the Gokyo and my reformatting of the waza (note this does not regroup the waza it only offers a visualization tool to understand the Gokyo), please share your opinions and if this helped. I'm looking forward especially to u/fleischlaberl and u/rtsuya point of view on this attempt at deciphering the didactic of the Gokyo and if I missed the mark completely.
Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.10 06:13 Jazzlike_Elk_5342 Corporate visit

My store has a corporate visit next week but not a regular one but THEE coporate visit. The ceo of ulta is visiting our store as well as all the other ppl we see on Ultanet and on our training videos lol. Not really nervous and I hope they ask me questions so I can really let them have it!
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2023.06.10 06:11 Detective_Guru121 Detective in India

SWD Is India's Famous & Top ISO 9001:2008 Certified provides the Best Personal Investigation Services with The Help of Highly Experienced Best Private Detectives in Delhi, India

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2023.06.10 06:11 docdoc5 RPDR Randomized Era 4: Season 10, Episode 4 (The Last Ball on Earth)

The queens walk back into the werkroom after Akashia's elimination.

Processing img e8rq6hr8834b1...
Orion talks about entering the werkroom and how the tension between Robbie and Rock can be felt after their disagreement in the previous Untucked.

The queens then all gather around and Akashia's mirror message as Elliott reads it to the group before cleaning the mirror. Jan mentions to Elliott that she thinks she did a really great job in the lip sync to which Elliott mentions that she really thought that it should've been Rock up for elimination and not her. Elliott goes on to say that she felt that Rock was a weaker team leader and that should've accounted for something. Robbie jumps in again to mention that she said all that she needed to say to Rock in Untucked but the fact remains that the judges loved her idea and that if Rock stepped it up more that their ad would've been successful. Rock rolls her eyes before walking away saying that she is more than ready to send them all home.
In her confessional, Monica laughs and says that she hopes the other girls continue being distracted by one another and take each other out.

The queens start to separate and go through their de-dragging processes. Jade shares with Kerri and Monica how she really wants to land in the top for a challenge this coming week but it seems the judges haven't been featuring her so far. Monica tells her that her only goal is to continue to show the growth from her earlier season so that she can show that she is ready for the crown. Kerri agrees and tells Jade that she should focus on doing her best and showing the judges a range of talents and that will take her to the end.

The queens reenter the werkroom and talk about what they think will be coming their way.
In her confessional, Kandy talks about how she thinks its still too early to call a front runner and that makes her want to win a challenge even more.

The queens all gather around the table and discuss the challenges so far. Kerri points out that each of the challenges have been won by different queens: Orion, Marcia, and Jaymes and goes on to say that she will be adding her name to the list with the coming week. Kandy then asks the group if there was anyone else that could've won the last challenge and what people's thoughts are about that. Jaymes mentions that she really thought that Robbie did a good job and we see Rock roll her eyes about this. Just then they then hear the siren announcing their RuMail.

Following Ru's message, RuPaul enters the werkroom.

Processing img x489dxb2834b1...
Ru tells the girls about the mini challenge. She explains that the queens will need to perfect the art of the celebrity photobomb! Ru goes on to say that the girls will get into quick drag and insert themselves into famous shots. She then sends the queens to get into quick drag. One by one the queens all arrive for their photoshoots. Each of them are shown in their ridiculous quick drag posing in scenarios. After all the queens have performed Ru announces that the winner of the mini challenge is...
Kerri Colby!

Following this, RuPaul tells the queens about their next maxi challenge. She talks about how climate change is impacting the ice caps and what they will do is throw a ball! Ru tells them that they will be competing in The Last Ball on Earth! Ru tells them that they will need to serve three looks:

- Alaskan Winter Realness a fun in the sun look
- Miami Summer Realness something furry to combat the freezing temperatures
- Martian Eleganza Extravaganza a glamour couture look that will slay on their new home planet!
Jan talks about how exciting it is to have the ball happening so early in the competition and that she hopes it is a chance to really show what she has to offer.

