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High-res images of megaliths - menhirs, stone circles, dolmens, henges, and more. For fans of archaeology, Irish and Scottish history, and the mesolithic and neolithic periods of the Stone Age.

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For the various products in the Deadlands rpg. Deadlands Weird West, Wasted West, and Way Out West. Discussion on the Classic rule system, Reloaded, and Savage Worlds.

2023.06.10 07:24 IAmTheSnte64 I posted yesterday about buenas tardes, and am kinda wanting to get further into ween

Idk if I like them is the thing because half of their songs drive me nuts, yet I want to get more into them because they’re such a unique band. I’ve only heard the mollusk (liked some of it, and some of it drove me up a wall) and chocolate and cheese (same situation with the mollusk).
Where do I go from here?, and how do I get it so I can enjoy them more? Because I want to, but I worry that they might not be for me :/
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2023.06.10 07:24 Normal_Analyst_3018 Really need to talk to someone.

I had my abortion Monday. In no way do I want to think of sex, have sex, have anyone touch me, etc.
I had a "friend" or who I thought was one come over. But all week I had been blowing him off when he was going to because I was scared. I was so scared to be used and touched again. After everything. And I gave him the benefit of the doubt tonight. He swore to me. After a movie and a half he started kissing me and that was okay. But then he started touching me boobs etc and asked to suck on them whxih I said no. I started crying and ran to the other room. He said he was sorry but then proceeded and ended up trying to still suck them! I made him leave. He knows I just had surgery. I told him how depressed and not okay I am and how I cannot get myself to be with someone physically and I just need someone. This really shows me how people are and I feel his touched and kisses on my body burning into me. I have people. So much. I needed a friend. I feel taken advantage of. I'm never talking to him again.
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2023.06.10 07:23 medusashairbrush Maybe it’s just me but the crowd and security staff at the gopuff was so bad for the evening sets

So many people acting entitled and thrusting their way to the front stage and being assholes about it. So much “Fuck you, I’m the main character” energy. Verbal and a few physical fights were also breaking about between people. The staff was also completely clueless on how to get people out of the pit safely. Many weren’t allowing people to jump out of the barricade, instead they insisted they should just walk around the crowd. Mind you, at this point the crowd was dense and lots of people didn’t want to move for people exiting.
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2023.06.10 07:23 thisEARTH_lvr My (35f) autistic brother (37m)

I (35f) am happily married with 2 kids. My closest sibling lives about 45 min away, and is my older brother (37m), who gets partial custody of his kid. My brother is autistic, and I'm struggling with how to maintain a relationship with him as adults when I've always felt like he has never shown an interest in me or anything I do. He's normal and charming to strangers though, so it's not that he can't get along with people. The only thing I can identify as a a way I know he loves me is that he will always help me when I ask for his help, big or small. Family means everything to me, and our kids are adorable together and love each other, but I find myself asking why I bother dealing with him when he doesn't seem to give a shit for me or my kids. Luckily he seems to care about his child but even that only seems like it's because he gets lots of attention from showing off his cute little one and they depend on him. Should I put much or any effort into trying to feel close with my brother and connect with him or should I just keep focusing on playdates for the kids? How do others in similar situations see love from their autistic siblings?
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2023.06.10 07:23 thirtyeight29forty2 Shoulder impingement diagnosis but not sure

