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2023.06.10 06:30 FourDrunkMoms Quick question about Taylor's previous man eater image

What's the general consensus on this? Did this whole persona she had going for a while come about because it was an easy way to steer people away from the queer rumors?
I mean surely she can't possibly be queer if there always a man around right... RIGHT?!?
Please know that what I said above is very sarcastic because bisexual people obviously exist but to the general public if there's a man it's completely inconceivable that she would always like women and date them privately
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2023.06.10 06:30 gnarlymedrano Housing advice

Hello I'm a transfer student (F23) for Fall 2023 and was looking at on-campus housing; however the most I can afford is the Redwood Grove apartments (my dad really prefers I get on campus housing). I know housing seems to be quite competitive and was wondering if there was little to no chance of even getting this specific housing since they seem to be a smaller "dorm" than most. If that's the case, I'm not sure how to go about finding housing off-campus and would really like some advice as I have no friends to ask alongside being the first in my family to go to uni. I've joined one facebook group but have not been looking forward to advertising myself and not sure as to what I would say... I would really appreciate the advice, thank you ):
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2023.06.10 06:30 Freebandz_taliban Sizing questions

I normally wear a medium in tees. I'm 5'8" 173, what size in the current style of gallery tees would you recommend? I've seen websites say go 1 full size up, some say TTS.
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2023.06.10 06:30 Isacmans Uk tourist visa processed too fast?

So my mom did her biometrics at an USA immigration center for her tourist visa, and UK immigration received on June 1st.
On June 9th we got an email saying that a decision has been made and her passport is on its way back to us, which is crazy fast.
Considering I did not pay for priority, should I be worried they processed it so fast? Idk if that means it could be a denial? I know we’ll find out in a couple of days, but the nerves are killing me!
She is a USA green card holder coming to visit me (a US citizen on a spouse visa) and my British daughter, so I’m wondering if maybe that just really helped her case.
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2023.06.10 06:29 theclumsystol Is Colleen Ballinger Arrested? What Did She Do And Where Is She Now?

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2023.06.10 06:29 UNION_STATES Is this subreddit worth having?

I have seen people on this subreddit refer to terms and phrases like whitewashed, coconut, oreo, white-worshipping, and colonized mindset, all traits which they look down upon, and they instead encourage 'desis to show unity' and 'embrace their culture'. Personally it seems like all this is an attempt to get people to conform to a particular way of thinking and acting and to punish those who are different by accusing them of 'wanting to be white', and in effect alienating them from their racial identity in order to make them more easy to manipulate and to abuse. Is this not the weaponization of race? Is this not racism? Sure, it's not coming from someone of a different skin color, but that just means the person saying these things knows enough about us to effectively cause harm. Personally I think it needs to stop and that people need to refrain from insulting or demeaning any race or using race to insult and demean others. We all have different personalities and we don't need to give racial labels to any of our traits. The purpose of this subreddit should be to provide support and advice to people who face challenges that are associated specifically with the differences they have as minorities living in the west who are descended from the Indian subcontinent. While I have seen some people share their stories, a lot of what I see posted here is either quite trivial or is posted in an attempt to inflame tensions and divide the audience. Are we trying to support people, or are we trying to control them? The answer to that will show through our actions, and that will determine whether or not this subreddit is worth having.
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2023.06.10 06:29 Flimsy_Agent7898 What Would You Do In My Situation?

There are roumors about my friend being a thief.
Theese roumors come from people we both know, but personally i dont know them very well except from hanging together here and there.
First one of theese people is missing 500 dollars after only them two were together shortly before. Didnt think much of it as anything could have happend.
Later two different people have things go missing around my friend, kinda susspicious but i give it the benefit of doubt. I kept it in the back of my head.
Now about a year ago he was at my house, i was quite intoxicated but when i came back from the bathroom i noticed some of my stuff missing.
Again i was a bit intoxicated and anything could have happend. Then and there i said im missing something , have you seen it? To which he replies no you must have put it somewhere.
I never left my house that day and he was the only guest i had, after looking pretty much everywhere i dont find it. And let him know i dont wanna talk to him before i find it.
Its probably so obvious from reading this that he stole from me, and honestly even more obvious in real life if you look at it subjectivly. But there is always the possibility he actually is innocent. Because there really is no proof.
Now a year later he contacts me saying that since he has not heard from he i must not have found what i lost. And he was understanding if i was mad at him, but still he says he didnt steal anything. He literally cant believe why someone would think that.
We were good friends except from that one part, i think im moving on and not talking to him.
What would you do?

