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Bleach Art

2018.01.18 18:34 Onlyhereforthelaughs Bleach Art

A place for bleach art of all kinds. Shirts, shoes, hoodies, jeans, bedsheets, whatever.

2023.06.10 06:12 dinoG0rawr I got the best compliment on my collection today

I got the best compliment on my collection today
There is an upscale vintage shop near me that has some affordable smaller items, but also expensive (and tbh fairly priced) large items like MCM furniture sets, TV’s, the nicer stuff that’s harder to find. A friend of mine who is a glass blower saw this pic of my collection and said “Wow…is this (insert shop name here)?” I said “No this is my personal collection but thank you for that incredible compliment.”
I put so much work into the layout and each new piece is thoughtfully added. Hope you all like it as well.
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2023.06.10 06:11 Thunderjake Is outrider escort once per turn army wide or per unit?

Is it just me or does this read as if multiple separate units could use this ability during your opponent's shooting phase (ie an attack bike and an invader ATV both separately triggering this when a unit near them is targeted).
Outrider Escort: Once per turn, in your opponent’s Shooting phase, when a friendly Adeptus Astartes Mounted unit within 6" of this unit is selected as the target of an attack, this unit can use this ability. If it does, after that enemy unit has finished making its attacks, this unit can shoot as if it were your Shooting phase, but when resolving those attacks it can only target that enemy unit (and only if it is an eligible target).
Look at the Rites of Battle ability for comparison:
Once per battle round, one unit from your army with this ability can be targeted by a Stratagem for 0CP, even if another unit from your army has already been targeted by that Stratagem this phase.
Based on how this is worded could you set up your units in your movement/deployment phase to trigger this ability multiple times if you set everything up properly within the 6inch range?
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2023.06.10 06:11 SomeGuyInShorts So lost, honestly don't know if I can stop

I am 27M. I have been addicted to porn for longer than I can remember. Used to, I would be able to stop for weeks or months at a time, before relapsing. I was still struggling, but overcoming. But the past year has been brutal. I haven't gone for more than a week without relapsing. I have plenty of excuses, life has NOT been good to me in the past year. But in the end none of them matter. I still chose to relapse. Last week I took a trip by myself to get out of the house and away from my triggers. It was amazing. I spent almost the entire week outside, reading my Bible and praying. I came back feeling so recharged and refreshed in every possible way. But as soon as I got back home, the temptations started. I did everything I could to fight them. I went for walks. I read. I played a video game. And I prayed, nearly constantly. Anything to get my mind elsewhere. But I eventually fell. And the past 2 days have been the worst I've had in years. All of my studying and praying were for nothing. The "growth" and "progress" I made were a complete illusion. I'm just as weak as ever. I've been praying so hard for forgiveness and strength, but in the back of my mind, that voice is always there saying "after you're done, your phone's in the other room. Go get it." Then you know the rest. I want a real family. A real relationship. I know I shouldn't have one now, this porn addiction has too strong a hold on me. I know that I probably will never been good enough to be married. And that just drives me further into this sin. I don't know what to do.
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2023.06.10 06:10 catfarmer1998 Are all “MyEyeDr” locations the same?

I am wondering if each “MyEyeDr” office offers the same services? Or do some differ. I have an appointment with one of the three offices near me and I am looking to have the optomap retinal imaging testing done. However, the office I have the MyEyeDr exam with is not listed on the optomap “find a location” website doesn’t list the clinic my appointment is at. I am curious because the MyEyeDr website talks about retinal imaging (without mentioning optomap by name). I am wondering if I should reschedule to a clinic on the optomap map. I need yo have the testing done as part of my exam because I am a diabetic and need the retinal imaging or the dilation and I hate dilation, so retinal imaging is preferred. Thank you!
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2023.06.10 06:10 Aggravating-Animal20 ‘23 Hybrid Sport w/o BSI. Thoughts on how this would impact residuals?

Flirting with the idea of doing the Sport w/o BSI trim. I figured I could pop some blind spot mirrors on them, and that I’d also have more leverage in negotiating. Where I’m at in SoCal, no markups at the dealers near me. Concerned about residuals tho. What do you think?
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2023.06.10 06:10 NoSoupFourYu 43 [M4F] Michigan/Anywhere - Still searching for a pleasant distraction

Like a lot of others, I am married with kids, and it isn’t quite all hunky-dory… especially the last few months. I work from home (for years, well before the pandemic) and I am not always busy. That leaves a lot of time for me to be stuck in my own head, so I am looking for a friend who can provide a long-term distraction, both during and outside of work hours. I am not really looking to rant. I prefer chatting with someone creative, as maybe that will jumpstart a part of me that I feel I have lost.
About me… I love basketball and have season tickets to the local pro team (even though that causes me loads of heartache). I like exercise, long walks, food, TV, movies, and baseball on a nice day. I am often too sarcastic for my own good.
If you are in a similar situation or possibly share some interests, please feel free to reach out. If you are near Detroit, maybe we can even hang out.
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2023.06.10 06:09 invesigator_gator Has anyone who majored in English or Creative Writing actually benefitted from it in their career search/current career?