can't lift my left arm at all. It looks crazy and broken to a layman if they saw me try to lift it, but apparently it's not broken. Doctor suspects shoulder impingement, which I understand as having to do with the rotator cuff right? Also it involves the ulnar nerve because my forearm and hands are completely numb and useless and I can't grip at all.
She recommended physical therapy which I intend to do next week and also I'll be seeing an ortho and chiropractor to cross all my ts and dot all my eyes.
However, not convinced it's just shoulder impingement from what I have seen on the internet. It seems way worse and like something is torn to the point where my arm is completely useless. What I'm experiencing does not seem like anything I can find online. All the videos that I look at that tell you how to check for these issues, the person seems able to raise their arm. I cannot raise my arm like at all. It doesn't even get to 45°. However when I lay in certain position, I can move my arm so I don't think it's paralyzed.
It's like the neural signals are only getting through in certain angles and positions or something.
It's the most confusing injury I've ever experienced and I think it started when I was moving a heavy mattress by myself two months ago. Of course the doctor gave me the judgmental why did you wait so long. Well I'll tell you, because it felt muscular at first and I got three massages in May, and this numbness just started a week ago. It's not painful like I want to curl in a ball and cry. It's just a dull weird achy pain in my left shoulder area. Coupled with complete numbness from the elbow down.
Has anyone ever experienced a situation where they could not raise their arm at all and it was shoulder impingement? Or had the same symptoms I'm experiencing? Really kind of freaked out that it's more neurological. Also really don't want to have surgery because I've never had surgery.
Thanks for your time reading this.
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2023.06.10 07:23 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Online Advertising Academy – Google Ads Training Course Bundle ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 07:23 mysticxriver Can I get my OSU spot back?

I was accepted as a freshman, however committed to UO. I’m right now having second thoughts and actually preferred OSU much more. I’m still thinking it over, so not quite sure if I should switch or even just go to a completely different college like CC or my city college.
I got a message about how enrollment for OSU has been jam packed this year, theres a waitlist, and once you reject or go past May 1st might not get your scholarships or even a spot back.
Does anyone have any experience with this?
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2023.06.10 07:22 gordon1hd1 Built an AI Advisor Chatbot with Best Silicon Valley Wisdoms - Looking for Feedback!

Hey everyone, I've been working on a little side project and I'd love to get your thoughts.
I built an AI chatbot inspired by lessons from 35 of my favorite startup books and some Silicon Valley luminaries' teaching. I figured these sources have provided me with a lot of insight over the years, so why not build an AI that I can talk with, to give me the same great advices?
Here are some of the books I've programmed it with:
And the AI also incorporates insights from leaders like:
The chatbot has been pretty helpful for me, especially when I've needed advice on ambiguous decisions. I thought it'd be cool to share this tool, so I've made it available for free on my website. I'm really interested in knowing how it works for other people. Did it provide any useful advice for you? Or maybe there are things that could be better? I'm all ears for constructive criticism. My plan is to continue to improve the chatbot, with additional knowledge sources and teachings.
Looking forward to your thoughts. Hope you find the tool useful.
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2023.06.10 07:22 JinxyRosafi My Boss accidentally triggered me and it sucks

So my boss is a nice guy that can be a bit grumpy but not mean so obviously I don't think he meant to startle me given the situation. We were working the registers together and the line was getting long because technology be technologying and was glitching, freezing, or just moving very slow. So I'm frustrated, he's frustrated, and the customers kinda just waiting patiently. Then all of a sudden he slams his hand down, grabs his phone & says something along the lines of "I can't be near her!" & walked to the other till. (To be clear, I don't know if he was referring to me or not, but given the fact that he didn't avoid me & was joking around with me & saying "good work" afterwards I doubt he was mad at me)
So thing is that my childhood was full of that unpredictable outburst followed by loud slams, hitting, slapping, etc and I froze for a second. Even the customers were confused and asked if I was ok & was concerned because I was literally fighting back tears & trying not to cry. I didn't cry & I still haven't cried but it's the fact that something so small could effect me SO much. It sucks that a normal day can flip & go bad like how it always did when I was young, and it causes so much anxiety.
I feel so weak and pathetic that I was reduced to a scared lil kid all over again over someone who wasn't even talking to me. UGH!
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2023.06.10 07:22 MikeOxgigantic I just finished Episode 14-1 and I'm lvl 471, how should I get to lvl 480?

