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2023.06.10 06:09 HaykakanTxa Daily News Report: 6/9/2023

Date: 06/09/2023
Reading time: 8 minutes, 1721 words

Azerbaijan opens fire on the vehicle transporting Armenian servicemen. the Armenian side has no losses

Azerbaijani units opened fire on the vehicle transporting servicemen of the Armenian Armed Forces in the direction of Kakhakn. The Armenian side has no losses.

Azerbaijani forces violate ceasefire, target tractor in Artsakh

Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire on the eastern and northern direction of the line of contact using small arms, Artsakh’s Defense Ministry reports. No casualties are reported from the Armenian side.
ArmRadio, Azerbaijani forces target Armenian military vehicle

Toivo Klaar, Jeyhun Bayramov discuss the process of normalization of Armenian-Azerbaijani relations

EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus, Toivo Klaar, met with Azerbaijan's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jeyhun Bayramov, in Baku. The meeting discussed the settlement of Armenian-Azerbaijani relations, the current state of negotiations with the participation of international partners, including the European Union.

Putin proposes to consider the introduction of common standards of education in EAEU and CIS countries

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to think about introducing common principles and standards of education in EAEU and CIS countries. Putin: "We just need to build on the foundations of our education system, but look forward"

For the first time, an Armenian candidate will take part in the elections of the Luxembourg communal council

An Armenian candidate will take part in the elections of the Luxembourg council to be held on June 11. Tatev Manukyan was nominated by "Fokus" party. More than 50 percent of people living in Luxembourg are not citizens of the country.

Suspect in attempted kidnapping of Pashinyan’s son found guilty, judge orders suspended sentence

Gayane Hakobyan is suspected of attempting to kidnap Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s son. The mother of an Armenian soldier killed in the Second Nagorno Karabakh War was found guilty and given a 4-year suspended sentence. She was released from pre-trial detention.
Armenpress, Suspect in attempted kidnapping of Pashinyan’s son fires lawyers amid trial

No one questions Armenia’s sovereignty – Russian Deputy PM on results of trilateral task force meeting on unblocking

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexey Overchuk has commented on the results of the trilateral session on regional connections unblocking. Overchuk emphasized that Armenia’s sovereignty is not being questioned by anyone. The Russian Deputy PM said that all parties want a speedy launch.
Armenpress, "No one questions the sovereignty of Armenia". Overchuk on unblocking

Pashinyan, Putin to meet in Sochi – TASS

Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. Putin will also meet other CIS and EEU leaders who are in Sochi for the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council meeting.
Armenpress, Pashinyan will meet with Putin

Resolution condemning blockade of Artsakh introduced in U.S. Senate

Senators Alex Padilla (D-Calif.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) introduced a bipartisan Senate resolution condemning Azerbaijan for its blockade of the Lachin Corridor. The resolution was also introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr.

Situation in the zone of responsibility of Russian peacekeepers remains tense, Pashinyan tells Putin

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi. Putin and PM discuss bilateral issues and regional issues. They also discussed the situation in Nagorno Karabakh, in the zone of responsibility of the Russian peacekeepers, which continues to be tense.

Canceled meeting in Washington and new EU centers in Armenia

EU Mission to Armenia plans to open new operations centers in Armenia. Pashinyan: "No one questions Armenia's sovereignty"

Armenia ex-PM: Fantastic opportunities amid Russian sanctions

Ex-Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan believes the risk of pressure on Armenia from the West has existed and continues to exist. However, he claims, the situation has created fantastic opportunities for Armenia. Turkey, Kazakhstan, Georgia, the United Arab Emirates and Armenia are helping Russia bypass all the sanctions, U.S. official says.

Armenia can become unique regional hub of electrical energy – Pashinyan at Eurasian Congress

Armenia can become a regional hub of electrical energy, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at the Eurasian Congress in Sochi. He noted the ‘impressive” economic growth of Armenia. Armenia's exports grew 77,7% in 2022, while exports to EEU countries tripled.
Armenpress, Armenia can become a regional electricity hub – PM

Monthly non-oil export from Iran to Armenia up 144%

The value of Iran’s non-oil export to Armenia increased by 144 percent in the first month of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21-April 20) Iran exported commodities worth $478 million to Armenia, while the figure was $294 million the previous year. Liquefied natural gas, iron and steel rods, bitumen, light oils and related products, unalloyed iron.

Departure of Russians may cause 5-10% drop in Armenia’s GDP – analyst

Russian nationals arrived in Armenia after Russia launched a war against Ukraine in February 2022. Alexei Kuznetsov, head of the Centre for Country Analysis at the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) said the departure of Russian nationals may result in 5-10% decline in Armenia’s GDP.

Armenian Prime Minister urges caution on ethical consequences of ‘extremely attractive’ future of AI

Nikol Pashinyan has described the future of artificial intelligence to be “extremely attractive” but warned that the ethical consequences must be taken into account. The Armenian PM said that AI is developing rapidly and it could transform many areas of life. He cited experts as saying that AI will become more individualized and integrated into society.

Armenian Speaker of Parliament calls for int’l pressure to prevent further aggression by Azerbaijan

Alen Simonyan presented the post-war situation and detailed issues regarding the complex situation in the region. He said Armenia is following developments taking place in the UK Parliament and the activities of all those parliamentarians who demonstrated the level of perception of the situation in our region after the 2020 war.

