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Welcome to the community-run subreddit for Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Chat Noir! Please read the rules before posting. Miraculous Ladybug is a story of love between two Parisian high schoolers, Marinette and Adrien, who transform into the superheroes Ladybug and Chat Noir! While not knowing each other's secret identities, the two must put their romantic feelings aside to protect Paris against evil Monarch.

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This sub is for Miraculous Ladybug fanfictions: recs, search for an specific fic, prompts, discussions, everything.

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2023.06.09 23:07 GreeniousHamm My Miraculous Ladybug Costume Tier List (My Opinion)

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2023.06.09 21:54 MF9818 Help!

Where can I buy Miraculous Jewelry? I have ordered the Miracle Box and Ladybug Earrings. But I can't find anything for the other Miraculouses.
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2023.06.09 20:14 Idk-Rt12 In the Miraculous Ladybug Sub...

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2023.06.09 19:30 Doctor-Patronising Ladybug vs Ben 10 (Miraculous vs Ben 10) art

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2023.06.09 15:06 god_killer7432 Chara (Undertale) Runs a gauntlet

She can reset Until the end of time
Round 1 chara vs ladybug and Cat Noir (Miraculous)
Round 2 Chara vs The Mane 6 With the Elements of Harmony (MLP Friendship is Magic)
Round 3 Chara vs Invincible (comics)
Round 4 Chara vs Kratos (God of War Ragnarok)
Round 5 Chara vs Steven Universe (Steven Universe Future)
Round 6 Chara vs Finn The Human With the Night or Grass Sword (Adventure Time)
Round 7 Chara vs Archie comics Sonic
Round 8 Chara vsAnakin Skywalker Add his full potential (Star Wars Legends)
Round 9 Chara vs Alien X
Round 10 Chara vs Monica (DDLC)
Round 11 Chara vs The God Emperor of Mankind ( Warhammer 40K)
Round 12 Chara vs Uncle grandpa
Final round Chara vs SCP-682
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2023.06.09 06:41 TheUglyCasanova Imdb credits Melissa Fahn's VA work as the character 'Silver Fahn' in StarRail.

Imdb credits Melissa Fahn's VA work as the character 'Silver Fahn' in StarRail.
As a big fan of her work ever since she was Gaz on Invader Zim, I'm so calling her Silver Fahn now.
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2023.06.09 06:04 Dunkbuscuss Looking for Fellow Writers

Hi there looking for fellow writers to help me write a audiodrama series for a Reboot Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir with my own little changes and whatnot.
  1. The Miraculous chooses the Wielders/Holders kinda like Green Lantern Rings.
  2. Marinette and Adrien both have twins. Adrien has Felix, Marinette has Bridget and for the first few episodes they aren't in the series. Both return in different episodes.
Felix is at an all boys school for Rebellious Teens but gets expelled which is why he arrives in Paris and attends Adrien and Marinette's School, and Bridget is travelling the world learning different skills and seeing new places.
When they both return they stir up trouble every now and again Felix getting Adrien into trouble by rebelling against his father, Bridget gets Marinette and her friends to try and help her get a date with Adrien in the end they both find out the truth about their twins, and join them sharing the role of Ladybug and Chat Noir respectively
  1. Hawk Moth aka Gabriel Agreste used to be a super Hero with his wife but after her Miraculous was damaged and she went into a coma he went into a pit of despair leaving the raising of Adrien & Felix to Natalie, this is what drives a wage between Gabriel and Felix and turns him rebellious. Gabriel eventually discovers how to save his wife which leads him to become a villain butnits more surprising as everyone even Marinette know Hawk Moth from when he was a super hero.
  2. The series starts in Adrien and Marinette's last 2 years in High School so we can make the series more adult.
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2023.06.09 03:59 TheGoodSirRyan Kevin (and Hailey)’s On It! (@littlekev811): More #HaileysOnIt, #Kiff and #MiraculousLadybug coming Saturday More-ning June 17th starting at 8:30am on @DisneyChannel!

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2023.06.09 03:56 TheGoodSirRyan Kevin (and Hailey)’s On It! (@littlekev811): More #HaileysOnIt, #Kiff and #MiraculousLadybug coming Saturday More-ning June 17th starting at 8:30am on @DisneyChannel!

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2023.06.09 01:35 man049 Gendo Ikari vs Hawk Moth (Neon Genesis Evangelion vs Miraculous Ladybug)

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2023.06.09 01:22 TurquoiseZebra21 Appreciating the Superhero Team from Season 4 - Hoping for Their Return Soon!

Hey fellow Miraculous fans!

I wanted to share my thoughts on the superhero team that we saw in Season 4, and express my longing for their return in future episodes. I know this might be a bit controversial, but hear me out!