As mentioned in the title, I finished all episodes until episodes 14-1, did all my dungeons, and am at lvl 471. Is there any way to quickly progress to lvl 480 so I can exchange my weapons or do I just slow grind through dungeons? Monsters at Delmore waiting area give a lot of exp but they're basically impossible for me (they do a lot of damage and dodge almost all my hits) Any tips on how to level past 470? I've scavenged the internet but I couldn't find a proper guide for that.
Thank you all :D
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2023.06.10 07:22 Naive-Distance-6830 I am such an idiot

I am (34f) met my husband (52m) at work 9 years ago. I was married at the time (divorcing, we got together way too young and it was awful) and he had a live in girlfriend. In 2016, the owner of our company died and his wife sold it. It was then we started dating. But it was flipping awful! He was mean, he cheated, I lost any and all confidence, became highly insecure, jealous. All these identities I have never been. It was about 9 months of dating before he considered me his girlfriend, after that I tried to leave 2x.
Why did I try to leave? Well there is a man who I fell deeply in love with the prior year. Yes it was an affair while married to my ex-husband. He was married too. But we have this undeniable connection. He of course didn't leave his marriage and moved away. Well about 9 months into this relationship, this man I love contacts me. It was like a dream come true. At that point I wanted to drop everything to be with him, including the 9 months I have spent with my now husband. But I couldn't. I didn't trust him and although my husband wasn't nice to me at the time, he was a safe choice.
Then, few months goes by and I find my husband was cheating on me with his ex sister in law. He said that is wasn't they were doing but they were exchanging photos and talking. He said he was giving her advice on her marriage. Ya, ok. I wanted to leave the relationship again. But he asked for another chance to improve.
Things seemingly improved over the next few months. Then I got pregnant. Then we get married. Then we buy a house, sell a house, live with his parents to build a new house. All the things. We've been married 5 years now, with an almost 5 year old son.
Somethings have remained the same though, intimacy has always been terrible. I went from an active and adventurous gal to I have no idea how to even be naked in front of a man. My husband always has a comment for everything, an opinion. And it's always opposing mine and what I think or say. He's upset that I am in the prime of my career. I am the VP of a small business with about 30 employees. I am busy, he wants to retire and is upset I work all hours. My 16 year old daughter has health problems that are still getting diagnosed and it majorly affects the whole family. And now the best part. I have lost 60# and my husband suddenly accuses me of cheating. But I am.....
For 8 years, I have never stopped loving the man I had an affair with. I have never not thought about him, my dreams are of him, I see things everyday that remind me of him. When I look into the future, I see him.
We've text off and on my entire marriage. 90% of the time just checking in, making sure everyone is healthy. But this last time? Things have changed. I am thinking more than ever what an idiot I am. I chose safe and I hate myself. I love this man more than anyone I have every loved in my life. He's 1100 miles away so it's not like we're banging.
I know what I need to do and I just don't have the energy. I am so upset I will hurt my husband. We also have a lot of assets. "tl;dr"
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2023.06.10 07:21 Imaginesafety Link’s Awakening, Skyward Sword, 3D World, or Mario Maker 2 for second voucher?

Been loving TOTK and am taking my sweet time with the game so haven’t used my voucher yet. Of the games I mentioned what would you suggest?
Never played the original Link’s Awakening, but another Zelda game could feel tiring while I already have TOTK. The amazing reception of the game and art style make it so tempting to just go with it.
I started Skyward Sword sometime in 2018-2020 and got to the first encounter with Ghirahim. I recall him blocking all of my swings. I was loving that game too with the unconventional controls and got a third party Wii motion plus controller just to play it. Got busy/distracted and never finished it, but again, another Zelda rn could feeling exhausting. And the game looks like it’s showing it’s age a bit gameplay wise but I could be wrong.
3D World would just be good reliable quick fun. I had it on Wii U but probably haven’t played it in 5+ years. Never 100% beat it, but I did love that game as well as 3D Land. Outside of Bowser’s Fury, the majority of the experience wouldn’t be new like the Zelda titles would be.
Mario Maker 2 is a game I haven’t followed up on much since release. I got hand on the 3DS version a long time ago and enjoyed what I played. But I don’t know how I feel about relying on user created levels. I’m not into the extremely Kaizo type levels nor am I that into creating levels, but I do love Mario platforming games in general. With all the 2D Mario games on the virtual console I have access to now, it makes it harder to justify getting this.
Dark Horse: Pikmin 4. I have never owned a Pikmin game, but I played a Pikmin 3 demo on the Wii U and remember finally understanding why so many people love that series. I sunk hours into the demo and wanted to play the full game, but wasn’t willing to spend $60 on it.
Based on this info what should I go with? Feel free to mention another game I may be overlooking as I don’t own most of them. I own the major ones like Splatoon 3, Smash Bros, MK8, and Odyssey. Thanks.
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2023.06.10 07:21 PrimedMonster 39 [M4R] US/PNW/Anywhere - In need of a friendly face!