Russia is becoming hostage to Turkey and Azerbaijan

Georgi Derluguian, Professor of Historical Sociology at New York University Abu Dhabi, sits down with CivilNet Editor-in-Chief Karen Harutyunyan to talk about recent developments in Armenia’s wider geopolitical region and their repercussions in the South Caucasus.

Armenia’s TUMO Labs makes it to the final of 2023 ETF Green Skills Award

Armenia's TUMO Labs has made it to the final of the 2023 ETF Green Skills Award. The European Training Foundation unveiled the ten finalists on Thursday. The award recognizes initiatives at the forefront of driving the transition towards a sustainable and green future.

Armenia-Azerbaijan discussed at Turkey’s first post-election Security Council meeting

Armenia-Azerbaijan relations were among the items on agenda in the first post-election meeting of the Turkish Security Council. Turkey discussed the crises in Syria, Kosovo and Sudan, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and Syrian refugees.

Ajax officially contact FC Krasnodar for Armenian midfielder Eduard Spertsyan

Eduard Spertsyan scored 14 times and provided the same number of assists in 40 games for FK Krasnodar this season. The estimated transfer fee is nine million euros, according to a source.

Armenian Ambassador briefs OAS Secretary General on security situation in the region

Armenia’s Ambassador to the US Lilit Makunts met with Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) The Ambassador briefed Mr. Almagra on the security situation in Armenia and in

Catholicos of All Armenians wishes speedy recovery to Pope Francis

His Holiness Karekin II wishes Pope Francis a speedy recovery. Pope Francis underwent abdominal surgery earlier this week without complications. The 86-year-old is expected to stay in hospital for several days to recover.

Explainer: Jerusalem’s Armenians rally against ‘fraudulent’ land deal

A quarter of Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter has been built on a plot to build a luxury hotel. The land deal has been in dispute for nearly a century. The deal is expected to last until the end of the decade, when it comes to an end.

Young Armenian chess players win Youth Championship medals

Robert Piliposyan won gold at the World U16 Rapid Chess Championship. Tyhran Ambartsumianm snatched bronze medal at World U12 Rapid Chess championship. Aleks Sahakyan and Mariam Khachatryan are also among the prize winners.

EU envoy travels to Baku after Yerevan

Designated EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus and the Crisis in Georgia Toivo Klaar has traveled to Baku after visiting Armenia. The two discussed the implementation of the agreements reached in Brussels and Chişinău.

Pan-Armenian Games participation bids quadrupled for 2023

The 8th Pan-Armenian Games is scheduled to take place in August. The opening ceremony will be held in Gyumri, Armenia. The number of participants in the games has quadrupled in recent years. Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Khachatryan commended the games as an important component of Armenia’s public life.

15 medical patients were transferred from Artsakh to Armenia

15 medical patients transferred from Artsakh to Armenia today, June 9. 16 medical patients, who were referred to Armenia for treatment within the framework of the state order, returned to Artsakh with their companions. 11 children are in neonatal and resuscitation department in the medical unit. 9 patients are in the intensive care unit, 2 of them in an extremely serious condition.

Aram I: Karabakh right to self-determination can’t become subject of negotiation

Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia, His Holiness Aram I has said Artsakh's right to self-determination cannot become a subject of negotiation. “According to the international law peoples have the right for self-determination".

Putin gives timeline for deployment of nukes to Belarus

Vladimir Putin says deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus will begin as soon as adaptation work at the relevant storage facilities is completed, around the first week of July. Putin announced that Russia would place its tactical weapons in. Belarus in response to UK’s decision to provide Kiev with depleted uranium munitions.

Donations to Armenia:

Armenian Wounded Heroes
If you'd like to support me: Patreon
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2023.06.10 06:07 pppowpeppers Ang dali talagang makalimot ng mga Pinoy. Hala sige, defend pa more sa TVJ…

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2023.06.10 06:03 ttvyaaronward I don’t get what’s inappropriate god Xbox is stupid

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2023.06.10 06:03 sgbew002 How can you actually tell if a student is cheating?

Had a student today who upon looking at their session reviews, has a habit of disconnecting frequently. I look at the question they are trying to ask and it looks like a test question because of how it's formatted. I am them straight-up, is this an exam or a quiz I can't help you if that's the case the student said no, but then proceeded to say that they were in a rush and didn't have a lot of time (RED FLAG), so they prompt the question and then I ask how did they arrive at that answer and then they abruptly disconnected.
I didn't report them, but I want to know how to actually tell if a student is cheating because I don't want to go about falsely accusing students, but I'm also not trying to do student's work for them while they boldly lie to my face.
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2023.06.10 06:02 Dumb_ldiot I want to know if I can call animal services and be taken seriously

I was visiting my sister today and they have a larger sized dog, although she is not too big. They keep her in a cage that is too small for her, to where she has to keep her head down. Additionally, her boyfriend came home from work and she was barking at him. He proceeded to go to her cage, open it, and slap her around 20 times, not soft but not too hard either. So, if I reported it, would I be taken seriously?
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2023.06.10 06:01 AutoModerator Daily Pick of the Day (POTD) Thread - 06/10/23

Do you have a lock for today? Share it in this daily thread! Please read the following set of rules in order to help this thread stay organized and on topic:
  1. You can only post one pick.
  2. Your POTD should have odds of at least -200 if applicable.
  3. You must note the pick's sport, time, & date.
  4. You must provide a detailed explanation for why this is your POTD.
  5. Please keep track of your betting record and include it in your POTD. Post links to your previous POTDs when needed.
  6. Do not write a top-level comment unless it is your POTD.
  7. Use the upvote feature to help sharp bets get pushed to the top of this thread. By default, the comments here will be sorted by "top".
  8. If you see a comment in this thread that breaks one of these rules, please report it.
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2023.06.10 06:00 matty0100 Need Your Professional Advice