I just finished my first year of college and I've always been an English/Writing focused student. It's just what I love doing and learning about. The only thing is that I'm a first-gen American who goes to a very expensive school. I do get a BUNCH of fin aid, scholarship, and loans, and I've calculated a way for me to pay off all (or the majority) of my loans at the end of each year. For example, I'll likely pay off all my loans for my first year by the end of this August, hopefully. Anyway, this is all to say that I probably won't be in a bunch of debt after my four years. And with the whole, my parents are strict immigrants thing, there's a huge expectation that I must be incredibly successful coming out of school. My mom has also expressed that she wants me to be with or near her in her old age, which is something I actually want to do, so I feel like I should be making good money to support her.
I've been thinking about doing a double major - Computer Science and Creative Writing. I figured I could enter the gaming industry (?) or some other tech industry that values storytelling and just go from there. Is this a good plan, or should I drop CW and just focus on CS? I love math as well, so the problem-solving aspect of CS gives me a bit of joy, just not as much. Is anyone in the gaming or similar tech industries with an English or Creative Writing major that can offer me some insight or advice?
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2023.06.10 06:09 HaykakanTxa Daily News Report: 6/9/2023

Date: 06/09/2023
Reading time: 8 minutes, 1721 words

Azerbaijan opens fire on the vehicle transporting Armenian servicemen. the Armenian side has no losses

Azerbaijani units opened fire on the vehicle transporting servicemen of the Armenian Armed Forces in the direction of Kakhakn. The Armenian side has no losses.

Azerbaijani forces violate ceasefire, target tractor in Artsakh

Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire on the eastern and northern direction of the line of contact using small arms, Artsakh’s Defense Ministry reports. No casualties are reported from the Armenian side.
ArmRadio, Azerbaijani forces target Armenian military vehicle

Toivo Klaar, Jeyhun Bayramov discuss the process of normalization of Armenian-Azerbaijani relations

EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus, Toivo Klaar, met with Azerbaijan's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jeyhun Bayramov, in Baku. The meeting discussed the settlement of Armenian-Azerbaijani relations, the current state of negotiations with the participation of international partners, including the European Union.

Putin proposes to consider the introduction of common standards of education in EAEU and CIS countries

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to think about introducing common principles and standards of education in EAEU and CIS countries. Putin: "We just need to build on the foundations of our education system, but look forward"

For the first time, an Armenian candidate will take part in the elections of the Luxembourg communal council

An Armenian candidate will take part in the elections of the Luxembourg council to be held on June 11. Tatev Manukyan was nominated by "Fokus" party. More than 50 percent of people living in Luxembourg are not citizens of the country.

Suspect in attempted kidnapping of Pashinyan’s son found guilty, judge orders suspended sentence

Gayane Hakobyan is suspected of attempting to kidnap Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s son. The mother of an Armenian soldier killed in the Second Nagorno Karabakh War was found guilty and given a 4-year suspended sentence. She was released from pre-trial detention.
Armenpress, Suspect in attempted kidnapping of Pashinyan’s son fires lawyers amid trial

No one questions Armenia’s sovereignty – Russian Deputy PM on results of trilateral task force meeting on unblocking

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexey Overchuk has commented on the results of the trilateral session on regional connections unblocking. Overchuk emphasized that Armenia’s sovereignty is not being questioned by anyone. The Russian Deputy PM said that all parties want a speedy launch.
Armenpress, "No one questions the sovereignty of Armenia". Overchuk on unblocking

Pashinyan, Putin to meet in Sochi – TASS

Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. Putin will also meet other CIS and EEU leaders who are in Sochi for the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council meeting.
Armenpress, Pashinyan will meet with Putin

Resolution condemning blockade of Artsakh introduced in U.S. Senate

Senators Alex Padilla (D-Calif.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) introduced a bipartisan Senate resolution condemning Azerbaijan for its blockade of the Lachin Corridor. The resolution was also introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr.

Situation in the zone of responsibility of Russian peacekeepers remains tense, Pashinyan tells Putin

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi. Putin and PM discuss bilateral issues and regional issues. They also discussed the situation in Nagorno Karabakh, in the zone of responsibility of the Russian peacekeepers, which continues to be tense.

Canceled meeting in Washington and new EU centers in Armenia

EU Mission to Armenia plans to open new operations centers in Armenia. Pashinyan: "No one questions Armenia's sovereignty"

Armenia ex-PM: Fantastic opportunities amid Russian sanctions

Ex-Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan believes the risk of pressure on Armenia from the West has existed and continues to exist. However, he claims, the situation has created fantastic opportunities for Armenia. Turkey, Kazakhstan, Georgia, the United Arab Emirates and Armenia are helping Russia bypass all the sanctions, U.S. official says.