This post is brought to you by the letter B - for "boy, do I wish I knew more fun people around the area - or anywhere really - to hang out or talk with."
Recently moved to around the Portland area so don't have a ton of friends here..
A bit about me; I do web development as well as photography but on the side I have dozens of hobbies that suck up way too much time as well.
Interested in getting to know new people to go have exciting adventures with.
Do tell me how your day is going or something about you as I'm open to chat about whatever.
If you'd like to be friends with a chatty guy I await your message!
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2023.06.10 07:21 Dramatic_Efficiency4 How conflicting is my super emotional personality?

How conflicting is my super emotional personality?
Tl;dr: tell me my strengths, weaknesses, and roasts. Why am I so emotional and why do I want an unnecessary amount of affection from my partner. And what challenges do I and will I continue to have with my boyfriend who is a Gemini
Ok, I’ve been trying to get in astrology for the last few years and I just don’t know how to find sign info specific to my planets.
So, I wanna hear it all, my strengths, weaknesses and why I’m so emotional - I know that it’s bc Pisces, cancer, and Aquarius for sun, moon, and rising, but idk why, I only know that Pisces is the crazy emotional and cancer is the chill emotional…but instead of canceling each other out, I feel like I’m just even more emotional.
Roasts are cool too, I feel like sometimes I’m blind to how others perceive me and I just think everyone is mad at me if they aren’t super nice (just bc I’m really nice to other people.
Also, I am the definition of a hopeless romantic. I’ve been with my bf for 7 years but one aspect that is missing from our relationship is I want him to be just as obsessed with me as I am of him, but he doesn’t show his love that way. he’s a Gemini and I know those signs are pretty independent and flighty, but is this compatible? I love him so much but my love language is affection and touch and no matter how much I talk to him about it, it stays the same.
(Not looking for relationship advice, just looking for how problematic things could be in our relationship so I can figure out how to take the weaknesses and use them as strengths). (And I know he loves me so much, but his love language is quality time and acts of service, so he expresses it different. so I don’t need the “you’re better than that” BS bc we are doing great ☺️ but I appreciate your concern if you do have those thoughts)
Thanks everyone :) I’m excited
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2023.06.10 07:21 Bruceywuceysbby QUESTION (serious)

QUESTION (serious)
I have a serious question for you my deo brethren do y’all think Bruce be eating and or getting his ass? if so how often yall think he get it ate or he do the eating (do y’all eat / y’all booty ate?) I need to know my deo goblins please let me know🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
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2023.06.10 07:21 AutoModerator [] ✔️Sander Stage – The SMMAcademy ✔️ Full Course Download

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As a member, you get full lifetime access to our weekly live meetings, where you can ask Sander & other experts all the questions you may have. We’ve always got your back throughout your journey.
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2023.06.10 07:21 flowerpetal45 I (18F) drunkenly kissed a girl (17F) and she says she felt forced?