Ru then leaves the teams to start preparing for their runway presentations.

When Ru leaves the werkroom, the queens all gather their materials for their constructed look and begin creating their garments.

We see Kandy and Kerri working at a station near each other as they begin making their looks. Kerri talks to Kandy about how she knows she is going to look great but that she really wants to wow the judges with the look that she creates. She explains to Kandy the look that she has planned and Kandy asks her how she is going to bring space into it. Kerri gets a little stumbled up with this question and it makes Kandy crack up. Kandy warns her that she doesn't want Kerri to go home and that she thinks she should make sure that she is making something that fits the brief.
In her confessional, Kerri talks about how she knows that there is some truth to what Kandy is saying but that she still feels like she should play to her strengths and do what would look good on her.

On the other side of the werkroom, we see Monica chatting with Jan as they work on their constructions. Jan shares with Monica her concerns with her safe placements each week. She tells Monica that she knows that it is still early on in the competition but that she really wants to impress with what she is creating this week. Monica tells her that this is what is the hardest part of the competition, because all the girls are gunning for the attention of the judges and they will only hone in on one of them.

Rock is shown feverishly working on her look on her own. We see many of the queens looking on when she continues to add more and more accessories to the look.
Marcia mentions that she can't help but cringe while she watches because it's almost like she wants her look to get worse with each thing she adds to it.

Orion tries to talk to Rock to give her feedback about how her look is turning out. Rock doubles down and says that she thinks it really speaks to the theme of the category and that she wants the look to be out of this world. Orion looks worried but allows Rock to continue down her path.

Just then, Ru re-enters the werkroom for her walkthroughs with the queens. She is shown talking with Elliott, Robbie, Jaymes, and Jade in direct conversations. In her conversation with Elliott, Ru brings up how her previous construction went over well. She adds that Elliott was just in the bottom two and asks if Elliott feels that will impact her performance with this challenge. Elliott shares that she feels good going into this challenge because she knows that she can create a cohesive look and has some good ideas for where to go with her Martian look.
In her confessional, Elliott shares that she thinks if the other queens are counting her out just because she was in the bottom two last week that they will be making a mistake.

Ru then moves on to chat with Robbie about the upcoming challenge. Robbie shows her where she is so far with her design and Ru is unimpressed. Ru goes on to tell her that the other girls are going to be gunning for the top spot in each of the challenges and that she thinks that what Robbie is doing isn't something that will stand out and that she really wants her to put her best foot forward with the challenge. Ru leaves her by stating that her last construction challenge landed her in the bottom three and that she really wants to see growth from that challenge in regard to what she does with this ball. Robbie tells her that she is going to take that into account and really not hold anything back.

Ru moves on to chat with Jaymes. In their conversation, Ru revisits her great performance in the previous challenge and asks Jaymes if she feels any pressure to keep up the momentum. Jaymes jokes about how she is in a constant state of fight or flight and goes on to joke around and makes Ru cackle. Jaymes then mentions that she has always created looks for herself so she feels like she can do something really strong with this challenge and shares some of her ideas with Ru. Ru tells her that she is really looking forward to seeing what more Jaymes will do, especially in this challenge.

Ru is finally shown chatting with Jade about this challenge. Ru tells Jade that she hasn't been in the top so far and asks her what she plans to do with this challenge to change that. Jade tells her that it is something that she has been thinking about and that she knows it is still early in the competition but that she is planning to really wow the judges this week. Ru asks her specifically how she plans to do this, to which Jade doesn't really have an answer. Ru tells her that she wants her to not get too in her head and that when she realized how talented she is then everything else will fall into place.
In her confessional, Jade mentions that she can't help but really focus on slaying the challenge and that she won't apologize for that.

As the queens are getting ready for the main stage presentations, Robbie and Rock have another disagreement after Kandy asks the group how they all feel about the looks that they have created. Robbie mentions that there is a clear look where a queen doesn't understand the need to edit and makes eyes over towards Rock. When Rock responds, Robbie just mentions that she is being real and telling her what everyone else is thinking.