So as the title mentions I need your guys advice. I’m possibly meeting with department head of LE computer forensics where I live. I have lots of family members in law enforcement so it’s a field I respect a lot. I grew up being home schooled and messing around with security tools and VMs. I currently have my A+ and Network +. I know these aren’t to show off with but to show that I understand foundational levels of computer hardware and base networking.
I’m currently doing my B.S. for Cyber security and I’m so passionate about security and understanding computer’s functionality. I also love writing so any reports made wouldn’t scare me. My class right now is actually digital forensics and I’m almost done with the book while being only in the course for a week. I don’t have any Forensics certs unfortunately. Some of them require a couple grand to take or an organization backing to get approved.
I’m a young college student who will be taking the security + the end of this month and just started learning the concepts of python. I’ve researched a ton growing up about this field but would love to hear your guy’s advice on questions that may be asked and what scene may entail. I only have 3 months of I.T. help desk experience in regards to tech related jobs. I’m super excited and nervous. My goal is to see if there is any way to get my foot in the door with what I have resume wise and where I’m going. I know this field has no room for errors and that chain of custody is prime. What are your guy’s thoughts?
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2023.06.10 06:00 IAmJessicaRabbit_ I (29F) just dumped my now-ex (41M). Tired of the same story.

Hell, void. This is me. Life should be..not this:
I am a student in a sort of professional school program (trying to be vague just in case) for a very specific career path & I have been in an LDR with a man who is already working in that field for a few years. I met them ~5y ago before I started school, but nothing happened until about a year ago. He moved away for work (c’est la vie in this particular business) & I believed him when he said he wanted to continue to try to move forward. Tale as old as time I guess but I believed it because I actually was willing to travel & see him & build on this. Because we complimented each other so well..it was so nice to have someone on my level for once intellectually but also humor-wise. The naïveté begins. I didn’t notice when every conversation became about him all the time. I just was happy to show up & be supportive because I could genuinely see a life with him. I feel like you show up for the people that you want to show up for you, you know? I have been having a really hard time this year in my program. I have one of the most important exams of my life literally in 3 days. I have needed true support & love in this time, but in the past like 5-6mo it’s fully disappeared. We had talked about me visiting for months. We’ve discussed the dates for weeks. For months, he swore neither the money nor the time were a problem. Now that the time has come, whaddaya know - it’s me, asking about the dates, trying to plan the trip, so excited to finally be with him again. Finally it comes down to booking the flight & he says “oh what about next fall.” I’m heartbroken. Not to mention the fact that I have the most important exam of my life in a handful of days - a fact that both he & I are aware of. This trip was supposed to immediately follow that exam. I called him out on it today & made it clear I deserved better & he had not one single argument. You know how much that sucks? But I didn’t think I could go into that exam with this hanging over me. I’m not stupid. I know now that there never never any fidelity or substance here, that I was a place filler for his loneliness in his new location & job, that I was his support in a place where he felt like had no one. Because this isn’t the first time I’ve gone through this devastation - with friends or men, frankly - & after that crumbles, I readjust how I measure that 💩 & try to avoid it in the future. Yet again I’m standing here figuratively with my 🍆 in my hand like “…how did this happen again?!?!” I was was so careful. I double checked every possible red flag..but the reasons for those flags seemed valid at the time. But I mean my god can he really think I’m dumb enough to sit around for another 6 months when I’ve already had my time wasted for a year😂😂. I already wasted the last year of my twenties with smoke being blown up my leg. I entered my twenties in a pretty similar situation - some deadbeat tool who acted like I was an imposition, a burden, whatever for wanting to see him after work or on his day off (some of you will think I’m kidding about that but I’m deadass serious). I’ve overshared enough but just trust me, there could be anthologies of this storyline in my life. What the hell is wrong. Why do I feel like I am constantly the person called to fix things or lean on. I just want that support & love, not this crap where I end of being the only one not floating on the door in freezing water that can definitely fit two people, Rose🚢. I’m not independent because I WANT to be.
Tl;Dr: Professional student falls in love with professional 19y her senior but was led on worse than Leo DiCaprio at the Oscars. In the words of the prophet Katt Williams: I gotta figure out what about my 🐱is attracting these “beach” ass ninjas.
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2023.06.10 05:56 wifeunderthesea suggest me a book that is good to read when you're angry as fuck

i got some really horrific news today and i'm pissed and can't calm myself down. i don't know if i want a book to read that will calm me down or a book that will be more enjoyable to read while i'm stewing in anger. i don't know if that makes sense but i'd like to direct my anger either towards a book or have a book make it go away. i just am exhausted at being pissed off.
thanks for any help!
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2023.06.10 05:56 TheeHocusPocuss My summer reading shelfieeee. 🫶🏻🫣♥️

My summer reading shelfieeee. 🫶🏻🫣♥️ submitted by TheeHocusPocuss to bookporn [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:54 GamingThiefOFFCIAL Fuse Life Roleplay New Server Looking for members!