For me, seeing the side characters step up and become superheroes was a refreshing and exciting development. It allowed us to delve deeper into their characters and witness their growth firsthand. Sure, some might argue that the character development felt a little rushed, but I believe it was a necessary sacrifice to bring these characters into the superhero spotlight.

One particular hero that brought a smile to my face was our beloved Purple Tigress. It was such a joy to see her in action, fighting alongside Ladybug and Cat Noir. Her unique powers and brave spirit added a whole new dynamic to the team. I couldn't help but root for her every time she appeared on screen!

Of course, I understand that not everyone might share the same sentiment. Some may prefer the focus to remain on Ladybug and Cat Noir exclusively. However, I believe that expanding the superhero team has its merits. It gives us a chance to explore the wider world of Miraculous, highlighting the potential in every character and showcasing their abilities.

In conclusion, I wanted to express my appreciation for the superhero team introduced in Season 4. Despite the rushed character development, they brought a fresh energy to the show, and I'm eagerly hoping for their return in future episodes. Let's continue supporting and celebrating the diverse cast of heroes that make the Miraculous universe so special!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions on this topic. Stay miraculous!
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2023.06.09 00:01 MoonlitLuka Hawk Moth, Shadow Moth, and Monarch really are just regular guys in suits, huh?

People, including me, often like to bash Gabriel for being so incompetent and base level with his plans...
But it feels like we often forget that he's just a fashion designing civilian upset that he lost his wife to a Miraculous. It's essentially the same thing as if Sabine or Ms. Bustier or Jagged Stone or most of the normal adult cast became a supervillain: Stumbling around with no real idea of what they're doing because it's not like there was a supervillain guidebook for them to read up on.
It makes a lot of sense that he makes the mistakes he does. From the beginning he's been making pretty amateur moves as Hawk Moth because he is an amateur and he also has a full time job. Honestly, that he dould balance his Hawk Moth act on top of being an extremely busy and sought out designer is kinda impressive and really, he probably deserves more props for getting as far as he does.
That's kinda why the idea of Lila being the big bad next season is so interesting. The girl's been lying, cheating, and maybe even stealing for probably years now. She doesn't need a supervillain handbook because crime and deception aren't strangers to her and the idea that someone who actually knows what they're doing will be acting as the antagonist to Ladybug, who comes up with plans and fail-safes far better than someone her age should, is super exciting.
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2023.06.08 23:32 Diamondskunk Are there any good Reaction fic's?

like this one https://archiveofourown.org/chapters/102909549?show_comments=true&view_full_work=false#comment_658581979 or many others? are there things like Miraculous ladybug or Demon slayer or Incredibles 2 etc etc or even fanfics. just please, No bad writing or if there are spelling mistakes thats fine if its like words that people would mess up but not like every 3 words
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2023.06.08 12:52 PrinceComet Miraculous Ladybug Poster

A little something I made on a site called Canva for a course in my country. Wondering what people think.
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/52959819780/in/dateposted-public/
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2023.06.07 16:24 Ok-Patient-5352 My (19M) boyfriend told (21F) me that he’s selfish. AITA for not accepting that?

My (19M) boyfriend told (21F) me that he’s selfish
My boyfriend is unwilling to do activities I enjoy because he said he didn’t want to waste his time and life doing things that don’t make him happy. He explained to me that he’s selfish and I should understand that. He also told me that it’s childish to watch Disney movies and shows like Miraculous Ladybug. He pointed out that I’m 21 and no 21 year old does that. He’s made fun of my beliefs before telling me that reincarnation is the stupidest theory (he identifies as catholic while I’m agnostic but I’m open to all beliefs). Last night, we also had an argument about what love was. He says lying is stronger than the truth because it’s love. To me, what he said didn’t make sense and he didn’t give any explanation to back up his statement… he just got frustrated at me and said I need to think about it to understand. He’s also been in a bad mood because of a recent car accident and he just found out his car was totaled. I immediately went to his place to cook and clean for him for a few days after the car crash to make sure he was okay. Yesterday, he found out that his car was totaled and I talked to him a bit about it but I was also at work at the hospital. During that same time, the Richmond shooting occurred and gunshot victims were brought into the ER. I hadn’t seen the victims directly but saw the panic in the ER as well as a stretcher covered in blood from one of the victims. Before that, I was working with an aggressive patient who kept screaming btch and motherfker to me and my co-worker. She ended up pushing and kicking my coworker. I was placed with her again after my 4 hour shift at the ER (worked a total of 12hours). When I went home and called my bf, he wanted me to show him my body so that he could m*asturbate but I said I wasn’t in the mood and was upset over the shooting (as well as the aggressive patient). He kept begging and then said I wasn’t even shot or there at the shooting (I live right new to where the shooting happened so going home was a little scary) so I shouldn’t even feel anything. He said his car was totaled and I was being selfish for not comforting him. He’s been really mean for the past few weeks but I feel like it’s because of the car accident. At the beginning of our relationship (4 months ago) he was really sweet and would bring me big flower bouquets and take me out. He’s a gentleman and always opens doors for me and pays. We have a trip to Orlando this week and he payed for everything including the hotel and universal tickets. He’s done a lot and I feel bad for getting upset but I don’t know if I should be feeling this way. AITA?
Edit: I also grew up with parents who hated each other so I’m not exactly sure what a relationship should look like. My mom is also narcissistic and I don’t know if I adopted her narcissism/ narcissistic tendencies and am viewing this wrong.
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2023.06.07 15:04 UNORIGINAL_Cartoons Foxy - Miraculous Ladybug Edit