RuPaul takes to the runway and welcomes everyone to the main stage and introduces the guest judges Logan Browning and Tisha Campbell-Martin. She explains that for this week's challenge the queens were tasked with turning out three looks for the Last Ball on Earth!
The queens all begin their runway presentation with their Alaskan Winter looks. We see a lot of body looks with the queens as they show off their swimsuits. We see particularly strong looks in this category from Kandy, Monica, Kerri, Jaymes, and Orion.

The queens then turn the corners in their Miami Summer looks. The queens all bundle up with their furry winter-themed looks. We see particularly strong looks from Monica, Jan, Kerri, Jaymes, and Orion.

The queens all walk the runway in their galactic-inspired constructed looks.
RuPaul announces that Kandy Muse, Marcia Marcia Marcia, Jan, Kerri Colby and Elliott with 2 Ts are all safe and that they may return backstage to untuck.

The critiques then begin.
Michelle starts with Monica and tells her that she really stepped up this week. She tells her that unlike the other queens she felt that she had some of the biggest makeup changes with her looks and that each of her looks were well fitted and proved her strong taste level. Logan Browning agrees and tells her that she thinks she is so pretty to look at and that she loved watching what she did on the runway.

Ross moves on to Rock and tells her that he had higher hopes for what she was going to bring to the runway. He tells her that she is such an imaginative queen but that each of her looks were too predictable and none of them were actually well fitted. He goes on to add that her final look seemed to be all over the place and needed to be edited. Logan Browning tells her that she was confused with her final look because she didn't see it as Martian and that there were just too many pieces to it.

Michelle then talks to Jaymes and tells her she was her favorite of the night. She tells her that she can tell that Jaymes gets deep into character when she hits the runway and she connected with the characters that she displayed on top of the fact that the looks were all homeruns. Tisha Campbell-Martin agrees and adds that she thinks that she knows who she is as a queen and definitely knows how to portray it through a look and that she loved everything she did on the runway.

Ross then talks with Robbie and tells her that she wasn't at the top of her game with this challenge. He adds that her constructed look was a safe thought that wasn't even well made. Logan Browning tells her that she had an issue with the wigs that she chose to wear. She gives her feedback to think about her look from the heel of her shoe all the way to the wig she puts on her head.

Ross tells Orion that he loves the way she styles her looks and that the other girls should take note of this. He tells her that each of her runway looks are a story and that all he wants to do is read it. Tisha Campbell-Martin gushes over how beautiful she thinks Orion is. She goes on to tell her that she couldn't take her eyes off of her and that she thinks that the look she made was so well tailored that it almost looks bought.

Michelle ends the critiques with Jade and tells her she really wanted to enjoy her runways but that there was a something missing from each of them. She goes on to say that she doesn't want her to fade into the background but that she just didn't stack up to her competitors this week for her. Tisha Campbell-Martin tells her that she agrees with Michelle in that she didn't find Jade to be particularly memorable and that if she wants to be a superstar she is going to have to wear her talent on her sleeve and that she didn't see her doing that tonight.

Ru then sends the queens to the back while the judges deliberate.
The queens return from untucking backstage.

RuPaul then goes on to announce her decisions.

She announces that....

Processing img qcoi56rh524b1...
Jaymes Mansfield is the winner of the challenge!

Processing img 9npyb9yg524b1...
Jaymes celebrates her win and goes on to say that she hopes the other queens start to realize that she is a threat and that they should take her seriously.

RuPaul tells Monica and Orion that they both did a great job as well and that all three queens can step to the back.

She then speaks to Rock, Jade and Robbie.

She announces that Jade is safe. She thanks the judges and walks to the back to join the other queens.

Robbie Turner and Rock M Sakura are in the bottom two and up for elimination. Both queens look determinedly towards the judges.