Welcome to Fuse Life Roleplay. Fuse Life Roleplay (FLRP), is a new community that is based around storytelling by the community. We are currently using vMenu, but will be rolling out a vMenu Hybrid in the coming weeks. Our aim in the community is to tell stories and have long term tales told by our community members. Fuse Life Roleplay is the perfect place to start your story today.
We have many things to offer!
Los Santos Police Department (Currently closed; will talk about people joining to start it up)
Blaine County Sheriffs Office Application Status - OPEN Sheriff: Justin Clark
BCSO is a department that focuses on the Blaine County area. They focus on Keeping the Citizens of Blaine County Safe! They do what, they do best, stopping crime, keeping the streets safe. BCSO Has all sorts of fun in the name. They Got Sub-Divisions such as K-9, S.W.A.T, Air & Marine Support Units and much more to offer! The Sheriff's department is looking for someone like you to join today as a Deputy! Put that shiny badge on and put the good out in the streets of San Andreas! Showing what it means to be apart of Law Enforcement! Join the Blaine County Sheriff's Office with Sheriff Justin Clark and his High Command as well as Command Team! We look forward to seeing you in state. ~Sheriff Justin Clark
San Andreas State Troopers Application Status - OPEN Commissioner: Anh Long
The San Andreas State Troopers' primary role is to enforce state laws and maintain public order within the State of San Andreas. We are law enforcement officers who work at the state level in San Andreas, with jurisdiction over the entire state, from Paleto Bay to the Port of Los Santos. Our agency is responsible for enforcing state laws, maintaining public safety, and providing various law enforcement services. Our responsibilities are ensuring the safety of the citizens, patrolling highways, and responding to various emergencies and incidents throughout San Andreas. It is the mission of the San Andreas State Troopers to safeguard the lives and property of the community we serve, to reduce the fear and incidences of violence and crime, and better public safety while collaborating with the state’s many diverse communities to improve resident’s standards of living. Our mandate is to do so with the highest level of honor, integrity, safety, service, and security, while at all times conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards to maintain public confidence. Join the San Andreas State Troopers today and make a better tomorrow. Safer roads, safer people.
Department Of Communications - Coming Soon!! (If interested in Dispatch please join the discord and dm Thief)
Civilian Operations - OPEN (If interested in running Civilian Operations Please Dm Thief)
Don't like filling out applications and then leaving the server because you don't like it? Fuse Life Roleplay has a program called Guest Features. This means ANYONE can join our server! However, they will have limited permissions. These are limited to pistols, melee weapons, certain vehicles, and a few other things. The Guest Features in Fuse Life Roleplay is to let people come in and experience the server and community. What are you waiting for? Start your story today!
If you have any questions, please feel free to join the Discord and DM GamingThief//Thief
Discord: https://discord.gg/AX2FXXGXD5
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2023.06.10 05:54 TheeHocusPocuss My summer reading shelfieeee. 🫶🏻🫣♥️

My summer reading shelfieeee. 🫶🏻🫣♥️ submitted by TheeHocusPocuss to u/TheeHocusPocuss [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:53 frozenpandaman HART officially turns over keys to Rail to C&C of Honolulu and DTS

HART officially turns over keys to Rail to C&C of Honolulu and DTS submitted by frozenpandaman to Hawaii [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:53 AllisonMcRoberts My cake day! 1 year on Reddit = 1 year being able to say “divorce” out loud!

About 3 years ago, I went to a therapist to start individual therapy because I was unhappy, but my husband said everything was fine. One year ago today, after talking to my therapist and working toward asking for a divorce, I made a profile on Reddit to participate in this helpful community.
We’ve been separated for 6 months now, and I’m sending my last bits of info to the mediator. He’s a good dad to our kids (and he’s gotten much more involved since the separation!), and we are doing our very best to move forward amicably. We drive with the kids together to travel baseball games about twice a week, and I’m so grateful we can do that.
My eldest son (12) has reported to his therapist that switching between houses is getting to feel normal. Yay!
All I’m saying is that, had I known last year that I’d be so happy and peaceful, I’d have asked for a divorce sooner. My ex is a nice guy and a good dad, but not a great husband. Now I’m dating someone who also has touch as one of their love languages, and I feel so fulfilled emotionally by my new relationship.
If you are on the fence, take a chance and choose happiness! Don’t be afraid of the unknown and take the leap!
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2023.06.10 05:51 New-Requirement690 Score Help

Hello, I'm taking the SAT in 3 months, and I scored a 1170 (550 EBRW and 620 Math) on my practice today. I'm trying to get above a 1400 on my first attempt, and but I'll keep redoing it until I get a better score. I'm going to start focusing on the SAT now that I have a bit more freetime. I'm going to put around 3-5 hours a day using Erica Meltzer's Grammar Book and the College Panda book (I'm also going to be printing out full tests) . I feel really good about math, and I know that I can definitely score a 700+. Grammar isn't that bad either; however, my English section was awful today. I would really appreciate it if someone answered my questions below. Today was my first time actually taking practice SAT, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  1. How do I improve my reading score? I'm not an avid reader, but I can start if I really need to. If I do need to read, what do I read? Meltzer's reading book good enough (haven't placed an order yet on amazon)? I also sucked at keeping track of time, and basically guessed on a whole passage and a half at the end.
  2. How much could I realistically improve? I would be absolutely ecstatic w/ a 1400+, but a 200+ improvement is a lot. I think I can do it tho.
  3. Do you guys have any tips for not zoning out. I think I might have fell asleep partway through my 3rd section (no calc). I think coffee/caffeine might help, but I've never tried it before (my mom doesn't want me to even tho she drinks it every day lol).
  4. How often should I take practice test? I was thinking about 1 in every 2 weeks. That way I had plenty of time to really review my gaps.
Idk if I'm overthinking this whole process but any help wold be really appreciated. I don't have a problem with staying disciplined, but I just need a place to start. Also I literally just showed up and took this practice test for free at a tutoring place. I haven't even received the math and grammar book from amazon yet.
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2023.06.10 05:50 Majestic-Tax5223 Revolution of Retail