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2023.06.10 06:29 haphazardt is this experience even close to normal

Mostly venting- but feedback would help
I’ve experienced GAD for about a decade now. Ive been on Buspar for a number of years, and while it helps with the daily anxiety of being a person, it doesn’t help with things like having to take the subway, or the dentist, so i use Ativan as needed. Due to how stupid our health care system is i had to start with a new office/set of providers. I loved the first doctor i was placed with he had no issue with how i was medicated and no problem filling my scripts. after about 3 visits with him i got a call the he had resigned and i would be placed with a different doctor within the office. Bummer but these things happen. Doctor #2 immediately had issue with my treatment plan and said i should be on an SSRI and no Ativan. I explained that i use it very infrequently, sometimes going months with out needing any, but she was not hearing this and said i should try Prozac. I’ve been very resistant to SSRi’s since an old GP prescribed me Paxil and the first dose sent me to the hospital. I had to convince her to start me on a lower dose the normal, but i was willing to try cause maybe it could make my life better. I took 10 Mg of Prozac for a month and had a horrible tremor, shaky legs, no appetite and feeling like i was communicating badly with everyone around me. The feed back from friends was that “i was upsettingly calm”. At my follow up appointment the doc said this wasn’t good and that i should try something else. She prescribed Pristiq and said to stop Prozac that day and start Pristiq tomorrow. This sounded wild to me considering the side effects i was having. 15 minutes into my 30 minute telemedicine visit she said she needed to cut my appointment short because she had to go to the bathroom. Not that an emergency had come up. Something about the way she was prescribing and cutting my appointment short really rubbed me the wrong way and i asked to see someone else. I was now on to my 3rd doctor at the same place. This new one also did not like my Buspar /Ativan as needed method and we should try some other SSRI’s at low dose. Again, i knew that this kind of thing is trial and error, and maybe it could make my life better so we tried Zoloft. I broke a 25mg tablet in half for a month and i still had a tremor, stomach issues, very jittery, and got lots of feed back that i was kind of being a bitch at work. We moved on to Lexapro-5mg. My coordination s was so off. I would run into things i had just been looking at. I fell down the last few stairs of flight of stairs because i was so dizzy. Abilify 5mg- everything smells rotten and food sucks. Vomiting, restlessness, uncomfortable, could not stay in a chair. I spent a lot of money on things like lotto scratchers. Effexor 37.5 mg- This one was the worst. I would start getting the “rushes” around 4am and would have to get up and do something. So no sleep, increased anxiety, spending hours at the gym and going on long walks to burn off energy. I lasted 8 days on it. The doctor seems to finally be coming around to the fact that i am a very sensitive flower and that these meds don’t really work for me. We are upping the buspar but she it still being very strict about my ativan use (which increased greatly during the abilify/effoxor switch. Im off effexor for 10 days now. Still not sleeping well, but my anxiety does seem to be getting better. I feel like over all shit, but it does seem to be getting better. TL:DR Ive been on 5 different Psych meds in the last 6-7 months, all with horrendous effects Should I see my GP for blood work? I don’t even know what to look for, but maybe something else is up? Is this normal for trying to figure out anxiety? Should I be looking for a new cente doctor?
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2023.06.10 06:29 Chance-Difficulty-20 Why is Succession so revered?

I struggled with the first season in 2018, didn't think it was bad or anything but the lack of anything substantial put me off. It's not like the soprano's where literally everyone is a gigantic asshole but has at least the tiniest sliver of a redeeming quality which in turn says something about the human condition.
Succession is wonderfully written but to me it seems the writers are jerking themselves off over how eloquent every dialogue is while not taking into account most characters can't carry the weight of their lines. Kendall for example goes from a fumbling nerd to a smug self-assured fuck, to a sedated self-loathing miserable prick, and in S02 he switches it up to whatever the plot desires.
To me it feels like this show is just a cool thing to mention when flirting. Because there's nothing better on TV and this is what we have to work with right now. It's not bad. It's just extremely self-aggrandizing imo.
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2023.06.10 06:29 black-knight-13 My Hero Academia: Next Generation-Part 6