Processing img 52dazy6b524b1...

Processing img 97sox1k7524b1...
Rock mentions that she is devastated she is up for elimination but that if there was anyone that she wanted to send home it would be Robbie.

Processing img hwjdq2k6524b1...
Robbie states that it is likely karma that brought her to be up against Rock in this lip sync but that won't end well for Rock because she isn't going anywhere.

RuPaul announces that the time has come for them to lip sync for their lives. They had to prepare a lip-sync performance to the song Pound the Alarm by Nicki Minaj.

Good luck and don't FUCK it up!

The lip-sync is entertaining. Both queens put their frustrations with one another into their performance and really turn up the heat. Rock goes between being comedic in her performance to being sexy and fierce. Robbie builds with the energy of the song and gets a lot of laughs from her interpretation of the song. Rock's garment is shedding pieces all over the stage and Robbie uses it as a gag in her performance.

The lip sync ends and RuPaul announces...

Robbie Turner... shantay you stay

Rock M Sakura... sashay away

The queens clap for Rock as she departs the main stage and delivers her exit line.

10 Queens Remain...


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2023.06.10 06:10 finlefree Update: I(46m) got into a discussion with my gf(45f) that led to a huge fight. Now she says if I don't change the way I think she's gone

Here he the original post for context:
I got so many supportive comments on the original post and I can't begin to tell you all what it meant to me. Believe it or not it made the break up a little less traumatic knowing I had a few thousand people behind me (even if they were all strangers). So thank you to all of you. I also got quite a few requests for updates and a lot has happened in the last few weeks since the brake up so I thought I would share for those who care to know.
So the gf (now "ex" gf which she will be referred to as from this point on) was calling me constantly over the next week. It was bordering on harassment. She would apologize over and over and say that she loved me and no longer felt like I raped her and she just wanted to be with me again, etc. I told her repeatedly that while I wished her no ill will, I just felt like we weren't meant to be and she would be better off finding someone less rapey than me. (ok I was harboring a little resentment that may have come off a tad immature at times).
At one point I told my daughter (28f and not from the ex) everything about the break up and what she said about me raping her at the wedding.
If I may digress a little for just a moment, I would like to explain. My daughter was born when I was 17. I pretty much raised her on my own. Her mom was very flakey and was rarely around. But in all fairness, she was only 18 so she was just young and not ready for a child. Not that I was anymore ready, but I knew somebody had to be the parent. So I think because we were so close in age, my daughter and I have a very close bond. We pretty much tell each other everything and no subject is off limits. For example, I was the first person she told when she gave her 1st blow job and then again when she lost her virginity. How many daughters do that?
Because we are so close, my daughter has always been very protective of me. I didn't introduce her to most of the women I dated while she was growing up but the couple that became serious relationships she met and let's just say she wasn't very warm and welcoming to these women. But she was older when I got with my ex and while my daughter was not the most friendly to her upon meeting her, eventually they became pretty tight.
So after telling my daughter all about it (in hindsite it may have not been the smartest move I've ever made) she became so angry that she called my ex (I didn't know she did this nor did I condone it. But how could I be angry with her for standing up for her old man?) She offered to arrange my ex's face for cheaper than a plastic surgeon would and also to remove any teeth to prevent any toothaches she may get in the future. Although she wasn't quite that polite about it if you smell what I'm stepping in.
So my kid and I were sitting on my couch having a couple beers and shooting the shit when the cops knocked on my door. The ex called them and reported my daughter for threatening her. They charged her with a misdemeanor for the threats but they didn't arrest her or put her in jail. Needless to say she wanted to make a visit to my ex after that but I was able to talk a little sense into her.
Later that same night I got another call from my ex with more of the crying and the "I'm sorries" and she wanted to just forget everything that has happened and she no longer feels like I raped her and she just wanted us to be together again. She asked if she could come over to talk and she alluded to us having sex, I guess thinking I am just a dumb ass man and the offer of sex would have me forget that she accused me of rape and tried to have my daughter arrested. (And yes I know my kid should not have threatened her but I don't care. That's my kid and right or wrong I've always got her back).
I told the ex that I was not interested in talking nor was I ever going to be sticking my dick in any of her holes ever again. (I'm sorry for the crudeness but that's the way I talk in real life and especially when I'm angry). I asked her to please stop calling me and just let me live my life in peace.
I hoped that would be the end of it but as we all know, hope springs eternal but was not to be my luck. At about 3 am I awoke to something that normally I quite enjoyed waking up to but this night I was not pleased. She had broke into my pad (well she didn't really break in. I forgot to get her key from her when she moved out so she let herself in) and knowing that I always sleep naked, she came into my room and was sucking my dick.
Like I said, normally that would have been awesome but this time I was infuriated. I started screaming at her to get the fuck out of my house before I call the cops on her like she did my daughter. It was actually the closest I've ever come to hitting a woman. I'm proud to say that I was able to hold my composure enough to keep myself from doing it as I have taught my daughter from the time she was 5 years old that she NEVER allows a man to put his hands on her more than once. If a man ever hits her she should find away to get away from him and come find me and I'll take care of it from there. So I could never allow myself to be the one to hit a woman. I would never want my kid to think I was a hypocrite and that is the only reason she didn't get punched in her teeth.