Revolution of Retail
Disclaimer: What you're about to read is all speculation/tinfoil/theory, keep an open mind.
I believe what is happening now, has all been planned for the past 2 years or more. Ryan Cohen's intentions since Chewy were to compete with Amazon and Rome was not built in a day. This all hit me and the timeline connected after the "Matt Furlong non-compete with Amazon", so lets start there.
->Matt Furlong started at Gamestop in June 2021.Roaring Kitty's last tweet was on 6/18/2021(GIF of Kittens all sleeping) no word from his account since then. I posted in thePPshow and BBBY group today- 741 days from Roaring Kitty's tweet will bring us to 6/29-6/30/23(few things are set to happen on this date). ----Jim Cramer has been posting multiple tweets with pictures of kittens in June and Ryan Cohen's recent activities on the Panther's twitter. Is the sleeping gaint Roaring Kitty?
-The Carl Icahn documentary Restless Billionaire(2022) if you have not watched it yet, watch it! Brett took the lead on investing with Apple and they bought a large position in 2013. A dinner is mentioned with Tim Cook the CEO of Apple at their house. I truly believe Apple(APPL) and Tim Cook are involved with this play as well.
Now to touch on a few pieces to tie this Apple pie together:
  • Icahn's relationship with Apple and the CEO
  • Ryan Cohen's tweet -Teddy is holding an Apple Pie(including GameStop in background)
  • In Teddy books there are parts talking about going to China, all the way to China, the gifts and multiple other sections like the bold font letter B's.
  • Recently Apple just launched the Vison Pro(metaverse) these are the gifts that came back from China(someone kind of show a resemblance to Teddy?)
  • ProtocolGemni tweet ....

------------------------THIS IS WHERE IT ALL STARTS COMING TOGETHER-----------------------------------
ProtocolGemni /VoyageAR is a metaverse of rooms in houses. The tweet above spells out Bed. Bath. Beyond. in the emojis, and scroll through all the tweets in VoyageAR twitter https://twitter.com/voyage_AR
to let this sit in a little more...
Bed Bath & Beyond is an iconic brand and a store that was noted to have any home good items you ever needed, no other place like it.
Let's finish it with this:
There are multiple parties involved in this play, it will be massive and the beginning of a revolution. Apples new Vison Pro will be the new age of E-Commerce shopping with the stores a virtual reality in the metaverse. Customers will have the VR experience of shopping in stores(Bed Bath Beyond, GameStop, and more) making the e-commerce come with a more tangible feeling for the items but still shopping online.......the amazon competitor. You see an item, you touch it -then a small box pops up, similar to what you see shopping on your phone. I can go on-and on -and on with more, but I will end it here.
Gmerica/TEDDY? Let's see what the future holds ..........
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2023.06.10 05:49 Mizu_Soup_ Y'all seemed to like the fanfic with my oc so here's chapter 2