Seat 6
Tsutsuhi Akari
Age: 15
Appearance: Beautifully tanned skin, long mahogany hair, bright golden-green eyes, curvy figure, large bust, long legs.
Clothing: Yellow stockings, heeled boots, white and yellow skirt, green tank top, blue denim jacket, necklace around her neck.
Personality: Sweet, kind, bubbly, helpful, lighthearted, loving, and a great friend to all.
Quirk: Shining Fairy. Akari's Quirk allows her to produce a set of fairy wings from her back made of pure light energy. She uses these wings to fly through the air with speed and proficiency. She also has the ability to absorb light energy through her wings and store it in her body which she then uses to heal others. Her light energy can be stored in her body to increase her own physical abilities but Akari primarily uses it to heal others.
Quirk Drawbacks: Akari's Quirk doesn't offer any kind of offensive measures. The light she absorbs can increase her physical strength but not in terms of say someone with a power-type Quirk. Only making her a bit stronger than most girls her age. Her wings can also disappear if someone blocks out light around her or someone lands a powerful attack on her back.
Quirk Supermoves:
Fairy Flash: Akari releases all of the light in her body in one large burst which blinds everyone around her.
Hero Name: The Fairy Hero: Titania
Hero Costume: A skin-tight yellow and green body suit that keeps her back and shoulders bare. She has elbow-length, fingerless gloves, white and green boots, and a wrap-around skirt over her waist. She has light armor covering her chest and specially made bracelets and anklets that she can use to place some of her light energy into to act as a last-ditch effort flashbang when the situation calls for it. Her gloves also act as a director of sorts for her to produce light from her hands to act as a flashlight. She finishes off her look with a fairy-wing-shaped mask over her eyes.
Background: Akari comes from a fairly wealthy family of doctors who have helped people all over the world. Akari wasn't even born in Japan and was instead born in a country where her parents were offering aid. After moving back to Japan, Akari knew that she wanted to do something to help so she spent a lot of her time doing volunteer work such as providing help to homeless animals, helping build houses for the homeless, and working at soup kitchens. During a situation where her parents offered aid to an underground fight ring, she met Shohei.
The attraction between the two was practically instant and they spent every chance they had together. Akari's parents were a little hesitant about the relationship but they trusted their daughter and they could see just how much Shohei cared about Akari. Akari helped Shohei in figuring out just what kind of person he wanted to be and together, they both aim for the stars in becoming heroes in their own right.
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2023.06.10 06:29 Current-Ad-7361 Is Colleen Ballinger Arrested? What Did She Do And Where Is She Now?

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2023.06.10 06:28 yeechiaaaa It’s been a week since I’ve gone to In Your Dream Concert and here’s what I’ve got to share.