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2023.06.07 15:04 UNORIGINAL_Cartoons Foxy - Miraculous Ladybug Edit

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2023.06.07 14:58 ColorGuardSweetHeart Curious, If someone dies during an attack, do they remember? Do they remember the afterlife then?

I was wondering.
So its Looooooonnngggg Been Established that Ladybug's Miraculous/Power Can "RETURN" EVERYTHING back to the way "It Was BEFORE the attack". This coincides and insinuates that All Death that resulted from said Attack are essentially undone/nullified.
My Question:
"If someone died during an attack, do they remember dying? Do they then remember experiencing anything "after dying"?..." I mean in ML&CN its kinda Existential Crises & Life Altering stuff if they do.
This question came to me, after finally watching the Miraculous World Shanghai TV movie. I literally sat their pondering 🤔🤔🤔 "Dang, that dude killed ALOT of people... classic giant monster style.😑😑😑 wait..... Do they now remember dying horiffically, buildings falling, falling from buildings, caught on magical fire, turned to ashes Thanos style, magically bbq'd to a crisp.😨😨😨 Holy shoot, the cities need for therapy will sky rocket...,😨😨😨 wait if they remember dying... does that mean they experieneced essentially a "life after death" scenario, essentially.... does that mean anyone brought back after ladybugs magical power fix, also essentially knows what to expect after death??? Or in classic Cody Lyoko style they just don't remember any of that therapy and ecestential life altering crisis stuff, maybe just the knowledge they died but not how it felt or anything other then like a factoid as if reading it in the newspaper.
I know Im looking way to onto it, what is essentially a cartoon
But yeha, I know Im looking way into a cartoon meant generally for "all audiences" but this is also talking about a show where a episode literally stated & shown in a alternative future Chat Noir akumitized, literally "killed everyone" on the planet and flooded the world.
I only came to ask, as I see so many questions of "What if someone came to die during an attack, would Ladybugs Miraculous also return them to life when it "Fixes" everything?" But I didn't see anyone asking the other question I would think would follow this, about "Yes, but do they remember? Do they know like if there was something after death?" I mean, likely the show runner and creator would probably say its a similar scenario to Code Lyoko. To me, I get a sense its logicially somewhat like this with exceptions like tech and pics not being erased, people remebering at least to a particular point, etc... But I really do want to know and am super curious what everyone thinks.
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2023.06.07 07:34 wot_im_mad DAE make show transition noises to help them make real life transitions?

I just realised I do this recently, particularly in higher stress situations like the dining hall. And for anyone wondering, it’s miraculous ladybug noises 🙃
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2023.06.07 07:16 SnappingTurt3ls Fics that put you off at first but were actually really good

I want to know about fics that put you off for whatever reason, maybe the description was badly written, the author has a poor history, or you just thought the premix was weird, and you put off reading them because of it but they turned out to actually be really good.
I'll go first: A Vengeful Butterfly is an MLB/Encanto crossover
Mirabel decides to become a super villain using the Butterfly Miraculous, in the hopes of getting a little payback on her superhero family. And maybe use the Ladybug and Black Cat to wish she had gained powers on her 5th birthday. Nooroo’s conflicted, Antonio loves his prima, Duusus is crazy, and Bruno is the unlucky Ladybug. With a sprinkle of love square with his partner Lady Void.
Yeah I'll be honest, I genuinely thought this was going to be horrible and I put off reading it for months. After finally sucking it up and reading it I can safely say that it is one of my favorite fics in the fandom and really hope its going to be continued.
What are your fics that you regret putting off?
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2023.06.07 04:29 Annette2023 Do you think gabriel could of saved natalie and emilie or Bunnyxor Ladybug would of reversed it?

I watched evolution and it got me thinking if hawkmoth/monarch choose to save emilie by giving the hard drive, would of bunnyx like took the hard drive or ladybug’s miraculous ladybug would of reversed it? Any theories?
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2023.06.07 04:03 Ok-Quality-2594 Part 4: What does season 4 of Miraculous Ladybug do better than any other season?

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