Chapter 2: Notebooks

It didn’t take Mizu long to memorize everybody’s names at the Armed Detective Agency. She got to know each of them quite well, though, the more she learned about Dazai, the more concerned she became.
This morning, for example, Mizu walked into the office to find Dazai sitting on a desk with headphones on, singing along to a song while everybody else was working. He didn’t seem to care that everybody could hear his singing, which, Mizu had to admit, wasn’t too bad. What really concerned her were the lyrics.
You can’t do a double suicide all by yourself.”
“What is he singing?” Mizu asked, looking around at the other Agency members.
“Don’t question it,” Kunikida replied, looking rather irritated at the noise Dazai was creating as he loudly burst into the next line.
DON’T FORGET to grab a friend! DOUBLE SUICIDE!”
Kunikida pinched the skin between his eyebrows and closed his eyes. “If he doesn’t shut up…” He sighed with frustration and opened his eyes, looking at Mizu. “Anyway, you’re going on your first job today. You need some hands-on training so you’ll be accompanying Ranpo to see how he does things.”
“Actually, I think Ranpo is already gone,” said Tanizaki, looking up from his desk.
Kunikida sighed. It was almost as if Mizu could see an invisible meter floating above his head that kept filling up with every tiny frustration until he inevitably exploded. Mizu hoped she wasn’t there when that happened.
“Atsushi, will you take Mizu with you today?”
Atsushi looked up from his desk with an apologetic expression. “Sorry, Kunikida. I actually don’t have any jobs outside the office today.”
The invisible meter went higher. “Kyouka? Tanizaki? Kenji?”
“I have a job outside the office today,” Dazai volunteered. “I’d be happy to train our rookie!”
Mizu turned around, looking out the window of the cafe. The sidewalks were flooded with people going to and fro. Which one of them had her notebook? She stepped outside and heard her phone ring again. This time, an eerie feeling crept up her spine as she read the words.
“Oh, come on! I’m a very good teacher.”
“I’m not subjecting our new recruit to your nonsense all day.”
Kenji joined the conversation. “I think you two are the only ones with jobs outside the office today Dazai might actually be the best choice.”
There goes the invisible meter again. Kunikida stood from his desk, his notebook making a loud noise as he shut it and slid it into his shirt pocket. “Fine. Mizu, you’ll be accompanying me today.” He refused to allow Dazai to be the new girl’s instructor when that man barely did his job to begin with. “As long as you follow my lead, this shouldn’t affect my schedule.”
Mizu wasn’t particularly excited to work with Kunikida. She really didn’t want to be on a job with him when his invisible meter hit its max. “What’s the job?”
“We’re looking for a missing person. A woman reported her husband not arriving home or at his workplace the last two days with no response on his phone.”
Mizu nodded and pulled out a notebook from the crossbody purse she was wearing. She began writing down the details of the case.
“She’s really into this,” said Dazai. “With that much love for notebooks, she might be your type, Kunikida.” He laughed.
Kunikida turned red. “Shut up, Dazai!”
Mizu looked up from her notebook at Dazai’s words and turned pink. “It’s not wise to date coworkers. You shouldn’t suggest that.”
Dazai laughed. “She even sounds like you, Kunikida.”
Mizu could see a vein popping in Kunikida’s forehead. The invisible meter is reaching its limit, she thought. He could explode at any moment. Mizu decided to try to diffuse the situation. “We should get going. You said you wanted to stick to your schedule, right?”
Kunikida sighed, turning his back on a snickering Dazai. “Yes. Let’s go.”
Kunikida explained the case more as him and Mizu walked down the staircase to the exit of the Armed Detective Agency. “The man we’re looking for frequents a certain cafe a few blocks from here so we’ll interview the employees and ask if any of them have seen him since his disappearance or if they’ve noticed anything odd about him leading up to it.”
“Perhaps he met up with people at this cafe. Those people could also lead us to clues.”
“You’re right.”
Mizu opened her notebook again and began writing a list of questions to ask the employees at the cafe.
“Do you carry one everywhere as well?” Kunikida asked.
Mizu nodded as she finished writing and slid the notebook back into her bag. “I do. A notebook is a very useful tool, even if it has nothing to do with one’s ability like yours does.”
“It is. Do you carry something for your ability?”
“I do.” Mizu reached into her bag and pulled out a water bottle. “Water manipulation is a useless ability without the presence of water. It’s best to keep this with me for emergencies.”
“That’s smart.” Kunikida replied as they exited the building and started down the street.
“Do you keep your name and number in your notebook so, if you ever lose it, it can be returned to you?”
Kunikida paused. “I never thought to do that, actually.” He immediately opens his notebook and scribbles his information on the inner cover. “Thank you for the idea.”
Mizu smiled. “Of course.” She liked talking to Kunikida. He seemed to be a reasonable person with good morals and standards. She admired that.
The two of them arrived outside the cafe and Kunikida held the door for Mizu who blushed slightly but made sure he didn’t see it as she thanked him and entered. It was a cute cafe, fully decorated with fake Sakura blossoms hanging from the ceiling.
It didn’t seem particularly busy so they made their way to the counter and asked to speak with some of the employees. The two of them spent a long time asking a list of questions to each employee there but nobody had any useful information on the missing man, nor had any of them seen him since the date he first went missing.
Mizu sighed as the last employee finished answering the questions and went back to work. “This got us nowhere.”
“I was expecting to find something to go on, even something small.” Kunikida replied.
“I’m going to get a coffee before we leave.” Mizu stood from the table and went over to the counter to order. A few minutes later, she met Kunikida at the door. “You’re not getting anything?”
“I’m okay,” he replied as they left the cafe. Kunikida decided to go back to the Agency and check the file for the case to see if there were any more leads to follow. Mizu followed him and was almost back to the Agency when she heard her phone go off. She reached into her bag and saw a text from an unknown number: I found your notebook.
Mizu quickly checked her bag. “Oh no.” She had left her notebook at the table when she went to order and never went back for it. She silently scolded herself for such a mistake. “Kunikida, I’ll be right back. I left my notebook at the cafe.”
“Oh, that’s an important thing to remember. Alright. I’ll meet you back at the Agency.”
Mizu waved bye to Kunikida as she rushed back to the cafe. She went to the front desk. “Excuse me, I left a notebook here.”
One of the employees looked over at her. “Nobody’s turned it in. Maybe check where you left it.”
Mizu was confused. She looked back over at the table she had been seated at but her notebook was gone. Someone had clearly found it or she never would have gotten that text. Why didn’t they turn it in at the front desk? That seemed like the logical thing to do.
Mizu heard her phone go off again and checked it. Another text glowed on her screen. I’m outside.
Mizu turned around, looking out the window of the cafe. The sidewalks were flooded with people going to and fro. Which one of them had her notebook? She stepped outside and heard her phone ring again. This time, an eerie feeling crept up her spine as she read the words: I can see you.

Who do you think has Mizu's notebook? Who do you think she'll be shipped with?
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2023.06.10 05:49 FLBoofer Ordered 3D chamber a few weeks back, got this sketchy text (no I have not clicked the link). Have other people gotten this in relation to their orders or is it just a scam link.