Hello everyone, I (18F) am traveling right now, and am on my way back home soon. I just broke up with my first boyfriend (he was my first everything), and I was honestly sort of semi-open to rebounds on my trip. The issue comes when I was hanging out with a girl (17F) that I met through a mutual hobby. She invited me to hang out and dance/drink with her friends in a park together, and so I went and got a little too messed up. I kissed her friend, but quickly realized that I was not into him so I turned him down and he was very respectful about it. I was still upset about kissing someone other than my ex, so the two girls (one of them being the one I kissed), went off to leave, and ended up talking about how it was okay that I was moving on from my ex boyfriend.
This is where it gets weird, I was alone with the girl since her friend had to leave, so we tried to get food and eventually started to make out. I was still very very drunk at this time, and she asked me how people kiss in a certain way, so I offered to show her and she accepted. It led to basically making out for half an hour, in a situation where I was drunk still and she was completely sober. It was okay, but I regret it even without what she said, so I was already feeling strange about it.
Today she texted me and said that she felt I forced her into it, and that she was uncomfortable but did not know how to say no. She also said she was trying to push me away a bit, but at the time she was kissing me back, so it confuses me that she was apparently doing that. Also that she did not know how to say no, and that it was sort of her fault she gave me the wrong idea, and that she regrets it.
The main part of why I am so thrown off, is that I asked her explicitly if she was okay with things I was doing, and she said yes. I specifically asked her for consent while we were kissing, and each time she said yes, and I was drunk and unable to realize that her yes was secretly a no??? She says she did not know how to say no, but I feel like since she was sober, there were many opportunities when I specifically asked her if I was ok or not to touch her or kiss her, where she said a clear yes. She is the third person I have ever kissed, first girl, and I don’t really know where to go from here.
I texted her in response that I regretted it but that I wished she said no when I asked her if it was okay, instead of being enthusiastic with kissing me and saying yes. I am so weirded out that I went past someone’s boundaries, but at the same time am sort of upset that she said yes to things and went along with it, especially with the parts she said she was uncomfortable with. I know for a fact I asked if it was okay to touch her, to which she said yes and she was touching me too, and I just feel so uncomfortable.
She knew I was very drunk the entire time as well, which just makes me feel even stranger personally, especially as I would assume that since she was completely sober, she could’ve said anything other than yes when I asked for her consent. If she had said something, anything, I would’ve stopped, I just can’t understand why she accepted my requests for consent and kept going with me if she felt the way she did this morning about it.
What do I do from this point? I regret it so much even without knowing that she felt like that (kissing anyone honestly so soon after my breakup), but now I regret it even more with her telling me she didn’t want it. I just can’t understand, since I asked for consent and got the green light. She seems to regret it too at the least, and I asked if she was okay/mentally stable after it and she says yes, it just weird me out.
Any advice would be appreciated, thank you for reading :(
TLDR: I drunkenly kissed a sober girl (3rd kiss in my life), and she feels I pressured her into doing uncomfortable things (touching her and kissing) after the fact. She says she did not know how to tell me no, but I feel upset because I specifically asked for consent multiple times, and do not know why she would say yes and then tell me I forced her into what we mutually (?) agreed to. Am so confused right now.
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2023.06.10 07:20 umaymi Speakers using audio splitter not detected

Hi! I'm trying to use my speakers ALTEC LANSING ACS54 on my ASUS GAMING TUF F15. The speakers have two 3.5mm jacks--one for "SURROUND", and another for "FRONT". I then used an audio splitter (2 female 1 male) to connect it to the single audio jack that my laptop has.
The problem is, no device is being detected.
However, when I try connecting the jacks separately/individually, it's being detected and is working fine. The splitter also works when I try it on my phone.
How can I get it to be detected?
Has anyone else encountered this? Thanks.
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2023.06.10 07:20 gib-ber-ish Anyone know what this is and how to get rid of it?

Anyone know what this is and how to get rid of it? submitted by gib-ber-ish to MacOS [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 07:20 Ok-Minimum-3145 Help!!!

Im trying to get the c-slider but when I try to talk to the Navi in Town2 he only says "..."
Any there who knows how to fix this 🥹
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2023.06.10 07:20 DopeSickGurl Interstate Towing with Sit In

Is it possible to get a tow truck to tow my car from Sydney to Melbourne and sit in the tow truck aswell? For those who have experience how much would this roughly cost?
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