Just want to document this experience down and also share it here to anyone who’s interested. I was there on Day 3 and I had a blast. (It is going to be long.)
First off, setlist. Most of the songs were kept the same from TDS2 (except a few removals like Boom, Diggity, My Youth, Walk With You, Beatbox, We Go Up was played during pre-encore), but we got Drippin’, Rewind and Graduation. Haechan did mention that they didn’t have much time to prepare for this, yet the boys did great.
Some songs had new arrangements and I personally enjoyed them - they did the Glitch Mode domino choreo version with lots of dancers (so dope), Hot Sauce with Jaem taking the center and leading the intro beats with taps and claps, TTF was a band version with Chenle’s incredible extended adlibs at the end of the song (he said he did it jokingly during rehearsal and everyone ended up liking it so he did it during the concert).
Ending it with the sequence Rewind, Dear DREAM, Graduation was genius, esp for older fans like me who has gone through the part where members had to face the uncertainty of not being a fixed unit, to seeing the achievements these boys have reached today - it was an emotional ride.
Secondly, the members. Mark keeps getting better looking by the day! Even though his condition wasn’t great that night (the members mentioned it during instalive after), you can’t tell at all, he gives his 802% throughout. And you can clearly tell Mark loves and dotes on his dongsaeng members A LOT, just so much love in his ments and just the way he looks and interacts with them. Soo endearing to see.
Renjun remains everyone’s Heather, the chemistry between him and the members during stage interaction were so good I always look forward to them. When he had that solo spotlight during ANL bridge, he sounded sooo heavenly. He was in high-spirits that day, literally rolling on the stage and all that. But I thought it was really nice of him to mention the story about a fan who listened to Hello Future and gained strength for her operation during his ending ment. He got emotional and almost cried aww
Jeno is just electrifying on stage whenever he does the cooler tracks like Stronger, Countdown - his energy is unmatched. Yet on the other spectrum he’s such a softie (and cutie of course) when performing the ballads and more light-hearted tracks. Like TDS2, he said “I love you” to the members again that night during his ending ment that caught everyone’s surprised - such an endearing moment!
Haechan is my bias and he keeps proving why he is. His dance is so captivating everytime, his honey-like voice melts in my ears whenever he sings. He absolutely killed that opening of MFAL acapella version when there was no bgm or back vocals but his voice. He’s also such the moodmaker (which indirectly created the chaos where fans ask the members to reveal their abs), showing the 7Dream friendship rings to fans (he also revealed they did discuss to have a design for fans, hopefully this happens!)
Jaemin is another level - I love his stage quirkiness, I love how he calls us “princesses and princes”, I love how real is he when he mentioned our ‘hardships’ at coming to the concert, I love how he isn’t shy to create these cute lovable interactive moments with the fans. Aside from the abs reveal and how his chest was distracting me the whole time, I love seeing how he’s enjoying himself on stage. He’s such a fun one to watch.
Chenle is the member I was looking forward to the most because he couldn’t make it to my country’s stop during TDS2. He did NOT fall under any expectations at all - his passion was radiating, his adlibs, his vocals, his stage presence, how he also knows how to have fun on stage, these just confirm how essential of a member he is to the team and how his energy just makes the concert experience heaps better. I’m so glad I got to finally see him!
Jisung my baby, the only one who teared up during Graduation. His ments were so sincere my heart went soft, esp when he mentioned that this is not forever and wishes to create happy memories with fans as much as he can + he worked hard hoping to not feel our time is wasted. I just wish I could tell him that he is already doing very well! And hearing him sing live this minute and then rap the other, plus how well he nailed every dance solo during BTG, Glitch Mode, Hot Sauce just shows what a versatile and all-rounded idol he is. SM GIVE HIM A SOLO PRODUCTION ALR.
Lastly, some special mentions. I do think some friendships are worth mentioning here based on the concert. Haechan was looking at Mark during Graduation and this sent feels. We all know the emotional rollercoaster ride with the graduation system back then. Jaem and Jeno are practically the inseparable pair at this point - personally I enjoyed all their interactions on stage and those by them are the best for me. Major ‘best friends I wish I had what they have’ energy and vibes (that day was also their decade anniversary of first meeting each other in SM!) Jisung’s unexpected backhug to Chenle during Candy was also a pleasant surprise. And Ten, Kun, Yangyang, Minho came to the concert!
7Dream, though young, you can tell they are a bunch with experience and it shows. I can see their sincerity in every stage, also love how they are able to add their ideas to the stages making everything better. I can’t wait for their comeback this month already. IT’S GONNA BE GREAT KNOW IT.
That’s all!
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2023.06.10 06:28 Thaxxman Help with odd banding issue

Hi! I am pretty new to this hobby and I have been fighting this issue for a bit. I think this is under extruding but I dont know.
In the album you can see the full model that was #1. Default settings for my Kobra Neo.
The half model is after I stepped up the retraction Prime by 5mms. I did another half model with another 5mms with no difference.
The Sliced images show the lines above and blow the problem area as well as the middle area where the wall is one continuous piece.
I would just ask "How do I fix X?" But I dont know what to call X so I cant even RTFM hard enough to know what to ask. I was hoping you beautiful people know where to point me.
Edit: SOrry, PLA 220C, .4mm nozzle, Direct Drive, 40mms retraction (Default), 60mms wall speed (Default), Cura 531
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2023.06.10 06:28 fullsunlvr Stressed out