Armenia can become unique regional hub of electrical energy – Pashinyan at Eurasian Congress

Armenia can become a regional hub of electrical energy, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at the Eurasian Congress in Sochi. He noted the ‘impressive” economic growth of Armenia. Armenia's exports grew 77,7% in 2022, while exports to EEU countries tripled.
Armenpress, Armenia can become a regional electricity hub – PM

Monthly non-oil export from Iran to Armenia up 144%

The value of Iran’s non-oil export to Armenia increased by 144 percent in the first month of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21-April 20) Iran exported commodities worth $478 million to Armenia, while the figure was $294 million the previous year. Liquefied natural gas, iron and steel rods, bitumen, light oils and related products, unalloyed iron.

Departure of Russians may cause 5-10% drop in Armenia’s GDP – analyst

Russian nationals arrived in Armenia after Russia launched a war against Ukraine in February 2022. Alexei Kuznetsov, head of the Centre for Country Analysis at the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) said the departure of Russian nationals may result in 5-10% decline in Armenia’s GDP.

Armenian Prime Minister urges caution on ethical consequences of ‘extremely attractive’ future of AI

Nikol Pashinyan has described the future of artificial intelligence to be “extremely attractive” but warned that the ethical consequences must be taken into account. The Armenian PM said that AI is developing rapidly and it could transform many areas of life. He cited experts as saying that AI will become more individualized and integrated into society.

Armenian Speaker of Parliament calls for int’l pressure to prevent further aggression by Azerbaijan

Alen Simonyan presented the post-war situation and detailed issues regarding the complex situation in the region. He said Armenia is following developments taking place in the UK Parliament and the activities of all those parliamentarians who demonstrated the level of perception of the situation in our region after the 2020 war.

Russia is becoming hostage to Turkey and Azerbaijan

Georgi Derluguian, Professor of Historical Sociology at New York University Abu Dhabi, sits down with CivilNet Editor-in-Chief Karen Harutyunyan to talk about recent developments in Armenia’s wider geopolitical region and their repercussions in the South Caucasus.

Armenia’s TUMO Labs makes it to the final of 2023 ETF Green Skills Award

Armenia's TUMO Labs has made it to the final of the 2023 ETF Green Skills Award. The European Training Foundation unveiled the ten finalists on Thursday. The award recognizes initiatives at the forefront of driving the transition towards a sustainable and green future.

Armenia-Azerbaijan discussed at Turkey’s first post-election Security Council meeting

Armenia-Azerbaijan relations were among the items on agenda in the first post-election meeting of the Turkish Security Council. Turkey discussed the crises in Syria, Kosovo and Sudan, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and Syrian refugees.

Ajax officially contact FC Krasnodar for Armenian midfielder Eduard Spertsyan

Eduard Spertsyan scored 14 times and provided the same number of assists in 40 games for FK Krasnodar this season. The estimated transfer fee is nine million euros, according to a source.

Armenian Ambassador briefs OAS Secretary General on security situation in the region

Armenia’s Ambassador to the US Lilit Makunts met with Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) The Ambassador briefed Mr. Almagra on the security situation in Armenia and in

Catholicos of All Armenians wishes speedy recovery to Pope Francis

His Holiness Karekin II wishes Pope Francis a speedy recovery. Pope Francis underwent abdominal surgery earlier this week without complications. The 86-year-old is expected to stay in hospital for several days to recover.

Explainer: Jerusalem’s Armenians rally against ‘fraudulent’ land deal

A quarter of Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter has been built on a plot to build a luxury hotel. The land deal has been in dispute for nearly a century. The deal is expected to last until the end of the decade, when it comes to an end.

Young Armenian chess players win Youth Championship medals

Robert Piliposyan won gold at the World U16 Rapid Chess Championship. Tyhran Ambartsumianm snatched bronze medal at World U12 Rapid Chess championship. Aleks Sahakyan and Mariam Khachatryan are also among the prize winners.

EU envoy travels to Baku after Yerevan

Designated EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus and the Crisis in Georgia Toivo Klaar has traveled to Baku after visiting Armenia. The two discussed the implementation of the agreements reached in Brussels and Chişinău.

Pan-Armenian Games participation bids quadrupled for 2023

The 8th Pan-Armenian Games is scheduled to take place in August. The opening ceremony will be held in Gyumri, Armenia. The number of participants in the games has quadrupled in recent years. Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Khachatryan commended the games as an important component of Armenia’s public life.

15 medical patients were transferred from Artsakh to Armenia

15 medical patients transferred from Artsakh to Armenia today, June 9. 16 medical patients, who were referred to Armenia for treatment within the framework of the state order, returned to Artsakh with their companions. 11 children are in neonatal and resuscitation department in the medical unit. 9 patients are in the intensive care unit, 2 of them in an extremely serious condition.