She started crying and begging me to please talk to her so I'm ashamed to say I did grab her by the arm and walk her out of my room to the front door only to find some friend of hers sitting on my couch. I guess the ex's car was not running so she got a ride from this friend. So now I'm standing in my living room, stark naked, yelling for them to get the fuck out of my house. Which woke up my daughter, who was sleeping in the spare room because she had too much to drink and I didn't want her driving.
My daughter comes out of the room with a baseball bat because she didn't know who I was yelling at and she thought we were getting robbed. When she saw who I was yelling at she actually tried going after the ex and her friend but I was able to stop her and got her to go into the bedroom so as to not have to see her old man in that state. I ordered my ex to get the fuck out and told her I better never hear from her again.
Next morning I have off from work so my daughter and I are eating breakfast and talking about going to get new locks for my house later when I get a knock at my door. My daughter answered it and low and behold it is 2 detectives. My ex apparently was now trying to have me arrested for raping her. I couldn't believe it. Well, I guess I could believe it, but it was still a shock none the less.
They said that she had called and told them she wanted to report me that I raped her and that it was regarding an incident in a hotel room after attending a wedding and they were there to ask me some questions.
Now believe me when I tell you that I'm not a man that just readily cries in front of people, much less total strangers. But for some reason that I couldn't explain, I just started crying. I wasn't balling like a little girl or anything but there were for sure tears in my eyes, and I was unable to hold them back. Being about as embarrassed and ashamed as a man can be I excused myself to the bathroom. I pulled myself together and washed my face. I gave myself a stern talking to about crying like a pussy in front of total strangers. And I started heading back out to the living room. I got as far as the hallway when I heard my daughter, half yelling, obviously crying herself, telling the detectives basically what a bitch my ex is and that I didn't rape her that we were just drunk and had sex and it was my ex that initiated it in the first place.
I walked back into the living room, tears and blubbering behind me and told my kid that I would handle my business from here and to please excuse herself to the bedroom.
Once she had left the room the female detective asked me if that was really what had happened and I told her it was. They thanked me for my time and they left. A few hours later my phone rings and it is the same female detective. She told me that they went to my ex's and asked her to go further into detail about what happened. They asked her were we both drinking and she admitted that we were. They asked her had I forced myself on her while she told me no and surprisingly she told them no, that she was in fact the one who initiated the sex. The detective then asked her if she was the one that initiated it then how exactly was it that she was feeling like I raped her. She said that she was drunk and a woman cannot consent to sex while she is drunk so if a man has sex with her then that is rape.
The detective said she had to keep herself from laughing out loud. She then told my ex that she didn't know where she was getting her info from but she explained that it is illegal for somebody to have sex with another person if that person is so intoxicated that they are unconscious, or just unable to effectively consent or deny consent. She said that what happened between her and I was nothing more than two people having consensual drunk sex and if she wanted to be technical about it, since my ex is the one that initiated the sex, consent wouldn't even fall to her. It would fall to me and so if anybody was committing rape in that situation it would have been her, not me. But the fact is nobody raped anyone.
Then the detective said my ex got huffy and asked her how could she possibly have been the one committing rape since not only was I the man, but I had an erection and a man cannot be considered raped if he has an erection during the act .
The detective told her that she wasn't sure where my ex was getting her information from, but that she was wrong in every thing that she was saying and that she should be a little more careful about making police reports and spouting off what essentially equates to nonsense because she could have done some serious damage to somebody else's life under the right circumstances.
I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to hear all that stuff that this detective was telling me. I really wish I could have been there to see my ex's face when she was informed of all this, although I know that is just childish and petty on my part.
Then the detective said something else that I was not expecting. She told me that my daughter had told her about the night before when I woke up to the ex sucking my dick. She asked me if it was true and I said yes. The detective told me that if I wanted to, I could report that as a sexual assault and she would be arrested. They would probably just release her on her own recognizance, but she would still have to go to court and if found guilty she would have to register as a sex offender.
I couldn't believe it. I really thought about it, but I have no desire to ruin my ex's life. I just want her out of mine. But you can bet I had fun telling my ex what the detective told me and I used it to tell my ex if she ever contacts me again that I would do it. And also, she needed to have the charges on my kid dropped. But if she did that, had the charges dropped and then never contacted me again, I would not report her for sexual assault. She agreed. And I can't be happier .
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2023.06.10 06:10 Reddd0o Need help on deciding to buy manga