Ordered 3D chamber a few weeks back, got this sketchy text (no I have not clicked the link). Have other people gotten this in relation to their orders or is it just a scam link.
Ordered a 3D chamber on Memorial Day and have been looking at their shoddy tracking website every day or so for updates. Last one was on the 1st saying it got to the “Midcentral Gateway” and nothing since. Have other people gotten this text relating to their orders or is this just another phishing scam that should be deleted?
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2023.06.10 05:49 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Duston McGroarty – The Underground Goldmine ✔️ Full Course Download

[Genkicourses.site] ✔️Duston McGroarty – The Underground Goldmine ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Duston McGroarty – The Underground Goldmine ✔️ Full Course Download
Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
The Underground Goldmine – You’ll learn the secrets to tapping into a lucrative niche market and making a killing. What will you learn in The Underground Goldmine? The “secret” here is understanding how this niche works and how to insert yourself right into the middle of the money that’s already flowing. And I’m gonna show you how to do this by recording every single mouse click and keyboard stroke I take to build this new “arm” of my business… So you can replicate exactly what I’m doing. You’ll see the exact traffic source I’m using (no, it’s not FB or Google)…
The exact ads I’m running… The exact landing pages I’m using… The exact emails I’m sending… And the exact products I’m promoting.
There’s literally NOTHING held back here.
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2023.06.10 05:48 salor123 The start of a new tale (Storyborn act: 0)