Aram I: Karabakh right to self-determination can’t become subject of negotiation

Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia, His Holiness Aram I has said Artsakh's right to self-determination cannot become a subject of negotiation. “According to the international law peoples have the right for self-determination".

Putin gives timeline for deployment of nukes to Belarus

Vladimir Putin says deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus will begin as soon as adaptation work at the relevant storage facilities is completed, around the first week of July. Putin announced that Russia would place its tactical weapons in. Belarus in response to UK’s decision to provide Kiev with depleted uranium munitions.

Donations to Armenia:

Armenian Wounded Heroes
If you'd like to support me: Patreon
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2023.06.10 06:08 myxomatosiac 'Wake The World: The Friends Sessions' is a treasure trove

Being that Friends is their 'meditation' record, I found that listening to 'The Friends Sessions' from beginning to end, with headphones, was a completely meditative and transformative experience. From listening to the backing tracks, to the A Capella tracks, to the early and alternative takes. This is a collection of absolutely genius work.
Some highlights I discovered:
In conclusion, in listening to this entire Friends Sessions set from beginning to end, I felt immediately relaxed, calm, and at peace. Try it and feel the love. Thank you Beach Boys.
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2023.06.10 06:07 lekniz Choosing a regional from 3 offers

Hello! I recently got my dispatch license and have 3 job offers in hand: Ravn Alaska, Republic, and Wheels Up. I'm curious if anyone here could help me with things to consider for choosing. My main goal is to get to a major ASAP.
I'm in Atlanta, so staying here with Wheels Up is appealing, but I know they've had some financial issues recently and are Part 135. They are offering the highest pay of the three. But I am definitely concerned about how volatile it may be in the near future.
Republic seems like it might be the best path towards a major. They are offering the lowest pay, even adjusting for the low cost of living in Indianapolis. I've heard great things about their training and success of dispatchers moving on to majors though.
Ravn is appealing because I think it would be pretty sweet to be in Alaska for a bit, and they are bringing in B757s and ETOPS, which would look good on my resume. Adjusted for cost of living, the pay would be slightly above Republic, but no state income or sales tax bumps it up some more.
Any insight on working conditions, or any other consideration I'm probably forgetting, at any of these places would be much appreciated.
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2023.06.10 06:06 r4chhel i quite literally have a stalker at 17