Hello! I remember watching sailor moon as a kid early in the mornings. I just recently got into buying the mangas and currently have 1-6 volumes of the kodansha comics version 2011. I know i need to get 7-12 if i want to complete the set but should i also pickup others like codename: sailor V, short stories, and what about the sailormoon super s manga?
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2023.06.10 06:10 OutlandishnessLive92 Biochemistry and Ophthal Notes for University Exams

Biochemistry and Ophthal Notes for University Exams
Hi everyone! I currently have PDFs of handwritten notes for biochemistry and typed notes for ophthalmology that I have prepared.
Sources - Rafi, Vasudevan
Topics- - Vitamins - Iron Metabolism - Biological Oxidation - Hormones & Insulin - Enzymes - Hemoglobin - Carbohydrate Metabolism - Lipids - Lipid Metabolism - Amino acid Metabolism - Water & Electrolytes - Nucleotides & Nucleic Acids - Nucleotide Metabolism - DNA Metabolism - RNA Metabolism - Protein Biosynthesis - Gene Regulation - Recombinant DNA Technology - Molecular Biology Techniques - Biochemical Techniques - ROS & Antioxidants - Biochemical Genetics - Immunochemistry - Environmental Pollutants and Toxins - Human Genome Project and Bioinformatics - Gene therapy - Organ Function Tests - Biochemistry of Cancer - Minerals - Integration of Metabolism - Metabolism of Xenobiotics
Price - Rs. 1,200 Metabolism package - Rs. 800
Sources - Parsons, Khurana, Renu Jogi
Chapters covered - - Conjunctiva - Glaucoma - Lens - Retina
Price - Rs. 300
DM to purchase!
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2023.06.10 06:08 aander544 Help with not being able to connect to matches, requiring pw no

Help with not being able to connect to matches, requiring pw no
I can’t get into matches and I’ve reset internet, disabled firewall, disabled anti virus, made FACEIT anti virus rule. Not sure what else I can do. Anyone know about this error. It says
“Server using public lobbies, requiring pw no, lobby id ffffffff” I’ll show picture of console
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