New story time baby. This one would be about god of stories salor and if you know anything about gos salor's backstory then throw that out because I'm retconning it. Plus this is not part of the main salor but a different one. Also I'm don't going to fully work on it yet because I wanna take a break do this type of lore because I just finished SCP salor like 3 days ago lol and just need a break in total. So enjoy the beginning of this tale
The house of ideas. The house of ideas is where most stories are held. Stories about people, there, stories that are lost to time by people, there, if you even made a story it is there. Any story you could think of is stored there safely. Today was a important day for the one known as Salor has been accused of the act of going against the house of ideas.
Salor would be handcuffed with material that couldn't be broken by the most powerful of weapons. Two tall guards with golden armor that had black outlines and markings on them. They had strange looking helmets that even Salor never seen before with purple eyes showing out of them. They wield axes in their hands that in one slash could cut a planet in half. They would arrive at a giant door that went into what Salor could describe as a mansion that was from the 1900th century.
The two guards would put their hands on the door and push it open. The mansion would be far bigger inside than it was outside. It looked like it went on for an endless amount of time with bookshelves of stories. The bookshelves would be made out of the finest wood you could see in several lifetimes as they would hold several types of books about different people, different stories, different legends and far far more. The two guards would continue to bring Salor to where they are going. Salor would try to strike up a conversation.
“So where are we going?”
“I suggest you shut up defendant because your questions won’t help you.” the guard on the left of Salor would say.
“Whatever the boss decides.” Salor would say back.
Before Salor could look to his right, the right guard would grab his ax and would sweep his legs. Salor would be in the air for a bit as he would go back a bit. The guard would lift his ax over him and bring it down with the handle of it hitting Salor in the stomach. Salor would quickly be on the floor and coughing trying to recover from the heavy blow.
“SHIT, what was that for!” Salor would say looking at the right guard.
“Those who defined orders will be put back in line” The right guard would reply.
The two guards would grab Salor by the arms and lift him up where his feet couldn’t reach the floor and only dangle in the air. Salor would try to move his arms but it didn’t work a bit. The two guards would continue to bring Salor to where they were going. They would pass many bookshelves that contained many stories. When he took a closer look he could see they were ordered by series and what genres they were. After some time the three of them would arrive in what seems to be the middle of the grand mansion or library. There was also a book reception desk that was high up like it was a judge’s bench. The guards would drop Salor and kick him down onto the ground. His head would hit down ground as he would give a grunt. The two guards would bring down their axes and they would land right by his head, seeming like they were ready to kill him right there with no hesitation. Saloe was stuck there. His hands were handcuffed behind his back, he was laying on the ground not being able to get up, and finally two axes by his neck that could slice his head off like it was paper. Man, such place to be, his day isn’t going well.
Then up above in the air, two beings would appear.They would both be pitch black and had blue outlines on their clothing and even blue eyes.They would look far different from each other too with the taller one would have a appearance of a grown up woman that would be wearing a overcoat on and wearing a black and blue wedding hat. The other one would have the appearance of a small boy that is wearing a black and blue suit with dapper black shoes on. They would look at each other then look down to the guards and Salor.
“Is he the one who did it?” the boy would say.
“It seems like he is the one.” The woman would reply with.
“Who the hell are you-” salor would try to say but one of the guards would move his ax to have it touch his skin but not hurt it. Salor then went quiet not because of fear but because he was smart.
The two mysterious beings would look at each other and would descend down and where the library-like desks were they would sit down on their respective seats. The woman would pull out a file on the desk and would open it. The file was on Salor and the “crime” he did.
“Today is trial of the house on the character known as Salor who had committed the crime known as rujukanria or the act of disturbing the house of ideas in an act 2 type manner.” The woman would say.
“Woah woah woah there slow down, can anyone tell me what is happening here”. Salor would say in response.
Both of the guards would move their axes closer to his neck, but the boy would raise his hand making the guards move their axes back but still by his neck.
“The one known as Salor, you have been accused for rujukanria act 2. This means that you have knocked over a bookcase that damaged some books apart from the house of ideas.” the boy would say. He would nod to the lady and she would get out a picture. Could you even call it that or something for it looked like a picture but worked like a video. It would show a video of Salor purposely knocking over a giant bookshelf that contained lots of books and tales. It would soon stop as Salor would now have a shocked face.
“That can’t be me, I never even knew about this place until I actually came here.” salor would respond with.
“It sure does look like you and besides it even says in your story it shows you were going to do this and you were there to steal a very variable book” the woman would say with a serious yet disappointed voice.
“It couldn’t be me, it couldn't be…” Salor would look down a bit and realize something. He realized that the “Salor” on the video thing didn’t have a part of his ear was gone where he took a gunshot to the ear. “I was framed…” Salor would whisper to himself.
“What was that defendant?” the Left guard would ask him.
“I was f-”
Before he could finish his sentence he would be cut off by the boy with him raising his hand.
“I think we are done here, there is fine and clean evidence that supports your guilty Salor.”
Now both the boy and the woman would start to speak together
“We, the guardians of the house of ideas have decided to give Salor who has committed rujukanria act 2, shall receive-”
Suddenly a massive explosion would come from the north-westish of where they were. The guards would quickly get ready in a battle stance as they rushed over to the explosion. The two beings would look at each other and decide that the explosion was more important than the Salor trial. The both of them would teleport away leaving Salor alone.
“Should I go see what that was…maybe not”
Salor would get up and start to walk in a random direction that was south-west. He would walk until he saw a section of the library that had the stories of people he knew like old friends and comrades from war. He would continue to walk down the bookshelves and would soon arrive at a specific spot. He would notice that his story was also here too but also by three other versions of him? He didn’t know why there were 3 other books of his but he wasn’t too interested in those but his. He would grab his book and it had a green cover which made him confused. It also had some gold on it for effect which made Salor feel cool. He would flip through the book and he would be shocked that it told every detail throughout his long life even when he went into that long sleep. He would flip until the pages went blank. As he did he could see that his book would have purple markings on one of the pages. He would read it and it was just the exact detail that was on the picture thing. He knew it, he was framed. He didn’t know how but he wanted to know who and how they did it. He would close the book and start to carry it around with him.
He would leave where that around was after a bit of walking he would be lost. Then another explosion could be heard and he saw a yellow, black, and purple cloaked figure dash in front of him and start to race out of the place. Salor would run away and hide and as he predicted, some guards would rush over to where the mysterious figure would dash off too. Luckily they didn’t notice him. What was strange is that those two other people from before weren’t with them.
Yet soon, Salor could feel something. It felt like an unknown force was pulling him to something or somewhere. After the guards went away, chasing the mysterious figure, Salor would sneak away. He would walk for a bit until he would reach a more, far bigger bookshelf. It would have stories of many villains, heroes, and even gods. Salor would keep on walking until he found a green glowing book. This was the thing that was calling him. He would grab the book from the shelf and on the cover it would have the words “The story of the god of stories loki”. It would have green and gold colors on the cover and back. He would look at his book and he realized, they would look the exact same but with different words. He would open the book and would start to read the story about the god of stories loki.
He would sit there reading the story for what felt like hours even though only 30 minutes had passed. He would be done with the book after sometime and a look of excitement. He also felt that his body was a little strange. He would spot a mirror and would walk to it. As soon he looked in the mirror he could tell he was far different. He would have gold horns that tore through two spots on his hat that came from a gold thing that lined up against his hairline. His clothes would completely change with them now being a green overcoat with gold on them and white fluff on top of the coller. His pants would change to gray-blueish pants with brown boots on. Finally, he would notice that he would grow a foot taller now being 5’5.
“Holy shit…I look cool.” Salor would say to himself as he did a little spin.
He would soon walk away with him holding both of the books in his hands. He would walk out of the area of bookshelves. He would continue to walk around a bit until he arrived back into the center of the place and he would see the same exact two beings from before floating in the air talking to each other.
“You think that the mysterious figure would come back again?” The boy would say to the girl.
“I don’t think so. Just by his smirk I could tell that he was satisfie”d with stealing his book.” She would reply with.
“That would be troublesome just by itself. We also have to deal with that salor-” The boy would reply with but stop his sentence when he looked over to Salor and notice his new appearance
“It seemed like he changed.”
“His tale did go into action.”
“What the hell are the both of you talking about?”
The two beings would look at each other, seeming like they were talking to each other through their minds. After a bit they would be done and look down at Salor as he looked on, crossing his arms.
“We have decided on something, Salor.” The woman would say.
“Yea what is it?”
The boy would speak up “prove yourself to us. You have a brand new life thanks to that book. Prove to us you can be the next god of stories and prove your innocence.”
“Next god of stories?” Salor would say to himself and look down. He didn’t know what he meant to be the next god of stories but he needs to prove his innocence to survive.
“What do I get if I do prove myself?”
“The act of rujukanria act 2 shall be dropped, you will have free access to the library, and the respect from the two of us.” The woman would say.
Salor would think to himself again. Getting free from his charges was good and he was interested in the library. He would also get their respect but he conflicted on that part.
“I accept” Salor would say looking up at the two beings.
“Good.” The boy would say.
Now both of the beings would be talking together “as the guardians of the house of ideas mojiama, the woman of peace of the house, and trejiama, the boy of order of the house. Shall see if you are worthy of innocence or you are guilty, now- “
They would bring their right and left arms respectively up, pointing to the sky and then back down to Salor. Some blood would come out of his mouth and as he looked down, he could see 4 bar-like things would be stabbed into Salor. One in his right knee, one in his left shoulder, one in the abdomen area, and finally one in the heart.
Survive” The both of them would finish their sentence.
Salor would start falling backwards and as he did, a hole would appear on the ground. He would fall into it and would start to fall father and father away from the house of ideas. Blood would quickly leave his body but couldn’t cover them. He would continue to fall though all of space seeing many universes, planets and many many more. What felt like an eternity, he would land on something. It was the ground of the void. A splash of blood could be heard as even more blood would come out. He would soon start to lose consciousness but before he did, he could see a tall man that was black as night would approach him. He couldn’t tell what he was or what he was wearing for his vision would be blurry. Soon he would pass out with the mysterious man standing over him.
To be continued
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