this is like the longest post ever so, hopefully enjoy haha. but, tldr at bottom. advice wanted.
near the end of sophomore year i had a thing with a girl. long story short, it didn’t work out. i later found out that this girl, who we’ll call tilly (??lol), was also having a thing at the same time with ANOTHER girl, who we’ll call kat.
i only found out about this through kat, who messaged me only to get mad at me for it (quick reminder, had no clue this was going on. i know everyone is different but i dont believe in talking like that with multiple people at once so, if i knew that was going on i would’ve ended things myself sooner). i thought the entire thing was stupid to get mad at ME about but, i could tell she was just hurt so i tried being sympathetic, didn’t call her names or get upset with her. eventually i just told her that i wouldn’t be speaking with tilly ever again, her now girlfriend. partially out of respect for her and partially because i was mad at tilly 😑.
but i held this promise. eventually i get another text from kat, this time MUCH angrier LMAO. her acc popped up on my fyp and i swiped to her full acc, forgetting i had profile views on (terrible mistake, i about punched myself out of embarrassment). she saw me in her views and was pretty upset. asked me why i was on her acc, was much more aggressive. name calling, threatening to fight me (she quote “wanted my head”? 😏).
anyways this conversation actually ended really well, i clarified i didn’t know about her and she seemed to calm down from there. even confiding in me about how upset she was about the situation and we had a really good talk. i thought it would be over after this cause she seemed like a sweet person who was just hurt and didn’t know how to deal with it. i was very wrong.
eventually a couple months down the line i get another onslaught of seemingly random texts from her. calling me a slut and a home wrecker (you’re 16? what home?). calling me ugly, a whore, blah blah the basics. threatening pretty hard this time, i go to school on a college campus and it’s open for anyone’s entry; she planned to use this to her advantage lol. i tried very hard to be patient and refrained from calling her any names back, told her i wasn’t going to fight her, and tried talking things out. this failed LMAO
by the end of the conversation she had told me to get out of her phone (she texted me first? 😰) and said “fuck you and it’s fuck you till i die”. ngl, the idea of someone taking the thought of me to the grave is quite romantic. i just blocked her after this.
definitely thought that would be the end of it cause who is insane enough to keep going after that? kat apparently!
she contacted me on her second account! threatening to fight me again, telling me to quote “drop the addy” (giggle). i didn’t respond to it this time, at all. i was in the middle of a chem exam and rlly needed to pass. she didn’t like this and began to talk to herself about how angry she was with me from 1pm to 6pm. i blocked that account as well. but not before she got one of her friends to message me from their account, removing all the photos of them together from his account so i wouldnt know they were connected. i had already seen this guys stuff though so, i'm not an idiot LMAO. blocked that account too.
i definitely thought this would be the end. NO!!!! it had been MONTHS by now, and they were still dating so come on man arent you tired??? just have a nice relationship without bothering me. reminder, still havent spoken to tilly at ALLLLLL since the day i found out; unless it was to ask her to tell her gf to leave me alone.
it got significantly worse from this point, but its all things i cant confirm were her 100%. shes quite sneaky ngl. but, theres no one else it couldve been and all things point to her so. here we go.
first incident: after these accounts were blocked, she forged screenshots of me saying racial and homophobic slurs and SENT THEM TO MY SCHOOL!!!! my principal had to speak with me about it and my dad even came to the school. the ss forging sucked, the pfp was out of whack and way too big but, she still DID it. which i thought was literally insane.
second incident: her texting my mom. my mom is a pretty big realtor in my area. consequently, her phone number is plastered all over the place. this girl texts my mom pretending to be someone interested in buying a house. she begins the messages by saying her son knew me in middle school (????) and wanted my PHONE NUMBER so her son could reconnect with me (how sweet!). ofc my mom said she was uncomfortable with this after i said i didnt know who the hell this lady was talking about and after this the woman seized all contact with my mom. we later found out this number was FAKE!! and created through textnow. so pretty good confirmation.
most recent incident that i've been paranoid about all day haha: yesterday i received a picture of a house in my neighborhood (???) from some random burner account claiming to be someone i knew from school. i assumed they knew where i lived because it was my mom's husband's nephew (supposedly). i still thought this was suspicious, especially after they asked me to hangout (of course i said no).
this secret little account was only following 3 pages (or so i thought), all from the school that kat goes to. so, i begin interrogating this so called man named "djjwjskaka." they seemed to get pretty nervous at my questions bc things weren't adding up, eventually leading to the convo ending. i'm texting my close friend about this and they find out that its actually following 4 pages, i just couldnt see because i had it blocked. the last one is the GUY FRIEND OF KAT. WHO TRIED MESSAGING ME. TO HANG OUT. BEFORE INCIDENT 1???? blocked the hell out the account after that.
now i know that she somehow KNOWS WHERE I LIVE?? my dad said addresses arent as hard to find as i thought though so, maybe this isnt as ridiculous as i think. keep in mind, ive kept my parents completely updated throughout the YEAR this stuff has been going on. A YEAR!!! BY THE WAY!! its actually been a year and 3 months!
i was pretty freaked out about that but, no way she'd actually do something with that info lol?? wrong again.
today as im sitting in my room i hear this LOUDDDD ass banging on my window from outside. ofc i, being a goddamn scaredy cat, dont push open the curtains immediately. eventually i do, but its too late. all i see is a blue car driving off and hear loud giggling and some girl yelling "drive drive!" soooo, i go to my sister, the only other person in the house, and tell her what happened; getting on the phone with my mom right afterwards. my mom is able to confirm that the car was kat's through kat's mom's facebook, so theres that. i'm such an incredibly paranoid person and i have an anxiety disorder (woop woop) and this has been freaking me out so bad. weee even contacted the police to put it on record because theres been a ton of incidents between teenagers getting shot, stabbed, hurt really bad, in my area as of late. my mom set up a phone call with the other girl's mom tomorrow, and we have enough to press charges for harassment and stalking in my state.
look, i know to some people who deal with this stuff, my reaction is a bit ridiculous. and, maybe it is a little but, this is crazy to me. its just been going on for so long and i seriously am not a fighter. id much rather use my words and i know thats cringey but its true; i also know 100% if this girl did get physical with me i would lose badly. last thing i need is a vid of me getting my ass beat going around town, dont need any of my exes seeing that and laughing at me.
its been messing with my mental really bad as well. ive been pacing around the house making sure all curtains are closed and all doors are locked since it happened. i think its funny sometimes but atp i just genuinely want it to stop forever. getting played like an idiot was already enough, but having this girls gf come after me consistently for over a year and now coming to my house (still dk how she got my address) makes it 100000x more annoying.
hopefully this story entertained someone, but on a real note. if anyone has any advice, anyone more experienced, maybe even a parent, please. mine have been relatively supportive but, theyre stressed out about it too. i feel like a scared little kid haha, could really use a good talking to about this entire thing.
tldr: had a thing with a girl, girl was having a thing with another person at the same time (i had no idea). other person found out about this after her and said girl started dating and has been on a rampage on me ever since. sending me threats, constantly texting me after being blocked, sending forged screenshots of me saying awful things to my school's principal, finding my mom's number and pretending to be someone i knew trying to get my phone number, pretending to be someone i knew to get me to come out of my house to "hang out", and finally coming to my LITERAL house and banging on windows and shit. someone with experience pls help, could use some advice for sure. dont know what to do, been very paranoid.
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2023.06.10 06:05 PuneQuencher99 Madden 24 is so far the best madden in recent years, hear me out