So today I worked from 7am-2pm nothing new for me. When I got into work there were 3 workers and the 2 managers. 5 minutes after I start my one coworker goes home early an hour into their shift because their not feeling well. Then 8am comes around and the shift manager for today comes and puts out the schedule. Turns out the worker that went home early was supposed to be doing delivery orders with me. I've done delivery orders on my own so I was okay with it. When it got somewhat busy my manager would help me out.
Now what stressed me out was the lunch rush. The front counter orders were full so we had 2 managers doing that while I did delivery alone it was fine at first since there weren't that many orders and I could manage. The other manager got moved to the kitchen for a bit since they needed help. It suddenly got super busy with delivery so my other coworker ended up helping me out by making the drinks and preparing the bags. With the 2 of us it was still not enough has we 6 orders on the other screen that weren't shown and delivery orders kept coming as soon as we finish one.
The shift manager came over to help us out (I'm really glad). I tried to stay clam and just do the delivery orders, but with the drivers getting angry at us and the orders kept coming. What made it worse was that some drivers took the wrong bag and we had to remake some orders. I almost cried in the middle of my shift and I don't usually do that. My manager told me to doube check the number before I hand them out cause we can't have any more missing orders which is understandable.
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2023.06.10 06:28 00xjustin 21755 (a) for having weed in the car can someone please help me what I should do?

My brother was dashing we got pulled over for “speeding” and then the cop kept switching what he was saying because my brother got nervous his first time got pulled over so the cop thought we had something like a gun so I let him search the car he saw the weed inside the container he took that and me being 23 as a passenger gave me a ticket? For the weed makes no sense to me I wasn’t driving or anything just sitting not even high.
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2023.06.10 06:28 narwaffles Please share your wheel knowledge.

For those of you that have looked into or bought aftermarket wheels, what did you learn? I would really like to hear things like which brands are good overall or for their price, what to look for or avoid, size difference comparisons, how much the stock and aftermarket wheels weigh, if the handling difference is noticeable or really anything else. Thanks.
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2023.06.10 06:28 GigiwantsGucci Rilakkuma Tour Thoughts

Big fan of Rilakkuma, and decided to make a trip back to my hometown for the first day of tour. Sad to say how badly it was handled- it seemed like they had let people buy a bunch of product in bulk early on, so by the time I went to purchase things, half of it was out of stock. Luckily, I was still able to leave with something, but I heard that they eventually shut down the line because it was “max capacity”. Then there was the fact that they didn’t have the meet-and-greets on Fridays, so keep that in mind for the other cities! I travelled pretty far to get here, and I can imagine so did many other people, and the whole event just felt slapped together.
Despite this, please be easy on the staff members- the company didn’t provide them with a good procedure, or even enough staff!!! They are definitely short staffed and underprepared, but they were still pleasant despite these challenges. It was a long day for everyone involved, but I give the crew kudos for keeping their cool the entire time and being friendly.
I probably wouldn’t do an event like this again, but thanks to the staff for trying their best with the spare tools that they were barely given.
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2023.06.10 06:27 affogatofrr are alters that are characters common?

so we are diagnosed with did. many of our alters are fictional characters but I've seen people who say these are fake and if you have them you're faking did. is this true?? is this a common experience?? ive been slowly getting out of denial and this is freaking me out
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2023.06.10 06:27 AwarenessPure3667 How long did it take to become a TEAM LEAD?

Calling all TL(Team Leads) former and currant. How long did it take you to become a TL? Was it in the same department you started out in, or did you switch to a different department? I'm looking to advance at some point but feel overlooked in my FE/cashier roll. No advancement offered. I work my ass off going above and beyond yet its always "stand there watch sco" or "go to register 16 and send Toni on her break"....There's never any "hey you want to help set a mod?" Or "here print new price tags." "Put out freight". NEVER being taught anything. I had been there for 4 months before the bitch of a TL told me to go zone. I said "zone"? She looked at me like I was stupid and then explained what zoning was, with the "You know, ZONE?" At the end of it. I said No I didn't know, no one ever tells me anything! She said "how have you been here this long and not know what zoning is? I said idk you tell me, I'm the student in this situation, you're the teacher. You tell me why I haven't been taught?." She was flipping pissed off at that remark. So the question is, how long did it take you to become TL and did you become one in the same department you started out in.
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2023.06.10 06:27 Efficient-Fee-5631 [Question] First ever guitar, Acoustic or Electric

Hey everyone! I am a total newbie to the guitar world, but I've been dying to learn for years. My question is, for my first guitar, should I buy an acoustic or electric?
My driving interest is in playing rock songs (don't fear the reaper, sunshine of your love, etc.). I don't listen to much acoustic, but I've seen people say ALWAYS to start acoustic. I'm looking for feedback from the community to see if I should follow this logic or start with what I want to play.
Thanks for your advice!
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2023.06.10 06:27 heavyonthahound What do we mean when we say leadership?