So far I’m happy with the game. Could it be better? Hell yes. If it actually mattered, would this game make or break the series? It would break it. But the reality of it is, the chances of EA doing anything after this game averages a 2/5 stars are almost nonexistent and they will be until their contract with the NFL runs out.
With that being said, considering this is the only AAA licensed simulation style football game on the market, I’ll give it props where it deserves it. I do think the player animations (running, catching) so far look much better then previous iterations. There’s a decent amount of new catching animations that make the game look and feel much better then 23. The players also maneuver a little more realistically when running. When EA said that they have expanded on the FieldSense technology, I can say that they actually have.
The new additions to franchise mode help the mode out much more. Personally, I am primarily a franchise player. Aside from purchasing the game, I give EA no money or attention in MUT and I only play friends occasionally in H2H. So almost all of my time is spent in franchise mode as either a coach who’s rebuilding a team or a player. The “new” additions this year help that out and do make it feel a little bit more fun to play. (I get it, not all of the features are actually new, but they’ve been added back after years of not being there)
Now, why they haven’t incorporated dynamic tacking physics into the game yet is beyond me. I’ll never understand why they won’t do this, and I guarantee you there is more of a reason then “because EA doesn’t care”. The QB animations so far seem to be slightly better but are still nowhere near being in the game ballpark as All Pro 2k8. The ball still likes to just snap out of their hands rather then smoothly roll off the finger tips. But oh well.
Overall, the game is a minor step up from 23 and does have small redeeming enchantments. But at the end of the day, it’s by no means going to “make” the series and it’s still going to average mostly negative reviews like it has for years.
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  • ​START taking care of YOU, set boundaries, and build your business around your life
You’ll be guided through my easy-to-follow, 6-step process to learn the theory behind the pivots you’ll be making for your own businesses.
Then we’ll shift our focus to execution.
Each module has a “business assignment,” so you’ll experience wins damn-near every day you’re in there building your business.
It will all come together, one puzzle piece at a time.
You’re going to experience a massive transformation – both personally and professionally as you reposition and repackage your existing services into a high-ticket, retainer model business that will empower you to earn… or even PER MONTH with only a handful of clients that you actually LOVE working with.
But it ain’t all about the money, honey.
This is about building your LIFE first.
Because burnout happens when you are trying to fit in everything that’s truly important “when there’s time.”
(This is the miserable cycle of “fitting my life in around my business” — been there?)
What’s important for you to have more time for?
For me, it’s time with my wife, our 2 dogs, friends, mountain biking, fitness, cooking, travel, and unplugging in nature. ← All things I didn’t have time for when I was non-stop prospecting and reacting to client demands…
Listen, The Copywriter’s 6-Figure Income Sprint is no-fluff, jam-packed with value, and has literally everything you need to implement this “turn key” business plan and create your new lifestyle business earning serious money in as fast as 60 days if you apply these steps as you learn.


Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
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2023.06.10 06:02 KillingSnore The Daily Check-In for Saturday, June 10th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

We may be anonymous strangers on the internet, but we have one thing in common. We may be a world apart, but we're here together!
Welcome to the 24 hour pledge!
I'm pledging myself to not drinking today, and invite you to do the same.
Maybe you're new to /stopdrinking and have a hard time deciding what to do next. Maybe you're like me and feel you need a daily commitment or maybe you've been sober for a long time and want to inspire others.
It doesn't matter if you're still hung over from a three day bender or been sober for years, if you just woke up or have already completed a sober day. For the next 24 hours, lets not drink alcohol!
This pledge is a statement of intent. Today we don't set out trying not to drink, we make a conscious decision not to drink. It sounds simple, but all of us know it can be hard and sometimes impossible. The group can support and inspire us, yet only one person can decide if we drink today. Give that person the right mindset!
What happens if we can't keep to our pledge? We give up or try again. And since we're here in /stopdrinking, we're not ready to give up.
What this is: A simple thread where we commit to not drinking alcohol for the next 24 hours, posting to show others that they're not alone and making a pledge to ourselves. Anybody can join and participate at any time, you do not have to be a regular at /stopdrinking or have followed the pledges from the beginning.
What this isn't: A good place for a detailed introduction of yourself, directly seek advice or share lengthy stories. You'll get a more personal response in your own thread.
This post goes up at:
  • US - Night/Early Morning
  • Europe - Morning
  • Asia and Australia - Evening/Night
A link to the current Daily Check-In post can always be found near the top of the sidebar.
Hello SD! Happy Saturday.
This is my last post this week and I've been thinking about the future a lot. Every day we choose not to drink, we're shaping a better tomorrow. Quitting alcohol isn't just about stopping a habit, it's about redefining ourselves and deciding who we want to be.
Sure, there are tough days. There are times we mess up, get knocked down, and feel the raw pain of trying to change. That's okay. It's part of this journey. We acknowledge the struggle, get back up, learn from it, and keep going.
One of the greatest things about this path we're on is the chance to start fresh each day. Every morning offers a new opportunity to make progress, to heal, to grow. And yes, like I've said all week, it's hard. It can be really hard. But every day, it gets a little bit easier.
A powerful reminder that we're not alone in this journey is the activity on our subreddit. Since my last check-in, there have been 185 individual posts (as of the time of writing), with a staggering 6475 combined upvotes and comments. That's a lot of support, a lot of shared experiences, a lot of solidarity.
Your posts matter.
Your support matters.
You matter.
Keep going, keep trying, keep healing. Remember, it's hard, but it gets easier. It really does.
And as a reminder, if you have 30+ days sober and you'd like to host the DCI, reach out to SaintHomer and he’ll get you set up!
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2023.06.10 06:02 rando999555 Can sv transmit via talking or laughing?

Me again. Wedding was a success. But of course I had to take a solo shot very close to the bride. And now I'm freaking out. She was tu in the morning still. Didn't brush her teeth again. And in the afternoon she was talking and laughing near me. Like inches away. Can it travel through air droplets? am i screwed?
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2023.06.10 06:02 theConsummateProf 23M looking for some more friends

Hello everyone, it’s your 23 year old superhero loving, video game playing, movie buff, Star Wars fanatic, TV watching, music enjoying, guitar playing, software engineer for rocket test flight simulations at NASA coming in to ask if you guys would like some friendship! I’m a huge fan of both Spiderman and Batman and can wax poetic about both of their histories. I’m currently doing a play-through of both a heavily modded Skyrim and the insomniac Spiderman game. I’m also a pretty massive fan of Smash Ultimate (King K Rool main idc). I’ve seen a bunch of movies in my time, this list includes but is not limited to: Sorry to Bother You, Inception, EEAAO, Inside Llewen Davis, There Will Be Blood, No Country for Old Men, The Truman Show, The Whale, and your standard MCU stuff (I haven’t seen guardians 3 yet). I’m also a huge TV consumer having seen Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, The Office, Community, Succession, Parks and Rec, Veep, The Good Place, Curb Your Enthusiasm. I also am a huge fan of rock, mostly stuff like The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, White Stripes, Nirvana, RATM, The Beatles. I also like more contemporary stuff like The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino and Lil Nas X. I’m also currently learning a lot about guitar and can play piano pretty damn well if I do say so myself. So hit me up! Let’s either bond over mutual interests, or share some of your own to broaden my horizons!
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2023.06.10 06:00 alexj2524 how do i know if my cat isn’t maturing properly?

my cat, brick (female; around a year old) doesn’t seem to know how to jump. she is just an indoor cat and only stays in my room due to other animals in the home not being neutered or friendly enough to be around. my bed isn’t too far off the ground and i have a window and other furniture that she could jump on, which i kind of expected her to since my room is not very big( small enough to where i think they would get bored and try to jump onto and mess with different things).
this only started to stick out to me when i adopted my second cat, lapis (also female, she’s around 6 months old). almost immediately lapis started climbing and slowing learning to jump up onto things. my bed, the toilet, up into the closet, etc. brick started jumping up onto the toilet too, but that’s where it stopped for her.
about a month or two ago lapis also started to jump up into my window with no issue at all. it took a couple weeks but brick started to get curious and she is now more interested in going into the window. except, she won’t jump. she stretches out onto the wall and reaches up to my curtains to climb her way up and sit in my window. no matter how many times she’s seen lapis jump up into it, or whenever i help and her show her it’s safe and okay, she will not jump.
i will say that bricks back paws have always been sensitive. she doesn’t like them touched much and her nails have always had almost a black junk around the base of them. kind of like the consistency of cat ear wax but it looks like dried blood?? the vet has never said anything about it and no one has told me it’s a bad thing but it’s the only strange/off thing that would make me think her back paws are sensitive? im just not able to tell if it’s just what kind of cat she is, or if it’s an issue that needs to be addressed/concerning. she and lapis are the first cats i’ve raised by myself and it’s the only physical difference between them given they are both pretty healthy animals. i could just be a helicopter mom when it comes to my babies, but i figured i’d reach out. thanks guys!
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2023.06.10 06:00 Go-Speed-Go Can somebody just be unlucky?