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2023.06.10 06:27 bonnietherussian I was getting harassed by the tech guy.

Okay. Honestly, I just have to blow off steam. I am so bothered by this even though I have since left the job and I will never see these people again.
I am 28f and I worked at a small business for 3 years. After about 2 and a half years, the tech guy that still works there started having lunch with me. It was every other day at first, which I didn't mind. I know that he has been an out cast his entire life and that he was lonely. Every other day turned into EVERY SINGLE DAY. Again, at first it was okay but I did start to get annoyed. Sometimes I just want to sit in silence on my lunch. Especially on our busiest days. I would eat out a couple of times a week just to avoid him.
Then he was gone for 3 weeks. He claimed that one of his other clients got hacked and that all of their information was stolen so he had to go deal with that issue. During this time, the owner told every one in the office to only use our computers for work things. Stop sending memes to each other, don't use Google for anything ect.... After the very peaceful 3 weeks, he was having lunch with me in the break room. He said "well with these new rules, it's too bad that I can't send you memes and what not. I have some pretty cool things to show you" .... Well I wasn't going to give him my phone number, so I gave him my personal email. Later that night, I received his first email. It was an animation of a girl that was stuck in a low vent bent over all sexual like and there was a guy standing behind her. Above the animation, there was this meter that said nice on one end and naughty on the other and the needle was full throttle to naughty. In the email that he wrote it said "everytime I see this pop up, it always reminds me of you" Ugh... I turned my notifications off for my email and just stopped paying attention to it. I started to eat out more to avoid him. He would sit with me in the break room even if he wasn't eating. He started to constantly follow me every where and the other girls at work noticed it and became just as creeped out as I was. A few weeks later, I pulled up the email to see if had messaged me.... He sent me a new email every single day. None of which was as creepy and the 1st one... But still...
Then he decided to email my work email and tagged my co worker in it. We'll call her Sally. He invited Sally and I out to lunch on a Saturday. Just the 3 of us to this nice restaurant, where he chose all of our food and made plans for us after lunch... She saw the email and was understandably offended. She printed it and took it to the manager. After speaking to him, she urged me to tell him how he's been following me every where. (Side note, he followed me so much that I would randomly switch lunches with people. He would go to clock out, then see that I wasn't clocked out and would immediately clock back in and keep working until I went on lunch, forgot to mention this earlier) anyways.. I decided that this had gone too far and that i should tell some one what was going on.
I told our manager and he said "wow... I have noticed that he's been following you, but I don't think he means any harm by it. He goes to church".... I'm sorry...what?! I just shook my head because I was so defeated. My manager then told me and Sally to email him and deny his request to have lunch with him and go with the "plan" after lunch. WE HAD TO EMAIL HIM. This was the moment I decided to look for another job.
The next day, the manager and the owner of the company were talking for two hours behind closed doors. I then got an email stating that the owner of the company was disgusted by this guy's actions towards Sally and I and since we didn't want to take action against him, he would just talk to him for now. WE WERE NEVER GIVEN THE OPTION TO TAKE ACTION.
Anyways... I don't want to make this story much longer, so I'll try to wrap this up. Another thing I forgot to mention, when Sally and I sent the email declining lunch, I cc'd the manager and the owner of the company in that email. I guess the tech guy saw that and then he shut himself in his office for a few months. Didn't talk to any one and when he did, he was snapping at every one. Eventually, his church group called the owner of the company to see if he was okay since Mr tech guy didn't show up to church for a month. A couple of weeks later I put in my two weeks as I was fed up with this company. During my last two weeks, the manager and the owner of the company took him out to lunch to make sure he was okay. Insert eye roll here
I know that I am missing some of the details to the story. For example:aside from the clocking in and out, he followed me every where and I mean everywhere. I would go to the bathroom and he would be standing outside of the door. He would go to my office to talk on his cell phone because apparently he got better reception in there.... Yeah okay.... Among many other creepy things.
Sorry this post is so long...
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