I really got into poker in the November of 2022.
I started watching all the PCAs, WSOPs, was watching videos from Johnathan Little and other poker youtubers.
Then I start playing on wsop and I feel like I do a good job. When I play cash games I play very low stakes cause im just a 22 year old newbie but I do well. If I play at a 10 dollar table ill usually leave with 20 or more.
But the real fun I have is tournaments, since that's what I'm use to studying and watching.
I just can't win though. I can stay in first or near first more the tournament (mind you im playing tournaments with buy ins ranging from $2.10-$50) and I play multiple tournmanets a week.
Last week my big session I lost every all in 11/11 times.
Today I have lost 16/16 all ins.
Its crazy, I would day 50 percent or more of the time I shove, I have the hand thats favorite to win. 25% is a semi-bluff with good odds of taking the lead and 25% are straight bluffs.
When my buddies watch me they say im playing fine, I buy the poker test and it says im getting an average of 85% of more questions and scenarios right.
Can I just be unlucky or am I just applying what I've been taught wrong.
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2023.06.10 05:59 axolottadamage Can we take a second to appreciate the boys for opening up this episode? (Potentially triggering content)

I would find it super difficult to openly talk about issues such as the ones they mentioned but hearing them discuss it plainly and without like mocking jokes was so refreshing.
In my own experience, I don’t have children but my youngest brother nearly killed my mother when he was born. His own condition was also unstable but in my mind (I was 9/10 yrs old) that didn’t matter the only thing I could focus on was my mom. It’s been way over a decade now and they’re both fine now but up until maybe he was 7-9 months old I truly resented him and it was completely unfair of me. It’s weird looking back because I love him and I can’t possibly imagine feeling that now. This probably is oversharing a bit so I’m sorry for that and it’s nowhere near Bob’s situation but I wanted to offer a bit of relatedness.
Anyways yeah just wanted to keep the openness going and thank the boys ❤️
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2023.06.10 05:58 Late-Loan-8772 New building taking shape near Albertsons, (Royal) anyone know what it's is!!?

There is a newer building finally being developed near the Albertsons off Royal, I'm really curious to find out what it is! I'm hoping for a restaurant or coffee shop!!! Can anyone tell me? Thanks
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2023.06.10 05:58 itsyaboivatzie Every child deserves a father. Not every father deserves a child.

TW: Domestic Violence
I talked to my dad for the first time in like, 8 months. I rarely call him about things other than to keep the peace between him and my mother. He and my mom were and always have been in an insanely domestically violent relationship and I was exposed to that as a kid. I also recieved physical abuse from him and a sexual abuse incident when he was on prescription pain killers for his back surgery.
Its weird though. When I moved out, he sort of just..turned a weird new leaf. Hes still a narcissist, but he's been living fairly peacefully with my mom now. I didn't talk to him for 2 years after I moved and my mom told me he sobbed about it nearly every day.
I called him just tonight and idk why. I saw a drum set I really wanted and wanted his opinion on it. He taught me drums as a kid.
It hurts a little. I want desperately to have a father but I will never fully be able to shake the abuse. Yet if he died, I would still be sad. Not because he died but because I never had an actual father.
Hes different now. When hes not around my mom, they're fine. Completely different people. They're in the process of splitting up and honestly their lives are better off being split than together.
It just feels weird. My father put me through hell and back. I have quite literally seen the devil in this man's eyes.
Yet why do I feel any kind of mercy for him? He's old now. His hips are bad. He's getting a bit of dementia too. Never saved enough to retire so the responsibility falls on me and his friends. Hes frail now, quieter, stands lower. When I first saw him after 2 years I was surprised how hard age hit him during that time. I'm surprised now to see it 2 years later.
I want to move on. To have a father. To enjoy the years he has left separately to save some sort of semblance of the relationship we could have had if he just worked on himself.
But I'm just left feeling confused, conflicted and teary eyed. I don't know what to do.
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2023.06.10 05:55 Hopelesslyinlove2424 I’m happily Married over 20 years, I think I’m falling in love with my BFF.

I’ve been with my husband over 20 years your average happily married couple, a few speed bumps, nothing major, high school sweethearts monogamous….
Now enters my BFF, I have known her an equal number of years, also kind hearted I believe straight.
Over the years both of these people have been involved in major parts of my life. Marriage, graduation, births (kids the same age) , loses of family, lose of pregnancy and ultimately loss of children. It may have been my near death experience that they both dealt with (separately) a couple of years ago, or just the highs and lows we all have dealt with over the years that I have fallen in love with her.
The last few weeks my husband and my I have been discussing of opening our lives to someone else… This is when i opened up to him about my hidden feelings for her. I think he’s always known that I have feelings for her “I love her” and it’s not necessarily in a bi-way.
I have had these feelings since I almost died three years ago I woke up after being etxthubated with her in tears next to my mom. Now all I think about is how much I love her.
I want a polyamorous relationship with her and my husband as I love them equally. I often fantasize of all of us together, me I would be content to cuddle In bed all day long. But I would want both of them happy as well…
I’m scared of telling her possibly being embarrassed, or her repulsed by my feelings and ultimately loosing my friendship( honestly I don’t think that will happen). She has been divorced for awhile and I am unsure of her dating dynamics. I’m scared if I don’t tell her that I nor her how I feel. will ever know my true feelings. Ultimately even if she thinks I’m crazy and remains my friend I hope she realizes how much I care for her and her over all happiness.
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